What Can Be Told – Perspectives on Recent Issues, Threats and Promises

There has been a recent flood of disinformation in all media

Anomalies Near Comet Ison (Chinese Space Agency)

Normally, systematic mythology is the “meat and potatoes” of Fox News and the New York Times.  It is now pervasive and with reason.

Events have transpired that have led to the inexplicable things we are reading about, nuclear command officers removed, nuclear weapons inventories disappearing, FEMA buying everything in sight, earthquakes off the US coast, the “shutdown,” our mysterious new “peace bomb” in Syria and with Tehran.

If you believe none of it makes any sense, you have been paying attention.  It is all related, all a ploy.


The primary concern is to the Northern Hemisphere which is threatened by the potential collision of two groups of asteroids.  One is very bad, the other is worse.

Toward that end, within the realm of what can be done and what is rational, “prepper” mode should be entered.

  • Keep vehicles fueled
  • Store reasonable water
  • Get a water purification filter system
  • Have storable and transportable food
  • Consider a “bug out bag” warm clothing, gun, compass/GPS etc
  • Decide on a survival weapon (Henry AR 7 recommended). Survival doesn’t mean “assault.”


The current thawing in international relations is related to very strong cooperation between nuclear powers toward intercepting, yes, right out of the movies, several critical threats.  Weapons systems have already been launched.  Just as President Reagan had predicted in his UN speech, nations have come together.

Toward that end, keeping damaging and insane speculation out of the press has led to a restructuring of our military, shutting down NASA and some of the FEMA activities which are not intended to be threatening.  They are simply doing their jobs.

As this is a very dramatic period and we are unable to openly discuss what should be the business of everyone, I am sorry.

Were I to write what I have been told officially, even I would lock me up.

Do not spread rumors.  Many of you out there can take this and figure much of it out.

Out of respect, I can say this:  The news media has not been informed, nor has congress and the vast majority of the military leadership.  Toward that end, were I to pass on information that seems, at best, insane or bizarre, I would be doing no one a service.


For those watching Comet Ison or following the stories about it, I was asked to mention that “they aren’t crazy, there is really something very wrong going on.”


There was an earthquake off the US East Coast a short time ago.  I am unable to confirm that it was caused by a nuclear weapon.  I am also unable to NOT CONFIRM it was caused by a nuclear weapon and I am in that loop.

“We” are told there is an issue with weather in the Northern United States and in Europe.  The prediction is “severe and extended cold.”

However, every since seeing the Clint Eastwood/Lee Marvin film, “Paint Your Wagon,” no sane person, no matter what evidence, will predict a “mini ice age.”

There is no discussion of global warming/cooling or any issues tied to this.  One can assume they are related but, were I to say that, it would be my opinion and not tied to any information I have received.

The Gulf Stream has become “unstable.”  There are “issues” tied to “correcting that.”  There is controversy about this with the operative term, “controversy” being one of the understatements of all time.

Thus, I recommend reasonable preparations that should have been done anyway.

There is talk about the government manipulating civil unrest.  There is some evidence of this.

“We” are going to look at this and if we believe this to be a threat, we will strongly question those involved in this issue, “question” or, perhaps, a “bit more.”


I recommend we keep the usual political/racial/religious infighting going.  We don’t want to die of boredom, do we?

However, be very prepared to deal with “some” adverse circumstances.  Toward that end, be prepared to live and act like an actual human being, in cooperation with family, friends and neighbors.

Quietly advise others of the prudence of simple preparations not unlike those we all learned about from Civil Defense during the 1950s and 60s.

Please, do not attempt to organize or arm for insurrection.  In reality, there is no force, police, DHS, FEMA or military that would accept commands detrimental to Americans.  However, I do not entirely rule out that we have some seriously misguided and irresponsible leaders out there.

This information is given informally and is not intended to be expanded on or dwelled upon.

Many of you will see pieces fit together and will now have more tools to use toward understanding.

Our best case;  things will be perfectly fine or even better than before.

Our worst case;  there is no reason to discuss it.  Suffice it to say, organizations exist that are capable to doing what can be done.

Feel free to disseminate this.  I have no desire to do any radio or TV to discuss this if avoidable.  It is likely to do more harm than good.

Expect to be inundated with crazy conspiracy stories.  Someone has decided that a confused public is a “safe public.”


  1. Listen from 4:30 mins of this video where they discuss the nuke off Charleston Harbour

    At 12:25 mins, the guy talks of a 1983 made-for-TV movie called “Special Bulletin”.
    This movie is about nukes going off in Charleston harbour by some rogue people within the nuclear program in the government that hijacked some nukes and threatened to set them off in Charleston harbour.

    Those scumbags don’t half do long term planning. Luckily, this is another would-be false flag that didn’t make it.

  2. I take back my comments that the circled square angles refer to something other than ISON. I see they refer to the reports of angular space ships now hiding behind the moon. Mr Duff is sneaky for sure. But it is hard to believe it. ColJonesGrandes has comments below about it.

  3. Guy who claims to be a NASA contractor says he had been tracking an array of 3D objects which look like L-shaped craft heading towards us. They lost sight of them in Jan 2013 but they’ve reappeared earlier this month, snucked round the back of the moon. He thinks this reappearance is linked with the government shut down and the lost of the live feed from the international space station.

    • Seems this story is not a hoax. Guess every ET and his dog have turned up for the finale of this show. We should be delighted to have ringside seats. Warm up the popcorn (but not the microwave ones) and enjoy 🙂

    • Don’t listen to anything that ‘Tolec’ is putting out. That’s because Tolec’s gone now and that’s a reptoid speaking in his name. Read Karla Turner. There is nothing to fear from those ships unless you’re a reptoid (or working for them).

    • Something ain’t right about that one. Totally scripted and poor delivery at that, plus…voice does not sound disguised. Gives details on date he went to observatory. Easily cross-referenced and suspect list would likely be a small one. Security would flesh him out in a nanosecond. I guess whatever ‘info’ he’s revealing, is meant to be revealed. What exactly did he reveal? A story about some ships behind the moon? Subscribe to secureteam10 seems to be the only message I’m getting.

    • Here’s something interesting,too. “Defending Earth from Asteroids,” a press conference held October 25 at Museum of Natural History. Here’re the press conference proceedings.


    • Re: those spaceships parked on the other side of the moon.
      Here’s some info which has been made public
      Her info is almost always very reliable.

      “Hey Guys, Sunfire here. Those ships parked around/behind the moon are positive allied ships from multiple different star systems. I can not and will not reveal which star systems as that information is classified. But I did want to assure you all that they are positive allies of the GFOP and Silver Legion. I hope this answers your question. Sunfire, Galactic Federation of Planets Global Ambassador”

      Also this:
      “There is far more than 3 ships behind/around the moon and they are not all from that one system, if any of them even are, which I doubt at this point according to my sources anyway. And they are not just limited to 3D ships, there are 4D, 5D etc. But I can assure everyone they are definitely positives. That’s as far as I can comment on this.”

  4. Comet Trailing Behind ISON Explodes

  5. Telephone interview of NASA Contractor Dr. Norton. He was escorted to the McDonald Observatory a year ago, where he observed 3 MASSIVE L-shaped UFOs approaching earth in a formation which had advanced millions of miles in just a month. They were emitting a protective force field. In Jan 2013 they were observed near Mars, then totally disappeared. Recently, Dr. Norton found out the 3 UFOs reappeared and were “hiding” behind the moon. He “claims” we have no idea what the intentions of these UFOs are.

    MY COMMENT: Are these UFOs “really” from outer space, or are we being “fooled” by the US govt, which plans to start firing their Project Blue Beam fireballs at Americans, per Werner Von Braun’s warning [after the war on terrorism, there would be a FAKE alien invasion]? We’re being told it’s the “northern” hemisphere more likely to get hit by “asteroids”, which fits right in with the PTB 95% depopulation of the US..

    • I understand pretty much all of the cabal’s Blue Beam equipment have been fried so don’t worry about them eg that episode in Louisiana where they claimed some weapons storage bunker went up in smoke. That was their Bluebeam gizmos getting zapped.

    • Maybe…but it’s hard to believe all that technology would be in one place when the Air Force has been working on it for decades. This video is talking about BLUE BEAM in 2013.


    • Sure, the technology is in more than one place. They’ve been blowing them up at various sites. That Louisiana one was the ” 2nd or 3rd to last Military Grade Holographic projector” that was blown up. I can’t give you the link of that conversation as that entire forum has been wiped clean.

    • Interesting. There is so much known to some but unavailable to the rest by no fault of them who know. It is the others who create that lack of information.

    • Oh come on, Pink Rabbit. You can’t expect the shadow government to tell people their black ops technology is being decimated. It’s not as if people even know they had such technology in the first place.

  6. Telephone interview of NASA Contractor Dr. Norton. He was escorted to the McDonald Observatory a year ago, where he observed 3 MASSIVE L-shaped UFOs approaching earth in a formation which had advanced millions of miles in just a month. They were emitting a protective force field. In Jan 2013 they were observed near Mars, then totally disappeared. Recently, Dr. Norton found out the 3 UFOs were “hiding” behind the moon.

