Bombing Assad, Why Not?


by Sami Jamil Jadallah assad

I am not exonerating World and Zionist imperialism from the irreparable harms America, Israel, France, Spain and England inflicted on the Arab World during centuries of colonialism and waging wars, wars that did not stop and continues at this moment.

The question that must be raised is when world military intervention is necessary in local and regional conflicts? And does international law have any value when its use is “selective”? It is OK in Syria, Kosovo but not Occupied Palestine and against Israel? Or is there an international law ‘ala Carte” you select the menu and chose from a list of countries subject to international laws.

However, I am here in support of military attack on Bashar Assad and his regime and to indict Arab political and intellectual leadership for its shares in inflicting such harms and nation destruction, and the continued crimes it continues to inflict on Arab citizens. Assad, Saddam and Qaddafi are but few of many. Now after destruction of Iraq, Libya now it is the turn of Syria. None of this would or could have happened if there were no such family dictatorships.

The destruction of Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, were no accident. They are a result of long terms criminal regimes, military and party dictatorship, lacks of credible accountable leadership, lack of public representations and participation in issues of wars and peace. Bashar and his family made the decision to declare and wage war on Syria and its people and that is the extent of public participation. These criminal leadership takes the blames for putting their countries in harms way, and for allowing foreign interventions in countries like Libya, Syria, Iraq even Yemen.

Saddam Hussein and Bashar Assad are not the only Arab and world leaders to wage wars on their own people and to use chemical weapons. America perhaps more than any other country takes the leads in producing and using “chemical weapons” and have put it to use in its many wars from the Philippines, to Vietnam, to Cambodia even against American citizens and cities in its on going experiment and waging wars.

Agent Orange and Napalms are vivid in the memory of many Veterans, especially Vietnamese and picture of the young girl in flame is an indictment of the US and it’s many wars. And people and presidents like Johnson, Nixon, and Bush are war criminals no different from Bashar, Ali Saleh, Qaddafi, Saddam or Bibi Netanyahu.

The West especially America, England and Germany supplied Saddam Hussein with the chemical weapons he used extensively against Iran with the US not only supplying the chemical weapons but supplying the intelligence delivered in person by the late King Hussein to Saddam Hussein, tens of thousands died. We also all remember Donald Rumsfeld was in Baghdad smiling and shaking hands with Saddam, only few days after the news broke of Saddam use of chemical weapons killing tens of thousands of Kurds in Halabja.

Of course no one in the West, or in the Arab countries and no Arab liberals and “nationalists” raised a finger or objection against Saddam use of chemical weapons against Iran and the Kurds. Utter silence of Arabs and especially Arab intellectuals and so-called “nationalists” is disgusting and insulting.

Arab leaders and military regimes been killing Arabs in the hundreds of thousands if not millions, and there is silence. Bashar managed to kill over 100,000 and destroyed millions of homes and there is silence all over the Arab streets and among Arab intellectuals. I did not see the millions nor the thousands on the streets demanding an end to Bashar continued crimes, but I saw lots of petitions to save his ass.

Now that couple of thousands died from alleged use of chemical weapons, certain Western leaders are shocked by such mass murder but they allowed the killing to continue for over two years. Arab liberals and world liberals all of sudden woke up and discovered that Bashar is a model world leader, who loved his people to death and that the attack on Syria is a violation of international laws and see nothing wrong with the killings of hundreds of thousands of citizens and use of jets, missiles and tanks to kill people all of this is alright and not in violations of international law.

Liberals, Arab nationalists, anti-imperialist, anti-Zionists believe a criminal regime like Bashar Assad and his Ba’athist regime are guardian’s of Arab nationalism, resistance and steadfastness against Zionism and world imperialism and are all crying out to save Bashar and his regime. They see nothing wrong with the wars waged by the likes of Saddam, Ali Saleh, Qaddafi and Bashar against their own people.

I know I am the odd man out at Veterans Today who takes a different position on the planned attack on Syria. I not only see nothing wrong with it but I support it. Time to put Bashar and his criminal army and regime out of business. Obama, Cameron and Hollande are not willing to topple the regime, they support only limited actions, and a slap on the wrest for his use of chemical weapons and allows him to continue until Syria is totally destroyed thus ensuring the safety and security of Israel in the North.

Now Zionism has achieved parts of its objectives. Jordan and Iraq are no longer a threat, Syria was never a threat and now totally destroyed, Egypt army is paid well for its peace with Israel. Now time to shift attention to Iran and Pakistan.

