Secret Sex Life of the Jews


“Jews have sex on the brain. And they have transmitted their obsession to the rest of society. We have all become infected with the sex virus.”

… by  Lasha Darkmoon


A few months ago, I received an angry email from a young woman called Victoria. Having ticked me off severely for various things I’d said in an article—and after a further exchange of emotional letters—Victoria, who was half Jewish, told me she would no longer be writing to me.

So I wrote her a valedictory note in which I took my leave of her with the friendly words, “Farewell, my dear Jewess!

Silence ensued for several weeks. And then, to my surprise, I received another confrontational letter from Victoria informing me that she was writing to me again (a) “to correct certain misconceptions you have”, and (b) to tell me that writing to me was “pointless.”

I found this quite amusing. It’s not often I get letters listing all my shortcomings and telling me how pointless it is writing to me. It makes a change. Victoria had taken offense at the term ‘Jewess’

Referring to me as a ‘Jewess’ was very offensive and condescending,” she scolded, “because I am only part Jewish.…But I guess in your racist mind,  the fact that I am even part Jewish is enough of a reason for you to deny my humanity completely. Continuing any further correspondence with you is pointless.”

This is the letter I wrote Victoria in response to her final communication. I don’t usually write such long letters to my correspondents, complete with a scholarly apparatus of facts, figures, citations, embedded links and picture illustrations.  On this occasion, I decided to make an exception.

Dear Victoria,

Your condemnation of the word “Jewess” as anti-Semitic would be accepted, I think, as fair comment nowadays. I meant no offense, but in any case please accept my apologies.

You may not be aware of this, Victoria, but it’s a sad fact that because of severe economic hardships endured by Jews in past centuries, many Jewish girls were forced into a life of prostitution. In all the great European cities, a certain type of prostitute was always to be found: exotic and semi-Asiatic in appearance. She was Jewish, and she was very much in demand. The word “Jewess” therefore entered the language as a loose synonym for “Jewish prostitute”.

When Baudelaire writes a poem about a Parisian prostitute with whom he had just spent the night, he refers to her simply as a “Jewess”. That was enough to identify her as a prostitute. “Une nuit que j’étais près d’une affreuse Juive…” (“One night as I lay next to a frightful Jewess…”).

When Keats refers to Jewish prostitutes in an unpublished poetic fragment quoted in a private letter (1819), he doesn’t call them “prostitutes”. He just calls them “Jewesses”. Why? Because so many Jewesses were prostitutes that the two terms had virtually become interchangeable. “Nor in obscurèd purlieus would he seek / For curlèd Jewesses with ankles neat, / Who as they walk abroad make tinkling with their feet.”  (See here.)

Keats is here referring to the typical Jewess with her “curly” ringlets. The tinkling ankle bells he mentions were often worn in past eras by prostitutes to signal their approach. Ever since Ancient India, such bells have been prostitute accessories.

You say you are “half Jewish”, Victoria, and that your family originally came from the Ukraine. Did you know that Odessa, the fourth largest city of Ukraine, was once a magnet for prostitute lovers from all over Europe? The city was famous for its sumptuous brothels, all supervised by Jewish madams who had formerly been prostitutes themselves. As for the girls working in those brothels, they were predominantly Jewish. Valued for their seductive charms, these joygirls were referred to simply as “Jewesses.”

Here is a pertinent  quote:

By the 1860s a French visitor to Odessa wrote that Jews there were responsible for a white slavery market in Russian women to Turkey. This is feasible, especially since we know that Jewish brothel-keepers were already in place at the other end in Constantinople. The 1889 census shows that Jewish women ran 30 of 36 licensed brothels in Kherson province, where Odessa was located.

In 1908 the American consul there claimed that the whole business of prostitution is almost exclusively in the hands of Jews. Jewesses were prominent in the practice of prostitution. Thus, of 5127 licensed prostitutes in 1889, 1122 or 22 per cent were Jewish. (See here; Note: 22% is significantly high, given that Jews constituted only 4% of the Ukrainian population.

Theda Bara (born Theodosia Goodman, 1885–1955), Jewish silent screen actress famous for her femme fatale roles. Note the corkscrew curls mentioned earlier by Keats (“curlèd Jewesses”). The classic Hollywood femme fatale, Wikipedia tells us, was “often foreign, of an indeterminate Eastern European or Asian ancestry.” The name THEDA BARA, by the way, is an anagram for ARAB DEATH. Go figure.
Theda Bara (born Theodosia Goodman, 1885–1955), Jewish silent screen actress famous for her femme fatale roles. Note the corkscrew curls mentioned earlier by Keats (“curlèd Jewesses”). The classic Hollywood femme fatale, Wikipedia tells us, was “often foreign, of an indeterminate Eastern European or Asian ancestry.” The name THEDA BARA, significantly,  is an anagram for ARAB DEATH.

A Rabbi Rosenak of the German Union of Rabbis writes in 1902 that up to 50% of the prostitutes in his area were Jewish. He deplores the fact and considers it “inconceivable” that so many Jewish women should go astray.

Jewish prostitution flourished throughout the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Jewish procuresses ran the brothels, luring both Christian and Jewish girls into a life of prostitution. One Jewish madam was known as “Lucky Sarah”, so named because she was lucky enough to have founded the lucrative Hungarian export trade in girls. Hungarian girls were considered sexy.

They had those dark, long-lashed eyes and exotic high cheek bones that so many men find attractive. In short, the Jewish look one finds enshrined in Hollywood’s first femme fatale, Theda Bara, also known as “the Vamp”. (See right)

Equally well-known to the Jewish Underworld of the time was Sarah Grossman, another Jewish procuress nicknamed “The Turk” because of the number of girls she had tricked into a life of prostitution in Constantinople.

Two major sex emporiums were the industrial towns of Czernowitz and Lemberg. Here countless girls were enticed into a life of sex slavery. In 1892 a famous mass trial of twenty-seven procurers was held in Lemberg. 

All the defendants were Jewish. The trial received so much attention, we are told, that it marked “a high water point for the anti-Semites.”

“A major device of the procurers was a Jewish ceremony referred to as the stillah chuppah. This included a religious wedding ceremony which had no civil validity. The soon-to-be abducted female would be misled into believing that she was married with the rights of a wife, only to discover later that her legal rights were nil. Innumerable Jewesses found themselves tossed into brothels by this device.”  (See here)

You see what is happening here, Victoria?  Vast numbers of innocent Jewish girls were tricked into a life of prostitution by their fellow Jews. It was their own race who tricked them and sold them down the river.

It reminds me of the Jewish rabbis who tricked Norman Finkelstein’s mother out of her fair share of Holocaust reparations.

These are the facts, Victoria. They are the truth. Resist the truth if you want, but truth will prevail in the end. Rather than dismiss me as an “anti-Semite” for drawing the obvious conclusions from these well-known historical data, you should come to terms with the fact that most ordinary Jews are the dupes and victims of organized Jewry.

It’s not these ordinary Jews I criticize or condemn, it’s their rabbinical and ideological controllers: the Puppet Masters, or the “Masters of Discourse,” to use Israel Shamir’s apt phrase.

It’s not the sheep, it’s the Bad Shepherds, who are the problem.

No class of men appears to be quite as sex-obsessed as the Orthodox Jews and the rabbinate. If you compare the religious texts of the various world religions, you will find that all of them—with the single exception of Judaism—maintain a high moral tone throughout. They don’t keep harping on about breasts and penises, prostitutes and semen. Judaism does.

Consider this inflammatory passage from the Hebrew English Bible, enough to bring a blush to any maidenly cheek:

There she lusted after her lovers whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses. So you longed for the lewdness of your youth when in Egypt your bosom was caressed and your young breasts fondled.” (Ezekiel 23: 20-21).

The number of Victorian damsels who must have swooned away over that passage is probably beyond computation.

