Nine Eleven Litmus Test

The vaporizing steel beams
The vaporizing steel beams

 When America  let 911 go by without an ‘under oath’ full investigation…it effectively surrendered


 … by the  Snordster


“It all comes down to 9/11. Everything that has happened has happened based on a lie. Everyone in government; in the media, in entertainment, in organized religion, in the public eye and in the public who accepts and promotes the official story is either a traitor or a tool. Everyone who does not stand forth and speak truth to power is a coward, a liar and complicit in mass murder. Everyone- everywhere can be measured according to this litmus test.” ….Visible


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Patrick Willis, aka "Snordster", is a South African agitprop artist, art director, voice artist, film editor and media consultant. From his heady days as a tracker in the elite South African Special Forces 101 Battalion to the present day, he has always questioned the machine, the government, as a free man on the land. A citizen soldier in it's truest sense, he fights back with his high tech modern weapons, his communication skills. An outsider from an early age, he has crossed swords with autocracy with his countercultural journalism. Having spent almost 4 years with WTN News until 1989, he realised that mainstream journalism was dead, and a new audience was needed. The one million views Snordster YouTube channel has become notorious for its outrageous antics, rebellious, anti-authoritarian attitude, and unconventional reporting style to the delight of all of us. After fighting on his own for many years, born out of his early years as Special Forces tracker, he has joined up with the merry band of rogue elements and seasoned warriors of Veterans Today as our creative arts editor. We are all veterans of the alternative media battle to claim some worldwide respect for the 4th estate away from the corrupt, penetrated and compromised corporate media empire that has become a national security threat in its own way to all of us.

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  1. So many of the things that reverberate to today are based on the unwillingness to demand full,
    open and transparent investigations of the attack, the crime scene forensics,
    and the apparent response failures. Anyone not in lockstep with the coming
    “payback” was a traitor, and anyone questioning the official
    narrative was a nutter. That the people so readily dismissing the skeptics, did
    not heed to call themselves to demand what the commission itself determined;
    that a proper investigation was needed to uncover the truth.

    Remember, the alternate explanation to deride conspiracy, was the supposedly comforting
    notion that incompetence, an unrelated type of criminality (the destruction of
    evidence), the desire to cover your butt, and a string of bad luck and/or
    remarkable coincidence, explained the seeming contradictions and that the right
    enemy had been targeted anyway, so no time to navel gaze as we needed to get
    our bloodbath up and running.

    My recollection is somewhat shorter as to what I saw and what we lost. I live in
    So Cal and commute to downtown LA, and have for over 20+ years. For *exactly* a
    day and a half (the same amount of time the air stays smog free after a good
    rain), the normally selfish and inattentive motorists drove in manner virtually
    unseen before or since. Over that two day period, they actually showed noticeable
    consideration and no longer drove oblivious to those around them, not caring
    who they cut off or didn’t let in or honked

  2. Dimitri Khalezov has put up more links to the full version of his book in his latest Youtube video.
    He’s also posted links to his collection of genuine “ground zero” definitions from hundreds of pre-9/11 dictionaries

    He urges people to create alternative download links for both of these files and share them via torrents! Please, be in a hurry, these links may not last!

  3. Bravo for this exceptional video and many thanks to Snordster for such fine work. This one must go viral and has distilled the 911 coverup down to its basic essence>>>it exposes pure treason and the KEY Litmus test for all officials who claim 911 was a foreign terror attack and NOT an inside job. It is also a basic test for ignorance, denial or mindkontrol for ordinary citizens.

  4. All of the outrages around the world spawned by 9/11 should be linked and listed chronologically – in category sequence whenever they are referred to. This will cause a major problem for the enemy and their murder/atrocity squads. For example:

    9/11 – Sandy Hook genre – Syria child murder – Ref: Syria Hook.
    9/11 – Iraq War genre – false flag – Ref: WMD allegation scam.
    9/11 – Red lines genre – false flag – Ref: Staged excuse to attack.

  5. It’s always easier to accept a reassuring lie than an inconvenient truth. But denial will not save your soul.

  6. 9/11 was the Litmus test but, it was the Supreme Court that over-ride the counting of the Florida Vote to allow the real President Al Gore to take his position. Though I am no fan of Gore’s he is the legitimate President not GMB…..but since 9/11 was all ready planned, the Supremes had to have been threaten to decide to give the election to folks we have been without a legitimate President for over 13 years, no wonder we are doomed….& Obama. Barry Soetero, my dog has more papers verify who he is then this guy.
    The only way to get our country back is for Gore to go back to the Supremes and get his Job back, then everything that was signed into law including all the debt since then is Null & Void

    • If anyone thinks a NEW FAIR Investigation of 9/11/01 is possible, just look at the policies being established against SYRIA, by the U.S. . There is/are loads of proof that the Syrian Government has nothing to do with the use of chemical weapons, yet the western Controlled “Jew” News Media, paints it the other way around, facts be damned.

