Skyscrapers Pre-Wired to Come Down


by Yukon Jack


Did space energy beams or alien time warp devices used to bring down the WTC? Do fantastic theories bother you as they do me? Do outlandish theories seem to be disinformation being placed to discredit the truth, the very simple truth of how 911 went down? What is the most obvious way those buildings imploded? Controlled demolition. Opponents of this say it would be impossible to wire those buildings or that it would take years. True, except they could of been wired at time of construction.

A building being prepped for a controlled demolition.
A building being prepped for a controlled demolition.

What is the big secret being suppressed here? It is obvious that the buildings came down by explosives, the question is how did the explosive get installed when the building were occupied?

Perhaps they didn’t get installed just before 911, they were installed at time of construction. Why? Because no responsible building department would ever allow the construction of skyscrapers in downtown Manhattan with all the preexisting high end real estate.

Manhattan is the most expensive real estate in the world. Those extremely tall buildings were wired to come down in their footprint in case of earthquake or other toppling force. And then there is the standard nefarious reasons for pre-wiring a building, saving the cost on future demolition or staging terror.

Part of a buildings life cycle cost is the tear down. Why pay when you can take the profit and run? American businesses are known for putting their end cycle costs on the taxpayer. What did one businessman say to the other?  “We made a fortune with that factory, we’ll let Congress picked up the tab for the clean up and sickened workers, we don’t want to own that town anymore, it’s a chemical waste dump”.

This theory of a pre-wired building was originally presented on the Jeff Rense radio show, the guest even supplied a photo of the sequential timing device. Jeff posted it then a few days later it disappeared down the memory hole. It seems the men in black, whores of the financial power structure, made that information go away. The theory resurfaced with Howard Lewis III, Jim Fetzer interviewed him on 11 Sep 2013 and you can listen to it here:

The coverup? They never told the tenants they were sitting on bombs. That is a huge scandal. How many other buildings in downtown NYC and other cities are currently wired for controlled demolition? Sears Tower? There is a damn good reason to coverup the reality of modern skyscraper construction, there is a whole lot of rent and personal fortunes riding on suppressing the truth. Modern buildings are designed to implode, wired with detonators or sprayed with nanothermite during construction.

Controlled Demolition Timers

How is building wired beforehand? A large rugged industrial sequential charge detonator timer is bolted to the wall in the basement, behind a locked door that says “Authorized Personnel Only” or “High Voltage”. Remember, it’s a secret, the enemy is the unsuspecting tenant. All the explosives are wired to the timer, when the timer rotates, contact is made sending the electrical impulse to the charge. Devices like this are necessary since hundreds of charges must be precisely timed.

Closeup of welding rheostat, an older style sequential timer is similar.
Closeup of welding rheostat, an older style sequential timer is similar.

The timer is activated by motion sensors, remotely, or by key. After the buildings were hit, then the timers are activated. Time is allowed for the operator to clear the building. This could be why those buildings came down about a half hour later after impact

Another potential reason for the delay is that the impacting aircraft triggered the thermite reaction which started melting the superstructure, when the weakened building started to fail, the auto system detected motion, triggering the controlled demolition.

Thousands of pounds of liquid steel pour out of the WTC before the controlled demolition.     Thousands of pounds of liquid steel pour out of the WTC before the controlled demolition.

Thousands of pounds of liquid steel pour out of the WTC before the controlled demolition.

Back in the 1960’s, they didn’t have laptops so they used mechanical analog timers. There is a way to prove this analog timer theory, measure the time between squibs, since the time between explosions is fixed by design of the contacts. If a mechanical timer is rotating at a constant rate, the squibs will blow in temporal sequence, or at equal delta tees, regardless of how fast the building is collapsing. The timer is blowing the charges (or series of charges) at a constant rate, the building then collapses of its own accord.

Click on image for larger, enhanced version:

wtc squib mosaic

The mini explosions, squibs, are filmed when the building came down, not at time of impact. The squibs will be moving down the building surface ahead of the collapse, the building is coming down at its rate, the squibs are blowing at their rate. During the initial collapse, the squibs out accelerate the free fall.

