Obama Zombies are Alinsky Fanatics

The cigar years

The Chicago Legacy is the Obama – Alinsky Way

… by  Sartre

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  1. Outstanding article. Saul Alinsky was a scumbag, psychopath who openly claimed he worshipped lucifer. He lived by the Leo Strussian credo, the ends versus the means, and was a pathological liar, a political fixer/gamer and exactly the kind of trash Chitown has a long history of producing. What else can you expect when such a large city is run by the zio organized crime syndicate and its subordinates, the Outfit. When the US Treasury busted Capone and Lansky dropped a dime on the Cosa Nostra at their Appalachin, NY meeting, the IZCS made it’s move to establish prominence. And scum like Alinsky and his political conniver pals are the result of the lawlessness and corruption of Chitown and other zio run cities like it.

    • Preston, after reading and appreciating most of the many articles you have posted here and elsewhere, i can’t believe you swallowed the irrelevant bullshit from this raving poltroon. Obama is almost irrelevant as we all know. Your articles have pointed out that since the NWO coup d’état of 9/11/01, he is doing what he was appointed to do by the real powers. Divide the country. Rich/Poor, Black/white, Urban/Rural, Liberal/Conservative. Any way your game plan is to divide and conquer the American people, Barack is the man!
      But to pretend that he is the cause of our countries decline into a looted shell of itself into a Banana Republic oligarchy police state by swallowing the divisive and shallow propaganda of the boot on our throats surprises me. I never expected you to buy into the fairy tale we are being spoon-fed every day given your previous insights into our current desperate situation. You have shown better judgement that to get sucked into this bullshit sideline of an argument.

      And by the way, I don’t really give a rats ass about who old Saul worships or follows. But I believe we will soon come to appreciate the tactics he lays out as necessary for the weak and oppressed to fight against tyranny in items 1 to 13. I hope I’m wrong, but unfortunately I do beleive that is not the way to bet today.

  2. O’bombie is the half-master, half-slave overseer on the progressive plantation…selected as puppet for his ethnic hate wedge potential….and ‘holder’ of the black snake false ‘justice’ whip. Any black who supports this fraud in forging his own shackles and chains, as the eugenic freak feudalist will exterminate by race and by class.

    There is NO difference between communism, fascism, nazism, socialism and feudalism. Either you have freedom, property rights and democracy….or you don’t. What is presented as a ‘spectrum’ is in fact polarities, and no culture remains in the middle for long. See the “History” tab at the FSS website.

  3. Obviously you are not familiar with BREAKING ALL THE RULES.

    SARTRE is the pen name of James Hall, a reformed, former political operative. This pundit’s formal instruction in History, Philosophy and Political Science served as training for activism, on the staff of several politicians and in many campaigns. http://batr.org/reachme.html

    This error along with his strain of the Hegelian dialectic and Marxist politics should not exclude him from your deliberation. Our human condition deserves honest scrutiny and prudent intercourse to raise the level of society for both individual freedom and social justice. As it now stands, who can disprove Sartre? “Hell is other people.” No Exit, Garcin, in scene 5. http://batr.org/view_/070402.html

  4. Unfortunately, you assist the splitting of the populace by promoting a film that criticizes the leftist tactics while it promotes the right-wing “solution” that has the same objectives of social domination.

    You are either a voice of the conspiracy, or, you need to learn more about the Hegelian Dialectic and present the balanced perspective of how both the left and right each have their means of moving us toward NWO objectives.

    Ignorant of the game or willing participant, either way the voice behind this “anonymous” author, at least in this article, is anathema to whole truth that will lead to effective solutions.

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