Of course and from what we saw in Iraq, American and Israeli intelligence are always suspect, politically motivated to serve a purpose. Washington and Tel-Aviv are not only hypocrites but are professional liars and world class criminals as well

In fact the entire Imperialism and Zionist West are hypocrites, selective in morality and select use of weapons. It was OK in Washington, New York and Tel-Aviv to cheer as Israel lit up the skies over Gaza with its use of phosphorus bombs destroying entire neighborhoods and killing over 1,500 including some 500 children. I guess Israel killings of Palestinians and their children are OK and not in violation of international laws.

One could not help but remember as members of the American Jewish communities in the US joined their cousins in Israel as they stood and cheered their army destruction of Gaza. None of the so-called Western leaders raised an objection to Israel and its destruction of Gaza.

Bashar, his father and uncle before have been waging wars against the Syrian people for over 45 years. Killing tens of thousands in Hamah back in 82, jailing hundreds of thousands, exiling similar numbers, looting the country and now killing over 100,000 destroying the entire country with the use of air force, Scud missiles, rockets, with over 2 millions refugees, over 4 millions displaced inside Syria. The question did the use of chemical weapon in Damascus Goutta finally tipped the scale of western morality, when Bashar been on a killing spree for over two years? I guess it is Ok for Bashar to use Scud missiles and jets but not chemical weapons? Makes no sense to me.

Bashar and his army been a sitting duck as Israel over decades bombed Syria at will, committed assassinations within Syria at will, all the while the Assad regime, father and Son never fired a single shot, never dared to retaliate.

The empty threats and rhetoric we hear from Bashar and his side kicks Walid Al-Mualim and Faisal Miqdad remind us of (“Sahhaf” Saddam minister of misinformation) are empty rhetoric and will take the hit, duck and continue to wage war on Syria and its people.

Iran and the Iranian leadership liberals and conservatives are too smart to be drawn into a war over Bashar and his regime as inevitable losers. Iran must choose its own battle and not drawn into a war that is not life and death for Iran. Same for Hezbollah. It should not use its capabilities and waste it to defend Bashar and his regime.

True and true Alqaeda is alive and is doing very well in all failed states, no thanks to Bashar and the Syrian Free Army for allowing such criminal mercenaries to come in and no thanks to regional countries that fund and arms such criminals and misfits repeating same mistakes in Afghanistan.

Yes, time to bomb the hell out of Assad and his army and time for the Syrian people to go back to their country and if they are good enough, loyal enough, smart enough they can rebuild what Bashar and the civil war destroyed.

Many nations experienced civil wars and international wars before. With wise, credible committed leadership can rebuild. The US, Germany, Japan are only but few examples of the will of the people to rebuild nations after conflicts, wars and civil wars. Syrian will rebuild again. This is the price of silence.

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Sami Jamil Jadallah

Born in the Palestinian city of El-Bireh (presently under Israeli Military and Settlers Occupation). Immigrated to the US in 62.

After graduating from high school in Gary, Indiana was drafted into the US Army (66-68) received the Leadership Award from the US 6th Army NCO Academy in Ft. Lewis, Washington. Five of us brothers were in US military service about the same time (Nabil-Army), (Lutfi-Marines), (Sam-Army) and (Taiseer-Marines) with two nephews presently with US Army.

Graduated from Indiana University with BA-72, Master of Public Affairs-74 and Jurist Doctor-77, and in senior year at IU, was elected Chairman of the Indiana Student Association. Sami Jamil Jadallah is an international legal and business consultant and is the founder and director of Palestine Agency and Palestine Documentation Center and founder and owner of several businesses in technology and services.

His articles are also featured on, and Ramallah Online.

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  1. Countries don’t “wage war” on their own people. Saddam Hussein attacked Kurds because they were attacking Iraqis during the Iraq – Iran war. I don’t know who it is Assad is supposed to have attacked, but if he attacked anyone, they had been committing violence first. These Arab leaders don’t wake up one morning and say. “I’m going to kill 100,000” whoever today. That is something more likely that an American leader would say.

    I would advocate bombing New York and LA, particularly AIPAC and ADL headquarters. Do you think I’m joking? Who has more blood on his hands? Assad, Hussein, or Gadafi, or George Bush or Obama. The Arabs don’t fly 5.000 miles to bomb another country, they fight and kill terrorists that try to kill their own people and overthrow their gov’t the way Assad is doing now.

    I don’t even know if you’re an Arab, Jew, Christian or something else. The answer might lie there, because I wonder why an Arab (I assume you are Arab) would advocate bombing another Arab country. I’m an American and I would like to see Israel bombed. Wouldn’t you? Admittedly, my whole name isn’t printed here. Is that what is holding you back from saying the same thing as me?

