“They Live” While We Suffer

by Yukon Jack


The movie They Live is science fiction but it is about us, all movies are about us, and their great appeal has do with where we are in our consciousness. Most films are markers in time of human consciousness, this one was a bit early, only now are we catching on to its true meaning. John Carpenter based this movie from a short story called “Eight O’Clock in the Morning” and released it in 1988, the appeal of this movie is gaining long afterwards as America goes under economically and becomes a repressive police state. With the police acting more alien everyday, the real life conditions are making They Live prophetic, especially Los Angeles where many drones are now flying overhead. Just like in the movie the people are under hypnosis of the media, as we wake up we are seeing who ‘they’ really are. Are we being controlled by an ‘alien’ specie or is it something far more mundane, like a supremacist philosophy? Our very survival demands that we discover who they are and how to deal with them, the inability to name the enemy is a determining factor of our slow recovery from bondage and oppression.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is a Jewish terrorist fusion center, the SPLC wages war on American liberty and is a major source of Zionist propaganda in the news media. The SPLC demonizing traditional values everyday, they seek to overturn every thing normal and institute a Jewish supremacist mind control matrix on the American population. Who are these aliens that are trying to overthrow the American Republic?"

The Southern Poverty Law Center is a Jewish terrorist fusion center, the SPLC wages war on American liberty and is a major source of Zionist propaganda in the news media. The SPLC demonizing traditional values everyday, they seek to overturn every thing normal and institute a Jewish supremacist mind control matrix on the American population. Who are these aliens that are trying to overthrow the American Republic?”

Wikipedia on “They Live”:

“The more political elements of the film are derived from Carpenter’s growing distaste with the ever-increasing commercialization of 1980s popular culture and politics. He remarked, “I began watching TV again. I quickly realized that everything we see is designed to sell us something… It’s all about wanting us to buy something. The only thing they want to do is take our money.” To this end, Carpenter thought of sunglasses as being the tool to seeing the truth, which “is seen in black and white. It’s as if the aliens have colorized us. That means, of course, that Ted Turner is really a monster from outer space.” (Turner had received some bad press in the 1980s for colorizing classic black-and-white movies.) The director commented on the alien threat in an interview, “They want to own all our businesses. A Universal executive asked me, ‘Where’s the threat in that? We all sell out every day.’ I ended up using that line in the film.” The aliens were deliberately made to look like ghouls according to Carpenter, who said: “The creatures are corrupting us, so they, themselves, are corruptions of human beings.”[1]”

Who ‘They’ Are

‘They’ are those that own and control the media, because if we are under mind control the media would have to be part of it. They are part of the plot of 911 because if someone beside them did they would name that party. 911 is the litmus test of who they are, whoever is part of the system of control will not say who really did 911. Whoever ignores 911 or says it doesn’t matter are part of the matrix mind control grid. The SPLC, ADL, JDL and all Jewish organizations maintain the official storyline of 911, this proves that they are in on it, they are part of the authority structure. Many Jewish organizations knew about 911 beforehand and failed to warn us, many of the senior staff at the SPLC and ADL were in on 911.

This plethora of Jewish spy and control organizations employ disinformation specialists pretending to be patriots. In a previous post, I discuss how Alex Jones refuses to name the real controllers, just the other day on his radio broadcast he went through a list of euphemisms for names of the media whores, he correctly derides the main stream media, he runs off 14 names except the actual one because it is Alex Jones job NOT to reveal who ‘they’ are:


On the opening rant, Alex Jones describes the media: “the media, the controlled corporate media, the dinosaur media, the kleptocratic media, imploded media, the dead media, the fraudulent media, the state run media, the sewer stream media, the parrot media, the presstitute media, you know those people, the repeater media, the teleprompter media, the talking point media, …”

Alex puts on an enjoyable show for conservative right wing types, but what did Alex fail to say? What the media actually is, he did not say the obvious meme, that the media is Jewish owned and controlled. Alex Jones is a disinformation specialist, he knows damn well who runs the media is and refuses to say it. Alex Jones job is to insure that you never know who ‘they’ are and his refusal to name the enemy means that Alex Jones is no patriot.

money god

The readers of Veterans Today already know who they are and what they are up is discussed with much fervor. The reason I chose to write for VT was for the simple reason I am allowed to name who they are without beating to much around the bush. What this meant to me was that VT actually wanted to deal with the problem of Jewish control and would become a major player in the solution of freeing the United States from foreign control.  We can never be free until we name the enemy. In my camp the Jews aren’t even the real problem, it’s the Christians who vastly outnumber the Jews but are blinded by the myth. No one can control us unless we let them.  The myth is the mind control that keeps you from seeing the obvious, and Alex Jones plays to that audience, the conservative Christians who are waking up. Alex Jones tells a lot of truth except the most important truth, the one factor that ties all the conspiracies together, the central Jewish axis of all these conspiracies, Alex Jones is keeping the sheep in the pen.

