SSG: Notes on Secret Shadow Government


Preston James “Nightmare” Very Much a Reality


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


Preston James writes of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG).  From time to time, related to projects “we” get involved in, we not only see clear evidence of such an organization but communicate with them.

Toward that end, or “by and large” as academics tend to blither, we reflect on these exchanges.  Sadly, several “internet hucksters” comment on our leaks, through generating childish and puerile conspiracy theories, generally attempts to seem credible and “cutting edge” and to help peddle their own financial scams.

The below source is EU based, head of a national intelligence agency and someone with “access.”  This is his take.  As you will note, there are folks out there, I am one, who are trying to put a handle on things and dealing with “what goes bump in the night.”

Only VT has readers that will have a clue about this.

Hi Gordon,


this is my attempt to nail it down.

There is a pattern in ancient human texts. Gods came here to get gold, made us and screwed our women, leaving bloodlines behind. Gods tinkered with DNA here and there, making all kinds of creatures.

We where one of those, but too intelligent for our own good. Gods where many, some liked us most didn’t. When we got too developed we got genocided – this being the main point in understanding what is going on today. Gods where much like us if we had the technology to become immortal.

Bored, grumpy senior citizens, taking offence for nothing. Finally they fought some kind of civil war and left. Details doesn’t really matter, the main point is; we are not supposed to develop above a certain level. That level might very well be the ability to detonate nuclear devices. Probably not because they are afraid of ICBMs (why?) but because nukes are a clear marker for developing capabilities to manipulate space/time.

I don’t think it is Roswell per se or any such single event. I think it is the realisation that the old stories are true, that the external threat is real. You cant unlearn how to build nukes when Stalin knows, and an army of German scientists in Argentina knows. You must do or die – that was what the US faced around 46-47.

Since 1947 the US, or rather some kind of secret government, in coalition with USSR and ex-Nazis, have had an RTD Program in operation that is the most magnificent human endeavour ever. Few know about it, although its footprints are everywhere. The obvious elephant in the living room is the growth in global debt and derivatives since 1947. These sums indicates the speed and seriousness of the Program. Products are visible in the sky around the globe and most probably in other places.

The stakes cant be higher. Even if we succeed in achieving an MAD equilibrium with the enemy, and all indicators actually points in that direction, we face the challenge of managing those capabilities ourselves. Weaponising the capacity to change the fabric of reality is extremely dangerous.

We see this in a very small scale in at least some of the abduction cases, the ones involving anti-gravity craft, where victims sense of reality is heavily distorted due to side effects of the propulsion system of the craft. The perceived ESP of entities may also be derived from application of antigravity physics, as is with perceived “lost time” etc.

I will not bore you with all the details, you probably see the simple logic. When you reach a threshold you must race towards equality or face destruction. This explains so much that otherwise seem to be utter madness:

•- off the books derivatives trade/theft from all national budgets/stealing of peoples property of all kind: to finance the Program

•- the surveillance state; to protect society from destroying itself with the new technology. Perhaps also to detect intrusion.

•- a “manageable” population size; links with above.

•- perpetual state of war: we are in a war of survival, the war of wars.

•- preparing an elite to go off planet; frankly, its a logical decision considering circumstances. If technology now can be mass-produced my guess is there will be more tickets.

I think they took a huge chance back in the 40s and that they actually are succeeding. But all this manipulation and secrecy? Perhaps much of the secrecy and deception was – and is – aimed at the enemy and not the human population? Perhaps at least some of those rituals are part of the warfare, perhaps part of the internal politics of the secret elite, to keep fractions in line, so to speak.

Speculation, yes. But at least speculation creating a framework that allows seemingly irrational actions to be put in logical sequences.


  1. Just exactly who is the real enemy? How about perspective? What is real vs that which is obvious disinfo? You can’t hide this kind of stuff, not even if you tried. Remember, the mind is a terrible thing to waste.. It’s why some posts end up deleted, why some cotton on to secrets like monkeys chasing brass rings.

    Let those who protect you toil away with gadgets/slingshots.. while you polish the real stuff….lol….Getting close to Christmas…unreal isn’t it.


