Titanic Goes Under

by Yukon Jack


Glug, glug, glug, the United States ship of state is going under. The credit markets are in turmoil, the only thing holding the financial ship afloat is confidence. What happens if confidence vanishes, what happens if those holding US Treasury Bonds decide to jump ship? What is confidence and why is it so important? Do the current bunch of thieves, liars, and crooks in D.C. inspire confidence? Why does anyone fund these war criminals? Do they actually think they are going to be repaid? If Washington is willing to bomb whole nations into ruin then what are your chances of getting your bond money paid in real dollars? Zero.  Criminals don’t play by the rules, they make them up as they go along. The gangsters in China are worried, they foolishly lent over a trillion to America. Washington is playing them like a fiddle.

America is considered unsinkable like the Titanic.  The rich will saves themselves leaving the rest to drown in a sea of debt.

America is considered unsinkable like the Titanic. The rich will saves themselves leaving the rest to drown in a sea of debt.

This Congressional game of chicken is a Libertarian dream come true, for those of us who love freedom BigGov shutdown is a blessed good thing, hopefully they will never reopen. The terminator ran out of juice, too bad.  Good bye and good riddance! We really don’t like the Federal Government, for one thing it does not govern, all it does it loot and kill, it is like a wrecking ball gone crazy making a mess everywhere on the planet. How many wars and how many people have they killed, maimed, displaced by the American state as it whores itself to Wall Street, the war machine, and crazy little Israel? It is horrific, the crimes are so big that most of us think its Apocalypse Now. With the Federal government gone, so are all of the restrictions to freedom, the Federal shutdown is the greatest single pro liberty event ever! Quick, call your congressional whore and tell them not to budge!

Say Goodby to Zionist Evil

Just think, with the Federal State gone, no more wars for Israel, no more taxpayer money to Israel, no more AIPAC lobby domination of American foreign policy, no more subversion of liberty for Jewish supremacy. Think about what the Zionist Federal Government is, an extension of Rothschilds’ demonic little state of Israel, America has become the military arm of the Jewish World Order. It does not represent us, nor does it have our values, it has become antithetical to everything of what America stands for, decency and liberty. Our elected representatives are whores of the beastly system of world domination, not exactly what the founder’s envisioned.

Israel is our best friend.

Israel is our best friend.

America went bankrupt because of the Israel Lobby, American lost its way because of Israel, America went to hell for Israel, America will burn because of Israel. Yet everyday the Evangelicals sing hosannas to Israel, the situation is sickening, we are in end times madness caused by religious belief systems gone crazy. Clearly, most Americans are mentally ill, delusional consumers in debt bubble land driving huge behemoth SUVs with ‘support our troops’ bumper stickers on one side and ‘Jesus is my savior’ stickers on the other side.

The US government has no money, it is flat broke and in hock. So how does it pull off this endless string of wars? By borrowing money from the private Federal Reserve corporation. It has no intention or ability of paying that borrowed money back, but the reason people lend to them is that they have confidence that they will paid. It’s a fools game. Eventually the debts pile high and we all intuitively know that something has to give, something is going to trigger an avalanche of defaults, some wild card will be overturned, the infamous black swan event that is the proverbial pin that pricks the bubble.

The world has caught on to Israel, America was the last nation to grasp the obvious that Israel is nobodies friend.  Israel is a rogue nation hell bent on world domination.  The bust is going to change America’s relationship with Israel, Americans are going to demand an end to foreign aid when they themselves are bankrupt and starving.  Anti-semitism is going to become very political in the near future.

Messing with the Fiat Money Confidence Shell Game

The American ship of state floats on a sea of confidence. Confidence is all they have, it’s all smoke and mirrors, behind the curtain is a broken old man on his death bed, on life support of every financial chicanery Wall Street dreamt up.

Hindenburg_burning  derivative bubbleWe have arrived at the last inning of the final game, they did everything they could to keep the Titanic afloat, the empire is about to go bust and transform into something new, maybe so evil it won’t even be recognizable as they pull out all stops and start confiscating assets and attacking us with everything they have.

They are so desperate that they are torturing and killing children in false flags. Whatever is normal is about to disappear, they held it together for such a long time that the situation has become unstable, chaos will take hold and transform the system.  Perhaps we can get a handle on our government again.

