Syria Rebels Ordered 10 Tons of Sarin Nerve Agent in Turkey


Syria Rebels Ordered 10 Tons of Sarin Nerve Agent in Turkey

Syria Rebels Ordered 10 Tons of Sarin Nerve Agent in Turkey
TEHRAN (FNA)- A Turkish prosecutor filed a report to the court in the Southern Turkish city of Adana, showing Syria militants have been ordering and receiving chemical material from Turkey.

On May 28 Turkish security forces found a 2-kg cylinder with sarin gas after searching the homes of terrorists from the Al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front who were previously detained.

According to media reports, sarin gas was found in the homes of suspected Syrian militants detained in provinces of Adana and Mersia following a search by Turkish police.

Five Turks and a Syrian citizen, named Haitam Kassapwho, who were arrested on the case for allegations of buying chemical weapons in Turkey, have pleaded not guilty, according to the English-language Hurriyet Daily News, which quoted from the indictment.

Prosecution attorney objected the ruling and presented the court with a 132-page document which contained evidence of the suspects’ links to terrorist groups in Syria including al-Nusra Front and Al-Qaeda-linked Islamic States of Iraq and Levant (Ahrar al-Sham), a report by the Voice of Russia said.

The document says that radical Salafi groups set up a channel for carrying out terrorist attacks inside Turkey.

According to the document al-Nusra Front and Ahrar al-Sham group had tried to buy large amounts of sarin nerve gas and chemical substances used in manufacturing poisonous materials.

The prosecution believes that the suspects have links to Syrian groups close to Al-Qaeda and their leaders and were buying chemical materials from Turkey to send into Syria.

Citing telephone calls made by the suspects, the document shows they ordered at least ten tons of chemicals in total.

“The claim that the suspects didn’t know about the possibility of producing sarin nerve gas from the chemicals they tried to buy is not true which was established when they were testifying,” the document says.

Syrian government has already filed several reports to the United Nations on multiple chemical attacks carried out by foreign-backed militants during the bloody insurgency that has gripped the country since March 2011.

Conflicting reports of an alleged chemical attack near Syrian capital emerged on August 21, which the anti-Syria militants blamed on the Syrian government and prompted US threats of attacking the country.

Syria has categorically denied using chemical weapons and says the attack was a false-flag operation by the militants to open the way for US military action.

On Friday Syria become a full member of the global anti-chemical weapons treaty to show its commitment to ban of using chemical weapons.


    • That’s such a good name for them, too, For all their bluster and bravado they’re really only chickens. They talk all big and bad when it’s other people’s lives but the second they they have to answer to real brawn they back off, and call out their flying monkeys to save them.

    • That’s such a good name for them, too. For all their bluster and bravado they’re just chickens. They talk all big and bad when it comes to other people’s lives, but at the first sign of real resistance they back down and run. Then they call their flying monkeys and media sock puppets to fight their battles for them.

  1. Frankly,mostly due to reading several different version of this event, I am still not sure who did what when in this situation.
    Drug bust usually don’t seek out the buyers. They are small time. The suppliers is who we want to nab. Ah, but now we want to punish the first one who pops into our mind just like Saddam Hussein, and others.
    It seems to me the supplier of the Sarin is not being sought in this situation. Why?
    Save the missiles, the bombs and the bullets for the suppliers (regardless of who it is, or what country they are from.) Get the suppliers not the small fries. America are so selective in who they want to punish. Oblunder and his lemmings are not fooling anyone. I would be more inclined to send in a missile on the suppliers regardless of who they are or where they are. President Oblunder has taken a course that is illogical, senseless, and unreasonable.

  2. Tried to order chems from who in turkey? What is the name of the company that would take that order in turkey. where is the other half of the story?

  3. No, the fact is that Israel supplied the sarin gas to the al-Qaida rebels who used it to kill all those Syrian citizens. It was just one more false-flag operation by the eternal agitators of humanity, the Zionists. They are masters of deceit, and have unlimited funds to buy anything and anyone they wish to.

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