DHS Preppers: Collapse, Dictatorship Coming!


doomsday_preppers_instore_ambient_96dpiby Kevin Barrett


The mainstream media poke fun at “preppers” – people who have a survival plan in case the financial system fails.

But the world’s biggest prepper is the Department of Homeland Security. According to the Associated Press, DHS recently acquired 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition – about five rounds for every man, woman and child in the US. Fox News says at least 360,000 of those are hollow point bullets, which are banned by the Geneva Conventions.

Mainstream outlets like the Denver Post say that anyone concerned about these facts must be a “conspiracy theorist.”

But America’s leading public banking advocate Ellen Brown – a wildly popular speaker at “respectable” left-liberal conferences worldwide – worries that the  so-called conspiracy theorists may be right. In her new article “Is Homeland Security Preparing for the Next Wall Street Collapse?” Brown notes that while DHS flacks and their mainstream media lackeys claim the ammo buy is for training purposes, that’s sort of like claiming you developed nuclear weapons to swat a couple of flies. The fact is, as Forbes Magazine admits, DHS’s single ammo buy is for enough rounds to sustain an Iraq-sized war for 20 years.

So why does DHS need five rounds for every man, woman, and child in America?

Ellen Brown cites recently-revealed statements by Gordon Brown (no relation) suggesting that the power elite is expecting a massive financial collapse, during which stores would be shuttered and people would be reduced to rioting and smashing supermarket windows to obtain food.

If that is indeed what the DHS is prepping for, maybe the preppers – who want to make sure that they will have an alternative to rioting and smashing supermarket windows – aren’t so crazy after all.

Listen to my recent interview with Ellen Brown (begins 45 minutes into the broadcast):







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Dr. Kevin Barrett, a Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist, is one of America’s best-known critics of the War on Terror.

He is Host of TRUTH JIHAD RADIO; a hard driving weekly LIVE call in radio show. He also has appeared many times on Fox, CNN, PBS and other broadcast outlets, and has inspired feature stories and op-eds in the New York Times, the Christian Science Monitor, the Chicago Tribune, and other leading publications.

Dr. Barrett has taught at colleges and universities in San Francisco, Paris, and Wisconsin, where he ran for Congress in 2008. He currently works as a nonprofit organizer, author, and talk radio host.

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  1. Excellent article, I have been aware of Miss Brown’s work and her books for awhile now. Seems the alternative sites that allow her on shows is very small.

    Thanks to everyone on this site working to disseminate the truth. I have been working to get up to speed on a rapidly moving ride. Last night I discovered Jeff Gates work. . . . man I never got knocked off the internet and moved around so fast.

    Thanks Gordon and Staff.

  2. The DHS is expecting major gun battles with that much ammo.The fed and their paper notes needs to be the first thing eliminated in the Free States of America.The economic fix is not that difficult to do.It is written in the constitution.These are times that a benevolent is needed in order to make sweeping changes to dis empower the criminal ruling structure that is in place.The use of state referendums can be used to wrest governing control from the traitors in DC.These are just some of my ideas.We all need to brainstorm this

    • We can’t expect the Military to stick their necks out for us, unless we prove our necks are worth saving.
      This is a “head game.” Our battle is not with flesh and blood, nor with our own “sin.”

      At some point, the PTB will create a perfect storm of events that will lead to a March on DC. This march must not be kept a secret and must have the support of nearly every imaginable group into which we divide ourselves.

      We must procure space and facilities for 3,000,000 peaceful, non violent protesters in 10 camps of 300,00 each (Woodstock had 500,000?) surrounding DC. The pressure will mount in a besieged DC with the criminals becoming increasingly paranoid as to whether the army and DHS will protect them.

      The answer is no, they will not protect that scum.

      When the time is right, we march. Hopefully mass arrests will begin before we get there and we will retake our country without loss of life, yet we must be prepared and ready to accept death.

      Us old farts should be open with our identities, the younger people should stay as anonymous as possible, for as long as possible.

      Us old farts should march in front. At our age, we know death is an illusion and we should be prepared to stay the coarse though multiple deaths across infinite timelines, until this victory is finally won!

      The folks at home, need to take the state houses and immediately secede from the union, and act as sovereign nation to assure the well being of the folks at home.

