Lee Harvey Oswald: Career CIA Operative


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By Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall


Lee Harvey Oswald worked for the CIA (and FBI and Army and most likely Naval Intelligence) from the late fifties when the CIA recruited him from the Marine Corps until his murder on November 24, 1963 by Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby. A clear appreciation of Lee Harvey Oswald’s role as an intelligence operative is key to understanding the JFK assassination conspiracy and cover-up. Although more than 20 years old, in my opinion Matthew Smith’s JFK: The Second Plot offers the most comprehensive account of Oswald’s CIA career.


JFK: The Second Plot


Matthew Smith (1992)

Book Review

The first account of Lee Harvey Oswald’s CIA connections appeared in a 1968 book originally published by French intelligence entitled Farewell America. French president Charles DeGaulle had a keen interest in identifying the conspirators behind Kennedy’s assassination, as the same group had also made three assassination attempts against DeGaulle. Farewell America reveals how the CIA recruited Oswald when he was stationed at Atsugi Marine Air Base in Japan and sent him to the Soviet Union. These historical details were corroborated by testimony a former CIA officer provided the House Committee on Assassinations in 1978.

The Soviets, recognizing Oswald as a likely double agent, never fully trusted him, and in 1961 the CIA returned him to the US. According to government archives, his handlers went on to give him assignments intended to create a kooky leftist alter ego, which would later be used to frame him for Kennedy’s murder. Given that Oswald had foreknowledge of Kennedy’s assassination, the obvious question is why he allowed himself to be set up. The answer Smith offers seems totally plausible: Oswald believed the CIA was returning him to the Soviet Union (via Cuba) to become a double agent. His handlers, in turn, intended to use his flight to Cuba to blame the President’s assassination on Fidel Castro.

Oswald’s Visit to Red Bird Airport

Smith first got the idea for his book after obtaining FBI documents under the Freedom of Information Act revealing that Oswald, together with two other federal agents, paid a visit to the American Aviation Company (AAC) at Red Bird Airport trying to charter an aircraft for November 22, 1963. Smith subsequently interviewed Wayne January, the AAC employee they dealt with, and discovered the FBI had falsified the date. The FBI gives the date of their encounter as July, 1963, while it was actually November 20, only two days before the assassination.

Smith also answers puzzling questions about Officer J.D. Tippitt’s role in the assassination conspiracy. Smith believes that an ex-CIA friend named Roscoe White asked Tippitt to transport Oswald to the Red Bird Airport to catch a charter flight to Cuba. When they rendezvoused, Tippitt became suspicious after hearing Oswald’s description broadcast over the police radio. When he got out to question him, a man matching White’s description rushed out of the bushes and shot Tippitt. Following Tippitt’s murder, the plan to spirit Oswald off to Cuba had to be abandoned.

The Main-Tier Plot

Smith organizes his book into two halves. Book One is called “The Main-Tier Plot,” involving the assemblage of a group of snipers to ambush President Kennedy as his motorcade traveled through Dallas. Book Two is devoted to “The Second Plot,” a scheme to enable the true shooters and co-conspirators to escape prosecution by shifting the blame to a kooky leftist Castro-sympathizer.

Smith’s expose of the main-tier plot begins with official Warren Commission (WC) version of the assassination. He devotes an chapter to irregularities in gathering and recording WC testimony that would never be allowed in a court of law. Many of the witnesses reported seeing more than one gunmen and complained bitterly about their evidence being omitted or misreported. Smith is particularly critical of the WC for failing to investigate Officer Tippit’s background or obtain ballistic evidence linking Oswald’s handgun to his murder.

Smith also summarizes the detailed physical evidence pointing to the presence of three or four shooters in Dealey Plaza. He goes on to discuss the intelligence connections of a handful of suspects arrested in the Dal Tex building and elsewhere in Dealey Plaza. All were released after President Lyndon Johnson ordered the Dallas police to discontinue their investigation. Smith devotes an entire chapter to the photographic evidence, including the amateur film made by businessman Abraham Zapruder, which was altered to make the fatal shot appear to come came from the Book Depository behind the motorcade. Finally he discusses the acoustic recordings which led the House Assassinations Committee to make the determination that more than one shooter was involved in Kennedy’s murder.

The Second Plot

The second half of the book offers an in-depth portrait of Oswald’s early history and personality. It details his posting to the Atsugi Marine Air Base in Japan, where he held a “secret” level security clearance, and assisted in monitoring overflights of the Top Secret U2 Spy plane. Smith goes on to describe Oswald’s activities in the Soviet Union in exhaustive detail, as well as the assignments he was given on his return to the US. In one of his first jobs, he processed photos of a Soviet military facility, which again required a security clearance. Other assignments involved infiltrating leftist and pro-Castro groups as an informant. The fabrication of Oswald’s unstable loner persona was facilitated by an Oswald double, a second agent who created major public disturbances while posing as Oswald.

