The “Little Green Guy Book”


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Green Guys by Gordon Duff


  1. I was very surprised by the amazing twist in the Syria plot, when her access was submitted to the UN treaty about chemical weapons. I considered myself very well informed about that conflict thanks to mainly to the Voltairenet website. Their reports have been the most reliable predictors of what have been happening, especially re Obama-Putin agreement from June 2012 in Geneva and the many sabotage attempts targeting the following peace process since then.
    Yet VN never mentioned the possibility of Syria getting rid of its chemical arsenal (or maybe somehow I missed that), for the reasons that can be understood right now. It was Gordon Duff in his radio interviews months ago who outlined the rationality behind such a move when talking about involvement of his group in the peace talks preparations. I did not think much of it then, actually I was quite surprised that Mr. Duff thus undermined Syria’s deterring potential against her enemies. Abandoning chemical weapons by Syrian government looked like a suicide to me then. Almost nobody talked about it, MSM was certainly silent, an initiative by a US Congressman in Damascus concerning this issue was blacked out.
    Well, we can see clearly now how brilliant move that was when Syria & Russia submitted their proposal for – a strong “check” in geopolitical chess against global criminal fascist cabal…
    Mr. Duff turned out to be almost “prophetic” in that matter.
    That’s why his UFO “reports” seem realy SCARY now….!

  2. The question remains, Are we Creator Beings or Subservient Sheep?

    Expanding on my comments below, is it possible that every theory is both right and wrong? Every channeled prediction or story about our origin and the Divine are both right and wrong, at the very same time.

    The answer is yes.

    I think everyone understands that 99.9999% of every atom is empty space, which I refer to as “God Stuff.” “God Stuff” provides the power that keeps protons and electrons perpetually spinning around the nucleus to create matter, or the illusion thereof.

    “God Stuff” is in us and also surrounds us in the air, water and everything else that exists.
    By all accounts, “God Stuff” has existed forever and will always exist. In that sense, we are all eternal beings as 99.9999% of us has lived forever and will always exist in this form.

    Assuming time is the fourth dimension, a parallel universe with a parallel you is being created every minute, perhaps every nano second, creating a scenario that any and every possible result could exist.

    “God Stuff” can be compared to a quantum computer running infinite simulations in infinite dimensions searching of the one single result, the one single bit of wisdom the “Entirety”, the “Living Word” does not possess.

    Who created it, from whence did it come and what is its purpose?

    In that respect, do we better serve the “Creator” as a Creator Being or as Subservient Sheep?

  3. Gordon, I just finished it, and I wanted to say it’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever read. I knew of aliens visiting(I’ve mentioned a couple of my experiences here before), but to get this kind of specific info is just mind-blowing. Thanks much.

  4. The American public desperately needs information about the ET presence on earth. We need true, current, demystifying information informing us of exactly what is the situation we face. What has Gordon Duff given us? Insulting pablum which contains within it all the basic, dis-empowering propaganda elements the ETs have been dishing out for decades: ETs created humans; ETs created human religions; abductees are willing; humans are inferior; ETs are protecting humans. That is the message embedded in this quaint little pamphlet with its nostalgic, old-fashioned typeface and color cartoons–as usual, anonymous, as usual, directing our attention to the ancient past and away from the extremely pressing and real situation the American people face on the ground today. My, my Gordon, is this the best you can do? We thought you were ‘Mr National Security’ and had a direct line to the inner sanctum of the UFO coverup. We were hoping you could tell us what the US government is doing to protect the American people from abduction by aliens and what the US government is doing to defend the planet and this republic from ET’s demands we surrender. Instead you give us a little fairy tale booklet carrying ET’s subversive message: ET’s created the human race. . .abductees are willing. . . A big disappointment!

    • Everything written or produced in this Matrix of ours contains a portion of the Divine. The story about the tribesman defeating the Aliens proves it can be done, with primitive weaponry.

