Are American Jews incubating another Hitler?



… by  M. I. Bhat


 [ Editors Noet: Dear readers, a very interesting background piece here today from Mr. Bhat, a refresher drive down the memory road which it is always good for us to take once in a while… Jim W Dean ]


A lot has been said and written on the American Jews’ control of the United States of America – banks, Wall Street, media, Hollywood, markets, politicians, Foreign policy, indeed the whole life of the Americans. But I believe this recent headline — ‘White House urges Jewish leaders not to lobby for new Iran sanctions’ — beats every word said and written so far on the subject.

Notice who is pleading for favors from whom: Supposedly the most powerful not just in America but in the whole world to non-entities in political and governance scheme of the United States. Ponder over the wording, every whichever you may, it loudly and clearly reflects the abject condition of a slave – shorn of self-respect, shame, dignity, ethics, moral strength!

Netanyahu and his finger
Netanyahu and his finger

You goyim are destined to slavery Who in the world doesn’t know American Congress and Senate, Governors and even City Mayors, are totally and abjectly sold out, body and soul, to the American Jewish dollars much before they come to occupy their exalted office positions. It is no more a “conspiracy theory.”

Here we have the highest political office not just confirming it but practically demonstrating and openly beating drums about it globally. And in the process also confirming hordes of Americans who have written yottabytes on the subject. America is truly “in the [Israeli] toilet.”

Neither the United States nor Israel ever miss an opportunity to remind the world of the threat Iran’s nuclear program poses the world at large. Like Israel, Saudi Government also feels threatened by Iran’s nuclear program and has been urging United States to attack Iran’s nuclear installations.

There is a group of five permanent members of the UNSC plus Germany (5+1) that has been talking to Iran on this issue, reflecting global concern. Iran is already under severest possible sanctions regime. So why special pleading with the American Jewish leaders over an international issue? How come global concern translates into just 1.7% American Jewish concern, not of 77% American who identify themselves as Christians?

P5+1  -  at Almaty
P5+1 – at Almaty

If it is to mollify Israel’s concerns whom these American Jewish group proxy for, then why not mollify Saudis as well? Aren’t there any American Arabs?

Israel may be the “best friend” of the United States, but at the same time it also is a huge political, military and financial burden. Rather than advancing, or even being in any way helpful in advancing, American interests in the region, it has proved a major roadblock; indeed, the very source of Muslim hatred for the United States.

On the contrary, Saudi Government handsomely rewards United States through billions of dollars of military purchases, assured oil supplies, even off and on manipulating oil market at the American behest, and investments, and acts as cat’s paw for the United States in the Middle East and in the wider Muslim world via its influence over Arab League and OIC.

Ibn Saud and King Faisal of Iraq with Zionist in 1949, on board the Lauren
Ibn Saud and King Faisal of Iraq with Zionist in 1949, on board the Lauren

Ok, forget Saudi Arabia.  Why doesn’t White House plead directly with the people Americans have elected to take political decisions? Wouldn’t that be more logical and commensurate with the American constitutional requirements?

Well, that could be true in a true democracy. Where democracy itself has been reduced to mere competition in securing Jewish funding and acceptance by Jewish media, taking constitutional course is way-off an expectation.

As one of the slave pack, Obama knows who owns the elected and therefore where he could get his desired results. So, the bow and the prayer before the Masters of the United States. Anyone who thought Secretary Kerry rebuffed Israel and Saudi Arabia on dialogue with Iran got it wrong. His rebuff was directed at Saudis alone. Saudis to America are what Americans are to Israel – slaves; therefore, don’t count. Slave do fight one another but not their master.

What brought America to this state of affairs? Over a century back, the poet-philosopher, Dr. Muhammad Iqbal (the poet of the East) on his return from academic sojourn in Europe had captured the essence of the problem when he wrote in a poem:

Dr. Muhammad Iqbal
Dr. Muhammad Iqbal

The jugular vein of the West is in the clutches of Jews

And his prognosis:

The usurious Jews are waiting since long
To whose deceit the prowess of the tiger is no match
The West is bound to fall by itself like a ripe fruit
Let us see in whose lap the West falls

If that was about politics and economics, he seems to have very rightly seen the fate of Christianity as well:

This prematurely dying civilization is in the agony of death

The Jews will perhaps be the trustees of the Church

When were Christians in love with Jews before Christian Zionists in cohorts with Zionists took over Christianity in America? Even when there were just 12 Jews in North America in the 17th century, they didn’t escape anti-Semitic regulations and restrictions! Christian Zionists turned it on its head. The life line of American economy, the Federal Reserve, continues to be under Jews for the past 27 years and it continues.

