Syria Chemical Mayhem: Another Israeli false-flag?


Press TV

On Wednesday – just hours after the massacre of hundreds of Syrians with chemical weapons – Israeli Minister of Military Affairs Moshe Yaalon claimed he knew who did it: The Syrian government.

Other world leaders, including US President Barack Obama, did not rush to judgment. Instead, they called for a United Nations investigation. Many experts, including the BBC’s Frank Gardner, former UN weapons inspector Rolf Ekeus, and Swedish chemical weapons expert, Ake Sellstrom, ridiculed or cast doubt on the notion that Syrian President Assad would launch a chemical attack at the exact moment weapons inspectors arrived in Syria. The Russian Foreign Ministry came right out and called the chemical attack “a provocation planned in advance.”

But planned by whom?

To answer that question, we must ask: How could Israel immediately know who was behind the Syrian chemical attack?

Israeli leaders have amazing powers of clairvoyance. Whenever a huge, history-steering terror attack happens, the Israelis immediately know who did it. Before the dust settles, they stand up and tell the world exactly what it all means – and provide the script for the way they want the world to react.

Christopher Bollyn reminds us: “Within minutes of the airplane crashes on 9/11, Ehud Barak (the founder and master of the Israeli military’s covert operation force, the Sayeret Matkal) was in the London studio of the BBC World ready to provide a plausible (and political) explanation to the world. Barak, the real mastermind of 9/11, was the first person to call for a ‘War on Terror’ – and US intervention in Afghanistan and the Middle East.”

Like Ehud Barak minutes after 9/11, Moshe Yaalon stood up just hours after the Syrian chemical weapons tragedy and provided an apparently pre-scripted narrative.

Fox News transmitted the Israeli script:
“‘In Syria, the regime has used chemical weapons and it’s not the first time,’ (Minister of Military Affairs) Yaalon told Israeli defense correspondents. ‘It’s a life and death struggle between a regime based on the Alawite minority and a disparate opposition composed of Sunni Muslims, some Muslim Brotherhood members, others linked to al-Qaeda. We don’t see any end to the fighting – even the fall of (President Bashar) al-Assad won’t bring it to a halt, there will a bloody settling of accounts over a long period,’ the minister added. ‘We could see the implosion of Syria with the Alawites controlling the western part – the coastal region and a corridor to Damascus – and the Kurds and Sunnis controlling the east and north.'”

Yaalon’s tirade is not an analysis. It is a program of action. It is what the Israelis want to happen.

First, the Israelis want the world to swallow the unlikely notion that the Syrian government is crazy enough to launch a massive chemical weapons strike at the exact moment weapons inspectors are entering the country. They want the world to believe that the Assad government would risk all of the huge gains it has made in recent months by launching a poison gas attack designed to provoke massive Western intervention against it.

The Israelis want the world to see the conflict as an intractable, endless struggle between Sunni and Alawite Muslims. The Israelis “don’t see any end to the fighting” meaning they do not want the fighting to end – in fact, they will do whatever it takes to keep the fighting going, including launching false-flag attacks like the recent chemical weapons massacre. Israel’s goal, as Yaalon admits, is the destruction of Syria: “We could see the implosion of Syria with the Alawites controlling the western part – the coastal region and a corridor to Damascus – and the Kurds and Sunnis controlling the east and north.”

The destruction of Syria would be the culmination of a decades-long Israeli project: The Oded Yinon plan for the Balkanization of the Middle East. Since at least the 1970s, Israeli strategists have planned to smash neighboring Middle Eastern countries into tiny ethnic and sectarian Bantustans.

The Oded Yinon plan to break up the Middle East became Netanyahu’s 1996 “Clean Break” plan. To achieve the destruction of Israel’s neighbors, Netanyahu’s neocons – led by Richard Perle, the self-styled “Prince of Darkness” – schemed to trick the US into doing Israel’s dirty work. In September 2000, Perle, Wolfowitz, and the other Zionists at Project for a New American Century (PNAC) called for a “new Pearl Harbor.” Their goal: A long-term US war against Israel’s enemies. One year later, on September 11th, 2001, their New Pearl Harbor became a reality.

The Israelis and their American proxies have already smashed Iraq, Libya, and Sudan into pieces. Now they are targeting Syria and Egypt – two countries whose land they plan to steal to create a “Greater Israel” stretching from the Nile to the Euphrates.

