Urgent! Stop World War III – here’s how


arw2A US “regime change” bombing campaign against Syria could ignite World War III.


Mark Anderson of American Free Press writes:

HELLO. Please read this….

While many say calling D.C. does no good, we have to assume that if we all call—and encourage many others to do so—then there could be enough of a groundswell to make the imperialists in Washington blink and avoid a war on Syria, at least long enough to buy some precious time.

I urge everyone, at least this one time, to immediately call the White House at 202-456-1414 [follow the prompts, to get to public comment, which is briefly taken by a live attendant, but no name or address is asked of you].

Also call the capitol switchboard, 202-224-3121, and 202-225-3121, to ask for any senator and House member by name. And it does not hurt to call legislators’ district offices, too.

We must not allow another catastrophic war to occur. Russia is moving warships into the region. This cannot be stressed too greatly. Make the calls. Letters, faxes and emails are OK, too, but please call first—right away, at least on this issue.

Do this for the kids and grandkids, and call your local newspaper and raise hell, too, if you want to put some icing on the cake. Tell the editors by letters, faxes and calls that you don’t buy the claim Syria is gassing its own people and that the “intel” is way too unreliable for which to justify another war led by this bankrupt nation.

Sincerely and urgently, Mark Anderson [spread this story far and wide ASAP]

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Kevin Barrett

Dr. Kevin Barrett, a Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist, is one of America’s best-known critics of the War on Terror.

He is Host of TRUTH JIHAD RADIO; a hard driving weekly LIVE call in radio show. He also has appeared many times on Fox, CNN, PBS and other broadcast outlets, and has inspired feature stories and op-eds in the New York Times, the Christian Science Monitor, the Chicago Tribune, and other leading publications.

Dr. Barrett has taught at colleges and universities in San Francisco, Paris, and Wisconsin, where he ran for Congress in 2008. He currently works as a nonprofit organizer, author, and talk radio host.

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  1. “We know that it is possible, without recourse to hypnosis, for one person to induce another to commit a wrong, a fact we may explain loosely as the influence of one personality upon another,” Erickson explained.
    Theory has it that since the mind controls all aspects of the body, if one can control the mind, one can
    make the body do almost anything, including cure diseases.
    Some people even have discussions with themselves about whether they are in hypnosis or not.

  2. I forgot about this pipeline- makes great sense. As for one who commented that our calls won’t do any good- I wouls still call and call. The best thing to wake up the American sheep would be the institution of a draft -one with few to any exemptions. Now most young males, say under 40, could live with the thought that they might die for nothing.

  3. I listed time earlier as 2219 hrs-that is eastern standard time as right now it is a few minutes later and 8: 27 PM.

  4. I started article so at 2219 hrs today , 31 Aug 13, I called 202 456 1414 and at first a real voice said “White House t immediately a recording came on that stated one can only call from 9 AM to 5 PM and then said a more direct number is 202 456 1111. I’ll call tomorrow. How many of our citizens ever see anything other than mass media? It never changes- the huge majority of Americans know little to nothing about Israel’s part in all the butchery in the middle east.

  5. Below is a portion of the letter I sent to President Obama via the WhiteHouse.gov website. I sent a similar letter to my Virginia Congressman and Senators.

    “It appears that America is using the same deceptive playbook to start a war in Syria just like they did to go to war against Iraq and Afghanistan. Your Press Secretary along with speakers from the State Department and others in Congress keep saying you have the proof that the Syrian Government used chemical weapons against civilians. Where is the proof? Are you going to hire General Colin Powell or George Tenet to lie to us again? Is Syria another “slam dunk”? Those in Washington (the neocons and Zionists) that are always beating the war drums are the same individuals (and their families) that never participate in armed combat. They have no problems sending our youth and families off to war as long as they don’t have to participate.
    Americans are totally fed up with all these wars and illegal covert operations that are making the entire world see us as the enemy and rightfully so. Enough is enough Mr. President!!! No more going to war for Israel. I don’t think Americans are again going to be stupid enough to send their sons and daughters, husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, uncles and aunts to get murdered in another war based on lies and deception. I feel pretty confident that once the dust settles on this recent chemical attack in Syria, Israel’s fingerprints are going to be all over it.”