  7. So to summarize I think Duff is saying, something is coming ahead of ISON, that it isn’t sane to really consider a sudden ice age. Also he can’t tell us what it is.

    Also that there really was a nuc exploded off the East coast

  8. Thanks for the Miracles and Inspiration link.

    It may be completely true, however we humans are a force of nature and will follow the path of least resistance. It don’t take much for us to sit back and let someone else do it for us.

    But, if we do not do this dirty work (casting out the Archons) for ourselves, we deny our own power within and the purpose of our creation.

    • jglassel
      Some of the dirty work is beyond human capabilities at this juncture.
      That’s why the ETs/EDs have been intervening on this planet.
      Listen to how Tanaath puts it (from 19 mins) in the Talk With Vince show on 12 Oct.
      She’s referring to the message from Jason which was posted in the updates on her website.
      Mind you, once this place has been swept clean, they ain’t coming back to do it again.

  9. Obamacare is affordable healthcare for all… can you please explain how that is a bad thing?

    I assume the affordable healthcare act is prefect fine, though…


  10. Honestly – I’m so bored of reading Gordon Duff’s articles. No references, and no real facts presented.

    “I know a secret but can’t tell!” “Someone veeeery important told me it! No, you’ll just need to take my word for it…”

    Childish at best…


  12. Yes, Gordon Duff is a master word-smith and very careful to properly parse terms. He is known to say less while still revealing much more than first obvious. And past history has shown that although these type claims he makes seem outrageous or incredulous, they usually turn out to be quite accurate. So we can be certain a few things are now going on. Something is coming our way in the heavens but it is too early for the common man to judge how close it will get, only those in the highest SSG positions know this. If photos are even somewhat accurate, it appears to have IFO’s accompanying it, and such IFO’s are perhaps either attempting to steer it as us or away from us, or merely collecting data, or could be using it as some kind of cover.

    Whether this occurrence in the heavens is part of an elaborately staged disaster to be used as a pretext for martial law, or a fema takeover out east is not yet knowable except by top insiders. However, the advice Gordon gives for preparedness just makes good common sense and is reasonable for any geophysical or astrophysical disaster. I appreciate this kind of heads up.

    • P.J..First off I read a lot of your stuff. I do not agree with all of it simply because you dismiss the obvious. Take this instance for a prime example.

      If there are in fact IFO’s traveling with this entity, comet, thing….then common sense would be that steering it for those who built such a craft, would be like you putting on your shoes and socks. So it’s 100% inaccurate to say the very least. I won’t mention destroying it, that would take away all the fun.

      Another example: Many of the so called AMATEUR’S as called by the NASA CLOWNS and MEDIA..are far more qualified, not to mention leaps and bounds brighter than most scientist’s of today. NONE of them see these IFO’s…..and there are the ILK that originally found this comet. Two very credible sources basically mirror in opinion as to what this thing is, what it’s comprised off, and what it’s going to do. I posted a ways back what I THINK this is really all about….Sorry but it makes far more sense that this IFO narrative, martial law, grid take down…You guys need to RE-VISIT Boston and read the small piece that went UNNOTICED YESTERDAY….

      They can talk all they want, it ain’t gonna work…..Seems they’ve run short of idiots. I think it’s long over due.


    • Nope…there was a very short article written about the Man who came out of his house to check on his boat after the ” shelter in place order was lifted ” In the title of the piece were his words ” I’m not crazy ” tripped my interest so I read it….blessed with a semi photographic mind…I remember the initial account story which was ..” HE SAW BLOOD TRAIL ” so he called the cops…..evidently as per the article he actually when to check on who may have moved the plastic cover he had over his boat…he found the subject hiding in the boat and subsequently calls the coppers. Now why print an article after all this time which seems to suggest that there was NO BLOOD….This is why he said ” I’m not crazy ” ” Had I seen blood I would have called the cops and let them handle it ”

      He was uninjured, unarmed, and for some miracle or act of God, survived a few hundred rounds of PD AMMO. They never intended to take either alive….jmho but….this is evidence of the tide beginning to turn in earnest. Lots of lying, lots of cover ups being exposed on a daily basis..

      These courts docs will never see the light of day, you’ll never him him speak…ever.


    • Raptor- Your synopsis doesn’t make much sense, I can’t follow the story. Don’t by chance have the link do you?

    • Turnaround I read alot about Boston way back when. Videolink at end There were so many conflicting reports about that boat. When and why was DTsarnaev Shot and or cut in the throat? If he was shot unarmed in the boat or on the ground after he got out that is damaging for the police. Was blood really on the ground before he climbed in? Was his throat cut after and by whom or was he shot in the throat? Was he shot by the intial multi car gunfight with his brother or after when he was defenseless. I saw a very supicius tape of a cop lying vs telling an unexpected truth about a slash and not a gunshot on DTsarnaevs throat see video link. I think they are shoring up the facts because they are getting together a story. Who knows what the story will be but is sure stinks when witness are saying one thing and then another. raptors telling us about a witness who is trying to tell the truth I think.
      ***https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fd1iV3GCIk4&list=PLfOVMoMFZ43A4dvqq0A0rDWfYoJunLKp2&index=6 ? telling truth or lying. his buddy wasnt expecting what he said.

    • Here is a link to the NEW statement by the guy that found Dtsarnaev in his boat.

    • Raptor- Your response is incredibly rude. You immediately launched pointing a finger at me and saying I can’t follow because I don’t have the right knowledge. Well why don’t you take the five minutes White Rabbit took and GIVE me the knowledge. The reason I asked for clarification is because you give no context for the story. I had no idea if you were referring to the Boston Bombing because you hardly even complete a sentence; all I could read was something about a blood trail and a boat cover. In all honesty, I did not follow the bombing story because I knew it was a fake the minute it happened. I didn’t care what anyone claimed, I wasn’t going to listen because I already knew the truth. But that gives you no reason to assume I’m “asleep”. How do you think I found this page? Why do you think I read every single comment posted? The answer is: because I’m up on my information! If I wasn’t, if I was some asleep citizen just coming into the light of the underground news, that would be a very piss-poor way to be invited in.

    • Hey guys! and gals…..
      Great news in this article:
      It seems those D.U.M.B.s under Denver airport and Washington have been flooded out 🙂
      If those cabal losers start WW3, they’ll have to glow green along with the rest of us.

    • TurnAround…..you can’t follow because you’ve no knowledge of the events as told by the press and Media on the day that went down. What was told can’t possibly be true as evidenced by what this guy said….There was no blood, the media said that THAT was the reason he went to check on his boat…” HE SAW A BLOOD TRAIL ” Wake up…….the kid would have died long before he was found given the wounds he was said to have suffered …..I mean seriously do people really manage the day walking around like this?

      He was shot by Boston PD and others AFTER being discovered hiding in the boat…not before during some make believe gun battle complete with pressure cooker bombs….SERIOUSLY.

      Think about this my friend…he’s seriously wounded, hiding in a boat and someone pulls the trap back and he …….what…..sticks his hands up…..doesn’t fire…WHAT? Armed dangerous terrorists and all…lol

      Dude he was scared shitless, ” marked for death “……period….hoping to somehow live thru it…Yeah based on the pics of the boat a miracle took place. No offense but you can’t be this slow!!!!


    • I was basically in the middle of this flood, and there is no way that was created by benign forces. That whole event was just WRONG. The worst of the rains came on 9/11 no less. Maybe a different faction of the “elite” hit the US bunkers, but this was not Mother Nature or an Act of [a benevolent] God. Maybe some “good guys” redirected some of the water, but my personal guess is that it was just some sort of new weather weapon.

      There is, however, a cool story attached to the picture shown in the E-Y article. A man was trapped in that upside down car under water for over two hours before rescuers could get to him. He survived by breathing in a small pocket of air and praying a lot.

  13. Since I’ve read this, and absorbed, I’ve come up with a few questions. Questions I think are prudent.
    Given that there is a massive amount of disinfo associated with this comet ISON.

    1) Who is most likely responsible for being so ignorant as to overlook all the amateur eyeballs trained toward the sky?

    2) What of those who have a track record of being right, large followings, and resources that bare them out as being sane?

    3) Isn’t it likely that given real world technology that any Chinese source is most likely an actual U.S. Source?

    The massive amount of propaganda surrounding this comet is staggering….as to date their are NO other objects traveling with this comet, nor is it pulling along anything else…..small galaxies, ET’s, ships…..nothing…..so this brings me back to question #1 Who is the idiot dishing this insane stuff and better yet WHY?

    Now before you go off half cocked know that it was an AMATEUR who first spotted ISON as it came out from behind the Sun back in August…..spotted with an 11 inch scope somewhere in Arizona..

    Last but not least: Just exactly where are these weapons-platforms actually aimed….toward space or toward Mother Earth?