Turn to the Babylonian Talmud and you will find yourself suddenly transported into a hothouse world of indelicate anecdotes dealing specifically with prostitutes and their rabbinical (or yeshiva student) clients.

There are so many of these stories in the Talmud that a special name had to be invented for them: aggadah. Though these instructive anecdotes touch on all conceivable topics, usually with a rabbi as the central figure, sex often looms large. It can certainly be argued that Judaism is more obsessed with sex than any other world religion. (Scroll down to “Contents”, here.)

One such story starts like this:

They said of Rabbi Elazar ben Dordia that he did not leave one prostitute in the world that he did not come to. One time he heard that there was a certain prostitute in a town by the sea who took a purse of dinars for her price.  He took a purse of dinars and went and crossed seven rivers to reach her…” (Tractate Avodah Zara 17a).

Another story begins:There was once a man who heard that there was a prostitute in a town by the sea who took four hundred gold coins as her price.  He sent to her four hundred gold coins and set a time to come to her.  When his time came, he went. She said “Let him come in.”  When he entered, she sat naked on the top bed…etc. etc.”   (Tractate Menachot, 44a)

The Talmud is full of such stories about rabbis and their students paying visits to prostitutes. Since the word “pornography” literally means “writing about prostitutes,” the Talmud is perhaps the only religious classic that could be described—in a literal sense—as pornographic.

We read in the Talmud of Rahab the harlot, for example, first mentioned in the book of Joshua. One of the most bewitching  femmes  fatales of antiquity, on a par with Helen of Troy and the fabulous Corinthian courtesan Lais mentioned by Demosthenes, the beautiful Rahab first began to sell her body at the age of ten. “There was no prince or ruler who had not slept with Rahab the prostitute,” the Talmud informs us breathlessly. (Tractate Zavachim  116b).

The rabbis, being the religious rulers of the day, were among the first to enjoy this nubile nymphette’s favors. Pedophilia? Yes, the Talmud is full of it. We are told of this Jewish Lolita: “They [the rabbis] allow her an honored place in Jewish tradition….Her past as a harlot is not held against her, and is almost entirely forgotten once she converts to Judaism.” (See here).

Nothing changes. Plus ça change. Pedophilia is okay, it seems, if you happen to be a Jewish rabbi or Roman Polanski—but not if you’re a Catholic priest.


Lester.gif - 3

Pedophilia is not the only sexual perversion to which the Talmud appears to be tolerant. There is also voyeurism. An interesting anecdote relates how Kahane, a yeshiva student, hides under his rabbi’s bed and eavesdrops on him making love to his wife.

He is discovered there and severely reprimanded by his teacher who orders him to leave the room at once. The student refuses. “No, I won’t!” he says. “For this is Torah, and I must learn!”

The rabbi is forced to take this into consideration. Spying on people having sex is arguably okay if your motive for doing so is a passion for the Higher Knowledge. (See  The Passionate Talmud, Introduction, p. 1).

Another section of the Talmud deals with bestiality. Widows are advised not to keep dogs. Why?  “Because”, one is told, “there’s some suspicion about what a woman who’s already tasted the pleasures of the flesh might do with her pet.”

I am not exaggerating when I say that the Talmud’s obsession with sex is unique among world religions. Amazingly, it has to be the only religious text in the world to discuss and compare the penis size of its most venerated sages. (See The Passionate Talmud,  Introduction, p. 1).


Fast forward to the 21st century and we find that the contemporary rabbinate can hardly be cited as models of sexual restraint.

Turn from the Talmud to Ilana Hammerman’s  In Foreign Parts: Trafficking in Women in Israel and you will read harrowing accounts of Israel’s contemporary sex-service industry.

Innocent young girls, many of them underage, are kidnapped in Russia and Eastern Europe and forced into a life of prostitution in Tel Aviv.

Locked up without food, subject to threats and violence by their Jewish pimps, these wretched girls are sometimes expected to sleep with up to sixty customers a day.

Their most assiduous clients, sporting black hats and bushy beards, are “religious” Orthodox Jews taking a sabbatical from their wives.

Here is the kind of eye-popping revelation we come across in Hammerman’s shocking book:

I had a very famous rabbi who would come and order a girl to have sex with him in the doggie position, and would ask her to bark,” a former brothel owner testified at a [Knesset] parliamentary committee. One of the working women, presented as a devout Christian, expresses an aversion to her religious clients: “They had a big black hat and under it [another] little black hat and they were real perverts. (See here).

According to a CNN report in 1998, Israel now has the highest per capita consumption of prostitute services in the world. One million visits are paid to prostitutes each month, making brothel hopping one of the nation’s most popular pastimes.

Thousands of women are abducted annually—mostly from Russia, Ukraine, Moldavia, Uzbekistan and China— and sold into sex slavery in Israel. “The situation,” Jewish author David Weinberg wrote in a 1998 article about prostitution in Israel, entitled Not So Holy Land, “is enough to make you cry in despair—or vomit from shame.”

Jews certainly have sex on the brain. And they have transmitted their obsession to the rest of society. We have all become infected, to a certain degree, with the sex virus.

“I’m such a sex machine,” Radio talk show host Howard Stern boasts. “I could take a piece of wood and turn it into something erotic.”

Woody Allen, loyal supporter of pedophile Roman Polanski, was accused by his estranged wife Mia Farrow of sexually abusing their 7-year-old daughter Dylan. Woody is best known today for his brilliant witticism: “Don’t knock masturbation. It’s sex with someone I love.”

Hope Weissman, a Jewish professor at Wesleyan university in Connecticut, was the first to give a course on pornography in which her students were expected to “study” the most obscene pornographic magazines and witness a striptease performance by (Jewish) porn star Annie Sprinkle which may have included her famous routine of letting people peer up her vagina with a flashlight. (See below)

In  2001, Jewish professor Peter Singer put in a good word for bestiality at Princeton university, suggesting in an essay called Heavy Petting that one might like to get it on with a dog. Again in 2001, a Jewish community in England made big news when three strippers were invited to perform sexually explicit acts in a synagogue, possibly with the resident rabbi in full attendance.

In 1998, Israeli commentator Jonathan Rosenblum, noting that a CNN documentary had revealed that Israel now had the highest rate of prostitution in the world, had this to say: “Once again anti-Semites portray us as sexual libertines and perverts to undermine our moral authority. Today we cheerfully admit the charges.” (See here).

Of one thing we can be reasonably certain: any society that attracts large numbers of Jews can expect within a few years to enter a spiral of decadence. Moral anarchy sets in. Sexual promiscuity throws open its Pandora’s box of evils. We saw it in Weimar Germany.

We see it gathering pace in America today. We see it above all in Israel, a society of fanatical settlers and rabid right-wing rabbis: a country surely doomed to implode from within, sooner or later, under the pressure of its own moral and military excesses.

I cannot help feeling that a great storm is brewing and that only a military coup or revolution can now save America. Save it from what?  From the spiritual cancer that is consuming it from within, and from the iniquitous wars into which it is being lured— Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and soon perhaps Iran—on behalf of a foreign nation and its disinfo agents in America.

Unless a miracle soon occurs and some charismatic leader comes to our rescue, an unimaginably bleak future surely awaits us: a future in which the only consolations left to us will be mindless entertainment, drugs, alcohol, sexual intoxication — and suicide.

Sincere best wishes, Victoria, and good luck to you in the days of terror and tribulation that lie ahead.

Lasha Darkmoon


A revised and updated version of Sex and the Jews: Letter to a Jewish Correspondent



  1. Lasha, Perhaps Jews have overcompensated for the anti biblical prudishness of Catholicism? Consider these ideas culled from the following book: Was Jesus Married?: The Distortion of Sexuality in the Christian Tradition


    There is a very long discussion of the extremely negative view of both Augustine and Aquinas on human sexuality, which has permeated official Catholic doctrine. (Interestingly Aquinas rejected the concept of Mary’s “immaculate conception” but the Vatican ignored him when it promulgated this as official church dogma in the mid-1800s!)