  2. In other words: The Secret Shadow Government has “top people” working on this; and we should not worry any more; because they are really just trying to take care of us and protect us from the alien threat.
    Let me see; the last I heard was that president Eisenhower put Nelson Rockefeller in charge of the original “Majestic 12” group to handle the alien issue, because he couldn’t deal with it. That pretty much says it all; and not much for Eisenhower’s judgement in people, in my opinion. The SSG is and always has been run by evil, or alien soul swapped people since the beginning; and the only way they are taking care of us is by finding ways to get rid of us – preferrably without us knowing it is happening. That is what I think.

  3. article is a piece if junk… to keep the vibes I would say beyond junk. I liked to comments. I read them all. some are hopeless believing in aliens and blah blah. however, the good part is majority see through this article clearly – poorly written to hide past crimes.
    also, since when vt going on msm mode? calling those who disagree (sane people) “Internet hackesters”. wow.! lost all respect for few writers on vt.!

    • The big-wigs are changing earth’s atmosphere and poisoning the food, water, crops & trees and DEPOPULATING by 95% [that means murdering] to give the earth to an alien hybrid race. Here is an excellent just published documentary on the involvement of people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Soros, Rockefeller, Ted Turner, Oprah Winfrey, and others. It is THEY who are perpetrating “GLOBAL WARMING” by warming the skies with billions of tons of CHEMTRAILS in our skies every day, and wanting the people they’re killing to PAY for it. Aluminum, barium, strontium and more are in the population’s bloodstream now, and Vit D is being removed. Many people are dying of respiratory diseases because of these CHEMTRAILS. Then there are the deadly vaccines they’ve forced on the military and trying to force on civilians [see youtubes of Dr. Blaylock, Dr. Len Horowitz, Dr. Mercola, others]. Big corporations are “buying out” the organic brands and ruining them. The ONLY SOLUTION is to grow your own food and BOYCOTT just about all of them. But then, Durbin’s SB510 outlawed gardens, giving away or selling the produce.

      It’s horrific that the entire world doesn’t know of their crimes. I would like to see them lined up before a firing squad, along with all their secret society helpers.

      SHADE: THE MOVIE Shade exposes the true power structure, true controllers of the globe, and their plans to Geo-engineer our planet and control the populace.

  4. The reason I hesitate to call them aliens is because they have the ability to interact with other dimensions (some of them all 11) and thus the human soul. They also can move through the many worlds of Hugh Everett the III like a NYC cab driver negotiating mid town traffic to get where he’s going. Otherwise that’s about right Mr. Duff, that and their back to finish it and thanks to certain people man is now a player instead of collateral damage.

  5. I will just try to find a lawn chair, a six pack, and some popcorn and watch the show until the lights go out. In the meantime I know who my real enemies are. They start with the fundamental three R’s; the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, and the Royal Family. And you can throw in the Jesuits and the Vatican, which now are one.

    Please read my three postings bottom to top. If I ever again post a longer comment here, I will know enough to start it end first.

  6. And they may have a war going now with some of the nasties including the Zeta Reticuli grays and the Dracos, though this is near impossible to figure as these dudes are reported to be showing up as “colleagues” in many of the beyond black projects.

    But where I holler BS is the idea that the dudes in the SSP are basically nice guys who are abusing us mere mortals to protect us, just like they demolished the WTC with 3000 people to allow us to invade foreign countries which would protect us from terraists. Feed that to the sheeple but not on VT please. The SSP is run by the same family bloodlines of miscreants that can be traced back to the Roman Empire and beyond who wish to have the 99+% in complete serfdom and who get off on sexually abusing our children and then slaughtering them in their blood rituals to Satan. Will the upcoming alien invasion be a hoax as SS Major Werner von Braun maintained through his handpicked naif and adoring assistant Carol Rosin, or will it be the real thing and von Braun just wished to mislead us even with one foot in the grave? I’ll be honest. I just don’t care that much. I cannot conceive that the aliens could be any more evil than our current ruling master bloodlines. For me it will be liking watching one of those 50’s Japanese monster movies – Godzilla vs. Mothra, or some such. I can’t see me rooting for either of the monsters – the human SSP monsters or the nasty alien monsters.