They are those that control us. Once we see clearly who they are, then we note that they are the ones you are not allowed to discuss publicaly. They are the supremacist Jews who control the media. They are networked around the world and are the ones pushing us toward a New World Order, a worldwide police prison state gulag run by International Jewry. The NWO is Jewish, that is a fact Jack.

Why They Act the Way They Do, and Why You Are Acting Like Them

Are the Jews an alien race, from outer space, who came to planet earth and took control of all its resources? Are they like the aliens in the TV show “V”? Not a chance, not only that you can become one of them, you can breed with them, a male gentile can crossbreed with a Jewess and make lots of new Jews. All you have to do is convert to Judaism and starting thinking the way they think. So how do they think, anyways? Well, if you are converted to Christianity you already know because you already are thinking very much like them. Do you respect authority? Do you believe in the law? Do you obey the Jewish legal system? Do you follow moral codes of behavior that restrict your behavior? Christianity is Judaism lite. Zionist Christianity is Judaism porter. Christianity is a derivative memeplex of Judaism, it is, for all practical purposes, a Jewish religion. So what makes Christianity so Jewish?

Let’s start by examining the relationship of Christianity to Judaism according to the authoritative Jewish Encyclopedia:


“Christianity is the system of religious truth based upon the belief that Jesus of Nazareth was the expected Messiah, or Christ, and that in him all the hopes and prophecies of Israel concerning the future have been fulfilled. While comprising creeds which differ widely from one another in doctrine and in practise, Christianity as a whole rests upon the belief in the God of Israel and in the Hebrew Scriptures as the word of God; but it claims that these Scriptures, which it calls the Old Testament, receive their true meaning and interpretation from the New Testament, taken to be the written testimonies of the Apostles that Jesus appeared as the end and fulfilment of all Hebrew prophecy. It furthermore claims that Jesus, its Christ, was and is a son of God in a higher and an essentially different sense than any other human being, sharing in His divine nature, a cosmic principle destined to counteract the principle of evil embodied in Satan; that, therefore, the death of the crucified Christ was designed by God to be the means of atonement for the sin inherited by the human race through the fall of Adam, the first man; and, consequently, that without belief in Jesus, in whom the Old Testament sacrifice is typified, there is no salvation.”

I would say that is a fair assessment, how about you? Christians are reading Jewish books and programming their mind to the Jewish way of thinking, a supremely dangerous thing to do. Christianity is based on the thought structure of Jewish writers, the central fictional character of the Bible fable is this angry psychopathic god, assigning god status to this character is a big mistake. The Bible contains supremacist rantings of the Jewish authors, the Bible god is a war god invented by Jewish supremacists, he instructs his people to wipe out the other tribes.

Christians believe this book to be the word of god, some take the book literal and even challenge established scientific ideas like Natural Selection. Since this god doesn’t exist, it is only a mind delusion, Christians are gentiles whose minds are framing reality in the terms of the Jewish book, a book of supremacy memes. People still imagine an angry god, even in this modern age preachers assign causality of natural disasters to god, when Hurricane Katrina destroyed parts of New Orleans, the TV preachers said god was angry with America for allowing homosexuals and abortions. They were unable to objectively see that the sexually licentious French Quarter was untouched by hurricane Katrina flooding.

Studying the Bible is a lesson plan on Jewish supremacism. Christians are unwittingly taking into their mind Jewish dominance memes that form a matrix in their mind. Could this be why gentiles gleefully fight Jewish authored wars of world domination?  The Bible is a book, its text is a pattern of information, reading and memorizing it is akin to uploading a program to your mind.  Like any book, the author(s) can imprint and pass ideas and emotions from one mind to the next. A good writer can make you see and feel as they do.  If the Judeo-Christian god was real then would he contact you from a book, would an omnipotent deity need mortals to pass the information of his existence along?  The Bible is a mind virus, being passed from person to person by the infected believers.

