Alien Agenda II: Softkill


by Preston James


alien-midwayAs some insiders at the highest levels know, there is an “Alien Agenda” controlling the USG that is administered by top Policy-Makers who sit at the top of the “Pyramid of Control” (POC) comprised of several notorius individuals who occupy the top positions of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG). (1)

This POC which controls the SSG is also known by insiders as the top leadership of Majestic-12 (aka Majesty 12 or MJ-12).  Some have called this the “Circle of 12” but at this time, it has not been publicly reported or verified who these individuals actually are, although many have some well justified suspicions.

These folks are several “senior policy makers” who determine the course that the visible, ceremonial or “pretend” US Government takes.

These few top Policy-Makers at the top of the POC have essentially hijacked the USG by taking the controls of the SSG (aka the “Military Industrial Complex”) which emerged as a parallel government during WW2 and rose to complete, unchallenged power after Roswell, using the Alien ETs and their “need” to protect the secret of anti-gravity craft, using it as an excuse to set up a “National Security State” and institute spying and counter-espionage against the American People.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

Note:  The subject of this article is noticeably incredulous to those that are uninformed of the basic related evidence.  Unless you have read and studied the history of Roswell, know about Dr. Steven Greer’s disclosure project, what happened at Roswell, and the Alien Agenda, it is recommended that you don’t waste your time reading this article.

Roswell was a major turning point and the true origin of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG).

It was at this point, after Roswell (2), that the SSG started back-engineering captured alien technology as well as instituting a covert war against “we the people”. This covert war against American citizens was no mere coincidence, it has been alleged to have been largely a by-product of identification of these top policy makers with aliens they began to work with in “beyond-black” shared technology development programs (special access unacknowledged programs with no written budgets or records).

51+AjsxID4L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_It is also believed that the POC/MJ-12 was working with aliens ETs in underground alien/human hybridization genetics labs located  in several Deep Underground Bases (DUMBs), the most well known one of which is Dulce, NM. (3) This deep RICO criminal secret has been revealed thanks to some great American whistle-blowers who worked there and believed that what they were doing was abject evil in the truest definition and that the American people have an absolute right to know, despite official SSG policy.

After Roswell, a secret Shadow Government (SSG) and Majestic 12 emerged followed by the National Security State, aka the “iron fist in the velvet glove” and treaties were entered into with alien ETs to gain ultra-high technology and anti-gravity in exchange for access to human abductees and human genetics.

During the years since Roswell that MJ-12 has been working with certain alien representatives, it is now believed by some at the peripheral levels of all this that that those at the top levels of MJ-12 who set the policies of the SSG as well as the visible ceremonial government, have been infected with a Cosmic Parasite which essentially strips away their human soul and replaces it with some kind of “hived” and noticeably inhuman, evil spirit entity. Apparently these soul-stripped leaders of the POC/SSG/MJ-12 could not have been transformed, that is, taken in the Cosmic Parasite as served up by the alien leaders they were working with until several things occurred.

In order to become infested with the Cosmic parasite of Evil they had to have become “human compromised” that is they had to have willingly entered into into sexual honey traps or done some very criminal and socially unacceptable crimes against humanity like bribery, murder, starting wars, participation in eugenics, mass theft by fraud, pedophilia, etc., best summarized as habitually violating the Golden Rule (“Do unto others as you want them to do unto you”).  Once they have become human compromised, their souls become stripped and they become even more evil, giving up all their humanness, and giving control over their actions to the influence of this evil Cosmic Parasite which has its own specific “Alien Agenda”, which is eugenics, soft-kill and hard-kill to depopulate the earth, to Terra-Form the earth and then to repopulated it with Alien/human hybrids.

Once these top Policy-makers have lost their souls and taken in the evil Cosmic Parasite, they can then proceed with invading the Health and Welfare of other human beings and have almost no pangs of conscience.

If they do they can quickly be brought back in line or silenced if necessary by human compromise operations (Humint) or other direct executive actions such as various types of “neutralizations”, sometimes extra-judicial terminations with Extreme Prejudice. This means placing their own wants, needs and satisfaction first before concern for anyone else, technically functioning as a criminal psychopath.  The reason for Terra-forming the earth is not yet known for sure, but perhaps it is being done to help radically reduce the human population as well as to prepare the earth to better support in-habitation by alien/human hybrids as well as mining and extraction of minerals and resources desired by the aliens. Several highly informed researchers, and one high level intelligence officer, Gordon Duff, Senior Editor of Veterans Today have alleged or reported that these top Policy-Makers have actually had personal alien ET “spiritual guides” that have been assigned and introduced to them.