  14. About those objects within Isons’ coma…according to official interpretation of Hubble images of Ison there are not three objects hiding within the coma. The appearance of such objects is due to distortion/progression of Hubble as it orbits the earth. Pure optical illusion is the official story.
    However, this does not preclude the Earth intercepting debris from Ison. Further, I have yet to see any report of the mass of the comet-not even a wild guess.
    Not surprisingly, most jaded observers are yawning and waiting for the light show. Some have already lost their attention and are on to other tickles. Their complacency rests in a firm belief that nothing Ison might do will in any way effect the Earth.
    This is only so if the predicted trajectory is pretty close to what unfolds, the mass of the comet is small enough that debris will be inconsequential, and those objects in the coma really are what the analysts are claiming-an illusion.

    • What is particularly fascinating about Ison is the “forward jet”. Astronomers who have the media connections claim that this is the comet shedding ice and dust which creates its 57,000 mile long tail and coma, but their explanation does not cover the three hot spots, or explain why three separate areas would display significant heat signatures.
      It is also interesting that three separate areas display heat signatures, which certainly rhymes with the three objects that supposedly are not there.
      I’m very curious as to the actual trajectory.
      Estimates are that the coma is wider than Australia, while the core itself is perhaps a few miles wide.

  15. Thank you Mr. Duff. Thank you VT.

    (NASA shut down, and some FEMA activities. News media not informed, Congress and the vast majority of the military leadership not informed yet at the same time the world powers have come together)

    Peace to all and may we stay safe and out of harm’s way.

  16. You do NOT know that my friend…..The shoot down I mean…..as for the size and projections of damage, how, and, why, and when…conjecture aside from fuzzy math. But what is clear….an object moving thru earths atmosphere at such a speed releases an UNFORGETTABLE SOUND…So there should be reports in abundance, accounts, ETC…Where are they? Who documented them? Exclude the video BS…Now think about it a bit more.

    This is the thing about the event called 9-11 that none care to discuss…. If a plane the size of those described were near to 500 mph at a mere 500- 800 feet above a few million people….EVERYONE in it’s path would not only hear it, they would feel it……so why the theory? As with this…theories abound.

    Think to cover an already existing plan, test, false flag…wtf ever. Global implications could not be suppressed…….zero chance of such a thing…


    • Russia is putting a piece of the meteorite into all 7 Olympic gold medal finals scheduled for 2-15-2014 the one year anniversary. Seems creepy to me but I guess real meteors are valuable.

  17. Paint your Wagon clue

    I only saw the movie once, man years ago. It was not bad for musical.

    I remember two guys were chasing one chick who could not chose between them.

    As it ended, as one man could have two wives, it was determined she could have two husbands.

    Any one word synopsis out there?

    • I searched and found out there was a massive snowstorm in the movie and a group of people had to be rescued, and a prior threat from the powers above. . But still unclear what the clue means.

  18. Go back to that thing in Russia as viewed thru those crazy Russian dash cams. Think! Ask….who knew of the object ahead of time? Or was it simply an object sooooooooooo small that it slipped thru undetected by all of those high powered scopes? See these things for what they are and how they get spun about the Media…Some say the thing in Russia was shot down by technology that isn’t supposed to exist, but then that would elude to tracking, taking aim, and well knocking it from the sky. Others say it was so small that it just burnt up…

    My point is simple: You can’t deny something like this in advance, only after the fact. So if someone is trying to get out ahead of a weather machine test by eluding to a cosmic event as the likely culprit via whatever recipe one chooses…..then be very suspect my friends. Drills and what not aside of course.

    It’s been known to snow anywhere North of the Ohio river beginning round about November, been awhile since it was very cold all season….guess we’ll see..


    • Dutchsinse found objects shot into the air from a military base in Florida that same weekend and 4 or so other sitings were seen worldwide in that Feb 2013 weekend concerning unusual meteors in focused areas not diffuse in the world like a coordinated display. Can get links if desired but little attention about Florida event and other ones at the time and nothing conclusive. I think Middle East and Asia had ones that weekend.

    • Here is the link to the alleged meteorites near military base in Florida around same time as Russian meteor Feb 2013.

    • RT has a good article this AM about recovering pieces of that meteor fro a lake in the Urals.

      11000 ton meteor, shack waves traveled the world for 3 days.

    • Something about that clean blue tarp and the photo op seemed statged. I mean the video. I linked it above.

  19. ‘Time is of the essence’. Gordon takes a different route to Jimmy Dean. He knows that he often gets fed lots of disinfo as well as highly classified inside information. He said himself that up to 40% of what comes his way may be disinfo. However – time is of the essence in getting these things out.

    Gordon immediately puts out a version of what he thinks he can get away with – without getting into serious trouble. Then it is out there for dismantling, analysis, praising and rubbishing. At this point it is for the denizens of VT to pull it apart and even assess whether there are other, unmentioned aspects of the story that require enlarging – or a series of dot connections. The resulting commentary is often especially enlightening – and a pattern emerges.

    This article is a special one, no doubt. It does have everyone’s attention, however.

    • Clue: he circled the camera focus markers 2 out of 4 he did not circle the cylinder object. The left side ones. THAT is a big clue. I already posted what I thought it meant but I could be missing something. Anyone else?

  20. Mr. Duff, Could this have anything to do with why Secretary of DHS, Janet Napolitano stepped down on Aug. 27th, after making the statements in a recent interview, Aug, 2013, (Wilson Center) when she warning of a serious “cyber attack?”…possibly to be caused by a “natural disaster?” Could she be referring to the Nov. 14-15 Comet Ison?…or back to information presented at the EIS Summit, held in May, 2013, in Wash. D.C,. where Congressman, Trent Franks, Sr, Member, House Armed Services Committee, Congresswoman, Yvette Clarke, House Homeland Security Committee, Dr. Robert Herman, Commissioner, U.S. Congress EMP Commission, Dr. Thomas J. Bogdan, Director, NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center, and Mr. John Kappenman, Principal investigator NAS Severe Space Weather Study & U.S. Congress EMP Commission, all attended and spoke and discussed an emp… referring to it as a “Coronal Mass Ejection? are they also referring to a future EMP..natural disaster/Comet Ison passing earth in mid Nov. 2013? Recent article on Aug. 28, 2012, Alternative Energy website re: Oct. 13-14, a U.S. Mexico and Canada EMP Drill re Power Grid? What about the NIST.gov website? Closed Oct. due to Govt. shutdown?…but isn’t the NIST Vulnerability Data Base and NIST Internet Time Service websites still up? On the CLG it had an article about the Pentagon/DoD spending 3 billion dollars on ..on the eve of the shutdown? Yet 400,000 Federal employees furloughed? Pentagon/DOD hands out 98.contracts? What is rgoing on false flag or actual event?

  21. To me, the big worry is yet another exercise that “goes live”, with Comet Ison as possible cover. Worst scenario to me, has always been electric grid going down and staying down. Lo and behold, we have that very exercise coming up soon. GridEx II, Grid Security Exercise, Nov. 13-14, with US, Canada, and Mexico involved in multiple incidents, is (coincidentally?) being held at the same time as the beginning of the annual Leonids meteor showers. Also, starting tomorrow, we have GridSecCon, Grid Security Conference, Oct. 15-17 in Jacksonville, FL. I have looked at the agenda; several of the speakers are of concern to me. By the way, according to media report below, Earth barely missed a killer solar flare in July, that could have fried the grid.

    Relevant links for all this:
    GridEx II, Nov. 13-14: ***http://www.spp.org/publications/13%20-%20CIPC%20Brief%20%28Harrell%20Conway%20Mar%202013%29%20V2.pdf
    GridSecCon agenda, Oct. 15-17: ***http://www.nerc.com/pa/CI/CIPOutreach/Documents/GridSecCon%202013%20Agenda%20FINAL%20%284%29.pdf

    • 3 more recent items, in chronological order:
      May 21, 2013, James Woolsey 4-page testimony, on how to protect the grid from EMP threat:
      July 31, 2013, Earth barely missed killer Carrington-class solar flare EMP in July 2013:
      Aug.16, 2013, NY Times article about upcoming GridEx II in mid-November:

  22. Forget potable water, I’m stocking up on Jack Daniels! This eliminates the purification problem and, well, a lot of other problems too. But one thing more. Has Ison changed course as some have implied? If so, then there is a lot that could be read into this?

  23. Ison is coming and with it will be for many among us, our judgement. Whether we survive through this event will totally depend on 1) luck and 2) food,shelter and clothing. The controversy surrounds the thugs and what we do with their butts when we hunt them down and charge them with destruction of our planet.
    I’m on My Way, I Still See Elisa; The First Thing You Know, Ben Bernanke hand Me Down That Can o’ Beans. They Call the Wind Maria, which use to be the jet stream. It use to go Whoop-Ti-Ay!
    A Million Miles Away Behind the Door to the kingdom where God lives, I pray to thee, I talk to the Trees.
    There’s a CRAFT or Coach Coming In with GOD to give the Gospel of No Name City -God will take care of our land called ‘the no name city’ ;Comes the end, and it won’t be pretty.
    Here it comes! I mean, here it comes! Best Things a wandering Star.
    Gold Fever hits after the debt sealing is resolved… In the end – it will be to the survivors to carry everyone home.
    We are all on our way home…

    • Yes, thank you, a forum member found it, what threw me off a bit was that you CIRCLED THE SOFTWARE MARKERS OUTLINING THE REAL OBJECTS IN QUESTION. Was this a deliberate mistake or were you under the impression that these were the surprise crafts we are expecting along with ISON? Either way, we decided that the cryptic nature of your article did no-one any good at all and only served as an anchor for more misdirection.

