US Deploys Nukes for War


US deployed nuke force before Syria crisis

File photo shows foreign-backed militants in Syria.

File photo shows foreign-backed militants in Syria.

By Gordon Duff and Press TV


“Solid evidence from within the intelligence community confirms that the US, Britain and France knew of the August 21 Sarin attacks in advance. More evidence, including intercepted emails, show that top Pentagon intelligence officials were actively involved in planning the attacks.”

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Few are aware, but the United States and Russia are on “high nuclear alert” since the “missile training” incident in the Mediterranean.

With the imminent threat of nuclear war and a preliminary decision by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to support, not just a missile campaign, but act directly in support of al-Qaeda forces inside Syria, a significant number of military leaders have lost all faith in their command structure.

Strangely, moves against pro-democratic forces in the military were actually made prior to what has been the most drastic turnaround in US policy since 9/11.

Solid evidence from within the intelligence community confirms that the US, Britain and France knew of the August 21 Sarin attacks in advance. More evidence, including intercepted emails, show that top Pentagon intelligence officials were actively involved in planning the attacks.

Israel’s July submarine attack, one mirrored this week as a “test,” was intended to disable Syria’s advanced P800 Yahont anti-ship missiles, capable of destroying America’s guided missile destroyers.

This is far from the only curious coincidence.

America hides its nuke arsenal

There is clear evidence that the US moved and restructured major nuclear commands predicting both the nuclear confrontation we see with Russia over Syria and a possible mutiny within US forces.

This was done before the Syrian gassing incident, evidence that a “retaliatory” missile attack on Syria was planned before there was anything to retaliate against.

We have seen two nuclear bomber wings relocated and put directly under White House command. Over 2000 nuclear weapons have been illegally moved, stored now in an old submarine base.

One wing of B2 bombers has actually “gone missing.” No one knows where they are. As Jim W. Dean so often says, “You just can’t make things like this up.”

Sarin through Turkey

This week, investigative journalists from Press TV, were able to trace shipments of Sarin gas moving through Turkey into Syria.

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Local officials from Hatay Province in Turkey were interviewed and confirmed that their border crossings were used as transit points. They also pointed out that they had been inundated with Mossad, CIA and other western intelligence agencies.

Our contacts within the region have told us that local rental prices for luxury properties have doubled as intelligence agencies, mercenary companies (one running the Internet’s largest search engine) and NGOs (non-governmental organizations) supposedly providing aid to refugees are “spending money like water.”

Press TV cites the use of ambulances and emergency supply vehicles in the transit of poison gas and other weapons.

Pentagon “caught” running gas attacks

Top Pentagon officials in unclassified emails actually bragged about planning and executing the August 1, 2013 Syrian attack which is said to have killed 1400.

Redacted excerpts from these documents supplied by sources in Russia:

From: AJxxxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: Thursday, August 22, 2013 2:31 PM

To: xxxxxxxxxxxx CIV (US)

Subject: Re: Follow-up, xxxxxxxxxx

As you see I’m far from this now, but I know our guys did their best.

I enjoyed catching-up with you. Hope to see you soon again.



On Aug 22, 2013, at 2:14 PM, “xxxxxxxx CIV (US)”

[email protected]> wrote:

You’re exactly right. We have to work with both theater on the requirement and the organization that owns the contract to ensure we don’t have too few or too many contractors.

CIxx – Rock xxxxxx Contract

CIxx – DIA Contract

By the way, saw your latest success, my congratulations. Good job.





Following this exchange, broad detailed discussions followed on how these operations were listed in the Congressional Justifications Book (CJB). The military did not act alone.

A read of the unredacted, openly available on the Internet, version of these emails can only lead to one conclusion. Noting the source, at the highest levels of Army Intelligence, these represent an admission of an official operation using both contractors and Army personnel in planning and executing what is more than simply a war crime but high treason.

These emails and hundreds more have been totally censored from all news reports. We have confirmed the identities of those listed, their positions and have on staff people who have worked with them for years.