These entities can reputedly run interference for these super-elite deviant top Policy-Makers, invoke Babylonian evil “Black-Magick spells” and do some limited Psi-powered spying and remote viewing for them. And they are rumored to require human sacrifices in return and expect and require their Kingpins within the “Circle of Twelve” to create as much human suffering and death as they can get away with, without being discovered for what they are.  This requires very crafty acts of constructing cover and deception for their various hard-kill and soft-kill operations and use of cutout, often multiple layers of such.

These inter-dimensional spirit guides are energy parasites that feed off of their induced, manipulated human suffering and mass death.

These inter-dimensional “spirit guides” which can materialize and dematerialize in front of their assignees during secret rituals are claimed to receive their life energy and great enjoyment from massive human suffering and mass-murder, the more the better.  There are however “rules of play” that limit their ability to operate, and the biggest block to their complete takeover is human free-will and the Golden Rule or treating others the way ones desires to be reflexively treated. the ability of these “Cosmic Parasite” evil spirit guides to gain control over society if based on their skills and ability to deceive and tempt folks to violate the Golden Rule and harm others or fail to care anything about others.

Aerial Chem-trails sprayed by DOD contract airlines are real and they are secretly mandated by the SSG as part of their required Alien Agenda for soft-kill.

is2And it has been determined by some scientists that private DOD contractors are spraying toxic chemicals into the atmosphere, chemicals such as barium salts, nano-particles of aluminum and other toxic substances now showing up in grossly elevated human blood-levels, ground water and soil. It is suspected by not yet proved that such toxic contaminants are also being added to jet fuel in smaller but still toxic concentrations.

chemtrail_planeSome DOD contractors/pilots have come forth and shared what they were told about the spraying, an obvious false cover story. In fact several false cover stories have been told to different contractor/pilots, narratives that contradict each other so we know that someone is lying. One cover narrative is that the chemicals are being sprayed to block Global warming, but some scientists say they would tend to promote it.

Others say these chemicals are being sprayed in association with top secret satellite based radar experiments to pick up inter-dimensional alien anti-gravity craft (AGCs). Another cover story is that these chemicals are biological agents needed to mass immunize the world’s population against new pandemics which would otherwise occur.

A very small Ruling Cabal uses the power of the National Security State which emerged after WW2 and Roswell to implement an Alien Agenda which is so evil it is incredulous to even those who are briefed on it.

The bottom line is that a very small secret “Ruling Cabal” of top Policy-Makers are able to impose their agenda upon the earth’s masses and this appears to be in line with a evil, anti-human agenda, one which some insiders have called an “Alien Agenda” to depopulate the earth of humans, Terra-form it, and repopulate it with alien/human hybrid which will be mass bred with a hived-mind, always obedient to the “Queen Bee” (aka the “New Caesar of the Ages”) who the aliens are planning to install as their NWO leader as soon as they take over.

After these top Policy-Makers were successfully human compromised, they became infected with the evil Cosmic Parasite as their souls were snatched and also became “hived” to the master Alien Agenda, a most evil script. It was at this point that these top policy Makers began to institute secret but radically evil covert programs to eugenicize and/or “soft-kill” the American public.

Here is a listing of the various anti-human programs instituted by these top Policy Makers to soft-kill “we the people” in a covert war against American citizens:

1-Eugenic vaccination programs which inject dumbing-down chemicals like ethyl mercury (aka Thimerisol), toxic adjuvants like squalene and aluminum, other toxic substances and cancer viruses like SV-40, and in some vaccines various serious diseases like HIV/AIDS added (such as hepatitis B and smallpox vaccines for certain specially targeted populations).

2-Flouride added to the public water at toxic levels with no concern for the overall health effects.

3-Mercury added to vaccinations along with numerous other toxic “adjuvants” which feed the Rockefeller created and controlled allopathic Big Medical and Big Pharma establishment.