Asbestos Removal

The WTC needed asbestos removal, the controlled demolition solved that problem, saving the building operators (Silverfishstein) millions if not billions in extensive repairs.

Jewish supremacist and Israeli firster Larry Silverfishstein is upset over the loss of life.  The day before he told his daughter Lisa not to go to work, both of them failed to warn their gentile co-workers.
Jewish supremacist and Israeli firster Larry Silverfishstein is upset over the loss of life. The day before he told his daughter Lisa not to go to work, both of them failed to warn their gentile co-workers.

How can you remove the asbestos and keep the explosives secret? Impossible. It may have been physically impossible to mechanically remove the asbestos without triggering the nano thermite underneath, that was painted on the beams during construction.

What if you knew how the buildings were constructed, and needed them to come down at the end of their useful lifespan? For one thing, if you were really greedy and ruthless, you might up the insurance. A Jewish supremacist always looks to profit when destroying the goy. The tribe was warned and all Israelis failed to show to work that day, 6,000 Israeli’s that worked at the WTC complex didn’t show because they were warned by the Israeli Odigo instant messaging system.

Staged Terror

The 911 staged terror event can be broken down into stages:

1. aircaft fly into WTC (initial emotional shock)

2. people jumping to their deaths (additional emotional shock and horror as fattened sheeple jump to their deaths)

3. controlled demolition (second large emotional shock to mass consciousness, the grand finale)

4. Suggestion inserted into the emotionally shocked target audience (Islam blamed, those dirty Mooslims will pay)

5. Coverup of evidence (all steel immediately shipped off continent, Omissions Report, real evidence sequestered and sealed)

6. Military reaction against Israeli enemies (bombing of Afghanistan and Iraq bombing blitz)

7. War of Terror waged against the American people (installation of TSA and police state, all rights renigged)

8. Israeli state and Jewish owned companies profit by America’s destruction

9. All gold transferred to Israel (America left bankrupt and flushed down the toilet)

The Criminals Needed a Simple Operation

The problem with fantastic theories is that the criminals that pulled 911 didn’t have access to space beam weapons. All the evidence points to a standard Israeli Mossad black op, with help of Cheney, Rumsfeld, and all the usual Neocon suspects.

The media is a Jewish asset, they had to be in on it because 911 is primarily a psychological operation, mass mind control programming. A few thousand slaves are sacrificed for the greater good.

They had to stage 911 with known working solutions like controlled demolition. If the buildings were pre-wired then all they had to do is fly remote control aircraft into the the buildings and wait for the collapse. No bombs needed, the building itself was a bomb. Of course bombs could have been added in strategic locations for added theatrical effect.

What was wanted was maximum shock to the collective consciousness, that is why the largest, most well known buildings were chosen.

What did former CIA asset Susan Lindauer tell us concerning the 9-11 attacks? Airplanes and controlled demolition. Nothing fantastic. Fantastic = high potential of a botched job. They needed simplicity because they are criminals fearing prosecution and they don’t control every asset in the military.

What is the advantage of thermite over space energy beams? Thermite has high proven heat production on the structural surface, space beams can not deliver the watts per meter squared needed to melt steel. How do you get the space beam energy into the building without seeing the ionized trail through the atmosphere? Space beams are like Dr. Evil’s laser beams on sharks, not practical or real.

Do I dare say the space beam theory is an intentional ruse meant to take the heat off the real culprits? Are the Jews fingering the Pentagon and military industrial complex for their crime? Do ‘ya think? Maybe we should be skeptical or discard the fantastic hypotheses.

Occam’s Razor

What is the simplest explanation for 911. Airplanes rammed into buildings, buildings fall, media reads the script. Wiki:

When confronted with competing hypotheses, the hypothesis with the fewest assumptions should be selected.

Fantastic conspiracy theories of exotic weapons may be ruses meant to provide cover for the real culprits. Who benefited? Israel. All other states and peoples suffered huge losses.

America is the biggest loser of 911, she went bankrupt, she lost all of her freedoms, the military gutted of anyone with integrity.  America is now a nation of whores, without honor, totally pathetic.  America lost all respect and moral authority, and even the legal system now a proven sham, not one real 911 suspect has been charged.  Not one, the entire court system of America is corrupted.