    • To solidify their powers, dictatorship like Saddam, Assad, Shah of Iran, Somoza, Marcos do not engage in full scale wars against their people, sending jets and tanks to the streets from day one. They do that over time, putting tens of thousands of people in jail on flimsy charges or no charges, they kill and hang few here and there to deter and they use their secret services to intimidate and instill fear in people in their safety and in their daily lives.
      People do not rise up, go to the streets even take up arms just for the hell of it. They do it because they wake up one day and discover they have courage and rights to citizenship long denied them, they discover they have been oppressed, disfranchised, looted, sent to war just for the hell of it and yes, people and citizens have the rights to bear arms against dictatorship and foreign occupation, the Americans did in the Revolutionary War and the French, even the Russians. Why not the Arabs?

    • I understand and appreciate the anti war sentiment expressed by many here on this site. No one in their right mind simply support wars just for the hell of it. However here we are talking about a regime that has engaged itself in war against the country and people for the last 45 years, using the national army as its private militia, and using the family to loot at will and use pseudo election to perpetuate its hold on power.
      The real and true Zionists are Arab leaders who through their corruption, criminality, dictatorship lead their countries to the abyss, hell and failed state. Killing millions, wasting trillions only because they refuse people participation in governance and refusing the rights of citizenship to all people irrespective of faith or race or ethnic origin. True Zionists are in Arab capitals and not only in Tel-Aviv or Washington. Supporting Assad is supporting criminal dictatorship and perpetuating crimes for too long. Why not think of the people and not only the leader? Israel exists because Zionists are leaders in the Arab world.

    • Thank you for your article, Mr. Jadallah

      I and many others here at VT Are thinking of the Syrian people (and the rest of the world as well)

      Do the Syrian people want their country completely destroyed? Any Syrian website I’ve come across shouts out a resounding NO!

      We must risk a world war, because Syria’s internal strife has been going on for 45 years? Plenty of time, wouldn’t you say for something to have been done long ago to help, but obviously the powers weren’t interested in helping the Syrian people then just as they are not interested in them now.

      (The people of Turkey have anti war sentiments too and are expressing them artfully)

      ‘Flower power. Peace.’


  2. It is easy to see that Israel through its proxies is destroying one majority Islamic state after another. Hezbollah, Hamas and Iran would be wise in the case of an Israeli, US, and/or NATO attack on Syria to attack Israel in response with every missile they have, and take out all airports, military bases, missile launch sites, Dimona, chemical plants, oil refineries, power plants, communication centers, highway interchanges, ports, naval vessels, etc. Fight the Zionists now as a group, or get destroyed one by one as has happened to Lebanon, Iraq and Libya.

  3. I am not surprised by your conclusion that I tend to agree with. Over the last 40 years the Arabs from Morocco to Iraq, to Yemen to Sudan have wasted over $ 3 Trillions on wars, wars among themselves and on behalf of others, when a trillion could have built the entire infrastructure of the Arab world, building schools, hospitals, factories, farms, developing water and energy resources. All of this happened because one person, and one person make decisions on wars and peace only. No real debate because there are no real congress or parliament, no advisor with courage to ask questions (Saddam shot his minister of health during a ministerial meeting because he suggested Saddam resign if this bring the Iran-Iraq war to an end. Almost all advisors are servants never an independent voice or true counsel to the head of states. Yes, there is something very wrong. And I am not a self-hating Arab.

  4. Sure Assad is far from perfect and he should have moved to give more freedom to hes people before all of this unfolded, but the problem is this : war never beget stability and peace, bombs do not beget democracy, i wish it was the case but its not, only negotiation can solve the Syrian crisis in the best interest of the Syrian people, they have to talk and find a common ground, bombing them is really not warranted nor needed,

    When you look at things from a historian perspective, Assad is not more or less criminal than any other leader in the world, they all have blood on their hands and some were far worst than him, maybe its just the nature of the game or maybe we are all completely crazy but whatever, like an old say goes : kill 1000 and you are a criminal kill 1 million and you are a conqueror, kill them all and you are god, its inherent to politics since memorable times and it is not our place to cast judgement unless we cast it on all not just Assad, and it certainly doesn’t give us the right to turn Syria into a smoldering ruin, that is not what the people are fighting for.