The Bible is a thought pattern, a holographic imprinting, that gets you to think like a Rabbi.  Once programmed you become the robot of Christ or the warrior for Jehovah, you become the psychopathic projection of the book author.  If Christians actually want to be followers of their passive god Jesus then they wouldn’t have the Bible they have today, they would not include the Old Testament and teachings of the psychopathic war god Jehovah. But they do which is why so many have been turned to the dark side of Zionist Evangelism, where they form they largest group of supporters of blood soaked Israel.  Iraqis were bombed, killed, tortured, mutilated, raped, pillaged, polluted by an invading army of Bible believers.  Atheists don’t sign up for religious conquest.

So why did the rabbinic class invent (or adopt) a war god? The rabbi is not the one doing the fighting, he has to motivate the unlearned members of the tribe to fight. So if you are a psychopathic rabbi what kind of god would you invent?  The Bible writers created a god that demands you genocide the other tribes, they created a god in their image. God is the outpicturing of the Rabbinic mind, they invented  a monster god, one that allows warriors to kill without guilt. Most warrior classes do not kill women and children, they have strict codes prohibiting immoral behavior.

If you want total power then you pull out all of the stops and kill everything. No Mr. Nice Guy, just kill ’em all and let god sort them out. When you want to totally dominate you raze, you level, you carpet bomb, you genocide, you leave no stone unturned, you burn the compound to the ground, women and children matter not. Total war is a very Jewish thing and gentiles have signed onto it because they have been indoctrinated into the Jewish way of thinking.  Look at how American Christian soldiers behaved in Iraq.

The Old Testament and New Testament are written by Jews for Jews. Jesus was a Jew, the apostles were Jews, Paul was a Jew. Jesus came to save his people. If the Roman Flavian dynasty invented Christianity it is still Jewish because they employed Jewish scholars that wrote a tale of Jesus who fulfilled Torah prophecy. The Bible is 100% Jewish literature but for some reason gentiles think it applies to them. Most Christians know everything about the fables of Jewish origin but nothing of their own. Part of the indoctrination into the cult of supremacy is to forget your past and origin and learn all about the chosen ones. So why do gentiles love the Jewish Bible so much?

Imagine you want no responsibility, you think you deserve a ‘free ride’ through life because you are special. How does a human get to the point they disdain normal activities of making their way? By believing a holy book that teaches the adherent they are special, chosen by god, above all others. There is great appeal to the Bible message of specialness, with Bible philosophy you can wage wars without guilt, you can dominate others, you can get rich on the backs of others. With the Bible you can be a televangelist preacher and rake in millions from gullible sheep. With the Bible you can claim giant tracts of real estate and claim god promised you this land. Swindlers take note, the Bible is the greatest thieving con game ever invented. Maybe the Bible is the greatest scam of all time, one that dwarfs the Federal Reserve debit money scam.

Myth Memes Intersecting Our Consciousness in the Movies

Movies are about where our culture’s consciousness is resonating at any given time period, script writers are probing the edge of conscious space and sometimes lead the masses by decades. Hollywood makes great movies, foreign movies suck, admit it. Movies are markers in time just as art, you can guess the year when a movie is made or the decade of an artist’s painting.

The opening salvo of this mentality is the Genesis story of the Holy Bible, Adam and Eve are hanging out in the Garden of Eden, ‘being fruitful and multiplying’ (i.e. having sex). A hippie dream come true, no work, no clothes, just hangin’ out and having sex in a tropical paradise. But Eve, that naughty women temptress, listens to a talking snake and gets her lover Adam to take a bite of forbidden fruit, which just happens to be growing in their private paradise. Hundreds of millions believe this story literal, even though the logic of the story is laughably insane. Why so many buy it hook, line, and sinker is beyond me but they do. Here is a cartoon lampooning the Adam and Eve story, it is a wonderful way to see how ridiculous this story really is:

youtube video: If Man Obeyed God  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_a6RjR_AHY

Download Video

What is the message of this part of the myth? Women are framed for the downfall of mankind. Men have to toil for their labor because we were cast out of the garden. This mythological story explain how we got where we are, working like slaves for our daily bread while all the rest of creation just exists. Man is the only animal that has to pay for food and a place to live. You ought to ask yourself how you became a slave while all of Nature everything else is free. Do ‘ya think religion played a role in your personal downfall? Religion made you a slave because it taught that you must toil for your sustenance. Religion is a con game the elites use to make you a worker slave. Clearly, believing in the Bible is the downfall of mankind, not women.

jimmy buffet blame womenEven though the Bible was used to justify slavery it still has great appeal to blacks. Even though the Bible degrades women and makes them the origination of sin, half of Christianity is female. Why is this, do Christians even read their book?

