All out for Washington, DC this September 11th!

Will you be there for "March on Washington 1.2" ?
Will you be there for "March on Washington 1.2" ?
Will you be there for “March on Washington 1.2” ?

by Kevin Barrett


When the corporate media mounts a hysterical campaign against a planned march on Washington DC…you know you’d better be there.

And when the anti-March-on-Washington blitz is led by Fox News, World Net Daily, Breitbart, and the ADL…you can see exactly who is running scared.

The neocon nutjobs are frothing at the mouth about the Million American March Against Fear. Why? Because it promises to bring a broad coalition of Americans together to protest the post-9/11 politics of fear.

The neocons thrive on fear. They have terrorized Americans about “terrorism” – even though you are dozens of times more likely to be hit by lightning or drown in your bathtub than fall victim to a terrorist.

The neocon fear-mongers have shredded the Constitution, launched a series of idiotic and illegal wars, and bankrupted the country. By coming to Washington this September 11th, you’re telling them: “We’re not afraid any more.”

Fox News and its sister neocon propaganda outlets are promoting a big lie about the march. They are calling it a “Million Muslim March.” They want to keep terrorizing Americans about the “scary Muslims.”


Last year, some of the organizers floated the idea of a “Million Muslim March.” But that idea was shelved. Since February, the only plan has been for a MILLION AMERICAN MARCH AGAINST FEAR.

Yet Sean Hannity and other rabid neocons keep lying and saying there will be a “Million Muslim March.”

Fox News, why are you lying? Are you afraid…of people waking up and not buying your fear-mongering propaganda any more?

Simply by showing up in Washington, you will be making a powerful statement: I am not afraid.

Simply by showing up in Washington to join civil libertarians, anti-drone protesters, defenders of the Constitution, 9/11 skeptics, peace activists, anti-bankster campaigners, freedom-loving bikers, and of course those scary anti-terrorist Muslims of AMPAC, you will be telling Hannity and his foxy fearmongering friends: Sorry Sean, we aren’t scared of our fellow Americans.

When the Million American March Against Fear was launched last February, the organizers had no money and no established organization behind them. The odds of getting more than ten people to DC looked remote. Fortunately, Fox News and its assets came to the rescue. Hannity’s bullying backfired, as a huge list of groups came on board to participate in the March. Among the participants will be March Against Drones, several Tea Party groups, Muslims for Liberty, the National Gun Association, Journalistic Revolution,  Occupy 9/11, Occupy Goldman-Sachs, the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance, Progressive Leadership Legacy, Truth Broadcast Network, and dozens of other groups. Professionals will soon be revamping AMPAC’s current low-budget website and building a sophisticated communications infrastructure for the massive media turnout that is expected.

Many participants will remain in Washington DC for a few days after September 11th to attend the DC 9/11 Truth Conference on the weekend of September 14th and 15th. (The Conference will take place in the Sheraton Pentagon City Hotel – in a room overlooking the Pentagon!) This is an opportunity to explore your nation’s capital, see some of the sights you’ve always wanted to check out, and – most importantly – do something important for your country.

FDR said it best: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

Those who stay home will be saying they accept the politics of fear.

Those who come to Washington will be saying the opposite.

Which side will prevail?

My guess is that a smaller number of fearless people can easily overcome a much larger number of terrified zombie sheeple. History shows that it doesn’t take a lot of people to change the world.

But the more, the better.

See you in DC!




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  1. If you really want to blow the minds of the Amerikan sheeple and the presstitutes, get some of those 19 “hijackers” who are still alive to show up and carry blown-up posters of themselves with an inscription underneath saying, “NO, AMERIKA, HE’S NOT ONE OF THE “19 HIJACKERS”; HE’S THE GUY HOLDING THIS SIGN!!! Then, it would be even better if some of these same “19 hijackers” who are still alive would give speeches at a podium, pointing out the lie. Of course, we all know the CIA and Mossadniks would likely assassinate them if they ever caught a plane to Amerika, so perhaps a more workable alternative would be to have them give a live video skype interview to be shown on a broad screen.

  2. I really hope this march is a huge success, although I shudder to think of the coverage it will receive from the Lie machine (MSM),Presumably either none or total demonisation.
    On a different but related note, I managed to download Dimitri Khalezov’s book on 911 yesterday, it is very long parts I have read seem very interesting, it is more thatn a reiteration of his previous stuff.( I am not D’s manager or agent etc) I was directed to it from a Youtube channel either X Desmond or WTC Nuked. It’s title is 911thology.

  3. Good idea, something has to be done about it. The neocons, Israeli-firsters, have used “fear” to demolish our Republic for far too long now. I’ll be there, come hell or high water.

  4. Doc. Barrett, Thank you for not only posting this but clarifying the name. I read elsewhere where you talked about T-Shirt’s. It is a Shame… That for those who can attend that they could print their own T-Shirts that says something to the effect of.. I am an American and I Question 9/11. Or just the I am an American!

    Due to Citibank who never sleep’s. As they are up 24/7 screwing someone, I can’t attend. But I would love to and to also meet you as I have enjoy all your articles and email’s we have shared over time. I fully support you and the meaning behind this march as well as the sorrow caused on the Muslim peoples from the lies of 9/11.

    Had that Idaho Ammo maker who laced bullet’s with Pork made a Non-Kosher Bullet you could imagine what would have taken place from the ADL and others. Its time American’s know that these Wars are designed to Zionist’s Israel’s <<self proclaimed enemies who they have bombed for decades. Where the UN does Nothing to protect the Arab and Muslim people from the continued agenda to have others kill for them.
    I missed this show due to company so thanks for posting it.

  5. I’m not afraid of Jewish people even though a small group of Jewish terrorists from Israel and the United States did 911. I don’t think anyone should be concerned about plans to build a Synagogue in New York City or in any city in the United States. This fear about Jewish people has to stop shame on the anti-Jewish mainstream media. However, I’m concerned about the Kosher tax.

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