  5. There is no Evil act for a man than supporting a Brutal Empire to bomb another country, specially against own nation (Arab living some where in West supporting killing of another Arabs). This is shamful and shows how human being sank deeper and deeper in to the wolrd of nihilism, evil and arrogance. You talking like a person with personality disorder. Your text are full of contradictions. You do not agree with warmongers but in the same time you support them. You do not like Extremists, but in thesame time you support them. The life in the west made you such arrogant and evil. Such dontradicting argumenst which you use, are sign of either deception or a clear example of personality disorder or may worse, Schitzofrenic disorders, in any case, you are not welcome here. You and Shrimpton are in the same class, the liars of VT. You are such psycho, that can not stand any critic and you try to reply to every one, it shows your insecurity and weakness. You do not need to stay next to PC all the day, in order to get your point.

    • Johan, the fact I am a Palestinian/American, an Arab and a Muslim has nothing to do with my political and intellectuals opinions. I do not support Arabs simply because they Arabs, or Muslims because they are Muslims. Nationalism is a disease a crippling disease of mind and morality. I am an internationalist, willing to side with Vietnam against an Arab country if I feel the Arab country is wrong. I stood against Saddam and his war on Iran, and I stood against Hamas when it started suicide bombing and in support of innocent Israeli victims. I do not support Bashar simply because he is an Arab, he is a criminal who should be hanged for all his crimes. I do not support Islamist criminal Jihadists simply because they declare Jihad and commit crimes against innocent people Muslims and Christians. I will speak out against evil and crimes no matter who are the perpetrators, Arabs, Muslims, Americans, Israelis, Jews etc. Don’t worry I am fine and at peace with my self. I will sleep much better when Bashar is sitting in the docks at the International Court of Justice or somewhere in a court in Damascus.

  6. The quisling Jamil is beyond our reach. The moral imperative, the necessity of stopping this war, escapes him. He is in full flight from reason. He is a causality of war. His artifice will not be missed. Meanwhile, we must move on.

    • Cold Wind, how can we stand by and see an entire nation destroyed with tens of millions exiled or homeless. I wish I have a better answer… Both sides of the conflicts are out for all or nothing. There was a window of opportunity to negotiate a major political and administrative reforms but Assad was not willing. His parliament which serves at his will, did not take serious interests in reforms and the shooting started, and we know the rest of the story.

    • Were the Zionists backing the rebellion in Syria ever willing to negotiate in good faith? Based on their history (e.g. Oslo +20), they were not.

  7. Excellent article, which also reflects my own view.

    @James Henry Fetzer

    The crucial factor, of Assad-apologists like you is that you totally neglect every proven fact in this conflict.
    After nearly 3 years you are disregarding the start and development of this revolution as well as the methods used by the Syrian military under Bashar.
    You are disregarding the use of cluster bombs and Incendiary devices IN CIVILIAN AREAS by the Syrian Air Force, yet you are pointing the finger at Israel and Nato for using the same barbaric methods in their wars.
    You are disregarding the millions of people, who are either displaced or seeking refuge in neighboring countries.
    You are disregarding more than 100.000 deaths and thousands of imprisoned people.
    You are disregarding the usage of surface to surface missiles, like Scuds, again IN CIVILIAN AREAS by the Syrian Military.
    These are just a few products of the Syrian regime. Not the product of Saudi-Arabia, Israel or the United States.
    The Syrian Regime is responsible for this mess and I’m so sick of people still trying to tell the world that this just happened because the Zionist/Wahhabi Prodution Center in Tel Aviv/Washington wanted so.
    Whether the attack on August 21th happened or not, you are stating this must be an False Flag ( of course with all your presented evidence namely your fantasy) which shows your egocentric point of view, where you are right and the others just can’t follow you.

    • Israel (and her complicit international army) is solely responsible for the ‘war’ in Syria. Her cup is almost full of the innocent blood she has spilled and soon, she will have to drink it…

    • Assad father and son are the best thing that can happen to Israel and America. Police State that kept Israel safe and secured all these decades while giving lip service to liberation of Palestine and resistance. The US used Assad as a torture and interogation contractor. The US never gave a damn about the Arab people and was silent all those years as Arab dictators killed, destroyed and looted and was generous with weapon supplies to keep these regimes going. The US never needed an execuse to attack an Arab country, it does at will and as it choses… There is NO morality in America foreign policy… it is at the service of Israel. The US wants to make sure Israel is safe and secure from any potential chemical attacks on Israel. Millions of Syrians can die and no gives a damn in Washington.