The Holy Bible is the Blinder

If you want to ‘see’ who they are who must not be under the Bible spell. The Bible is about establishing authority in the mind of the gentile slave, since the Jews are named as the chosen ones in this self authored book the gentile can not see that the Jews are controlling them. Just like a fish that is unable to detect water, the Christian is unable to detect the Jewish controllers, Christian are taught that god is controlling the world and that his people are the Jews. As a result of this belief, the Christian is dumbfounded if you tell them the Jews did 911. When the world goes astray the believer will do everything to prevent their mind from confronting the reality of Jewish subversion, they will come up with incredible new myths, tying to understand why the omnipotent god was thwarted. What they can not do is confront their belief system.

This is also true for political myth, like the exceptionalist meme that America is the last best hope of the world, so if America is upside down then it must be the shapeshifting reptilians from the Draco star system, why it can’t be us and our beliefs. Can America be the beast destroyer of the end times myth, say it isn’t so?  Maybe the reason for our demise is far more simple, maybe its just regular humans working us over because they have an angle on our consciousness. Maybe the Jews are exploiting the blindspot in Christianity. The Jews see the duped Christian population because they are not suffering the inferior status of the unchosen ones of the god delusion, so they take advantage of the situation, they make themselves god. Jews and atheist gentiles in government are thrilled by the duped sheep and do everything to take advantage of the situation. Many Hollywood movies portray gentiles confused about their situation, it is almost like the writers are mocking gentile stupidity. Authoritarians use the belief in authority to violate every right, as long as you believe they will exploit. This is the reason politicians love Christian indoctrination and public school. They couldn’t care less if you learn anything important, what they don’t want is you thinking, they want you obeying authority. Questioning authority prompts rage in these control freaks, the fact is they don’t have any authority over you unless you give it to them.

theylive_holybibleMost Bible believers are still duped, many that wake up and become ‘Jew wise’ still cling to the Bible like a toddler clinging to mommy’s skirt. They are so taken by the document they can’t let it go, this is because being indoctrinated into the Bible is memetic programming, the brain is patterned to the memes of the Bible and the believer is viewing reality through the filter of the Bible. The believer is put into a state of utter fear if they would go against god and become an independent thinker. A free thinker is the number one enemy of church and state, which is why it is discouraged and this quote is one of the greatest of all time (usually attributed to French philosopher Denis Diderot):

“Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.”

In the movie They Live Roddy Piper puts on the glasses that allows him to see the world as it really is. You don’t need magic glasses, you need only let go of myth memes that control your perception of reality, you must remove the filter that creates a false vision of reality. You must stop viewing reality through the lens of the Bible and see reality for which it is, that there is no god in charge of this world. There is no afterlife with Jesus awaiting your loyal subservience, this is it, and if you want to live free then it is you that must act. Jesus gets you to stand down and allows the world to be rolled by evil. Evil is stopped when good men act. I shock my readers by saying we should shoot cops in the head, afterall they are shooting us and we pay their salary. Freedom is won by the gun, not by limp wristed protest, when those with guns kill their controllers. When they are dead you are free. I also advocate bombing Israel because Israel is bombing the world, in order to stop this evil you bomb them back to the stone age. When the evil Israeli state is glassed over they won’t be making trouble for everyone else.

If You Really Want Freedom You Must Stop the Controlling Input Into Your Mind

They Live is continuously examined for who ‘they’ really are.  Forget about anyone in Hollywood or MSM doing an accurate review of this movie, if you work there you know who runs the show and you dare not mention their name or you might be permanently out of work or worse, dead, just ask Mel Gibson or Dennis Hopper. They can’t name the obvious fit for who ‘they’ are, but we on the outside of Tinseltown can. They are the Jews who corrupt society because they ‘sell out everyday’ for the almighty dollar god.

