How Syria Unlocked America’s Dark Closet


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Syria’s Trove of Secrets

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive” –– Sir Walter Scott

by  Gordon Duff,  Senior  Editor

(Editor’s note:  Something in this article really upset folks.)

Sir Walter Scott - who had a look about him
Sir Walter Scott – who had a look about him

As the chances of American “boots on the ground” in Syria disappear, burying the secrets that Syria has exposed is critical, but to whom? 

Never has a single conflict exposed so much weakness, duplicity and criminality. These things have always been there but never so plain for all to see.

Chemical weapon inspectors overseeing the destruction, well underway, of Syria’s stockpiles can’t help but note clear indications that those stockpiles have not been touched for years.

The silence of this revelation is “deafening.”

Moreover, as it becomes increasingly obvious that Assad’s forces weren’t involved in chemical attacks, inspectors are now asking for Assad’s forces to, through military action, gain access to stockpiles of chemical weapons held by rebel forces.

News stories are reporting this but are trying very hard to hide this story “in plain sight.”  If inspectors are demanding access to rebel areas to assess chemical weapon stockpiles two things are obvious.

  • They believe rebels control chemical weapons
  • They feel that only military action by Assad led forces can secure Syria from further attacks



Christiane Amanpour
Christiane Amanpour

The danger of world war isn’t over.  A veritable army of carefully groomed intelligence assets have been tasked with a last ditch effort to push the world over the brink.

Chief among these is Christiane Amanpour, the “friendly Muslim face” of CNN, long known in intelligence circles as a Mossad asset.

As the top “news celebrity” in the world with carefully groomed credibility, Amanpour is now on a mission to prove Assad is hiding chemical and biological weapons from UN inspectors, spending the credibility she gained in her recent interview with Iranian President Rohani.



Gwenyth has built a new life
Gwenyth has built a new life

Her task has been to find a “Chalabi” for Syria.  Veterans Today Editor Gwyneth Todd met Chalabi in 1999.  Chalabi was with Paul Wolfowitz at PNAC (Project for a New American Century).

They were quite open about their plans to overthrow seven governments and set up dictatorships under the combined control of the Bush family and Zionist interests.

A “working group” was created to bring this about through what we were later to learn was “9/11.”

With several White House insiders from that time on staff, we get a front row view of that time, how AIPAC spies, Chalabi, White House insiders like Condi Rice and Richard Clarke operated in an environment of full-scale treason, large-scale espionage and manufactured false flag terrorism.


Does the “D” in DC Stand for “Depraved?”

Political obstruction of justice has a long history in America
Political obstruction of justice has a long history in America

Greasing the wheels, as is so often the case in Washington was an underworld of sexual perversion, prostitutes, “rent boys,” secret backroom homosexual liaisons in specially designated areas of the White House and even a president who entertained a special male friend who advertised gay sex for pay on the internet.

I have exhaustively interviewed those who were there.  We know the FBI had wiretapped the White House and had active investigations ongoing, targeting almost every top level Bush advisor.

Top AIPAC executives were arrested for espionage and later released.  Top Bush foreign policy and counter-terrorism advisors were all facing life sentences for a variety of crimes until the Justice Department removed FBI investigators and shut down operations, a political move.

Behind it all was sex, often involving kidnapped children.  Author John de Camp wrote about this in “The Franklin Cover-Up, Child Abuse, Satanism and Murder in Nebraska.

This was the first Bush presidency, “41,” and Republican Party officials called on the CIA to aid in silencing the investigation which was characterized as “an attempt to blackmail the President of the United States.” My knowledge of this is “first hand.”



Skull and Bones tomb - New Haven, Conn.
Skull and Bones tomb – New Haven, Conn.

Many wonder why the military doesn’t take a stronger role when civilian government seems too corrupt.

That those questions are asked now and not for the 8 years that the Bush “gay mafia” killed a million people in two illegal wars, kidnapped, tortured and murdered untold hundreds, or thousands, perhaps more, is troubling.

Of course, the press has suppressed the stories of how dozens of top generals and admirals were forcibly “retired” for standing up to the Bush cabal.