The Banksters
The Banksters

No wonder the blogsphere is drowned in the anguish and wails of the concerned Americans about the present state of their country – looting of ordinary families by Jewish banksters, homelessness, job losses and falling wages, rising unemployment and poverty, drug addiction, sexual promiscuity and pornography, suicides, daily shoot-outs and murders, broken political structure so typically demonstrated by the recent Government shutdown, spying of and hated alike by friends and foes.

A disgraceful picture from Government to ordinary citizen, as if of a Third World country. To their every misery Americans trace American Jews and Israel at the root.

They see miniscule population of American Jews determining, dominating and controlling every aspect of their lives – social, moral, political, judicial and economic. The stats and arguments presented in support are shockingly very similar to those heard and reported for the post-WWI Germany.

And there are some solid grounds for this comparison if you try to evaluate the current American scene in the light of some of the accounts presented by well-known historians about the post-WWI Germany. For instance, this post, quoting several historians, has the following from British historian Sir Arthur Bryant, who images the post-WWI Germany’s financially ruined landscape when inflation had decimated German mark from 75 marks to a dollar in 1921 to 4.2 trillion marks to a dollar in November 1923:

The hard math of WWI
The hard math of WWI

“It was the Jews with their international affiliations and their hereditary flair for finance who were best able to seize such opportunities [political and economic chaos following WWI defeat] ….

They did so with such effect that, even in November 1938, after five years of anti-Semitic legislation and persecution, they still owned, according to the Times correspondent in Berlin, something like a third of the real property in the Reich. Most of it came into their hands during the inflation.

But to those who had lost their all, this bewildering transfer seemed a monstrous injustice. After prolonged sufferings they had now been deprived of their last possessions.

They saw them pass into the hands of strangers, many of whom had not shared their sacrifices and who cared little or nothing for their national standards and traditions.. The Jews obtained a wonderful ascendancy in politics, business and the learned professions (in spite of constituting) less than one percent of the population..

The banks, including the Reichsbank and the big private banks, were practically controlled by them. So were the publishing trade, the cinema, the theatres and a large part of the press – all the normal means, in fact, by which public opinion in a civilized country is formed..

The largest newspaper combine in the country with a daily circulation of four millions was a Jewish monopoly.. Every year it became harder and harder for a gentile to gain or keep a foothold in any privileged occupation.. At this time it was not the ‘Aryans’ who exercised racial discrimination. It was a discrimination that operated without violence.

It was exercised by a minority against a majority. There was no persecution, only elimination.. It was the contrast between the wealth enjoyed – and lavishly displayed – by aliens of cosmopolitan tastes, and the poverty and misery of native Germans, that has made anti-Semitism so dangerous and ugly a force in the new Europe. Beggars on horseback are seldom popular, least of all with those whom they have just thrown out of the saddle.”

Having read it, wonder how neatly this description depicts the current state of affairs of the United States!

AIPAC protestors generally ignored unless tens of thousands of phone calls pour in.
AIPAC protestors generally ignored unless tens of thousands of phone calls pour in.

Sarah Ann Gordon, while confirming Byrant, goes a step further and provides actual data, which are overwhelmingly in favor of Jews vis-à-vis total Jewish population (1.09% of all Germans) in business, commerce, and public and private service, private banking, bank ownership (150 against 11 non-Jewish owned), stock exchange (80%), academics, Law, medicine, theater (50% of the 234 directors), and so forth.

No doubt the present-day America has gotten neatly transformed into the post-WWI Germany.

Using 9/11 false flag, although the American Jews and Israel have very successfully diverted American fury against Muslims, but lately a large section of the population has started seeing through the game, courtesy concerted efforts by their own scientists, architects, engineers, journalists, veterans and ordinary thinking citizens.

Confronting American official and MSM lies, Rethink 911, cosponsored by a coalition of more than 40 organizations, has launched a billboard campaign across America and across the world in an attempt to bring the reality of 9/11 false flag operation to global limelight and force United States Government to launch fresh, impartial investigations.

It is an uphill task against an organized community defended by 96 organizations (for a population of 15 million worldwide), yet, it is a huge way forward from thus far isolated attempts. Muslims in general and Arabs in particular must support this endeavor in the cause of truth and in the cause of their own defense.