  24. Very serious article, as evidenced by the multiple, short paragraphs.

    If large pieces of the meteor were to crash in the Atlantic, would it create a “Cumbre Vieja” Tidal-Wave, as described by Tim Rifat, in which the East Coast is slammed and the nuclear plants are “Fukashima’d”?

    What is the ETA of the meteor, if indeed the trajectory is accurate?

    Chinese photography; could this be a benefit of their alien treaty, that they are given special intel, but it got leaked?

  25. The Gulf Stream has become “unstable.” The prediction is “severe and extended cold.”

    The 2010 Deepwater Horizon Gulf oil spill has altered the Gulf Stream and consequently the Jet Stream. This has severely affected world weather. Use of Corexit by BP and Obama exacerbated damaging effects of oil on the Gulf Stream. Haliburton was involved in this worst ever US environmental disaster and coverup.

    This video seems to provide an excellent explanation for more extreme cold temperatures to come.

    Thanks White Rabbit for finding the video Gordon has referred to:

  26. Fascinating article. one needs wide knowledge, and not all hard facts to read between the lines. In other words, a continually open mind. For me it is simply a coming together by Gordon of all the facets of what we face in our world. The comments are fascinating and could be identified into maybe ten categories. Such as: discredit the messenger, describe scenarios based on continuing powers that have brought the world to it’s precarious stage, roll out a variety of historical predictions such as by Nostradamus, etc. The earth and we people on it need to get over “earth exceptionalism”. We are a treasure, a unique earth in the galaxies. Nuclear war on our earth is something the galactic entities do not want to happen. Think outside the box imposed by the images of Israeli-jew controlled Hollywood.

  27. Read through all the comments again, in particular Gordon’s response to Preston’s comments.

    IMHO This is a planned false flag leaked by NSA or those within NSA.

    Like the Charleston nukes observed by AJ, the very act of observance will derail this plan as well.

    Keep watching, no fear but keep a few extra essentials on hand, just in case not enough people are observing this thing.

  28. Thank you, Gordon. Been watching this awhile and trying to discern truth from disinformation. Your mention gives this topic considerable cause for concern. There is something we can do other than stocking up on beans, bullets and bandaids… put out the “call” for the right assistance and focus on being okay. Thought is the energy of creation.

  29. I have now read GD’s post several times and it makes zero coherent sense.

    Whether or not Mr Duff was ever within the loop of the ‘intelligence services’ (which I doubt) he now knows less than even I do about such matters as the PNAC and missing nukes … which is maybe why he says that he cannot reveal stuff, i.e. he does not really have anything, which of course he could not have as a “100% disabled vet”.

    Actually the only 100% disabled Vietnam vets I know of are dead, whereas several of the survivors I’ve known have been “off the planet” in denial and supporting yet more wars, like Mr Duff does. Also he supports the NSA.

    In short: Gordon Duff is NOT 100% disabled (dead).

    I have it on good authority that GD sleeps with his guns and is in fear of his life, though he stops WAY short of stuff that I know about and feel safe in writing about on the www. Draw your own conclusions about paranoia, if that’s the case.

    Meanwhile GD posts ridiculous stuff, not least his chaotic video tours of a ruined vineyard and car show.

    • I’ve really enjoyed some of GD’s articles; however, my favorite is Preston James.
      I’ve been unable to determine whether Gordon is on the people’s side, since he outs “some” truths, or the OTHER side, being a fervant supporter of “anti-American Obama” and a fervant Tea Party hater, i.e., hater of liberty. I’ve decided on the latter. Gordon is a member of J-12 and the Adamas Group, both of which seem to be 1) Secretive, 2) anti-free energy, 3) pro-Obama, 4) pro-war, 5) anti-constitution, and 5) seem to have their “tickets” punched, all of which means anti-American.

      I can’t think of ONE reason not to inform one’s fellow man EXACTLY what is expected. If GD sleeps with a gun, it may be that the objects coming along with the comet hold a danger specifically to those “people” or “aliens” in Gordon’s group who have done so much damage to mankind. We shall see.

    • I think he reveals what he can without being “retired”. He probably signed up w/ Adamus before he knew all of what was involved perhaps. Proof: the picture of the water down that kids butt with the black ops guy smelling and smiling. Duffs comment and insertion of the content does show a hatred of the criminality and unethical behavior. Doesn’t Duff have a daughter?

    • I’ve read that KISSINGER [i.e., Satan personified] is in the Adamus Group. If that’s true, there’s little doubt the agenda is evil. My preference for Preston James’ writing over Duff’s is that his writing is clear, concise, and to the point. I don’t have to “guess” what he’s saying.

  30. Gordon – slightly off topic (whatever that is!) – but I know that you will appreciate this. A sublime piece of music that I feel all soldiers returning from a tour of active service should be forced to listen to together – before being ‘released’ back into the zio-bubble hell hole that we incorrectly call the ‘normal’ civilian world:


    ‘The Lark Ascending’ By Ralph Vaughan Williams. Played by the London Philharmonic Orchestra – with solo pieces by Nicola Benedetti.

  31. The Gulf Stream has become “unstable.” The prediction is “severe and extended cold.”

    The Deepwater Horizon Gulf oil spill likely altered the Gulf Stream and consequently the Jet Stream that has severely affected world weather. Use of Corexit by BP and Obama exacerbated damaging effects of oil on Gulf Stream.

    A similar blowup in Azerbaijan by BP in 2008 was a trial run? covered up by Bush. (Az gov says BP stole billions/blackmail). Haliburton was involved in 2010 Gulf blowup/coverup. Bush and pals, Haliburton, BP, Chevron, Obama, – many of our favorite evil-doers involved.

    A question for Gordon: is screwing up the Jet Stream deliberate or pathetic bungling?

    This video provides an excellent explanation for more extreme cold temperatures to come.

    Thanks White Rabbit for finding the asteroid video Gordon has referred to:

    btw: adil, gerryhiles: Great comedy! Seriously though, VT and i deserve higher class of shills.

  32. Wow. I wish I could say I was shocked by this info, but I’m not. The reason I’m not is because I had one of my “dreams” the other night. In it, I was a Police Detective. What’s notable about this dream is that, there was fire. Not on a specific structure, but the entire world, as much as I could see of it.

    The entire world was glowing red, like embers in a fire. When info is related in the dream state, its through symbols, because it’s your subconscious that’s the receiver. Images and symbols are the language of the subconscious mind. You have to have a certain attunement, be open to certain frequencies, to get the “download” at all. Real psychics, mystics, etc are such people. Gordon, if you havent already done so, consider seeking out these kinds of folks for any insights they may offer. The takeaway from my dream is “catastrophic event” which requires all hands on deck to investigate, perhaps it can be averted. For myself, I’ll be looking at everything I can find on ISON. I wonder if we can get bettet pics on those “anomalies”..

  33. I got the popcorn, and things are looking up! Or is that down. Looking anywhere the government directs one to look . . . . always gives me the answer I desire.

  34. “Just as President Reagan had predicted in his UN speech, nations have come together.”

    What on Earth is Gordon going on about?

    A ‘B’ Grade movie actor uttering “words of wisdom”, whilst sinking into dementia, i.e. losing touch with reality, with failing short-term memory.

    One has to wonder?

    Gordon apparently does not remember the ongoing wars against Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan; nor the fact that Russia, China and other nations have finally taken a stand against the Washington Empire, which Gordon is bending over backwards to please: ” They are simply doing their jobs.” NSA and every other Washington agency.

    What side are you on GD?

    And I come back to your statement: “nations have come together.”

    What planet are you on? There have never been so many wars going on in all of history.

    WW3 is on the cards – and might have begun around Sept 7th, if Putin had not said nyet to the same happening to Syria as happened to Libya.

    AND YOU, Gordon, still have not explained why YOU supported the ruin of Libya and the brutal murder of Qadafi, though I have asked you several times why you were so keen to destroy a land I loved … well I lived in Libya for a while.

    What is your excuse for destroying the land I loved and for pretending that nations are more together, whilst wars rip everything apart?

    • gaddaffi was a charming personality. Gordon photo shows his as charming one but his current one is not. I feel that is key enough that someone has lost his soul or sold it. look at native Americans. why they are always charming despite loosing everything? because they still haven’t lost their soul

    • Brother Qadafi was a brave soul who raised his people from utter poverty to being the most well off in all of Africa and most of the rest of the world.

      He deserves to stand with Chief Seattle, Crazy Horse and Running Bull.