4-GMO foods which are gene spliced to create higher crop yield, have “built in pesticide properties which are toxic to humans, and which contain top secret special RDA or DNA fragments which can alter human genes, effect health and create disease.

5-Aerosol spraying of known to be toxic chemicals in toxic concentrations which dumb-down the populace, create cognitive slippage (aka “senior moments of memory lapse” and difficulty with word selection–i.e. temporary “mental blocks”), reduced intelligence and various disease.

6-Advanced, beyond-black psychotronics using cell phones, cell phone transmission towers, other ELF ground waves, Lilly waves, and ground voltage which can produce related conditions such as impaired cognitions, and blood disorders, dyscrasias and slow but progressive intra-cranial tumor generation in some high level users.

7-Engineered pollution/toxicity (“Iron Mountain” style) such as building nuclear reactors on fault lines with poor and unsafe designs and ignoring Thorium designs, engineered disasters such as the BP oil spill with deployment of the notoriously toxic Corexit products, contamination of ground water with endocrine disruptors which disturb sex roles and fertility, contamination of ground water with careless or toxic fracking, and stage Fukushima type events. Both the BP oil spill with massive Corexit deployment and Fukushima are considered “death star” or potential extinction type events for the oceans and some nations by some experts. The deployment of these pollution which in many cases is disguised as due to lack of enough USG regulation is used as part of an overall strategy to take away power from the individual states and to amass more and more centralized Federal Police State power as expressed in the numerous, idiotic, freedom robbing regulations of the EPA designed to take away land rights from ordinary Americans.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

Climbing the super-elite deviant food chain requires abandoning the “Golden Rule”, allowing ones soul to be extracted and replaced with an evil Cosmic Parasite.

By now you can see that anyone who intends to climb the super-elite deviant food chain must prove themselves worthy according to the evil performance standards of the SSG top Policy-Makers. This way no one gets to the top unless they have already lost their souls (some may have never had them and came from “bloodline families” believed to be Nephilim/human hybrid already). And those that are on their way up that stumble to a re-emergence of conscience (aka soul starts to re-assert or come back) are further human compromised and blackmailed for horrendous anti-social acts they get involved in due to temptations provided that they are not able to easily withstand.

Everything done by the SSG to spy on, tyrannize and harass Americans (especially the Federal Whistle-blowers) is a byproduct of this evil alien Cosmic Parasite influence, bets known as the “Alien Agenda”.

Top Policy-Makers are RICO criminals.

The following two videos show the work-products of these few Top Policy-Makers actions to soft-kill American Citizens in secret, which are RICO criminal acts by RICO criminal psychopaths which just happen to be in high SSG policy making.

The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, AKA as the RICO Act, is a “United States federal law” that provides for extended criminal penalties and a civil “Cause of action” for acts performed as part of an ongoing “Criminal organization” or crime syndicate. The RICO Act focuses specifically on criminal Racketeering and it allows for any syndicate leader to be tried for the crimes which they had “Dirty hands” in because they had ordered others to do, or assisted them in doing, thus closing a previous loophole that allowed someone who ordered a subordinate to, for example, murder, or to commit another crime, to be exempt from the prosecution and conviction because he did not actually commit the crime personally.

RICO was enacted by section 901(a) of the Organized Crime Control Act of 1970 (Pub.L.91-452, 84, Stat. 922, enacted October 15, 1970). RICO is codified as Chapter 96 of Title 18 of the US Code, 18 USC §1961-1968. While its original use in the 1970s was to prosecute the Mafia as well as others who were actively engaged in organized crime, its later application has been more widespread and can involve civil actions as well as criminal prosecutions and should certainly be applied to SSG/USG and central Bankster criminal Kingpins and their cutouts or partners in crime.

The abject power of these top RICO criminal psychopaths is so isolated, so protected and so enhanced by the illegal application of so-called “national security” to protect their “national security state. Thus these SSG/USG RICO criminals are able to institute massive soft-kill eugenics (as well as “hard-kill mass murders of induced war) all over the world with the public unable to learn about this because the Controlled major Mass Media (CMMM) which is merely a SSG propaganda dispenser, refuses to report on these events or give them proper, realistic coverage.  In stead the CMMM merely provides debunking and cover-up. It is only the advent of the Alternative News now available on the worldwide Internet that is finally disseminating this hardcore truth exposing these most evil parasites on the human race, the RICO gangsters who are the top Policy-Makers that truly make all American policy, run all major American institutions and run America at almost every level.

here is a video video about the secret development of HIV/AIDS and its deployment as a bio-weapon, paid for by Congressional and DOD funding (Operation Naomi).