The process of selling out to get dollars is the corrupting process, it is a spiritual problem of corrupting the human soul for money, so obviously we shouldn’t have debt money because that corrupts us. But we do because they want to control us and make us slaves using money as the primary tool of slavery. So if we get rid of debt money and issue debt free currency we free ourselves from the unpayable debts and compounding interest and we allow ourselves to be spiritual beings once again, and that is how we get back to the Garden of Eden. We don’t get back by freeloading on the backs of others, suppressing others, enslaving whole nations to the wishes of a few. We are all in on this, we get back to the garden by refusing to play along with the control matrix, and to do that, everyone must transcend the myth.

holy shitThere is no angry sky god watching what you do and making a list to judge you.     That is something the Jewish owned government might do with their criminal spying operations, but there’s no god out to get ‘ya. No god demands animal or human sacrifice to appeal it’s wrath.  In order to be free you must free yourself of the evil Bible god. I would say you can still believe in a god, make one up, make one up in your image because that is all that god is, an image in your mind. Don’t rely on the the Jewish image of god, that is a bad god who destroys all.

The Jews control you if they control your mind. The television is called the Jewtube because Jews own 96% of the media and broadcast Zionist slanted propaganda 24/7. They also control you through the indoctrination centers called churches, so if you want to be free you must stop voluntarily attending their churches and stop viewing their reality on the tube. You must stop believing in the invented Jewish version of god, which is only one of many. The problem with monotheism it is fascist in nature, a monotheist is intolerant of other gods, the monotheist thinks his god is the one true god. All gods are invented by the human mind, so if you enforce a singular god meme then you are fascist.

They are living it up at our expense while we suffer. We suffer because we chose to suffer, we collectively have agreed to be spellbound by a book that makes the Jewish controllers and their money system our god.  They live because you are playing along in this mind game, you are in on it with them.  Don’t like the wars and suffering?  Quit giving them your authority, quit voting for them, quit believing in their war god, quit thinking like a supremacist that must control the world because you are an exceptional American Christian.

they live we suffer

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22 Responses to "“They Live” While We Suffer"

  1. Kshatriya  October 7, 2013 at 2:52 pm

    Gasp… That’s what I call an Editorial. Unfortunately for the Western/Hebrew-based mindset, all too terrifyingly true. Every Christian should be compelled to live in India or one of the Far-Eastern realms where Buddhism has sway, in order to understand just how demented the west truly is. As for our own stories and myths, Tsarion is mostly right for his part; they’ve been squelched and hidden from the modern mind for so long that we are a disconnected, disheveled mess. Look to the East…

  2. Mike Kay  October 6, 2013 at 3:58 pm

    Jack, I see you have the usual demented christians commenting. Other than bringing up their tired, discredited “evidence”, they are universally fond of pointing out how wrong they think everyone else is.
    Here is a question for all christians, why do tens of millions of your brethren absolutely worship the zioplague, and its noose around their necks?
    No, you can’t worm out of the question by pretending that you are a different kind of christian, because you are not, you believe the same ideological creed.

    • Yukon Jack  October 6, 2013 at 6:30 pm

      They always find some way to disassociate from criticism, the popular one these days is to claim that only the zionist christians are in bed with the jews, that regular christians are not. Really? How many mainstream christian preachers are vocal against zionism or its wars? Almost none, they are in on it, I bet those good Methodists and Lutherans are secretly delighted that those mooselims are getting the crap bombed out of them. Why? It’s a rival memeset, their competition is being eliminated.

      When it comes right down to it, Christianity is a form of memetic programming, a mind virus that seeks its own survival and that trumps whatever teachings of Jesus they claim they subscribe to.

    • Mike Kay  October 6, 2013 at 9:21 pm

      The core of it all is a tragic and endlessly futile struggle-the issue of using an anti-human ideology against humanity itself. The best way to get someone to take poison is to convince them it is a delicacy.
      Everything we want to find in christianity, judaism, or islam we find within ourselves. Humanity is essentially a moral species, yet certain anomalous conditions can warp this natural quality.
      Humanity can not recall a significant portion of its own history. Cut off from crucial knowledge, humanity is left to delve deeply into the worst error regarding itself, its origin, its goals.
      The problem with all three abrahamic creeds is that they induce fatal error into human consciousness, via subverting natural inborn human qualities with externally applied dogmas. This was exactly what the ancient Crestos, mystery teachers, said over and over again. This is why they were rubbed out in a series of murderous campaigns launched by christianity.
      It remains to be seen, if it is possible for humanity to understand the depth of its error, and begin a correction. What is obvious is that those who have already surrendered their humanity have zero intention of bringing it back.