      Brainstorm 1

  3. “The mainstream media poke fun at “preppers” …”

    Are not bankers in the mainstream media the first pointing out how important it is to be prepared?

    Their quack stories have titles like: “How Life Insurance Saved My Family”

  4. Once again Dr. Barrett (who should be full Professor Barrett if the zios hadn’t manipulated the University system as they always try to do to quiet a truth-teller), shows that he is on the cutting edge of social trends and gets it right on the coming economic breakdown. Nobody knows when or exactly how, but what goes up eventually must come down and it will probably be sooner than later. But even if the USG can craftily kick the can down the road another year or two, the American economy is dropping as is the standard of living and the number of viable decent paying full time jobs. Poverty is knocking on many’s backdoor for the first time thanks to Nafta, Cafta, Gatt, WTO and soon coming the secret Pacific Trade Union (treaty) which is Nafta on steroids. Yes the USG is doing everything it can in small progressive steps to destroy America the Republic. The real cause: zios desire to asset strip and kill all Goyim and their culture.

    Yes, for years the controlled major mass media has loved portraying preppers as crackpots when the whole time the USG has been prepping more than anyone else since 1947 with all their multi-trillion dollar secret DUMBS and massive weapons, ammo and food stockpiles. this is the greatest form of hippocrasy ever imagined, like being the world’s biggest terrorist mass-murderer war profiteer that did 911 and so many illegal perpetual wars, while accusing any normal American that wants to question centralized power as a “domestic terrorist”. How convenient for this run-away out of control criminal regime inside the beltway to call everyone what they actually are.

    • One of the things I love about VT is that the comments are often at least as good as the articles. Preston’s comments are always the best of the best. But personally I wouldn’t say all zios are trying to kill all goyim. To me, a zio is anybody who actively supports the apartheid state occupying Palestine. Most of those people are just misguided. Sure, there may be a few who want to “kill all the goyim.” And sure, there’s widespread unconscious paranoid hostility toward goyim in a fairly broad cross section of the zio population. But I try not to make bald, sweeping statements that denigrate large, diverse populations – even zios! The reality is bad enough – so there’s no need to exaggerate.

    • “” Mainstream outlets like the Denver Post
      say that anyone concerned about these facts must be a “conspiracy theorist.””

      Doc Barrett, as I’ve highlighted before and applies even more-so in a forum such as Here on VT. “Everything our forefathers were to alleged to have fought WWII for/about, that the battle was actually Lost.”

      This Brand “X” of Facism and Nazism is here today. During Olive Norths trial (sic) we had a glimmer of the Shadow Government as well as the run-up to that period in Operation Paperclip importing those into US operations.

      FEMA and HR-645, indefinite detention, torture, killing of US citizens with zero proof as to ones guilt or changing meanings of Collateral Damage to “Militants” where again zero proof of guilt. Bullets, 2700 armored vehicles, more and more seen daily Soldiers and their Humvee’s parked along citizens streets to get the Sheeple used to their presence on our towns streets as anything is sure to trigger “Soft Martial Law” just like Clinton an WACO.

      Executive Orders in place for total seizures of all infrastructures and communications. The militarization of all law enforcement, spying, using government affiliations like IRS, FBI and other alphabet agencies to specifically target civil dissent. We at least other citizens not bought off by Obama cellphones and other social programs which I call “War Rations” as Americans won’t bite the hand that’s feeding them.

      So upon “Evidence” did the USA “Win WWII?” or loose?

    • Good points Dr. Barrett. I was referring to the very small group of talmudic noahides that actually are the inside controllers of world zionism, the folks who hijacked American Banking and have been hard at work destroying American sex roles, family, culture, borders and language. Some of these folks are NeoCons and dual citizen Israeli-first traitors. And to what end? To eradicate Christianity, and even the Deist culture of the Founding Fathers, and now of course the Islamic faith. This small sect gets their horsepower from being the world’s money changers and Banksters. Most Judaics that I know are secular and either know nothing of this select group, or the few that do ignore them and want nothing to do with their zionism (world racial superiority of the hex) but they are afraid to buck them because they fear being retaliated against.

    • Ask any Jew what a golem is. If that Jew knows what a golem is then you can bet they have been indoctrinated into the idea that Jews are superior beings and the rest of us are goy to be herded or slaughtered at their convenience.

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