Syria’s side

Syria has its own collection of leaked documents. In January 2013, documents from Britain Defense, specifically from their Business Development Manager, David Goulding ([email protected]), outlined plans made in concert with the government of Qatar to launch false-flag chemical attacks and blame them on the Syrian government.

This is the text of the email, dated Christmas Day, 2012. It and thousands of others have been cleansed from the Internet and every attempt has been made to discredit them:

“Phil, We’ve got a new offer. It’s about Syria again. Qataris propose an attractive deal and swear the idea is approved by Washington. We’ll have to deliver a CW (chemical weapon) to Homs, a Soviet origin g-shell from Libya similar to those that Assad should have. They want us to deploy our Ukrainian personnel that should speak Russian and make a video record.

Frankly, I don’t think it’s a good idea, but the sums proposed are enormous. Your opinion?

Kind regards


Goulding was communicating with Britam founder Phillip Leonard Doughty. (DOB 13 Aug 1953)

There is no proof Britam accepted the deal but, in light of recent events, those who claim the idea is a conspiracy theory must accept the fact that over 200 members of the US Congress believe the same thing.

America steeped in fear

Never have Americans been as afraid of nuclear annihilation at any time since the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.

America is at DEFCON 3.

Over 200 members of Congress acknowledge that our own government has been involved in false-flag terrorism. Even radio personalities from the extreme right now openly admit that we are supporting al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria.

We wonder if they might move the clock back a bit and take another look at 9/11.

As things now sit, America’s nuclear capability is in question. Weapons have been moved without authorization and a fleet of bombers has disappeared, probably to an overseas location.

Never has America had poorer intelligence than it has today. All information used regarding Syria is 2nd and 3rd tier intercepts or downloaded off the Internet.

Secretary of State Kerry has been distributing one “victim” photo that has been verified as having been taken in 1993.

President Obama’s promises to the American people are false. America has active plans to land troops in Syria.

Russia will not allow it. America and Israel depend on the “Samson Option,” a nuclear attack on Iran in order to save Israel from massive retaliation. However, Russia has offered to extend an air defense umbrella over that nation that would render any Israeli attack harmless.

Tel Aviv would be a smoldering ruin in hours. The Iron Dome would be overwhelmed quickly.

Who benefits, who is doing this? When the Project for a New American Century arranged for the 2000 coup d’état and the 9/11 attacks, we knew they had put a plan in motion for America to destroy seven nations.

It is now clear that the “New American Century” was never intended to include America.



  1. All Russia and china have to do is to sell their 1.5 trillion in U.S treasuries back to the FED and it is game over for what’s left of the economy.

  2. There is another negative aspect to all of this.The ongoing china syndrome that is taking place in Japan.If we all don’t die from war we all will have dramatically shortened lives

  3. Something that is possible and may actually be in the works is going ahead with the attack which may then be used as a catalyst for someone to send a message to some other close by country. What gets discussed behind closed doors? Who actually sits in on every single conversation? I think it’s becoming very clear that by light of day Putin and Obama appear to be opponents, by night teammates. I’m not sure just a feeling, yet it would go far to explain why Obama soldiers on amid such lack of public support.

    Pretty sure any retaliation would first be felt by those in the bean caps. And any kicking and screaming on the way to the principals office would result in a more robust display of retaliation. Only who would be sending the massage?

    Maybe this is what it takes to remove the thorn from the side, on the pain in the ass if you will..


  4. Gordon: Please try to get this quoted in National News, I think Obama is trapped by tha treaty with Israel and decided to open it up to the people but he needs our help he is not allowed to do it. I hope you do not mind if I quote you and give the Vet URL and send it out. Will also send it to Obama hope he can see it.
    NEW approach: “Israel needs a change of regime”.

  5. WEll here we go again. according to a Pentagon official it was not such a joint practice, for us it was just a techinal check of the operational workn j of what ever they were using. Perhaps we shuld trumpet tha remark by Assad that if he gets hit he would hold Israel responsible. Lets think of something to let them know we are on those false flags tricks.

