9/11 Perp Giuliani Joins Terrorists to Attack Rouhani


NOTE:  Here are key excerpts from my new Press TV article “9/11 perp Giuliani joins terrorists to attack Rouhani”.  I have added inks and videos.  –KB

GiulianiMug“One of Netanyahu’s minions, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, appeared to be just as panicked as Netanyahu by Rouhani’s ‘charm offensive’ and its promise of peace. Giuliani spoke at a rally organized by the terrorist group Mojahedin-e-Khalq (MEK) outside the UN in protest of Rouhani’s visit. The former New York mayor and 9/11 suspect, speaking to the terrorist group, charged that President Rouhani was involved in the 1994 bombing of a Jewish center in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

“The irony of suspected 9/11 terrorist Giuliani, speaking to one of the world’s most reviled terrorist groups, charging the moderate president of Iran with terrorism, is extreme. What makes it even more extreme is that the 1994 Buenos Aires bombing has been revealed as a false-flag operation by the Israeli Mossad – the same agency that employed Giuliani in its 2001 attack on the World Trade Center.

“Giuliani was forced to drop out of the 2008 presidential race when the activist group We Are Change challenged him as a 9/11 criminal. Everywhere Giuliani went, he was dogged by We Are Change members asking him the same question: ‘Mr. Giuliani, you stated on television on September 11th, 2001 that you were forewarned that the World Trade Towers were going to be destroyed, so you left the vicinity. If you knew the Towers were coming down, why didn’t you warn the firefighters and rescue personnel?’”

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“Giuliani’s fingerprints are all over 9/11 and the follow-up anthrax attacks. Journalist Barbara Honegger notes that Giuliani’s office planned the drills that provided cover for the 9/11 operation: ‘Mayor Rudolph Giuliani’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM) preplanned a bio/chem-terrorism exercise likely involving an anthrax scenario for which personnel were (pre-positioned) in New York City on 9/11, and Giuliani’s just-recent OEM director (Jerome Hauer) urged White House staff to go on anti-anthrax Cipro on Sept. 11.’”

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“Honegger also notes that ‘Rudolph Giuliani bought the Florida-building crime scene of the first anthrax attack…Giuliani thus controlled and oversaw the destruction of evidence at both the New York crime scene of the 9/11 attacks, the WTC, ordering the steel containing traces of controlled demolition explosives to be removed, and the crime scene of the first anthrax attack, America Media, Inc, in Florida.’”

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  1. y’all should..MUST.. watch the new 9-11 documentary..the absolute best by far & it backs up Jim F. & my assertion..NO PLANES on 9-11..not flown into any of the buildings at least..missiles were fired at both the twin towers & the Pentagon….meticulously researched & documented..5 hours/3 parts
    ..9-11..the new pearl harbor… free @ YouTube

  2. “handled it like a politician” LMAO. a former judge knows not to tamper with the evidence of a crime scene but ol rudy-boy had it all removed ASAP was sure professional wasnt it?

  3. you still buy the “official story” omnutzopant? ROFL!! “aayrabs with boxcutters” how moronic.

  4. Steve Jones is NOT a 9/11 Truther. Steve was the reason I got involved publicly in 9/11 research. Steve is a nuclear physicist denying nukes at Ground Zero and I thought that was disgusting so I’m working my butt off to discredit him. My audience really is the Steve Jones’ and Judy Woods of the world. Not brain dead zombies such as yourself.

    If you really believe that in the case of the North Tower for example that 929 cubic feet of kerosene could vaporize 1/3 of the building, launch two 300 chunks of debris up at a 45° angle into the Winter Garden over 600 feet away and another 300 ton chunk into the American Express building you’re a lost cause. Gravity only works in one direction and that’s down. If the North Tower really collapsed why is material ejected 15 floors above the original height of the building and out over 600 feet? The North Tower was destroyed below ground level. 90% of the debris that was left was ejected outside of the building’s footprint. 1/3 of a 500,000 ton building was vaporized in 11 seconds. No desks, chairs, computers or toilets were found in the rubble. Kerosene cannot explain that my friend. Propane burns hotter than kerosene. My backyard grill doesn’t turn into dust and blow away every time I grill up a steak. DUH!!

  5. Instead of spewing your uninformed opinions all over the internet why don’t you go to the library and checkout a book on nuclear physics. Then you would be able to look at the data in the USGS report and offer up some intelligent comments.

  6. Here’s a story from the NY Daily News:

    1,140 WTC 9/11 responders have cancer — and doctors say that number will grow
    ‘Sadly enough, I am here just two months, and I have identified a dozen new cancer cases, and I have another 25 patients whose diagnostic test results are pending,’ says Tina Engel, an oncology nurse at North Shore Hospital’s World Trade Center clinic in Queens, NY.