  8. “I am not exonerating World and Zionist imperialism from the irreparable harms…inflicted on the Arab World…”

    Yes you are doing exactly that by calling for brutal, Zionist imperial military intervention against the legitimate leader of a sovereign nation. You show your true colours (blue and white) by calling for deadly strikes on civilians, occupation of their land, rape and pillage of their resources and countless years of unbearable suffering like the experience of so many defenseless Iraqis. I know you don’t believe that the US/Israel will stop at ‘surgical strikes’ because their plans for long-term occupation and balkanisation are well documented for all to see. This is just outrageous warmongering!

    Hands off Syria! Syrians from all around the world are saying this loud and clear: “Let the whole world hear, Syria is our nation, Assad is our leader.”

  9. You are an Palestinian spiteful and do not know anything in politic. How dear you mix President Saddam Hussein who supported to his last breath the Palestinian cause and Palestine people with a kiddo Bashar Assad, who came to the power through his tripe the( Alawieen) and its mercenaries with support of Iranian Mullahs.
    What do you know about Halabja Mr. Jadallah ? If you really have the real information about who used the chemical weapons against Halabja (small village in north of Iraq) you should never give false information like this in your article!? The Iranian Mullahs regime who has that kind of chemical at that time did that crime because the Iranians thought the Iraqi Special Forces are in that village. US government and the Pentagon at that time discover that and confirmed the kind of chemical in 1987.
    (Discovery and response)
    Saddam Hussein’s government officially blamed Iran for the attack. Iraqi foreign minister Tariq Aziz stated categorically: “There is no use of chemical weapons and no necessity of using them.” The casualties were declared “chemical martyrs” by the Kurds.[12]
    International response at the time was muted. The United States intelligence and government suggested that that Kurdish civilians were not a deliberate target, and even that Iran was indeed responsible.[

    • All Arab leaders whose claim to power is support for the Palestinian cause were and are nothing but thugs and fraud including Arafat himself. The Palestinian cause does not need criminal thugs or dictatorship, it needs honest committed people. Saddam was a thug through and through convinced by his CIA handlers and the Gulf to wage war on the new Republic of Iran. He destroyed Iraq in the process, fleeced the Gulf out of hundreds of billions that was badly needed to develop the infrastructure in the underdeveloped Arab world. Later on he made things worst by his invasion of Kuwait costing millions in lives and trillions in dollars. Why, because one man, and only one man have the rights to decide on war and peace. As for the Mullahs of Iran, Khomeini could have ruled the entire Arab world, but he was an angry evil man, out for a theocratic but not democratic state. Yes, Saddam used chemical weapons against Iran and against the Kurds and the fact I am a Palestinian or a Muslim (not a Sunni or Shiite) has nothing to do with my opinion or thinking. Saddam, Arafat, Qaddafi, Assad 1& II, Ali Saleh all used Palestine to serve their own interests in power and to loot what is out there to loot. After 60 years of Arab dictatorship and lies, what happened? Abbas is negotiating to give what remained to Israel and he is cheered and funded by the Arabs. That is the reality.

    • Mr. Jaddallah,

      You like to make a sterile and silly arguments in all your articles. Ask Gaza families who lost their children and men and who was supporting them during the Intifada ( $25000 to each family lost one Martyr)? How was giving them the fully supports? No Arab regime did that but they were against it.The answer is clear was, Saddam’s government , that is why your Israel decided to invade Iraq through its group in America and Europe, led by G W.Bush, Cheney, Blair and others. The last question is , Who is participating for the destructions of Iraq and Syria now? Is it your Republic of Mullah Khomeini and its Militias with Zionist regime around the world? And how come you never mentioned any of those crimes in one of your articles?
      Thank you.

  10. First I do not support bombing Assad simply because of claims he used chemical weapons. He used worst weapons such as Scud missiles and explosive barrels and used his entire army to destroy Syria. The Syrian so called “Parliament” did not meet in 17 years and met for 5 minutes, changed the “constitution” and anointed Bashar as president to succeed his father. True Zionism and Colonialism are evil and have supported Arab dictatorship, but it is Arab dictatorship that is responsible for the mayhem we see today in Syria, in Iraq, in Libya and to some extent in Egypt, Yemen, and Tunisia. Chemical weapons are an excuse and US intervention is little too late. Assad rendered Syria useless failed state. All this talk of Arab steadfastness in face of Zionist Israel is none sense, and excuse for Arab dictatorship. I simply do not see why so many are upset now when the killing fields have been going on for such a long time. Grant you the 5 million people exiled and homeless are guilty and Bashar is innocent. Yes, at VT there is freedom to write and no censorship, and that is why it is the only credible online national publication where people have chance to see different views. Views you do not see in the Washington Post or the New York Time, Chicago Tribune, LA Times or Huffington Post

    • Mr Jadallah, your anger at thug Muslim leaders is understandable, but you have fallen into the Saudi-US-Israeli trap. You forget the Assads were in power precisely because of Saudi-US support at earlier stages … The key to Muslim liberation is the fall of the Sauds, which means end of Petro-Dollar and thus stopping US-Israel gov as well … By supporting Big Criminal Thugs to remove smaller thugs, you only maintain the thug system … Syrian people see this, yes Assad has been bad, but new Saudi-US thugs would be worse.