Those are big losses wouldn’t you say? Not one active duty military officer or state official is calling for war on Israel. This is off the scale treason, is the entire military aiding and abetting? Yep. Israel is wiping it’s ass with the United States, how does it feel?  Do you like being the smeared shit stain of the chosen ones?

Israel should be bombed back to the stone age just for 911, not to mention Fukushima, the radiation gift that keeps on giving. Is anyone on this planet sane?

Why do you allow Israel to exist? Do you all have a subconscious death wish because of your religious beliefs?  Israel is more than a state, it is the mental state of Jewish supremacism, and it will kill and kill because that is all it can do.  What is Israel planning next?



  1. An issue arises.. the 99 year lease (and property management)
    Yet Again if it was innocent husbandry I could get along.
    When this becomes a lever then we are done.
    Who Cares Who ‘owns’ the land! (just so someone does!
    You only live so long (ergo the 99 year lease)
    BUT I DO Not Subscribe to the King (Queen.. whatever)
    owning the land!
    The Brits (and you can tell by my name i am of British extraction)
    The Brits are Pirates.. Pure and Simple.
    Never made a motorcycle that did not leak oil.


    Word Games and Robbery by Pen.


  2. While wandering on what might be thin ice, two observations come to mind,
    the first a certainty but never really discussed usually (and most will never usually need it)
    The second is mere pondering:

    1. Some things that are meant for you you must ‘take’.
    It is not stealing it, it was meant for you (a promotion maybe for example)
    the others want you to have it but you must take the initiative.
    Now, I do not think the ‘bad guys’ want us to ‘have it’ (‘get it’ is more like it
    But, what if humanity must get it’s perverbial in something of a row,
    and ‘take’ our destiny (by not allowing the bad guys to destroy it / us)

    2. Maybe that ‘bad guys’ really want to live in Hell for eternity. (maybe)


    • I am familiar with those names, I was not present..
      Part of what you said is new to me FWIW (but unsurprising)
      An undercurrent of what might be described as ‘Black Majic’ rears its ugly head.
      Might be summoning familiars and God knows what.
      I do not believe that all of the Blavatsky / OTO etc stuff is manifestly evil..
      “do what you will'” need not be interpreted as
      “Do as you damn well please and devil take the hindmost”.
      That interpretation has prevailed in some quarters.
      Not having been there, only guessing..
      I get a Very Bad Texture from Aquino and the AIPAC / PNAC (give a dog a bone) gang.


    • For those among us who did not quite get what he just said:

      He Said that people in positions of Leadership (and in their case I use that word recklessly)
      Were Hopelessly Compromised because if you (or most anyone else) saw pictures (get the Airsick Bag!
      This is what is known in the ‘business’ as Compromised.
      Whether conflicted /.. probably not.. like attracts like.
      (we ain’t magnets folks.. different set of rules.. ok?
      Please forgive me for doing a breakout of your statement.
      Correct Me if I am Wrong (Please?)


  3. I have for some 20 years now faced the question “what can I do”
    My conclusion is always “learn more, share when possible, (and hope it never comes to “That”
    What we do is by nature (to the extent effective) ‘extralegal’,
    not because it is unlawful, but because anything the people in power don’t like
    is at least tantamount to a crime.
    This puts any operator of any forum at risk, to talk seriously only encourages hotheads
    and attracts unwanted attention.
    You are not alone in your frustration re Groundhog Day (I for one share it)
    History suggests that when some relatively small but properly placed people get the word,
    thinks proceed.. never the same as the other, and so this is a new one, never been thunk or done.
    We speak, and not lightly, in terms of hundredth Monkeys and Critical Mass,
    more and more people are paying attention.. I wonder.. I hope it does not come to ” That”.


