America’s “Dark Program” Militarism


Secret technology pushing US into military adventures

The file photo shows a child survivor of the US atomic bombardment of the Japanese city of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945.
The file photo shows a child survivor of the US atomic bombardment of the Japanese city of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945.

By Gordon Duff and Press TV


“Now that America has these things (modern clandestine technologies), they now want to use them and what better place to test non-existent technology than Syria?”


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The development of military technology, beginning with the Strategic Defense Initiative of the Reagan presidency, has given the US capabilities that have remained “dark,” not just secret but “deniable” as well.

The US can simulate any intelligence source, any terror attack, small or large, or even influence public opinion, push groups to follow insane ideas or drive individuals to acts of unspeakable horror.

The best part of this, for America’s political leaders at least, is that they aren’t officially informed. Key congressional leaders like McCain or former Senator Kerry know all of it, know but aren’t talking.

They were the proponents that pushed these technologies, some costing tens of billions of “black budget” dollars, to fruition.

Now that America has these things, they now want to use them and what better place to test non-existent technology than Syria?


America’s new addition is to its new generation of nuclear weapons developed at Livermore labs after 1991.

New weapons can be dialed to achieve little or no blast. It is impossible to determine if any large explosion is nuclear or conventional. Nuclear weapons, when used, are claimed to be conventional weapons that hit “arms caches” or “fuel depots.”

Some weapons known as Minimal Residual Radiation (MRR) weapons produce ionizing radiation for only a few hundred yards and all detectable radiation is gone in 72 hours.

Other nuclear weapons are “tuned” to destroy particular materials. Some can destroy steel, turning it into a powder. These are designed to be used on naval targets.

ScreenHunter_2276 Sep. 23 08.47

Other nukes are “tuned” to destroy chemical weapons without spreading toxic materials for miles as happened in Iraq. These weapons are now on the Tomahawk missiles deployed in the Mediterranean to be used against Syria.

This is one of the reasons President Obama and Secretary Kerry have been so “cryptic” in discussing their attack plans, how large, how long?

This is why “boots on the ground” is considered unneeded. “Nukes on the ground” is what is planned instead.

Historically, these weapons have been used in Iraq and Afghanistan many times. There are also reports from nuclear weapons experts that the Marine barracks in Beirut may have been hit with a nuclear weapon, another used in Oklahoma City and another still in Bali.

There is clear proof one was used outside Damascus on May 4, 2013. When videos of the mushroom cloud and ball lightning went viral, there was no attempt at a denial.

[youtube vm7ObVSix7w]

Control and spin

A key component of a “secret nuke” strategy is calling any reports that contradict official mythology “conspiracy theory.” Pundits and comedians like Jon Stewart, Wolf Blitzer or Rush Limbaugh are key players.

Other totally controlled outlets, Murdoch’s Fox News and Wall Street Journal are, perhaps, the worst followed by and Newsweek, Jane Harmon’s AIPAC propaganda rags.

The newest entry is the Huffington Post, saturated with sex and “celebs,” used yesterday to attack Russian videos of Syrian rebels lobbing sarin shells.

A report of a nuclear attack, no matter how much science, as Dr. Chris Busby can attest, will ever hit the western press.

However, a Syrian rebel can film a gas attack, brag about doing it on video and post it on Youtube and it is virtually invisible.

Controlled news has driven the US into using unthinkable weapons, into staging horrific acts of terror and, if possible, being exceeded in every way by Israel.

Targeted individuals

There is mounting evidence that individuals known as “targeted persons” are subjected to attacks that include stalking, threats, staged incidents (accidents and murder/suicide among these) but also use of secret technologies.

The individuals are test subjects, possible security threats, whistleblowers or “Oswald” types. The US has an inventory of several thousand “targeted individuals” who, on command, as in the Charles Bronson film, “Telefon,” are ready to commit acts of terror.

Supporting these operations are “crisis actor” groups, coincidental “security drills (often Israeli companies but others are used too), and a slew of “alphabet soup” agencies, ready to plant evidence, silence real witnesses or commit the acts of terror themselves if the chosen targeted “patsies” fail in their mission.

Ft. Hood, Gabby Giffords, Sandy Hook and the Navy Yard are but a few.