The budget stalemate could be the pin that pricks the bubble.  They are messing with confidence, 13 week T-Bill rates went up 150% in one trading session as institutional investors liquidated near term Treasury holdings fearing default.  If this keeps up then interest rates will rise squeezing marginal borrowers and weak bank balance sheets who are floating on Federal Reserve cheap credit.  But they have to do something, someone has to draw the line in the sand because you can not borrow forever.

Obama’s health care imposition is most likely about another money grab to keep the system afloat, a huge tax disguised as insurance, one that the Feds rake in billions of new revenues to shore up their balance sheet.  But the Republicans won’t go for it, it is too draconian and too socialistic for Americans, it will kill businesses already pressed by onerous government taxes and regulations.  So I predict the Republicans have drawn a line in the sand and won’t budge on this one, and the administration will do a full court press because they have to get this new revenue source flowing in order to stay solvent.

This crisis, I predict, is not going away.  It doesn’t seem that bad yet but with the new negative social mood casting a shadow across the political landscape it is going to erupt in a full blown crisis this autumn and all of this winter.  Washington can not proceed with business as usual, major structural changes are required for solvency, the empire is being forced to retreat because it is bankrupt.

The Lead Zeppelin of Derivatives

After America adopted a central bank it eventually had to abandon the gold standard because the Federal Reserve is a big inflation engine. We all know that. Congress could run endless deficits, political parties could buy votes, the establishment settled in for a long ride of competition free political philandering. Want a free airport in the middle of nowhere? Vote for me. It went on and on, for decades until the Neoconservatives showed up with their preplanned wars and steered the Titanic into the Middle East reef.  Now we are stuck, taking on water, unable to get our ship of state free of Zionist treachery.

To keep the game going Wall Street was deregulated and Credit Default Swaps invented.  These derivatives are a newly formed addition to the fictional daisy chain of confidence. First we agreed that gold was money, then when we went off the gold standard and agreed that paper notes were money, then paper receipts with no gold backing. After decades of fiat money prosperity we decided to borrow that money from ourselves, we incurred debts of this fictional money based on future earnings, trusting the economy.  Everyone got access to credit, we became addicted to credit cards until bulging wallets synchronized with our fat asses.

We became a credit society, to keep the game going we all got into hock. More and more debt, more and more credit, more and more cheap consumer goods until Walmart took over the world.  When that wasn’t enough, we extended borrowing to everyone, we lowered lending standards to zero in the GW Bush era, everyone could get a house with no money, no job, no income. Since that was really suspect, we bundled the mortgage debt and attached credit default swaps and offed the risk. We were fully aware of the risk otherwise why would we buy insurance on the mortgage backed securities?  Banks sold the liar loans to Wall Street the very night the note was signed.  To this day, no one knows where the titles are.

It was the ultimate shell game of passing risk off to the next guy.  We denied the reality of our situation, we were a morally debased credit society having the ultimate party, money was to be made, don’t tell me about the hangover.  The system lacked trust, in order to shore up confidence derivatives became the glue holding the worthless debt pyramid together.  But no one is big enough to insure all of the mortgages, so during the last crisis they stuck the taxpayers with the bill.  We even sold derivatives on derivatives, derivatives squared, why stick with algebra, lets get going with derivative exponentials.  Wall Street blew a derivative bubble so big that now it exceeds a quadrillion dollars. But it was all just a long daisy chain of declining trust and evaporating confidence, derivatives are a band aid on bubble that wants to burst.

The problem was not fixed since the 2008 bust, the derivative market has continued to grow bigger because they don’t know what to do about the problem. We are back to the future, we are back at 2008 again, but this time things are much worse because the insurer of last resort, the Federal government can not bail our the banks again without risking their own default.  Some stock analysts have made a startling discovery, all artificial booms caused by credit inflations go bust and return to a position lower than where they started.  Well looking over the cliff you can see there is a long way down, once it starts to unravel expect total carnage like never seen before.

The DJIA nominal and deflated by the CPI, we are living in a bubble and appear to be in the same position as 2008.

The DJIA nominal and deflated by the CPI, we are living in a bubble and appear to be in the same position as 2008.