Shortly before the false-flag chemical attack against Syria, the Israelis orchestrated a fascist coup d’état in Egypt. General al-Sisi, an Israeli pawn throughout his career, spent the days before and during the coup on the phone with his Israeli handlers.

As in Syria, the Israeli goal in Egypt is to “not see any end to the fighting.” That is why the Israelis have convinced al-Sisi and the Zionist-controlled Egyptian deep state to release criminal ex-dictator, Hosni Mubarak. The move is calculated to outrage the Egyptian masses, and to accelerate the ongoing slaughter of thousands by the al-Sisi regime.

The people of Syria and Egypt must stop falling for Israel’s tricks.

And the world must recognize that all of the biggest and most spectacular “terror attacks” attributed to Israel’s Arab and Muslim enemies – from the Lavon Affair, to the USS Liberty massacre, to the Achille Lauro and Entebbe hijacking incidents, to the bombings of Jewish targets in London and Buenos Aires, to 9/11 and its follow-up operations in Bali, Madrid, London, Mumbai and elsewhere – have been Israeli-sponsored false-flag operations.

Moshe Yaalon’s clumsy attempt to steer the world’s reaction to the Syrian chemical weapons massacre suggests that the attack was yet another Israeli false-flag operation.


  1. Talmudlandia, i.e. IsraHell, is playing a dangerous game, which might lead to a confrontation between the USA and The Russian Federation in the Middle East…

    The trick used by the Rogue State is “Weaken thy Neighbors creating Internal Conflicts, get The US-NATO involved and EXTEND the Occupation, invoking National Security reasons”.

    The question that still is to be asked remains: “Cui Bono” from the chaos in Syria and Egypt.

    The answer still is: The Zion Talmudic Mafia Dons in Tel Aviv-London-Washington.

  2. Shach is right, they want us to stop talking.
    They also visited my grandfather, but they were called Gestapo back then. He shut up also, and they would have killed him had he not. Have we reached that point?
    Funny how history repeats itself.

  3. Israel bombed a Hezbollah neighbourhood,bombed Sunni mosques in Tripoli,and perpetrated a Chemical attack in Damascus.

    And that’s just the harvest over the last week.

    Anybody believing this doesn’t know Didly about how Israeli false flags function.

    More logical these attacks were Rothschild/NATO/Al-Qaida attacks,Russia knows it ,Iran knows it,and even Dr.Barrett knows it.

    US and GB won’t do anything ,cause Russia and Snowden are tying their hands.

    If this goes on ,Israel will have to bomb the “Rebels” and Dr.Barrett will call that an Israeli false flag as well.

    • It would be nice to see Israel do something noble, but it appears that they want to burn with the rest of FUKUS.

    • @ shachalnur

      Your idea that Israel is the victim of a Rothschild “end time” conspiracy is becoming more and more untenable. All signs point to Israel as an independent terrorist rogue state committing false flags all the time. I find Kevin Barrett’s idea far more plausible. It is based of a pattern of behavior of more than 65 years.

      A country that thinks it can only exist in “security” if it destroys all its neighbors has no moral right to exist.

    • Israel is no victim of any conspiracy.

      They found out a year ago that they were not part of Rothschild’s Chosen people,and had no other choice than to jump over to the other side,simple survival.

      Actually ,all theories about what’s happening can not be explained based on “normal” behaviour over the last 65 years,my theory is one of the few that might explain developments currently going on.

      Let’s wait and see.

    • I see Israel’s behavior as “normal” psychopathic behavior, which needs no far fetched conspiracy to explain, but indeed, let’s wait and see.

    • Glad to see your name. I had a government agency visit my workplace and I was subjected to a vicious hacking attack on JStones forum for expressing an opinion. I am about to retire from Internet commentary. I got the message.

  4. “The people of Syria and Egypt must stop falling for Israel’s tricks.”

    No, the people of the US and Europe must stop falling for Israeli tricks.

  5. Most would think the Jewish state would refrain from such bold assertions, especially now with the world’s peoples viewing israel suspiciously as a terrorist nation. Yaalon’s hubris is greater than his common sense. he lets the cat-out-of0the-bag, and expects us to nod our heads in obedience. Congress might be bought and paid for, but not We the People.

  6. One of the best pieces I have ever read in VT and some of the best comments too … except for the “Insider” keeping on keeping on about “the Bhutanese”, who seem a lot like the fuel in my cigarette lighter lol.