John Anthony Hill was criminally charged in Britain for exposing the 7/7 terror attacks and found not guilty in a trial that was based on substantiating his claims, proving “7/7” was false flag terrorism.

Brain attack tech

Most have heard about MK Ultra or the film “Men Who Stare at Goats.” This mixture of “conspiracy theory” and disinformation media humor is used to limit public knowledge of decades-old programs that have cost endless billions.

What programs?

Here is a partial list:

– “Neural communications”: This capability is meant to allow troops to talk to each other by thought alone, through receptors in their helmets. Sounds crazy? This is an ongoing DARPA project with billions spent, but there was never an intent to use this as authorized. This pure “thought control” project has already yielded results that we may well have seen in the recent terror shootings across the US.

– “Induced psychosis”: Remember the US invasion of Panama? President Noriega was subjected to “rock music” played at unimaginable levels. Today, Israeli companies openly market energy weapon technologies that are capable of causing everything from physical pain to feelings of panic and even suicide. Soon you will be buying them on EBay. The real systems, first developed for use through mobile communications by Ericsson Corporation, are capable of inducing severe psychosis, paranoia and triggering violence.

– “Death rays”: The most advanced “black programs” are capable of inducing ideas but also of causing death. Most common is suicide, sometimes tied to induce terrorist acts.

– “Full Scale”: Targeted individuals most often have their own private “crisis actors.” The important ones are assigned mentally disturbed or abusive “partners,” selected to play on personal weaknesses such as guilt or excessive kindness. Attacks often include induced illnesses, most often fatal cancers or aneurisms, the killing of pets or staged accidents or suicides involving children or grandchildren.

The existence of these programs is fully confirmed, but it is the scale that is frightening. These aren’t programs, they are an industry.

“We got it, let’s use it!”

Breakthroughs in quantum physics have facilitated capabilities unimagined, far beyond simple extrasensory perception or “remote viewing.”

Advanced energy research looking into Tesla’s investigations of the “ether” for obtaining and transmitting energy has yielded capabilities that will never be made public.

“Non-linear” advanced technologies sneak into the consumer world from time to time, products developed and manufactured prior to the development of the processes required to create them.

This has given political leaders a “bag of tricks” that lets them do whatever they desire and never have to answer for it.

The ethos backing this up is entirely Malthusian. Victims, be they dozens or millions, are simply “useless eaters” as Henry Kissinger, chief proponent of the use of “black tech.”

Kissinger “made his bones” as an advocate for the use of nuclear weapons over conventional force. His policies from 40 years ago or more are a reality today.

His thinking, that humanity is no more than cattle, his value system, is the one we are seeing today, pouring out of Washington.

Do we need to ask how humanity has sunk so low? Perhaps, are we naïve in referring to political and economic elites as part of humanity?

Do we have evidence that they consider themselves as such?


  1. Speaking of dark: a canadian sight ran this story **** Site’s been down all day. The treason they speak of was a planned DC nuke on Sept. 11. Was linked from dailypaul: ***
    I’m not sayin’ it’s not BS.
    Just sayin’.


    • Here is a site with comments that are interesting. **
      The text of the article is on that site in another article. There were 2-3 articles on the site after this mentioned one before the site was pulled. sweetliberty HERE has been posting the links until the site got pulled. I googled and the site has been 403’d before around nuclear threats / 2011 if I recall. It is of note that BBC has currently published expose’ of the SWAT security stand down during the false flag. So it seems someone did it and whoever owns BBC is trying to embarress/expose or the expose is somehow part of a psyop. confusing.


    Journal Neuron – Gene Tet 1

    Gordon – today they have enthusiastically released information about a ‘wonderful’ new technology which enables scientists to quite literally ERASE things from your memory! Although this has been trumpeted as a great advance and a way to cure the effects of PTSD and traumatic incidents – by removing memory of them – you can only imagine the uses that the bad guys will be able to effect with it. This is a horrific idea which reminds me somehow of Winston Smith’s job in Orwell’s ‘1984’ – rewriting and warping history for the ‘Ministry of Truth’.

    Li Huei Tsai, Director of MIT Picover ‘Institute for Learning and Memory’, today said:

    “If there is a way to significantly boost the expression of these genes – then ‘extinction learning’ is going to be more active.”