Modern day derivatives are not new, paper money is a derivative of gold.  We’ve been playing the derivative con game for a long time, but each time we assert a new level to the game, the confidence orbit is pushed higher and becomes more unstable. This absolutely no different than pumping an atom with more and more energy pushing the electrons to higher and higher orbits. The atom is stable in the pumped high energy orbit so long as the energy pumping continues. But the atom’s electrons can suddenly cascade back to the original low original state by a hair trigger. If the energy is removed, the atom ‘crashes’. Likewise when the Federal Reserve pump and dump scheme goes bust all the inflated markets will suddenly decline wiping out the wealth of Americans relative to debts owed.

Well that’s exactly what’s just starting to happen to the world financial system right now, the debt bubble reached a limit where it could no longer be pumped because every single borrower has been maxed out.   Yet even with record debt levels interest rates went to almost zero because interest rates are the price of money and nobody wants to borrow since 2008.  The subprime disturbance was the hair trigger that triggered a freefall in 2008. They pumped it up again with revved up QE, Susie Q 1, 2, and 3 to infinity. Interest rates went lower than the Great Depression lows, mortgage rates went to all time lows. That’s how much stimulus they gave ole America Suzie Q, like a crack whore on steroids she’s stumbling around the snowbank outside of the saloon with a six shooter in one hand and an empty whiskey bottle in the other, ‘Give me some more or eyez goin’ to kill somethin’.  America is just like an addict out of their mind, the modern state is getting juiced by free money from central banking.

Growing Marijuana Amongst the Wrecked Tanks

Afghanistan is called the graveyard of empires, if you want to end your empire just steer it toward Afghanistan and put the throttle on full speed ahead, then watch yourself crash and burn. How long have we been in Afghanistan? Why did we go there? Why are we still there when we are flat ass broke? Washington found its Waterloo in Afghanistan, its finances bled out for no gain whatsoever, they will leave behind the carcasses of tanks adding to remnants of the Soviet empire. Way to go, morans.

Afghanistan is the graveyard of empires, America's abandoned tanks will add to those left behind by the Soviet Union.

Afghanistan is the graveyard of empires, America’s abandoned tanks will add to those left behind by the Soviet Union.

The military purpose for being in Afghanistan was for Israel and dollar hegemony. Middle East oil is no longer needed by the west, oil is abundant elsewhere.  The world moved on, oil is being traded in other currencies.  America’s oil dollar monopoly is over, someone should send a memo to Washington.  Maybe we should be building fuel efficient vehicles instead of invading sovereign nations like fools.

Many analysts believe we went to secure the opium fields for the money junkies.  Did America send its army to foreign lands to secure the drug trade for bankers?  If so that is another crime that deserves the noose.  Do we have enough rope to hang all the criminals on Wall Street?

According to wikipedia, Afghanistan opium production is thriving under US occupation:

Opium production in Afghanistan has been on the rise since U.S. occupation started in 2001. Based on UNODC data, there has been more opium poppy cultivation in each of the past four growing seasons (2004–2007) than in any one year during Taliban rule”

"Wow, that's some good bud, Achmed!"

“Wow, that’s some good bud, Achmed!”

America is going to leave Afghanistan soon, just like the Soviet empire, America will be forced to go back home and wonder what the hell we did.  Americans might be stoned for the rest of century as they deal with their exceptionalist psychological issues, maybe they can smoke some dank Afghanistan ganja instead of smokin’ Afghanistani villagers.  The miserable industrial Western civilization craves opium and marijuana, shouldn’t we be examining what is wrong with our state of existence that drives our need for mind altering drugs?  Why are we so preoccupied with getting out of our minds?  The panacea of cheap fuel didn’t make us happy.

Hang ‘Em High

It’s time to arrest the criminal class of bankers and hang ’em high. Really, it is time to get rid of them, they have wrecked the world with their fractional reserve banking scheme, I say we publicly hang them. They said the Federal Reserve would stop depressions, now we are entering a bigger depression than the 1930’s. This insanity must end and we can end it by getting rid of them. Who needs Wall Street anyways? They don’t produce a damn thing but violence, all wars are banker’s wars. They blow bubbles inside of bubbles until they whole thing implodes into a police state hell. Well I say to hell with them, lets send them back.

Rustic Americans say 'hang 'em high'.

Rustic Americans say ‘hang ’em high’.

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14 Responses to "Titanic Goes Under"

  1. jglassel.  October 10, 2013 at 5:26 am

    Gnostic Wisdom Asclepius 21-29

    Begin Quote
    1)”And if you (Asclepius) wish to see the reality of this mystery, then you should see the wonderful representation of the intercourse that takes place between the male and the female.

