So Easy to Lie to Congress

US Congress deceived by sarin plot

Militants in Syria (file photo)

Militants in Syria (file photo)

By Gordon Duff and Press TV

“Israel, given AIPAC’s “warmongering,” has been seen by many as orchestrating, not just the “civil war” in Syria, but the false-flag gas attacks as well.”

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Intelligence sources in Georgia, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Iraq and here in the US have largely debunked the position Secretary of State Kerry insists upon supporting against Syria even though he and the president admit they have no actionable intelligence whatsoever.

A week ago, a US Air Force cargo plane left Charleston Air Force Base, home of Colonel Lindsey Graham, also “Senator” Lindsey Graham, one of the most powerful advocates for war against Syria (and Russia).

It landed in Tbilisi Airport, in the Republic of Georgia. There, it was loaded with what local sources indicate to be “ammunition from the Lugar Lab.”

Every aspect of this operation was observed, from South Carolina to Tbilisi.

On Monday, September 9, 2012, Richard Norland, the US Ambassador to Georgia and reputed former Moscow station chief for the CIA during the last days of the Soviet Union, visited the “Lugar” lab.

After reports on Russian television and in the Georgian press of “irregularities” including leaked emails tying the lab to chemical weapons used by Syrian rebels, Norland took a delegation of diplomats and dignitaries on a tour of the very recently “sanitized” facility.

Norland had left the embassy in Moscow and was Washington’s top “Soviet watcher” when one of the largest intelligence failures in history occurred, the August 1991 attempted coup against Gorbachev.

Our sources on this story carry US security clearances and are part of an unrelated mission in Georgia. Other sources in Georgia have been threatened, some have gone underground.

Bio-chem weapons network

The Lugar Lab, built by the United States, is a bio-chemical warfare research facility, funded by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency. The facility, previously called the “Central Reference Laboratory,” is similar to one constructed in Kazakhstan last year.

Funding and details on both facilities “went dark” quickly as overruns and participation by clandestine agencies were quite unrelated to any “threat reduction” role.

The management of the US-funded facility was turned over to Georgia’s version of the CIA, the Foreign Intelligence Special Service, whose head, Anna Zhvania along with Richard Norland managed the “facility sanitation” tour on Monday.

Official records show Zhvania as resigning as Georgia’s intelligence chief before taking over a “research lab.” Similarly, Norland’s cover as a diplomat has saved him from the ignominy of being cited as top policy maker for, quite perhaps, the most incompetent and corrupt intelligence agency in the world.

More challenges to Kerry’s version

Reports, with limited confirmation, detail how Al Nusra/Al Qaeda forces inside Syria had kidnapped children from occupied regions to use as “victims” of a staged false-flag attack meant to bring the US into the Syrian conflict.

Children were said to have been smothered and laid out to be photographed and filmed with video cameras. The scene was said to resemble the “Crisis Actor” operations the US Department of Homeland Security has staged, simulating terror attacks for training purposes.

By coincidence, these theatrical contracting firms have been on the scene of several real disasters, the Boston Marathon bombing, the Sandy Hook shootings and most infamously, the 7/7 London bomb attacks.

If these allegations are true, particularly this being the 12th anniversary of 9/11, an event no longer questioned by any rational individual as itself being a carefully orchestrated false-flag attack, the idea of murdering children for “political expedience” is totally plausible.

Competing intelligence operations?

There is mounting evidence that Syrian rebels were responsible for the August 2013 attacks:

· hacked emails citing US contracting firms in the planning and execution

· investigative journalists in Georgia

· Press TV reports from Turkey detailing WMD transit into Syria

· Turkey’s seizure of Sarin shipments to Al Nusra

· Statements made to FBI by Eric Haroon which led to his arrest, silence and press smears

· the arrest of a Turkish general in Aleppo two days ago

· videos of rebels using Sarin gas

· videos of rebel leaders admitting to the use of chemical weapons

· along with witness testimony and physical evidence submitted by Russia

A far better case can be made to support Russia’s position than that of the Obama White House.

Lying to Congress

In testimony before the House of Representatives yesterday, General Dempsey cited US policy as supporting “moderate forces” fighting the Assad government. However, his statement was made only moments after Secretary of State Kerry had told representatives that the US planned to “degrade” the fighting ability of the Syrian army.

The “elephant in the room” is the obvious fact that jihadist forces aligned with Al Qaeda would benefit most from US military support and that these same forces are currently trying to overthrow the US-supported government in Iraq.