    Intellectually while their approach seems to have some merit, emotionally it seems cold and harsh and also clearly contradictory to the Genesis account of woman’s creation as an ezer kenegdo: a helpmate to man.

    Phipps explains that Augustine viewed all sexuality as inherently evil. Apparently he believed that prior to the Fall man was supposed to procreate mechanistically without either male or female experiencing orgasm. It also comes close to the claim of rabbi Nachman of Breslov, that the original sin was having sex before Sabbath began (still on the 6th day) when evil forces still were present, as exemplified by the serpent watching with jealous lust.

    • Augustine proved his view that all sex, even within marriage, was lustful concupiscence, utterly to be condemned and rejected, in that the male sex organ responds seemingly of its own volition to sexual stimulus, even when the higher consciousness does not desire this. This suggests that of all his members, only the sex organ defies rational control and this repulsed Augustine. He taught that even within marriage sex must be only for procreative purposes, devoid of any element of passion and lust. This also is mirrored in the attitude of some Chassidic groups, as when rabbi Nachman taught that a man who enjoys sex with his wife is lower than an animal. That teaching seems to come straight from Augustinian prudishness.

      The legacy of this idea is that the Catholic church considers celibacy a supreme gift that sets the priesthood and religious orders leagues apart from the laity. I remember in my introductory Catholicism class last summer (cf Fr. Robert Barron) when one participant stated that she considers priests fallible humans like the rest of us. According to church teachings she could not be more wrong!

    • But in a sense she is correct, for Phipps explains that the church provides an out for every sexual indiscretion of the priesthood apart from marriage, which is seen as their ultimate sin and betrayal of their calling. Thus there are records of priests confessing to and being pardoned of every kind of sexual crime, of which pederasty is only one example, apart from marriage. Phipps says this encourages the very antithesis of the Torah, which honors committed relationships and condemns transient sexual flings, exactly what the RCC will most willingly pardon among her priesthood!

      Apologists like Scott Hahn claim to find room within their faith to exult in fleshly pleasures with their spouses, but Phipps suggests that this is not in accord with official Catholic teaching. And how does Augustine deal with books like Song of Songs, with its clearly erotic passages?

      I also wonder if the passage Catholics often cite from the Gospels in which Jesus praises celibacy has been misconstrued. Note that Jesus makes this comment in response to his disciples’ bewilderment at the strictness of his opposition to divorce allowable only in cases of infidelity. When the disciples wonder if it is better never to marry, Jesus responds: Matthew 19:11-12 “Not everyone can accept this statement,” Jesus said. “Only those whom God helps. Some are born as eunuchs, some have been made eunuchs by others, and some choose not to marry[b] for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven. Let anyone accept this who can.”

    • Perhaps Jesus means that it is better for those who doubt their ability to enter into a lifelong marital committment with a woman fearing they will lose their ability to love her as she ages, should not marry but should make themselves eunuchs for heaven? Might this be advice for those incapable of the higher calling of spousal love?

      Thanks for your input.

      And forgive me if this email is offensive to you.

  2. The whores (from Islamic term Huris for virginal sex partners in paradise???) in Israel report that about 40% of their clientelle are Orthodox Jews who seek their favors when their wives are on the rag and off limits to them.

    Jonathan Rosenbloom was a yeshiva friend back in the 1980s. He is a Yale graduate and fanatical apologist for all things Jewish, and an attack dog on all critics of Judahcism.

    The quickest way to implode Israel is to force all American Zionists to move there and to confiscate their passports at the El Al terminal in JFK.

    I don’t think the Ezekiel passage is so prurient, Lasha. What about Song of Songs? To their credit, the Talmudic rabbis report that they wanted to ban this book due to its explicit eroticism.

    There were no rabbis at the time of Rahab the reformed harlot of Jericho. Jewish tradition states she married Joshua. She also is part of Jesus’ pedigree reported in Matthew and Luke.

    Do you disclaim the Old and New Testaments due to these brazen reports of whores coming to faith? What about Jesus’ outreach to whores and adulterers? Do you find that repugnant? Do you agree with Martin Luther that he himself engaged in adultery with these misunderstood females?

    What is the point of your rant, Lasha? Your information is devastating, and yes Jews have turned America into a giant pornographic empire. But the people seem to like it. What is your solution?

    • Jonathan Rosenblum’s portfolio:


      He appears to be happily married and morally upright:


    • ***

      Jonathan Rosenblum, director and spokesperson

      Jonathan Rosenblum founded Jewish Media Resources in 1999. He is a widely-read columnist for the Jerusalem Post’s domestic and international editions and for the Hebrew daily Maariv. He is also a respected commentator on Israeli politics, society, culture and the Israeli legal system, who speaks frequently on these topics in the United States, Europe, and Israel. His articles appear regularly in numerous Jewish periodicals in the United States and Israel. Rosenblum is the author of seven biographies of major modern Jewish figures. He is a graduate of the University of Chicago and Yale Law School. Rosenblum lives in Jerusalem with his wife and eight children.

  3. To bleaters “anti-semetism” everywhere: Look for an Unabridged Talmud in a used bookstore, or in an old public library(old because a newer library will never have the unabridged versions). Or look into a Jewish Encyclopedia (prior to 1930) The citations quoted by LD will be in there. The key qualification is “unabridged” as, needless to say, all of these salacious details and other parts like those having to do with what is permitted to be done to a goy have mysteriously vanished from abridged and edited versions of the Talmud and Jewish and Hebrew encyclopedias since. If you can read in non-english find and read Solzhenytsin’s “200 years Together” about the role of Jews in Imperial Russia, the Revolution, and the subsequent USSR. Parts of this magnum opus are translated in English at Hoff’s excellent website
    However, this major work by one the premier writers of the 20th century has still not been officially published in English to date ( care to guess the reason why ? All the facts and corroborations you are clamoring for

  4. Does anyone know who used the word Jewess the first time?

    Maybe the same people who invented the word Muslima?

  5. Just want to tell you what a great job you did Lasha I but you up on my Facebook board Saturday night / Sunday morning with the exclamation point now this is writing! a couple of the links to the Talmud went to foreign writing I didn’t understand, don’t think it was Hebrew although I probably wouldn’t recognize it unless it was transliterated in consonants. I was disappointed I was wondering who was bigger Rabbi Akiba or Moses but otherwise great job, interesting and more than a few belly laughs. They are an oversexed bunch of degenerates, among other things, aren’t they? Zappa got it perfect with Jewish Princess.

  6. open minded juror dot blogspot dot com

    I see the Jews are doing what they do best, pretending there isn’t a herd of elephants in the room…

    Try using the search engines your people own… try talmudic quotes…

  7. This thread needs lightening up…

    ‘ILHAMA feat. DJ OGB – Bei mir bist du scheen’


  8. Furthermore. Any doubt that this infernal criminal brotherhood known as Jews consider sexual deviancy as one of the essential tools in corroding and subverting the civilization of European nations?

    What about Pussy Riot, a troupe of shiksa sex slaves owned by one Vadim Rabinovich, born in Ukraine, now Israeli citizen and billionaire (how? by honest labor, naturally), who forces girls to disrobe as part of audition and strictly forbids Pussy Riot from performing anywhere close to Israeli embassies.

    Or why not check out this video of an Israeli journalist (hey shulchunur, why not model yourself a bit after this guy, a true warrior for truth) by name of Yossi Gurwitz
    and hear what he has to say about Talmud and pedophilia?
    Listen at 4:34, where he says that a Jew can RAPE a 3-year old gentile baby girl and (get this beauty), SHE MUST BE EXECUTED FOR TEMPTING HIM INTO SIN.
    So said Rambam Maimonides, the greatest saint of Talmud.

