US Indicts Itself in Anti-Syrian Chemical Plot

The new 'field artillery'


We were right again – US is using its prestaged chemical weapons ‘red line’ to launch a Syrian attack with no evidence


“Deep within every one of us lies a natural understanding of good and evil. That is why one man can tell the truth convincingly…but it takes the entire apparatus of the state to peddle a lie, and propagate that lie to new generations.”…Gandhi


… by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor       with Press TV

US implicates itself in anti-Syria chemical plot

–  First published on 08-24-13 –


The new 'field artillery'
The new ‘field artillery’

I watched with utter astonishment how quickly the West and the Obama regime moved to put wind into the sails of the totally bogus claims of the Syrian army using nerve gas on its own people in the Damascus suburbs when the effectiveness of its traditional counter insurgency operations have been on display for months now.

I don’t know a soul that believes they would do this.

That the Syrian National Coalition would attempt this Hail Mary pass to trigger a ‘red line’ incident to bring in the Western cavalry (can we say USA?) to save them has been expected by the independent intelligence community. And yes, the photos of lot of dead kids came as no surprise. Killing kids also is a Zionist specialty as they have had a lot of experience at it.

The West has been supporting this reign of terror on the Syrian people for some time now through its admitted aiding and abetting the arming, training and supplying of a diverse array of cut throat criminal insurgent groups recruited from the hovels of North Africa and the Mid East.

Their Persian Gulf State proxies have provided only a thin veil of cover for the introduction of the Neo-Al Qaeda groups who are perpetrating a daily slow motion 9/11 upon the people of Northern Syria. Have those who have supported these terrorists been denounced by the US, the UN, or NATO? Hell no…they have not. Their inaction has been a crime in and of itself.

Wesley Clark
Wesley Clark

And the reason would be that the Persian Gulf proxies might then get angry and go public with the revelation that everything they have been doing was with the full knowledge and approval of their Western partners.

These are now the people seemingly so concerned about these recently mass murdered innocent people.

But I see no rage in their hearts for the deaths they are responsible for via the al-Nusra Takfiri throat cutters.

In 2006 General Wesley Clark once touched on this situational ethics tactic with his famous quote on the Iraq war:

“They [the government] actually believe that the major obstacle to success in Iraq is the American people…that we are the obstacle to success. If they can keep us from knowing the truth, they think they can win!”

The UN and Mr. Ban Ki-moon come out looking just as bad, or worse. Has there been any mention of even an investigation of the Persian Gulf state proxies being in violation of international terrorism laws which would actually list them as targets for pre-emptive strikes?

Ban Ki-moon
Ban Ki-moon

Is the UN Secretary threatening to hold a vote to have them kicked out of the UN, sanctions being imposed and international law proceedings against them under the terrorism and war crime statutes? Of course not.

Most humiliating of all are the pitiful mutterings of the Obama regime about ‘target updating’, dusting off ‘contingency plans’ to be ready to attack Syria when the President gives the green light. Do they really think the public is so stupid as to not see through this charade in two seconds?

The SNC leaders should all have international arrest warrants put out for them this weekend. Their having uploaded the atrocity videos before the event happened was kind of a major blunder.

The West and the UN proceeded with their saber rattling like the video timing gaff did not totally expose the slaughter of these innocent people as the dying gasp of a morally bankrupt SNC. That effectively put their stamp of approval on the attempted act. Their turning a blind eye to the obvious, makes them look like co-conspirators of the SNC, a huge credibility mistake on their parts.

Basic intelligence analysis 101 proceeds on a dual track, looking at what you can see to measure its veracity, and then more importantly looking for missing clues, things that should be visible if the purported act did actually happen as claim.

Right off the top there are no photos of 1,300 dead victims, and for good reason. There are not that many. Why are bodies of dead children not shown with the dead families, as they would normally be buried together?

All we have are ‘claims’ from a totally unreliable entity, the SNC, who have every reason to have staged the event. And idiot would know this, and the both the US military and Intel branches surely do.

We all want those who did this to die - including those who think they have diplomatic immunity
We all want those who did this to die – including those who think they have diplomatic immunity

You might ask where the SCN could get such a chemical weapon to use in this war crime. Who has the largest stockpile of WMD including chemical and biological weapons in the Mid East? It is Israel of course.

Is Israel a biased party here, also engaged in supporting the insurgent training, arming and slipping them some Sarin gas to use in a ‘red line’ triggering’ event?

Has Israel ever attacked the United States or run major false flag operation to make use of American military power? The answers are yes and yes.