As an aside, however hard Jewish-owned and controlled Western media denounces President Putin, Russians should be highly grateful to him for his timely action against Jewish oligarchs – the Khorodkovskys, the Berezovksys, the Gusinskys, the Fridmans …. At the very first opportunity that came their way (that was during Yeltsin’s chaotic rule), these “Jewish Robber Barons” brought Russian economy on its knees.

Had Putin been less ruthless in dealing with them or worried about the Western criticism, consequences for Russia would have been catastrophic. Perhaps Putin had heard about Major-General Ulysses S. Grant and read the text of his Order No.11 (1862)!

From Germany to Russia to the United States — One firm conclusion is that Jews don’t seem to draw any lessons from their past actions and experiences.

This leads me to ask: If description above of the post-WWI Germany is what led the Germans to rally behind Hitler, should it then surprise Jews or the world at large if America pops-up its own Hitler?

Editing:  Jim W. Dean


M. I. Bhat is retired as Professor and Head, Department of Geology & Geophysics (which he founded in 2000), University of Kashmir, M. I. Bhat served for 20 years as a scientist at one of Indian premier research labs, Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, Dehra Dun. Other than his research subject, international politics has always been his main attraction. He began writing on this and other topics since 2010.

His articles have appeared in Veterans Today, Palestine Chronicle, OpEdNews and Greater Kashmir. Unencumbered by any sort of “cake of custom,’ he believes peace flows from justice, and justice should not entertain considerations other than ‘honest’ facts, that is, Truth.



  1. I strongly believe that the Zionists in American want to see a Jew in charge of the Whitehouse and that American presidents are going to be harassed by the Zionist media until this Zionist dream comes true.

    This will be the end of America because if it does what the Zionists want, America will be destroyed in the process. The six trillion US dollars the current wars are going to cost America has already destroyed America. By 2020 the US Government will spend more on interest payments than on defence, this is the tipping point when you know the empire is over, finished. China will be the number one economy by then and every country in Asia will have China as its largest trading partner.

    The Zionists only have a short window before it is too late to use America as a tool.

    You have to ask yourself how many of America’s allies really want to be in alliance with Israel. As America debt continues to increase and its power wains, America’s allies will desert it. Malaysia has recently signed a strategic deal with China, for good reason, it does not want to be an Israeli ally.

  2. No, it is the majority of the Jews who support Zionism and its savagery against the world. There are only a handful who are righteous, and are telling the truth about Israel and Zionism, like Norman Finklestein, Victor Ostrovsky, Miko Peled, Avraham Berg, Alan Sabrosky, Gilad Atzman, Avi Schlam, etc.
    You can tell how the majority feel by the people they elect to rule over them; criminal butchers like Ariel Sharon, Benjamin Netanyahu, Moishe Dayan, Golda Meir, and others who murdered innocent people.

    • The Talmud is a filthy book of hatred against Christ and Christians; it is also obscene and calls the Holy Mother, Mary, a prostitute.

      One part says: Insults Against Blessed Mary

      Sanhedrin 106a . Says Jesus’ mother was a whore: “She who was the descendant of princes and governors played the harlot with carpenters.” Also in footnote #2 to Shabbath 104b of the Soncino edition, it is stated that in the “uncensored” text of the Talmud it is written that Jesus mother, “Miriam the hairdresser,” had sex with many men.

      Gloats over Christ Dying Young

      A passage from Sanhedrin 106 gloats over the early age at which Jesus died: “Hast thou heard how old Balaam (Jesus) was?–He replied: It is not actually stated but since it is written, Bloody and deceitful men shall not live out half their days it follows that he was thirty-three or thirty-four years old.”

  3. While they have indeed used the media in all forms, in combination of other mind control mechanisms to create a titanic populous of people claiming to be, believing themselves that they are “Christians”, this alone would have failed. The truth is that they have insidiously distorted the words of the Son of Man by surrounding them with lies, and USED THE POWER OF HIS WORDS at will within its pages. This is a spiritual abuse unequivocal to anything we imagine.
    Zionist Christians? There are no such people. Not in the sense everyone today knows. Zionism is devilish and rest assure, he is the ring leader. How could anyone following after God be Zionist? No. They are simply decieved followers of darkness. But then again, the Son of Man never said His name was Jesus Christ. In fact, the letter J did not even exist in the language He spoke.

  4. The ascendancy of Jewish power in America and the exponential growth of the police state is no coincidence. One pundit may have hit the nail on the head when he remarked that the Jews want a complete police state control grid in place before the masses in America come to realize who it is that has ruined their country, that being the Jews.

    Remember, as the Jews ascend in power, life for the average American deteriorates.