  4. Then this ebony bird beguiling my sad fancy into smiling,
    By the grave and stern decorum of the countenance it wore,
    `Though thy crest be shorn and shaven, thou,’ I said, `art sure no craven.
    Ghastly grim and ancient raven wandering from the nightly shore –
    Tell me what thy lordly name is on the Night’s Plutonian shore!’
    Quoth the raven, `Nevermore.’
    Edgar Allen Poe, excerpted to purposes innocent..
    find the whole thing here



  5. Curiouser and Curiouser.
    This Thread is going to take me quite a while to parse.
    This has become a pooling point for info, and (a lot of) stuff I for one was not aware of.
    Thanks All..
    I am going to stretch all the ‘read mores’ and get a snap for archives.


    • Yes.. Welcome to Open Source Intel..
      Some stuff you were sure would disappear is still there.
      Other things.. Poof!
      Archive anything you ever expect to see again
      Iron (including spinny storage) is inexpensive
      Your Time is Not.
      Our Lives Depend upon Accumulating Information.

      (and applying it judiciously).

      This is after all War (goddammit!


    • Things reached a turn a while back..

      You have precious people you cannot afford
      Doing it ‘for free’ (for love)(as in ‘Lord Love a Duck’!
      Some of them run themselves to a frazzle
      Some of them get killed. (but Very Seldom)
      You have a better chance of getting hit by Lightning (unless You signed an NDA.
      No: Burnout, Fatigue, Preoccupation (watch out for that bus!
      Cold Sweats and insomnia and fatigue.
      Please Capture their work, and just because it is ‘free’ does not mean it did not cost alot.
      Mind your nutrition, and Take Heart.
      We Might Just Pull This Off.


    • What You Said..
      And OH for an Honest Venue and a Fair Hearing on the merits.
      We are so far from that.. people are rightly afraid to even invoke the courts,
      knowing that between the two sets of lawyers, and along the way to no resolution,
      you will be provided a career and rendered destitute.
      Justice Denied! (in spades, at large, in front of God an everybody)
      and if ‘they’ don’t blow up the planet, perhaps people from a later time
      will read (I hope) and heed (I hope) re that well we fell into.


  6. There is an ET element to 9/11.
    See pages 67/68 of ****
    When you guys go round destroying other people’s planets, you’re really asking for intervention, big time.

  7. If anyone from Anonymous is reading this, please can you guys go and get hold of the demolition plan for the World Trade Center so we can all have a look at it. Pretty please with knobs on 🙂

  8. Yukon Jack
    My friend tells me that beside the various other explosive devices (thermite, nano-nukes etc), the main cause of the WTC’s destruction were the 150 kiloton nukes which were built into the foundations from the time the complex was built, together with the black ops molecular disruptor. The latter is some sort of scalar weapon, probably originated from one of the cabal’s space platforms (this part is what I think). I think those losers wanted some insurance in case the nukes didn’t go off and since this was the first time, this snazzy weapon was used, they couldn’t switch the bugger off. Hence they were unable to build anything at ‘Ground Zero’ [look up the definition of this in your dictionary at home, folks!] for years and years.

    • Other buildings with this built-in nuclear demolition feature include:
      The UN building in NYC;
      Sears Tower (now called Willis Tower) in Chicago;
      Liberty Tower in LA;
      the tallest buildings in the UAE;
      and possibly:
      Sheraton Miyako Hotel Tokyo,;
      Founder’s Hall, Shinji Shumeikai, Shiga Prefecture, Japan; and
      Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

      They should have been rendered safe by now (I hope).

  9. That ‘Detroit 911 terror’ link is a real sleeper.
    What a list of odd interesting embarrassing and rather specific questions!
    Thanks for that.
    Well, if this was the part where we were all supposed to forget 911.. Didn’t Work.
    Lotsa other stuff, but this remains a pivot, like JFK murder for example (and Fukushima)..
    Stays relevant until resolved.
    Reading the comments here, what a bunch of interesting folks,
    If anyone ever holds a ‘real’ trial (hope springs eternal)
    It will tree out into fractal geometry.(and would take forever!
    I think these guys figure to do things so bad we don’t know how too unwind them.
    Anyway, Thanks.


    • Another interesting place to look (for many reasons)

      Find Skolnick’s Report (the late Sherman Skolnick presiding in absentia (it’s an org now)

      This guy did deep background in / from Chicago for decades..Please have a look.