    The “C” word has been every World Trade Center responder’s nightmare — and for good reason.

    Cancer has become a reality for more than 1,000 men and women who sacrificed their health at Ground Zero — and the number is expected to grow.

    As of August, 1,140 responders and people who worked, lived or studied in lower Manhattan have been certified by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health to have a WTC-related cancer.

    Experts believe that is just the tip of the iceberg.

    “There are more cases out there, because we just know of the people in our government-funded medical programs, not those who have been treated by their private doctors,” said Dr. Jim Melius, who is chairman of the steering committee for the WTC Responder Medical Program and a 9/11 Health Watch board member.


  7. Great article Kevin. Giuliani is one of the biggest slimeballs involved in 9/11. He should be confronted at every public appearance that he makes for his 9/11 crimes. America’s mayor my ass!!!

    • He had a $100 million in security contracts for his new co. several mos after 9-11…Helping to bury the truth pays well..

  8. Jim Stone presented a lot of good evidence on the anniversary of 9-11….He was going to add more but he correctly thought “why?” If some lying dumb-ass scumbags like Omni…who are just gate-keeping and smoke-screening on 9-11 bc the evidence leads to their cousins in Mossad….Really, why did the Israelis dance? Because they were celebrating a successful operation….www.bollyn.com….www.jimstonefreelance.com Dr. Fetzer covered it well here at VT…but, it doesn’t much matter….if the person you’re talking to doesn’t care about-or is threatened by-the truth then NOTHING you say will ever matter..

    • I doubt you will see Omni posting here anymore. And if he does I’ll make him look so stupid he’ll have to get another phony name to post under. There’s a reason why shills like Judy Wood, Andrew Johnson, Steve Jones etc. are terrified of me: because I’ve done my homework! If people like that won’t publicly debate me there’s no way in hell someone who supports the Official Conspiracy Theory stands a chance.

    • The United States Geological Survey is a conspiracy site? The USGS data has been available for years and nobody has refuted it. FYI: we’re working on getting the paper submitted so stay tuned.

      Obviously you can’t handle the 12th grade physics stuff. If indeed puny kerosene fires in the Twin Towers were responsible for all of the devastation witnessed at Ground Zero how do you account for the damage to Building 6? Before either Tower came down on 9/11 a 170 high meter plume of smoke was seen rising from the building, a huge crater was left in the middle of it, cement was so hot that it flowed like lava in the basement, firefighters sprayed a million liters of water on it and tritium was found in the basement at 55 times background levels 11 days after 9/11. The NIST report doesn’t even mention Building 6.

      So how did guys with box cutters (some of whom later turned up alive and were interviewed by the BBC) do all of the damage to Six World Trade?

  9. ….you’re a lying, obfuscating..smoke-screening piece of shit…In the words Putin used for Kerry, ” he’s lying and he knows he’s lying..” Address your father, the Devil…when yoyu meet him in Hell..

    • theres no challenge.
      “never argue with a moron, they’ll only drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.”
      your faith in the “official story” only proves you a mindless troll.

  10. Some people still believe there were incriminating phone calls fm the planes: Even though the FBI, several yrs ago, was forced to admit that there were no phone calls! Yes, actually, they sd there was one of 0.0001 duration…it didn’t go through….When you’re going 200 mph you’re passing cell towers too quickly and they can’t decide which one should p/u the call…add to this cell towers view horizontally and not upward…and the aluminum frame of the craft…and you’re in an extremely weak signal zone…Many people always knew it was bs,,,Now we all do.

    • They tried to lie and say that a satellite uplink was used with airphones…but it was later disclosed that the planes weren’t equipped with those…Some retards still think a 767 hit the Pentagon…Even after Gen Stubblebein, Chief of Army Intell, sd no 767 hit the Pentagon…which is also what April Glasbie, Army Spec, sd after she grabbed he injured baby and crawled through the hole after the explosion…She saw no wreckage of a 767..neither did Jamie McIntyre of CNN…The only piece was the size of a picnic table and traced to a AA crash in Cali, Columbia a few yrs before…

  11. ” A lack of critical thinking skills” huh? And YOU’RE the one who still believes the official version?

    • How about evidence of ternary fission in the USGS dust samples? http://pubs.usgs.gov/of/2001/ofr-01-0429/chem1/WTCchemistrytable.html. If you’re not up to speed on nuclear physics I have a tutorial on my blog: http://donaldfox.wordpress.com/2013/03/20/jim-fetzer-real-deal-appearance-32513-evidence-of-ternary-fission-at-ground-zero/.