      If our species survives current madness – which Chief Seattle warned of, when he said that the White Man was destroying the environment in which he must live – then Qadafi will be revered.

      Let the reader understand.

  35. Food for thought: There is a story about how Atlantis was destroyed 12,000 years ago: The priesthood was infiltrated by malevolent forces who then poisoned the culture from within and usurped the leadership. The civilization was then destroyed by a meteor that was directed towards the Earth and Atlantis as a weapon of mass destruction, wiping it out overnight. Those who survived to repopulate the Earth were forewarned and led to safety by the same malevolent forces who had created the catastrophe. It was a means of ‘thinning the herd’ while remaining in control of all who survived.
    If this story held any validity, it could be that we are experiencing this process all over again.
    I would like to add that Nostradamus predicted that a highly visible comet would signal the beginning of the period of great destruction on Earth including WW3 and a third antichrist. The antichrist would destroy the Cabal as a threat to his own ambitions and this would be his undoing as the newly freed media would finally accurately reflect that all of humanity wanted peace, and would unite to destroy the antichrist. If successful there would be 1,000 years of peace. However, it could go very badly.
    He stated clearly that humanity’s suffering could be lessened by the extent that good people exercise free will and take action. It was to this end that he dedicated his life to writing the prophesies.

    • I am sorry, but what is all this stuff about destruction and control? isn’t this right out of video games?

      have you ever wondered about world view from Native American perspective? or tribal perspective? I feel they have free spirit because they can talk about life without the need for higher forces.

      the so called higher forces is psyop and anyone ever believing in it has already lost his soul. I said “his” because I feel only men have soul. women like red blood cells, are devoid of it.

      FYI, Atlantis was not the only life on earth. earth is so vast it needs some comprehension. it is stupid to believe that few tribes from Israel or few survivors from Atlantis propagated life on earth.

      there is no need to be warned of anything. people need to live life as it is supposed. once they live life then automatically they will resist control by others and be awakened.

      here is simple exercise to be free:
      – dancing
      – drugs (not for addiction but in a controlled way like only on festivals)
      – support (not same as raising a kid) – it can be your own kid, others or your followers. followers must come first if there is a priority.
      – find a guru. it can be anyone. for most it can be their parents. you must trust guru at all cost.

      finally remember, pain and happiness goes together. comfort and ignorance goes together. seeking comfort eventually wastes human life. you should strive to be happy

    • You are very correct about the video games. We are in one.

      I was going to describe the quantum universe in 1500 characters or less but your comment “I said “his” because I feel only men have soul. women like red blood cells, are devoid of it.”

      It can be proven Biblically that women, are indeed soulless creatures. You must first accept that the Bible belonged to the Jews first.

      If a man lie with another man as with a woman, he is to be stoned.

      This proves the word “man” means a male human, as being Lesbian in Jewish culture is acceptable. (I still don’t understand why the Jews are always bombing Beirut)

      Fast forwarding to the New Testament, Jesus says, no man cometh to the father but by me i.e., women need not apply for salvation.

      Like members of the animal kingdom, women just full by the wayside.

      I don’t know why my wife can’t understand this. She is a Christian, after all.

      As an apprentice Gnostic, I have found that there is a difference between soul and spirit. All creatures created by Yaldabaoth, the devil god of the Jews, including mortal man have a soul of sorts. Most humans have a spirit, as well.

      The Spirit fills the deficiency of Yaldabaoth’s man, created in the image of immortal man.

      Sorry, but the Spirit of Christ is in most (I am not sure about Hillary and a few others) women as well.

    • “…I feel only men have soul. women like red blood cells, are devoid of it…”

      So, you feel that women don’t have souls but suggest that parents (plural = father and mother) can act as ‘gurus’? If your mother doesn’t have a soul, why would you honour her as a guru?

      Every man comes out of a woman’s body. If women are devoid of souls then men must be devoid of more.

    • To cut to the chase, i.e. leaving aside Atlantist myths, Nostradamus and myriad other stories of dubious merit (including visits by ‘aliens’) the plain historical fact is that all HUMAN civilizations/empires have self-destructed and that NO god has ever taken any interest … certainly not the christianist god.

    • Sorry, we are the best excuse for god that we have. No other god is going to save us.

      Why would they? when we are better than the gods, being both mortal and immortal?
      It just don’t get much better than us, unfortunately.

      We can go the way of Atlantis, Babel, the flood if we so choose. If we so choose, we can also resume our proper place in the universe, Sheeple of Organia.

    • I suspect you are correct in your “thinning of the herd” hypothesis.

      All the legends, folklore and traditions of destruction have a common denominator of sorts. These stories may be historical, literal, allegorical and metaphorical, all at the same time.

      There are no doubt a great many more that I have never heard.

      1. Tower of Babble: Humans are regaining the power within and come to the realization that they (we) are gods as we have the power within, the power of forethought and that we are both mortal and immortal which causes Yaldabaoth, the devil god of the Jews to “confuse” the people.

      Sound familiar? Disinformation Campaign?

      2. The Flood. As in the Days of Noah, as the consciousness of mankind grows, as we come to realize that we are more powerful than our master, evil.

      Yaldabaoth brings a flood to destroy mankind, yet saves a few sheep as total destruction of humanity will deprive him of a host assuring his own destruction.

      To a degree, we are all possessed by the Archons, but The Authorities are the most possessed for the simple reason that they must control the sheep.

      Consciousness arises as we pass through this area of space. Archons are driven out of the individual who becomes enlightened and are forced to migrate into fewer and fewer minds, causing the gross insanity of our leaders today.

      Therefore, our insane leadership is indeed, trying to thin the herd.

      Problem is, they dumbed us down to far. Why leave a good football game to fight for our gov’t?

    • Most of the stories you find in the Old Testament are stories or variations of stories shared by most ancient and past civilizations. Check out the Vikings, Valhalla, final battle, three roosters crowing, world covered in water, two survivors that will repopulate the earth. This world is a training ground or a test. A place for your soul,( by what ever name you call that which is immortal), to be given a chance to learn what it needs to know to advance to the next level in evolution if you will. Some learn and move on. Some become mired in the evil and have to keep coming back until they get it right. I do not pretend to have all the answers, but I do know that beyond learning what you need to, very little of what happens on this earth is all that important. I can almost fell pity for the minions such as the obamister who have sold out and lost their way because they will pay a price that is beyond anything we could ever punish them with. I am not talking about a burning pit.

    • Individual experience, evolution of the immortal soul is a great concept and probably correct.

      But I have this nagging feeling that we need to make it as a group this time, around.

      No Soul Left Behind

      It is human individuality that separates us from the hive mentality of the Archon, our ability to work collectively will destroy them.

      But sadly, we are in a symbiotic relationship with them. Can we survive without them?

      Or will eliminating the bassards be the death of our immortal selves?

      Defeating them requires the development of quantum computing which may also provide the answer to the cosmic riddle, WTF are we doing here. Once the answer is found, game (simulation) over for everyone.

      We are preprogrammed to discover the reason for the existence of the “Entirety.”

      I suspect we are the only creatures in this vast Universe that can accomplish this function, but only with the interjection of evil. We must therefore, control the Archon with limited technology, lest we solve the riddle.

    • It is important to understand the difference between prophecy and prediction.

      Prophesy is knowledge, wisdom and a warning.

      There has been no prophesy since the beheading of John the Baptist.

      Astute observers know that John The Baptist, more commonly known as Aquarius the Water Bearer is beheaded every year in astrological terms.

      From this, one can conclude something changed, earth’s axis? Our view of the constellation is not what it once was?

      While Nostradamus observed a future, it was not this one. His mere act of observation and making a prediction changed the experiment creating little chance that it could ever come true.

      One can predict a celestial event like an eclipse, sunrise or planetary alignment. A scientifically advanced society could predict when our solar system would pass through a more energetic area of space and the general results thereof.

      Krishna predicted some 5,000 years ago that we would experience enlightenment beginning about now and said the mini Golden Age would last 10,000 years.

      Knowing that this space we are in will result in increased consciousness did not enable Krishna to prophesy that Oblunder would be the President at the time of the great awakening.

      Our future is not written until we write it.

      Can we overcome the Archon or will we be bamboozled as in the Tower of Babel?

