The Milibands, the BBC and the Proletariat



Dueling media in Britain brings banished topics to the front page

… by  Gilad Atzmon


The Millbands
The Milibands

Last week, The Daily Mail’s expose of Ralph Militant’s political views provoked strong reactions from the Miliband family, the Labour Party, The Guardian and the BBC.

The Mail article included a few quotes by Ralph Miliband, showing Miliband to be a radical cosmopolitan Marxist. So what else is new? 

Throughout his entire adult life Ralph had indeed been a radical cosmopolitan devoted to ‘progressive’ international working class politics and naturally opposed to any nationalism and local patriotism.

However The Daily Mail was soon to learn, at its cost, that elaborating on the non-patriotic nature intrinsic to cosmopolitanism is practically forbidden in 2013 ‘free’ Britain.

The Mail revealed that in 1940, when Ralph was 17-year-old he wrote in his diary:

“The Englishman is a rabid nationalist. They are perhaps the most nationalist people in the world…you sometimes want them almost to lose (the war) to show them how things are. They have the greatest contempt for the Continent…To lose their empire would be the worst possible humiliation.”

BBC's Emily Maitlis
BBC’s Emily Maitlis

Well, I’d guess that many 17 year old Marxists at that time could have expressed such views.

But Miliband remained a devoted Marxist into adulthood and indeed for his whole life and maintained this cosmopolitan ideology into old age right up to his death. This may be unusual but it is not a crime.

What is concerning is the nature of the debate around the Mail’s article.

Watching the BBC Newsnight discussion on the topic revealed that neither the BBC presenter (Emily Maitlis) nor infamous spinmeister Alastair Campbell, were even remotely familiar with British debating culture or had even the most minimal appreciation of pluralism, openness and freedom of thought.

The BBC’s Maitlis seemed to have not even bothered to read the article. Her suggestions in the debate revealed an embarrassing unfamiliarity with both the general topic and the content of the article. Maitlis also failed to moderate the discussion and to silence Campbell who constantly went off topic.

Instead of developing an argument, Campbell invested every last ounce of his rather limited intellectual resources in curtailing the discussion by imposing some vague notion of ‘correctness’ i.e. suggesting what we are entitled to say and who is entitled to say it.

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Yesterday on Guardian CIF, Paul Dacre, The Daily Mail’s Editor in Chief, addressed the controversy for the first time.

Dacre wrote “The Mail was deeply concerned that in 2013, after all the failures of socialism in the twentieth century, the leader of the Labour party (Ed Miliband) was announcing its return, complete with land seizures and price fixing.”

The Guardian's Paul Dacre
The Guardian’s Paul Dacre

Now, is this a legitimate concern or, is socialism, like Jewishness, beyond any criticism or scrutiny?

Of course this is a rhetorical question. Apparently in Britain 2013, any attempt to question the intellectual foundations, history and meaning behind Marxism and socialist thinking is reduced simply to ‘antisemitism’.

So, it looks like Marxism and cosmopolitanism, like Jewishness and Israeli racism, have been merged into one vague entity removed from our public discourse, let alone criticism.

This shouldn’t surprise us being that it is entirely consistent with the Orwellian prophecy.

After all, already in 1948, Orwell predicted where the British Left was headed and, since the late 1970’s, we can clearly detect an ongoing attempt by our progressive brothers, by means of political correctness and identity politics, to determine the boundaries of the discourse.

Surprisingly enough, it is actually the ‘conservative’, ‘patriotic and ‘reactionary’ Mail that is producing a much-needed and well-overdue criticism of British society and politics.

Obviously, Dacre knows his readers very well. He understands that the British working class read the Mail rather than The Guardian and this is for a reason.

“It is that the Mail constantly dares to stand up to the liberal-left consensus that dominates so many areas of British life and instead represents the views of the ordinary people who are our readers and who don’t have a voice in today’s political landscape and are too often ignored by today’s ruling elite.”

Our big brother - George Orwell, because he was looking out for us
Our big brother – George Orwell, because he was looking out for us

Writing to Guardian readers, Dacre points at the ‘metropolitan classes’ who “despise our readers with their dreams (mostly unfulfilled) of a decent education and health service they can trust, their belief in the family, patriotism, self-reliance, and their over-riding suspicion of the state and the People Who Know Best.”

Dacre offers a true and very sad image of isolated and detached British Left elitism.

“These people mock our readers’ scepticism over the European Union and a human rights court that seems to care more about the criminal than the victim….In other words, these people sneer at the decent working Britons – I’d argue they are the backbone of this country.”

If you’ve ever wondered why the Left, in the end, always finds itself in such a miserably aloof and irrelevant position, here is the answer:

Like its leaders, ‘progressive’ thought is, unfortunately, contaminated with deep supremacism.

After all, progressiveness is but a secular form of choseness – and choseness is something I am convinced both David and Ed Miliband know a great deal about.

David was listed a few years ago as an Israeli Hasbara (propaganda) Author and Ed recently pledged to the Jewish Lobby that he would look after their interests and oppose the boycotters of Israel.

If The Guardian and the BBC want to stay relevant they should read Paul Dacre’s criticism closely and think about every word he utters.

British society will benefit greatly if it finds the power to engage in a proper open and tolerant political debate devoid of any traces of correctness and gatekeeping.


Gilad Atzmon’s The Wandering Who? A Study Of Jewish Identity Politics, available on  &

Editing:  Jim W. Dean



  1. Gilad – the Katyn forest massacre was in jewish revenge for what was probably one of the most important wars ever fought in Europe. Despite this it is never mentioned in school or any educational establishments for reasons that we can only guess.


    ‘The Miracle on the Vistula’. It set the ideological map of Europe and possibly saved the world.