    And then comes the crowning glory: right now, the only reason Jews don’t behave like this is because of “Darkei Shalom” (peaceful ways), because in goy society they are afraid of a resulting pogrom.

    But once they have the power, then it is a state called “WHEN ISRAEL IS MIGHTY”.
    Which is to say, they can do whatever the hell they want, including raping your 3-year old, and killing her for tempting him.

    But hey, just blame Darkmoon.

  9. I see many attacks on Miss Darkmoon’s person and precious little criticism of her article on its own merits, namely, is she bringing forward the truth or baseless anti-semitic propaganda.
    Some question whether the whole exercise is a waste of time and precious VT space.
    To them, I ask, what’s the problem, is the article crowding your trunk or something?
    All you do is let your cursor skip over the embedded hypertext title that takes you to the article, is it so hard that you have to bellyache all day long?
    As for this guy, shulchunur, who says he is one of those miracle Jews who have seen the light of truth and goodness – good for you, so why don’t you follow through, instead of emptily accusing the writer of being some secret agent of masonic Rothschild conspiracy, is it “he” or “she” and other inane irrelevancies.
    Got some facts to back it up, out with them, let’s all see what burr got under your saddle.

  10. Getting people sexually aroused overtly or subconsciously and then discussing racism is a recipe for programming or deep brainwashing. As a female I see the titulation, the very picture is one one seduction. Then of course is the severe insult to women that this author projects. I am not a hoar and will never be which scares the heck out of men who want to buy and own the object ( and throw it away when convenient). Yes Mr. Dean this author is an insult to to me.

    • The programming of lust to an object rather an equal is cabal goal. Pedophilia, Rape, Pornography are combining power and sexual desire. This author reeks of it. It’s hard to explain without subjecting myself to ad hominem attack. Yes this author/authoress IS pornography for the conspiracy minded intellectual. I see the psy op even if most of you don’t. Oh we’ll …..,

    • “The programming of lust to an object rather an equal is cabal goal. Pedophilia, Rape, Pornography are combining power and sexual desire. This author reeks of it. It’s hard to explain without subjecting myself to ad hominem attack. Yes this author/authoress IS pornography for the conspiracy minded intellectual. I see the psy op even if most of you don’t.”

      (1) The ad hominem attack, dear “Pink Rabbit”, is coming from YOU. You are the person launching the ad hominem attack on ME! Accusing me of being PRO-PORN.

      (2) If you had made the slightest attempt to familiarize yourself with my work, you will have seen that ALL my sex articles — without exception — have been ANTI-PORN. If you have the time, Pink Rabbit, check out my article “Masters of Porn: Systematic Promotion of Sexual Deviance”, published on this site a few months ago under the byline of Jonas Alexis. No porn here, I assure you!

      (3) If you still have further doubts, Pink Rabbit, check out my 2-part article “Pornography’s Effect on my Brain”, where I have given detailed scientific evidence that pornography addiction, in combination with compulsive masturbation, can produce brain damage. I don’t think this article will get you sexually aroused unless you are VERY highly sexed! There are no nude pictures in it. 🙂

    • [ Dear readers, I have emailed the webmaster to cancel Shach’s commenting account for personal attacks on a VT staff member, which is exactly what this is. There will be zero exceptions to this rule, even to a normally good commenter like Shach. These comments get cleared because we have a loose and somewhat automatic systems so they do not get jammed up. But Shach knew better. He has been here before. He could have sent her a direct email, but he did what he did because he had access to our readers.

      We have no problem with readers not liking articles as that does with the business, and all are welcome to do so, but not to take over a comment thread like there were the VT thought police. If you do not like an author’s article you are welcome do say so, and then move on to another article. But if I see what I consider to be a personal attack you will be out of here…Jim W. Dean, VT ]

      In two posts you address Pink Rabbit:

      “I’m sorry for you if (you) were sexually aroused”

      “No one else has complained of sexual arousal”

      “..let me know which of the pictures aroused you”

      “Surprised by your confession of sexaul arousal”

      “You must be very,very easily aroused”

      “I don’t think this article will get you sexually aroused unless you are VERY highly sexed!”

      The more you open your mouth ,the clearer it becomes your an ugly,provocateur psy-op.

      Half your site is about porn,your monniker is “girlish”,unicorn,nude woman ,couple in bed,little girl,apple tree.

      your subjects; Porn ,porn and porn and some ww2 revisionism,and rabid hate of Jews.

      This is exactly how Zionist psy-ops work.

      Stop hitting on Pink Rabbit,you’re embarrissing yourself.

    • This writer is equalling “Jewess” to “whore”.

      The post you deleted contains Darkmoon’s exact own words.

      I’m being called a transvestite by someone,so what?

      this discussion was getting interesting,and if VT feels it should be cut short,please do so.

      I have serious doubts about this Darkmoon caracter,therefore I asked you if you know the person behind this monniker.

      There are more posts down you are going to delete,eppur si muove….

      it smells,smell that smell…..

      And,as you know, I have a good nose.

    • Well maybe we do agree on some things then. iId like to think of prostitutes in general as victims. Its hard for me to think of them in any other way. I will look at your other material. Womens rights have been neglected in many societies. I was hoping VT would work toward advancing that.

    • “Getting people sexually aroused overtly or subconsciously and then discussing racism is a recipe for programming or deep brainwashing. As a female I see the titulation, the very picture is one one seduction.”

      I am sorry for you if were sexually aroused by my article. No one else has complained of sexual arousal. Out of interest, please let me know which of the pictures aroused you.

      I am all the more surprised by your confession of sexual arousal, given that I have been described elsewhere in the Comments section as “puritanical”. You must be very, very easily aroused.

    • A real ad hominum now. I knew it would come. Ive shown this article to three other women who also find it insulting pornography. I am contacting your VT staff, psychiatrist, Dr. Bramwell for an opinion.

    • You can achieve both ends, puritanically creating within yourself the desire to arouse either yourself and/or along with others. This is a form of control in itself. Perhaps you will not see this as a fair accusation but you must admit of the possibility that this type of action does exist even if not applicable to you. I would suggest that there is far too much pleasure taken by you in your writing of a subject that you purport disturbs you in some way. I doubt you are all that compassionate toward Victoria who is probably fictional. The “Victoria” name is interesting in itself as a choice. FYI, no amount of preaching to Jews about who and what they are as human beings will ever make a dent in their psyches. This is impossible and is why there are jews in the first place. As for your friend who prays daily for the destruction of Israel, perhaps she does but this should not be impressive. You give the Jew far too much credit. It is best not to try to remake people in your own image. Jews can be good hearted people, even kind hearted. But they will always remain the Jew, and prefer to be abused if necessary as long as other Jews have done it to them. It is impossible for them to turn on themselves or each other. This is just a fact. There is no evidence to the contrary.

    • @ kyrachristine

      “It is impossible for them [Jews] to turn on themselves or each other. This is just a fact. There is no evidence to the contrary.”

      A perceptive comment on the whole. Thank you. In regard to the above statement, however, may I just say this: I gave detailed evidence from documentaery sources of Jewish pimps forcing Jewish girls into a life of prostitution and of Jewish brothel owners and Jewish procuresses tricking Jewish girs into a life of prostitution.

      I wrote: “You see what is happening here, Victoria? Vast numbers of innocent Jewish girls were tricked into a life of prostitution by their fellow Jews. It was their own race who tricked them and sold them down the river.”

      Read Bristow’s classic reference book (linked above) about the Jewish role in the White Slave traffic in which Jewish women were victimized by their fellow Jews as much as non-Jewish women were.