Not only is Israel the lead suspect in doing this but doing so I would suspect with Washington being fully aware and approving. If not, then the offensive use of WMD by Israel would trigger a cut off in all US aid and we know that would never happen. The Israelis would just say “You told us it was OK.”

Painfully absent from those in power in the West is any appearance of objectivity in analyzing these gas claims. The usual mutterings are being made about need to check the facts and confirm sources but that has no validity.

The US and the West have watched their allies slaughter of the Syrian people without a single mention that I am aware of for any law enforcement or military action being taken against them. Who has heard even a call for the Free Syrian Army to be holding trials for the worst murderers in their ranks, much less the al-Nusrats?

Saudi Arabia supported al-Nusra terrorist slaughtered Latakia civilians as they withdrew
Saudi Arabia supported al-Nusra terrorist slaughtered Latakia civilians as they withdrew

I have to use an age old cliché but it fits so well, “The emperor doth wear no clothes.” To even describe their response to this latest war crime as a ‘foreign policy’ is a smear on the phrase.

It is more of a three ring circus…not the entertainment kind, but the brutal version put on the the Romans in the Colosseum where citizens watched the unfortunate victims die before them as a form of state policy public diversion of that time.Does not this shoddily done false flag attack bare similar motivations?

So, the bottom line question is why is such a saber rattling show being put on? General Dempsey has already said that he can destroy the Syrian Air Force but that would have no strategic effect for improving American ‘interests’. He said that even if the FSA won there was no evide nce that they would be beholden to American interests.

Have you noticed how no one ever lays it out to us what those interests are? It’s a bit odd isn’t it, almost like they want to wait until the thing is over and then tell us with 20/20 hindsight.

Obama covered himself with there being no attack without a UN mandate. Russia and China will never go along with that, so don’t hold your breath for the cruise missiles to start flying. But that said, what is being rolled out now with all the war blustering is the classic ‘preparing the minds’ of the public for something. We have been here many times before. We know the smell.

Will America's attack in Syria really be just a test shoot to see how good the Russian missiles are?
Will America’s attack in Syria really be just a test shoot to see how good the Russian missiles are?

Could that be in regards to the French reports of CIA and Israeli trained commandos crossing over from Jordan into Syria to help prop up the big losses the insurgents are taking?

Are they there as a feint, or a deterrent to the Russians forward deploying their S-300’s close to the border so they can intercept enemy air attacks inside the originating country where they can fire GBS guided munitions?

Notice Iran and Russia’s exercise of restraint in the face of public war strike displays of the US.

All Iran says is that its growing military power is a threat to no regional neighbor unless it is attacked. Yet the West and Israel do not require an attack to threaten massive use of their military power. They claim the right to attack ‘potential threats’, defined by them of course.

Who is playing the big bad bully here, the proverbial peace and democracy loving West, or the traditionally portrayed bogeymen of the East? I think that if the world held a vote tomorrow we all know who would win the aggressive threat vote. And that is a democracy game the West does not want to play



  1. Am I the only one who sees this?! It’s obvious to me that the whole Syria story is a setup by the globalists trying to install their NWO in the ashes of a destroyed U.S. They – with Obama’s full cooperation – WANT to create justification for an attack on America by Russia and/or China. The troops from both countries are already here, tens of thousands or each, getting ready. Obama was placed in office by the globalists to destroy the U.S. Every move he makes gets closer to the goal.

  2. And so my dear friends, this is that New World Order GHW Bush so proudly proclaimed with not be the law of the jungle, but under the rule of the peacekeeping forces. No longer will it be the law of the jungle. “What is at stake is,” he said, “more than one small country, it is a big idea. A new world order where diverse nations are drawn…to acheive universal aspirations with mankind.” And, ladies and gentlemen, get this next part. The mighty Poppy Bush, who everyone seems to want to sell their entire family out to please, said, Peace and Security, freedom and the rule of law, out of these troubled times.”
    This is the world the traitors sought. Today, and future generations must live under this new world order. This is, what I refer to the new world odor. And the stinch of those dead bodies, surely cannot please the Bush family or any other of the traitorous families, from Cheney to Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Kissinger and all the other players. Unless the good people of this nation unites and arises it is highly, under this leadership, it is only time that America will experience this Syrian nightmare. I do not beleive the government line. Oblunder cannot think, and won’t act without calling and consulting Poppy Bush for his marching orders. And, we all know what those orders will be. This is the New World Order. Congratulations GHW!! What hath you wrought?

