Anti-Defamation League Cited as Hate Group

Abraham Foxman, Leading Supporter of Turkish Genocide
Abraham Foxman, Leading Supporter of Turkish Genocide

No Place for Denial

Municipalities must sever ties with the Anti-Defamation League’s No Place for Hate program because the ADL

  • Refuses to unambiguously acknowledge the Armenian Genocide
  • Engages in genocide denial by echoing Turkish calls for a “historians commission”
  • Lobbies against U.S. recognition of the Armenian Genocide

For many years, the ADL has refused to acknowledge that the massacres by the Turkish government of 1.5 million Armenians between 1915 and 1923 constitute genocide; the ADL has also actively participated in genocide denial by lobbying for Turkey to prevent passage of a United States Congressional resolution recognizing the Armenian Genocide.

In advocating for the Turkish government, the ADL has abandoned its mission “to secure justice and fair treatment to all.”  As recently as February 5, 2009, ADL National Director Abraham Foxman told The New York Times that the ADL will continue to oppose a Congressional resolution because “There’s too much at stake in the [Israeli-Turkish] relationship.”

The ADL has thus disqualified itself as a defender of universal human rights by prioritizing geopolitical interests over a clear moral imperative – that of condemning and combating genocide and Holocaust denial in all its forms.
On August 21, 2007, under pressure from the New England Armenian and Jewish communities, as well as area human rights and governmental bodies, the ADL issued a disingenuous press release that it claims is an acknowledgment of the Armenian Genocide.  This statement, however, actually contravenes the international legal definition of genocide by avoiding any language that would imply the intent required by the 1948 United Nations Genocide Convention.
By writing that the “consequences” of actions by the Ottoman Empire were “tantamount to genocide,” the ADL is, in fact, upholding Turkey’s assertion that Armenians died simply as a result of World War I conditions and not from a deliberate, planned program of extermination.
Two days later – and on numerous occasions since – the ADL called upon Armenians to “respond favorably to the several recent overtures of Turkey to convene a joint commission . . . to investigate what happened in the past.”
Proposals for further study are intended to create doubt about historical facts and are a standard tactic of genocide and Holocaust deniers.  Indeed, the ADL has denounced a similar conference to examine the Holocaust that was convened in Iran in December 2006.
In an April 23, 2008, statement to Congress, International Association of Genocide Scholars (IAGS) President Dr. Gregory Stanton, condemned Turkey’s proposition to establish a historical commission as the “latest version” of Turkish genocide denial.  He explained:

“The problem with this proposal is that the Armenian genocide has been thoroughly documented and studied by genocide scholars, many of whom are not Armenian, and the historical record is unambiguous.  In 1997, The International Association of Genocide Scholars declared unanimously that the Turkish massacres of over one million Armenians constituted a crime of genocide.  A ‘commission of historians’ would only serve the interests of Turkish genocide deniers.  There is no more ‘other side’ to the truth about the Armenian genocide than there is about the Holocaust.” 

Likewise, in June 2008, the internationally respected anti-hate group Southern Poverty Law Center published an extensive intelligence report on Turkish genocide denial; addressing the proposed historians commission, it wrote, “A lie isn’t the other side of any story.  It’s just a lie.”
It is exceptionally offensive for the ADL to ask Armenians to convene with denialist historians on the payroll of the Turkish government to “investigate” the Armenian Genocide.  By the ADL’s own standards, casting doubt on the historical truth of genocide constitutes genocide denial.  Considering the ADL’s unceasing – and just – efforts to combat Holocaust denial, its actions are remarkably hypocritical.
On November 2, 2007, the ADL held its national commissioners meeting during which the Armenian, Jewish, and human rights communities expected the ADL to take a clear and principled stand by unambiguously acknowledging the Armenian Genocide.  In a one-sentence press release, however, the ADL announced that it had voted “to take no further action” on the issue.  By this defining vote, the entire organization – not just its national leadership – became complicit in Turkey’s genocide denial campaign.
As a result of the ADL’s position on the Armenian Genocide, thirteen Massachusetts communities withdrew from the ADL’s No Place for Hate Program.  Additionally, the Massachusetts Municipal Association terminated its sponsorship of the program, announcing in an April 2008 press release:

“The MMA Board of Directors . . . believes that unequivocal recognition of the Armenian Genocide is both a matter of basic justice to its victims as well as essential to efforts to prevent future genocides . . . The inconsistency between the National ADL’s position on the Armenian Genocide and the human rights principles underlying NPFH is a matter of great concern to MMA Board members and the municipalities they represent. The MMA feels strongly that it is imperative to speak with absolute clarity on genocide.”

