Kerry tells Bibi and Jewish Lobby to Shove It – Press TV

" Heeeeerrrr's Bibi !! "

Kerry say no to the politics if fear. Gosh, I wonder if this might be contagious?
Kerry say no to the politics if fear. Gosh, I wonder if this might be contagious?

Kerry says US will not succumb to ‘fear tactics’ over diplomacy with Iran


Lots of upset stomachs in the Likudist party now
Lots of upset stomachs in the Likudist party now

[Editors Note: My, my…if this keeps up the Zios will have to get a franchise to manufacture TUMS in Israel. The only impact I am seeing so far with the Israeli Lobby mobsters is with our own ‘bend over’ Congresscritter shills they have bought.

Then we have the EU foreign ministers who are going to re-institute the Iranian company sanctions that the EU high court ruled had no substance or justification whatsoever. The Zios must have some major blackmail goods on that crew.

My advice to all is to never accept a goat as any kind of a holiday gift. It is just a trick to get you in a photograph with a goat and big smile on your face. My momma didn’t raise no fool

The EU Parliament on the other hand, has a plan to de-nuclearize the MidEast…one which includes Israel. The feathers will be flying when that comes in the mail. When this silliness is all over I hope to get to see a large open air prison where the hard core Zios and Jewish Lobby folks are incarcerated with the throat slitting Jihaddis.

But we would only allow stone age tools to be used in the camp and have wireless video cameras everywhere so we could all watch justice being done…inexpensively !!!…Jim W. Dean ]



" Heeeeerrrr's Bibi !! "
” Heeeeerrrr’s Bibi !! “

US Secretary of State John Kerry has defended ongoing nuclear talks with Iran in an apparent rejection of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s demand for more pressure against Tehran.

Washington has “an opportunity to try to put to test whether or not Iran really desires to pursue only a peaceful program, and will submit to the standards of the international community in the effort to prove that to the world,” Kerry said at the US Institute of Peace in Washington on Monday.”

I suggest that the idea that the United States of America, as a responsible nation to all of humankind, would not explore that possibility would be the height of irresponsibility,” he added.

Kerry made the remarks one day after Netanyahu once again repeated his accusations against Iran over the country’s nuclear energy program. The hawkish Israeli premier also demanded more pressure on Tehran instead of continuing negotiations.

Last week, Netanyahu said it would be a “tragic mistake” to ease pressure against Iran.

The Islamic Republic of Iran held nuclear talks with the P5+1 (the United States, Russia, China, France, Britain and Germany) in Geneva earlier this month. The two sides are set to meet again in Geneva on November 7-8.

During his speech, Kerry also rebuffed the Israeli demand for more pressure and said “some have suggested that somehow there’s something wrong” with giving diplomacy a chance. “We will not succumb to those fear tactics and forces that suggest otherwise,” the top US diplomat said.

Meanwhile, the White House said in a statement that US President Barack Obama spoke to Netanyahu about Iran on Monday.

Netanyahu has repeatedly called on Washington to toughen sanctions and the language of military threat until Tehran dismantles is uranium enrichment program.



  1. Great Mr. Dean: Denuclearize all the Middle East. That is exactly what I have been saying to all my relatives in Europe and contact all over the word, including Mr.,Obama: “don’t like Iran with Nuke, OK, then let move to plan
    A, and start the Nuclear Free Middle East” Yes Plan A, never move down, move up.

  2. —-Today, 10/31/13 on RT-TV, Something wonderful happened, probably for the 1st time in USA.

    —-A “Brave & Proud Marine” by the name of Blaine Cooper in front of a room full of people at a Townhall Meeting in Phoenix, AZ, told John McCain, the warmonger, Israel-Firster, every single one in Washington, DC, work for “Foreign” government not for USA interest. Therefore, “you should all be put in prison for Treason”

    —–McCain’s reply, I’m not going to dignify this with an answer

    • How old is Cooper. I do not mind hearing McCain’s reply. When people like McCain say things, there is a 90 percent chance that it is idiotic. He doesn’t bother me anymore because I know he is a devious person.

  3. Now this is starting to make sense. Seems the U.S. is trying to bribe Iran with the promise of better relations if they will stab Syria and Assad in the back. Of course every one knows Washington never keeps their promises. Iran did not fall for it.

  4. Iran’s number one target will be Saudi Arabia-the whore of Babylon, then Israel. The Saudi’s and Israeli’s have manipulated the U.S. into helping them turn the Middle East into a Muslim Bro-hood/Saudi controlled/financed Caliphate to use against Iran. The Muslim Bro-hood defeat in Egypt, the Saudi Benghazi gun running operation disaster and black-op false flag chem attack(s) failures appear to have screwed up the Saudi/Israeli cabal agenda for the time being leaving their puppet Barry Soetoro-Obama dangerously adrift.

  5. Laura Phares-Wilson……do you know what Charlie Chaplin’s real name was? Might have had something to do with his investigation by the House committee – Israel Thorstein – and his ‘luck’ in the film industry.
    Anti-Semite Moi? Heaven forfend…………

  6. Great article. So many 180 degree turns, my neck hurts. I guess its time to remind our critters / representatives that we see through the bs narrative they are pushing. We’ve done it before to stop them.