    Everything in the universe cycles.

  5. too many questions Tyronne, I’m not a jew, I believe that race and how you feel about race is totally personal and should not be political, so there are many causes you support that I do, but, I want our base to spread and you don’t broaden the base by focusing on yourself, meaning white ppl, considering the jews have declared war on all gentiles-we have many ppl that could join us. This, also, isn’t a white only forum, keep that in mind when you parade out all the wonders of the white man 😉 Do you think it helps to have a white focus for your argument to enlist the aide of a black or hispanic, as an example? I actually never diss whites till I see them obsessing about themselves or dissing other gentiles, that’s my policy and I’m stickin to it 😉 I would like to know if a mixed race child is loved, equally, by god as an aryan white child if you could be so kind.Hey, I agree, the jew is tryin to take you guys out-encorporate the info but broaden the base with info that will interest other groups besides white ppl.

    • I’m on your side, if you are in on the jew fight, but slapping you with the truth is a whole lot better than a big “lie kiss”, which too many ppl do to the supremacist ( white ppl who believe in no interaction or interbreeding with any non white to be part of the club)-you guys are the original jew fighters, sadly, the jew has set up nest in your circle and given you bad advise, which I have just corrected-There is no better evidence that gentiles need to unite than the jew does not want us to.

    • You prove there is a “God,” and I will go to work for the Mossad killing “them dirty A-rabs.” You people who are mesmerized by the possibility of “eternal life” in a place with streets lined with pure gold, and playing your harps while singing praises to “God” for eternity are the most misguided people on earth. Your fascination with your “eternal souls” going to some “heavenly” place is retarding the rest of us from moving on in an effective offensive against those enemies of all mankind – the Jews.

  6. If they want to be accepted into the human race, they have to stop being Jewish, They can not have it both ways.

  7. After reading this article and each and every comment here, my two-cents won’t matter. What comments they are!! Pretty astute people, really! I am impressed. The comments are equal to the articles which are great also!!! Thank God for VT!
    If the Jews acted in the manner they did back during the days of Hitler, it puts an entirely different light on the reason behind the holocaust itself. Hitler, being a little demanding to say the least and a little off center, I can see why he took the action he did. Why tolerate the kind of crap we are today in America?
    In seeking peace I am not sure why people want to act in the manner they are whether diplomatic sneakiness or overt obstinance. Why can’t they come to a peaceful settlement in their area of the world? it is absurd to continue the rabid behavior they do and attitude towards their neighbors. And here America is preaching such staunch support of them????????????? No wonder we are in the shape we are!
    As cruel as this may be to read, why do a race of people have to act in the manner they do. Why? A nuke in their hands, according to the way they act? Are you kidding?

    • Funny, I was just explaining to a Soldier this morning when he asked why we were still here in Afghanistan if we took bin Laden out already. I told the young kid he had a lot to learn, and that bin Laden was not responsible for attacking NYC/Pentagon. I gave him a few Youtube video titles to watch and educate himself. He was very receptive and understanding when I mentioned this exact topic (infiltration of our education, military, media, cinema, medicine, science, technology, money, banks, insurance, and government) similar to Adolf Hitler’s Germany in my explanations to him. He is going to wake up, as many of us are! keep up the good work VT, we need you, and we need all these commenters to paste this URL and add it to Facebook pages, emails, whatever it takes to get the word out whenever articles of the like are posted here. Force multiplier!

    • Yes, through out history there have been mass killings. In WW 2, a whole lot of people from a whole lot of countries were killed. The Allies holocausted thousands and thousands of German civilians to include children by purposely bombing them in their homes. Did the same to Japanese civilians. But the people who murdered,(holocausted), the most people by far was the Jewish controlled Soviet Union. Of course they were on our side so you do not hear too much about that. But of course according to the Jews, none of these people are important except the two hundred and something thousand Jews,(if memory serves me) that died in the German internment camps, Red Cross documents from the war. Hitler never had six million Jews under his control.

  8. Have you ever seen a dog that kills for perverse pleasure? It does not kill because it needs too, it kills because it loves to kill. It will never stop killing until you put one between its eyes. The international Jew will always find an excuse to kill, and they will never stop until they are stopped, and there is only one way to do that. This includes the mythical “good Jews” Who say and do nothing while their brothers rape, rob and murder.