Odd betrayal of Israel

There is another “elephant in the room.” Russian President Vladimir Putin indicated, should the US attack Syria, that Russia would supply the most advanced air defense systems in the world, not just to Syria but Iran as well.

We have been informed that a private understanding exists between Russia and Iran that would, should Iran be forced to respond to military threats, extend a Russian air defense “umbrella” over Iran.

Though Iran has not threatened to attack Israel, as wrongly reported widely in the press, their ability to do so without fear utterly changes the balance of power in the region.

Samson option

Israel has always held the Samson option, their ability to unleash nuclear war against Iran, even against the European Union or United States, as a keystone of their defense policy.

Israel’s air defense network, known as the Iron Dome, has proven to under-perform and requires AEGIS based US naval support to be credible.

Russian air defense systems are capable of defeating any possible Israeli nuclear threat and, in the process, leave Israel open to devastating conventional attack.

Israel, given AIPAC’s “warmongering,” has been seen by many as orchestrating, not just the “civil war” in Syria, but the false-flag gas attacks as well.

Some pundits excuse Israel entirely, blaming Saudi Arabia. However, as Saudi Arabia has no operational intelligence or clandestine capabilities in Turkey, Georgia or Iraq, this hypothesis not only fails but rings of “seeded” false intelligence.

Yet, considering Israel’s precarious position, something new for the masters of “game theory warfare,” someone has come to the “great chessboard” and clearly outclassed them.


In March of this year, US Army veteran Eric Haroon was arrested after posting videos showing him fighting inside Syria.

He has been charged with the bizarre crime of “using Weapons of Mass Destruction.”

Many see the irony of arresting Haroon for following official US policy and using weapons identical to those the US supplies.

Moreover, few doubt that US Special Forces are not operating inside Syria.

What most think they know about Haroon is a lie. He has been attacked in the press, both “left” and “right” and charged with a bizarre crime to silence his real story.

Haroon came to the FBI in February, reporting that, while working as a CIA asset, he had been deceived into supplying Al Qaeda with sophisticated weapons.

Those weapons could be used in Iraq and probably are, but could also be used in terror attacks against any US facility. They may well have included air to ground missiles capable of downing US airliners.

The FBI arrested Haroon for admitting to using an RPG in Syria, though a CIA employee, in order to be able to block any possible testimony tying the US to Al Qaeda and to forces involved in terrorism inside Iraq. This is a classic legal ploy for silencing whistle-blowers.

Haroon was led to betray his country by the CIA or US contractors operating in Hatay Province, Turkey, and by the FBI, tasked with silencing him.

Elephant in the room

If the US is arming Al Qaeda in Syria, when did that relationship begin? Was bin Laden right, when in his last proven recorded interview in 2001 he said that those responsible for the 9/11 attacks were Americans?

All subsequent bin Laden statements have been debunked by the CIA though this fact was quickly suppressed by the media.

As we now have at least 200 members of Congress who are now openly considering White House complicity in false-flag terrorism using WMD’s in Syria, why is the consideration of an identical policy in 2001 continually termed “conspiracy theory?”

Intelligence containment failure

As of today, the “war on terror” is 12 years old. No rational member of the intelligence community has failed to consider and even accept the entire debacle as a neocon-driven plot to descend the world into anarchy and push a police state agenda to enable the world’s resources to be looted.

US military might, exactly as General Smedley Butler had warned us 80 years ago, has predictably operated as “enforcers” for global organized crime.

I cannot begin to express my personal disappointment that President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry, individuals I have supported, including financially, have proven themselves either unwilling or unable to protect and defend American freedoms.

Moreover, that I am joined in my opposition to US military involvement in Syria by the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, notorious cheerleaders of the New World Order, I am also both cognizant and deeply challenged by the revelation that we have yet to plumb the depths of what may well be layers of conspiracy.

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16 Responses to "So Easy to Lie to Congress"

  1. denysepez  September 16, 2013 at 11:05 pm

    I think their going to topple Assad by the international courts~

  2. Pink Rabbit  September 16, 2013 at 6:13 pm

    Obama said Sunday that US is prepared to invade Iran and that Iran’s nuclear weapons are more important than Syria’s chemical ones. Russia sending an 11th ship per RT. This should be front page news on MSM and our US citizenry should react with shock and disdain. Instead we are treated to shooter newscasts speculating how many times the dead shooter was arrested. ***

    • Pink Rabbit  September 16, 2013 at 9:19 pm

      China will also be sending its naval forces to the Mediterranean per aangirfan.

    • Pink Rabbit  September 16, 2013 at 9:40 pm

      Maybe the shooting at a ‘NAVAL’ base is related to the mediterranean Naval situation.