    • International Standard Version of the Bible 1 Thessalonians 5:3 says.
      “When people say, “There is peace and security,” destruction will strike them as suddenly as labor pains come to a pregnant woman, and they will not be able to escape.”
      We are certainly watching prophecy being fulfilled on a daily basis. Psalm 91 is very comforting for these times we are about to endure! Stay safe everyone!

  3. Both the Belgian foreign sec (Reynders) and the sec of def (De Crem) are saying today it’s “too early for an attack”. My take is they are expressing the general feeling of the EU.

    Conclusion? They know no one believes the crap about the chemical weapons, but they shall try again.

    • In Holland every political party is against attacking Syria ,exept the “Green Left” party,the most leftist party in the country.

      This mess has gotten everybody confused

  4. Mr. Dean, It appears that those children have not only been gassed with impunity, but they will be used to kill more children soon. Depressing.

  5. I forced myself to watch Chris Hayes last night and he had some troll on from Amnesty International who referred to the potential bombing of Syria as…wait for it…humanitarian bombing

    The human mind and human language were not designed to deal with this level of BS

  6. There are other countries with vested interested in Syria. Open involvement in any attack by Western countries will ( without doubt ) jeopardize national security. Surely this is not lost on the intel assets associated with this web-site….So folks….what say you? Who’s gonna bring you a broken arrow?

    Where is the open outrage at just how asinine ALL OF THIS truly is?


  7. I have no idea why, but this gnawing gut-feel that there will be no conventional war against Syria by the axis of evil, will not go away.

    The question that needs asking, if this is the case, is: What, exactly, are the Central Planners doing behind this Syrian smokescreen? With all the media hype backing this planned mass-murder it seems as if it’s a classic feint and jab move whilst the globe is looking the other way.

    • The Central Planners are not calling the shots right now,but are being forced to react.

      This false flag is an attempt towards the Straussian Chaos theory-tactics,but has been anticipated and will fail.

      Sure they can cause a mess,but the brunt will be felt in US/Europe.

      BRICS+Israel have Rothschild on the ropes,and TPTB are getting desperate.

    • Not anymore,that’s why Rothschild is in trouble.

      By the way,Rothschild owns the land in israel,that’s why no Jew in Israel owns the land he build his house on.

    • Well, the elites fighting among themselves over who gets to exploit the rest of us is not a far-fetched idea.

      According to Atzmon, there are at least a half-dozen truly anti-Zionist Jews, or at least 0.0005% of world Jewry.

    • Patrick – they don’t always get their way my friend. I am sure that it often depends on how many people know what is actually going on. Historically they made a move and nobody found out about it for 50 to 100 years – by which time it was all too late – and they even had time then to alter the mainstream historical record accordingly. The internet and intelligent inquiry made by alert individuals had seen their little scams over the years revealed in shorter and shorter time periods – until now – when it is possible to even identify their very next move. The more noise we make (even though it is shut out by the mainstream media) – the more populations will become aware of what is going on. We are now in a race against time -before they are able to shut everything down into a global police state – where all information will be highly funneled and censored. No prizes for guessing what happens to dissenters to the official line then.

    • Perhaps someone has got them by the balls. There was a lot of shouting, but it now seems they are backing off just as quickly as they got on their horses.

      Did they just want to see what reaction they would trigger here and there?

      Deterrent? Stock market manipulation? Did anyone make a load of money out of this? Did they need to get Fukushima/Egypt/Ison/Snowden/Hastings/… off the front pages?

    • Mr. Willis
      Fulford yesterday see YouTube Timecrosser1 also states that many are leaving Rothschild group and banking cabal going down . Shachalnur here has stated that Israel (deep state Israel) jumped ship June 2012 because found out they were going to be blown up. MSM report conflicting misinformation on settlements etc so the reader cant see Israel (part of it) is capitulating to Chinese demands now. So maybe even Obama is trying to disobey the cabal but is having kerry et al breathing down his neck. I noticed certain things that made me see the subtle MSM slurring Israel like 5 May 13 when BBC states Israel was AlQaeda in Syria. If Israel was in charge of MSM why would they report that? Also on 5 May Russia parked a military vessel at Israeli port and the same day Netanyahu was in China. So the alleged Nuc fired on Syria that day may have been the cabal setting up Israel as a fall guy. It is possible that the same israel that may have blown up the twin towers was a long term cut out all along. That the real bad guys are the international bankers who used Israel as an access to the Sinai Suez canal.but the end game was a blow up in Israel of Chritians against Muslims against Jews, at least the end game for one faction. Interesting stuff.
      BTW my favorite video of yours is SLAVE. I am mesmorized by that Mossad agent in the background. SHEER EVIL.