  2. I was blown away by what I learned here. At first I was saying: “what the hell is a Miliband”. Please tell me how I copy an article to include the comments. I know how to hit FILE but I don’t know what to do to include the Comments section when I copy an article. Thanks for this very interesting article. I wondered why the British common person was getting slammed like we in America have. 288,000 UK military died in WW2 and yet all the leaders in England seem to care about is political correctness. Just like Americans that fought in ww2 , vets started wondering late in life what in hell they fought for.

  3. Gilad – just as in East Germany when the Stasi offices were ransacked and all the secret files examined by the new owners of Germany – a similar thing has happened in Russia with old NKVD and KGB files. You may know that at first the Soviets blamed the 1939 Katyn forest massacre of Polish officers on the Germans. Decades later Russia admitted that it was actually their communist NKVD secret police of the time that had carried this out. The organised massacre was in ‘revenge’ for the Polish army preventing the 1920 new jewish red army from ‘sweeping into Europe’ in an almost unheard of war – which the vastly outnumbered Polish Catholic army won at a battle called ‘The Miracle of the Vistula’. If it were not for the Poles the Russian coup d’etat of 1917 was planned to take over all Europe and Britain as well.

    So the Russians of today know very well who the individuals were who carried out various mass killings – and allegedly one of those was Samuel Miliband. This only became a major issue when David Miliband was made New Labour Foreign Secretary – someone who normally would have represented Britain at the annual Katyn forest memorial – which is very important to the Poles of course. Britain sending the grandson of the murderer in chief was just too much for the Poles. It was like sending an alleged Nazi camp guard to a jewish memorial ceremony.

    • Apoligies Gilad – I meant to attach this as a reply to your question below.

      CONTINUED – This is apparently why David Miliband was ‘unwelcome’ at the ceremony – an issue of extreme embarrassment to the British government – and all Britons if they knew, of course. It was then that the aircraft carrying the entire Polish leadership and Premier crashed on the way to the ceremony – killing all on board. I have no idea if there is any underhand significance in this crash – I believe it was blamed on pilot error. Although the pilots were certainly some of the most experienced in their Airforce I understand.

      There was a lot of internet info available about this at the time – much of which now seems to have been ‘scrubbed’ from the record. Some of this also surfaced during the slanging match between Russia and Britain over the Litvenenko radioactive teacup affair.

    • Excalibur,

      I guess the issue with the crash flight in Russia, killing off much of the political and military elite of Poland, was the reluctance of the polish government to join the Euro.

      The looting of the polish economy is already accomplished by the usual perpetraitors. What was left to do was the abolishment of the polish currency. The then majority of the polish politicians didn’t want to join this faustian pact, because they already knew this would be the total takeover of the international banking cabal. The then following austerity measures (as in most other european countries) would have undermined their political careers and parts of them ‘really’ opposed to this criminal politics. For the NWO criminals this was enough to kill them off. This would also send a strong message to all other political leaders. The only country left, which is actually fighting against the banking cabal is Hungary.

  4. The only way to argue a point that is completely erroneous is to stifle, suppress, derail or disable all the other points being made. In other words, if you want to call yourself “chosen”, which is both impossible and impossible to prove, you stay REAL busy arguing with all the un-chosen around you.

    • Well said Dave. This is also why so many ‘debates’ about important issues in modern times are completely hamstrung by zio-bolshevik politically correct rules.

      The ‘debate’ quickly becomes stuck and bogged down inside strict PC parameters – outside of which all of the participants dare not go – especially if they want to avoid fines and keep their jobs. This is especially true with local government but today applies to ALL meetings and gatherings.

      Recently there was a massive influx of crime in Bristol, England, (perhaps predictably) following the injection of 20,000 Somali ‘asylum seekers’ freshly arrived from central Africa. (Why so many Somalis in an English town? That’s yet another story!) All the discussion about the increase in crime was unable to even REFER to the REAL REASON for it – for fear of transgressing politically correct ‘hate law’ dogma. Thus the conclusions reached in all modern debates are always inaccurate, unfit for purpose – and meaningless. It also means that only disingenuous liars and oily tongued, conviction free scoundrels can climb to the top of modern political and governmental structures.

      This is exactly what the zio-bolsheviks meant when they said that they would “keep the masses under the hypnotism of false socialistic literature.”

  5. Well done for this one Gilad – brilliant as always. I read Paul Dacre’s four page letter – which was published by the Guardian no less – and of course he was correct on all fronts. Campbell is a grotesque demagogue and will hang with Blair.

    All the same Gilad – there is ANOTHER elephant in the room! That is that nobody thus far has had the guts to mention Ed and David Miliband’s GRANDFATHER – ONE Samuel Miliband, leather worker from Belgium. Many lies were told by this family to enter Britain – and the British Foreign Office of the time recorded it all. The Milibands claimed that they, as jews, were being victimized by “Nazis” in Belgium and Holland (In 1947!!!!). The British Foreign Office was so concerned about this that it sent an investigator over there to find out what was going on – only to find it was all lies. They got in anyway it seems.

    ANYWAY – Samuel the leather worker went to Russia in the 1920s – to help with the zio-bolshevik ethnic, religious and social cleansing that Lenin was ordering at the time. He soon became a big wheel in the NKVD (The people’s commissariat of internal affairs) secret police. Russian sources allege grandpa Miliband to have led one of the NKVD extermination teams that massacred the Polish Military Officers, intellectuals and Clergy in the Katyn forest atrocity.

    This was why DAVID Miliband (whist British Foreign Secretary no less) was not welcome at the annual Katyn forest memorial ceremony in Katyn – at the time when the Polish Premiere’s aircraft crashed.

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