To regain respect, US must dump Israel


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The US government has lost the world’s respect. When Obama calls on the world to wage war on Syria,  the world says “no thank you.” When the US orders its Syrian rebel mercenaries to go to Geneva,  the mercenaries refuse.

When the US orders its “good mercenaries” (the Free Syrian Army) to disavow the “bad mercenaries” (the al-Qaeda Takfiris) neither pays any attention. And when it orders the “good mercenaries” to join the so-called Syrian National Coalition, they laugh in America’s face.

When mercenaries flout the orders of their paymasters, the paymasters are being disrespected.

Another band of mercenaries that has lost respect for its American paymasters is the Egyptian army. The new Pharaoh of Egypt, General al-Sisi, is ignoring pathetic whimpers about human rights and democracy emanating from Washington, DC. Al-Sisi, who hails from a Moroccan Jewish background and is rumored to be an Israeli agent, continues to butcher peaceful protestors as he establishes a dictatorship whose viciousness and autocracy are far beyond anything Mubarak ever dreamed of.

Al-Sisi’s coup was approved in Tel Aviv, not Washington DC. The Israelis assured al-Sisi that they own Washington, DC, so he shouldn’t worry about the Americans cutting off the billions of dollars al-Sisi is getting from the US taxpayer. During and since the coup, al-Sisi has been in non-stop contact with his Israeli handlers, who appear to be the real power governing Egypt … just as they are the real power in Washington, DC.

Might the Israeli occupation of Washington, DC have something to do with America’s loss of respect throughout the world?

[Listen to leading American academicians Paul Craig Roberts and James Petras speak out against US subservience to Israel on my radio show.]

A disastrous series of wars in the Middle East has bankrupted America. The real cost of these wars is in the trillions of dollars. The American economy is a shambles. The government went into shutdown mode, then emerged on life-support. The whole world is astonished by the pathetic spectacle of the world’s supposed sole superpower on the verge of collapse.

Were the wars that have bankrupted the US fought for Israel – not for any conceivable US interest?

If we ask “who gains” from America’s 9/11 wars, the answer is obvious: The real beneficiary is Israel, not the United States.

The US has seen its geo-strategic position eroded around the globe – especially in the Middle East, where it has lost its wars of aggression against Iraq and Afghanistan.

Today, all the Americans can do in Iraq is hide in their fortified compound in the Green Zone and wonder why they launched their ill-conceived invasion in the first place. The Iraqi government is too busy fighting Takfiri terrorists, in Syria as well as in Iraq itself, to pay much attention to the advice of American war criminals who seem to be in cahoots with the very Takfiri terrorists they pretend to oppose. And since everyone now knows Bush’s tales of Iraqi WMD were lies, “Operation Iraqi Freedom” now appears to have been – at least from the American perspective – worse than pointless.

In Afghanistan, America’s situation is calamitous. A re-energized Taliban is poised to take over as soon as the US withdraws. A flood of heroin is pouring from Afghanistan into the US and Europe with the complicity of corrupt US military and intelligence officers. And the whole bogus rationale for the US invasion – an alleged revenge mission against Osama Bin Laden – has been exposed as a “big lie – there’s not a word of truth in it” by America’s leading investigative journalist, Seymour Hersh.

Syria, too, is in chaos. As always, America is on the losing side – which happens to be the side of al-Qaeda, America’s ostensible civilizational enemy.

The whole world is amazed that the US has managed to make such a mess of the Middle East.
Viewing things charitably, the Americans look like buffoons. Viewing them less charitably, they look like some of the worst war criminals in the history of humanity. The entire top level of the US government appears fit for the scaffold, or maybe an insane asylum.

Among American leaders’ many excruciatingly idiotic war crimes, two stand out: The poisoning of Iraq and Afghanistan with depleted uranium, and the mass slaughter of both targets and bystanders in drone attacks.

The drone attacks have little military value. But they do succeed in making enemies. The families of the victims will be finding ways to take revenge on America and Americans for many decades.

And as DU babies with hideous birth defects continue to be born, and children and adults succumb to cancers in increasing numbers, the people of Iraq and Afghanistan will understandably nurse undying hatred for the US for generations … maybe even centuries.

From an American perspective, being hated by tens of millions of people for decades or centuries cannot be good. But it isn’t just the tens of millions of Iraqis and Afghanis who despise and will continue to despise America for its war crimes. It is billions of people all over the world.

When an empire has squandered its legitimacy, the Chinese say it has lost the mandate of heaven. From that point on, its days are numbered – because it can no longer command respect.

Since the Syria and budget debacles, the Chinese have begun openly disrespecting America for the first time since the days of Mao Zedong. After decades of following a “speak softly while building up strength” policy, the Chinese, whose GDP will soon eclipse that of the US, are now assertively calling for a “de-Americanized world.”

What can the US can do to earn back at least some of the respect it formerly enjoyed?

It can admit its mistakes and correct them.

America’s biggest mistake was letting Israel take over the US government on September 11th, 2001. (If you are not yet aware that 9/11 was a Zionist coup d’état, read Christopher Bollyn’s Solving 9/11 and Stephen Sniegoski’s The Transparent Cabal.)