Here is a controversial video which proposes that HIV/AIDS was a biological weapon developed with Congressional and DOD funding.  Some experts believe this was done as ordered by top SSG Policy-Makers, the folks who sit at the top of the Pyramid Of Control (POC) and appears to be acting according to an alien agenda.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

Here is another important video for those who have time which  is called “Flouridegate”. If you are short on time, you can skip ahead through the various sections.

This movie is a very detailed “snapshot” into how the USG health watchdog agencies are controlled by the hidden “Policy-Makers” who operate according to an evil, alien SOFTKILL AGENDA, rather than according to their supposed assigned role of protecting the health of Americans (they do just the opposite). The amount of deceit, lying and debunking that goes on in the top positions of these USG and private agencies and association is simply amazing and constitutes high level fraud and criminal negligence at a minimum, most likely mass murder too, prosecutable under RICO statutes.

YouTube - Veterans Today -


For those that dig enough and do enough detailed research, it becomes obvious that top Policy-Makers are hidden deeply within the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) which is the nexus of the National Security State, itself which is blatantly unConstitutional, violates all “Rule of Law”, is beyond reach of ordinary societal correction, is technically a very large RICO crime syndicate and is “evil beyond normal perception”, that is more evil than a normal human being can imagine. The actual reason?  It is because the origin of this agenda that these top Policy-Makers impose upon Americans and the rest of humanity is a byproduct of an evil Alien Agenda which they have internalized and adopted in exchange for unlimited wealth, power, fame and luxury. To keep their positions they must continue to work together with their like to create as much human suffering and death as they can get away with, without being exposed publicly, thus providing the “negative energy” their Cosmic Parasite evil alien Overlords require and feed on.

But in the final analysis it is a deal with “these evil entities” some have identified as the “spawn of lucifer” and in the process they lose their very souls, and become agents of evil and the Alien Agenda. Stay tuned, in my next article the very interesting and largely unknown process by which Presidential “front-men”or cutouts are selected by these top Policy-Makers will be identified and the process by which public policy is “administered” i.e. deployed upon America will be explicated.



(2) Corso, Philip, The Day After Roswell,


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  1. Good compilation of the information that is available on the net. As I have read this information over the course of the past few years there is one huge question that keeps recurring in my mind. I continually ask myself WHY don’t the highly skilled, highly trained’ tactically proficient and adept ex-military persons among us simply begin to pick these bastards off, one by one, in all parts of the world? It would NOT be difficult to do, not with the skill level that exists in so many ex-military people. Nobody needs to know who does it. You can be like Anonymous and simply DO THE JOB THAT NEEDS TO BE DONE FOR HUMANITY. I KNOW that many military people are quite religious, but given that, I believe that it is imperative, according to scripture, that you simply not stand idly by while the innocent perish. I believe I have read that you will be judged as severely for what you FAIL to do, as well as what you do that is wrong.
    Can anyone help me understand WHY there has been inaction rather than systematic action? Can anyone explain WHY there is not an underground cave that is filled with these scum, in chains, bound to the walls, screaming for mercy?

  2. I appreciate the fact that you think out of the box Dr. James and I agree with much of what you have written here. If you have never had dealings with these entity’s you surely have remarkable insight to be able to piece together this much truth out of the deliberately chaotic information out there. I wouldn’t trust Corso though if I were you. Before you pay him any heed you ought to ask yourself just how insignificant is a machine compared to a soul. The fact that you know there is a soul is probably your edge over most if not all of these UFO buffs and believe me I’ve known many. As a matter of fact I spent 3 days in the holding cell in Riverhead with John Ford. As Bugs Bunny used to say “what a maroon!” He bought Preston Nicholls [email protected]#$ hook line and sinker. He was going to jail for the rest of his life for that mistake. I just shook my head and heard him out. I didn’t say nothing, I wasn’t saying anything then. If I was you I would look into General Hans Kammler. You know who else. But good job, really good job.