Most are familiar with rumors or “conspiracy theories” about Satanism and “Skull and Bones,” one of several secret societies that the Bush family, among others, belong to.  In June 2013, Stew Webb of Veterans Today reported an upcoming Satanic sacrifice in Denver, Colorado.

His report indicated that a small child was to be kidnapped and killed by a group closely affiliated with the Bush family and several powerful organizations, the ADL, AIPAC and the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

One day before the date Webb had indicated, 37-year-old Sammie Lamont Wallace was shot and killed while attempting to kidnap a two-year-old girl for what he had claimed was an “illuminati sacrifice.”


From the New York Daily News:

“Witnesses described Wallace as being mentally unstable, talking about how President Bush was watching him and describing a connection with the Illuminati, a secret society mentioned by conspiracy theorists.”

Only days before, the incident was predicted in Veterans Today with alarming accuracy:

Skull and Bones logo
Skull and Bones logo

“Warning kidnapping of new born infant between June 17-20 2013, check all aircraft for any infants ask for birth certificates from parents.

Denver Colorado on June 21 and December 22 each year at 12:00am-3:00am Mountain Time known as the “Summer and Winter Solstice” the Illuminati Council of 13 Bankers hold their “Tiffany Lamp meetings”.

These known Satanists perform Human Sacrifices as part of their satanic rituals at the Old Navarre a former Whore House and Casino located at 1725-1727 Tremont Pl, Denver, Colorado, across from the Ships Tavern at the Brown Palace Hotel in downtown Denver, Colorado.

They enter the Old Navarre through the Ships Tavern at the Brown Palace Hotel down a ramp between the Restrooms is a door that is unlocked that enters a tunnel that goes across the street to The Navarre.

During these rituals a Human Infant is killed and sacrificed to Satan, the Satanist drink the blood of the Infant Human they sacrifice, and appears before them and goes out to kill the enemies of those Satanist who perform this Human Sacrifice.

This group is known as the Illuminati Bankers the U.S. “Shadow Government” leaders who dictate U.S. World Policy, that are known as Satanists, George H.W. Bush…”


Lt. Col. Michael A. Aquino - before and after
Lt. Col. Michael A. Aquino – before and after

The official leader of the America’s Satanic community is Lt. Colonel Michael Aquino (ret).  Aquino is responsible for organizing Satanic sects throughout the military and within the service Academies, particularly at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.

After a flurry of bad publicity with the Satanic group was exposed at the former Presidio base in San Francisco, Satanic groups “repackaged” themselves as followers of John Hagee’s “Christian Evangelical” doctrines, blending Satanism, close alignment with Israel and Zionism and “Dominionist and Dispensationalist” beliefs.

The stated purpose of this group is to steal nuclear weapons and bring about the apocalypse.  Members of this sect have recently been removed from nuclear command authority in moves the military characterizes as “command failures.”

On more than one occasion, nuclear weapons have been removed from inventories without authorization.  One or more of those weapons is missing and the Joint Special Operations Command has engaged in at least one recovery operation in Indiana on July 13, 2010.

Thus, with the good order and discipline of the military infected by powerful Satanic cults and, under better circumstances, still hampered by “careerism” and “institutionalization” problems that push the cowardly and mediocre to high authority, looking to the military for moral guidance is unwise.


Tbilisi BioLab - recently observed removing and flying equipment out of the country which landed at an Air Force base in Charleston, SC
Tbilisi BioLab – recently observed removing and flying equipment out of the country which landed at an Air Force base in Charleston, SC


Evidence given to the UN Security Council by Russia establishes a rationale to believe that chemical weapons that were used in Syria came from elsewhere.

Stories have hit the news claiming that Turks and Iraqis have been making Sarin gas in their basements.  Lists of purchased chemicals, even arrests have been announced. Our investigations have found something else.

Wikileaks cables showed us that Libya built a new bio-warfare facility in 2006 with full US cooperation.  Now we have reason to believe the US built it as part of a deal to improve relations with Libya. We also believe it is still running, totally illegal, deniable and dangerous.