    • Pink Rabbit,

      Don’t know who you are ,but you seem to have read many of my posts.

      You also seem to be much better with computers than me,I’ve been posting and predicting everything happening now for over a year.

      I tried to find a way to recover all my posts on VT from the beginning,but I don’t know how.

      When TSHF it might be usefull to save all my posts ,since I don’t only predict exactly what’s gonna happen ,but I also explain what’s behind it and how you can predict what’s happening.

      When things go wrong people will be disorientated and to know what’s really going on might be usefull ,to avoid people going for the wrong “enemies”,and trusting the wrong ones.

  8. Sad to see most people fail to see the obvious.

    Surprised about this false flag,blaming it on Israel?

    French PM said yesterday that an attack is necessary because of the “gassing of the innocent”(“nudge,nudge,know what I mean,say no more”)

    French Jews leaving for Israel this year has doubled,French head Rabbi said 60% of French jews are assimilating.

    F/UK/US(Rothschild) are going for Israel and Jews again,while blaming your misery on “Jews”.

    in case F/UK/US attacks Damascus and anything lands on Israel,two consequences;Snowden will let loose,and Israel will bomb Al-Nusra(Rothschild rebels) into oblivion.

    When this happens,and it will,try spin that…

  9. US planning to attack Syria next week

    Just heard it in the German morning news. What is strange, is, that while I did not find a news item in English, there is one in German:

    “Obama erwägt Kurz-Krieg – Briten bereiten sich auf Militäreinsatz vor”

    (Kurz-Krieg is funny, I think they wanted to say Blitzkrieg.)

    More German search results for the last 24 hours:


  10. Didn’t the US (ie Rumsfeld) give Saddam Hussein the green light to use chemical weapons against Kurds and Iranians?

    • The Kurds were allies of Iran during the war….they’re “anti-patriots” if ever there were…they’ve shown the world how bad they are: Northern Iraq is now a Mossad playground bc of them!

    • mevashir – According to Saddam at his secret ‘trial’ Rumsfeld (who he stupidly thought was his best buddie) had also directed him to attack and invade Kuwait “To help the US” – and to wait for the international condemnation of the invasion to blow over. Only when Iraq was actually attacked (that was not part of the Rumsfeld plan!) did he bug out immediately – realising that he had been ‘strung up like a kipper’ by Rumsfeld – who had been working for israel, surprise, surprise, (not the US) all the time.

  11. There’s one BIG question still unanswered: What is PUTIN’s stance on all this?

    I mean, we have heard the russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Lavrov on Syria, we have heard the speaker of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Lukashevich on Syria – but we have heard not one word from Putin himself yet on Syria!

    See: That’s the official english language website of the russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    A few days ago, I read a short note about a quip from FM Sergei Lavrov, who said “We don’t want to fight over Syria!” – but you could hear a clear “But we will, if we have to!” – swinging in the air, too.

    Hell, I didn’t bookmark the site back then and can’t find it now. But I swear it’s true.

    So is Russia really prepared to go to war with the USA, Britain and France, in case they have to?

    • Serious Dad – if you had to deal with the US and Britain right now – with a knowledge of their preemptive aggression policy and slavery to israeli and zionist bankster interests – would you put your military cards on the table for them to see?

      We are about to make a highly unwarranted and unethical premeditated missile attack on the military positions of one of Russia’s main allies. This is proof of insanity, desperation or wicked leadership. The first that we will find out about what the Russian and Chinese reaction will be to this is either before or whilst it is happening. When I say “We”, by the way, I mean the gangsters currently controlling the western powers – I certainly do not include myself. I would hope that the Russians and Chinese will realise that the populations of western countries are mere captives of these messianic monsters.

    • There will be no attack. Putin ‘spoke’ through Lavrov and other officials. Perhaps China and Russia are playing a smart game: behind the curtain they gave the West the impression they would go along in the UNSC if there was a chemical attack, only to pull out when the West made a fool of themselves for the whole world to see.

      Putin seems capable of outsmarting the whole lot.

    • The biggest complication in these types of international affairs today Arjan – is that neither Britain, France nor the US are actually making statements OR making moves – in their own national interests, or on behalf of their own peoples. If everyone was doing this it would all be so much simpler.

