Controversy Stalks Sunday’s 9/11 Truth Conference



A conference scheduled for this Sunday at the Urbana Free Library is generating controversy – and threats to protest or even disrupt the event.

The Midwest 9/11 Truth Conference is scheduled for this Sunday, September 22nd from 1:30 to 5 pm in the Urbana Free Library, 210 W. Green St., Urbana, Illinois. Featured speakers include Philosophy of Science Professor Jim Fetzer, former National Security Agency agent turned muckraking journalist Wayne Madsen, and Arabic and Islamic Studies scholar Dr. Kevin Barrett.

Protesters are threatening to disrupt the event with such tactics as:

*Using the Freedom of Information Act to force the Free Library to turn over all paperwork related to the event

*Harassing the sponsoring organizations

*Flooding the event with protestors to disrupt proceedings

(The above proposals and more are from the comments at the News Gazette article: . )

Opponents of the event claim that the speakers are “conspiracy theorists” and have even raised charges of anti-Semitism.

The event organizers have responded to the charges in detail, explaining that their only interest is the truth, no matter how politically-incorrect it may be. They add that the insulting term “conspiracy theorist” was launched into circulation by the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird program as part of a mind-control effort designed to prevent Americans from questioning such obvious insider crimes as the JFK assassination.

Jim Fetzer and Kevin Barrett are the subjects of a new book by Mike Palecek called Dynamic Duo: White Rose Blooms in Wisconsin.

For more details about the event and the controversy it has triggered, contact:

Jim Fetzer, Scholars for 9/11 Truth
[email protected]



  1. Greed is not the ultimate motivation of the Illuminati. Power and control are their goals, and greed used against the people is nothing but a tool to further the Illuminati agenda which goes a lot deeper than mere greed. This agenda is technically illegal, but the elite are above the law. The masses are being manipulated by FALSE information and FAKED incidents.This meets the definition of a conspiracy. The “practical elite leaders” that you seem to pretend to understand work against the interests of humans because they are possessed by Reptilian entities. (DEMONS.) You need to stop apologising for these corrupted politicians and their possessors. Evil is evil. Call it what it is, and don’t blame it on human “sins”. Have some faith in humankind, as it was not us who perpetrated this evil.

  2. As an Air-Force friend of mine would say Kevin, “You only catch FLAC when your over the target.”

    Like the TV Show “CHEATERS” Its always the Guilty Mate who levies the charge that the other mate is cheating, yet its clear why as they don’t want their own “SINS” EXPOSED.

  3. It’s not total ignorance but complicity they’re displaying in the comments section of that paper.
    It is typical of the tactics one finds on discussion forums and comments sections. Most seem to be genuine USZio shills given the ferociousness of their slanderous attacks. I would love to confront one of those azzhoes in person, Id be scraping pieces of em from the soles of my boots. Traitorous scum.

    • At times posting to these forums seems a waste of time. But when the “opposition” actually pays people to undermine 911 truth, it must be worth the effort.

      In my opinion, most will not accept 911 truth because WTF are they going to do when they learn their reality is a fraud?

      Mention of certain ancient texts seem to be banned from VT comments, but they helped me understand how 911 could happen and what can be done to overcome this evil.

  4. Hmmm – maybe you should take a page from the Bush/Cheney playbook and set up a “designated free speech zone” for all those non-conspiracy theorists/Israel firsters/only Dr. Judy Wood has the “real” 911 truth data protesters? How about an abundance of flags and crosses or posters featuring this:

    “A picture of a large American flag with what appears to be a cross shining through it from the sun in the background on the anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

    The flag is said to have been hung between two cranes in the parking lot of Fry’s grocery store in Yuma on September 12, 2001, the day after the Attack on America. According to the folks at the Yuma Elks Lodge the flag is 60 feet tall and 120 feet wide. The picture was taken by Janna Noe who snapped the photo with her digital camera and noticed the cross when she later looked at the pictures.

    When light shines through translucent fabric, there is frequently a distribution of the light along the pattern of the weave of the fabric. This particular picture appears to have been taken when the sun was toward the upper portion of the blue section of the flag so the upper portion of the vertical line is shorter than the lower portion, resulting in a traditional looking cross. If the sun had been in the middle of the blue portion of the flag, the lines would have been more equal in each direction.”

    I guess a personal appearance by JC is out of the question …

  5. This is my observation/hypothesis. It is a Psyop against 911 truth and the alternative media to blame Israel alone for 911. It sets up the alternative media and 911 Truth for criticism and inter group fihjting. It is more’accurate to say Jewish and non Jewish Americans and the Mossad did 911 under the direction of an International Banking cabal.

    I believe I was hacked and derailed on JStone forum 1 month ago for saying this. ANYONE who refutes my statement is suspect to be a USG operative or shill. Some who reject my statement are just victims of hate and manipulation/racism. The Psyop also makes poeple feel superior because someone else is to blame rather than their own citizens. I’ll see if my comment is allowed to stay.

    • Great. Just yestreday a commentor after me said 911 was an Outside job and Israel did it. I think his name was Dave. There ARE alot of commentors posters saying things like this AND NO ONE ARGUES with them but me an a few others, I am sensitized to it for some reason and I notice it frequently. . I believe it is sometimes on purpose meant to discredit the alt media by subjecting the movement to subsequent anti semitism criticism. The confusion can be used against the 911 Truth Movement if we arent careful how we phrase things.

    • you are correct. saying the joooz did it makes us “truthers” look like idiots. The problem when asked by a non truther, “who did it then” requires description of an enormous group of people, so enormous, in fact that it is very difficult for the uninformed to accept.

      We live in a world of “sound bites.” No single “sound bite” can actually describe 911. Successful marketing is all about repetition. Marketing 911 truth is not an easy matter.

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