    For when the semen reaches the climax, it leaps forth. In that moment, the female receives the strength of the male; the male, for his part, receives the strength of the female, while the semen does this.

    2)”Therefore, the mystery of intercourse is performed in secret, in order that the two sexes might not disgrace themselves in front of many who do not experience that reality. For each of them (the sexes) contributes its (own part in) begetting.

    For if it happens in the presence of those who do not understand the reality, (it is) laughable and unbelievable.

    3) And, moreover, they are holy mysteries, of both words and deeds, because not only are they not heard, but also they are not seen. End Quote

    IMHO this ancient text demonstrates the power of two, i.e. “whenever two or more of you are gathered in his name,”

    Like the above mentioned reference to “begetting” a relationship with The Entirety, within a small group is so powerful, most would not believe it, leaving many choose the false “sex” of evangelical religion.

    As I understand it, for the most part, Gnostics met in small groups to feel this force which is unbelievable to most.

  2. Connie Dumar  October 10, 2013 at 3:52 am

    elite jews follow the talmud-refer to the protocols- it’s about a lot more than money and greed- it’s about enslavement and “chosen ppl” The ordinary jew is like the ordinary white in slave America-maybe doesn’t own slaves but is better off than the negro. Jews with their kahal are trained to stick together against their goyim neighbors-you certainly know about that if you don’t yourself live it so much

    • jackheart  October 10, 2013 at 7:10 pm

      Shalchalnur let me put it this way how many Jews will speak out against another Jew? There are a few Zedeks among them, true just like Yahweh promised he would sprinkle in for the end time in the Zohar. But also just like he predicted there are not enough. If you are Jewish which it seems you are Shalchalar answer me this what are messianic Jews doing consorting with Talmudic Jews? They have been enemy’s since the days when Rabbi Hillil mocked the ShMY Pharisees by telling them he could recite the law by standing on on foot then doing so by standing on one foot and saying “do un to others as you would have others do unto you.” The Messianic Jews are supposed to be awaiting the messiah the lawful groom of the Shekinah, husband to Malkah, the one who is known as AYLTh HShCR NGH CVCB by the sages. Instead they have aligned themselves with the Talmudic devils who do the bidding of Samael the “blind ignorant” God of Abraham and Moses. Your Rabbi’s remained mute when they knew just what the Talmudic devils were doing in fact they even defended them and urged solidarity. well solidarity it will be. HYLL will call down the whirlwind upon you first. If I was a Jew in America right now I’d be packing my bags for Israel. Better to take your chances with the Arabs cause talking times almost over in the land where the Pharaoh died.

  3. maria  October 9, 2013 at 9:16 pm

    Include the Bush family with bringing us all these wars.
    Starting with Gulf I war.
    All that money down the drain.
    We should send the bill to those warmongers.
    The regular Jewish people become the victim of the Rothschild bankers and the federal reserve too.
    Does preacher Hagee want to bring another bible to Israel. Or did he finally wake up too?

  4. stephanaugust  October 9, 2013 at 6:17 pm

    “It’s because of the eventual failed status of all governments throughout history, which leads Evangelicals to seek a spiritual governmental leader — Counselor, the King of Kings …”

    It could be their agenda. Since the Enlightenment they killed one monarchy after the other and created democracies. After everything became chaos they could start talking about the false god of democracy in order to set up their kingdom. Hans Herman Hoppe (= Mises = Rothschild front) already wrote a book titled “Democracy: The God That Failed.”

    • Connie Dumar  October 10, 2013 at 3:48 am

      aristocracies and monarchies needed a strong proletariet to stay strong-exactly why the jew invented “the human rights of man”-doctrines of which he didn’t believe but if preached and consumed by the masses would undermine goyim rule after a properly orchestrated recession-depression which with the takeover of the Bank of England became ez to do.In the protocols, the elders say a deprieved proletariet makes the jew strong or “What’s bad for the goyim is good for the jew”!To repeat- we have a ake democracy-republic-thiose that rule, do not believe in “human rights” or they would practice it.A government that believes truly in human rights would live it not only within it’s borders, but beyond it’s bordeers. Has that ever been done by the USA-Hell no!