  3. Preston James, Ph.D  October 6, 2013 at 12:36 pm

    Many good points in the first part of this article. However Jack makes an error in logic. He assumes that zionist Christians represent all Christians. Actually not so, these so-call zionist Christians are mind-kontrolled dupes that do not understand that Israel is the “nation of believers ” in Yahweh and Jeshua, not Judaic converts of non-Hebrew genes living in Palestine from Khazarian and ashkenazim roots. These Christian zios are dupes that stupidly believe Judaics converts living in the Rothschild’s private artificial nationstate they mistkenly call Israel (to fool people) represent the bloodlines and land which Jesus cam from. This is an abject lie on both counts. The current phony Rothschild Bankster state of “Israel” is as anti-Christian as one can imagine (preaching any Christianity is a five year felony) and those living there are (90%+) have absolutely no real Hebrew blood or genetics. And as Jack doesn’t understand, there are actually quite a few Christians who are NOT zionist, who are fully informed and awake, do not support this phony Israel (of Rev 2:9, 3:9), that understand that world zionism is luciferian through and through and want Palestine returned to Palestinians (80%+ of whom actually have Hebrew blood and genes according to recent John Hopkins genetic studies). It is time for these ignorant zionist Christians to wake up and learn that the Khazarian and Ashkenzim Judaic converts living in Palestine now calling themselves Israel are anti-Christian.

    • Yukon Jack  October 6, 2013 at 6:23 pm

      All Christians use the Bible as their source document, all Christians include the Old Testament. The main point of the this article is to identify who they are and why we can not see or say who they are. I lump all Christians together because they ALL believe in the Jewish deity, they ALL believe in the afterlife, they ALL believe in the judging Bible god, hell, and eternal punishment. One of the biggest metaphysical mistakes of ALL Christians is that they think sin keeps you eternally separated from god, that is not even possible because if god is all that there is then you can never be separated from god and that implies that in a sense you are part of god, or an aspect of god.

      The question is why do any of us in the west even practice a religion from back then and that part of the world. Once you get past the fear (hell, judgment) then why practice Christianity at all? Why not be a good person for its own merit. Why have any belief system clouding your judgement? I see no benefit to Christianity and strongly believe the Bible should be banned as a biological weapon that can mass infect a population. Most people can not handle the Bible, it is to powerful for them and overwhelms their mind. No child should be exposed to the Bible, programming them from an early age is psychological abuse, I know I had no choice but be indoctrinated and then I had to spend 4 decades undoing the damage.

  4. Yukon Jack  October 6, 2013 at 10:46 am

    “They Live” is a cult classic and it has the all time best fight scene according to critics. It is a parody of how hard it is to change someone’s mind, Rowdy Piper tells his black friend to “either put on these glasses or start eating that trashcan”. lol

    They Live Fight Scene – FULL (Explicit Language)

  5. Yukon Jack  October 6, 2013 at 10:39 am

    “The Bible is a thought pattern, a holographic imprinting, that gets you to think like a Rabbi. Once programmed you become the robot of Christ or the warrior for Jehovah, you become the psychopathic projection of the book author. If Christians actually want to be followers of their passive god Jesus then they wouldn’t have the Bible they have today, they would not include the Old Testament and teachings of the psychopathic “

  6. Yukon Jack  October 6, 2013 at 10:29 am

    I changed the title and rewrote a few paragraphs after I had a intense interaction with some of my Christian ‘friends’. I often say there is only one letter difference between the word friend and fiend.

    Is god a holographic thought projection into hyperspace that interacts with the believers? Whenever I destroy Christianinity with my writings I get powerful synchronicities with the controlled assets of Jehovah.

    This leads me to believe that humans invent gods and these gods war for dominance and the reason for this is that they thoughtform is conscious and trying to survive like any entity. If humans stop believing in a god then that god withers and dies. So perhaps the wars are of gods and men, my thoughform vs. your thoughtform.

    Since the god thoughtform is uploaded via a book then we could postulate that when humans war they are really trying to dominate thought space and this is why they destroy the other nations culture and books. After thousands of years of war then the surviving deity is the most warlike and ruthless one. Just like intercity gangs, the dominant gang will kill for dominance. Want the best car, the best woman, the best estate? What are you willing to do to get it?

    • jglassel.  October 6, 2013 at 1:31 pm

      There are many gods, hence the confusions generated. The Entirety is this infinitely big blob of quantum neutrality. A sappy spiritualist would call it love, but it is neutral, neither judging, punishing or condemning.