      To my knowledge, the oldest text referring to alien entities in any discernible manner are the Gnostic Texts of the Nag Hammadi Codices. Aliens are referred to as Archons, the aborted fetuses of evil, the Authorities of this world, an accidental creation of Wisdom (Sophia)

      I am convinced Nag Hammadi is ancient science devolved into religion. There is a way to defeat this evil, and in my opinion there are no benevolent alien forces. They may well be playing good cop, bad cop but they are all deceivers

      This is our illusion, our reality and I say we don’t need no stinkin aliens in it. We have the power to self correct this reality. The key is in Nag Hammadi, somewhere.

    • also linking the Philadelphia Experiment to the “Unified Field Theory” which is the Matrix in which we “exist.”

      Consider the karate master breaking concrete blocks. His hand does not break the blocks, it is a manifestation of his will that temporarily disconnects the forces in the Unified Field.

      On a larger scale the same principal was alleged in the instantaneous transportation of a battle ship.

  5. It is a great book, thanks for providing it to us.

    There are two sides to the alien thing that are dangerous. One is expecting a tooth fairy alien to deliver us from a mess of our own making. The other is a fear that we cannot overcome an evil ET force.

    And of coarse we cannot distinguish a good ET from an evil ET.

    We have no accurate history by which we can plot the future. We have been fed so much BS by gov’t, education and lamestream, we can no longer distinguish good from evil.

    Of all the books ever written, only the Gnostic texts of Nag Hammadi tell us we are mentally superior to the Archon, the aborted fetuses of evil and that we have the power within to defeat them.

    Gnostic texts never tell us to beseech a 26 mile long Galactic Federation of Light Space Ship for salvation. The Gnostic Christ always tells us, we must do it ourselves.

  6. All of this activity and we can’t get past petroleum, long distance electricity with less than 50% efficiency rating because it dissipates before it get to the house, polluted “treated” water and no way to decontaminate large areas of land from fracking. So who is keeping us in the new dark ages and why did they bother giving us the transistor? Was it a sick joke to provide to masses technology at 50 year intervals that does not overlap outdated systems, or is it more sinister? The microprocessor is a unique bit of tech and has saved billions trees, but we cut them down anyway to make pulp for particle board and phone books. I think somebody needs us to stay in the new dark ages because its more money for them. Any aliens willing to slap some sense into a family of trillion ares?

  7. Thanks for making available on moble g. I like the pic on the intro page. It is from a wood carving created in Germany in the 1500’s of a battle. It was witnessed by the whole village.

  8. This is mind-blowing stuff Gordon…but corroborates what some of my favorite authors and truth-seekers have been saying. After paging through the book, I feel like I have just staggered out of that barroom scene in Star Wars.

  9. Looks suspect, highly weighted towards reptilian species. The photo of the “Lang” is from the TV series Farscape.

    • I am not here to make decisions for others. The information is available and is, at worst, far more accurate than sports or traffic on any Fox station.

      There are readers here who can confirm part of this. None can confirm all.

      Some have MUCH more information.

      Did Russia actually put this out?

      All I can say is that they may well have.

      The Chinese have files….far more accurate and you will NEVER see them.

      Where the mistake would be…is to focus on UFOs.

      They are vehicles.

      For decades, we have been pushed to think about UFO’s as though we were attending a giant auto show.

    • Russia was said to have told other world leaders they believed the time was now to reveal the truth about Aliens I heard this awhile back~ Great book for sure I read every single word I didn’t want it to end I believe in God I also believe in Aliens how could any one not How sad that we live in a world where we have all been lied to and manipulated to believe those lies it makes everything in life suspect.. Thanks for this interesting book I cant wait for more..

    • ‘processing’… doesn’t mean rejection. It’s an intriguing hypothesis, UFOs and Alien intervention, but it’s a lot to take in given what else is going on in the world, especially since relative to the stated Alien capabilities, we are seriously disadvantaged, intellectually as well as technologically. If our reality is being shaped by an Alien presence, what can we do about it? Does awareness of this problem help or hinder ( I mean distract) us from the urgent questions regarding our species survival, such as war or peace, not to mention ‘natural catastrophes’. In saying this I assume there will never be “Full Disclosure” by the PTB and we will be left to deal with this issue as individuals.