  5. stephanaugust  October 9, 2013 at 3:40 pm

    I believe the WW2 argument, but is there a certain Jewish Rothschild connection connected to politics?

    An example, or in other words, if I take international governments, the Rothschilds, Israel, and all the Jewish sects no one can count, are there no criminal connnections between them?

  6. FreedomShot  October 9, 2013 at 3:16 pm


  7. jglassel.  October 8, 2013 at 7:41 pm

    Ever wonder about forethought? According to some Gnostic texts, specifically The Secret Book John, the first creation of the Entirety, whether god or force was Barbelo.

    55) She, Barbelo, asked the Virgin Spirit for foreknowledge (prognosis). The Spirit agreed.

    64)The First Man who is The Image of the Invisible Spirit who is Providence who is Barbelo who is Thought. And Foreknowledge – Incorruptibility – Life Everlasting – Truth

    The Spirit has forethought. From a scientific perspective, how is forethought developed? I don’t doubt the ability of seers, crystal ball readers and such, but how could they see a future that does not exist, yet?

    In the weird world of quantum mechanics, a photon of light can be many places at the same time. A spirit, such as immortal man that operates outside the physical laws of the universe, can occupy multiple self’s in infinite dimensions and infinite timelines. Hence we have a future self and past self to accompany the existing self.

    Now, it seems the Entirety is a “sex addict.” Universe creation is an act of reproduction. If you like it, do it and do it a lot, which the Entirety does unto infinity.

    Consequently, as a spirit you occupy infinite “selfs,” in infinite universes, infinite dimensions and most importantly infinite timelines that bear infinite results in infinite realities.

    When Yaldabaoth created mortal man, the best he could do was to create soul endowed which exists in multiple realties, but not in multiple timelines.

    • jglassel.  October 8, 2013 at 7:59 pm

      This is our biggest advantage, the power of forethought.

      The Archon are soul endowed. Man has both soul and spirit.

      When people like Kerry and Bush relinquish their spirit through Satanic (not Luciferian) Skull and Bones rituals, they give up the power of forethought and stumble around, blindly as did the first mortal man, Adam.

      (just look at recent pictures of Kerry in Japan)

      Yaldabaoth’s creation was through the “sin” of Sophia (Wisdom) who created without her consort, Christ. To correct the deficiency, Christ the Spirit was interjected into mortal man, making us superior to the gods in that we are both mortal an immortal.

      By now, the Archon know that to win, they can do one of two things. Develop an artificial spirit or keep us from using ours, hence chemtrails, fluoride and a host of other methods designed to keep us from understanding our great power.

      The Christ within.

  8. franktalk  October 8, 2013 at 6:11 pm

    There will undoubtedly be pain. Getting this country to work together without the emotional frenzy the controlled press will try to instill will take resolve and perseverance.

  9. Kshatriya  October 8, 2013 at 5:41 pm

    Keep em comin’ Yukon.

  10. jglassel.  October 8, 2013 at 4:20 pm

    I once thought DC should be sacked and burned. I have come to realize that is should stand as a mausoleum, a memorial to stupidity and greed, a stark reminder of the holocaust we have inflicted on our world and our fellow man.

    Collectively, we do not have a loan to value problem. California real estate has a 4.4 trillion dollar value which does not include the 56% of the state owned by the Federal gov’t, not to mention other assets and infrastructure. That is about 25% of the National debt, which is illegal in the first place.

    What is the monetary value of the USA? A lot more than 17 trillion, I suspect. The value of the true hard working American is priceless, once we discard our dunce caps.

    No average, normal American need suffer from the collapse.

    Those who created this mess, the traitors, the Archon infested Authorities will suffer at the end of a rope, after a fair trial and conviction.

    The new America will be peaceful, prosperous and as technologically advanced as we need be, to sustain a healthy, thriving population of 10 billion souls.

    When we reach a state of fairness, worldwide humanity will blossom as never imagined by mortal man.

    Everything is in the marketing. The collapse should be billed as new beginning, a dodging of the proverbial bullet.

    It is only negative for the criminals.

  11. stephanaugust  October 8, 2013 at 3:02 pm

    What people use to defend as a free market is always connected to capitalism by the talking heads or by the friends of Ludwig von Mises von Rothschild, but capitalism actually is playing monopoly with a money printing machine in the backroom. It is the exploitation of the free market by means of a Ponzi scheme.

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