According to genocide scholars, genocide denial is the highest form of hate speech and the final stage of genocide.  Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel calls it a “double killing.”   The IAGS says that denial “is actually a continuation of the genocide, because it is a continuing attempt to destroy the victim group psychologically and culturally, to deny its members even the memory of the murders of their relatives.”  Philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy states succinctly, “Deniers are not merely expressing an opinion; they are perpetrating a crime.”
It is clear that the ADL does not possess the moral authority to sponsor anti-hate and diversity programs in our cities and towns.  Its actions are an affront to the cause of human rights, tolerance, and genocide prevention – and with the very ideals that the No Place for Hate program aims to foster in our communities.
There is no question that the work of dedicated volunteers and human rights activists on local No Place for Hate committees is extremely valuable and should be supported.  Yet this vital work is compromised by ADL sponsorship.  The Belmont, Massachusetts Human Rights Commission concurred:
“ADL and the No Place for Hate program emphasize that the “tip of the pyramid of hatred” is genocide. How can we, in good faith, ask our community to work at the base of this same pyramid while the No Place for Hate sponsor is actively working against congressional, international recognition of the Armenian genocide?” (September 6, 2007)
Our communities abound with committed, civically engaged citizens who can continue to perform critical human rights work independently, without the baggage that comes with ADL sponsorship.  The MMA has recommended an alternative program for its member cities and towns.
No Place for Hate municipalities across the country must support human rights for all people and join Arlington, Bedford, Belmont, Lexington, Medford, Needham, Newburyport, Newton, Northampton, Peabody, Somerville, Watertown, and Westwood, Massachusetts, as well as the Massachusetts Municipal Association, by immediately severing ties with the ADL.
To compensate for its unethical actions, the ADL must:

  • Unambiguously recognize the Armenian Genocide
  • Cease the denialist tactic of calling for further study of the Armenian Genocide
  • Support U.S. affirmation of the Armenian Genocide

The ADL’s  denial of the Armenian Genocide is not simply an Armenian issue; it is a moral concern for all humanity.  As Martin Luther King, Jr. so eloquently declared, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
Ultimately, denying any genocide, anywhere, endangers us all.  “Studies by genocide scholars prove that the single best predictor of future genocide is denial of a past genocide coupled with impunity for its perpetrators,” according to the IAGS.
The failure to punish the Turkish perpetrators of the Armenian Genocide and to secure justice for its victims encouraged Adolph Hitler, setting the stage for the Holocaust.  On the eve of the Final Solution, and one week prior to the invasion of Poland, Hitler told his commanders:

“Our strength consists in our speed and in our brutality . . . our war aim does not consist in reaching certain lines, but in the physical destruction of the enemy. Accordingly, I have placed my death-head formation in readiness — for the present only in the East — with orders to them to send to death mercilessly and without compassion, men, women, and children of Polish derivation and language. Only thus shall we gain the living space which we need. Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?”



  1. I see that the above article is actually from the website

    Seems to be a campaign a few years back by Armenian Americans and others to expose the genocide denials of the ADL.

    The campaign and the exposure of the ADL became a big international incident that was the subject of hundreds of articles which are on the website:

    About 15 cities and towns in Massachusetts cut their association with the ADL program known as No Place for Hate. The MMA (Massachusetts Municipal Association) did the same. Similar actions took place across the country. The ADL took quite a pounding.

    The following webpage is interesting because it shows with direct quotations from their own media that many of the top Jewish American lobbying organizations such as ADL, AIPAC, AJC, JINSA and others collaborated with Turkey to deny the Christian Armenian genocide. That is hypocrisy.

