Former Chief of Staff Raises Israeli False Flag Terrorism


LawrenceWilkerson-640x360US National Interests vs. Israeli National Interests


by Joshua Blakeney


Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson was the Chief of Staff to US Secretary of State Colin Powell. In that role he helped to convey the phoney intelligence that was provided as a justification for invading Iraq, something Col. Wilkerson has since described as the “biggest mistake” of his life.

Like an increasing number of military insiders and establishment figures Col. Wilkerson appears to be cognizant of the war of deception being waged by Israel. In the following interview, on the pseudo-alternative gatekeeper show The Young Turks, Col. Wilkerson breaks ranks and suggests that Israel may have deployed chemical weapons in Syria in what he calls an “Israeli false-flag operation”.

[youtube QFHTR-WHkIQ]

Col. Wilkerson Raises the Possibility that Israel committed false flag terrorism in Syria

Since Israel and its neocon agents attacked the US on 9/11 many dissident intellectuals have referred to the apparent prevalence of such Israeli false-flag terrorist attacks around the world. Such alleged Israeli false-flags range from the London attacks of 2005 to the Bulgaria attacks in 2012. But rarely have such high up members of the establishment come off the fence and acknowledged the existence of this phenomenon. Col. Wilkerson’s words are perhaps indicative of the increasingly pronounced schism that has emerged within the Zionist-American empire between Realists, who promote stability in the Middle East and US commercial interests, and Neoconservatives (alongside Liberal Interventionists), who emphasize the primacy of Israeli regional hegemony. The Israeli-backed destabilization of Syria has illuminated this schism for the world.


President Assad, an intelligent Arab strongman, would be an obvious ally for the US if the US controlled its own foreign policy. President Assad speaks English, he is secular, his wife is British, he was even willing to make neoliberal reforms and do away with many of the protectionist economic policies of his father thus making Syria hospitable for Western corporations. However for Israel, President Assad is an obvious enemy because he refuses to sell out the Palestinians and the broader pan-Arabist cause. He refuses to sever ties with Iran and Hezbollah. He rejects Israel’s claim to the Golan Heights. He wants a prosperous and sovereign Syria rather than a sectarian, balkanized failed state. All these factors have led Zionists to promote Syria’s destruction à la the Oded Yinon Plan. The US gains nothing from implementing Israel’s foreign policy for them in the Middle East other than greater national debt and the loss of yet more American lives in war. Hence voices such as Col. Wilkerson’s offer a ray of hope that the patriotic non-Zionist faction of the US elite are beginning to realize the differences between US interests and Israeli interests. The thwarting of Israel’s Middle East agenda could save millions of people’s lives and so it is fortunate that more and more observers are waking up to Israel’s usage of false-flag terrorism.

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In this 2002 video father of the “war on terror” Benjamin Netanyahu insisted that Saddam Hussein was seeking WMDs 




  1. Er…Um…Then why has Israel been so vocal in demanding a US military strike against Syria? Your ‘analysis’ (lie for Israel) doesn’t make any sense at all!

  2. Thank you, Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson. It’s very important to have those in the know speak up.

    —–The most hated country in the world, that is out of control, who broke every single international law Israel the “Evil Empire,” finally her days are numbered.

    —–When Isral the “Evil Empire” is afraid of someone or something it aims to destroy it.

    —–ISRAEL WAS ALWAYS AFRAID OF SYRIA, thanks to Syrian Terrorist/Rebels Israel managed to send Mossad with outside terrorists to destroy the country.

  3. A Furniture salesman from Philadelphia as PM. Saddam working with Russian and North Korean – None sense. The Congress of the USA invited a furniture Salesman to help them understand Iraq – It is an insult to the American people. He spoke about 911 – Who is he kidding?. He has been a complete liar, joke, idiot and evil. Those who invited this individual are a group of incompetent and jokers.

  4. It is tiresomely obvious, the chemical weapons allegation against Assad is a false flag. And, it does not take a rocket scientist to see that Israel and its US ‘Fifth Column’ (AIPAC, JINSA, the ADL, b’nai b’rith, et al,) are the driving force behind the Administration’s wreck less instigation for a new war. After Israel’s 1967 wanton assault on the USS Liberty, and innumerable other Israeli inspired false flags and subversions against this Republic, one wonder why the US Navy is steaming towards Syrian and not toward Israel? This republic and the human race may depend for its existence on whether or not the Navy Commanders consent to cowardly, illegal and unconstitutional orders to strike Syria.

  5. Congratulations BiBi you finally described modern day Israeli intentions. Wow I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • exactly.. every friggin word he said accusing saddam, stuff they themselves do!
      who refused to sign the NPT? who refuses to allow inspections of any kind?
      seems to me it wasnt saddam, it isnt Syria, it isnt Iran… etc etc etc..

      why is a country that outright refuses those treaties, even allowed to scream this-n-that, AT ALL?

  6. If you take all of NuttyYahood’s words in the video above and replace their application to Israel instead of Iraq/Saddam, you’ll get a small idea of the truth! America needs to get off it’s knees, stop worshiping the Zionist beast and start being the great nation that it has the potential to be.

    • I thought “NuttyYahood’s name was “KnotheadYahoo”. At any rate, I think Col. Lawrence Wilkinson’s assessment is correct. What do you expect politically from a former furniture salesman, a sofa sale?

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