  7. I have been following Preston James since he started writing for VT, and agree with many of his suppositions, though I would not call myself particularly a Christian, being more along the David Icke idea when it comes to those things. That said, I have a problem with this article. Mainly that it is so disjointed regarding that insider information that was supposed to come from an EU SSG high level banana, but what it actually was confounds me. One thing that I would say about Preston is that he really needs an editor, which is not so much a harsh criticism but an obvious fact. His career was as a shrink, not a writer, but even most of the foremost writers have editors.

    That said, I regard the thesis behind this article as probable bunk. We have been abused for the sacred purpose of protecting us from aliens. I won’t dispute the existence of aliens out there and interfering with people on this planet, and some of them are downright deceptive and nasty. There is even some moderately strong evidence that at least one species likes to eat us. And I won’t dispute the assertion that there is a war going on between the SSP (secret space program) and at least one group of aliens. The SSP has certainly declared war on the benevolent human aliens including the Pleiadians.

    • beeker
      Beware of those claiming to be Pleiadians. That’s part of the SSG’s disinfo that all Pleiadians are good guys. The Pleiades is a lot of real estate. If a man approaches you and says, “I’m an American”, that’s not enough info to enable you to judge if he’s trustworthy or not. Same goes with Pleiadians. If anything, because of the disinfo on Pleiadians, it’s more likely the case that any ETs who tell you that they’re Pleiadians are actually up to no good.

  8. The author writes in a simplistic, folksy style at a sixth-grade level. He keeps it short so he doesn’t speak beyond the five-minute attention span of a child. He makes references to things we know about to establish some credibility, and then like a good propagandist, he misleads us into the realm of lies and myths.

    I’m actually sort of pleased to see this letter. Finally, VT has earned itself a higher class of shill.

  9. …if I could get passed the fact that he misspelled “were” 3 times in the first few paragraphs and is obviously illiterate and computer illiterate ( that’s what those little squiggly red lines beneath the misspelled words are for ) …then I might be able to read the whole article…and make a judgement on it’s validity. Until that point….j$

    • You mean past, not passed. Everybody’s in a hurry, it seems, including you. I don’t expect perfection in electronic communications, and definitely not when speed counts.

  10. Thank you Gordon Duff and Preston James for your articles. It just makes my day when I see new articles from either of you.

    This letter is one of the best short summaries I have read to explain the history of the USA, the explosive growth of it’s black projects, and the reasons for the mass vacuuming of money (theft) from the USA population from 1947 to the present.

    In support of this letter I recommend everyone to read Dr. Joseph P. Farrell’s books, Covert Wars and the Breakaway Civilization and Covert Wars and the Clash of Civilizations.

    Then imo the world we live in and see will begin to make sense. I’m not in agreement necessarily with what is being done to us but at least I understand the motivations behind the lying, stealing, deceit, and propaganda.

    Another great article from the Mr. Duff. Thanks.

    • With all due respect, but to be clear; I think you do not yet understand the motivations behind the lying, etc. This letter is one of the all-time worst summaries to explain the history of the USA.

      The real history is one of great people and presidents fighting the very same ‘money powers’ that we are suffering under today. The ‘Great Work Of Ages’ did not start in 1947 but long before. This letter adequately explains nothing.

    • pooka
      I haven’t read any of Joseph Farrell’s books but I’ve listened to a long interview he gave. There’s one method these cabal used to get the funding for their black projects which I think Farrell hasn’t mentioned and that is the use of time travel technology.

  11. WoW! That article outlines exactly the propaganda story that the psychopathic criminals running the world would like us to believe! Is this article a ‘first introduction’ to the masses? VT and GD have some clout – are you all supporting this or just printing it?

    Sooo, we are meant to believe that sixty years ago a ‘well meaning’ group of elite, wealthy humans secretly took over governments and corporations and began a noble endeavor to save the world from the alien threat. All of the horrific things they have inflicted upon humanity will help the few elite to survive and rule, even moving to the stars, as they are the BEST OF HUMANITY? (All this after thinning the herd of course – but not their herd).

    The article is an outrageous attempt to legitimize genocide; public theft, corruption, environmental destruction, fraud, etc. on a planetary scale. It’s pathetic that some head of a ‘national intelligence agency’ would put his name behind it. He must be getting blackmailed. I’m sorry for him.

    How unfortunate for humanity that the best elitist solution to the alien threat has been centered upon wars, slavery, drugs pushed on the world, terror, loss of rights, asset-stripping everyone systematically, etc. while preparing underground cities for themselves with the people’s stolen money.