  7. Well I’ll be damned! If this catches on I may need to actually begin having faith in our government! Well, assuming they string up Biden and McCain.

  8. “I hope to get to see a large open air prison where the hard core Zios and Jewish Lobby folks are incarcerated with the throat slitting Jihaddis.

    But we would only allow stone age tools to be used in the camp and have wireless video cameras everywhere so we could all watch justice being done…inexpensively !!!…Jim W. Dean”

    I find that sporting events now bore me but this idea has potential. I can see myself in front of the TV with a six of Bud Platinum screaming in wild exaltation as Mustafa finally corners a panting Netanyahu and slowly slits his throat from ear to ear with a razor glued to a toothbrush. Now this would be real family entertainment. Entertainment that at once amuses and teaches the value of morals and the consequences of ones actions.

    • Oh yeah…another option I had was to load them all into a big stadium, one of those 70,000 people muthas, where they could not get out. And then have helicopters fly over and drop out thousands of ice picks and watch them all go at it on pay per view. After a few days the world would be a much safer and nicer place.
      The point is we have to get rid of both of them, as both are a plague upon us.

  9. Zionists have put their Zionist loyalists in the highest instances in Washington. They have controlled American leaders through bribery and fear. I can’t picture Kerry, who was one of those in Washington, telling to the Zionists to shove it. I can’t also picture Obama telling to the Zionists to shove it because his entourage has been populated of Zionist hardliners such as Rahm Emmanuel and others. In fact, the one entity that can say to the Zionists to shove is the shadow entity. May be Zbigniew Brzezinsky was able to sell his plan to this entity. This entity’s primary interest has been expansionism and cash’s inflows. Indeed, Iran has a population of 70 million, rich in natural resources, and with an enormous shopping list. Conversely, Israel doesn’t buy, only believe in gifts, and it its shopping list is empty. Also, the Saudis can’t go anywhere because America is the only and only life insurance for the survival of the monarchy. In conclusion, we need to wait and see before making wonderful statements. May be Obama is trying to punish Israel and Saudia Arabia for their involvements in the coup d’etat in Egypt.

    • I agree b b
      Too good to be true. Perhaps a smoke screen before a false flag.
      Gee I wonder how much money Kerry has gotten from the Jewish lobby?
      Getting Israel off the teat would be an economic boon for us.

  10. Kerry’s announcement seems at odds with America’s run-of-the-mill foreign policy. Has Kerry finally come to grips with the sentiment of the American people? He’s a member of Club Zio, so this could be a ploy to placate the masses. I hope I’m wrong. Peaceful resolutions with Iran should have been pursued long ago. Let us not take our eyes off the Netanyahu regime. They’re apt to pull something drastic.

  11. Whilst this all sounds very positive – I am reminded of Obama’s ‘red line’ speech in June where he outwardly appeared to rebuff israeli demands to attack Syria – by stating that the use of WMDs by Syria would be the only reason to justify an attack.

    Then in August (as if by magic) the trap was sprung with the false flag nerve gassing of innocent children – highly publicised around the world and in glorious high definition technicolor.

    I would be inclined to watch this dog and pony show very closely – and in particular to study the exact wording used by politicians – along with chance ‘military exercises’ in the area.

    • Imagine that it is a game of poker or three card brag Christina. The sleights of hand from the dealer are designed to confuse and baffle to onlookers. The conclusion of every game always means that Gentiles have to attack and kill other Gentiles – whilst continuing to obey the demands of the ‘chosen ones’ in our daily life.

    • I have always referred to this as political chess, but I think poker better explains it, chess is pretty cut and dried while poker has a lot of bluffing, BS and mind games that go with it.

  12. Meanwhile, the Israeli’s are working and have worked at controlling the IAEA to institute their own spy’s and plants within the organization, so that they can control the inspections and what’s said about the inspections. It’s not at all even handed. So what’s being done about that aspect of the problem? The “International Community” so to speak has been subverted to come to Israeli conclusions.

    “Washington has “an opportunity to try to put to test whether or not Iran really desires to pursue only a peaceful program, and will submit to the standards of the international community in the effort to prove that to the world,” Kerry said at the US Institute of Peace in Washington on Monday.”

    • On PBS News Hour tonight, cyborg War Criminal Dick Cheney and Doctor were highlighting Cheney’s and doctors beware book called Heart.

      Charlie Rose and Cheney’s were flinging the propaganda of Iran and how it was Israel’s duty to bomb Iran.

      Cheney’s said he highly endorsed Israel attacking Iran citing the same lie of Iran wiping Israel off the map.

      Cheney’s doctor.then went on to say how difficult a surgery it was to keep Cheney the War Criminal alive. Even saying that Cheney’ was a holocaust survivor from Poland.

      Key words being used now denotes that Israel is playing the Poor Jew which like in all Israeli aggression hints that Israel is building the sympathy card with other NAZI related propaganda justifying the coming of yet another war.