  6. Just finished an account from the Vietnam War, “Assault On Dak Pek”, written by SF trooper Leigh Wade. An excerpt;

    Erickson (SF medic) on his Montagnard Nurse “I had just locked and loaded my last magazine when the bunker door slams open. I whirled around and it was my goddamn Yard nurse. Came to within an inch of shooting her…Christ, she looked like some kind of wild Amazon woman out of one of those fantasy novels. She’s got this scary look in her eyes. Her long, black hair is flowing every which way, and she’s carrying an M-16. Except for her web gear she’s bare from the waist up…she said she knows she killed at least two of them (NVA)”

    Where’s the women like that around here?????


  7. Some of VT’s more ‘informed’ readers might be asking: “why don’t the good aliens just come and save us”?

    Anyway, if your not scared, your not thinking. Obviously, KB is feeling a bit desperate, who doesn’t ?, for most of us, the last few days has been like living through a Steven King novel.

  8. No need to panic.

    An attack on Syria will cause more trouble in the US and Europe than in the Middle East,unless the aim is WW3.

    That’s not the plan right now.

    Better watch out for Rothschild/Rockefeller declaring Martial Law in the US/Europe in order to cut their losses.

    • I guess you are right: as I heard today they undisturbed prepare behind the scenes something else: a false flag hacker attack (they will put the blame on the Syrians and Iranians) on infrastructure and possibly the financial markets, and then -as they successfully tested in Cyprus – to close the banks overnight and force to carry out a currency reform. People will lose their money again!

  9. I just called the WH, took about fifteen minutes to get through……. maybe a good sign.

    I asked that Obama NOT start another war for the Jews based on more fabricated Israeli intelligence. The operator, who was evidently typing my comment into a keyboard, asked me to pause, said “gotta love it” as she was typing…… I think subtly saying she was glad that some are finally speaking out against the Jewish Hell we’re all being forced to endure.

    Thanks, KB. I agree, we can beat these bastards…… there are good signs that the Jews might not get their way this time. (Although, that almost guarantees another 9/11 in this country…… but I think God has about had it with the Chosen scum.)

    • My call was priceless! Beat having a Credit Card although Citibank screwed me out of that.

      I read an entire list of US Chemical’s in Vietnam that 50 years later are still causing Birth defects.
      US Chemical’s in Fallujah that are still causing mass Birth defect’s as well as Depleted Uranium.

      Then switched to FAILED Israeli Intelligence (sic) that have lied us into so many wars.

      Then 12 years of Wars fighting the boogie-man Al Qaeda who (Read 15 Headlines) to him.
      He broke in and said, “Sir I have 10 calls on hold and your not the first to point these out.”

      I said in closing, US Humanitarian aid in Libya, 50,000 DEAD. Iraq… OK OK he said.. HAHA

    • ……………and of course “Operation Cast Lead” which none of the Western Lame stream media wish to discuss……………shall we start with depleted uranium, white phosphuorus and micro-wave weapons.

    • I suggest Saturn’s north pole, that hexagonal cloud formation has to be hiding some kind of supra-biblical promised land.

  10. Don’t waste your time calling. Nobody in our government, including the president is in control of anything. They are puppets doing the unthinkable because they have been promised a place in the new world order. Everyone with the ability to think and feel knows the Syrian gas attacks was a setup. The only way the west would ever attack Syria is because they are actually working in concert with other countries like China and Russia. The governments of the world no matter how at odds they seem have made a deal with each other to divide the spoils once the global economy is purposely destroyed by them all and WWIII wraps up. There is no other plausible explanation other than the governments of countries like the USA, Britain and Israel plan to hide in the DUMBS until it’s safe to come up and rape and pillage again. Could be it’s both!! I don’t need irrefutable proof of this…I can “feel” it coming can’t you?

    • I would suggest a mass tactical drop on the mall and targeted cruise missile strikes on key centers of command and control. However me thinks the primary objective of the surveillence apparatus is to nip such ideas in the bud…

  11. Unfortunately if humanitarians want to prevent an evil American attack on Syria they need to get some blackmail material on Netanyahu, he knows the power of blackmail material, he uses it to get Obama down on his knees begging for mercy.