  9. There are more similarities than differences between the U.S. and WWI Germany. Both were infested by Zionists within the monetary, political, medical, resource, (Wall Street), and media industries. Both were saturated with debt from usury. Both suffered a great depression. Both went ape dung for war because the other side was doing the same thing. Both saw a rebirth because of war spending as well. Both sides were guilty of crimes against humanity, ( holohoax not included), Germany was trying to ride its population of unwelcome Russian immigrants by using detention camps while trying to rid the population of another scourge, typhoid. I believe we are being put through the same scenario. As I recall, rallies were a big affair in Germany during their reincarnation after WWI. Not happening here. Most are disgusted with Federal level everything and the manner in the way they treat the public in general; like were idiots.

    If the U.S. is another victim of Zionist business as usual: use, abuse, and destroy, it wont work with 50 genuinely sovereign states that are growing weary of Federal interference. The more they saturate the air waves with pundits trained to communicate with “the public” as if were 6 year old juveniles who need a lesson, we will continue to recoil. I cannot stand a.m. radio talk shows, or the Broadcast news. Its demeaning.

  10. Fully agree Mr. Dean. It is time to zero in. Zionist Jews have always wanted power, absolute power, the kind where other can only bow to the master and never question their opinions. One needs not look far just really look at Bibi, his father history, the motivation. “I don’t feel secure” He never will feel secure untill they control every thing, here is Orwell conceptual plan for the world ruled by those who, supposedly, were chosen by their God, yes their God, those zionist Christian better read the Old Testament then read the New Testament.
    I think the world is zeroing in on Bibi and gang and they get dangerous so need to be on the alert. I wish Obama would remember Bibi’s words to Iran loud and clear: “you have no idea what we can do to you”. Right when Iran Nuclear computer was frozen supposedly by us and Bibi added “that was OUR
    equipment they used” They still did not want the open blame BUT still wanted the credit of their power.
    Now Obama better learn they are applying it to us. Sharon asked for official “go ahead” Bush said “No,Unconstitutional, Obama pushed by those XXX in Congress signed that extra part giving the power to do what we see is happenign to us AND, TO OBAMA HEALTH PLAN AS WELL. I keep telling him,”Bibi is after you they want you out, why do you still sleep with them who are you protecting, not this Country for sure”

  11. A lot of people want to call it Zionism but I will never cope out with the Z word. I’m calling it what it is, just what Ford called it; international Jewery, the Talmudic poisoning of the earth. There are others at the bottom or should I say top of all this but nobody has done more in the stupidfication of the Western World than the Jew. What their shithole of a pissant little country does to the Arabs is bad enough but what they have done here in the place of my birth; that means war. I grew up in Brooklyn with them, I read and write their language, I believe just as the Messianic Jew believes but it is there we part company. There is no greater crime against humanity than the obfusification of knowledge and that is the crime they have specialized in for the last two thousand years. They call you goyim behind your back unless your Black then you’re a shwatzer. They think they are elite and you their helot slaves, well they sure don’t look like no Spartans to me.

    • They control the media, politics, the educational system, the monetary system and our healthcare and in none of these professions has their performance been anywhere near acceptable. They have defiled every fine art known to man to the point where we have halfwits unable to even play an instrument trying to rhyme ga ga with gu gu with their pants around their ankles. This the Jew tells you is music! “Their artists.” Methamphetamine freaks fornicate in every way known to man right in front of your children. This the Jew tells you is cinema. The semi retarded weld and glue garbage together or splash paint on a canvas. This the Jew tells you is art. Foreigners are celebrated for their butchery of the English language while poets languish on unemployment. This the Jew tells you is literature, its “multicultural.” I have had more than enough of the Jew. Its time to do something about it. Another Hitler? Not soon enough my friends not soon enough.

    • “They control the media (biased and manipulated news, and television filled with violence and smut), politics (badly corrupted and does not represent the people), the educational system (literacy at an all time low and declining), the monetary system (our nation drowning in debt to the Jew usury financial system) and our healthcare (overpriced, denied to many Americans, a nation doped-out on pharmaceuticals) and in none of these professions has their performance been anywhere near acceptable.

      Good post, jackheart

  12. Unless folks start reading the “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” wouldn´t understand what has happened, it´s happening and it´s going to happen. Most of those that point out the jewish problem seldom realize that their control of gvmts. has been achieved through gentiles that sold fellow gentiles by “30 coins”.
    Personal unscrupulous ambition of greed and power makes those traitorous gentiles join Masonic Lodges and once under the the oath of secrecy and obedience, reaching the upper degrees, end up working for the
    jewish plans, when there is no place or time for repent. Just remember how many US presidents have been
    masons and the place they have in politics, military, justice,education, televangelists and every important decisive post. Just keep in mind JFK speech about “Secret Societies” to have a clue in the matter. Behind the “innocent” facade of masonic temples american history is being written and that´s why masonry it´s judaism best control tool. Judaism itself is organized through masonic lodges from the known Bnai Brith to the top Bnai Zion so, the essence of judaism is masonry and gentile lodges their operative network.