    • Detract? FAR FROM!!
      The word ‘sleeper’ is ambiguous, My Fault.
      I could easily have overlooked it, 911, Detroit, wha?
      For some reason I looked anyway,
      It is quite a Bill of Particulars, I called it out so others will Go Read It.


  10. You Ever look at a congested skyline full of very tall close together aging structures,
    and Wonder “did anyone consider how to remove this once no longer desired?”
    I do not know.
    I fancy a bond placed on mines and skyscrapers and such (large works)
    for future destruction and re use of the area when the time comes,
    Lest they become derelict remnants (Packard Plant Detroit).
    Offered as Food for Thought.

    As for NYC WTC Buildings 1,2,7..
    How about a ‘combination of ingredients’ (something old.. something new..


    • Another note.. remember the angle-cut really big I beam..
      prominent in pictures of WTC wreckage?
      Clear Evidence of a cutter charge Directly Attached to the steel.
      Those airliner guys not only have fire proof passports,
      also really really fast hands (too).
      Obviously it took a lot more.. but HOW DID THAT GET THERE??


    • I have heard rumors re pre-wired buildings (with no mention).
      Kinda makes sense (kinda), and may be so..
      There is NO Room to controlled collapse a structure in the ‘congested skyline’ case,
      you could not use it anyway.
      This leaves taking it apart brick by brick (from the top down is good)
      Which would take forever and cost a fortune.
      Better keep ’em in good shape.

      Or maybe blow them up and collect the insurance (twice?) (not recommended or unheard of.

      Somewhere behind this whole mess real estate is a part of it.
      Ever see ‘Batteries Not Included’
      Urban Renewal by disaster anyone (New Orleans)
      Granted WTC was Buildings (New Orleans was too, a lot more buildings.
      Disaster Capitalism at work.
      I see a connection.
      How to dispose of unwanted assets / liabilities (those buildings contained embarrassing papers too).
      That city contained unwanted people.


    • As you probably sussed, I scan / graze / write / repeat as necessary..

      This keeps my conclusions somewhat independent of others.
      I just read from the top again, seems I am in the neighborhood.
      Meanwhile, re Judy Wood and such:

      It seems to me by the photos that something unconventional was involved.
      Too many of the wrong melted things in wrong places.
      Very Strange (and certainly of some significance).

      I will join the fellow that pointed out that the exact methods are for the forensics,
      we know enough to know we have been lied to,
      and must not get mired in our best guesses re how they blew it up.
      That comes at trial.
      A True Bill (if ever there was one) Has Been Laid.
      It Remains Unrequited.
      If there is One Thing WTC Pentagon 911 does NOT suffer from,
      it is a lack of evidence of wrongdoing.
      I’ll Rest.


  11. Don’t get stuck on “nano” – thermite, a meme that started in the 911 truth movement, they had plently of thermite in the 1960’s and it was discoverd in 1893:

    Thermite was of high quality when the towers were built. And I was not saying only thermite or any thermite, the point of the article is that they buildings were designed and built with explosives. AND there are other skyscrapers with explosives right now and people are renting not knowing.

    That was the point of the article.

    And because of this thesis, I am hypothesizing like Howard that it would been mighty convenient to make money and stage terror at the same time.

    Your getting hung up on the details.

    • That is not true. Nanothermite is a finer (100 nm) mixture than what you are talking about:
      Nanothermite has higher det rate than the old stuff used for welding and sparklers. Still it is only 895 m/s for an iron-oxide/aluminum nanothermite. This is not sufficient to pulverize steel. Typical velocities in solid explosives often range beyond 4000 m/s to 10300 m/s. To pulverize steel you need a det velocity greater than 6,100 m/s.
      Suggested reading would be “Nanothermite: If It Doesn’t Fit, You Must Acquit! By T. Mark Hightower (with Jim Fetzer), right here on VT.
      The science is in the details.