      Saudi and Israeli regimes are twins, both installed in power by Brit intelligence, Saudis to dominate Muslims, Israel the West. Does not help to cheer on the lead criminals because they are in a mood to destroy their past puppet who is no longer co-operating, and who is now by circumstance semi-opposition. May God help the Middle East.

    • If the objective is to get rid of Arab dictatorships and free the Arab people, you would be hoping for a heavy military defeat of America, Israel, Saudi Arabia and their terrorists. Syrian people need these to be defeated before they can remove Assad and they know it. When the people in power in America, Israel and Saudi Arabia are toppled, there will be a real Arab awakening and every corrupt leader will be sorted. Your arguments are too flawed, by asserting that the Arab dictatorship is responsible for the mayhem in Syria, Iraq and Libya you are providing a lame justification of imperialist wars waged by today’s colonial powers and the plunder that ensued. How is Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya better now than it was before foreign military intervention and what is the assurance that Syria will be? If there is anything to learn from these illegal wars, it is only about the death and the destruction that awaits the Syrians on a much bigger scale than it is now. Among the people who are “upset” with the views of you and people who think like you, are majority of Syrians I am sure.

    • Mohsin, of course I agree with you. The biggest mistake in the Syrian Uprising and Revolution is the entry of these Islamist thugs, so called Salafi Jihadists, mercenaries collected from the garbage and slums of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Iraq, Yemen, repeating same mistake of Afghanistan. There was no need for these criminals to come in, most are looking for free sex with under age Syrian girls “Nikah Al-Jihad”. All over the Arab world the so called Arab Spring did not produce the kind of political and intellectual leadership necessary for post civil wars and armed conflict and sad to say, Arab leftists and secularists proved to be the worst to govern, unfit self centered and self promoting while the Islamists claims of Islam as a Solution did not fan out well, because Islam is a value system and not a governing body. Even the idea of “Shura” or consultancy there is a big debate does it include the general public or citizen or only limited class of people mainly “ ulama”. That is why there is no working model of an Islamic state. Even the application of Sharia is different from one country to another and was never codified to be uniform so that when people vote for Sharia they have good understanding of it. Claim to Sharia is only claim to power. Badly needed is a new breed of leadership, not the cocktail party type of labor unions or so called intellectuals. Many countries went through civil wars and came on top, let us hope the Arabs can do the same.

    • Sami, as much as I hope you agree with me, I can’t see it happening with your clear stance on the planned attack on Syria quoting your own words below:

      “I know I am the odd man out at Veterans Today who takes a different position on the planned attack on Syria. I not only see nothing wrong with it but I support it. Time to put Bashar and his criminal army and regime out of business. Obama, Cameron and Hollande are not willing to topple the regime, they support only limited actions, and a slap on the wrest for his use of chemical weapons and allows him to continue until Syria is totally destroyed thus ensuring the safety and security of Israel in the North.”

    • Obama said Assad used chemical weapons and his attack will be limited and doesn’t mean to topple Assad. Assad said he won’t run for Presidency next time if the people of Syria don’t support him in a recent interview though I don’t trust him on that. That you choose to believe Obama’s outright lies and wish for his successful attack shows where your credibility lies.

    • Of course I do not trust Obama on any thing that deals with the Middle East. He is a Zionists as Bibi. Assad family has been waging wars against Syria for over 45 years looting and never building a national army but a party army, similar to the Nazi army. Obama is a hypocrtice as they come and he was silent all these past two years. Use of chemical weapons is only an execuse. As for Bashar, like his father, like Saddam, like Sadat, Mubarak, Qaddafi all win by 99.99 with Saddam last election he won it by 100% even Uzrael ( angle of death ) was forbidden from visiting Iraq on election day. Elections in Arab countries are a complete joke rigged from the start even in “liberal countries” like Lebanon it is feudal and families. No I do not trust both, but I want the Assad dynasty to come to an immediate end.