    Is it too late? I don’t want to see blood on the streets.

    I think what is needed is somebody, some authoritive public figure, (he does not have to be a Hitler) who will go on television and state the truth, that America is under Jewish/Israeli control and it needs to be opposed.

    Maybe then we would get proper public investigations of the Federal Reserve, the holocaust, the role of Jews in the USSR, the Liberty, Israeli spying and, last but not least, 911.

    Who could do it?

    • It won’t be one person, it will be many. It will be the power of talking to your neighbors, your friends, the Internet, you congregation, the checkout guy (girl) at the grocery store, what have you.

      If you put your hope in a “savior” to “save” you from your own lack of courage to take action in your own locale, in whatever way you can, you’re a fool, to put it politely.

      These “people” are not omnipotent and WE (Gentiles) have the numbers to send them crawling back to Hell. IF we all do little, we can save OURSELVES, no “savior” required.

    • Hi Dave,
      We will have more wars against Israel’s enemies if we don’t break free of Jewish power. Despite their failure to get America to attack Syria we could still be dragged into WW3 if Israel attacks Iran.

      Wars, recession, banks and Wall St looting the economy. It looks like Germany in the 20s and 30s.

      I just think that some respected public figure standing up and calling the Jewish/Israel Lobby out would be the trigger. I hope it happens, because I don’t think things now are moving fast enough.

    • @ John Kirby

      To mangle an old riddle, “If a tree falls in a forest, and if the media don’t report it, did it happen?”

      If “…some respected public figure standing up and calling the Jewish/Israel Lobby out…” isn’t broadcast on TV, then it didn’t happen. Given the Jewish stranglehold on the mainstream media, forget about the knight in shining armor, riding in on a white horse.

      In short, get over your “we need a leader” delusion. It ain’t gonna happen.

    • Hi Martin

      The Jewish/Israeli Lobby has hijacked America. Nobody dare say that in the mainstream media. It will take a very brave man say it clearly to the world, and I think that may trigger
      a movement back to sanity and self respect.

      Ordinary people are becoming more aware of the situation, but will that get us anywhere? I doubt that there would be violent revolution in the USA, and I don’t want to see that because a lot of innocent people would die. Just look at Syria, which incidentally I think Israel has been helping to devastate.


    • LOL. Well, first off, you’d have to build your own wide spread broadcasting apparatus. You see, our wonderful friends and neighbors, the JEWS, own all the frigin television stations!

      On second thought, the JEW can’t resist the almighty buck. Let’s all take up a collection and offer a big bag of money to one of those Jews to turn on his own and sell the station!

  14. In regards to Hitler, I believe that he will be regarded in a completely different light in the future. New books are coming out painting a different portrait of him. Yes, Germany implemented discriminatory laws in 1933, but the increased hate propaganda against Germany resulting from those laws blew what happened all out of proportion. There were about 500,000 Jews in Germany in 1933, many began to emigrate. The few attacks on Jews (Kristalnacht – 1938, less than 90 people were killed) were regrettable, but paled in comparison with what Jews were doing to others in eastern Europe, the Soviet Union and Spain. But while the reporting on Kristalnacht was extensive, the reporting on Jewish Boshevists murdering millions was non-existent.

    I am currently reading David Irving’s Churchill’s War. It’s a fascinating book. Churchill and the Jews brought about WW II and until the truth is revealed (imprisoning European historians prevents this), Jews will fail to understand how the expression “you reap what you sow” applies to them.

    • Kristalnacht was triggered by the assassination of a German diplomat by a Jew in Paris. That doesn’t make it right but it is never mentioned in the media.

      The Jewish role in the USSR was of ruthless mass murder; again, never mentioned in the mainstream media

    • yup, nowhere near the claimed SIX MILLION JEWS, which was a hoax-rumor from WW1 and before.
      months ago LC posted link to a video telling the truth why “jews” have been “persecuted” allover the world, theyed kidnap-turture-murder youngins to bleed them out for their UNholy bread to pass around!
      I doubt the majority in their churches are aware of what theyre really eating, but the public dont care!
      it is rightfully viewed as satanic and dealt with harshly, since when is justice “persecution”?