    If this is their best, I’d like to propose a change of leadership.

    If humanity survives or even deserves to survive on Earth, it will be through the efforts of far better people than these.

  12. Nice try, Gordon, but his argument is no justification for evil.

    Besides, we’ve already been invaded and they are about to arrive in mass.

    Our only hope is knowing the facts. No more deception – the tempation for abuse
    by all sides is just too tempting.

    Continous war with each other? Proves the opposite in his own argument.

  13. Interesting info here which can be fleshed out by the latest books by Joseph Farrell’s “Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations” and “Covert Wars and the Clash of Civilizations: UFOs, Oligarchs and Space Secrecy” in which he discusses these subjects logically and lucidly. The introduction to the second book deals with “The Assumption of ET Superiority” which may be based on a the differences between publicly taught physics and classified physics known and used by the military-industrial complex. When you have Ben Rich (Lockheed Skunk Works) addressing the UCLA engineering school alumni in the early 90’s and stating that scientists had corrected “errors in the equations” and that we have the capability “to take ET home” it would seem that we probably had interstellar capability by the early 1980’s, notwithstanding NASA’s recent disingenuous proclamation that we would have “warp drive” capability within 100 years. The main problem today, it would seem, is that of mass production.

    • Doc Walt
      The main problem is not mass production but that people have to starve down here in order for the space fleet guys to eat. Back in the late 1980s, Clif High was asked to calculate how many calories it costs to deliver one calorie to a human in space. In Jumpin Jimmy’s 11 Aug 2013 show, he said:
      “For every calorie that went into space, it took 110,000 calories on the ground in order to get that single calorie up into space itself.
      This was not including the actual BTU forms of calories in terms of the fuel
      This was simply the calories of the shipments……
      Every time somebody in space eats, 20,000 or more humans down here do not
      They don’t get a meal because those calories are being burned up, used, taken away to get that person up in space a meal.”

      From 1 hr 5 mins into the show

  14. I’m really sorry to see a piss-poor synopsis of Sitchin’s Annunaki fantasies being passed off as revelations from an intelligence insider.

    • There is some truth in every lie. Sitchin’s fantasy may hold the key within the key to understand the riddle within the enigma.

      The Annunaki tale tells us we are just a biological creation, mere slaves of a more technologically advanced society. The Gnostics tell us we are greater than any god as we are both mortal and immortal.

      The Gnostics tell us of only one enemy, the Archon whose only real weapon is illusion and deceit.

      There are those who think themselves to be the “sons of fallen angels” who have been given a certain amount of time to rule on Earth until their creator comes back to kick their asses into the burning pit.

      Now, if you are a “son of Satan” expecting the return of a “defeat able god,” you would probably rush to build space weapons through your own paranoia attempting to create mutually assured destruction.

      If you thought your god needed gold for his atmosphere, you would hoard gold like a leprechaun in hopes of buying him off. Or if you knew gold would reflect the force of Christ present in this part of the galaxy, you would grind the gold and chemtrail it into the atmosphere to buy a few more years, hoping against hope that a path toward survival could be found.

      As Yogi instructed, if you thrown a pitch you cannot possibly hit, don’t swing at it.

  15. After reading this post, I feel ‘left behind’. Can’t say I make any sense of it. But to his credit, Nazi era German Scientist Hermann Oberth once opined that he believed the human race was being “helped” by alien, extraterrestrial beings in advancing its technology. This, of course, implies (perhaps uncomfortably) deep and perhaps accelerated secret contact with aliens over a long period. The thing is why would he, a man not known for wild off the cuff speculations, say such a thing and what are the possible trade offs? What are the aliens getting in return? If aliens are part of the human equation, then we are looking through a glass darkly, by ignoring completely the possibility of interference. Reality, like the mind or human consciousness, is highly complex involving multiple levels of poorly understood or even unseen events. Without concrete proof of alien existence and interference, we may just be spinning our wheels at a time when we need to focus all our attention on our own role solving in the coming crisis.

  16. I remember reading about Eisenhower’s meeting in 1954 where a bishop reacted by writing to a friend saying that the encounter was,”real, devastatingly real”. How true.