    • I am well aware of Gen Kammler and his visits to America, post WW2.

      I believe that Col. Corso, although narrowly compartmented, was a great American Hero that disclosed what he knew when he could. The best evidence is from firsthand eyewitnesses who disclose before they die to friends. However things are changing rapidly. The leaks are now fast coming and no longer deathbed as security controls are dissolving despite all threats and sanctions which create massive blowback and merely speed up the process. And there are different factions at work, at least one has given permission for controlled leaks, alto ugh their motives are not known for sure.

    • Dean, that means a lot coming from a top researcher such as yourself who has covered numerous subjects in depth that no one else dared to touch. And you have exposed these forbidden, hidden truths in great detail not available elsewhere..

  3. Ha, these alien types without consciences sound like most managers and rich folks that I know. Talk about a bunch of jerks. We’ve had plenty of these folks right here in the human species and they have existed for eons. No help from aliens was needed.

    • Point well taken. However, this does not explain the anecdotal and firsthand witness reports of alien spirit guides for the “kingpins”, high technology transfer which witnesses have stated was provided by alien ETs in exchange for access to human genetic material and “permission” to abduct humans and the resulting mass-murder, eugenics and war making that ensues. Yes, about 1% of humans born are probably psychopaths, and many more operate that way because their conscience becomes impaired, and then they will do anything to obtain success, riches and fame in what is an increasing downwardly mobile western economic world. Yes, no help from alien ETs was needed, but now the earth is faced with extinction level threats induced by these alien influenced and now “hived” Kingpins who are the hidden masters, i.e. the top Policy-Makers.

    • Yep…..they almost sound human, the assholes….
      Still can’t understand why they operate under the ‘cloak of darkness’ or why they are frightened of discovery if they are ALL powerful…..

  4. Hi Shirlz,

    The small balls that you talk about that appear in daylight conditions are called “eye floaters” by doctors. They occur because the eye is filled with a gel like substance and small pieces of protein break loose from the back of the eye (this protein is called collagen) and float around in this gel. These floaters are very common and most of us do have them. Usually, they cause no problem. You may wish to read more about these at .

  5. “This way no one gets to the top unless they have already lost their souls (some may have never had them and came from “bloodline families” believed to be Nephilim/human hybrid already). And those that are on their way up that stumble to a re-emergence of conscience (aka soul starts to re-assert or come back) are further human compromised and blackmailed for horrendous anti-social acts they get involved in due to temptations provided that they are not able to easily withstand.”

    George I. Gurdjieff was fond of saying “Blessed is he who has a soul, and blessed is he that has none, but woe to him who has it in embryo”. Mr.Gurdjieff’s book “All and Everything – Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson” make the study and contemplation of the ways in which knowledge and power flow in this universe much easier, safer and more entertaining.

  6. Perhaps the real agenda is hard kill. What better a sacrifice than the complete destruction of a planet. Could that be the intent of CERN? In the late 1990’s, I started finding articles on the Web by exiled CERN safety officers, who said their concerns for the possibility of the accelerator creating Strange matter were ignored or silenced. The correlation between Pn-Pn collisions at increasing energy levels and earthquakes is rather frightening.
    A discussion of this is at:

    The author mentions the Fermi Paradox: that the lack of transmission from other technological civilizations might be due to their scientists having destroyed their worlds.

  7. Interesting article, thanks. I do not have all the answers but have found some truths in my search for knowledge and the truth. Anyone who thinks this world or dimension is the only one where intelligent life exist are fooling themselves. There is proof of a former civilization on Mars. I have seen things that can not be explained by excepted dogma. One thing I understand is that evil is evil because evil likes evil. Any one or thing in high places doing evil is not doing so for the benefit of humankind. The bloodline question is one that I am searching for the truth, I believe there is more than one bloodline and some of the old ones have been polluted with intermarrying with an evil bloodline, gives you families such as the Bushes, Clintons, ect. Need to bookmark and reread this one.

    • “evil is evil because evil likes evil’..

      This not about even power per se let alone money.
      This is something foreign that wants to destroy all Creation as far as I can tell.

      I never imagined outside of sci-fi.
      Well this is a High Budget Production.


    • Fancy This (leaving aside the spiritual / origins oops can’t quite do that last one..