  11. I would ask Sami three questions. I like his column even if it just confuses me a bit more. I also like comments given. It all makes me better aware.
    1 Why did the USA choose now to be so sanctimonious about intervening to help the poor Syrians? Why does the USA fund these “freedom fighters” who kill at will- Syrian priests as well as pro Assad forces? It seems that a lot of slide shows given by mass media sites show these rebels smiling and happy while showing off their guns and knives. A rebel is shown on You Tube using a knife to saw the head off of a Syrian priest.
    2 What is the role of Sunni, Shia?
    3 What will things be like after the USA bombs and bombs and perhaps kills Assad? Who will govern? In 2002 and 2003 the Vatican repeatedly told President Bush not to invade Iraq- to think about what Iraq would turn into with Saddam Hussein dead.

    As usual our mass media never mentions that Israel does any wrong so it is consistent with our pro zionist government that they not have “outrage” about what Israel has done to Palestine for many many years.

    • Of course, these Islamist mercenaries are the worst ever, criminal misfits, paid and armed by Jihadists who help destroy Afghanistan, destroying Pakistan, destroyed Somalia, destroying Libya and Yemen. These mercenaries are America, Zionists and “Islamists” Fifth Column. I always wonder how can a bunch of guys unemployed in their own countries can have the means to travel to Syria get weapons etc. Biggest mistake the Syrian rebels ever made is to allow these cold-blooded mercenaries to come into the country. Ok, we bring in the North Koreans to govern since the Arabs post dictatorship are unfit and unqualified to manage liberation. It is a consequence of long time dictatorship, beside Arab so called “intellectuals, liberals, nationalists, secularist” are full of themselves and been part of these dictatorship and have no backbones to step forward and lead, such as is the case in Iraq, in Yemen, in Libya, in Tunisia, in Syria, and certainly in Egypt. Too bad our mosques are no different than the Settlers Yeshivas in Israel same message of hate.

    • .

      60sstreetpunck… did not choose to skip your very good questions. First these Islamist Salafis are funded by wealthy Sunnis, same who funded the Mujahideens in Afghanistan and we all know what happened. These are collections of human garbage, illiterate out in Syria for free sex (Nikah Aljihad) and they do not care who they kill. The kill Shiite, Sunnis Muslims as easily as they kill Christians. Killing is their revenge on their desperate life thinking Heaven is full of virgins, when there are No virgins and No sex in heaven ( Fatwa from poor me). Biggest mistake of the Syrian Free Army and Exile political leadership failing to deal swiftly with these criminal terrorists. I think things could be different.
      Sectarian regimes always played on this Sunni Shiite thing and now more than ever. You see it all over the place.. Any ass can become a Muslim cleric shave head and grow beard and the become community leaders, no different from Jewish Rabbis in settlement, As to who will govern, if out of 30 millions Syrians there are not 1000 qualified to rule, then hell with Syria and its people.

  12. So Syria has its problems under Assad. The question is still the same: if you overthrow the guy, then what? You think life will be better under zionist rule? If so, you need professional help.

  13. “I am here in support of military attack”


    “Now that couple of thousands died from alleged use of chemical weapons”


  14. I am wonder with your capacity, Mr. Sami. You tend to write something less than more danger is threatening humanity. Yes, Assad may be cruel, but there is a more dangerous and cruel that threaten human life.

  15. Mr. Jadallah,

    Where is your proof that the Assad regime has killed over 100,000? How many thousands have the US backed, funded, armed and trained rebels killed? Those deaths can be laid at the feet of Barak Obama.

    I have stated many times on posts that those who rise to the top, whether by succession like Assad, or through the “Western style democracy” magic show are, out of necessity, ruthless. Assad’s hands aren’t clean, but neither are the hands of all of the “leaders” of the USA, UK, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Qatar, etc. All of them have caused deaths in Syria, All of them do not have the popular support of their citizens. All of them have killed their own citizens in one way or another. How does that make them any different from Assad? I suggest that Assad, at this point, probably has the support of a greater percentage of Syrians than the other “leaders” have of their own populations.

  16. This article is stunning in its content. I applaud the ability of writers to make their case without censorship. VT is known for giving that platform and I am comfortable with it. I am discovering there are a few writers here who I need to pass by. Sami Jamil is one of them. The woman from Paris and Shrimpy are two others.