      So called national leaders in the west today are clearly just puppets for a cabal of violent banking gangsters. They install the politicians (of all parties) and expect a return. Traditional western democracies are not bad systems – they have simply been utterly infiltrated, subverted, inverted and corrupted through the influence of bankers debt slavery devices.

  12. Excerpt from an article:

    reported by the Times of Israel today, that Israeli Defense Forces had listened in on senior Syrian officials discussing a chemical attack last Wednesday in real-time. TOI reports that “according to the report Saturday in Focus magazine, a squad specializing in wire-tapping within the IDF’s prestigious 8200 intelligence unit intercepted a conversation between high-ranking regime officials regarding the use of chemical agents at the time of the attack. The report, which cited an ex-Mossad official who insisted on remaining anonymous, said the intercepted conversation proved that Bashar Assad’s regime was responsible for the use of nonconventional weapons.”

    Brian: I wonder if these are the lies Obama been instructed to act on by his AIPAC masters.

    • More from the article:

      So let’s get this straight: an attack takes place on Wednesday, Focus reports on Saturday, the news becomes mainstream after the US and the entire western world have long made up their mind that the perpetrator was Assad, the source is an anonymous Mossad operative, yet the contents of the actual conversation in which it is proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the perpetrator is “the 155th Brigade of the 4th Armored Division of the Syrian Army, a division under the command of the Syrian president’s brother, Maher Assad” are unknown.

      It continues: supposedly the conversation was overheard in “real-time” in which case one wonders why Israel did not go public with this “information” or disclose just what the actual “chatter” was (together with proof of the identities of the speakers of course) earlier, or after the attack, in which case one can only assume the Assad regime, knowing very well the NSA and the entire world was eavesdropping on every form of electronic communication, was merely begging for the admiration that admission of such an attack would generate on the public arena.

    • Brian – I don’t suppose that the mossad agent that intercepted the Syrian ‘radio chatter’ is the same guy that found the video of Osama Bin Laden admitting to the 9/11 attacks was it?

      That was a great video that was – saw it on the news …..once. (Never been seen a second time though for some reason). A spielberg classic.

    • Nothing is easier to fake than a conversation over radio: No IP-adresses to fake, no phone-numbers to fake, no nothing.

      Just put two actors before a pair of Walkie-Talkies, record the talk with a third one, and you’re done.

      Hell, my own cat could do that, if I taught her to press the button whenever she meows…

  13. Hey Jose in FB…A few thousand separatist/secessionist Kurds were killed in ’88 ( btw over 300,000 Secessionists were killed by the Union 1861-1865..) and we refused to do anything about it…In fact he used our gas to do it…it was no business of the USA who ran the CSA and it’s DEFINITELY no business of the USA who runs any country in the ME..

    • Actually 300k was just the soldiers of the CSA….add in civilian deaths and deaths fm injuries after the war and it has to be over 1/2 million…

    • Usually left out of the death toll is, similar to Iraq, how many civilians died unnecessarily due to the blockade that even included medicines. The estimates are a quarter million. Toward the end they had nohting for Pows because they had nothing for the CSA troops. At Andersonville the sick Confeds lay beside sick Yankees, both getting minimal care…and yes, the same food rations.

      The Confed head medical officer tried to work out a deal to pay the Yanks a $100,000 in gold for medicines and allow Yankee medical officers to come down and have physical control over them in the PoW camps so they could not be diverted. The Yanks said no, and that little nasty is airbrushed out of the history classes until you get to graduate level.

  14. The mental gymnastics that is being done to justify a military intervention in Syria is comical. I do not know in what reality bombs falling on Syrians will “help” them.

    I read on “The Telgraph” that the Saudis are working to strike an oil contract deal with Russia to get them to stand-down on Syria. Let’s hope the Russians haven’t forgotten & know this deal is a bad one for them.

    • Let’s hope Israel doesn’t have blackmail material on Putin because Russia agreed to four United States sanctions against its ally Iran in 2010, even though Iran doesn’t have a nuclear weapons program and Russia refuses to deliver the S 300 Air Defense System Russia agreed to sell to Iran in a signed contract. Iran is threatening to sue Russia in the International Court of Arbitration in Geneva.

      I wonder why Putin would treat an ally so badly. Is he being blackmailed by Israel or powerful Jewish Zionists in Russia?

  15. Assad is winning the war against the terrorist yet we’re supposed to believe he did the one thing which the United States of Israel would use to justify destroying Syria, using chemical weapons, it’s absurd.