      Why did it take 99 days to put the fires out? Why were temperatures between 600 – 2,000 °F for 6 months after 9/11 at Ground Zero? How did 1/3 of the Twin Towers get completely vaporized? How were 300 ton chunks of debris ejected up at a 45° angle from the North Tower into the Winter Garden over 600 feet away? Why was tritium found in the basement of Building 6 at 55 times background levels? How did 1,400 cars get toasted in the vicinity of Ground Zero? How did 1,000 people get vaporized? Why were small pieces of human remains found in the Bankers Trust Building? Why have over 1,000 Ground Zero workers died of cancer? Why did Building 7 “collapse” at free fall speed in a vacuum?

      Please enlighten us on how per the NIST report that 1,722 cubic feet of jet fuel (kerosene) can account for the devastation observed at Ground Zero.

    • The WTC Towers’ destruction exhibited all of the characteristics of destruction by explosives:

      Destruction proceeds through the path of greatest resistance at nearly free-fall acceleration
      Improbable symmetry of debris distribution
      Extremely rapid onset of destruction
      Over 100 first responders reported explosions and flashes
      Multi-ton steel sections ejected laterally
      Mid-air pulverization of 90,000 tons of concrete & metal decking
      Massive volume of expanding pyroclastic-like clouds
      1200-foot-diameter debris field: no “pancaked” floors found
      Isolated explosive ejections 20–40 stories below demolition front
      Total building destruction: dismemberment of steel frame
      Several tons of molten metal found under all 3 high-rises
      Evidence of thermite incendiaries found by FEMA in steel samples
      Evidence of explosives found in dust samples

      And exhibited none of the characteristics of destruction by fire:

      Slow onset with large visible deformations
      Asymmetrical collapse which follows the path of least resistance (laws of conservation of momentum would cause a falling, intact, from the point of plane impact, to the side most damaged by the fires)
      Evidence of fire temperatures capable of softening steel
      High-rise buildings with much larger, hotter, and longer-lasting fires have never collapsed

  12. The very, very best way to hide a piece of sh*t is to place it in the middle of many other pieces of sh*t and voila! D.C. was born, populated and thrives. Now, AIPAC serves up the tissue.

  13. This ugly, sick, prostitute, and evil individual will get it. Conversely, mayor’s job is to build a beautiful city and protects its citizens. Unfortunately, this individual had a different agenda. He wanted friends who could get him extremely well paid job because he has no brain and talent.

  14. I was driving my car the other day when a fly hit my windshield. Fortunately, by the grace of God, I somehow made it home, the collision with the fly didn’t seem to affect the drivetrain so the car still ran OK. I went inside to tell my wife what happened, I had barely made it inside when BOOM……. MY CAR EXPLODED!

    I was so shaken by my near brush with death, I could barely speak. I sat like a zombie in the corner, catatonic and paralyzed, I was so scared.

    Lo and behold, some six hours later, I was awakened by a deafening sound and ran to the window to see what happened. I couldn’t believe my eyes. MY NEIGHBOR’S CAR had also exploded into a pile of dust. It must have been from the intense heat and damage due to my car exploding, six hours earlier.

    To add insult to injury, I was summoned by our town Mayor for causing damage to our street, from the dust of two exploding cars. I was told that if I EVER spoke of this event to anyone, I would regret it.

    I hope VT doesn’t expose my identity, our Mayor is a REALLY nasty guy. I thought you all should know my story so you remember to always clean the street when you car explodes after getting hit by a fly. There’s just no telling what politicians are capable of, so we must always do what they tell us.

  15. Please elaborate on this part:

    “Most ‘truthers’ are the product of the tv generation, and therefore have tiny little attention spans. If information isn’t instantaneous then they don’t care about it. They lack critical thinking skills.”

    You don’t have to handle it like a politician either. Please be very blunt as you explain!

  16. Can the Snordster sing this please:

    Rudolph, the brown-nosed traitor
    had a very shiny nose.
    And if you ever saw him,
    you would even say he blows.

  17. The IDF demo boys gained access to the WTC complex courtesy of Silverstein and Lowy….They planted their mini nukes and danced with joy while watching the success of their operation…They were also caught in a van packed w/explosives about to get on the GWB and another blowing through a checkpoint at the Holland Tunnel…They danced bc they saw Dov Zakheim’s fill-in hybrid 737’s impact the Towers which provided the pretext for their mid-air pulverization of the Twins…Guilianni knows ALL this and THAT’s his real crime…Talmudia is this country’s worst enemy..

  18. Giuliani is also protected by Zionist controllers, and media outlets. He can get away with murder, and nobody would know the better. When you have “protection”, the sky is the limit.

  19. Excellent article!

    Alleged “good guys” like Mayor Rudy need to be exposed for the Zionist bastards that they are. This guy can play an audience like the best of him.

    The city of New York was taken over by these Ziocons when 9/11 went down and still hold positions of prominence to this day. We need to expose every single one of them!

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