  12. Yukon,
    I am of the opinion that several theories concerning tower takedown hold equal possible weight. However, I believe it is a grave mistake to focus single mindedly on this aspect of 911, like so many apparently choose to do.
    What is paramount is the rooting out of the traitors who perped this thing. Sure, Israel was directly involved, no doubt about it. However, for this false flag to have worked it obviously required significant high level help; Military, media, financial, intelligence, corporate, political, scientific, to be exact.
    It is way past time to turn up the heat on the cockroaches that hide from the light.
    Oh yeah, I know, the entire power structure is arrayed against this-heard it over and over, ad adnauseum. The facts are that it is time brave people began acting that way, and grab Grendel by the arm, without letting go. Once we have just a few of these types scraping their self worth together, they will find a deep sea of support, platforms for their efforts, and help from other directions.
    Further, they will be heroes, not just nationally, but internationally.
    Target the perps, hit them hard, and drag them out into the light. Do this, and the pigs will squeal all you want about how they did it.

  13. I am a trained structural engineer who attended the May 2009, Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth DVD premier and reviewed the NYC approved structural plans for WTC 1, 2 & 7. I reviewed the local newsreel video of the construction and the overwhelming evidence of controlled demolition. WTC 1 & 2 had welded plate steel box girder column/spandrel sections with constant outside dimension [aluminum skinned] with increasing layers of plate steel as you increased load from the roof to the first floor. These box sections were open ground floor to roof, making dropping of stringed thermite charges from the roof, a simple process. The only other vertical support were I-beams in the open elevator shafts. These were very easy buildings to wire and destroy. Asbestos “abatement” also allowed the bombers to install “tainted” fire proofing. We have been LIED to about everything by the Demonic Warlords.

    • Prewiring a building for demolition 40 years later is not plausible. Lifting a roof cap and dropping 110 stories of timed charges, down open box section columns, just weeks before implosion is the almost certain method used on WTC 1 & 2. On WTC 7 the structure was standard steel frame “X” braced with two floors of hardened NYC Emergency Command Center offices. WTC 7 would have required years of dedicated weakening and planted charges. I did hear Dr Judy Wood, PE interviewed on Coast to Coast, did email her many times and reviewed material at her site. Directed Energy Weapons may exist and may have been used. There is a wide range of black ops systems that may exist. I reserve judgement on Dr Woods hypothesis. Nuclear artillery shells exist, but there is no hiding the blast radiation.

    • The vertical box columns were filled with rebar and concrete, right? So it would be impossible to drop charges down the box core supports, they are solid.

      What is possible but not exotic? The rebar or concrete was prepped and turned to dust, not by magical imagined energy weapons that DARPA keeps hidden in Area 51, but C-4 inside the columns or coated on the rebar or however they did it.

      That was the design, those huge massive tall buildings, that jutted far above the Manhattan skyline had to come down in their footprint for safety of the other buildings. They were designed and built to come down just as they did. Silverfishstein knew this, got the lease, upped the insurance, played along with the Zionist plot and made billions.

    • The NYC approved structural plans did not indicate concrete fill in the box columns and it would have been redundant, dead weight. These box columns were [from memory] 36″ square exterior from floor to roof. The upper floors had 1″ plate steel box, with additional layers added to the INSIDE of the box as you went down and added floor and wind loading. At the base the 36″ box had six layers of 1″ steel plate on all four sides. The roof likely had just a sheet metal flashing cap, at most a 1/4″ welded plate. Very easy to access even during the daytime for string charges. The first A&E Truth DVD was excellent, as was their InfoWars premier in Austin, May 2009, where they presented the NYC plans.

  14. First video, multiple shots of a plane that levels off and flies into the south tower (NOT DIVING ON IMPACT). No hologram! Explosion and debris all consistent with a real aircraft.

    9/11: WTC South Tower Plane Crash

    Second video clearly showing the charges exploding outwards as the building starts to move.

    9/11: South Tower “Collapse” video compilation

    No fantastic theories needed, just look with your eyes at the video evidence. Airplanes rammed the building then a previously prepped building is taken down by a controlled demolition. Simple. Clean. Shock. Psyop.

  15. I resisted the micro fusion bomb theory for a long time, but recently it was explained in a most convincing, and scientifically documented article by Jeff Prager. I challenge anyone to refute him point by point.