      To experience itself, Nature created other forces in the likeness of a quantum computer, running simultaneous scenarios across infinite dimensions, infinite realities and infinite timelines, searching for that one bit of knowledge it lacks. WTF am I doing here, why do I exist, whom do I serve and who created me?

      Sound familiar.

      The Entirety, seeking the answer to its purpose created something better than itself, immortal man, the Christ. Yaldabaoth, the devil god of the Jews was an accidental creation of matter coming in contact with the force of wisdom (the Goddess Sophia) without her consort (positive-negative, male female), the Christ

      The human sprit, the Christ was interjected into Yaldabaoth’s creation of mortal man to compensate.

      The only unforgivable sin is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, because we blaspheme ourselves, a form of suicide when we deny the power within while waiting for the tooth fairy gods and 26 mile long Galactic Federation of Light ships to rescue us.

      Now, as man is greater than any god, we have the capability to discover the Cosmic Riddle. When we do so, the game is over. The Entirety ends the simulation, flips off the switch, releases the God Stuff that comprises 99.999% of every atom and we, even immortal man will cease to exist.

    • Mike Kay  October 6, 2013 at 4:23 pm

      I don’t have the space to write everything as I would wish, so I hope to offer a quick explanation.
      You are correct to claim alien interference with humanity. The saga of Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom, is supremely linked to humanity and the alien threat. Sophia transformed into the Earth, a living, breathing biosphere that is indeed the mother of humanity, of living things, INCLUDING the aliens!
      In order to corrupt the bond humanity naturally has with the planet, and the biosphere, the aliens introduced a mental virus, perfected over a period of thousands of years. They used the Hebrews to gestate, mutate, and incubate this virus.
      In order for this virus to take hold, it required a radical disassociation with one’s own body, biosphere, and planet. This was best accomplished through severe trauma, where dysfunctional psychological states substitute easily for those normal psychological functions. The first wave of this mental virus was christianity, and the second, Islam.
      Judaism remains the inception for the virus, but as an ethnic, closed religion, it could not infect greater humanity. This required the brutal shock treatment found in C. and I., which is directly linked to the proselytizing complex found in both virus ideologies.
      The ultimate purpose of all three redeemer religions is to turn the human animal against its own natural connections to divine planet, and self, destroying the human experiment.

  7. jackheart  October 6, 2013 at 12:45 am

    Don’t worry its coming shirlz, its coming. Its not something that’s going to fit neatly in a 2500 word essay. It will probably be about seven 2500 word essays if VT should chose to publish them. Because they are going to start a hell of a lot of trouble. I can promise you that. As an intelligent human being like most VT readers are you are going to require proof and I am going to give it to you. Four down three to go. Yukon is writing from the point of view of an atheist as any thinking human being should do if they have never witnessed paranormal phenomenon. some of you find it unpalatable because like many people you have witnessed paranormal phenomenon. That is why collectively we are hard wired to believe in a hereafter. But if you do believe I can only advise you for the present if you are Muslim, Christian, or messianic Jew you have been programed to be their slave just as Yukon is telling you. Throw your Bible, Quran and Torah (if you don’t know Qabalah)in the garbage pail or continue to serve your evil masters. they believe none of it anyway. The only truth is in the Qabalah that’s why devout Jews who study it often go insane. I’m going to bring it to you right from the heart of the darkness but until then another great job by one of the best writers I have read in a very long time, roll over Nietzsche make room for Yukon Jack!

  8. Divine Law  October 5, 2013 at 8:51 pm

    Yukon great article, keep up the good work.

    • Yukon Jack  October 6, 2013 at 10:31 am


  9. pjs  October 5, 2013 at 7:45 pm

    Yukon, you really need start telling the truth soon! The Israelites who believed in Jesus were persecuted and slaughtered by the Jews for what was (and still is) perceived as heresy/idolatry. Jesus’ followers disassociated themselves from the Jews completely and established the true Church (body of believers), which is open to ‘every nation, tribe and tongue’ who believes in Jesus Christ. Paul explains of the Church that, ‘there is NO JEW nor Greek…for all are one in Christ Jesus’. John says of the Jews who rejected Christ, that they call themselves Jews but are the synagogue of Satan. There is no valid, bible-based connection between Judaism and Christianity at all. The televangelists who do deceive people into believing that one exists or that ‘Israel’ has any scriptural significance apart from being the ‘beast that was wounded by the sword but lived’, are most likely money-harlots or crypto-jews.