    • It is of interest to non-jews that jews have been exploited by other jews. My point is that this fact makes no impact upon Jews generally. They submit themselves to all kinds of abuse, be it pedophilia in the hasidic communities, circumcision, whatever. They permit themselves to abuse each other. This in itself tightens them into the tribe. The study of pornography is of no interest to me. Jews are carnal people. God gave them up to their lusts.

    • @ kyrachristine

      Yes, I see what you’re getting at now and I accept your point. If you are saying that Jews are the most ethnocentric and closely united community on earth, then of course I agree with you. Consider the code of mesirah. This enforces loyalty among Jews at all times.

      When a rabbi sexually abuses a Jewish child, for example, the parents of thae child are told to keep quiet about it and refer the matter to the rabbinical authorities who will deal with the abuse discreetly. In most cases, they will hush it up. Reporting the sexual abuse to the secular (i.e. non-Jewish) authorities is forbidden. “Don’t go running to the goyim for justice,” Jews are told. “If you have any complaints against your fellow Jews, let us Jews deal with it.”

      That’s the code of mesirah.

    • I’ve read some stuff on “her” site,and I find it hard to believe “she” is a woman.

      All the article above is based on one book by a “highly respected”female,feminist “Rabbi”,someone representing what?

      I feel this Darkmoon caracter is a psy-op,with the aim to cause as much hate and confusion as possible.

      It’s erudite Krypto-Porn.

    • “I feel this Darkmoon caracter is a psy-op, with the aim to cause as much hate and confusion as possible. It’s erudite Krypto-Porn.”

      You contradict yourself, shach. In an earlier comment you said I was ignorant. Now you are saying I am “erudite.”

      Make up your mind! 🙂

    • You’re not ignorant at all,and you probably got several professors and psychologists helping you puking your poison.

      I said you are manipulative,aiming your message at the underbelly,just like porn.

    • “I am not a hoar and will never be, which scares the heck out of men…”

      Why would it “scare” men if you were NOT a whore? What’s scary about being a good ordinary woman?

    • You know as good as me that Feminism caused more damge to man-woman relationships than any other garbage stuffed into humans.

      Man should be women, women should be men,destroying steady relationships and birthrates.

      That and 60 years of Bisphenol-A.

    • 100% agree with you and shachalnur. And now shachalnur’s account is being cancelled.

      Ones who see through the propaganda are not supposed to voice their disgust, just shut up and take it or be ridiculed or worse.

      This article was HIGHLY offensive and for the exact reasons you and shachalnur said it was.
      We see through to what it is… but we’re not supposed to.
      Thank you for speaking up, both you and shachalnur

      And now the recriminations will come…

      Yeah, I know… go on… hit me with your best shot

  11. “This teaches us that Adam came to all the animals and the beasts [in search of a mate], but he was not satisfied until he found Eve. — [Talmud Yev. 63a]

  12. The law
    What happens if the animal was forced into the act: Temurah 28b
    Considering such an act “Zenut”: Temurah 30a-b
    Liability for multiple acts of bestiality, within one or more spans of forgetting the prohibition: Keritot 16a
    Putting down an animal involved in an act of bestiality: Keritot 24a

    Using a fetus born from such an animal as an offering, if the fetus was conceived after the bestiality occurred: Temurah 30b
    What happens if one of these animals is mixed up with eligible offerings: Temurah 28a
    What if one of these animals sodomized someone when it was not sanctified, and was then mixed up with eligible offerings: Temurah 28a
    Redeeming such an animal, if it has been sanctified: Temurah 28b
    What happens if such an animal was put on the mizbeiach: Zevachim 27b

  13. SANHEDRIN, 69b “Our rabbis taught: If a woman sported lewdly with her young son (a minor), and he committed the first stage of cohabitation with her, -Beth Shammai say, he thereby renders her unfit for the priesthood (1). Beth Hillel declare her fit…All agree that the connection of a boy nine years and a day is a real connection; whilst that of one less than eight years is not (2); their dispute refers only to one who is eight years old.

  14. KETHUBOTH, 11a-11b. “Rabba said, It means (5) this: When a grown up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing, for when the girl is less than this (6), it is as if one puts the finger in the eye (7), but when a small boy has intercourse with a grown up woman, he makes her as `a girl who is injured by a piece of wood’ “.
    (footnotes) “(5). Lit., `says’. (6) Lit., `here’, that is, less than three years old. (7) Tears come to the eyes again and again, so does virginity come back to the little girl under three years.”

  15. SOTAH, 26b. “R. Papa said: It excludes an animal, because there is not adultery in connection with an animal (4). Raba of Parazika (5) asked R. Ashi, Whence is the statement which the Rabbis made that there is no adultery in connection with an animal? Because it is written, Thou shalt not bring the hire of a harlot or the wages of a dog etc.; (6) and it has been taught: The hire of a dog (7) and the wages of a harlot ( are permissible, as it is said, Even both of these (9) – the two (specified texts are abominations) but not four (10)…As lying with mankind. (12) But, said Raba, it excludes the case where he warned her against contact of the bodies (13). Abaye said to him, That is merely an obscene act (and not adultery), and did the All-Merciful prohibit (a wife to her husband) for an obscene act?”

  16. This is a great site and should be supported by all of us who believe in true free speech. Now, if only this free speech results in action because that is what is required now. Civil disobedience is good. Burning down the biggest symbol of Jewish tyranny on Dec 24th is another good way to show your displeasure with international jewry. (Wash. DC, Dec 24, 100th anniversary of The Federal Reserve. Bring lots of cocktails so we can see a huge fireworks display). Painting big blue stars of David on the sides of banks, dripping with red paint and accompanied with a huge white letters spelling, FRAUD, is another way to show that you care. Of course, imprisoning all government traitors is a given, which must ensue immediately. And so forth. Perhaps many of you have also good ideas how we can show that we truly care about the Jewish Question.

  17. Some years ago, when I was still not educated about Jews, I worked as a teacher in a large public school district in Alberta. A very gay man, who I did not know was Jewish at that time, wrote a doctoral dissertation legitimizing sodomy and presented it to the University of Alberta who subsequently granted this man a Ph.D. This Jewish man was given a doctor of philosophy degree instead of a doctor of sodomy degree. Eventually this ‘Doctor’ became the darling of the Red Deer Public School District and headed an international program for very bright students up until his his retirement.

    Having read excerpts from the Talmud at:, I have the same opinion as Ms Darkmoon about the sexual perversion of Jews. The Talmud teaches, for example that a girl under the age of three is fair game for sodomy or vaginal intercourse because, ‘just as the tears will dry up, her viginity will return.’ ‘Boy goys are filthy after the age of nine and may be sodomized,’ that is another direct quote from the Talmud. You see, I memorized those quotes because, being so disgusting, they stuck in my brain like some sort of plaque.

    The problem with the Jewish Question is the answer is so weird.

    They practice a religion called Judaism and belong to racial stock originating in Khazaria which is made from the most blood thirsty DNA ever developed on Earth: Hun, Mongol, Tartar, Turk, Draconian, and possibly the secret ingredient: Archon. Jews are truly different. They are mostly not human.

  18. Apparently, you have discovered the key to Jewish psychosis and incidently to Freud. The first obsession of the damned is sex, unbridled, perverse and in complete absence of love.

    • The absence of love is certainly exemplified by that old Babylonian Talmud. According to its teachings, when a woman marries, she must shave her head and make a wig of her hair. When the consummatory act is performed, she must dry her vagina and the coitus performed dry and with violence. Sounds like something Klingons would come up with while a Ferengi stands behind the curtain filming the thing.

      Yeah, all that one has to do is read the Talmud to get an idea about what Ms. Darkmoon is talking about in her letter to the Jewess. Everything in there makes it sound like those ‘people’ are not truly human; they are like the other side of the coin. Or read Deuteronomy to get an idea of Talmudic vengeance. Their god tells them it is alright to lie, cheat, steal, and kill; ‘make the streets run with blood.’

