.32 Caliber Day, Part I and II


A Czechoslovakian CZ 50 Pistol Gets a “Clean up”

By Gordon Duff, Senior Gunsmith/Editor

This project is a cosmetic upgrade of a solid CZ 50/Vzor 70 pistol.

[youtube 5s6DWrLbNrA&feature=share&list=UUaMH8-gD-ZYyC93vY6GlnCQ]

Rail machining on the weapon is fair and if this is to be totally reliable, a “rail job” will have to be done and, perhaps, the magazine spring replaced.

[youtube 11dP1V2N9ME&feature=share&list=UUaMH8-gD-ZYyC93vY6GlnCQ]

As it is, however, it appears as though it will feed properly.  It can do better.


  1. Mr. Duff,
    From what I can tell, you did a nice job of matching the finish, and retaining the lines on the CZ. I assume you used a variety of files, and then cold blued the file work?
    Those older weapons have a quality of fit & finish about them that the new plastic pistols can never match.
    Looks like that old Smith is a large frame/short cylinder, either a model 27, or a model 28 Highway Patrolman. I like the big Smith. Personally speaking, the frame fits my hand better than the large frame Ruger double action, the Redhawk, and is better looking than any big Ruger to boot. Conversions can be iffy, though. How does yours shoot?
    If you have to carry a pistol concealed, you pack whatever you can stash, but if that pistol is going to hang on the belt, why not make it a big gun that gets the job done? I’ve been saved by the intimidation value of a big gun more than once.

    • If you can find the time between now and the meltdown of the world, maybe you can detail the work you are gonna do to improve the feeding?

  2. Gordon: Nice “piece”…every pun intended…but WTF? Vet Today has nothing on the NSSC HQ false flag???? It needs your expert, and focused attention…to let us know if it is a run of the mill False Flag or a hit on the “White Hats”….

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