  10. Divine Law  October 5, 2013 at 10:22 am

    Yukon just keep hitting them with the truth. The bible is no more fact than santa claus. Its always about the Jews and how God sends in the troops (USA today) to save these people. The true Israelites were given huge levels of radiation by the Zionists, so that they would die off. The 99% of modern Israel aren’t even jewish they are true blue blooded europeans as has been disclosed by James Dean in a previous article pertaining to genealogy.

    Through time more people will wake up from this nightmare and when they do, they will be angry as they will understand that the bible was a total scam and subservience to the jews was the end result. It is difficult to truly understand, when one has been disillusioned their entire life and now you see the truth.

    On 9/11 George Bush was talking to a kindergarden class. George was happy because all these little children were listening to him and no one was confronting him. When he received the news about the attacks he just didn’t want to leave this wonderful comfort zone. Why else didn’t he jump into action? Today these kids would be throwing theirs shoes at him because the scam was up.

    Today its your turn to stand up and start throwing your shoes at the jews.

  11. jglassel.  October 4, 2013 at 6:53 pm

    We are all in on this, we get back to the garden by refusing to play along with the control matrix, and to do that, everyone must transcend the myth.

    Awesome Statement

    There is no death in an illusion, no life without liberty!

  12. jglassel.  October 4, 2013 at 6:49 pm

    Egyptologist Alvin Kuhn who died in 1963 or so asserted that Egyptian civilization can be traced back 75,000 years and guess what, they were the original creators of the Science of Christ.

    Yep, you got it Christianity predates Christianity by tens of thousands of years. WTF

    The theory of the force, that is the Christ existed well before there were any Jews. The Disciples are allegories of something I have yet to discover, but they were not walking around 2,000 years ago.

    Apollonius was though. The Gnostic Missionary who was morphed into the Apostle Paul is the closest representation we have of a literal Christ for the time period. Forget the Gospels and read Paul without assuming a Jew on the stick and see what you get.

    Universities and seminaries still proclaim the work of Albright. Turns out the archaeologist who traveled the Holy Land with a Bible and a shovel was never an archeologist! All of his “work” and misconceptions are still taught as fact though all have been debunked by modern archeology.

    We are taught what to think, not how to think. It is an intentional deception by our common “not of flesh and blood” enemy that exits unto this day!

    Yes, the Archon again, that divide us through our common beliefs.

    None of which matter. I have no problem marching on DC with Tyron on one side, a Muslim or Homosexual or any other patriot on the other.

    Sheeple of the World Unite to Storm the Castle of Frankenstein!

    Until we take our country back, we are all Sheeple.

    • jackheart  October 6, 2013 at 1:06 am

      Paul the most poisonous snake in the whole nest of vipers. You must really cherish your slave status. maybe you should read some Machiavelli or Nietzsche and see what they had to say about that demented eunuch. Don’t let Paul fool you because he was educated in Gnosticism that’s why the Romans and the Rabbi’s set him loose amongst the sheep. He is continually referred to as the lying priest in the Dead Sea Scrolls. Rabbi Hillil is the teacher of righteousness. But don’t let me get in the way of your love affair with your own chains. And as far as modern archeology is concerned you might as well call it Jew “science.”

    • Mike Kay  October 6, 2013 at 9:49 pm

      Certainly, Egypt did provide source material to Judea, and Judea thanked them by telling great lies about Egypt. For example, one great lie was that Egypt enslaved the hebrews and forced them to build their great architectural works. This is a vicious fantasy, since Egypt had no slavery until the Hellenic conquest, and because it was the genius of Egypt, and skilled Egyptian hands, that were responsible for these great monuments. No jew even broke a fingernail, building any monument in Egypt.
      However, several of the sacred stories of Egypt have antecedents in Sumer. Further, Egypt was a center for international trade, which includes cultural and religious diffusion, centuries before Hellenic conquest.
      However, christianity, together with judaism and islam are unique in their myth of the divine redeemer. I repeat, nowhere in ancient thought do we find anything approaching the redeemer complex. Scholars today trace this aberrant ideology directly to judaism, where all the elements were mutated into existence, culminating with the zaddikim so clearly illustrated with the Dead sea Scrolls.
      There was no christianity before it was crafted by Rome. Christianity stole for itself the rituals, ceremonies, and holidays of pagan worship, but it would be a mistake to believe these elements were in any way christian. For example, the cross existed centuries before christianity as a symbol of the creative force of the Gods. Until co-opted, it had zero allusion to the dying Jesus.

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