      If you want to really read some weird Jewish stuff, try reading the Kabala. Like I said before, those creatures are not human.

  19. To Loydd Apter in Facebook comments,

    Don’t know how long ago you subscribed to Veterans Today,but you should keep reading.

    On this site you can find stuff in articles and comments,you won’t find anywhere,

    The Good ,the Bad and the Ugly.

    Mr. Dean,

    I’ve read Darkmoon’s venom long before it showed up on VT.

    It’s ugly stuff and confusing,very clever and deceptive.

    Do you know what or who stands behind this Darkmoon caracter?

    How do you know it’s not a vehicle to damage the credibilty and accessability of sites that get too close for comfort.

    It goes too much for the underbelly,a bit like Zionist tactics before ww2.

    • I thought it was a very good article about how sex is used against the goy in Judaism. If you can show some error in her research please do. Even the Romans wrote about the Jews hypocrisy when it came to sex and they were not a modest bunch. According to Cicero they would not sleep with foreigners (theoretically) but would do anything among themselves. Jewish girls have been sleeping their way into power for centuries. That is why the son of Jewish mother is a full Jew according to the Talmud. Talmudic laws written for their Jewess whores. Otherwise the Jews don’t get a pass on prostitution and the use of sex to subvert nations. It’s a part of their Protocols. Remember Bill and Monica the Jewess? They are the kings of the porn world and they use film and TV to spread their sex agenda. Even Yeshua addressed the hypocritical Pharisees and warned people to beware of their leaven (ideas). So if you have ears beware.

    • Here is an episode of, Meet the Clintons.

      It is Christmas.

      Bill is told by a concerned WH staffer that Hilary is performing cunnillingus on a young journalist. Bill replies, ‘Aw, shucks, don’t worry bout that. She’s seen more pussy than I have.’ CANNED LAUGHTER.

      In Scene 2 we see Hilary decorating the WH Christmas tree with coloured condom packages, assorted sized and coloured dildos, and other kinky sex toys while Bill looks on approvingly as Monica plays with his zipper and dangles a tube of KY over his head. CANNED LAUGHTER

      In Scene 3 we see Bill and Monica in the Aweful Orfice…

      Well, you get the idea.

    • Shach, Lots of this material has been on the Net for ages, and Jewish sourced. MSM has ignored it, nothing knew there. Jewish academics have been proctologists when it comes to examining other people’s cultures and published endless volumes of material. And for anyone who did not like it they would just tell you to go blanketdity yourself.

      I see know reason to get the kid gloves out for them. These are folks where you can quote Jewish archival sources and they will call you an anti-semite to ‘discourage’ you from quoting them again. They almost never deny what you posed as that just focuses more attention on the Jewish source, the last thing they want.

      The anti-semite smear is their standard deal, just a run of the mill diversion tactic really, and it works well for them because people are stupid, and cowards, and sometime both at the same time. They actually respect people to don’t swallow their baloney, not all of them of course. For those who do swallow it, they consider them idiots.

    • I’m aware of these facts,eventhough mistranslation and claiming facts without sources and context is a tactics of Darkmoon.

      Letter exchange with a “Jewess”,in the form of an article?

      Women prostituting themselves in economic hardship is an exclusive Jewish trade and invention as a weapon against the goyim?

      Most women today and in the past,choose their partners based on his wallet,not on good looks or caracter,are they whores as well,taught by Jews?

      Jews alive today follow the Talmud?90% of Jews never read Talmud,an old book written by religious zealots playing G_d,written in times very different than ours.

      Sexy monniker using porngraphic stories and -images(on other sites) to breed hate and sexual frustration?

      So the same answer still stands,do you know what Darkmoon is?

      Do you want Darkmoon’s venom,mostly out of context,without sources and only aiming at the underbelly,creating hate,and at the same time lose many potential readers that are looking for information outside their box?

      Darkmoons exist to eliminate any possibility of building bridges,and destroy the accesibilty for sites this venom can be found.

      Qui bono?

    • @ Jim W. Dean

      Jim: just to let you know that this revised and updated article of mine was published a couple of years ago on the Occidental Observer under the title “Sex and the Jews: Letter to a Jewish Correspondent”. All its sources were checked out thoroughly by Professor Kevin MacDonald, including its quotations from the Talmud and from a book called “The Passionate Torah”, a kosher Jewish source. The allegation that I have included unsourced and fabricated material here is totally false.

      Kevin MacDonald has a high academic reputation to maintain. He always made it a point never to let anything controversial appear on his site unless he could see a good source for it. No unattributed quotations were ever allowed. Every single quote would be traced to its source. If asked, Kevin MacDonald would himself testify to the authenticity of all my links and quotes.

      One of the commenters here has questioned my statement that the venerated sages of Judaism would often discuss and compare their relative penis sizes. He implies that I made up this bizarre fact out of sheer “venom”. He asks aggressively: “Where is your source?”

      Well, I gave my source! And Kevin MacDonald checked it out and was as amazed as I was to see it authenticated in an impeccably reliable JEWISH academic document! Many of these weird facts and quotes came from the Introduction to this book written by a highly respected Jewish rabbi:

      THE PASSIONATE TORAH: SEX AND JUDAISM, by Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg

      The book is available here:


      The Indroduction to book was available online when I originally wrote my article. The link has disappeared recently. To check out the facts and quotes you must now buy the book. They will all be found on pages 1-2 of the Introduction.

    • The article begins with calling your imaginary girlfriend a “1/2 Jew”.

      There you open the first can of worms;race or religion?

      Then your answer to this “1/2 Jewess” is written in the shape of an article,checked with some proffessor,

      How conveniant.

      then;”Sex is on the brain of the Jews,a sex virus transmitted to the rest of society”.

      I would like to see the sources on that one.

      Then you jump through a few thousand years of history claiming all prostitutes were Jews,ignoring that prostitution was very common in the past (and the present),especially in times of need.

      I spend 7 years in Cuba,1993 untill 2000 and every cuban girl/woman was available,basically out of financial need,no Jews or transmitted sex virus around.

      That Jewish prostitutes were more succesfull , had more to do with their “exotic” appearence,

      As for yor Talmudic “proof”,correct translation,context,and time placement are totally ignored.

      Ever read the Kama Sutra?

      Eventhough the Talmud is a disgusting collection of writings by megalomaniac religious zealots,where even today religious Nazi’s can find a quote or two to fit their sick ideas,using these quotes as “proof” is simplicity.

      Most old scriptures in all religions contain sick stuff,even the New Testament.

      My conclusion is that your work is not to inform people,it’s selective information aiming to confuse already angry people towards hate based on Mickey Mouse arguments,mixing (half)truths and lies.

      Good chance Rothschild is paying you,like before ww2.

    • Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg is a woman and a Feminist.

      Jewish Forward calls her “1 of the 50 most influential women Rabbis'”

      There’s your “highly respected Rabbi” from New York,a simple Khazar provocateur,payed by the Zionists.

      Darkmoon,you are deceptive rubbish.

    • “Then you jump through a few thousand years of history claiming all prostitutes were Jews…”

      Really? Where did I say that?

      Thousands of slaves in Israel, global study finds:

      Israel has as many as 8,500 slaves, according to a new comprehensive study of worldwide slavery. Israel placed 111 out of 162 slave-holding countries in the Global SlaveryIndex 2013. Lebanon, Tunisia, and Egypt scored better than the Jewish state.

    • @ shachalnur

      “My conclusion is that your work is not to inform people,it’s selective information aiming to confuse already angry people towards hate based on Mickey Mouse arguments,mixing (half)truths and lies. Good chance Rothschild is paying you,like before ww2.”