      What if you knew of an upstart population (Humankind)
      Who would in time prove a threat to your hegemony..
      Big Universe, who needs hegemony.. now Stop Making Sense.
      And bear with for a moment.
      What if you were ripe for disposal and knew it.
      What if you were kind of expecting a visit from the home office sometime around here..

      What if you were greedy, desperate, and kinda stupid too.
      What if the guys from the home office got up earlier?

      Turns out it is all connected (our origins, good and evil,
      the current Great Game afoot on the landscape.

      Offered as food for thought.


  8. “And it has been determined by some scientists that private DOD contractors are spraying toxic chemicals into the atmosphere,”

    How do SSG members protect themselve against toxic chemicals? Are they immune?

    • Oh, silly you! They are human-alien hybrids, and they have been GMO’d to be immune. Or perhaps they are shape-shifting reptilians, who are naturally immune.


    • Yes, the evil top Policy-Makers seem to ignore the destructive effects of their programs on their own families. They try to provide them the good life, special privileges, organic food, but in the end some are predators on their own children, seem to have no conscience at all and show no indication they have a human soul. They function as snake brained predators and their typical acts are so evil that most normal humans just cannot fathom or comprehend them, that is they are beyond their imagination. Stew Webb has written a great deal about this which can be found in his many videos and the articles on his website. He is the only survivor I know of who has had direct contact with these top Policy-Makers, and then exposed them and survived numerous attempts to silence him, some serious attempts on his life.

      And because all evil is time limited because it consumes itself, these Caligula, Nero type individuals always have a bad end. It does however take multiple generations to overcome their legacies of evil as was the case in imperial Rome and the zio-Bolshevik Soviet Union which took 60 years to consume itself and only collapsed after the heroic efforts of Lee Wanta, special Ambassador/secret agent to President Ronald Reagan who was obsessed with see and end to zio-Bolshevik communism because it was so evil.

    • True, one has only to look at the pedophilia among politicians. I wish I were a billionaire who can pay private investigators to track them down and film them, starting in Britain.

    • stephanaugust
      Apparently Preston Nichols has talked of having worked with a Sirian Reptilian that LOVED drinking Drano. It got him drunk.

  9. “…treaties were entered into with alien ETs to gain ultra-high technology and anti-gravity in exchange for access to human abductees and human genetics.”

    Here’s how I imagine the treaty negotiation:

    Human: Here’s the deal: We’ll give you permission to abduct and to medically experiment upon humans, and you give us access to your advanced technology.

    Alien: Gimme a flippin’ break! We already abduct humans and conduct medical experiments on them, and there’s nothing that you can do to stop it. We decoded human DNA years ago, and we’re already producing human-alien hybrids. So why should we give you access to our advanced technology, which you could, someday in the future, turn against us?

    Alien: (aside to other aliens) Humans sure are a clueless lot! (much group laughter)

  10. If you want to know more about maj-12,and how they’ve undergone many profound changes, I recommend checking out and click on the golden thread forum. Many things will be clear soon…and some histories have changed for a positive path. No fate, but what we make. Don’t ever fear these articles. The darkness that has been was, after all, an extension of our collective actions/inactions. Forgiving is a good first step. I forgive the author of the article for making some errors. Although, do not deceive yourself. Fear is a vibration. As you sow, so shall you reap. Do your own research. Make your own world.

    • Arashikage
      I bit and had a look at that golden thread forum.
      I’d like to think I have more than 2 brain cells to rub together but I don’t understand what that was all about. They use acronyms like there’s no tomorrow and keep referring to a D and a DD and a Dr Dan. When I click the “About Us”, I find no useful info. They seem to be some kind of closed cult. You and your pals will have to be more inclusive if you want outsiders to glean any info from that site.
      So my message to others here is: Don’t bother. I’ve had a quick recce and I don’t understand what’s going on in that website. Kind of like Ashayana Deanne’s Voyager books. You gotta be a real insider to understand what’s going on there and I ain’t one.

  11. Great article Dr person James. There have been treaties established with corporeal beings but the non corporeal beings operate in a “world we can not see” as Dylan said. We, being corporeal, may not be physically or consciously able to see these djins. I look at how an ant would perceive us. Would it see us like we see it? Absolutely not. The “wiring” is different. One interesting picture from Stew Webb’s article shows an archeological site in area 51 which is around 20 000 years old. The point being that we have been suffering as a species from a collective amnesia of “mankind” and we have been looked upon as “sheep”, from something that can transcend time.
    Great article.