    • joeflaherty  September 17, 2013 at 6:12 pm

      How interesting that the dialogue has suddenly shifted towards Iran. This clearly proves that Obama is following orders from AIPAC. Just as with Syria, Iran has never posed a threat to the American people. This is pure Zionist puppet mastering of America.

    • Greg ory  September 19, 2013 at 9:12 am

      “Obama said Sunday that ***US is prepared to invade Iran** and that Iran’s nuclear weapons are more important than Syria’s chemical ones”

      I’m just now -Thursday -finding this out…How could this not be front page news ???
      Apparently American MSM is completely manipulated.

  3. jackheart  September 16, 2013 at 1:54 pm

    In the streets we have a term for people who don’t believe in conspiracies. Their called marks.

    In may be easy to lie to congress Mr. Duff. You have said it yourself that the first qualification for a congressman is to be a sexual deviant who can be blackmailed. To go along with their debauchery they seem to all have room temperature IQs. Don’t be to hard on yourself for supporting Kerry and Obama. We have all been fooled at least once. What is it they say fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. Lets just quote the Who here “We won’t get fooled again.” As long as there are people like you and Paul Craig Roberts around its getting harder all the time to fool the American people.

  4. Ann  September 16, 2013 at 1:44 pm

    Prior to the invasion of Bolshevik vermin, the monarchs of Russia and Iran had a long history of cooperation. This is where the weight of culture is often overlooked in today’s world. Many things have changed, but there is still a distant memory between them that can be bridged. In the 19th century the Shah of Iran kept a diary of his European tour, Russia being the first stop. Current events require primary attention, but at some point a reading of their past bonds would go a long way to explaining their current alliance.

    Remember that their cultural bonds occurred and grew naturally, whereas after the western fed Communist rampages their relations were artificially imposed. Now that the NWO shackles are loosening they are reorienting back to where they were. There is a familiarity in their past that is coming to the fore.

  5. Chandler  September 16, 2013 at 11:15 am

    t is so easy for congress to lie to us. What can they expect?
    I am more likely to believe it was Syrian rebels than it was Assad.
    In a picture shown on VT, Kerry was sitting at dinner with Assad (unknown when,) so I ask is this another Saddam situation where the ol buddy-ol friend-ol pal suddenly becomes expendable?
    With no overt evidence of Assad being the origin of the attack, why is this government chomping at the bit to plunge headlong into a skirmish with Syria and take out their leader?
    Bush mentality travels quick in this world of politics, and it is the main cause for blowback on this country and the American taxpayers.
    Lying to congress? Congress lying to us?
    So, lets all be honest from this day forward. Why don’t they release all the JFK information they’ve kept away from us for near 50 years? Know why? Because they are lying to us! Oblunder, Kerry, all the rest, it is their nature to lie. It is in their DNA. It is simply what they do.

  6. michaelathons  September 16, 2013 at 10:28 am

    Congressmen couldn’t be so stupid as to believe the lies about Assad using sarin gas ‘on his own people’. They will use this convenient lie to support an invasion of Syria as Obama has requested, and as a plausible alibi to feed their constituents. It’s the same old script used time and again against the American people.

  7. Raptor  September 16, 2013 at 9:11 am

    Since I read this piece on Press TV a few days back, I’ve been thinking more about my position on Both Obama and Putin….As the dust begins to settle it does in fact look as if these two are indeed more friend than foe. The stuff by day is window dressing, nothing more. Kerry was used as a useful idiot, he wasn’t acting as it just comes naturally to him..

    .The lull in activity was disguised by Obama asking for Congressional approval. My believe is that during those days both hoped that the faked tension would result in some sort of catalyst that would make an excuse for force, an easy sell. Only the target refused to blink. This tells me that the target was someone inside US as well as Russian Intel……Who is going to expose Eric Harroon as a patriot, not a sock puppet?


    • Gordon Duff  September 16, 2013 at 11:14 am

      quality analysis



    • williammartin  September 16, 2013 at 1:45 pm

      Thanks Gordon for “civil war” citations.

      With 95%+ Rebel forces not being Syrian in nature it has been clear this isn’t nor at anytime been an internal war but proxy.

    • Pink Rabbit  September 16, 2013 at 7:41 pm

      Are you talking about a secret shadow govt within USG trying to take over ? (lead by a paretic loudmouth?) That Obama / Putin trying to get them exposed. Like giving them enough rope to hang themselves ? Do you think the Syria events are meant to distract from Fed 100 year contract renewal? Just thinking….

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