      You amuse me. Keep posting! And if ever you feel like taking a short rest from posting your comments on VT, feel free to visit my website where I assure you that all your posts will be published without monitoring or censorship. The site is called

      BTW, your anger is a great compliment to me. It proves I’m doing something right. I am striking a raw nerve. Which is exactly what I want. All this high tension and drama is helping my cause. It is helping me to promote my dark, secret agenda of World Conquest! 🙂

    • You cover the times the Talmud was written,Keats ,Baudelaire,Rosenak,Odessa,Hungaria,

      All pheadophiles and whores.

      What about your main source;Highly respected”Rabbi” Danya Ruttenberg?

      You must be joking..

      Your Kama Sutra remark shows you are probably a men,or would like to be one,with some serious sexual issues.

      Try reading”The Multi-Orgasmic Man” by Mantak Chia(non-Jew),you’ll feel better.

    • It’s obvious you are trying to stike raw nerves,but you won’t tick off any Jews,just people that already hate everything they blame for their misery.

      You are not aware that before ww2 there was a whole army of Zionist stooges ,who’s only job it was to whip up hate against “Jews”,serving Rothschild’s interests.

      Could be you are doing it for free.

      your site is “.me”,are you writing from Israel?

    • I believe the suffix “me” in stands for “Montenegro”. So I am told by the person who registered the site on my behalf. I did not choose the site name myself.

    • Your site is owned by John Scott Montecristo(not Montenegro); “Lasha Darkmoon has no control or influence over editorial decisions.”

      I wonder what you are part of.

    • “Your site is owned by John Scott Montecristo (not Montenegro) … “

      I am well are that my site is owned ny John Scott Montecristo. He is my cousin! I did not say that “Montenegro” OWNED my site! Montenegro is a PLACE, do you understand? It is not a person! My site is registered in Montenegro. The “me” in stands for “Montenegro“, get it?

      Take a look at a good map, dear shach, and you will see that Montenegro is a country on the Adriatic Sea. It used to belong to Yugoslavia once.

    • Montenegro,black mountain

      Montecristo,Christ’s mountain.

      Lasha Darkmoon;

      Lasha; “Scout for the Venomari tribe(one of the 5 Serpentine tribes,based on the Spitting Cobra) ,his entire body is green ,exept for his hands,which are black.He has two vials of VENOM on his torso,and has three yellow eyes,as one appears to be missing.”

      Lasha ,meaning fissure,a place apparently east of the Dead Sea(Genisis 10;19)

      your cousin or your handler(pimp)?

      And what is this”no control over editorial decisions”?

    • This is one reason why I try to avoid imbedded links as much as possible, particularly when it comes to extraordinary claims. It is always safe to cite the sources using the scholarly format, particularly if the source is an actual book or if the source is subject to disappear online.
      Some readers will intentionally bring irrelevant questions which in the end will evade the serious issues. I remember one reader kept saying that “half of your sources are wrong,” but when I challenged him to give me even one example, he couldn’t do it.
      Let us all keep the citations in a scholarly manner so that we won’t have to deal with this anymore in the future.

    • Jonas,

      Eventhough I don’t agree with all your conclusions,your efforts to dig up truth is very welcome,and I’m sure even Jews with a hunger for real info enjoy your articles,even if it’s painfull.

      Your sources are sound,give or take a few, once in a while.

      But to base generalities on the Danya Ruttenberg’s of the world ,as your main Jewish source,is deception.

      This “Rabbi” will hardly be able to open her mouth around Orthodox Jews,without having her head ripped off,she’s a paid provocateur,and there’s many of them inside Judaism.

    • Good point, Jonas. Embedded links often have a very short shelf-life. I’ve often given the link to an article, only to see the article disappear into thin air a little later. An article I gave a link to about sex slavery in Israel — an article written by a Jewish writer and published in Israel — suddenly vanished after I’d posted a link to it. Readers complained. Some of them suggested I’d made up the quote. Fortunately, I had copied and pasted the entire article into my Word archives. So I had proof of its existence.

      In this particular instance (see above), where I am being accused of fabricating facts and quotes by angry Jewish readers, the book from which my information came can at least be named as my reference source. The book in question is called “The Passionate Torah.” And all the facts and quotes that are being questioned can be found on pages 1-2 of the Introduction.

      As I’ve already mentioned, Kevin MacDonald has already checked out all my facts and quotes. So there’s no problem as far as I’m concerned. Nothing — I repeat, nothing — has been made up.

      No need to make up facts and quotes when the original sources contain such an embarrassment of riches!

    • I am quite familiar with many of the sources you cited, Lasha, and they are accurate. As I will point out in a future article–possibly entitled “Hitler and the Dreadful Few”–things are a lot worse than what you have said here. You have already pointed out in your previous article that sexual decadence was a huge problem in the Weimar Republic, and it was one of the central issues that gave rise to Nazi Germany.
      Since this is a sensitive issue (and I understand very well why the untrained mind can aggressively react to some sources), the best way to shut down the unruly critique is to put the scholarly documents right in front of his nose and let him quarrel with other scholars and Jewish historians. If the documents are no longer available online or perhaps anywhere, try to see if it can be found somewhere or use the proper scholarly citation in order to silence the unruly critique. The last thing we want to do is to give him too much ground to reject such a historically defensible position such as this current article. That will save us all a lot of time.

  20. Now, you may at first think this comment is UN-related, but I firmly believe otherwise. When “Jews” sex lives include screwing America (even figuratively) then it becomes relevant, I assure you. We know they the Neocons did it, and we know NEOCONS are nearly all “Jews”. They wanted to have sex with all us Americans at the same time, and they did on 9/11. We must make them own up to it. Make answer for it, sticking it up our Butt.

    Here is a link to a whole NEW set of callers on CSPAN’s, asking about pre-planted EXPLOSIVES in all 3 World Trade Center Building’s 1, 2 , 7 and now also Bldg 6. MUSLIMS could not have done it, but Israeli’s, and traitors within our gates could. All of us have been victims of a sex crime, primarily by “Jews”. Everyone around the world has been screwed, Royally.

    Watching the Host’s and guest SQUIRM is truly entertaining. They, the guest’s and Host’s think this is an organized series of call-in’s,…when in fact it’s NOT organized but just a HUGE mass of callers, American citizens who now see how they screwed us and will NOT sit still about it any longer.

    Thank God for their individual initiative. Keep it up, make them squirm and address the False-Flag that’s 9/11. Absolutely Entertaining, better than any Movies Now Showing at your Local Theater. Here are the details:

    Published on Oct 19, 2013
    Federal legislators and pundits are asked questions about 9/11 controlled demolition evidence on C-SPAN’s program “Washington Journal”.

    This is Part 4 in a series. To view parts 1-3 see the links below:
    Part 4 the most recent,

    [ Joe, Only one link per comment please (two removed here). We can’t have loads of material posted in a comment as then you are actually publishing in the comment boards with no editorial control, and we don’t have time to check out all the links. Thanks for understanding that we are giving anonymous commenters access to our readers, but that is not unlimited access, nor can it be for obvious reasons…Jim Dean ]

  21. I must say, this part of Jewish history is new to me. Based on the clains made for retributions and return of valuable property to Holocaust victims it appears they did not do badly financially in Europe. Nor historically. So that part of “due to the poverty od the Jews…” need more facts. However this male use of women for their interst is endemic. Especially during war time it took imagination. This is not an excuse for the male species who, as human,I find nicer that vindictive women. Keeping on the high plane I have many male friends
    The one thing that make sense and clarify my questoning is the statement you made about moral deterioration of the Waimer Republic. I notice this same deterioration in the USA, I applied it to greed and profit. But it would be interesting to check various nations and period for a quantitative view of this connection. If you have it, many of us woud appreciate it.

  22. Dear Lasha

    I just read your article and truly praise your energy in replying to Victoria. I will be looking forward to reading your articles as they are in line with truthful criticism about a people who are immoral. Exposure is needed and should be appreciated by all.