  6. I swear to Christ, it’s as if this dying republic has become Satan the Devil’s vacation home. Are there any denizens here that actually know the difference between a 5th column toady that works not for his nation/people’s good but to curry promotion and favor from the swine in charge and a patriot whom, upon seeing others violating the essence of what his nation was supposed to represent moves to stop/correct it? This has truly become Bizarro World where all things are opposite of what they are represented. If we as a people want to bend at the waste and allow the blow-flies and their corporate owners to violate us, so be it. But to stand by as those same blow-flies expand their evil across the planet, killing millions, ruining our world….. all for an even MORE obscene bottom line than that which they already have….. That is reprehensible and evil. as evil as those perpetrating said acts. Simply disgusting.

  7. It’s a Process as in Pro Cessation Mr. Duff, they started WWIII with 9/11 well before the equinox of the Gods now they need to escalate the Bloodshed in this the thirteenth year of the twenty-first century. They were never talking about an American century, they were never talking about any century, they were talking about a new Aeon. This is their way of cleansing the earth of those who follow the God of Abraham and his “old grey world,” rather extreme I know, but who was it that said it’s the only solution isn’t it amazing?

    This is the last thing I’ll read about Syria. This is all anyone needs to know.

  8. Obama is just a front man actor in this – but the people behind him and working his strings must know that an attack on Syria now IS IN FACT an attack on Russia, Iran, Pakistan, China, etc. combined – as well. That will have consequences. These countries cannot risk being picked off one by one as R2P evidence is falsified to attack them – and this evil danger creeps ever closer to their national borders.

    Something long planned is at play here – and the missing nukes and bombers are a disturbing omen of it. There is no doubt that the ‘west’ has been caught out here – operating exactly like the criminal drug runner murdering gangster outfit that they already were. The same gangsters that now effectively control all the western politicians, media and banks.

    Surely many decent military personnel now fully realise that their once proud units have been wickedly misused and violated. I would expect any special forces personnel on the perimeter of this to start demanding some immediate and accurate answers from the upward chain of command.

    There are a couple of possibilities here. One is that the bankster cabal knows that the great illusion is over – and its time is nearly up – and it is backing into a corner with as much firepower as it can like a trapped rat. The other is that this was ALWAYS MEANT to initiate a global war.

    Keep a close eye out for all the duel citizen zio-bolsheviks disappearing on ‘holiday’ together in an unseemly hurry.

    • I remember very well the large jewish exodus from Russia after 1989 to Israel. Your thought might well be a future possibility. But this time, Israel itself is in deep trouble. So there might arise some problems. In the past years, lots of people from Israel and also from Russia settled here in Germany. More than 1 Mill israeli people already live permanently outside the country.

      It might also be a large future problem, that much of the money they receive from the US and Germany will perhaps – as a result of the coming struggles – not so smoothly flow in large sums as they did until now. In short, I think, not only we the Goyims wake up.

  9. Thanks once again, Gordon. This site (and VNN) is about the only thing worth reading on the Internet for REAL information and you guys don’t seem to miss much, either.

  10. Smoke and mirrors and Yes cooler heads will prevail. There is an almost certainty that any intervention will only further divide an already fractured system. Obama has to know that fully 90% of Americans are dead set against any involvement whatsoever, yet he continues to rattle the Sabre’s. This is no accident and ( in my opinion ) is meant to send a veiled message to someone other than the general public.

    It seems as if he’s working overtime to assure that every normal working Joe see’s politics for what it has become. See’s it clearly for the cesspool of corruption and lies, organized crime and Government associated deception that it’s been reduced to.

    The fallout from going against the majority, a majority that is fully 9 to 1 in favor of NO ACTION, will extract a very high price in ways too many to mention..

    I smell a ruse.