      In fact they may have been involved in the chemical attacks themselves, knowing that Obama talked of a “Red Line” which they pushed him “stating” last year, deliberately, knowing they would trigger it. This “Chemical weapons” red-line would allow them to set-up a false-flag event, making the other side appear the perpetrators, and trigger an attach by the U.S. It seemed so from the beginning?

      They (Israel) have a long history of these deceptive tactics. Why should we pay $Trillions$ more in military spending, and our children’s blood, and those people in Syria, based upon easily “faked-chemical-attacks” ?

      Look what’s happening, an event occurs in SYRIA, the “Jews” scream for the U,S. to attack Syria , or we’re cowards and will lose our “International credibility” , And they want an attack right away, before an investigation can take place , or they have already “planted’ their people in the U.N. team to be in a position to come up with a forgone conclusion. Treachery and deception on steroids. I would want a separate team hand picked by us with NO affiliations, to confirm anything.


      Just wait, Iran will be next, and the excuses will flow, to give Israel control of the resources, that they will use against us and others including the U.S. as soon as they get the opportunity. So much for allies.

      They know people are learning of their masterminding of the attack on 9/11/01 and they know they have limited time before being discovered by everyone. As far as the U.S, is concerned,…lets just wait and let the facts come out in SYRIA, see what’s really true, and save ourselves a few trillion $$ and countless dead and injured on both sides. We know Israel’s motive, opportunity and means, after all they did pull-off the attack on 9/11…. and have escaped so far.

  7. Too many Americans have failed their country and have settled into living the lie of 9/11.

    It is not possible to have a secure future, with America stumbling around the planet with this treasonous arrow in its neck, bleeding, in the last gasp of a free Republic.

    Anyone who opposes a new investigation of the 9/11 attack, seeks to further destroy this Nation by blind apathy, criminal intent, willful dishonesty or cowardice.



  8. It is true that in the messianic master plan to install a global police state administered and brutally Lorded over by jewish Kommissars – the judaic international gangsters see it necessary to nudge the world a stage closer to this ‘ideal’ with each passing generation. This requires smaller steps in between, like the destruction of Iraq or Syria, to establish a stepping stone runway towards each new platform. They see their end goal – and work backwards from that to see what must be achieved to bring their insane millennia old vision to its final fruition.

    Occasionally, however, a LARGE step is required to move things onto a new level in the overall plan. 9/11 was one such large step – on a par with WW1; WW2 or the holocaust branding franchise idea – in significance to the overall plan. What we the Gentile cattle do in response to each outrage gauges how fast the plotters can move the plan forward. In history there were long periods of time when populations were so alert to diabolical jewish schemes that no progress could be made by them. They have even suffered big reverses. Losing Russia to Putin was an enormous loss and reverse – one which they would dearly love to retrieve.

    9/11 – a crime which was committed (by sheer chance) in conjunction with the rise of the internet and international inquiry by alert individuals – could well be the final undoing of these plotters. They have shown their last hand. Keep up the pressure everywhere and IGNORE the controlled media.

    • “In history there were long periods of time when populations were so alert to diabolical jewish schemes that no progress could be made by them.”

      Enter Political Correctness. I have read a few authors that claimed it was the Frankfurt School (Jews) that brought this counter-productive curse on us. If so, a stroke of genius on their part, and quite effective.

    • Agreed Matthew. They have dismantled our real western society of free expression, free thought and inquiry – which was once constrained only by good manners. Saying what you thought could never be a ‘crime’ in the past even if it upset people. It is now.


      The Frankfurt school was just another initiative to destroy our real culture and cause massive damage to families and the education of young people – for the benefit of these monsters.

    • Indeed. Another major difference is that TV did not clearly show how JFK was killed, whereas the discrepancy between the widely broadcasted videos of the twin towers’ sudden/rapid/complete/symmetrical disintegration and the theory of their belated destruction by Osama bin Laden’s airplanes is very easy to explain.

      9/11 provides much more effective one-to-one teaching material than the JFK assassination or any other real or alleged false flag. A point can be made that it is humanity’s salvation.


  9. Great work Snordster and Judge Viz,

    Indeed 911 is the new litmus test…. I came out of the either on Sept 12, 2001 and I simply do have the time of day for anyone who cannot get beyond that truth.

    It is not difficult for us to take in new data and come to see an event for what it is, what is difficult for each of us is to admit to ourselves how stupid we were for buying that hogwash in the first place.