    Once again congratulations with a great opening.

  23. I keep reading posts from, what? Shills? Evangelicals? Or more simply put run of the mill Yankee fools, the worst kind, arrogant, Yankee fools. Whom do you think our creator and the Son the “Money Lenders” framed, tortured and murdered were referring to when they, out of all other races and origins were dubbed, “The Synagogue of Satan? Regardless of whether you think they are a “race”, a “religion”, they are the embodiment of pure acidic evil

    Consider for a moment, how you would feel after years of working in a slaughter house. Killing those animals day after day until you saw it only as a natural progression. THAT, is how “the Tribe”, the Synagogue, the Money lenders feel toward ALL THINGS not Jew. We are beasts to be “dealt” with, nothing more. Why do you think the same Jew families have through out generation after generation caused us to slaughter one another for no other reason than they wanted what we had, not us, just what we had? This article is as close to pure truth as anything I’ve seen in quite a few years. Best read it over a few times and ask yourself; Could 60,000,000 Russian Christians/Muslims, 7,000,000 Ukrainians and 60,000 Germans all be wrong? Any chance we can give them back their lives and ask them? hardly. Those numbers are just their victims from the 20th century!

  24. Modern Judaism isn’t really a religion…A religion preaches love of neighbor, self-sacrifice, charity, chastity and like virtues…Rather Talmudicism is primarily an anti-gentile, anti-Christian conspiracy for wealth and power..Acquiring, controlling and commanding/manipulating the gentiles to do their bidding and accept their control ( either overt or covert through a thin layer of proxies ) is all they care for…If that’s your “religion” don’t expect to enjoy the beatific vision of the Holy Trinity after you leave this mortal sphere..

    • To any Jews out there: Don’t take it personally…besides Traditional Catholicism ( pre Vatican II ) and E. Orthodoxy I don’t have anything nice to say about any other religion….Hint: If your brand of “Christianity” isn’t working as a monkey wrench against the designs of Judeo-Masonry it’s worth about as much as a bucket of warm spit…”Oh, if only you were cold..but being neither hot nor cold but lukewarm I will spit you out..” At confirmation you’re made a “soldier of Christ”…a soldier doesn’t throw down his sword…a soldier isn’t a doormat..or a collaborator..

    • The problem with Christians is, they are followers of the wrong Lord. Christians are believers in the teachings of the Jew, Saul of Tarsus and would not recognize Jesus of Nazareth if He was having lunch with them. That is the reason Christians are mostly ass kissers of Jews and have made their own Armageddon in order to dance into the flames of the Rapture. Talk about mind f..ked.

    • Well said Charlotte. It is their culture, it is how they survive in the gentile world and they know us better then we know them, the knowledge of how to fight the Jews is not handed over from generation to generation for us gentiles. We need to wise up and learn how to fight them.

  25. I love your mind therefore I want you bad… 😉 I would like to skip courtship and just marry our minds… I re-posted part of this at my blog plus the one of the Weiner Republic… Weimar I mean… Pretty please will you email me so I can pass along my blog address and give you the opportunity to love my mind as I love yours? I have a smile on my face but I am perfectly serious… shatteredelbow at yahooooooooooo…. sorry, full moon…

  26. Great article, thanks. The historical references to Jewish prostitution through the years was great. (as in, highly informative….)

    Most Jewesses I’ve met over the years wouldn’t even look at me or say “hello”, but I can recall one in particular that was just as kinky and perverted as anyone in this article. She obviously just wanted sex for its own sake, nothing more, no emotional attachment whatsoever and the kind of sex she had in mind was not what people usually consider to be “normal.” I’ll leave it at that.

    • Hugh Hefner is a Jew. He believes we should just f..k shiksas and not have any strings attached. it is the Playboy philosophy don’t you know?

      I read an account by one of Hef’s ‘girlfriends’ about life in the mansion. Yuck, is all I can say about that.
      Sounds like the sort of place Satan would hang his silk pajamas.

    • I worked at “the Mansion” on one occasion….. as a TV tech, but the place was nauseating. It was like a cross between a harem a bordello and a Holiday Inn. I felt sorry for the girls who were too dumb to know they were being used and too conceited to care.

  27. The Jewish Talmud has no misgivings on sexual perversions that’s why they invest and run pornography all over the world.

  28. Amazing article. Well done.

    “When you consider the fact that 12 United States Senators and 22 Congressional Representatives, many of whom chair some of the most strategically important Congressional committees, are Jewish, that the various pro-Israel largely Jewish lobbying organizations (AIPAC, American Jewish Congress, American Jewish Committee, etc.) essentially dominate American politics and elections, and that 3 of the 9 United States Supreme Court Justices are Jewish, is it really a stretch to say that the United States federal government is largely controlled by a tiny, yet quite powerful, minority?

    And then consider the fact that the mass media and Hollywood are under the control and influence of Jewish financial and political interests, Wall Street and the Federal Reserve System are for all intents and purposes Jewish monopolies, and that Jews are extremely influential in academia and higher education.

    It is time for the American people to recognize the fact that an extremely hostile, alien elite is controlling their country, operating it for their own personal and tribal benefit at the expense of everyone else.”
    –John Friend’s Blog ****

    • There is room for 1% Jews at the top, but not 99% gentiles. The Jews have their plan (protocol of Zion) and work on it for generations in order to take control over a country’s people, taxes and resources, it is how they survive in life, it is there culture.

    • Not just in the Jewnighted SStates are the people under the control of Jews. Kanada is totally controlled by those vermin. In fact, the face of the clock on the Peace Tower in Ottawa shows a star of David. The tower itself is an obelisk with four gargoyles pointing in the cardinal directions. All of it symbolizes the International Satanic/Jewish Brotherhood. The PM of Kanada has promised Israhell that Kanada would fight to the last drop of Kanadian blood to defend that shitty little farm in the M.E. The Supreme Court of Kanada has ruled twice that truth is not relevant. As you all know, those of you who know something about Jews, truth is not relevant to them. They twist whatever is necessary in order to further their nefarious agenda.

      Yeah, Victoria, they are everywhere and everywhere they are, they f..k it all up for the rest of us.

  29. Unless a miracle soon occurs and some charismatic leader comes to our rescue,

    This ain’t gonna happen folks. Anyone of power and prestige will also be Archon as infested as the Jews discussed in this article.

    The Archon can be defeated quite easily, but it takes a bunch of us working together to insure individual liberty is maintained.

    It is through individual creativity we can serve the collective good and it is the duty of the collective good to maintain personal liberty.

    That is the only reason for a gov’t of any sort.

    • Jglassel,

      It does not take a miracle for a charismatic leader to come forth and we really don’t need rescue, so much as encouragement. We do sometimes need an outsider to remind us we are individually special perhaps.

      The above article, while perhaps historically accurate and interesting, does nothing but sow more disfavor and hatred towards others. We have to forget names, titles, races and creeds and bring together a Coalition of Minds to engender a better world for our children.

      My own solution is to put myself forward as an Independent candidate for Governor of New Mexico as wild as that may be. I have yet to meet much resistance to the idea and most people are overjoyed that a non-politician is running. For once they are not compelled to elect the lessor of evils and have a person of heart and integrity who rests on long-held principles to support.

      I stand for Liberty – Reality – Transparency and FreeState Agenda. YES to Constitutional Integrity, State Bank, Bill of Rights State’s Rights. NO to GMO, FED, Fluoride, Chemtrails, NDAA, Patriot Act, TSA, NSA. And that is just a start.

      While I have the charisma, intelligence, passion, courage and most the other leadership attributes, I don’t have money, being a targeted person. Another major challenge will be to make sure votes count and pre-voting on FaceBook, post-vote rallying, along with a secondary paper-ballot system are in consideration. For more info: [email protected]

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