    [Please folks, one link only.(second one deleted here) Always use the one you think is best and do not post multiples. Readers know how to google and research if the want but we do welcome a ‘best of’ link. But we also want to know what YOU think as this is a comment section. We do not want our traffic redirected off site which in the past has turned into a competition sometimes as to who could post the most links. Thanks for working with us on this…Jim Dean, VT]

  2. According to genocide scholars, genocide denial is the highest form of hate speech and the final stage of genocide. Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel calls it a “double killing.” The IAGS says that denial “is actually a continuation of the genocide, because it is a continuing attempt to destroy the victim group psychologically and culturally, to deny its members even the memory of the murders of their relatives.” Philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy states succinctly, “Deniers are not merely expressing an opinion; they are perpetrating a crime.

    Its uncanny just how shrewd these bastards are. I dont think the Nobel prize is meant for those seeking peace. Committing crime while accusing someone else of guilt is beyond contempt for the truth, its evil. The Germans, Italians, Polish, and Japanese people have real memories of being invaded, looted, tortured and murdered, and they have to pay reparations for it? That is evil.

    • Elie Wiesel and B-H Levy ??? Wiesel is a proven fraud, liar and plagiarist, and as for that French war-mongering dandy, the philosophical shirt manufacturer…

  3. This quotation of Hitler is a blatant lie!

    “According to reports received by the Associated Press Bureau Chief in Berlin Louis Lochner”

    Simple Hearsay. And we all now who controls and uses AP today.

    Here is what Hitler realy said:


  4. ” internationally respected anti-hate group Southern Poverty Law Center”

    Say what?? Plus no author’s name for this article.

    SPLC for decades has played the same game as the ADL.

    • No Grampah the SPLC is even worse because they have the muscle of the blacks behind them, at least the ones that are to dumb to notice that the SPLC advocates importing as many illegal Mexicans as possible to take their jobs and reinvent a twenty-first century plantation economy.

  5. There are other precedents for this kind of thinking. As we recall in the Yugoslavian break-up, there were mass relocations and removal of peoples along ethnic, religious, and other lines. Unfortunately, this is how that part of the World works. Further, this is happening in the Middle East as a whole with factions dividing along lines that are defined by sect as well as just notional differences of opinion. Another perspective on the way the Balkans and other areas of the former Ottoman Empire dissolved can be found in Twice a Stranger: The Mass Expulsions that Forged Modern Greece and Turkey by Bruce Clark. In his book, Clark describes how the solution to the last major Turkish-Greek conflict was one of removing Greeks from what became Turkey and Turks from Greece, employing an exchange scheme. This provided the basis for mass deportations and importations of people who had been living peacefully and prosperously together for considerable lengths of time. When looking at the de-evolution of the Levant, the supposed ‘enlightened’ actors are merely returning to former models for their justification of actions taken. The Turkish-Greek ‘exchange’ model was overseen by all of the ‘important’ powers and was assisted by various NGOs throughout.

  6. The ADL is simply institutionalized Jewish hypocrisy. It tries to implement the particularist Jewish agenda (at the cost of others), couched in universalistic “moral” language, while at the same time denying the same rights to others which it claims for itself.

  7. The ADL is in reality the progeniture spieces of al Qeada and all such terrorism groups. As such, it is not simply a “hate group” but an enemy infestation.

  8. Just who where the Young Turks? Where do Khazars come from? Maybe there’s more to this story than protecting current relationships with Turkey. As to the rest, well…

  9. Some insightful historians claim the Hitler quote shown at the bottom of this article is a huge distortion of what he actually said.

    I’m not a fan of Hitler but I think Churchill was actually worse than Hitler since the Holocaust is a lie, the people in the intern camps died horrible deaths from disease and starvation. Due to bombing roads and bridges the Allies had a major role in their deaths. Also, Churchill initiated the bombing of civilians.

    • Thanks for highlighting that Brian about Hitler’s alleged actions.

      ” The ADL has thus disqualified itself as a defender of universal human rights by prioritizing geopolitical interests over a clear moral imperative”

      When the NYPD opened a branch in Israel I thought it was odd that the ADL page claims in US law officer training (GILEE) That it was to combat “Hate related crimes.”

      So why hasn’t the ADL opened a branch in Israel that combats Settlers hatred of the Palestinians of who’s properties and Olive trees are destroyed.

      It is clear the ADL has a sole political agenda that only benefits that which is covertly used by the ADL to shift policy towards their final objectives.

      Why also when highlighting any of these subjects, how ones comments are quickly removed from both Israeli based papers and all Alex Jones associated sites.

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