  36. apparently, we cannot be told about truckers rally to beltway, dc. this imaginative article could have waited till Halloween night. what was the rush? is vt part of bilderberger managing controlled opposition? seriously, I don’t give a damn about extra terrestrial threat. I would even label person claiming so as lunatic if not the person diverting masses.

    this article serves two things – 1. avoid discussing truckers march to dc. 2. give possible excuse to msm to paint vt readers are lunatic believing in alien invasion etc etc

  37. for what its worth ? & to who may know our solar system travels perpendicular to the galactic plane (milky way) & crossing the boulavard may entail plama magnetic wild swings if not indefinite reversals of (permanent/relatively) electron & positron standard densities, rendering solid state circutry obsolete due to design parameters out of phase sync or configured parameter dynamics, exzmpl. Volts are watts, amps are g’s, negative is possibly positive then or matter becomes the mythalogic anti horded pollutions aka war diseases’s machinary, beaurocracy, establishment, actually the very tyranny a corrupted status quo OCCUPYS as a cancerous monstrousity upon the free willed body politic not of, for, by & to, a governmental structure equally availed w/o predujice, instead a den of hyeena clowns listening (IN) like theives, as if, conspired & premedatated in arraingment, similair formatations in ambush wait, their pal, ANTI, like theives doped up on intrigues HUH VT, fools, me no , volunteer, last time or next

  38. I wish I could read between the lines Like other VT Readers. I could not fathom what the article is trying to tell me except, at best, the obvious “something bad is going to happen soon.” Anyway, the Author has written the Greatest line I have ever read in a VT article (or anywhere else on the Web) — “In reality, there is no force, police, DHS, FEMA or military that would accept commands detrimental to Americans.” *THUMBS UP!!*

    • I too wish I understood more, but it is one reason why I am a peon and the others are not. I had to read this a couple of times and still not quite sure what to think, but I bet it is going to be disastrous I am not sure why write something as this if it remains so vague. I am sure it is just me but I was glad to read it is also someone else besides just me. Thanks.

    • Of COURSE there are “forces” in every one of those agencies who have ALREADY ACCEPTED commands detrimental to Americans. For instance DHS ordered NY and other big city cops to bash in the heads of OWS protestors against their First Amendment rights. DHS Chertoff wrote the UNPatriot Act.
      As for FEMA, here are a few headlines about FEMA’s negative role during Katrina. FEMA is not there to “help” anybody — they are there to CONTROL. even when that “CONTROL” means PREVENTING “qualified” firefighter help! As for Hurricane Andrew, that was another fine example of FEMA’s refusal to help victims. With billions in their budget, they refused to help Alabama tornado victims. The little bitty Salvation Army was johnny-on-the-spot. FEMA is DISGUSTING.

      wanttoknow (dot) info/femafailureskatrina

      bibliotecapleyades (dot) net/sociopolitica/esp_sociopol_FEMA09.htm

  39. One source tells me there is a rumor that at least three objects now called Ison are moving through our solar system and one or or more of them may be IFOs (Identified Flying Objects) from somewhere, perhaps trying to direct the main part or the tail of the comet away or toward the earth. With the high powered telescopes available all over the world as well as in orbit, you can be sure that a top echelon of the SSG knows for sure but will stay mum on this due to policies set in concrete long ago. If this comet or whatever it is involves “dark matter”, strange weather and other phenomena could be “in the wind”. Perhaps we could also seem some major large meteor showers during November from this if nothing more major occurs. The big question is, is there a rescue op being run on this whatever it is, is it a normal astronomical space event, or is this some kind of alien attack on planet earth? Or could this be used as cover for a big nuclear emp, set-off to create a worldwide economic, governmental and societal reset?

    • second option. why you has to speculate? if aliens are so advanced then they surely would not be interested in “human” things like “enemies”, “kill them all”, “**** all the s*** from video games****

    • adil, the aliens are interested in human beings as we are their livestock.

      Look at it this way. You work for a farmer who owns a sheep farm where there’s this massive flock of sheep. You can see the sheep are disgruntled and angry. They are muttering amongst themselves and they look like they’re ready to riot and kill you and take over the farm. So what are you going to do? Well, you report this back to the farmer who comes running over with his shotgun to kill off the angry sheep and hopefully, have enough dopey livestock left who wouldn’t notice anything amiss.

    • “the aliens are interested in human beings as we are their livestock.”

      Like cattle? Cue “Screwtape Letters” by C.S. Lewis. And what is the student’s name? Oh yeah, young little WORMWOOD. What “more” was Lewis trying to tell us back then. He did write that space trilogy. Lewis did allow for E.T. Both benevolent and malevolent. In fact, the ancient church allowed for E.T. Look up Dr. Michael S. Heiser. He speaks on this. Heiser also talks about serpentine beings. The Hebrew (not necessarily Jewish) — “nacash.”

      Remember, Wormwood is a star. It is also a falling, fiery star. It can be a meteorite [asteroid] or comet. Others talk about a methane tail in ISON. Wormwood is to poison the land and waters. There is an observatory in Australia the runs Project Wormwood. Guess who runs that program? The same have an observatory at Mt. Graham in AZ. Guess what the name of one the telescopes is?

      There are just too many coincidences occurring to be — coincidence. I’m not sure just what is going on. Wait, watch, and see …

    • As I said in another reply: Ison is within the orbit of Mars at the moment. It passed Mars a week or so ago. Any object inside the orbit of Mars can be seen with any decent telescope. Among us are hundreds, perhaps even thousands of amateur astronomers with very powerfull telescopes, people just as skeptical of NASA et al as you are, watching this comet constantly.

      You can see it yourself: a small green spec just south west of Mars in the early morning sky.

      If there were anything even remotely resembling what is described in the many crazy YouTube films visible on or around the comet, these amateur astronomers would make sure we know. You can bet your life on that.

      But no such observations have been reported.

    • The path of ISON seems to be clockwise around the sun but at quite an angle compared to the solar equator, that is, the path of earth is well below the path of ISON, both incoming and outgoing.

      There is no possible way for it to hit the earth, even debris hitting us is unlikely.

      So, if it is being guided by space aliens, it would be for our destruction.

      Again, not likely as an advanced species intent upon destroying the earth would simply disconnect whatever power holds the atom together and “poof” we are toast.

      Or if they just wanted to kill the people and save the planet, there are many ways of doing this without the time and expense of bringing in comets from the far reaches of space.

      So, that leaves us with the Archon Connection, our infested leadership, the Authorities of Nag Hammadi fame. Their only real power over us is deceit and their illusion that exists within our illusion.

      As a Stu Webb article reported, saying the name of Jesus Christ can ward off an alien abduction. As such, even a belief in a fictional person can overcome the Archonic Illusion.

      As nonfictional people, you and I, as the Gnostic Christ teaches, have the power within to overcome the Archon. It is a mind game against mind parasites. If enough people become aware of our great power, we can eradicate this vermin with thought alone.

      But we cling to the past, for what history can exist without conflict?

      Myself, I am sick of history and long for the dividends of peace.

    • The NSA will be leaking some information. I got a look at it and someone will publish it. It is consistent with this narrative.

      My own minor foibles…I spent endless hours trying to explain geopolitical moves that are senseless…using profiling techniques that aren’t very effective.

      I had been following these issues, as described above, for some months. Just because I am informed it doesn’t mean I enjoy being informed.

      It is best that I not attempt to take any leadership role or run around screaming for attention. I am not in a position to help.

    • Today’s world can only be deciphered in a Gnostic perspective.

      The science of the True Christ, your power within.

      We have a single enemy, the Archon now being driven to increased insanity by a known force, us.

      Sorry to be such a know it all.

  40. Who knows what to believe anymore; so many liars and traitors.
    I have read the buzz at the pentagon had been that the Sumarian gods were returning. Is it anything to do with ISON?..who knows.

  41. Hey guys those circled right angles are the capture limits from the video all over the Internet. Must be clue that circled markers masquerading as circled findings MEANs that other circled or mentioned items in this piece are also just nothing at all.

    • I just figured out that the circled right angles in this VT article are just normal framing centering markers. 2 of 4 markers are circled as items. I think Duff is trying to tell us that the comet thing is a Hoax but something near it may be real, like whatever BS blowup they have planned and need to get ready for. The video G Duff refers to has a cylinder orbiting the comet.

    • There are hundreds, if not thousands of pics of the comet made by amateur photographers available on the net, some taken today. No anomalies on any of these pics. There are hundreds of amateur astronomers watching this comet around the clock. If they see anything out of the ordinary you can be sure they will be bombarding the many astronomical formums and blogs with their findings. They will be asking NASA for explanations.

      Nothing such like has happened until now.

  42. Great article to promote conjectures!

    Here’s another conjecture that your article triggered:

    When ISOS impacts with sun, resulting huge debris field will blot out sun — sufficiently so that parts of Earth experiences mini ice age.

    U.S. civil unrest will be motivated — by mass starvation within northern hemisphere — and suppressed by FEMA and DHS, etc. with aid of ~2B rounds of HP ammo. In the meantime, corrupt government officials can enjoy benefits of COG.

    Am I warm?

  43. The obamister and Pelosi are going to dirty their pants and get mad at you for telling Americans to get a weapon.

  44. No need to panic folks, This is just a dry-run, just in case scenario:

    Here’s what you need to practice…. just find a deep whole, plus a really good life vest in case of a tidal-wave, a god pair of sun-glasses (High UV Protection) a lot of MRE’s, and the essentials to live in the “Wild” for a couple of years, please try and carry these items (essential) anti-biotic’s, a ‘Life-Straw” for everyone, a lot of ammo, AR-7, salt, matches, lighters, bandages, a portable bike, knives, mess-kit, pork and beans, tents or at least a portable shovel to dig a whole, a tarp, blankets, rain-gear, flares, binoculars, etc., compass, radio, batteries, night-vision equipment, clay-mors and perimeter camera’s, trip-wire, fishing gear, bug-spray, rope, snares, netting, multi-tools, Woodsman Pal, flint, sanding stone, flash-light, reading material, magnifying glass, magnets, tweezers, and other specific medicines……and it will all be fine.