  17. This unified field, more commonly known as the Matrix in which we exist is a damned good illusion, but still an illusion. Susskind says we exist in a black hole and are projected into a 3D universe. Many unified theorists tell us we control our matrix. If we want space aliens or a good parking spot, it will be provided for us.

    On the other hand, since this is our illusion, why would space aliens exist in it? because of a mind parasite interjecting a false illusion for reasons unknown?

    Most commentators, to their great credit are not buying the EU “take on things” which seems to be telling us we need to join with those who have lied, cheated, murdered and stolen from humanity nearly all that it could steal for our own good.

    We are nearing the consummation of the age of the Archon. The wheat will be separated from the tare and we may never know it happened.

    Case in point, a few weeks ago Oblunder and Kerry were insanely intent on starting WWIII. Now sanity has set in, or so it seems for the moment anyway.

    We are well into a type of space/time or higher dimension in which the Archon cannot survive. As in the days of Noe, increased human consciousness leaves little space for a mind parasite, To survive, they must induce us to kill each other, to thin the herd for them.

    They have no real control over us or our matrix. However, we must make the conscious choice not to be deceived. So, that we don’t get fooled, again! (the Who).

  18. Excellent and timely article. This fits with numerous bits and pieces of those who have been part of the unacknowledged, special access programs classified Deep Black or Beyond Black and have no official budgets or any actual records outside of their specific installations, most of which are DUMBs.

    I think the letter realistically portrays the secret operating agenda of those who run the SSG and would certainly explain the serious side-effects of the SSG’s mad race to acquire and spend resources, most asset stripped from “we the people” through complex scams like the S&L debacle, Enron, MERS, and of course derivatives (aka,”paper for nuttin”). When the SSG formed as a knee jerk reaction to encounters with these alien ETs (or whatever they are, some say demons, fallen angels, or Jinns), a complete disconnect occurred from that point on between the reality of “we the people” and the SSG who are in near complete control, which will only subside as a critical mass of sheople wake up and take their nation back.” The old argument “it is for your own good, to preserve humankind long term” is an old adage and one that seems a bit too convenient to justify complete tyranny and lies against “we the people”. It is time for the secret agenda of the SSG to be exposed. Perhaps the SSG has been taken over by mindkontrol and their agenda is really a very crafty alien agenda designed to serve up planet earth on a platter after all, and not a human agenda after all.

  19. Well, a hologram interwoven with another hologram.
    The Dead sea Scrolls are filled with alien hallucinations, aliens who were supposed to appear and destroy the enemies of judea. We all see how well that worked out.
    The Greek pantheon, fond indeed of human nubile lasses-can’t say I blame them. The demigods of Sumer, the list goes on. It would be wise to realize one thing about interwoven holograms-you can’t eat them.
    We have nothing to fear, except fear itself. Remember?
    Beware the image that uses fear to engage and engender response. Fear is a great motivator, and a very poor advisor. I say, how amazing, and how arrogantly stupid it is to enslave oneself, to torture oneself, to mystify oneself, all for the purpose of shadow boxing with that which one fears.

    • I certainly hope, that were anyone thinking of buying this scenario hook, line and sinker, they would consult some ancient texts, first.

      Nag Hammadi devotes a great deal toward the study and understanding of the Archon. To defeat your enemy, you must know him. When the veil is lifted, as with the Wizard of Oz, we see that we have nothing to fear.

      I swear Gene Roddenberry must have been a Gnostic. How many of the original Star Trek series dealt with mind parasites and illusions? Each episode provides a means to overcome.

      Ah, the Gnosis of Star Trek!

      Mock Yaldabaoth, the devil god of the Jews and many Christians and live.

      According to most Gnostic texts, the accidental creation of Yaldabaoth was/is the original sin. And the purpose of immortal man is to mock (not believe) him from his modeled form, us .

      Yaldabaoth sucks!

    • JG,
      Yaldabaoth, the christian, jewish, and islamic god was warned by Sophia that he, and his plans would be defeated by Her luminous immortal child at his hour of total victory.
      Where fore such a cry of confidence?
      It lies in the luminous qualities bestowed upon us. These qualities we can cultivate, deepen, and strengthen.
      Mocking has its place, but to play an active role in the derailment of the Lord Archons’ plans, one must work to develop the core qualities.

  20. …continued from previous post.