    I recently re-watched the Clinton Chronicles and this left me greatly disturbed. When examining my upset I was shocked by the self anger at being so duped by old smiling slick Willy. Not disturbed by the fact that the Clintons murdered their way into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, or their Whitewater white washing kickbacks, Bill’s woman degrading lusting behaviour, or the drug running in Arkansas, nor the murder of the two teenaged boys, or Vince Foster and many others.

    Get over it…. The lies are everywhere and we have to quit buying into their lies. Whoppers are being told as we speak about Syria and the missiles are being readied.

    • to top that off, obama appointing multiple felony hillary as secretary of state should have had him removed from office immediately, she wasnt even technically eligible to run for office against him AT ALL.

  10. Excellent video.

    Watch out for the 911 campaign ads appearing in NYC, other US cities and even “down here” in Sydney, Australia. I am only a tiny cog in A&E for 911 Truth, but participation has given me a lot of satisfaction and I hope the ads have the intended impact of awakening those who still haven’t questioned.

    We’ve been criticized by some for not including somesuch message as “Mossad Did It”, but what critics seem unable to realize is that: 1) Suchlike would repel many people, or get them confused. 2) The aim is to raise primary awareness with the least deniable evidence, WTC7. 3) Once people do question more, they will soon-enough go further.

    What has dismayed me those critics of A&E who more or less say, “Well if you don’t include my opinions, then I want nothing to do with you.” This sort of thing does the dividing and conquering for the PTB.

  11. Credit where credit is due? >>>> “It all comes down to 9/11. Everything that has happened has happened based on a lie. Everyone in government; in the media, in entertainment, in organized religion, in the public eye and in the public who accepts and promotes the official story is either a traitor or a tool. Everyone who does not stand forth and speak truth to power is a coward, a liar and complicit in mass murder. Everyone- everywhere can be measured according to this litmus test.” – LES VISIBLE 2008

  12. I must relate to my own awakening, just months old. A comment by Jesse Ventura, heard 5 or more years earlier kept coming to mind. I began to review you tube and internet documents for months, not wanting to believe those I had faith in, our government and that Bush’s lied and deceived us and how we followed blindly, so easily tricked.

    I could not conceive that so many people could be so totally evil in the cold blooded murder of 3,000 people, nor that a conspiracy this big could exist, But mostly, I did not want to admit how stupid I had been.

    Doubt is the first step toward the truth. Though, I tried to believe their lies, to find a plausible explanation that would eliminate Bush and a huge conspiracy, I could not find one.

    So, now if I choose to see the truth, WTF can I do about it? This may be toughest obstacle to overcome for many and why so many bury their heads in the sand.

    I am not a religious person, nor do I believe the Gnostic Nag Hammadi Texts are totally religious.

    It is here I found the truth about evil, known as Archons, The Authorities.

    Nag Hammadi tells us what they are (evil is the likeness of an aborted fetus) and how to defeat them. We have the power within).

    That is why I want to write for VT. Every writer on here tells us the problem, no one tells us the solution or takes us through our denial to a force that can defeat these assholes.

    • a reasonable solution would be psychological evaluations of every so called “leader” to honestly determine them unfit for office for things they’ve said, and things they’ve passed-approved into being “law”.
      once rightfully removed, everything they’ve ever done can be negated as “rantings of lunatics”.
      they can be tried inabsentia with all the real evidence, we just need honest psychologists and judges to fairly demonstrate them a clear danger to themselves and others, irresponsible with “power”.

  13. brilliant video Snordster. IMHO, sand ghost bin laden had ZERO to fear from internal domestic financial fraud investigations and a pending audit of the pentagon. if he were a true “corrupt America hater” he’d sat back watching those investigations with a bag of popcorn saying “see see I told you so isnt this fun?”
    the money trails show exactly who knew and benefitted from everything after, it sure aint “we the people”!

  14. Snordster – your honest and frank words above actually pose a problem that I had not previously thought of. The reactions of so called professional people when the truth can no longer be hidden. This is the ugly fact that virtually all the so called ‘wise men’ in the western world – all the media types, writers, journalists, politicians, social commentators, scientists, etc. – will have to be given a way to finesse their way out of this.

    None of them are going to want to admit that they were wrong – or that they have been ‘had’. They certainly are not going to want to give the impression that they were involved in the whole deception from the start! They will also have big problems pretending that ‘they knew all along’ and did not say or do anything. This poses a problem for us all – especially with the type of extreme selfishness displayed by people in positions of power and respect today. The 9/11 revelations – when they formally arrive – will cause the entire establishment a major respectability and credibility headache.

    • An example of what I mean is apparent in the long build up that made 9/11 actually possible and ‘swallowable’ by otherwise intelligent people the US and the west.