    From a CNN article:

    Carney said Tuesday there was “no doubt” in the administration that chemical weapons were used by the al-Assad government, telling reporters that “we see no evidence of any alternative scenario.”

    Brian: So Assad is guilty without any evidence; perhaps Obama can at least provide us some Mossad phony evidence and not laugh too much.

    My guess is Israel either gave the terrorists the chemical weapons or bombed the civilians with chemical weapons. Iran you’re next.

    • I wonder if all the people delighted with the confirmation of Hagel as Secretary of Defense are still happy with him. Hagel, a man who praises Israel whenever he has the opportunity, says the United States is ready to go, he didn’t say it’s absurd to think Assad would use chemical weapons since he’s winning the war. I wonder what type of blackmail material the Israelis have on Hagel.

      I suppose in a few months Jewish Zionist television will tell us the Iranian government has used chemical weapons on Jewish Grandmas living in Iran.

      Even if they have proof the Syrian government used chemical weapons it’s highly likely terrorists or Israelis stooges who infiltrated the Syrian military used the weapons.

    • Dear Gang, Remember that the Secretary of Defense does not make policy, so you cannot hold him responsible for the policy which is set by the White house. He gets orders as he is in the military chain of command even if he wears a suit.

      On the other hand Congress is different, but we all know they have gotten their AIPAC marching orders so roasting anyone on policy they are targets…but not for us. As internet warriors…if we are not in their state and are not going to heavily fund a primary opponent against them, they could not care less what we think.

      This is the major shortcoming of the internet savvy and well informed crowd. It has marginal impact at the local political level as folks don’t like that part of it. Absent a huge trust fund, your political power is close to zero. Knowing what the deal is but not being able to create a ripple effect to spread it is not a threat to the bad guys who can count to 51% very well. That is the hard cold, and democratic reality. But we can light a fire and blow on the flames…and we will certainly be doing that over the next week.

    • Oh no…long time professional Pols do not jump on their swords. The key person to have done that would have been Dempsey. That would have had serious impact. So we are left with holding their feet to the fire that they are exposing all of ‘us’ to preemptive attacks for perceived wrongs with no proof.

      Mass demonstrations is the only thing that will work and they wisely chose Labor Day weekend to do this, no dummies they. They have our measure well.

    • I realize the Secretary of Defense does not make policy but is Hagel going to loose his job if he casts doubt on the absurd idea Assad used chemical weapons? If yes, then I would like to him spill the beans about Israeli false flag terrorism, including 911, the U.S.S. Liberty, the underwear bomber and likely the chemical weapons attack in Syria before he gets fired.

      I’m not an expert on the role of the Secretary of Defense but I hope he doesn’t have to be a complete yes man for the president in public. If so, I don’t think somebody loyal to America should agree to take the job, not with AIPAC lurking in the White House.

    • Agreed

      But meanwhile innocent people, women and children are sacrificed in this vile moronic quest by Israel to establish a Greater Jewish State.

      Our standard of living is being seriously eroded.

      Our laws are flaunted to a point that criminality is wining over justice.

      Civil disorder will reign on the streets.

      It will be impossible to tell truth from lies.

      And as you say, with enough rope they will hang but with the “Sampson Option” it will not be pretty. I fear for my children and my children’s children.

    • I appreciate your efforts, but my recent conversations with people make me think it is in vain – the brainwashing is too strong for all but the most intellectually curious to break through (says this *former* Zionist supporter and Holocaust believer).

    • The Zionists forced Hagel to grovel at their feet before allowing his appointment. Hagel is a turncoat.

  16. “Will America’s attack in Syria really be just a test shoot to see how good the Russian missiles are?” . . .
    Lets hope Russia’s anti-missile systems are as good as believed. If the American people, and the American government are so stupid as to allow the anti-Christ state of “israel” to wag the dog, then we deserve everything we get in return.

  17. Memories are coming back of family discussions as the clouds of WW2 darkened. My uncles and father had been in WW1. I recall hearing discussions of “it’s the bankers”, “the jews want another war”. Nothing has changed.

    • Amen on that. So we own some of the problem.

      It won’t be a ‘war’ unless we see they are baiting a response which they could use to justify a full scale bombing campaign. But all that will due is teach all those who are vulnerable that WMD is the only we to do to defend yourselves because if you don’t have it, this is what happens to you from a peace loving, democratic country. That is what’s on the line here…that is going over everybody’s heads. They really are endangering our national security by these offensive actions.

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