    How the message loses points is in two ways. First, it claims that the bulk of funding for the program accounts for much of the derivatives trading and theft from national treasuries. This claim denotes a VERY superficial understanding of global money affairs since WW1. In other words, FAR more money was made available to TPTB by other means. When it adds mortgage fraud and theft of people’s homes as another source of funding, I began to suspect the storyline is a distraction.

    Secondly, the overall tone of the message seems to be a colossal excuse. The target audience seems to be researchers like myself; those of us who’ve become aware of the evils of governments and corporations and the media’s lies about important events and history itself. The message seems to want us to consider false flag events as being for altruistic purposes and massive financial fraud for the same.

    But, aren’t false flag events conducted for obvious purposes that have no possible benefit to folks like you and me? Many of them are crimes intended to cover up former crimes. I think some of TPTB planners have been force fed the notion that if they stick to the methods going all the way back to Aristotle, they will be guaranteed success. I think Aristotle was their first operative; a liar who convinced other members of his class that us common folk are best served by believing in noble lies.

    This thinking fails and use of this method will come to an end.

    • I agree with Derrick that:
      1) the message “is” a colossal EXCUSE for their crimes against humanity
      2) false flags, massive financial & foreclosure fraud and STEALING from the public is OK because it’s beingl used for the Elite [to heck with the rest of humanity]
      3) the surveillance state “to protect society” is a blatant lie; it’s to protect the perpetrators & track, persecute, & murder whistleblowers and opposition to the SSG (which is now most of us)
      4) the writer ADMITS there are “tickets” to be had by the “bad guys”
      5) the writer ADMITS a depopulation agenda

      MY COMMENT: Why don’t these A-holes mosey on off to the wild blue yonder WITH their “elites” NOW and leave the rest of us to h*ll alone! They have destroyed “enough” of humanity. And I hope they enjoy their companions the Rockefellers, Bushes, Clintons, Obama, Soros, Rothschild, etc.



    • gentry

      Those A-holes have been moseying off to the wild blue yonder but have had their asses kicked back here. If you go to the conscioushugs website and look at the daniel papers; in page 4 of “Update: Q&A with –daniel after release of Geoengineering paper”.
      “It’s a crowded solar system. So the globalists were stuck on this globe!”

  21. I will praise the virtue of Mr. Duff, when the opportunity arises. I do, despite some concern that he may have been tricked somewhere along the way. It’s impossible to tell, really. But, he’s not a bad guy IMO.

    That said, I’m unsure how we’re supposed to take this message from sources unknown. If we put aside any purpose Gordon had for publishing it and take into account the disclaimer that it requires knowing the back-story that VT readers likely will, we’re left with the actual points in the message itself.

    It begins with a recap of the cycles of history involving “gods” visiting to tinker with things and the eventual decimating of earth’s peoples followed by a rebuilding. I’ve heard about the mining of gold thing, but don’t have any reason to believe it. Sure, mono-atomic gold is a great thing but wouldn’t beings of higher intelligence be able to synthesize it or find simpler means to acquire it?

    The message earns points for acknowledging that the writer doesn’t know why some things happen. Then, it goes all in by claiming to know about the biggest human project of the past century. In a nutshell, the project endeavors to match wits with the “gods” who’ve no doubt become capable of space and time travel. The message also eludes to plans for transporting lucky persons off planet. I take it these “tickets” are blue in color? I just pray to god that Paulie Shore has been issued one. Kidding.

    Continued in next post…

  22. “… the main point is; we are not supposed to develop above a certain level.”

    Well, have a look at the “Eighth Grade Exam for Bullitt County Schools in 1912” or the “Graduation Questions of Saline County, Kansas, 1895” and answer the question if they already achieved the main point.

    • Basically few people with a Ph.d could pass an eighth grade exam from a hundred or more years ago. Basically saying that a person with a Ph.d is less well educated than an eight grader of a hundred years ago. Take a look at one of their eight grade exams from back then. His point being that mankind seems to have already started the down slope.