The USA must prosecute the Israeli assets and traitors who orchestrated 9/11 and the 9/11 wars. Those wars were not designed to bring democracy to the Middle East, or oil to America. They were designed to destroy the Middle East on behalf of Greater Israel.

After prosecuting the war criminals who demolished America’s economy and reputation, the US must – if it wants to earn back the world’s respect – throw apartheid Israel on the proverbial scrapheap of history. By committing the full weight of remaining US military, economic, and diplomatic power to the liberation of Palestine and the termination of the world’s last racist settler colony, the US can atone for its war crimes against the people of the Middle East.

Seizing the assets of the Zionist international banking elite, ending the Federal Reserve, and printing honest currency would also win respect and put the US and global economies back on track.

The US will never again dominate the world as a sole superpower; it has lost the mandate of heaven, and nothing will bring it back. But it can still become the first-among-equals in a multi-polar world – and an inspiration to all who value freedom, democracy, and transparency – by prosecuting the war crimes of the past twelve years, and shaking off the Zionist yoke that enabled them.


  1. Good News—in case you missed it! We should all support.

    —–Janet Yellen, the first woman & a Zionist who is Obama’s’ Nominee to Chair the Federal Reserve, Senate Rand Paul (R-KY) is threatening to do what he can to hold up the nomination, unless he gets a vote on his Fed transparency.

    —–“Good move: Cedric Muhammad at Forbes thinks Paul is correct and should get the support of Democrats as well. “The argument that the Federal Reserve system should be exempt from any kind of audit can only be viewed as benefiting the elite interests of a banking sector that both sides of the aisle should agree enjoys a privileged monopoly only because Congress erroneously (but not permanently) forfeited its Constitutionally-mandated authority over the nation’s finances.”

  2. The Third Reich tried removing the Jews from Germany, but no other country wanted them. Being the Seed of Cain isn’t easy. Being a vagabond for all of one’s days can be exhausting. Trying to convince the world that your race/religion is sanctioned by God, when it isn’t, will only bring more contempt upon your kind.
    The first step in reducing Jewish influence in America would have to be the abolition of the 16th Amendment. All agencies in Washington would have to be purged of Zionists as well. This would be a staggering number of people. The Israeli occupation of Washington could end with broad public support.

  3. The US wanted an empire. They got it. Now they find sustaining it is something else. They shall have an increased respect for the Romans, who sustained their empire for over 500 years, with far more modest means, yet also fewer laws to restrict them, in a world where ruthless empire was totally accepted.

    “The whole world is amazed….”


    I see a lot of apathy, and disinterest.

  4. Dr. Barrett——Your article is a step by step manual on how & why we should “Dump Israel the “Evil Little Empire.”

    —We are disrespected by the world for our blind support of Israel at the UN Security Council, corrupting our politicians, for being stupid in shipping our tax dollars to Israel & her enemies, NSA allowing Israel to share USA info & for fighting Israel wars.

    —In 11/2002, Arial Shorn said in an interview, “We Control America, America does not control us.” Therefore, I told Bush after Iraq I want him to take care of Iran.” Now John Kerry is playing Russian Roulette with “Syria diplomacy.”

    — “(If you are not yet aware that 9/11 was a Zionist coup d’état,” The other proof is Netanyahu publicly says “9/11 is Good for Israel.”

  5. It may be the Jewish Bankers, but we have more than our share of double agents and traitors taking taxpayer money,trillions, and creating the infrastructure for the NWO while our own people have suffered and many have died. It is way more than just Israel.

  6. The graphic on the top would make a nice big decal on my truck behind the driver’s seat …Or maybe the angry kid urinating on a map of Israel…

    • I’ll be the second! But I’ll put a 1/2″ steel plate on inside of window.

      Doc. Barrett I think you were a tad lite on that sliver of hell that has provoked the murders of millions and still supplies arms all over the world for their Zionist agenda.

      But a good start anyway 🙂

  7. DaveE, get ahold of yourself…nothing about any Bush family member would ever be a “pleasant memory.”
    President Oblunder is a disaster, but certainly does not make either Bush, Clinton a pleasant anything. Otherwise, right on!

  8. I don’t think it’s an Arab Spring but rather a sneaky Zionist sewage spill across the Middle East.

    Unless Obama tells the American people Israel did 911 we have no chance of getting rid of the Israeli stranglehold on the United States.

    Obama is too busy planning his next Passover Ceder at the White House.

  9. Take all the money from the people who got us into these illegal war, they are all multi miljonairs and don’t
    pay back the money to the crooked private bank , the Federal Reserve, who loves to print more bogus money, so they can keep on receiving tax payers money to pay the interest on these insane amounts.
    This way they keep the American people hostage and we can never get free from this evil bank.
    Our grand and great grandchildren still be paying to that evil corporation, set in motion by an evil government to put us all in bondage by the Jewish federal reserve bank,

    • Look at those Countries who have said no more loans from The Federal Reserve that have suffered greatly but will one day be fine its those evil bastards that will own our families forever its now or never and why should we all suffer for the few who put us here to begin with? why should our children and children not yet born be slaves to them?

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