Tea Party Votes to End Vital Services for Vets and Military


Wartime Betrayal Treason by GOP Will Not Be Forgotten

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By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

While American troops are in the field, winding down over a decade of fraudulent “Bush” wars, the GOP plans to cut off vital services to 22 million veterans families and over 1 million serving on active duty.

Let us be clear, American veterans will die because of the illegal government shutdown.  The Republican Party is aware of this and simply doesn’t care.  What they would like is to have us call it another genocide.  Accusations like that mean nothing anymore.

However, upon legal advice from qualified criminal defense attorneys, prosecutors and law enforcement officials, the actions of those who have voted to end emergency care for veterans and their families will constitute first degree murder at such time as one veteran dies due to failure to deliver a service long earned, long guaranteed and more than vital.

It is estimated that the first death will occur at 12:10 AM.  The ploy bringing about that first and subsequent deaths will be due to the actions of a criminal conspiracy against the United States by domestic enemies intent on treason, it will be done with premeditation and the intention will be to cause death.

Current definitions of terrorism under the laws referred to as the “Patriot Acts” allow warrantless arrests and searches to be executed against groups or individuals who conspire to disrupt vital services that impact the general well-being of the people of the United States or threaten to undermine public commerce or economic activities.

Those crimes have already been committed and any sworn law enforcement official is fully justified to detain, using deadly force if necessary, not just members of the government but congressional staffers, insurance lobbyists, “think tank” advisors and any foreign nationals who offer “material aid” to terrorism.

At this time, Israel’s President, Benjamin Netanyahu is in the United States and is responsible for funding these Washington based terror cells.

Five members of the Supreme Court are similarly implicated, in particular, those plotters who allowed funding through organized crime and drug cartels to be funneled into the GOP under the unconstitutional decision known as “Citizens United.”

Similarly, these same five members allowed the House of Representatives to be controlled by a minority party through gerrymandering, another clear violation of the “Equal Protection” provisions of the constitution.

Supposed “patriotic groups,” the National Rifle Association, the American Legion, always ready to “go to the mattresses” over anti-smoking legislation or to orchestrate gun seizure scares on behalf of sporting goods profiteers, have forgotten America’s veterans.

There is little question, ask any American.  Washington is filled with thieves.

We have one group dead to rights, smoking gun, no doubts at all.  We have built a police state, we have armed dozens of obscure agencies to abuse public trust.

Why can’t we, for once, use the tools of oppression on behalf of the American people?

Should be hang members of congress and their cohorts from every lamp post in Washington?  Would it give us a new national holiday, “Freedom Day?”

If we can kidnap and torture prisoners or kill American citizens anywhere in the world who threaten the American people, why can’t those same legal decision be applied to members of congress who threaten the American people?

Put up the drones, try to keep the collateral damage to a minimum.  Look for the Tea Party faithful at their country clubs, in massage parlors, bath houses and public rest rooms.

Look for them in safe deposit vaults, hiding lobbyist cash.  If we are going to pay for police state oppression, why can’t we get some good out of it for a change?


  1. Gordon Duff is trying to high jack this site to turn it from libertarian anti-war to leftist and non-existent conspiracy BS.Tea Party patriots are the majority of readers and supporters of VT as it was established.

  2. I got the STATS on the California plans. As to subsidized plans: Unless you are in the lowest 22 k a year income, The copayments are substantial. But even in neediest group you have to pay 10% of all Cat Scans and MRI. those income levels cant afford that. Out of pocket max is 2-6000 individual. For non-subsidized plans: even more copayments. The bottom line is there is no catastrophic coverage for cancer etc unless you have 5-6000 dollars a year to reach the OOP max. And hefty copayment for lab X-ray MRI etc to make the plan useful only to treat routine disease or useful if you can afford the 6k
    K to get to the out of pocket max.

  3. There is no good way to shut down our government, but it desperately NEEDS to happen. Our government is completely out of control and just about pure evil. No one that I know wants to make an example of our Veterans, certainly not me. But dammit, SOMETHING needs to done.

    And up until about 2002 I called myself a Democrat. Now I’m an awakened Democrat (aka Independent) who has realized they’re just as evil as the GOP and much better liars, on average.