    • Thank you- I understand now.
      I guess I should not be distressed to know that college graduates cannot pass an 8th grade exam. I have seen dozens of college grads who do not know where Vietnam is or when WW2 was fought, and If given $ 2.01 for something that costs 1.51, they are bewildered as to why I gave them the penny. I see few young people or even people in 40s that can pick up on cues-seems people don’t catch on or know when to “zig or zag” especially when in face of danger or bad situation.
      thank you

    • I agree, any one who trust any politician or party that has repeatedly sold them out is an idiot. I grew tired long ago of hearing people who did not have a clue about how politics work sit and argue back and forth that the demcans or the repullcrats were to blame for the mess in this country when it fact both parties stole the publics wallet and had a drunken party on it.

  23. Evil is evil, evil is not evil for the sake of good. Evil is evil because evil damn well WANTS to be evil. Those who are doing the evil LOVE evil. They have refused to evolve past evil. they might think of themselves as the illuminated ones, but that is BS. they walk in the dark, they are stuck in the now, the physical present. The physical present is but a moment in eternity, but evil can not see that. They want to control everything and every one because they can not control their own evil, lust and destiny.

  24. The debt based money from thin air banking system was crafted to enslave and strip the population of wealth and assets and funnel the same to the centre long before 1946/47 which seems to preclude financing some great work post 47 as a motive for the fraud / theft.

    Having said that I have witnessed in the night sky on several occasions things that defy explanation within the bounds of conventional physics / publically known technology.

    The problem is that we have been fed so many lies

  25. I am afraid that I do not believe any of this version of events. My take on this is that the judaic new world order messianic plan is unraveling fast. Those associated with it are distancing themselves as quietly as they can. It started to go awry when internet researchers were able to show conclusively where history was being deliberately distorted to protect the guilty – but more recently the FALSE FLAG MURDER OF INNOCENT CHILDREN IN SYRIA BY NERVE GASSING – is a watershed beyond which they cannot currently move. It also very clearly puts them in the frame for 9/11. Now what we see – as even politicians from national governments begin to wince in horror at all the implications of this – is a picture of certain elements frantically back-peddling like crazy. They are looking for ways to excuse their crimes.

    We will now see all kinds of explanations about how, when they were chem trailing for monsanto, it was really all for our own good. Also how those damn aliens forced them to adopt certain policies to ‘protect us all’. I simply do not accept any of these explanations of events – and see them as diversions to deflect the outrage away from the guilty once more. There are people responsible for all of this – and we will need to arrest and deal with them all.

    • There is also this allegedly from WERNER VON BRAUN. According to von Braun, space based weapons, later known as the “Star Wars” program, were to be publicly promoted as our space “shield” against the evil Russians. Then they would be promoted as our defense against terrorists from Third World countries (‘rogue’ nations or ‘nations of concern’). Then their necessity would be justified as protection against asteroids and meteors, and the “last card,” the final justification according to von Braun, would be their installation in orbit against an extraterrestrial threat from outer space.

    • The misdirection machine seems to be going into overdrive, or in keeping with the thyme of this piece, warp speed. They want us to believe they are killing, raping, pimping and enslaving the human race because they love us. They steal the wealth of working peoples and live vulgar extravagate meaningless lives for our sake. Now they want us to believe that the obamister, Kerry, Clinton only murdered those Syrians because some bad people lied to them and they were just too stupid to see through the lies, so all should be forgiven and we should put our trust in then.

    • The misinformation and misdirection teams are going into warp speed. The evil minion bankers, government agencies, politicians, (sold out whores), and the ones in the shadows that control them are being seen for what they are. So we are being told that the evil is being done for our good. They are raping, killing, enslaving and pimping humanity for humanities sake. Look out for the boogie man in the sky, not the evil humans that are sneaking up behind you while unzipping their pants. We are now supposed to believe that the obamister, Clinton, Kerry and company only murdered thousands of Libyans and Syrians because some very bad people were telling them lies and they were too stupid to see through the lies, but now we should trust them.

  26. Not buying. We only reach our potential and achieve the world we know is possible with the entire population working and thinking together, not by a few elites keeping everything secret and keeping the truth clouded at every turn and keeping people as sick and distracted as possible. If it was really about saving the earth, there would be a recognition of strength of numbers and raising the level of consciousness for everyone as a weapon against any so-called invaders.


    • Conciousness ? NOOOOO! Well, it is right there. Could be considered a weapon, seems I remember dod and military operatives in the 70’s and 80’s working very hard to learn about this for a weapon.

      Seems they still can’t get past the picture.

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