  15. The Zeeps rule by force. This is their choice. They have not left us a door through which to chase them out of here. We have no option but to respond in kind. Please do not get mad at me; it ain’t my fault! Zeeps just happen to be addicted to war, death, drama, and human suffering.

  16. Of course there are all sorts of angles to the oppression trying to be applied to us by this minority. But in the area of financial oppression, I would like to know why this is Not more addressed, since it seems like we can do something about it.

    There is extreme financial pressure being exerted upon almost all of America, cities, towns, states, Federal Government,….yet from what I understand the CAFR’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports, show HUGE surpluses available to pay all bills and shortfalls.

    They show municipalities have more than adequate finances available to alleviate all the financial problems on hand and yet these funds are hidden away from the public view and access while at the same time demands for MORE tax revenue is constant. How can this be? . Why is this not more investigated, pointed out and demand for action taken? It seems obvious.

    • yup, anyone else running two sets of books like that would be incarcerated by the IRS for fraud.
      they STEAL what they get from us by investing it in profitable ventures, and WE are not shareholders.
      the set of books they point us to is the “budget”, NOT the “comprehensive annual financial report” that is the real disclosure of assets, investments, profits, and theft by fraud.

  17. I agree with Chris Natias,,, Similarities btw US nowadays and Nazi Germany are no coincidence – it is planned. Rage you feel is the same what Germans felt. Zios want Americans to be next executors of Jews – they are counting on new holocaust – maybe those mysterious camps supposedly built in US are planned to be future concentration camps for Jewish people?

    • What is a Jew? This discussion goes on daily and worldwide- ultimately someone finds a “good” Jew somewhere who serves as the reason to spare the murdering Zeeps.
      Using the exception as the rule is one way they control us. The reality is there is NO SUCH THING as a “Jew”- just wiki “Who is a Jew?” (the official Wikipedia page, endorsed by all the requisite Rabbis, etc.) and you will see that you have been hoodwinked again. A Zeep is a Zionist Pig who claims to be a good little Jewish boy and who, in fact, has been brainwashed by Talmudic paeophiles to believe that he is Very Special and that us Goyim are scum. This is the crux of the issue; Jews in America have nothing to fear from their fellow citizens if we choose to ignore the Zeep propaganda about holohoaxes and gas chambers and name the Rothchild Zionist Pigs for who they are. In that regard, the American Jews of all persuasions do have a responsibility to rise up and denounce the Zeeps- and yes, their failure to do so might cost them dearly. But name one revolution where innocents were not victims?

    • Very good points – and i resonate with all… Seems that ones who identify themselves as god’s chosen people are doomed – it’s a deadly trap.
      It would be nice that all make same choice – but it is not the case usually (Many are called but few answer – C’s)… There is also very active media (not first layer media echelon – but “deeper” one) deriving negative perception of “Jews” and Zeeps – “TARGET LOCKED” militarily speaking… Psychos will be blamed for all and masters will escape again? Maybe not this time …

  18. In my opinion the present reason for our woes can be found in 1Samuel Chapter 8 –
    7 “And the Lord said to Samuel, “Heed the voice of the people in all that they say to you; for they have not rejected you, but they have rejected Me, that I should not reign over them…..”

  19. It seems to me that the rush for WW3 (Syria, Iran etc.) is an attempt by Israel and the Neocons to bury us in a greater conflict (something of immense proportions) in order to hide, distract, divert, our attention from what they did to us on 9/11/01. There is a growing awareness worldwide that Israel and Mossad did 9/11 and blamed it on Arabs. I know it’s true. They need to pay a hefty price for this murderous aggression, and that’s what they’re afraid of, comeuppance.

    The Neocons, feeling the world is closing in on them, want something so monstrous, terrifying, and all consuming to distract everyone’s attention worldwide away from 9/11/01 and what they did on that date. I say, Not so fast, we need to follow this through to the end of the 9/11/01 case, and justice in whatever form must be enforced, dramatically

    Let’s plan on prosecuting them and bringing them to justice, there can be no healing, no peace, no reconciliation, no hope, no gathering of people, including the Muslims that were falsely portrayed and blamed for 9/11, no peace around the world,….until the truth of what happened and how Israel and the Neocons did it, emerges and is aired fully.

    BTW they (Israel) also blew us Fukushima on purpose setting the world up for catastrophe, out of revenge for Japanese political policies.

  20. If you consider “Hitler” as an ideology, the answer is “yes.” Somehow, though, I don’t see Americans bothering with the formality of concentration camps. Too expensive and hard to manage.