  45. The first sentence of this article is the only one in bold type;

    “There has been a recent flood of disinformation in all media”

    Why bold type?

  46. the only reason I wrote this is that I was warned not to

    funny thing, if you really wanted me to do something, telling me I can’t is prettymuch how to get me to do it

    • That speaks to me too. Maybe it’s the wisdom or, alternatively, the foolishness of age, but I feel like you do that I am unlikely to do what the chief toads say. Tell it like you think it is, GD. Gandhi had it right. Just stop cooperating. And things aren’t really getting bad. It’s more that it’s time for an adventure.

    • “The only reason I did it is because I was warned not to”. Either a follower or a leader or a facilitstor. thats what the Air Force told me at OTS for physicians. I am a facilitator leader in groups by nature. Gordon is not a follower, not surprising. Some of us just aren’t easy to control. However TPTB shouldn’t get rid of me as I am a pretty good and thoughtful Neurologist one of them might need some day instead of the money grabber cover my A*** group.

  47. Listen to this 4 Oct broadcast:

    Re: ISON
    Hanks comments: It’s a hostile ship escorted by 2 other hostile ships
    But this does not mean it will still be a hostile ship by the time it reaches this system
    It won’t be a problem
    That’s all the info he wants to put out now.
    ISON is not a natural comet.
    It was not sent with benevolent intentions
    But that does not mean it will be a problem.
    It will not be a problem.

    • PS Forgot to mention that it’s a reptoid contingent.
      It’s the cavalry for the bad guys but it’s not going to be anything for us to worry about

  48. Extraterrestrial impacts have been a feature for the planet, we find all kinds of evidence that this has been the case, so we should not assume that that this is fantastic, nor should this be surprising. However, predicting actual trajectory is far from a complete done deal.
    Certainly, big rocks can and have caused lots of damage, and if they impact, the drug dealing cleptocrats are definitely in trouble, but after a transition period, humanity will likely find its prospects are far brighter than with the thug state in control.
    We know that our solar system has moved into an anomalous area of space, where charged clouds are effecting all the planets and Sun. We observe this directly in the change of climate on the planets themselves, as well as in the anomalous behavior of the Sun.
    We know that the ultimate result of moving through this area of space is undefined, and likely that humanity has never seen the result of tracking through this area.
    While it remains the prime theory that the dinosaur era was dramatically curtailed by a significant celestial impact, it remains factual that life continued upon this planet, even after the event that destroyed the dinosaurs’ ecosystem.
    Further, humanity’s relentless embrace of suicidal creeds and ideologies force fed by power mad institutions and inhuman criminals, preps everyone for the embrace of the final moment. Perhaps we will live in the time when a newer and more productive humanity is born from the ashes of the ecocidal past.

    • “and likely that humanity has never seen the result of tracking through this area.”

      Some theorize our solar system is part of the SDG, Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy which is merging with the Milky Way as we write.

      In doing so, our trajectory takes us in and out of the galactic plane, higher and lower energy felids, possibly even higher and lower dimensions every 26,000 years or so.

      When we are finally told the truth about man’s existence, we are likely to find we have been around a very long time on an Earth far younger than we are told.

      I would speculate, we have been through this many times.

    • JG,
      We do not find disrupted, or rearranged orbits, of the sort that we would expect through close contact with another large complex of stars. What we DO find are a series of anomalies that defy explanation, such as the huge iron release along the Atlantic ridge, and the vulcanism that has sprung up in the arctic.
      Unfortunately, all media is less than reliable, and as a result, the magnitude, and the analysis of these events-and others-remains largely hidden.
      Yes, the Anthropos may well be extremely old, but we, who are one strain of it, are relatively young. Ultimately, the timing of all this is pretty fascinating, given everything that is occurring…

  49. a timeframe kinda

    this is cool stuff, the chance of anyone predicting what a comet will do is miniscule, the odds of getting rockets to the right place at the right time?


    false flag alert

  50. One thing that I am sure of is that things have been coming to a head in this world. The judaic banking cabal are simply NOT getting away with it unnoticed any more – and their behind the scenes manipulation of world events is coming to pieces. This is partly their own fault for becoming too brazen, too greedy and too predictable. False flag attacks were designed to be so enormously evil that nobody would even CONSIDER that they were the work of our own ‘allies’ and their traitor conspirators. Now they are simply not getting away with false flags to order – and a dangerous recognition of what they have been doing for many years now is becoming commonplace. For them – or for the rest of us – this cannot go on.

    The mainstream zio-media, thus far, have kept a tight rein on the official narrative of each event without even allowing general discussion of the realistic alternatives – unless of course that discussion is contrived to ridicule alternatives with outlandish and planted ‘conspiracy theory’. The mainstream zio-media have frantically kept up the psychological subversion pressure in all entertainment and ‘news’ stories – and this is now proliferating.

    With their loss of Russia, with their malevolent acts, world view and planning – and with their control over events waning – their hatred for all humanity and their vile activities are being laid bare.

    We were all warned by many intelligent observers that when they were losing their last act will be to pull the alien/astral card.

    • I suspect you are correct. Earth, as near as I can tell will not pass through Ison’s debris field till Jan 2014 or so based upon this


      if accurate, the stuff planned for November has little to do with Ison.

    • It never hurts to be prepared for an emergency – and those preparations are usually simple and inexpensive. All the same – America and the west needs to be ready to remove the offending mass media operatives and the traitors at the very top of politics and administrative organisations. A reset button back to a time before the cabal began to twist the system out of shape for their own ends – then start again. SYSTEM RESTORE.

      The cabal will now be thinking that if they can’t have the national infrastructure then it must be destroyed so that nobody else will. That is to be avoided. Only people need to be extracted from the equation – nothing else. Everything else built up over the centuries belongs to the people. I smell a rat in this cosmic intervention – because it comes as such a timely distraction for the cabal and a handy route to a change of power systems. They have not been able to start wars. They have not yet caused mass panic and chaos by bringing the country to its knees financially. The alien/astral gag will be a way to declare a general emergency and seize total control.

    • Agree. The timing is suspicious with the end of the Federal reserve 100 year contract and the attempted Syria attack. I wonder if rethink 911 is somehow tied in. See my dutchsince video link below as well.

    • The Federal Parasite Reserve was hatched in December 1913, so the charter is up soon. The IRS was established as a slush fund to keep it going. That’s another crazed scheme that needs to be trashed. At the time they must have been confident that their sick dream of world enslavement would have been well under control by now. As Gomer Pyle used to say, “Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!”

      Now all their comfy rats’ nests are getting kicked, all their friends snugged up in roach motels are being chased into the light, and they’re all running a mad dash to hide or double-cross each other, or cut deals. Poor little screwballs. Didn’t anyone ever tell them that the very idea of planetary control is so fundamentally flawed as to be impossible? And even if it were possible, where would they get the smarts to maintain it?

      For they sewed the seeds of their own destruction when they spent centuries building a worldwide power network of deceit, carnage, and fraud that was wholly dependent on secrecy. Peek-a-boo, we see you. The party’s over.

    • Actually, the 100 year charter is a myth. The charter terms were suspended in 1927.
      According to the USC (United States Code)
      (Found here) http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/12/341

      Title 12, BANKS AND BANKING; Chapter 3 FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM; Subchapter IX; POWERS AND DUTIES OF FEDERAL RESERVE BANKS; §341. [ § means section] General enumeration of powers;
      “Second. To have succession after February 25, 1927, until dissolved by Act of Congress or until forfeiture of franchise for violation of law.”
      It will take a majority vote to pass any Act to end the Fed.
      As to the Fed violating the law, they’re kidding, right? The Attorney General violates the Law of the Land routinely, and looks the other way when banksters do it. Doubtful any charges would be brought by the AG.
      Even when the dollar dies they’ll still be in charge of whatever the new currency is.
      We’re stuck with the Fed ’till the Government itself collapses.
      Sorry, hate bursting bubbles … but you’d rather know the truth of it, right?

    • What a tangled web they weaved. So tangled in fact, it does not need to be untangled, just discarded on the trash heap of history by we the Sheeple.

    • Pink Rabbit, I have pointed this out here before. There is no 100 year charter. It’s an urban myth. It started with a charter which was due to end in 1933 but, in 1927 the charter was amended so that the Fed will exist in perpetuity unless terminated by Congress.

    • Pink Rabbit
      Here it is from the horse’s mouth

      “Is the Federal Reserve Act going to expire?

      No. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913–which established the Federal Reserve as the central bank of the United States–has been amended or altered by the Congress numerous times over the years, but the act has never included an “expiration date” or repeal date. As stated in the law itself, the Federal Reserve Act can only be repealed, amended, or altered by the Congress. “

  51. This article is straightforward, short, serious, very different from Duff’s usual stream-of-consciousness writing. Therefore, I am paying special attention.