      The following video clip is of a partial debrief of KGB psy-ops officer Yuri Bezmenov – who defected to the west at a time when the same old bankster cabal controlled Soviet Russia with an iron first. Whenever I show this to retired school teachers, University professors – or people who have spent their lives in the educational world – it makes them flinch and wince with horror. Particularly the staunch left wing variety. They cannot bring themselves to believe that it could be true.


      It presents for them the very real spectre that not only much of their own education – but also everything they have preached to successive generations of children and students – is in fact a lie. A very harmful lie and psychological programming system that is designed to neuter, mislead and enslave for the benefit of a secret global conspiracy.

    • Once they admit to the truth of this – then their years of ‘learning’; their academic status; the value of their word and opinion; their life’s work and indeed the very pension that they are cashing each month for implementing the subversion agenda of the new world order – just becomes another lie. This is especially true of those who disseminate the likes of ‘Sociology’; ‘History’; ‘Politics’ and non-practical learning. What a shock to the system! The more someone has been exposed to ‘advanced education’ the more they will have been targeted and their thinking processes influenced.

    • I like that line.. “Finesse their way out of this” It’s the civilised way of dealing with delicate matters out of our control. I think that by the time this transition takes place, the need for this litmus test will have evaporated. The reason I liked the piece so much was precisely because of the no-nonsense approach, made keener by the dogged determination of the yaysayers, even in the face of such overwhelming contrary evidence.

      Put together with such awful specimens like Kenneth Feinstein and the bought-and-paid-for judiciary, and it almost makes the words diluted.

    • By 1975, it became increasingly difficult to find people who admitted having supported the war in Vietnam.

      Yep — they knew all along that the war was wrong. The most common “finesse” was, “I didn’t dare say anything, though, because then I would have been called a commie.”

      And there was also the ever-popular, “If I had taken part in an antiwar march, then I would have lost my job.”

      Their parents would have disowned them, their friends would have shunned them…

    • I think you hit the nail on the head. Admitting you were wrong is never easy, for anyone, but for the money changers and corporate slimeballs, who have had it so easy for so long making a nice big fat “living” on the backs of working people, it will be almost impossible to admit they were wrong. Even if they want to, which is doubtful.

      Pride, ego, vanity, selfishness, hubris, call it what you will, some people will never admit they were wrong, no matter what.

      I think Mark Twain said something like, “An honest man, when confronted with facts that contradict his long held beliefs, will cease believing in them. Most men, however, when confronted with such truth, will cease being honest.”

  15. Very well said the Snordster:


    Nothing like a bit of first had evidence! I for one believe everything that Mr Russo is relating here.

  16. Nicely done but this generates some questions…
    9/11 is just the latest litmus test. I wonder if 9/11 would have happened if not for the stolen 2000 presidential election that was so conveniently swept under the rug after? If not, then that election might be the litmus test. An argument could be made about the Kennedy government assassination/coup being the litmus test for knowing if a politician is a traitor to their country or not. If that was exposed, and the same people had not still been around to help rig an election and carry out 9/11, maybe 9/11 wouldn’t have happened. So many litmus tests but they all have one thing in common.
    9/11 is just one of the latest symptoms of a disgusting cancer that infects this country and, as most of you know, we’ll continue to see more symptoms (false flags) and litmus tests until the rot is removed.

    • Valid questions indeed Matt. I think this dissertation addresses the world at large and it also addresses a much wider audience than any other black op in history, where almost everybody has been apprised of every opinion out there. Few understand the 2000 stolen election. A few more understand the Kennedy assassination, but a whole lot of people understand the implications of 911.

      The piece aims at those who actively propagate the NIST report, those that stubbornly say it happened that way and those that refuse to budge on the impossibilities surrounding the footprint-fall of the buildings. One can get an almost instant return on the question of 911 by judging the answers you get.

    • yes. top of my “disgusted by” list is low IQ hired as “police” who say “oh ever since 911”..
      (ever since 911 I’ve had free license to be an overzealous thug with a badge and I love it!).
      they can cling to the lie as excuse-justification to look down on anyone truly smarter than them,
      they’re handed “authority” and “power” to abuse anyone they want at whim as well.
      the “police state” privatized slave labor prison grid system grows at our expense as it renders even more people unemployed, also making people fearful to speak out if they HAVE a job that’s paying lower wages that they can barely exist on. many places of employment demand you have an account on FaceBook, giving them your password being required in your application.. SLAVE!
      it is all WW2 fascist Germany on technological steroids, and the people dont react?

    • The main difference between the past and the present ‘litmus tests’… the internet – and the awakening of people because of it.

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