    I oppose the enthusiasm surrounding this idea. Nature designed us to hold on to memories of terrible events. Also memory of those who are responsible for them. It is a human survival device – which we are supposed to use to warn our offspring.

    • oh they’ve had that technology for decades,
      “ladies and gentlemen may I present oliver muddafuggen north!”
      “mister north arent your plans for a continuity of government that is NOT of by and for the people completely treasonous on its face?”
      –“uhh I cant recall, what was the question so I can dodge it 97 more times?”

  3. I’m just guessing, but I would think that child in the picture more than likely grew up hating the United States of America for the lose, pain and suffering he experienced. At the time, we had good reason to put a stop to their actions in retaliation to Pearl Harbor.
    Imagine what the future holds for tomorrow when these children today grow up hating America for our actions, but this time, as the alternative new sources are telling us, our actions are based on Bush/Cheney lies. Perpetuated by President Bill “High Testosterone” Clinton, and now by President Oblunder, the adults of tomorrow (children of today,) will hate us even more.
    Next time it won’t be just Japan. It will be multi-country hatred coupled with being sabotaged from within, We the People are going to be sitting ducks. Especially if Oblunder gets our weapons. It is one reason why he wants them, although he was pictured at a gun range recently firing his weapon and smiling. Such a guy huh? This article make youthink….thanks. Always great.

    • actually, the attack was completely known of days before, theyed evacuated all the ships theyed deemed worthwhile then allowed the attack to get the USA into WW2. Japan had already unconditionally surrendered BEFORE the two big bombs were dropped. false flag LIHOP attack followed up with war crimes and crimes against humanity. I believe Fukushima is both MIHOP and LIHOP very similarly.

  4. A human being is not just the physical body that we see and touch.
    There are 3 parts to a person – spirit, soul and the physical body
    Using nukes to kill people is much, much worse than killing them by other means.
    A soul caught in a nuclear explosion is shattered into many, many fragments and the spirit essence becomes trapped.
    People truly don’t understand what they are doing.

  5. Gordon, here is an interesting news item from December 10, 2007 (maybe you already know it):

    Hear Voices? It May Be an Ad

    An A&E Billboard ‘Whispers’ a Spooky Message Audible Only in Your Head in Push to Promote Its New ‘Paranormal’ Program


  6. And where do you fit in this schema Gordon, considering that you agreed with the destruction of Libya and brutal murder of Qadafi?

    How come that you are only now revealing stuff which might have saved Libya and other countries in the PNAC plan?

    I have no “intelligence sources”, but I’ve known about most of what you are now saying for years; so what kept you quiet?

    • I’d like to hear you expand on what you said here, Gordon. And I’m mightily disappointed to hear that you agreed with the destruction of Libya, if that’s truly the case. Damascus is a second “Paris of the Levant”, second only to Beirut. Tripoli was called by many the “Paris of North Africa”, and Libya ranked 50th in its human-rights standing by UN estimates, above some European countries. Libya was a cosmopolitan, secular state like Syria. Both Libya and Syria have been targets of the unMuslim Brotherhood and it’s various fascist offshoots, following a playbook of the CIA from the time it inherited the Brotherhood from the German Nazis, whose progeny may still be involved in directing it. I’m not the only one who believes that the Brotherhood has been directed by a Nazi Underground to destabilize Israel’s surrounding neighbors, which the Nazi epigones who run the Zionist state seem to think will serve their interests, but which MAY INSTEAD be a strategy by Jew-hating Nazis for eliminating Israel (and maybe even world Jewry) altogether or at least driving the Arabs and the entire Islamic world into their waiting arms. I say, “Hurrah for General Abdul Khalil al-Sisi !” He stopped Morsi from using the Egyptian Army against Bashar al-Assad and put a big obstacle in the Brotherhood’s plans for a Nazi Caliphate for Nazi/NATO control of the world’s oil.

  7. How careful should consumers be when purchasing new smart phone, or ordinary household appliance? What about the drones overhead? This is apt to become a real life horror flick.

    • @ michaelathons

      “How careful should consumers be when purchasing new smart phone…”

      If the government mandated that everyone carry a tracking device at all times and further mandated that one pay a monthly charge for doing so, then people would rebel.