    • JS
      I agree. It’s not his usual writing style.
      Hey Duff, it’s still the old you, is it?
      Them pesky aliens like to go round abducting people’s souls and sticking one of their buddies into the vacated body. Think of your soul like the driver of a car (your body). According to Karla Turner, the aliens can pluck the soul (driver) out of the body (the car) and put another soul (driver) in.
      Well, I hope you’re OK but it’s kind of difficult to protect against these soul abductions.

  52. Our best case; things will be perfectly fine or even better than before.

    When I worked at Home Depot a few years ago, I tried my best to avoid the opening and closing shifts.
    In the morning, they would tell us that the store needed to sell, $65,946 dollars that day to break even. At night, they would tell us about the shortfall.

    So, I’m sitting there with a bunch of other $10 per hour morons, wondering WTF we could do about it, anyway. These meetings represented about 10% of those who worked during the coarse of day.

    And we were shelf stockers, not sales people. We had no control over anything.

    The object was, simply to make, even a small number of people “aware.”

    In later years, I came to realize Home Depot was “manipulating the matrix,” in their business model.

    It is much the same as the Serendipitous Forces of Nature, that will provide what you need, assuming you are prepared to accept an alternative that may yield even better results.

    It is not prayer, or begging a superior being, it is about being equal to the “Matrix” which seems to be under our control. Very spooky, yet uplifting stuff.

    The more people who are aware, the better it would seem.

    • Our worst case; there is no reason to discuss it. Suffice it to say, organizations exist that are capable to doing what can be done.

      As we read this, this very same scenario is playing out in multiple realities, in multiple universes and multiple time lines. Should this reality fail, we will bring information back to previous selfs and correct the deficiency until such point that

      “Our best case; things will be perfectly fine or even better than before..”

      The happy ending, with most of us never knowing how many times we died to get here.

      At some point our “leadership” will realize that they must inform the populace to “manipulate the matrix.”

      Saving the planet sucks less than working at Home Depot.

      There is no death in an illusion, no life without liberty.

      No fear, dude. we are better than the gods, in that we are both mortal and immortal.

  53. All I gotta say is that a “rogue comet” would make a VERY nice patsy for an Israeli nuke or 12 and either way, Martial Law is a’ comin’. Maybe the last “rogue comet” that conveniently exploded over Siberia, totally bogus and obvious to a four-year-old, was the test to see what we would swallow. I’m sure the Israelis upgraded their animation software and the sequel will be much more convincing, at least to observers that survive.

    • Interesting perspective DaveE. In my opinion, this “prime time Hollywierd production” is about to not only cross over historical LIMITS…but exceed THEM beyond the comprehensive ability of the vast majority of the “human condition/mind to process in a constructive and meaningful critical thought process. In fact, I would venture to state that “THEY” are counting on it.

      The old cliche, “believe nothing you hear and half of what you see” is overdue for an upgrade. Technology and intentional deceptive protocols now mandate that “anything heard/seen/experienced” cannot be accepted at anything historically representative of “the truth at face value”.

      TRUTH AT FACE VALUE…has become the “HOLY GRAIL”!

    • Latney – we have reached the stage that they used to joke about in the 1960s – “Don’t believe anything until it has been officially denied …”

    • What you say sounds much more plausible in our broken and deliberately deluded world Dave. I suspect that playing the old alien/astral card is not their ideal scenario. However, they are now faced with a world waking from its slumber – being stopped from engineering more wars – and the spectre of the Syrian gassings not only coming home to roost – but also sparking a realization in people’s minds that if they are capable of THIS then they are capable of ANYTHING – including 9/11.

      An alien invasion – or a huge asteroid en route to Earth – is the next ‘logical’ step for them to be able to ‘save’ us. Their finally throwing the towel in – on their maniac messianic masterplan – will not be an option to them with their insane control freak mindset.

    • skeptical of the unseen unknowable herein forewarned, felt or perceived that the smurphs at green lantern HQ council central may be at a loss for a good booking ever since ET just cancelled, last minute, just as likely, in desperatation kanived, to “destabalise” the ort cloud or astroid belt as it may be advantagous to just falsely flagging a scenerio of stampeded panic, 75 yrs since jeys became rockets, free from atmospheric catalyst (oxygen) could a nemisis elaborate like Nemo or Red October, better yet, would, if should could, escorted even skeptics agreeably claim is of phenomana, either anceint nomad or anceint naturally occurred made to appear a contemporary “man-made”, maybe hollywood has gone 3D.5, hay Duff, r u sure it wasn’t Alex Jones on that dark & smokey, phone line pullin some early, hallowed eves’ on MI ?

    • Medicis – I think that this is why people instinctively know that the Syrian gassing of innocent children – forced down our throats on prime time TV in order to maximize revulsion – was a watershed in time and a ‘tipping point’ beyond which there is now no return.

  54. Here is a claim I found on JStone forum from Dutchsinse.

    Could there be a media expose on 911 truth? Could the conglomeration, the banking cabal be about to blame it all on China?

    • Thanks Pink Rabbit.
      Great find.
      That offer which Dutchsinse was talking about sounds very sinister.
      Do NOT take any oaths nor sign anything.
      If people want to give me money, give it to me with no strings attached.

    • Here is a copy of the oath someone clever found online

    • Wow! Thanks again Pink Rabbit.
      Might be the same oath that someone claimed to have cracked the code for and warned that nobody but nobody, should ever take.
      Here’s the warning:

      Those losers want our soul. Well, they can piss off.
      If anyone wanna give me gobs of money – sure, I have no objection to being showered with money. But I ain’t paying with my soul. Nope, it’s gotta be free cash.

  55. Thank you, Mr Duff, well done; “For he that hath ears to hear, let him hear.” (Matthew 11:15)

    Have long had the idea that one day, the deep cold might finally come to our little corner of paradise here in Belgium and the Low Countries, where even tho we are at 50 degrees north latitude, as far north as the middle of Canada, our typical weather is 15 degrees centigrade (that’s upper 50s for you Yanks). But now … Ah well, it has been nice …

  56. I believe this is geared to those with eyes to see and ears to hear – this article is more to confirm rather than inform what many of VA’s new readership has been expecting – and those same folks get who and what Gordan is/stands for.

  57. I’ll take a crack at some questions:

    1) Regarding timeframe, are we looking at late November for potential TSHTF?
    2) Any precursors or hints (solar, environmental, etc…) we should be aware of?
    3) Have the elite with their golden tickets gone to sanctuary under cover of gUS shutdown?
    4) Was a base/facility damaged or destroyed in the ‘earthquake’?

  58. To cook food I could chop down a tree or have propane if I am home or backpacking supplies. You didn’t mention that. Cost co has large sizes of salt (25 pounds) baking soda flour sugar rice but all that needs a fuel. Still what I mentioned is affordable. I will go to REI and get a 120 dollar back packing stove and water purifier and white gas. Sound good?

  59. Where do you get this ISON stuff? The comet has not broken up and is not posing a threat. A colder than expected winter is a good possibility, with certainly colder winters in the next 5 years. The sun has gone to sleep, our magnetic field keeps fading and cosmic ray readings have been totally off the scale in recent months.

    • As to “Ison,” I simply passed on what I was told to.

      When something is my own opinion, I will say so.

      If you have questions, please list them. I will pass them on and publish what answers I am given.

      This was not written to be “all inclusive.” This is simply me passing on what I can from an official briefing. This article is only meant to be useful BUT not informative.

      I apologize for that.

    • a – are these images real? You can find a ton of images on spaceweathergallery com
      a – It was feared for a while as there was the danger of the comet breaking up as it whizzed past Mars. But it has passed Mars and it is still in one piece.
      a – It will be at it’s brightest from late November until early January 2014. Opinions vary on it’s brightness. But it seems certain it will not be as spectacular as has been proposed by some.

    • Gordon’s inference is all about the bizarre and that no-one would believe some of the things going around about ISON. So, if you search (and dig down) you will definitely read about some strange theories.

      So those little circled things on the photo are definitely concerning to me based on the bizarre.

  60. more reason to prepare, …NYTimes Aug 16 2013 …”..thousands of utility workers, business executives, National Guard officers, F.B.I. antiterrorism experts and officials from government agencies in the United States, Canada and Mexico are preparing for an emergency drill in November that will simulate physical attacks and cyberattacks that could take down large sections of the power grid.

    They will practice for a crisis unlike anything the real grid has ever seen, and more than 150 companies and organizations have signed up to participate.

    “This is different from a hurricane that hits X, Y and Z counties in the Southeast and they have a loss of power for three or four days,” said the official in charge of the drill, Brian M. Harrell of the North American Electric Reliability Corporation, known as NERC. “We really want to go beyond that.”

    One goal of the drill, called GridEx II, is to explore how governments would react as the loss of the grid crippled the supply chain for everyday necessities.

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