  10. In response to Shirlz

    My name is Jonathan Glassel. I am an “outhouse philosopher” of sorts. In studies of Christian Gnosticism and science, even with my limited understanding of each, a pattern of existence does seem to appear.

    According to noted theoretical physicist, Leonard Susskind, we exist in a black hole and are projected in 3D into the universe.

    Two basics of quantum physics state a photon of light will act differently when observed and said photon can occupy multiple places at the same time, being omnipresent.

    The Bible is the Word of God. So is Moby Dick, Star Trek and every work of mankind. This is substantiated somewhat in the Bible Code Controversy in which similar statistical improbabilities occur in the Bible and an ordinary phone book.

    This brings me to conclude, the Word of God, the Logos is the matrix of our reality. In the beginning was the Matrix, an unfathomably large quantum computing scenario is the only way I can envision this phenomenon.

    Science has not been able to develop a theory that encompasses the very large and the infinitely small with out a supernatural force. Hence as God cannot be scientifically proven at this point and we know that the very small must exist in order to have the very large, we must conclude that the very large does not exist, it is an illusion.

    As Einstein said, “Our reality is an illusion, albeit a persistent one.”

    • Gnostic texts discovered at Nag Hammadi speak of the creation event in greater detail than the Torah or the Bible. It clearly indicates that an entity superior to any god existed prior to the creation of the universe. Our material universe was not created outside of the Entirety, but within it. Hence it is both inside and outside of us!

      Matter at the atomic level is composed of protons, electrons, neutrons and a whole lot of empty space. Some elements, hydrogen for instance do not have a neutron. If you represent the nucleus by standing in your front yard, the protons and electrons are orbiting about twenty miles away.

      One must conclude, therefore that “empty space” within each atom is the stuff of the Original matrix, the Entirety. Our bodies, all matter are 99.9999% ‘God Stuff.”

      At the galactic core, the black hole at the center of the Milky Way, stars orbit at amazing speed, much in the same manner as protons and electrons orbit the nucleus of an atom.

      It is conceivable that other forces create the exterior of the galaxy, light years away from the core similar to the workings of an individual atom, with protons and electrons providing the illusion of matter.

      Now, one must conclude that “God Stuff” is not subject to the laws of physics. As 99.999% of the universe is “God Stuff’ instantaneous travel to any part of the Galaxy is possible, hence there is no need of space ships.

    • Interstellar material must also be “God Stuff,” as well, making instantaneous travel to other galaxies likely.

      So what does this have to do with space aliens? An advanced species would certainly know how to travel through “God Stuff,” defying the laws of physics.

      Some profess that Comet Ison is actually three gigantic spaceships set to rendezvous with Earth in November which raises the question of why travel at a comet’s pace when instantaneous space travel is possible.

      I propose therefore shirlz, that the reason, you have no physic evidence of ET, is that they do not exist.

      It is also interesting to note, that the Matrix seems to be under our control, providing everything we need through the serendipitous forces of nature. If we need space aliens, they will be created for us. But mostly space aliens and the stories thereof exist to keep us unsure of reality and fearful of our future.

      Of further note, the Matrix knows not whence it came, its purpose or how it came to be. Sound familiar?

      No fear, dude!

    • thanks wolf,

      Can you imagine the power we could possess by accessing this matrix? to change our reality into the proverbial land without kings (govt)?

      Back to Eden, Baby

  11. Yeah, my first wife was a ‘grey’. She was short, with no bridge in her nose, and opposing big toes.

    I had to divorce her. They’re impossible. They just can’t “get it” on anything. They have crazy notions about everything.

    No matter what you explain to them, or show them how to do something, they have to try and do it 4, or 5 other ways first. Then, when they finally realize that the only way to do it is the way you showed them, they get mad at you.