    • Ruse = Ploy or fabrication to deceive. Besides a possible False Flag in the wings they may want to setup a fall guy to blame the gas attack disinformation on, and or Maybe they want to do some deep programming / reprogramming on 911, associated with a controlled partial reveal of 911 ie set up a fall guy. It does seem Kerry knows something that explains his headstrong maniac agenda as of late. I’ve been worried that Rethink 911 is such a controlled psyop this year. Listened to fox today and 1 hour special on murderer Israel L—— or some such last name. Even though dead and already solved case : known to be guilty FBI publicizing it now. Weird to hear Israel so loudly associated with murder. CNN today did 2-3 hours on radio of all the most emotional catch items of 911. If we see AIPAC or ADL being blamed for Syria attack on MSM this will fit what I keep worrying about. Americans are ripe to BLAME someone else but themselves.

    • On the Fox story they kept saying Israel did such and such murder and Israel murdered so and so, repeatedly referring to him by his first name only ie Israel. Usually you give the last name or the whole name. Kind of softening our brain to accept that phenome with guilt. Maybe they want to set up someone or some factions in Israel. And of course absolve certain USGuys et al for any blame.

    • Here is a link to the FoxNews resurrected “Israel” Keyes murder story. *** on the radio kept on saying Israel commited murders.

      I sometimes associate myself with Casandra from Greeel mythology who spoke the truth but no one would believe her.

  11. Let me state at the outset that I am not a fan of Obama. Got it? OK.

    Gordon’s article and some of the comments to it imply that Obama has taken direct command of two bomber wings so that he could directly order them to attack Syria.

    What if that inference is mistaken?

    What if he’s done it to prevent rogue generals from carrying out a nuclear attack without his authorization? What if he’s taken their “toys” away from them?

    • there seems to be 2 Obamas. Sometimes, there is no doubt he is insane. Sometimes he appears rational. I suspect he has already sold out to the neocons, if for no other reason than to protect his family. I doubt the code that spared Jackie and the kids after the JFK assignation still exists.

      So, who do we trust? Can Obama be a patriotic hero? Or will he be impeached, arrested, tried for war crimes and publically hung?

  12. Gordon,you got the “Samson option” wrong.

    This is a strategy to stop mainly Europe from repeating a free for all like ww2,and that includes moves by US/Europe to blow up the Middle East including Israel.

    Europe knows that,therefore their reluctance to go along with attacking Syria..

    There was never an Israeli plan to attack Iran,if there was they would have done it a long time ago,Israel has been predicting a “nuclear Iran next week” for 20 years already.

    Obama(Rothschild/Rockefeller) is alone,and BRICS+Israel know this,so an attack on Syria will unleash unknown reactions by BRICS+Israel,blackmailing Europe.

    If the US attacks it means Rockefeller wants to go it alone,and the consequences will be very difficult to predict,but will be very bad for US and especially Europe.

    Rothschild won’t like that.

    What you can count on is a vicious reaction by Israel in case this spills over to Israel,BRICS are not dumb and will let Israel fight their war.

    Considering all the possible horrorscenario’s I feel Obama won’t attack,yet,because it will release a chaos they might not be able to control.

    And control is what Rothschild/Rockefeller need,even while releasing Leon Strauss’ Chaos.

    BRICS+Israel got Rothschild by the balls,challanging him to start ww3,Rothschild will decline,but Rockefeller might do it anyway.

    • Your pro-Israel response makes no sense, since the only reason the US Congress would approve an attack on Syria with 90% public opinion against is due to arm-twisting by Israeli controlled AIPAC and ADL.

    • Why pro-Israel?

      Israel is only a paranoid Chosenite lunatic asylum,created and being used as a weapon by Rothschild.

      Who says the Congress is gonna vote for an attack,and if they do it might be political,to call Obama’s bluff.

      More important is IF Obama is gonna attack Syria and the consequences.

      How are you gonna spin a Congress vote for an attack and Obama not doing it anyway.or vice versa?