We found another one outside Tbilisi, Georgia.  After exposing it, inspectors demanded entry.  Our sources “on the ground” in Georgia watched the plant being emptied before inspectors arrived.

A similar weapons facility is coming online in Kazakhstan.  Others exist in a ring around Russia, several adjacent to secret prisons build to house “rendition” victims from the Bush era “war on terror.”  Sources tell us that kidnap victims have been used as test subjects for chemical weapons.



Paul Wolfowitz
Paul Wolfowitz

When Paul Wolfowitz told Ms. Todd, those many years ago, about plans to take over the Caspian Basin, we saw in this the value of the warning given by Zbigniew Brzezinski years before.  Now we believe we grossly underestimated the threat.

In Syria, we saw the US go to the brink of nuclear war over scant resources.  Syria threatened no one.

Now we stumble on a network of biological and chemical warfare facilities, all “dark,” that are building genetic weapons and advancing illegal science to levels unimagined.

From Veterans Today correspondent and chemical weapons specialist Jeffrey Silverman in Tbilisi:

Jell Silverman
Jell Silverman

“Bechtel National has signed a deal with the Georgian Technology Management Company (TMC) on biological non-proliferation, despite this being allegedly a civilian project.

 There have been many innuendos and stories written as to the lab’s actual purpose, and there may be more than a semblance of truth in many of these.

US Bio-WMDs — It is High Time to Talk about Them While the Syrian chemical weapons stockpile engages the world’s attention due to the criminal false flag operations carried out by the multi-national mercenaries who are ‘fighting for democracy,’ the huge menace of the proliferation of bio-weapons by the US is nowhere to be seen in headlines in the mainstream media.

However, The Center for Disease Control, CDC, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, says that the US Military is in charge of the bio lab in Tbilisi, not the Georgian government, despite it being officially handed over to Georgian government control after the scandal broke earlier this year.

Staff at the CDC told me several weeks after the handover, ‘the lab is managed by the Department of Defense. Try contacting USAMIRID (U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases) for more information.’”

Perhaps the biggest part of the “Syrian surprise” is now coming to light.  It isn’t just Israel and North Korea that are the “rogue nations” in bio-chem warfare.

We are seeing America’s hand but not seeing any known American policy behind it.  Past the poorly conceived cover stories, we find programs massive in scale, programs capable of reducing continents, obliterating entire races, of devastating species.

Perhaps now we know why the US would have incinerated the world on a whim over a few half-baked lies peddle through Israeli and German intelligence sources.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean

"Abbotsford," Duff family home outside Toronto, named after the Scottish estate of Sir Walter Scott, boyhood friend of Lockhart Duff (great great grandfather of the author)
“Abbotsford,” Duff family home outside Toronto, named after the Scottish estate of Sir Walter Scott, boyhood friend of Lockhart Duff (great great grandfather of the author)
Sir Walter Scott's gravestone
Sir Walter Scott’s gravestone



  1. Great article! Thank You! God Bless You and keep you safe. Do you know Ben Fulford?
    Keep’em coming, D.

    Why is it that I believe it was Elizabeth Barrett Browning who wrote the words; “Oh what tangled webs we weave when first we practice to deceive.”???
    Because she was my Great Great Grand Aunt!

  2. Don’t know who you are ,but if this is your only contribution :take a hike

    calling for killing whoever (how do you identify a “Zionist”?),is a bad idea ,and I hope the editors pay attention to your wishes,and kick you off the commentboard.

  3. Gordon, you bear an uncanny resemblance to Sir Walter Scott. Are you sure you don’t share more than an ancestral homeland?…if you catch my drift

  4. Great article Mr Duff. A very disturbing situation. The public are getting thier first glimpse at the bifurcated sides and its being passed off as the opposite in msm, which includes controlled opposition. But they doesn’t have the editorial board VT does.