    If our goal is to hold accountable those responsible, we must use the best evidence available. That would be that no passenger jet, or military drone could perform the maneuvers shown on the videos. It has been proven time and time again. The speed is not possible, and the fact that the planes shown in these videos show negligible deceleration upon contacting the very robust Twin Towers violates Newton’s Second Law. F=ma=m(0)=0. There was no force available to penetrate the high-grade steel columns, spaced 18″ on center as well as at least six floors of steel trusses welded to the perimeter and 47 core columns (which DID exist, and I saw them being built) filled with 4-8 inches of concrete.

    • You do NOT fill beams with concrete, ever. If you saw them being built then obviously you’ve been in them before. Is this accurate? Were the Towers elevator access the same, or did they differ? There’s a long story about

      Anyway…..these cores were reinforced concrete…..this would mean rebar, of which there are many different types….no not the crap you buy at home Depot….Your columns were within the CORES….And had ZERO to do with anything any of the CONTROLLED OPPOSITION would have you believe…..This was keyworded, and the supposed core column pics were all coded…trust me I know all too well. Trojans, bots, trackers..ect……

      One Noreaster and they would have been on the ground soon after completion…..ZERO chance they would have survived lateral forces if built as the PTB would have you believe….ZERO.

      Cornell U. trotted out a blog in regard to 9-11….It lasted 1 week….The first post was attacked by shills within 5 minutes of it being tacked up..” KEYWORDED ” I saw it and used to have ( since vanished e-mails ) from the writer…… I’m tellin ya point blank…..this is deep water!!

      Many of the IP’s traced back to Military…and a few to Gaithersburg MD…I’ll stop there.


    • Sorry if I was not clear. The floor pans on the trusses were corrugated, with 4″ being the minimum depth, and 8″ being the max. It was the floor pans that were filled with special lightweight concrete, not the box columns. I saw the box columns. There was NO CONCRETE CORE. The core columns were highly braced with steel reinforcing members. These were bolted and welded to the trusses, and the other end of the trusses were bolted and welded to the spandrels and the outer box columns. Yes I have been in them. Do you mean the elevator plan was different in the two towers?

      These buildings could withstand a Nor-easter with one side of perimeter columns and half of two adjoining sides cut completely. Indeed they survived many Nor-easters and hurricanes.

      Yes, there is an army of shills with mil IP’s here. Why wouldn’t there be?

  16. Aaahhh, the space beam thingy. I assume that you must be referring to Dr Judy Wood.

    To my knowledge, she has never suggested anything remotely like a space weapon. She has instead suggested something along the lines of Tesla energy. And if you have never studied Tesla, you are perhaps unaware that he stated he had the technology that could bring down any aircraft that would attempt to enter US airspace with the energy weapons he had developed.

    As to space beams, the extremely well respected Dr Bob Bowman told VT’s Dr Barrett personally that the US had weapons in space that could light entire cities on fire.

    Are you going to claim that Dr Bowman, Dr Barrett, and Telsa are all kooks? Or open your mind to the possibility that there might be weaponry that we are not familiar with that can help turn buildings into dust and cause 1,400 cars to melt in impossible ways. (including the excellent work by Dr Fetzer, et al)

    • My style is to exaggerate to make a point. Everyone seems lost in the details and doesn’t focus on the obvious culprit, Israel. I think 911 was a straight forward psyop, simple and easy. Ram aircraft into buildings in broad daylight, use the emotional shock to galvanize the world into accepting the War of Terror.

      I worked with the assumption that Israel doesn’t control America’s most exotic weapons. But maybe she does. Japan allowed an Israeli company to work security at their nuclear power plant.

      Sure, Tesla weapons could have been used, or the entire metal structure coated with thermite. Although I have a problem understanding how the core columns could of disappeared into dust, you would think there would be 20 stories of bent core tubing sticking up after the dust cleared. So maybe Judy Wood is right.

    • Lie number one: There were no core columns to disappear into anything. Those cores were steel reinforced concrete tubes….Yes the twins were indeed ” exaggerated ” upon build, overkill style..Not enough people wish to speak of the size and scope of those buildings, much less understand their mass.

      Lie number two for shockless and aweless effect were the aircraft as described…Completely impossible as described. What was seen on TV was Tape, re-racked and very poorly generated cgi.

