Israel main beneficiary of US attack on Syria

Zionists want to smash up Syria as a step towards "Greater Israel"
Zionists want to smash up Syria as a step towards "Greater Israel"
Zionists want to smash up Syria as a step towards “Greater Israel”

Press TV has conducted an interview with Kevin Barrett, an author and Middle East expert from Madison, about recent remarks by US Secretary of State John Kerry who rehashed Washington’s baseless allegations that Syria had used chemical weapons against civilians.


What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Let’s discuss Kerry’s comments, outright accusing Damascus of carrying out the chemical weapons attack and also the counterstatement coming from the Russian Foreign Ministry, calling these threats, a force against Syria unacceptable.

Barrett: Well, I hate to say that, but I am afraid that the Russians are telling the truth this time and the Americans are not. Kerry said that “all hell broke loose in the social media” shortly after this chemical weapons event, but in fact there are some reports that it broke loose well before the attack event, a whole day in advance, that some videos of this alleged chemical weapons attack were posted.

I am not saying that there was not an attack; it is just that it is very odd that there seem to have been videos posted before it happened. There are many other indications that this event was not as the opposition groups backed by Israel, the US and Saudi Arabia claim, a simple attack by Assad on civilians. Number 1. Why would Assad be attacking civilians? He would be attacking the insurgents; Number 2. Why would he do it at the very moment that the UN inspectors were arriving in the country, after Obama has said there is a red line and the use of chemical weapons would bring US bombing?

The circumstantial evidence here is very damning of the Israeli-backed Al-Qaeda insurgents; the moment this event happened the Israelis began pointing the finger at Assad and saying that they knew exactly what happened. And today we got this report from Kerry. If you actually read his report, all of the details are classified, the sources are classified. And the report suggests that the sources pointing the finger at the Syrian government in this chemical weapons attack are coming from Israel.

The country that has the most interest in destabilizing the region and in particular in destabilizing Syria and breaking it up, according to Oded Yinon plan to Balkanize the Middle East and Balkanize Syria along ethnic and sectarian lines, is Israel.

So this appears to have been a likely false-flag event. And nobody is buying it; the British parliament is not buying it, the American military is not buying it. According to the Washington Post, American military officers are lining up against a US attack on Syria.

So it seems that the strategy of false-flag provocations is perhaps no longer working; let’s hope and pray that in the next few days we will have the warmongers backing off.

Press TV: Let’s discuss a different aspect of all this. Why the total disregard for the United Nations on behalf of the United States? They are not willing to wait for the UN inspectors to get the results on the probe of the use of the chemical weapons and they have also stated that they have the consent of the United Nations or not, they are still thinking of carrying out the attack on Syria.

Barrett: This is just such ridiculous, imperial arrogance. The US empire and its Zionist surrogate – it is hard to say who is whose surrogate these days – have sent new records for arrogance in the post 9/11 era; they no longer need to operate under international law, they no longer need any kind of UN approval; they fooled the UN prior to the invasion of Iraq with these phony claims of WMD and chemical weapons and so on.

They are trying it again and the world is not being fooled, so they are saying well, if we cannot fool the world, we will just go ahead and commit these war crimes anyway.  It’s just staggering.


  1. Dr. Barrett,

    —–Currently, Russia & China are the two countries with smart leaders.

    —–Putin put USA to the test, if you have proof give it to UN Inspector, if you don’t you don’t have proof.

    —–The most hated country in the world, that is out of control, who broke every single international law Israel “Evil Empire,” finally it’s days are numbered.

    —–When the “Evil Empire” is afraid of someone or something it aims to destroy it.

    —–ISRAEL WAS ALWAYS AFRAID OF SYRIA, thanks to Syrian Terrorist/Rebels Israel managed to send Mossad with outside terrorist to destroy the country.

    —–The whole thing started on 8/24/13, France 24 TV Interview, Doctors without Borders (MSF) director of operations Bart Janssens. They are still giving different stories and mixing the # dead.

    ——“There has been no independent verification of the number of dead, and the medical humanitarian organization was the first independent source to report such a high toll.”

  2. Since knowing about the USS Liberty, (the attack on the name is indicative of more than an y of us realize,) I have despised Israel. Yet my tax dollars go to fund them, and I have never been overjoyed knowing my one penny goes to their government. As I have always said on this website, I would prefer my tax dollars go to the ASPCA instead of this miserable morsel of a country.
    Why my government doesn’t see the damage they have done to this world and the human misery they’ve caused many millions and millions of world’s people is an amazing fact in and of itself. I am stupidfied over the fact that we send them any aid at all. Why are we so spineless when it comes to this putrid nation and its people? They mean us harm, and it time our government emerges from its denial of this obvious and overt fact.

  3. I know I won’t exactly be associated with Nostradamus or Mohammed or Jesus as the world’s greatest psychic for saying this, but I think we should all expect a false-flag attack by the zionists, Jews, Satan, whatever they are, on America, before 9/11/2013.

    Maybe this whole thing is merely a setup for a nuclear attack on US, something the zioniosts have been planning for a long time. After all, the Jews are masters of practical terrorism, knowing what they can and cannot get away with. I suspect they know they won’t be able to snow the Americans into attacking Syria, but that’s not really the point. The POINT is to make Syria THINK an attack is inevitable.

    Therefore, when the Jews waltz in and nuke a couple US cities, 9/11 style, it will be VERY easy to blame it on Syria / Iran working together, saying that they (Syria and Iran) decided to strike first. Many idiots will believe it, unfortunately.

    If you see a lot of Jews on the highway heading out of town, please let us know.

    • The correction of the worth of the dollar, the new world reserve currency , loss of Petro Dollar, collapse of american banks, collapse of Stock market are all coming. The collapse of American health care as well. Those by themselves are enough to amount to the devastation of a war. Yes a false flag would divert attention. And the 100 year contract on Federal Reserve and the money owed to China, and the missing gold in Switzerland etc. it is coming….one way or another.

  4. When was the last time Israeli controlled Washington issued a truth to the American people? Since JFK’s demise we’ve been fed nothing but lies heaped on top of lies without exception.
    Keep a close eye on your Congressmen. They’ll try to appease their Zionist handlers, while at the same time patronizing their constituents. This imperialistic arrogance has got to end.

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