    It applies to everything!

    I used to laugh, and think to my self, “Now, watch this, this’ll be good”,

    I showed her how to boil an egg. They just always think they can come up with a better way to do it.

    Then, when she finally realizes the only way to do it is to put the egg in the boiling water, what happens , I get the egg thrown at me, then she goes and locks herself in the bedroom for a couple hours.

    The only thing she ever did catch onto right away was how to spend money; she aced that, but had no concept of budgeting, and whenever there was no ‘spending money’ freed up she’d start a big fight.

    She could configure her anatomy like a pretzel, which is how I think she hooked me in the first place; but she had absolutely no other redeeming qualities.

    So my advice is, never get involved with a ‘grey’. Now, those ‘Nordic’ gals might be another deal altogether.

    • Easy, man! Just kidding! This was so unexpected from you. At least place a cautionary note that you are going to publish this kind of material.

    • my point on comments, this is not a blog.

      as for material, withholding this would be more than disrespectful.

      we are the only (almost) publication with any authority that deals with these issues.

      Frankly, any publication that will not discuss these things is to be avoided. The pissing and moaning we do about Israel would be senseless were we to ignore much larger issues where we have hard source material.

      I remember, a year ago, when Jeff Gates started attacking me for publishing UFO related material.

      I also remember the hours I spent explaining the intelligence business to him.

      Too many folks have private conspiracies and, when reality gets ‘out of hand,’ they go to ground

  12. It’s certainly not the whole story. There is a coalition of of galactic resources called the “Galactic Federation of Light” on Earth, who are helping the humans of earth ascend out of our darkness that we created at this current time. The book shows a lot of malevolent looking reptile races, yet many races look exactly like us, although many are much taller. This should really be brought to the attention of Veteran’s Today’s readers, for you only really see the dark side of the story published here.

    There is a galactic coalition that is staving off man-made destruction and utter poisoning of Our Planet, this includes stopping detonation of Nuclear Weapons, transmuting Fukushima radiation, stopping large scale military conflicts, etc…

    They are the “good Guys” of this galaxy and beyond. There is information about the on the web. Pretty much none of it is completely accurate, for everything is translated through someone’s personal (lens), but look it up and you will find a plethora of different ideas and information out there. A good place to start is Not utter truth to me, but probably the most comprehensive good information around… His book are great too. Well, Good Luck! All, AND Remember USE your DISCERNMENT!
    For example I think the online book posted above has some interesting facts, but is just a dark shade of this truly great and wondrous reality that we are being helped out of total destruction of the Earth by benevolent factors of this Universe! Hallelujah!!! Peace, Goddess Bless you ALL! !!!
    Remember to run it all through your chest before believing it all..
    Peace and Love and Blessing ON you all! Indeed!

  13. Interesting book. We were created 560 million years ago on Turaneusiam to become Cosmic Guardians. We were not created by the Annunaki, and universes run in sets of 15 dimensions,or 5 harmonic universes. We can protect ourselves from all of these finite life, death star mercaba, energy vampire metetronic forces from the phantom matrix (hell,Hades). Our governments are in cahoots with the bad guys from the phantom matrix unfortunately. The good guys from the infinite life ascension planets outnumber the forces from the phantom matrix.There are 250 billion infinite life ascension planets in the Guardian Alliance Melchizedek Cloisture Emerald Order and all we have to do is ask for help outloud as equals not as victims waiting to be rescued. If you want to see most of the commentary in this book debunked, and find out how to tell which ones are from the ascension planets and which ones are from the phantom matrix, read the Voyagers books by Ashayana Deane. Check out triple w azuritepress dot com also for the good news! We will stop the intruder race agenda to have us kill ourselves off and we will take our planet back from these phantom matrix forces that control our governments, militaries, and banks via the illuminati. Unfortunately we do have to wake up much faster than we shoulld have to. We simply have no choice!

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