  17. why vt is squandering precious alternate media space to nutty msm “journalists”?

    ps: I didn’t bother to read after few lines

  18. No Comments:
    “Syria was a key participant in the C.I.A. rendition program at a time when President George W. Bush’s administration labelled Damascus part of the “axis of evil,” according to a report by the Open Society Justice Initiative.
    After the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, Syria provided the U.S. with intelligence on a number of occasions.
    Testimony given by Maher Arar – a Syrian-Canadian abducted and sent to Syria by the U.S. in 2002 – shows what conditions were like for the detainees. Arar said he was regularly tortured to extract a confession of guilt and kept in a three-by-six-foot cell that was “like a grave.”
    In November 2003, Cofey Black, then counterterrorism co-ordinator, said: “The Syrian government has provided some very useful assistance on al Qaeda in the past.”
    In one case, Syria alerted the U.S. to a plot to bomb the U.S. Fifth Fleet in Bahrain.
    The Bush administration also blocked the “Syria Accountability Act,” which would have imposed harsher sanctions on Assad, citing cooperation in the “War on Terror.””

  19. It was such a help bombing the hell out of Libya without boots on the ground.
    The country is one big mess, so is Iraq.
    Who would be a good leader after Assad?
    More likely like Iraq, different sects killing each other every day.
    At least the different religions were allowed to practice their religious believes under Assad.
    No one has a good solution to the problem and as long the bigger picture is not solved, the fight
    over the pipelines, nothing is going to be solved.
    Again money talks and big powers are fighting about their rights over the pipelines.
    USA want to have the power which countries have the right to put the gas pipelines through Syria,
    well we are on the side of Qatar, Saudi and Israel, not Syria, Iran and Russia.
    What’s the outcome……??? Military might???

  20. Jim, appreciate your statement, but not all fighters are foreign rebel and Alqaeda. There are real Syrian people fed up with years of dictatorship. Why we simply failed to under stand that people in Syria, in Iraq in Yemen, in Libya are simply fed with dictatorship and same is true of Egypt. This is a war waged by criminal regime to preserve its privately owned “Syria”. I fault regional countries and the Syrian Free Army for allowing criminal Islamist mercenaries to come in an spoil the war of liberation. Assad allowed tens of thousands of same to go into Iraq to kill and maim only to discover these are “terrorists”.

  21. Personally I do not see why the use of chemical weapons different from using Scud missiles and dropping explosive barrels over civilians from helicopters. I do not see why the death of 1,400 makes a difference when the death of over 100,000 does not and the destructions of the country and exiling its citizens makes no difference.
    Of course I do not buy the evidence produced by the US perhaps manufactured by the Mossad and passed on to the CIA.
    Also I can see what happened to a country like Iraq or Libya after the fall of dictatorship and foreign invasion and foreign assistance, as is the case in Iraq and Libya. Years of dictatorship and self serving incompetent inept leadership that emerged in Iraq to help manage the American Occupation and the leadership emerged in Libya or Tunisia is simply unqualified to take over and heal the nation. The killing fields of Iraq (today some 60 with 15 members of one Shiite family) were killed. Libya with armed militias causing havoc in the cities and to the nation economy… it does not speak well of the social and political leadership of Arabs after years of criminal dictatorship.

    • I never bought the idea of the Assad family or the Ba’athist Party or the Syrian Army as bastions of Arab nationalism and steadfastness, it is to the contrary, corrupt criminal regime.
      But what is the answer. Should we support Assad war on Syria so that we do not have a guilty conscious about the US dropping few missiles here and there? Is this what troubles us,

    • But what is the answer. Should we support Assad war on Syria so that we do not have a guilty conscious about the US dropping few missiles here and there? Is this what troubles us, not the death of hundreds of thousands but our own morality?
      There are prices people and nations have to pay for long time dictatorships. It seems the present post Arab dictatorship is simply unfit and unqualified unlike its counter part in East Europe after the fall of the Soviet Union. As for international law, I do not buy when its use is “ala Carte” Ok in Syria but not OK against Israel and I do not buy into the notion of “international community” as spoken by Obama or Clinton or Cameron. Once again, this notion of “international community” is “ala carte”, never used to stop or end Israeli criminal aggression.

  22. Naturally Mr. Jadallah you are correct about the brutality of regimes in Iraq, Libya, and Syria and also Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and several others. The question however is not so much should we abhor to the point of overthrow the Bashar al-Assad regime but what is the likely successor? Let us look at Iraq or Libya. Do we really wish to visit such chaos and violence on the long suffering Syrian people? It appears that chaos and violence are the inevitable byproducts of liberation by Western military force perhaps even by design. However brutal Bashar is, the liver eaters of Al Nusra would be orders of magnitude worse. Idealism is great. Syria as a land of peace and plenty would be wonderful. Realism says this will never come about at the hands of hired thugs and mercenaries. Bombing Syria will only encourage the liver eaters.

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