    • When I pull a tick off one of my dogs I do not try to rehabilitate it, I understand that if I release the tick it will just find another victim, maybe me. If I allow it to go free and give birth to young that they will seek to drain my animals, myself and family of life giving blood. It is their nature, it is what they do.

  21. FTJs. They are their own worst enemy. Their very nature is predatory and parasitic. They have no one to blame but themselves for anything in their history or their future. They are a willing tool for the evil in this world, like any parasite they have a complete lack of empathy or sympathy for their unwilling host victims. As a result and as nature dictates, the host has a right defend itself and to destroy the parasites feeding off of it if it is able. It is a matter of survival. One should not expect to be treated humanly if one refuses to act human or to join the human race in evolving to a higher plane.

  22. My complements to Mr. Dean for publishing this. I think he has just earned a statue in a Jew free Washington Square and I hope we will be seeing more of Mr. Bhat. I’ll be back later to leave a real comment this deserves it!

  23. Hitler might pop up but gangstalking will soon take care of him.

    Only mass revolt will free us from Jewish oppression.

  24. If historians are correct Jewish people have been kicked out of European countries or had their freedoms significantly restricted in over 100 countries. Historians claim the actions typically took place due to Jewish elites dominating society especially the economy. Unfortunately the United States probably won’t remove the elite Jewish stranglehold on the country until we have an economic disaster. I do hope Americans don’t put the blame on the average Jewish American.

    Unfortunately, based on history, a successful removal of the Jewish elite stranglehold on the United States will highly likely be followed up with another elite Jewish stranglehold due to bribes and blackmail. Great Britain and Germany are two examples. We need to do some heavy editing of the Babylonian Talmud.

    I wonder if Obama has asked Jewish groups to urge Israel not to do a deranged nuclear false flag in the United States to blame Iran.

    I wonder if Obama has invited the Dancing Israelis to his next White House Passover Seder celebration.

    • From the Christian Science Monitor:

      Those who have attended the White House seders say they blend traditional and new aspects. On an untraditional note, the event includes the reading of President Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation. More traditionally, Malia and Sasha in the past have taken on the traditional duties of Jewish children, asking four questions about the evening’s purpose and searching for a piece of matzoh that has been hidden at the White House.

      Brian: Since Jewish kids don’t believe in Jesus I wonder if Obama is the only non-Jewish parent who asked his kids to act like Jewish kids.

      Obama has failed the litmus test he has not told Americans Israel did 911.

  25. Now boys, don’t let anger cloud your thinking. Stay calm. We’ve had some victories of late with Syria and Iran. Just stay focused and keep winning over hearts and minds. The Zionazis have just suffered some set backs.

    • Amen to that. We have to build on what has been accomplished. In times like this the elite Zios usally pull out their standard con for the rand and file jews, “that ‘they’ are coming after all of us, so regardless of what you think of us, as go we…go you.” This is totally bogus but they use it because it has a long history of working. We can’t been militant Zionism without the help of rand and file Jews, and the Zios are smart enough to try to make sure there is no working together against them. They have had plenty of time to sit down and work out all the angles of ‘what would we do if someone was working us over like we are all of these other people?”

    • “rank and file”.. whats your rank and wheres your file? c’mon Jim, Rand publishes books..
      now if the lower level “jews” understood what criminals those above them really ARE,
      thats compartmentalization at work, just like masonry, just like government too!
      yeah, they need to be completely denounced and arrested, lawfully if possible.

    • @ Jim W. Dean

      “We can’t been militant Zionism without the help of rand and file Jews…”

      Huh? Methinks that your dog ate your keystrokes. I infer that you meant something like “…can’t begin to counter militant…”

      And did the recent setbacks with Syria and Iran make the Jews randy?

      “I can resist anything but temptation.” — Oscar Wilde

      (Love…remember, Jim, love…)

    • Which rank and file Jews are you talking about? The ones in Israel who elect Zionist war criminals for their leaders? The ones here in America who send all the dollars they can steal from non-Jews to Israel ? The ones in the government who see that Israel receives every state-of-the-art weapon they want from us? The ones who run the news media, the banks, the schools, the courts, the legal profession, the medical professions? Which Jews?

  26. John your far too lenient and restrained! Your tolerance level of these Talmud heads is set far to high! Extermination is the only answer, a genetically modified virus released into the general population specifically targeting the Khazar and Ashkenazi gene pool would be far more effective! and the technology is shovel ready!

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