    • Hello Gordon:
      No reasonable person can deny the corruption of the D.C. elites in view of their antics these past few weeks. Sarin in Syria? Must not have been miitary grade considering the news film of responders supposed to have been treating “victims” with no cross contaminaiton. I don’t have another son to give to the elites war on people who have done nothing to America’s Moms and Dads.
      Take care, Gordon. You are one of the good guys.
      Dale R. Suiter

  5. What a sick bunch of people we have in higher office.
    Imagine you just lost your child and you read this.
    The thought that your child could have been killed in these sick people’s ritual would be enough to drive you crazy and where could find help when this kind of people are involved.
    Wonder what else will come out of the woodwork after the firing of this Maj.Gen. Carey.
    Thanks so much Duff.
    What about the story about Boys Town, of bringing boys to the White House.
    It is so sickening.

    • we have hours of recordings of top bush officials bragging about their gay sex in public toilet evenings in DC

      on the same recordings they also brag about peddling secrets to the Israelis…

      all of this was given to John Ashcroft…by the FBI

      accompanied by witness statements…

  6. The article establishes a sobering case for assessing human survival probabilities through the immediate period as being virtually nil. (Sigh!) The forward basing of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, suggest the ‘Full Spectrum’ psychos are building capability for a ‘First Strike’ against Russia and its allies. These weapons are not needed to subdue the nations in the Middle east. Inevitably, the Russians will conclude its stratagems for breaking through the psychosis now gripping the West has failed. When that happens watch out! We need to have these labs shut down before it is too late! Our “leaders” are playing a dark and frightful game here.

  7. Good on yer, Gordon! A cracking good post. I know well about the child sacrifice and abuse. George HW Bush was a pedophile ‘par excellence’; he brutally ravaged Cathy O’Brien’s daughter (read her book, ‘Access Denied: For Reasons Of National Security’ (or watch ‘Mark Phillips & Cathy O’Brien – For Reasons Of National Security’ + video, which will give you an excellent idea of the scope of the Satanic rot in the ‘Establishment’, or ‘Elite’.
    Re that sick basta*d Aquino, search ‘Satanic subversion of the U.S. Military’; it includes John DeCamp’s evidence, and more.
    Never mind ‘Remember the Maine!’; instead, ‘Remember the USS Liberty!’.
    If the US public, and military (serving and retired) knew the truth about that (read ‘Operation Cyanide’ by Peter Hounam, and/or watch ‘Dead in the Water’), most of your (and the World’s) problems would be solved. No more billions for Israel; no more ‘Neo-Con’ takeover of the USG.
    No more wars for Israel. No more ‘Homeland Security’ Gestapo.
    London, UK

  8. Having a difficult time swallowing all of it, Gordon. Not the Satanism aspect, but the recent purge of generals being tied to it. Carey and Giardina are both being replaced by Jews, and you yourself are a Jew [I don’t put much stock in your claims of being “self-hating”], and Obama is surrounded by Jews.

    This is gearing up for a Bolsehvik false-flag massacre of White people in the traditional Semitic style to which we’ve all become accustomed. Those who won’t fire on Americans are being removed and it’s your job to provide them cover.

  9. In 1982 I was a senior in engineering school and home for Christmas break, my mother got a call from the CDC. The man on the phone told my mother that they had reason to believe I had contracted the AIDS virus and that I should call them back, right away. I never did, thinking it was just one of my idiot friends playing a joke on me. I’m not gay and wasn’t hanging out in the back alleys of San Francisco or NY. I may have slept with a few groupies of one of my college rock ‘n roll bands, but well…… what can I say…… I was young and they were ALL female as far as I could tell…….

    Later, in 1996, I was told by a psychic that the mysterious symptoms I was having (undiagnosed by doctors) were due to a tainted vaccine I was given in 1973, before my family moved overseas. We DID move overseas in 1973, although I had not told her that…..

    Dr. Alan Cantwell has written extensively about the origins of the AIDS virus from a Government administered Hepatitis vaccine given to gays in NY and SF in 1978. (I had been given a similar vaccine five years earlier, in 1973, before we moved overseas, just as the psychic said…..)

    Also, I grew up in the NY area, zionist / lluminati central……. so I must have been considered a prize Guinea Pig, a young healthy kid, perfect test specimen.