    • I wished I had tuned-in to the PBS broadcast you mentioned, William. Fact is, Charlie Rose is a pompous, arrogant, condescending shill for Big Zio. It’s hard to watch his program without becoming angry. Most frustrating is how the western press is still spreading the lie about Iran wanting to “wipe Israel off the map”. Lies heaped on top of lies. When was the last time the controlled press told us the truth? If the Israelis try to pull another “poor Jew” PR stunt, it will probably backfire. The public is awakening to their sly tricks, finally.

  13. Wow! This may open new avenues for a false flag.

    In case anyone hasn’t been listening to the news??? Almost daily now we are being reminded over and over of Nazi stealing Art from the Jews and the constant antisemetic and holocaust.

    Israel always ramps up the “Poor Jews” just before they go on another murderous killing spree.

    Just like announcing that Palestinians would be released, however… they had to double insert how those were TERRORISTS not 101% Civilians fighting to hold on to their land and homes.

    As IF… Palestinians have an Army, Marines, Navy or Air Force. Just hate to let it be known Israel kills civilians.

    So again, this is nearly 2014 and when you constantly hear about 80 years ago you know BiBi is stoking the flames to coddel sympathy.

    Just like the ADL releasing the names to their 10 biggest Blog or Websites targeted for alleged Jew Haters.

    • The Holocaust card has been over used and besides we have seen even worse holocausts such as the one with Palestinians and other Middle East Countries that have been completely ravaged… nope somehow I truly doubt that this will gain anything but even more disgust.. The people of the world have clearly had enough of death and even a massive false flag will not open our hearts to even more of it.

    • PBS News Hour videos say they can be watched online. So there’s a chance you could view it.

      I think of statements such as Iraq and Americans being greated as liberators, but we now have the numbers of dead that proves this lie as well as disabled and 40,000+ head shots and 750,000 PTSD that clearly dispute that liberation claim.

      Much like Syria where Israel always supplies the Intelligence (sic) whereas Nutjobyahoo boasted on how they had undisputed proof of Saddam’s WMDs.

      Funny how Israel can for decades violate all knows laws that govern mankind and is allowed to attack any country they want.

      Yes, many are waking up and Americans should realize that the US through Israeli influence has made the USA into what our forefathers fought against.

      Everything Germany was alleged the US and Israel have become today.

      Cheney’ should Hang after a quick trial.

  14. “Getting Iran’s oil back on the market” to lower the Russia’s oil revenue……yup, maybe that’s why Russia ( cynically and cowardly ) backed-out of the S-300 deal….They don’t mind war talk….it keeps prices up…but losing their allies in the region? Totally? Well, maybe not that,,

  15. Kerry’s lies about Syria only a month ago were so over-the-top and obviously based on ( yet again ) bogus Israeli “intell” that it’s hard not to conclude that were it not for Russia FINALLY stepping up to the plate Kerry would have rolled us into another disaster as fast as you can say ” Rumsfeld’s on with Tim Russert and lying his ass off..”

    • I do not think that Putin would nuke us. He has certainly learned his lesson as has all of Russia. I truly think they are on the American People’s side when it comes to Israel and the Zionists. They know what it’s all about.

  16. My Jim, “When this silliness is all over I hope to get to see a large open air prison where the hard core Zios and Jewish lobby folks are incarcerated with the throat slashing Jihaddis.” Sounds like Hitler’s plan to move all the Jews to the Island of Madagascar. I do imagine he would have put a patrol around it to keep them from making their way back. Nowhere in the Nazi writings dose the term final solution appear except in Jewish Zionist translations. As for as Lurch, still do not trust him, have not forgotten his foaming at the mouth trying to start a war in Syria. Administration has a lot of egg on its face, seems they are doing a PR campaign to garner favor with American people. Certain Zio whores in the senate and congress in both parties share that egg. But if it keeps us from starting a war with Iran, good. I am going to sit back and see how long this new found sanity last with the DC crowd.

    • .Madagascar would have been perfect! 1. It’s an island, so they’re isolated fm all of us ” anti-semites” ( anti-semite: a gentile, reviled by the Jews, who believes in self-defense..)..2. It’s bigger than the Holy Land and has better weather…3. There’s room for all of them so they can all go there..It would have been wonderful…since thet’re so superior to us insects I’m sure they would have built the world’s finest country apart fm us goy cattle..

    • They did not like that plan, parasite needs a host, hard to find a host to live off of if only “the chosen” are there.

    • How is it possible for the world and the general population to co-exist with these fiends within the general population? They will always be up to the same treachery and advantage seeking motives, I don’t see it ever changing, as that is their nature, to seek an advantage at any cost.

    • Yes – they instinctively seek an advantage at anyone and everyone else’s cost Allesandro. That is why these people cannot be part of normal society and still continue to practice the demands of their murderous sect. The sect is a terrorist subversion and mass homicidal battle plan against the wider world – arrogantly disguised as a ‘religion’. This can no longer be tolerated.

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