    Is “Insider” a Zioplant with his Bhutan diversion (and the Shrimp with his DVD), because all one needs to know about unfolding events is PNAC and AIPAC, give or take some other pointers in plain sight, e.g. just a Google away, regardless of dubious aspects of Google.

  7. false flags on a regular basis from Izrahell, big surprise?
    they created Hamas to thwart efforts of a PLO trying to unify the REAL semitic people,
    who’s land they stole, claiming GOD SAID SO, and WE HAVE A RIGHT TO EXIST!
    howbout they exist without their friggin annual welfare-warfare checks for a few years,
    see how long that illegal country lasts with severe sanctions and restrictions imposed too.

  8. Just watched a RT propaganda article on this exact thing,Saying rebels are incapable of using chemical weapons,blah blah,Al-ciaduh wants north Syria WTF!!!,Does anyone watch the lying biased talking heads anymore??or are they just spewing plans and it’s more a sadistic Zionist diary now?,the latter for sure these days me thinks…
    The most telling is that Zionistan actually thinks that the Syrian people, who’ve been to hell and back already, are gonna listen to 1 word from The Lords of Theft,Pre-approving the Taking land for a terrorist colony ,CIA,Mossad run.Eretz Israel in northern Syria,Not gonna happen…
    My vote is it goes in Washington DC where it belongs.

  9. No US military action of any sort against Syria without the imposition of wartime tax rates!

    We can’t afford to further increase the national debt. If it is important enough to do, then it is important enough to pay for. An 80% marginal tax rate for the upper income folks will insure that everyone has an intense interest in Syria. Once wartime tax rates are imposed, let’s continue them until all the debts incurred in the Global War On Terrorism are paid off.

    • Perhaps we should just stop killing people on behalf of Israel in this absurd, evil war against phony Islamic terror because it’s morally the right thing to do instead of talking about taxes.

    • I think morality for the super rich is money. If we can’t stop this BS on moral grounds, make the bastards pay for the war themselves with the only thing they care about.

      I know it sounds dumb, but every keystroke is recorded by NSA. I log into alternate new sources 30-40 times a day so they see that I care and that I am aware.

      I send VT articles to everyone I know. Can we raise mass consciousness? Do we hurt anything by trying?

      I also think it is important to leave comments. All the writers here work for free. An author needs to know he is being read and understood to further motivate us.

  10. I think we should vote on it. An internet referendum.

    Those Americans wanting military involvement or war with Syria vote Yes

    Those Americans wanting to bring our troops home and no war, vote no.

    Of coarse, our leadership won’t do that. From NSA spying, they already know our collective pulse. I doubt they would get a 20% for war vote.

    If we are to be truly democratic in this country, our leaders must be instantaneously held accountable for their actions and war crimes. Which raises the point, if our leaders are not working for us, but for foreign interests, do we really need or are we served by a Federal Government?

    Their is simply too much power granted to the politicians we send to Washington. So, Washington has become a cesspool of lies and deceit. If thine eye offend thee, pluck it out.

    Washington can be plucked out, nonviolently if every state secedes from the Union.

    The Union can reform under the constitution with very limited federal power over the states and their citizens.

    Thanks Kevin,

    • You are likely correct.
      I prefer no federal gov’t. Some people, however see a need for national defense, etc.

      But, if you factor out the CIA and corruption of government, we may find we do not need a national defense, as we may be our only enemy.

    • You’ll find average citizen x,Doesn’t want to kill everyone around them on a daily basis,go to bed dreaming of better ways to kill/maim/torture them,Racially divide and segregate them all, much like the religion they follow does to them,Thou art holier than thou, etc .. The Karma bat will thump them hard,Not to mention all the scum on the planet are showing their true colors.None will have a valid excuse when weighed against the atrocity’s inflicted.

    • War is the true sport of kings, not the average person. It is the tendency of all peoples to get along, regardless of perceived differences.

      We have a common enemy and it is not each other. This battle is winnable as the wheat (us) is separated from the chaff, the lovers of war.

      It is clearer everyday, who the enemy is and how that enemy can be defeated through the awakening of mass consciousness.

    • “Those Americans wanting military involvement or war with Syria vote Yes.”

      Those who want war with Syria can convert to Judaism (if not already Jewish), move to Occupied Palestine (aka Israel), renounce their US citizenship, and join the IDF.

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