      The funny and BEST part of all ( IF ANY OF THAT WAS FUNNY )…Was the scrubbing of all info related to those towers…..don’t believe that…go look..have fun…along the way do take note of all the edited material you’ll find on the Old Sears tower, the Hancock…ect…Yeah real simple.. The only real truth here:

      Without question: What was seen was ” Cold war construction..deconstruction ” in action…pre-wired for a top down take down…the reason it can be argued that the sounds were not like a normal demo…is because the explosives were indeed built into the concrete…” IT’S WHY THERE WAS NOTHING LEFT ” in the way of furniture, PC’s desks, toilet, phones yada yada yada..all shredded by gravel sized concrete…lots of dust….simple.

      Now sit back and watch for the shills. Where’s my beer.


  17. While everyone fights over how the towers came down, Israel continues to screw not only America, but the rest of western countries,lets not forget the Palestinians. It is our politians who are helping these parasites,even the military knows who did it, but are paralyized for some reason, FBi agents who are honest knows, but worried about there jobs/familes.
    The 3 towers were brought down by controlled demolision, period,
    This happened over 10 years ago, grieving has finished(except for direct reletives) time now for action,
    Israel must be shut down,

  18. Two things. One, you wrote: “Another potential reason for the delay is that the impacting aircraft triggered the thermite reaction.” What aircraft? This site has proven there were none so there goes the trigger.
    Two, this site has also proven thermite could not have brought down the towers and turned them to dust. Could the twin towers have been pre-wired with nukes back then? I’m not the expert but my guess would be: unlikely.

    • Thanks for responding. Hey do you have a link to a picture of the sequential timing device that was installed in the WTC? If the outside skin was aluminum then why wouldn’t the aluminum airplane penetrate the building without prepatory explosions? And wouldn’t the jet engines, being of heavy mass, just bounce on through and come flying out the other side?

    • So interesting to read the comments below. So if the videos of the airplanes entering the building like butter were faked, it doesnt mean that there wasnt a real airplane entering or crashing with a messy video they didnt show. And if the speeds of 400-500 mph was really 200 mph, and the “impossible flight paths” were misrepresented, then these alternative theories could be cr**. So, as I think back on the No Planes Therory on 911 You Tube videos, they were pretty slick, ?too slick? Still they did convince me at the time….
      Well then. With all that gold there, and the other monetary stealing of that day, ‘they’ would have incentive and the means to create a collosal morass of disinformation. Certainly there was controlled demolition of various types, that I know. And certainly the videos were faked. But now I have to rethink some of the other parts including the inception of the job from the buildings’ constuction. And that implicates some of our guys I suspect.

  19. I remember reading an article stating the same in a “matter of fact” sort of way, sometime shortly after the event.(I’d say within the first year, anyway.) It was verified by one of the workers who actually participated during the construction, as well as an architect who stated that ‘all’ modern skyscrapers have detonators built in for the very reason of future demolition. So… “Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth” should be able to qualify the question of whether it is or ever was a fact of design. Let’s hear them weigh in on this?!?
    I have subsequently been unable to locate the referenced article, but I vividly remember reading it.

  20. I posted on another thread that all the Chinese gold in US ( sent here about WW1 timeframe) was eventually housed at twin towers and carefully unloaded from 1991 to 2010 via weekly 4 pallet jobs. So if one could know what year the twin towers were built, if and when the Chinese gold was moved there , one could substantiate a plan from the time of the towers being built. I have an audio of “contact 2”. Alleging the gold shipments to Mohave,Ca bunkers back then but no proof.

    • Wow Found online statement on tons of physical gold illegally obtained from variuos sources being laundered into the markets ? from building 2 and gold manipulation via records lost in 911, learned about plumes of building 6 and what was allegedly at building 6’s empty vault. In part reference supports Raptors claim that gold was not the main issue (securities were the most valuable apparently) QUOTE ” we do have an estimation of the total amount of gold held in vaults under these buildings. Yes, it was quite a bit but the securities, the paper securities were worth FAR more.” However in my opinion what if the gold was PRIOR removed from the buildings and was planned there from inception? Then it wasnt removed/sold on 9-11 but prior to.

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