    • By the way has Jerry Robinson written an insightful article? It might not be the main reason but I have to wonder if this possible attack on Syria is about a pipeline.

      Excerpt from the article:

      This Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline would be the largest gas pipeline in the Middle East and would span from Iran’s gas-rich South Pars field to the Mediterranean coastline in Lebanon, via Iraq and Syria.

      However, in July 2013, leaders from Syria, Iran, and Iraq met to sign a preliminary agreement on the pipeline with the hopes of finalizing the deal by the end of the year.

      Syrian President Assad has since rejected the Arab Gas Pipeline and has instead begun working closely with Iran on Iran’s proposed gas pipeline, dubbed the Islamic Pipeline. This proposed pipeline would obviously compete directly with the Arab Gas Pipeline and its goal of delivering Mideast natural gas to Europe.

      Most Arabs view the Islamic Pipeline as a Shi’ite pipeline serving Shi’ite interests. After all, it originates in Shi’ite Iran, passes through Shi’ite Iraq, and flows into Shi’ite controlled Syria. Therefore, the Sunni-dominated Gulf nations have both an economic and to a lesser extent, a religious reason, for stopping the Islamic Pipeline from becoming a reality.


      Brian: With Israel and some of the Gulf states against Assad he doesn’t have much of a chance to stay in power.

    • Excerpt from an article:

      Q. In what circumstances, if any, would the president have constitutional authority to bomb Iran without seeking a use-of-force authorization from Congress? (Specifically, what about the strategic bombing of suspected nuclear sites — a situation that does not involve stopping an IMMINENT threat?)

      Obama: The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.

      – Interview with Charlie Savage, December 20, 2007

      Brian: Perhaps Obama should read this to Netanyahu before he blows up Syria on behalf of Israel. You can mention this Obama quote in your call to the White House.

      Oh perhaps Obama will authoritatively inform us he heard a frightening translated Assad conversation via the honorable Mossad which clearly indicates Assad is about to gleefully explode chemical weapon filled rockets targeted at Grandmas and toddlers throughout the United States. Sigh.

    • I believe if this bull on Assad using gas doesn’t work and something tells me it wont be stopped! then I can easily see soldiers die for a new plan to invade.

  12. Several years ago Madeline Allbright once told us without hesitation, she thought America’s sanctions were worth despite knowing half-million people had died, many more were dying and thousands more would die,k most of them children if the sanctions on the middle east continue. Evidently the pictures above do not affect this war mongering sickos and thus we taxpayers are left to pay the tab, like we would if we took them to dinner.
    The financial burden on the taxpayers is enough to break our backsk, but the ethical and moral burden is equal and greater. How can these traitors, the killers, these immoral scumbags continue to slaughter innocent human beings and call home to see how their family is doing? Do they kiss their kids goodnight? Do they even have kids? Do they even have a life? Do they have anything but their misery, hatred and vile murderous ways in their blood? This was 50 years in the making all because they didn’t like JFK taking it upon himself to negotiate and save lives. What hath the Bush family wrought upon us?
    Ah the new world order has come upon us, but this style peace and freedom was not part of the equation, was it???? Those poor kiddos, and families! Thank you Dr. Barrett

  13. Worth a try, but know this: the whole Syria story is a setup by the globalists trying to install their NWO in the ashes of a destroyed U.S. They – with Obama’s full cooperation – WANT to create justification for an attack on the U.S. by Russia and/or China. The troops from both countries are already here, tens of thousands or each, getting ready. Obama was placed in office by the globalists to destroy the U.S.

    • Yeah, rising like “The Phoenix” from the ashes of destruction, was the idea that they pandered.

      I think your right. We’re well into the prelude of those ashes. They’re orchestrating the destruction of the U.S.

    • sad but true, and its why they’ve turned this nation into a turnkey prison toy after treasonously sabotaging our real productive working economy that they handed to China in the first place to do exactly that.
      I dont like it, but I see it, its the only way they’ll escape, and were awakening too late.

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