    Anyway, I’m healthy these days, but you do the math. The bastards tried to kill me in 1973 and by 1978, five years later, they had all the bugs worked out for AIDS to kill us all.

    • ALL of the children’s vaccines are tainted…resulting in autism in the worst cases but they’re all brain destroyers by design…Jim Stone did an expose’ of or the only way to get a good vaccine, it seems, is to go to a Jewish Med Ctr and pretend to be Jewish…(?) their group are the only ones ( beside the Amish who don’t get vaccinated at all ) not suffering the dramatic increase in autism…

    • yes, it has been carefully investigated as has the lie of global warming, and you haven’t been keeping up. But I still respect your input re: international intelligence. I’m surprised your connections haven’t schooled you on Agenda 21.

      vaccine damage:


  10. I suspect that there has already been some kind of mass biological attack on us – which went disastrously wrong. The emergence of the so called ‘Morgellons disease’ put the medical world into a complete spin. I believe that SOMEBODY knew very well what was going on – but was not letting on.

    There were senior medical people everywhere (many with jewish sounding names oddly enough) going into panic – and announcing to medical boards from on high that the problem was ‘imaginary’ and required the sufferers to go on a course of anti-psychotic drugs! This was incredible as many sufferers were children and there were even some instances of animals contracting it. The ‘authorities’ claimed that all the lesions and bizarre phenomena were the result of people ‘self harming’. Pores producing tiny purple hexagonal crystals and peculiar specs? Multi-coloured hair like spikes growing out of non-healing lesions? The phenomena attracting hundreds of tiny flies to the sufferer (flies that are usually only parasitic to plants!) This to name just a few of the unprecedented symptoms.

    Two professors suggested a link with Morgellons and the effect of GM food experiments on agrobacterium. Another suggested the problem was a new plant.

    Strangely enough the world was made to wait for news of what this disease/infection/phenomena actually was – as everybody was looking to the US Military Centre for Disease Control (CDC) to research and publish the results. From there it all seems to have been buried.

    • Genetically Modified ‘Food’ is a WMD – and should be banned with immediate effect. The directors and members of Monsanto along with all in its associated industry associates and demons should be arrested with their head offices closed down for forensic investigation into their activities and illegal promotions.

    • It is never going to be banned by the Psychopaths In Power (PIP) and it is in damned near everything we eat, even our alcoholic beverages….(see Dublinmick’s Breaking News)…..Even some of the organic produce I try to purchase is cross contaminated. I despair….

    • Firstly, I want to say what a brilliant article Gordon wrote! Sometimes I have wondered about what the site was about. Enough, re your post. The CDC (take note, Gordon) is just another compromised, lying, cheatin’ stealing taken-over organisation, just like the EPA and all the rest.
      The evil NWO Neo-Cons (or Super Fascists, probably a better description) have been playing their cards right for a very long time (at least since the ‘Crazies’ in Chicago Uni).
      Morgellons? I know, I have it. I believe it came from GMO’s (to be specific, from tinned Indian food I was fond of, which had been cooked in COTTONSEED OIL (often, lawfully, disguised as ‘vegetable oil’). I believe that is why the majority of cases in the States (I live in the UK) are in the ‘cotton belt’; I don’t know, but suspect cotton seed oil from GM cotton is used for cooking in these States.
      Like the EPA and FDA, the CDC is a totally compromised entity; they NEVER said what the ‘Morgellons Fibres’ were form, other than that they ‘appeared’ to be cellulose (which the human body cannot (under normal circs!!) produce. And it took them years to come up with just that conclusion!
      But then again, what Govt. Dept. wants to go against Monsanto and ilk.

    • The scum that currently spin our world are determined to control everything. What better way for a deranged mind to control everybody than to be the one who has all the food. They even seem happy for their activities to destroy all of our REAL natural food in the process – so that people are unable to opt out – or be self reliant. This is the most likely reason why they panicked over this morgellons event. It just shows that they are happy to put innocent and completely sane sufferers on stupifying anti-psychotic medication just to help cover up their crimes against humanity.