    This government shutdown will hurt a LOT of people, but we humans have been endowed by our Creator with enough intelligence to ADAPT. This is doubly true for veterans.

    It’s far too soon to see how this government shutdown will play out, obviously, but it’s a VERY encouraging sign that people (including Congress) are pissed off enough to demand ACTION. If it had to be over “obamacare”, just one of the smaller obscenities created by our imposter-in-chief, well hey, it’s a good start.

  4. To all you old men at home,
    Safe in your bed,
    We obeyed your orders,
    And now we are dead.

    If any should ask,
    Why we died –
    Tell that our leaders ………..

    Rudyard Kipling.

  5. The next time we need to deploy someone overseas into Harm;s Way, we should send Tea Party members so they can gain an appreciation for the risk our military personnel face 24 hours a day. It is clear that the Tea Party is the party of the unpatriotic and cowardly. I guess that they are the perfect example of ignorance and arrogance in action.

  6. Uncle Gordy: on a more serious matter; Jim Stone is being shadowed pretty heavily now down in Mexico by American spooks….can he be helped or is another journalist about to be erased? Who was the last guy? Michael Hastings? It’s a crime if I’ve forgotten his name already…

    • Bill – it is interesting to see the number of people suffering ‘accidents’ at the moment – and being killed during ‘robberies’ in which little is taken beyond a laptop.




      This cannot be a coincidence. Neither can the ‘machete wielding local robbers’ be the masterminds behind it.

  7. Rodney Martin up there in FB: Gordon’s just another “Jew”…and thus a “dedicated Leftist”…tries to mask his “hidden agenda”….Watch a lot of Fox, huh? Lunch w/Rush? O’Reilly for bedtime? I mean, really, can’t we all see the uselessness of the false Left/Right paradigm by now? Watch the Establishment Right mouthpiece-Fox-and what do you get? Lies about 11/23/63 to 9-11 to the Boston bombing to lies about Syria..to zio-propaganda about Talmudia…Watch the Establishment Left mouthpiece-MSNBC-and what do you get? The same!

  8. Everyone who has health ins. has ONE concern, ” what will happen to MY health ins? ” The fact that millions of Americans ( one study found only 8% of americans have a FULL, totally covered health ins plan ) have no ins doesn’t seem to bother them..How sad..

  9. The Republicans want to defund “Obamacare” which, of course, is the subsidization of private health ins purchase for those who don’t have/can’t afford health ins…The Republicans were also against allowing poor people ( who can’t afford to buy pvt health ins ) to buy into the Medicare program…The Republicans were/are also against Socialized Medicine that would cover ALL citizens and TOTALLY relieve businesses of the burden of health ins….Oh, btw, the Republicans also put a provision in their bill to officially scrap the current govt policy of Internet Neutrality..So their FOR censorship…against health care

  10. The Tea Party began as a movement to return America to it’s Constitutional roots. Knowing how devastating this would become, the establishment moved swiftly to lead the Tea Party with well-known Neocons. The MSM was very instrumental in this staged hijacking, and the Tea Party adherents knew none the better. The best way to destroy your opposition is to control your opposition. Is this the proper quote? .

    • You got that right,,Throw in the Koch Bros $$ and all the talk of Mossad micro-nukeing lower Manhattan went out the window..Also, can’t mention who owns the fraudulent pvt central bank…etc etc…

  11. I never expected such article in vt. so much lies? house is holding funding only for obmacare. rest is intact.

    and who is dying? I struggle daily with my broken ligament for nearly 12 years. somehow veterans feel victim for little injury. which war they got injury? all wars post ww2 are based on lies and every one of them had right to refuse going for it post ww2 because there was legal precedent for it. do I have to feel sorry for people who torched kids with nepalm? sorry. I know you are veteran but that little kids burned body in vietnam is too horrific. do veterans feel any guilt for murdering millions plus in Vietnam alone? I have more respect for people who refused duty and took asylum in Canada and I have more respect for jimmy carter who pardoned those brave men

    • Obamas health plan will go through no matter what happens with the shutdown. Those draft rogers you mention have a great health plan now by the way.

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