      However, if the manufacturer adds circuitry to make the tracking device emulate a telephone, then people would gladly buy it.

      And if the manufacturer adds additional circuitry the emulate a computer/video player/mp3 player/game platform/web browser/camera/contacts list/gps device, people would go cuckoo for cocoa puffs! They would pay hundreds of dollars to have the latest toy.

      The purpose of the cell phone network from the very beginning was to track the citizenry in real time. The “smarter” your cell phone, the more information that can be gathered about you.

      There are good reasons to carry a cell phone. For instance, if you see a vehicle accident, you can call 911 to summon help. However, there is no good reason to volunteer every detail of your life to the government.

      Ditch your smart phone. Get a pay-as-you-go basic or feature phone. When you activate it, don’t do it from home. Don’t register your name on the network. When adding airtime, don’t do it from home.

      A cell phone is always on. When you’ve turned it off, it is actually is standby mode, and it is still being tracked. The microphone and the camera can be activated remotely, to turn the cell phone into a surveillance device. Remove the battery instead.

  8. I am a retired Detective for the Milwaukee Police Department. I retired from the Army Reserve in 2002. In 2006 I blew the whistle on Detectives stealing overtime. The department started following me when I complained I was labeled mentally ill. The FBI had gone behind my back into my neighborhood and slandered me they basically programed the neighbors for a intensive harassment campaign against me. I was placed on a list as a targeted individual. Google FBI Operation Slammer. Starts out as intensive neighborhood harassment then the use of what I believe are electronic, ultrasonic and microwave weapons targeting people with precision through the walls of their homes. I got hit with direct energy in the jaw from a vehicle last week while driving, the back windshield of this vehicle had one sticker with a badge and another with a skull and crossbones. I estimate that I ve been hit in the head with direct energy at least six thousand times. I want people to know what the capabilities and method of operation are of these criminal traitors.

    • gsv, I am so sorry to hear of what they have been, and are still doing to you.
      There are so many rumours of mass arrests about to happen.
      Please can the good guys hurry up and get on with it.
      Some people are in dire straits.

    • gsv
      Why don’t you contact Don Croft at the Ethericwarriors website and ask him for advice on how to stop the harassment? He knows lots of people who have been similarly attacked by these “sewer rats”. You may have to take a leap of faith with this as they use orgonite and other unconventional tactics. Have a poke around his website. You might get some relief from ‘gifting’ your neighbourhood. Search “gifting with orgone” on the website

    • Dear “gsv”, I also have been a target of this corrupt, criminal, malicious campaign known as gangstalking….for years. It’s COINTELPRO and STASI like elements on steroids. Look up the affidavit by Ted Gundersen (now deceased….was fromer FBI special agent). I have it posted on my blog as well…along with a journal of events that I have gone through. . And, a huge MAHALO to Gordon for beginning to expose gangstalking. They use coercive influence, psychological harassment etc…and call it euphemisms like “nudge groups”. They also use SRP’s (surveillance role players). Masy Group is just one company that hires srp’s (so does Lockheed Martin). Interestingly, Booz Allen (here in Oahu) contracts with Masy Group as well as the Army National Guard. Aloha to you. Stay safe. Be strong. The cowards and criminals of this corruption are beginning to be exposed and they are starting to turn on one another.

  9. Very depressing, but information that needs to out here.

    I am always encouraged when reading such information about the story in the “Little Green Guy” book about the villagers around 900 AD, seeing that the aliens were destroying their environment, banded together and destroyed or drove off the alien colony.

    Quite a metaphor for our situation today. All humanity has a common enemy, an enemy so wide spread and evil, it is nearly incomprehensible. Perhaps it is incomprehensible.

    The mind parasites know, from prior history, that it is us or them. They must kill us before mass consciousness destroys them, as in the days of Noah. The destruction of mankind back then was as intentional as what our “masters” of today have planned for us. A benevolent god does not murder millions, but a deceptive force, seeking its own survival will.

    The moral of the flood story, mass consciousness reached a point of devastation for the Archon.

    WWII Germany could be vilified with a single word, NAZI. If we are to win this thing, in a world of sound bites, the term Archon must return to the modern lexicon as the one single word that can adequately describe the evil we face.