      Therein lies quite an irony. The ones that truly need the anti-psychotic medication are the ones that are prescribing it for normally adjusted people. The entire medical profession does not come out of this very well at all. They have seen their patients suffering and yet still obeyed the vile beast dispensing orders from the top, as usual.

    • The terrifying but real Morgellon’s phenomena may be the result of genetically engineered organisms (spores, bacteria, parasites) designed essentially as insecticides to protect crops and target specific threats to some large scale industrial agricultural crops such as cotton. The “filament” structures that erupt from the lesions are in some way related to this purpose. Much speculation has to do with the geographic distribution or concentrations of Morgellon”s reporting in rural or agricultural areas subject to aerial spraying of cotton and other fiber crops,

  11. nice piece, Gordon. its muted tone of understatement is an effective device with this particularly sinister caseload. i like the marginal note on Walter Scott.

    as one of the Globe scriptwriters put it in Macbeth… “Lead on, MacDuff!” 😉

  12. I take it that the White Hats in the military know that they’ve been trying to cause global genocide with their biological agents for some time now?

  13. What about this guy, is he one of them?

    The deputy commander of U.S. nuclear forces, Vice Adm. Tim Giardina, was notified Wednesday that he has been relieved of duty

    Who relieves them, isn’t Magal a private Israeli company in charge of nuclear security?

    • Yes, It certainly spells trouble. The new TOP Nuclear Commander, has a “Jewish” sounding name, BTW. Why always a “Jew” ? Their whole Nuclear Security Web of Deceit needs to be dismantled, for the sake of the U.S. and world. Just look at Japan’s situation. They had “NUCLEAR” security there.

      From Info Clearing House: Homeland Security Made In Israel

      “If one starts looking, scores or even hundreds of Israeli companies and consultants pop up nearly everywhere in U.S. national security while a search of the Israel-America Chamber of Commerce website did not identify even a single American security company operating in Israel attempting to obtain Israeli government and private sector contracts. Israel’s Security Solutions International offers U.S. taxpayer funded training courses using “Israeli veterans” as instructors. Defense contractor Elbit Systems is providing spy towers on the Arizona border with Mexico. Magal Security Systems, which has four subsidiary companies in the U.S., has a contract for security at American nuclear power plants. Rozin Security Consulting provides security at Mall of America, using its trademarked Suspicion Indicators Recognition and Assessment System, which is basically profiling.”

    • Major General Jack Weinstein, vice commander of Global Strike Command, will serve as 20th Air Force’s interim commander, the news release says.

      Well his name is a little more than “Jewish sounding”. I have to wonder if he is dual-citizen material and is it a fluke that is first name is Jack? I mean in terms of Dr Strangelove synchronicity…

  14. An important article that gives a glimpse into the twisted, perverted sick, luciferian world of the secret cabal running the Secret Shadow Govt. The nexus is the oto, and the “process” church, you know the “son of sam”, manson family, presidio, offhut afb, franklin credit, white house pageboy bunch. Yes it is these interlocking groups that run the USG and the SSG on behalf of their european masters. More of this kind of info please.

    • What “european masters”? Are you referring to the Rothschilds and their royal Anglo-Saxon (British)Shabbat goyim?

  15. John DeCamp is how I woke up after seeing some BSA stuff in California with my sons. The video that was never shown in the US
    Check out Boys for Sale from Texas years ago. Here is another one, a State Senator to boot, Nancy Scheafer. My jaw dropped after reading her stuff and finding out she was killed.


    • CIA Director testified in the first video, Colby. He was killed but felt it important to speak out in the video. It is called (banned Discovery Channel Documentary) | The Franklin Cover-up

    • More on Nancy Schaefer. Establishes her credibility.


    • Gordon, please provide further insight on Carey’s departure and weinstein’s appointment. sees it the opposite way, that Carey protested the Dyess broken arrow incident on Sept 3 and was removed by the black hats. The Dyess nuclear weapons appear to be missing, according to, and Anthony Gucciardi believes Carey was taken out because he was the impediment to the potential nuclear false flag. Would like to hear your thoughts.

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