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University of Florida Threatens to Arrest anti-GMO Presenters and Bans Them from Campus

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Gainesville, FL (US) – The University of Florida, a leading institution researching genetically engineered (GE) trees [1], threatened to arrest activists from the Campaign to STOP GE Trees when they arrived on campus Saturday to prepare for a presentation to highlight critical perspectives on tree biotechnology that was scheduled for tonight. The police informed the group that their presentation had been cancelled, and warned them that they were banned from University of Florida (UF) property for three years.

“Evicting us from campus was a blatant act of censorship by the University of Florida, likely linked to the millions they are receiving for GE trees research,” said Keith Brunner, from the international Campaign to STOP Genetically Engineered Trees [2].

In 2011, the University of Florida School of Forest Resources and Conservation along with GE tree company ArborGen won a three-year, $6.3 million grant from the US Department of Energy to develop GE loblolly pines for liquid biofuel production [3]. There is rising opposition to GE trees due to concerns over genetic contamination, increased flammability, deforestation and other ecological impacts of industrial tree plantations.

The UF presentation was part of a multi-week speaking tour titled “The Growing Threat: Genetically Engineered Trees and the Future of Forests” [4]. The tour will travel through several southern states (NC, GA, FL, SC) to educate the public about the social and environmental threats posed by the proposed commercial release of billions of genetically engineered freeze tolerant eucalyptus trees in seven southern states from South Carolina to Florida to Texas.

University of Florida Professor Bron Taylor teaches a course on Environmental Ethics and had encouraged students to attend the presentation. He expressed disappointment about the cancellation and stated, “The University is supposed to be a place characterized by free and robust debate. This situation begs the question, why was the presentation cancelled and these activists banned from campus under a threat of arrest?”

City Commissioner of Lake Worth, FL, Christopher W. McVoy, Ph.D, an expert in ecological restoration of the Everglades, stated, “As a UF alumnus, I am dismayed that the University would interfere with the free exchange of ideas,” he said. “GE tree plantations have the potential to irreversibly affect large areas of Florida and the South. As Florida’s flagship academic institution and as a thought leader regarding southern plantations, the University of Florida has a particular responsibility to foster open discussion of the pros and cons of GE trees.”

“The reaction by UF was a pathetic attempt to stifle growing dissent against GE trees by an industry which is flailing amidst major public opposition,” stated Anne Petermann, International Coordinator of the Campaign to STOP GE Trees and Executive Director of Global Justice Ecology Project. “Last April, the USDA received over 37,850 comments – almost 10,000 to one – opposing the commercialization of ArborGen’s freeze tolerant GE eucalyptus trees [5]. One month later, the largest ever protest against GE trees was held at the international Tree Biotechnology 2013 conference in Asheville, NC. Opposition is building and the GE trees industry is clearly nervous about it.”

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  1. We are witnessing the end times for the Demonic Warlords false paradigm. There is NO Carbon climate forcing, only FORCED Carbon commodity marketing, see “Becoming A TOTAL Earth Science Skeptic”. There is NO ‘sustainable’ energy, as all green meanie schemes require more energy for creation than they produce, see “Green Prince of Darkness”. There is NO ‘peak’ oil, as Hydrocarbons are created continuously throughout the Universe, see “Fracturing the Fossil Fuel Fable”.

    All these LIES and more are necessary to hide the giant monetary system LIE, see “Fractional Reserve Banking Begat Faux Reality”. Find and share Truth….it is your duty as an Earthling.

  2. Monsanto was on campus last year and chased away Alt media, Bob Tuskin attempting to interview Monsanto employees. Fuel for biomass is performing a defacto terraforming of vast regions where Eucalyptus deserts will displace wildlife and put further stress on the honey-bee. People will do anything for a job and defend their corporation with loyalty rather than speak truth to power. To see a state University subscribe to this madness will result in huge backlash once the cost of everything goes up in order to punish people for exhaling CO2.

    • Harold – CO2 is more important than we have been led to believe. When I served in the British Airborne Forces we often held exercises involving ‘TABS’ (Tactical Advance to Battle). This involved moving from A to B over many miles of countryside, at speed, and carrying a lot of weight – weapons, ammunition, kit, etc. to simulate the move from a DZ to a target area. In those days you carried a brown paper bag in your top pocket. If anyone collapsed with hyperventilation (which was common with recruits and will kill the victim if untreated) the paper bag went over their mouth and slowly they would recover. Nobody then understood WHY this worked – just that it did – and it saved many lives.

      Some years ago a group of Russian scientists studying asthma discovered that the condition was not actually a disease but a symptom – of continual and subliminal hyperventilation (which in turn was caused by unhappiness and nervous stress). Big Pharma immediately moved to hush this up. (Read ‘Freedom from Asthma’ by Professor Stalmatski if it is still available).

      They also realized that too much hyperventilation ‘blows out’ all the CO2 from the lungs – and most importantly – that the lungs CANNOT ABSORB OXYGEN into the blood unless CO2 is present! That is why the paper bag over the mouth works. This goes against the western medicine dogma that CO2 is just a waste gas.

      Interestingly asthma is the tiny muscles in the lungs constricting in order to prevent CO2 loss via hyperventilation.

  3. This is a good exercise in waking up large numbers of otherwise apathetic students at the university and beyond. What they need to digest from this blatant censorship (which happens all the time now in the ‘free debates’ at the British Universities of Oxford and Cambridge) is that our wonderful ‘authorities’ now have a clear written ‘NARRATIVE’ on the official history of the world, including everything and everyone in it. THEY DO NOT LIKE YOU TO ‘BLASPHEME’ AGAINST THEIR NEW NARRATIVE.

    This NARRATIVE includes the official version of EVERYTHING – from the ‘holocaust’; the assassination of JFK; the 9/11attack; the 7/7 bombings in London; the Boston bomb ; the global warming scam; the GMO Monsanto disaster – and more recently to the gassings of hundreds of innocent Syrian children. YOU WILL BELIEVE THE OFFICIAL VERSION OR FEEL THE ALL POWERFUL WRATH OF THE JUDAIC BANKING CABAL.

    I think that it is fitting that young students (at least those who would like to consider themselves intelligent) come to the comprehension that offending or denying the official narrative of ANY of these sacred cows – is the biggest crime that you will ever be able to commit in the new world order matrix. Especially as a new professional. After all – do not forget that you are now living in a communist country.

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