    Our past is lost, skewed by evil intent and we think we lack the knowledge to win. Science, not religion, not tales of good aliens to the rescue, not sappy spiritualism but a science of individualism working collectively. The science is Gnosis, knowledge.

    We know how we can lose, the goal should be finding out how we can win.

    • I’d think NAZI would suffice, once people understand they only lost the battle of WW2 then moved their base of operations to the USA and Izrahell to continue on with their criminal inhuman policies.
      their “you’re ANTI-SEMITIC” or “you’re UNPATRIOTIC” games have been worn far too thin for anyone awake to the terrible things they’re really doing, fascists posing as something legit are disgusting.

    • NWO = Nazi World Order (GHWB was a nazi youth spy btw)
      the UN = United NAZIons
      NATO = Nazi Allied Terrorist Organization
      the “above the law” CIA was formed with nazis brought to the US with operation paperclip.

  10. New weapons are horrible and it never ceases to amaze me in the methodology man finds in ways to kill one another.

    As Ramsey Clark noted about Iraq and the shooting of and Iraqi with a Tank round through the man’s chest.

    Yet there’s even a difference in chopping a man’s head off to the slow Sawing of ones head off.

    As noted Americans have been sanitized to US wars by the media. We didn’t see the “Cooked Bodies” of Iraqis from the highway of death, nor the visible Carbon burns and intact clothing yet those who died as if cooked in a microwave suggesting some horrible weapon was used on workers returning to Baghdad from Kuwait’s oil fields.

    Genesis 6:5-6 would sum this up. Also why Fort Detrick last count had 5,000 employees When DHS took it over.

    Its a shame Syria or any other country has to be the test-bed for these weapons. But no different then watching old news reels of US soldiers in New Mexico sitting out a blast of a nuclear warhead.

    God Bless America?

  11. Yes Gordon, excellent article.
    This is why “boots on the ground” is considered unneeded. 

    One thing in common in all these ventures is the constant filming of CIA trainers. Many of the videos from Libya and other areas show them. But these are the Proxy Rebels. NTC in Libya and so on, like the Shadow Government Bill Moyers did highlighting Oliver Norths privet warrior and drugs and guns.

    Nothing has changed. Drugs to launder to buy arms and away from all congressional oversight. “Plausible Denialability?”

    Still what’s missing is the millions killed by the US and their proxy dictators who are comprised mainly of Christians, not the evil Arab’s and Muslim’s we hear daily used as the premise of these wars.

    RT-Com had yet another FBI agent yesterday parroting the “Al Qaeda” hoax as a reason the FBI was now going into the intelligenc business.

    This while Obama’s exempting supporting know Al Qaeda – Al Nusra slash Rebels being removed from anti-Terrorism restrictions of supporting and arming them the daily blame for all the woes of America.

    I still wonder how Americans feel knowing they lost loved ones allegedly killed in Afghanistan & Iraq by the above mentioned groups to now have their President Arming and Supporting the ones who sent their loved one(s) home in a Box?

    Was Kissenger right about the military being Pawns? Having hundreds of remains dumped in a landfill would answer that question. Or the unidentified Seal Team coming home draped under another countries flag.

  12. Excellent article. I hope most USG policy makers and Congresspersons read this and understand what it means and why it is so important. Eventually these weapons will be deployed against them if not already being done so as far as the advanced psychotronics. Small tactical nukes were dropped in North Vietnam on at least one occasion from a carrier based attack aircraft. The “Voice of God”, a high tech massive psychotronic system entrained the commands of a simulated Almighty in the heads of Iraqi soldiers to surrender in the first Iraq war. “Poppers” were deployed in the second Iraq war but mostly failed causing migraine headaches and anxiety in American soldiers. In the attack on panama particle beam weapons were tested and melted some cars and people. These were mounted on the base of a couple of TF 160 helicopters. Specialized fuel air bombs were used in the first Iraq war also. The big thing now is positron anti-matter bombs that implode and cause an instantaneous phase shift in matter, breaking its bonds for up to about 150-200 feet in all directions. we now have advanced aneutronic powered space platforms that can beam massive scalar, torsion waves, and pulsed beam microwaves over large land masses to entrain moods and agitate or set-off targeted individuals by interacting with ingested nano particles which are electronic from the aerial chemtrail spraying.

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