  12. @ Barrys ConspiracyWorld

    Thanks for posting that. HIV/AIDS is a lie.

    For anyone who doubts that, use a search engine to look for a photomicrograph of so-called HIV. You won’t find one. You will find them for the Ebola virus, the Variola (Smallpox) virus, etc. All you will find for so-called HIV is artists’ impressions of what they believe/claim that it looks like.

    So-called HIV has never been isolated. There is no proof that it even exists. The tests for it/antibodies to it are bogus.

    In the rich nations, the main cause of death from so-called HIV/AIDS is liver failure, caused by lethally toxic chemicals, masquerading as miracle, life-extending drugs. In the poor nations, malnutrition and contaminated water compromise people’s immune systems. In parts of Africa and Latin America, where corn is the main staple, people who don’t also eat meat and/or green leafy vegetables develop pellagra, which is misdiagnosed as HIV/AIDS.

    So-called “weaponized HIV” is a psyop.

    • The official name for the HIV/AIDS project was Operation Naomi. What it actually is, a gene-spliced RNA Fragment, a “stealth” micro-plasma that attacks the mitochondria, or a long acting “stealth virus”, so small and/or fragmentary that it is difficult to detect is arguable both ways by reputable scientists. That something related has been deployed and is to some degree communicable in those with compromised immunity appears to be true. And yes, the prescription drugs provided could be making some folks worse while making some better, depending on what they actually received. Whatever it is, this agent was allegedly placed in the hepatitis B vaccine trials in NYC, Miami and San Francisco and then in some small pox vaccinations in Africa. That the US Congress and the DOD provided funding for such a stealth weapon that destroyed the immune system seems to have actually occurred, whatever it happens to be.

  13. The term was used this way in a briefing by a high ranking official, implying that the result was that most listeners who hear such information for the first time react by simply not believing it is even possible as if is a total complete fantasy and fabrication. That usage is good enough for me. And yes, I am not worried about dotting every I or what I consider minor concerns. The important things is that information can be presented and discussed intelligently by informed readers.

  14. Dr James, your take on Thule society, 1920s, 30s, 40s international corporate nazis, buzz bombs, V2 rockets, Aryans, bell project, atom bombs, Philadelphia experiment, particle colliders, rat lines, space race, computer age. UFOs are not the question. Who are the syndicate members. What are the aliens?

    • Some Muslims clerics believe that these “alien controllers” or spirit guides are Jinns or evil demons. Others think they are simply cosmic parasites that feed off of the negative psychic/spiritual energy of human suffering. Some pastors believe they are demons. Many believe they are imaginary concocted stories to create deception and cover for the development and deployment of beyond black anti-gravity high technology aircraft and spacecraft.

      The Thules and Vrils were alleged to have established relationships with alien ETs and had access to anti-gravity, Psi-power, and more. Aleister Crowley thought he was the reincarnation of John Dee and claimed to have been in contact with an alien ET he described like the current greys in a drawing of his. He was a known luciferian and satanist, father of the infamous and deadly “church of the process of the final solution” (aka MI-6, Son of Sam, David Berkowitz, I-94 murders, Smiley face murders, Manson Family murders, Jack Parsons, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Laurel Canyon, Finders, Omaha Franklin cover-up, Offhut AFB, Boystown, pedophile ops for human compromise and child trafficking, White House Pages, Sen. Barney “Fife”, Craig Spence etc.). You can identify the syndicate members yourself, the ones in America and the ones in Europe. Just list those reputed to have the most “banking power” and a long history of “black nobility”. Most do not dare speak above a whisper of the actual names. There is a reason for that.

    • Well, the bad guys are probably a combination of shape-shifting fallen cherubs and seraphs (especially the Reptilians [aka “nacash”]) and what we call “fit extensions” for literally — demons. These “extensions” could well be clones of any species and/or androids.

      Now so far as any good guys, (if they exist) Dr. Heiser addresses that for us:

      Could Christianity Accommodate a Genuine Extra-Terrestrial Reality? (youtube)

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