      Attacking Syria is a Rothschild decision,the consequences will hit everybody.,

      AIPAC and ADL are Rothschild/Rockefeller controlled,and their actions are not necessarily in Israel’s advantage

  13. shrimpton just gonna write another article calling this all a lie, he done 4 already now.
    its all shameful, Izrahell screaming about Iran but never signing the NPT itself, AND attacking..
    imported hired mercenary terrorists they’re conveniently calling “rebels”, all disgusting..
    and now that their hired thugs cant get the job done, “hey lets kick off a nuclear WW3!”

  14. An incredibly important article with astounding implications that show the depths of corruption and pure evil this current regime has become entrenched in. What we have is another three way split inside the US military, this is like another Barksdale “nuke theft” only this time it involves advanced bombers (it was my understanding the hijacked wing was two groups of B1B bombers and the nukes were taken on trucks to Charleston. Kind of strange Lindsay Graham, US senator would say that unless America attacks Syria and gets it right South Carolina will likely get nuked. Is he admitting that the Samson threat has been delivered to key senators? Once again Senior VT Editor Gordon Duff comes through with important information that is startling and very important. Believe me something has got to give pretty soon. America’s intel system is shattered, caught in massive lies, completely discredited ruun by Traitors and infil-Traitors (true enemies within) and the fiscal cliff is fast approaching (the derivative bomb set to implode). the recent dual citozen Isreali-firster’s NeoCon obsession to attack Syria has fully exposed the Secret Shadow Government fully for the first time and their evil agenda (probably an alien driven agenda) is now visible to many Americans and the world for the first time. It used to be easier to control the American masses by propaganda than by mass murdering them, but now the SSG thinks it will be much easier to use DHS to mass-murder up to 80% of Americans.

    • The movement of nuclear weapons was reported on Infowars. Gordon confirming this is chilling because he’s a credible source.

      Preston, what do you think the African American community would do if Obama was arrested? That would not be without consequences in itself.

    • Some believe that the black community in some large urban cities is already so enraged at whites over the Martin case which was manipuated in the major mass media to whip them up, that anything like an arrest would result in rioting, sacking and burning of the inner cities like when MLK was assassinated by Op40. Add to that a complete financial collapse and you can imagine how large cities would turn into what Stalingrad was after the Nazi attack. Rampant cannibalism and savagery beyond reason and all the police and DHS would likely go YOO (you are on you own, translated it means, taking off their shirts and badges and going home to protect their families).

    • Only a select few. Mostly uneducated 40 oz guzzlers and users…at the end of the day a too small fraction to actually worry about. Unless of course they get infiltrated and feed lots of guns and ammo by the usual crowds. Most DHS employees are losers…so taking of badges and running home to protect anyone would be futile.


  15. Gordon,
    Help me out here. I’m trying to figure out what’s really going on. Are the central banks of the US and Russia run by the same “family” of criminals? If that is the case, then I’m led to believe the political leaders of both countries are not much more than barking dogs on short leashes (controlled by their banking masters, of course). Do we (all inhabitants of the planet) really have something to worry about…. in terms of a nuclear exchange, or is this all theater while the PTB continue to rob us (some of us, anyway…. I’m already broke!) blind. And I don’t get the timing of Putins decision to outlaw gays…. more diversion?
    Awhile ago you wrote an article that one could interpret as the end of most of us here in North America…… then a couple of commentators suggested that 80% of what you write is fiction (not sure where they got that from).
    Anyway, I sure find your contributions to VT interesting, and would like to “pick your brain” given the opportunity.
    Respectfully yours,
    The Fly on the Wall

  16. Obama in direct control of two bomber wings? That is a scary thought.

    Bombers because ET has neutralized US ICBM’s?

    Let us hope and pray some sanity still exists in those bomber pilots and that they will mutiny and not drop the bombs.

    • hate to break your illusion but disobeying orders is punishable upto instant bullet in the head. I am sure not many civilians are aware of this military code.

      so, given choice bw death and dropping bomb, most would go for later. third option is to shoot the officer giving orders. but in that case you might be tortured for long time.

    • Not if the order is illegal – the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution of the United States supersedes any military code. (Legally speaking, practice may well be a different matter.)

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