Smith believes that at the time of his arrest, Oswald had been given a new assignment – to attempt to return to the Soviet Union via Cuba. Strong evidence suggests there were plans to airlift him to Cuba the afternoon of November 22, 1963. The plans were suddenly disrupted when Officer J.D. Tippitt was shot and killed. Tippitt’s murder forced the plan to spirit Oswald away to Cuba to be abandoned. His subsequent arrest necessitated his murder by Jack Ruby, another minor co-conspirator. Allowing Oswald’s intelligence connections to come out at trial would have seriously endangered high level officials in the Kennedy administration who participated in the conspiracy.

The Conspirators Had Names

The book’s final chapter “The Conspirators Had Names” is disappointing because it offers no firm conclusions about the real culprits in the JFK assassination. Although Smith refers to New Orleans District Attorney’s Jim Garrison’s unsuccessful prosecution of one of the co-conspirators, he makes no mention whatsoever of the Swiss corporation Pemindex that financed the assassination. It was Clay Shaw’s membership in Permindex that formed the basis of Garrison’s case against him. Nor does it mention the shadowy Defense Industrial Security Command and the 50 or so intelligence and defense contractors with clearly established links to both the DISC and the assassination. The evidence linking Permindex and DISC to the JFK assassination is outlined most clearly in a 1970 book by William Torbitt called Nomenclature of an Assassination Cabal or Torbitt Document

Posted in honor of the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F Kennedy.

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  1. First of all anyone who would believe that Oswald acted on his own has to be a complete moron and complete morons do not read Veterans Today that’s why you and I write for them Dr. Let me see. Discounting the impossibility of the shooting skills involved and the magic bullet we have a “suspect” with known intelligence ties who is shot dead on national TV while in the custody of approximately 150 yahoo Texas cops. The shooter, who isn’t even scratched while perpetrating his task, is a made member of the mafia; a professional pimp who tells the world he did it because he didn’t want “his beloved Jackie (??? Believe me there is was nothing attractive about Jackie to guy who pulls his dates from a harem of strippers)” to go through the pain of a trial. If you believe the official story after knowing just this well then you force me to quote Dylan again “it’s a wonder that you still know how to breath.”

    • Its not really all that complicated. Eisenhower wrote this to his brother Edgar in 1954: “Should any political party attempt to abolish social security, unemployment insurance and eliminate labor laws and farm programs, you would not hear of that party again in our political history. There is a tiny splinter group, of course, that believes you can do these things. Among them are H. L. Hunt (you possibly know his background), a few other Texas oil millionaires and an occasional politician or business man from other areas. Their number is negligible and they are stupid.” By 1961, perhaps the sorriest day of this country’s existence, when he knew he would have to relinquish his power he had become alarmed by an alliance between the military industrial complex spearheaded by renegade elements of the CIA already firmly in the grasp GHWB and the unabashed “stupid” capitalists. He knew Nixon was bought and paid for by the CIA so when reporters asked him what legislation Nixon had helped him with during Nixon’s tenure as his Vice president Eisenhower replied give me a couple of weeks to think about it which was his offhanded way of endorsing Kennedy. It worked and Kennedy was the next president.

    • Kennedy gets gunned down in Texas a couple of years later supposedly by a man who is in turn slain by our gallant mafia pimp knight in shining armor. H. L. Hunt’s radio broadcasts threatening Kennedy with death if he came to Texas from a few weeks before are actually found in Galahadstein’s (Ruby) possession. H. L. Hunt also attempted to purchase the Zapruder film which he probably did since what is being shown now, as you have noted Dr., is not the original Zapruder film . If I was forced to hazard a guess I would I would say the real Zapruder film was being circulated by William Cooper who was gunned down in his driveway by the FBI for his troubles. To the whole mix throw in a demented homosexual degenerate gambler who is compromised in every way known to man and runs the FBI as his own fiefdom and we have proceed down the primrose path of sorrow from there into exactly what we now have the Bush Dynasty.

    • We are now living in exactly the conditions Eisenhower said Americans would not tolerate. But Eisenhower did not take into account all the mutts that America would be flooded with and all the mind control techniques Americans would be soaked in. But even regardless of all that Americans, those that are left, have to get over thinking that these zombies they are sharing air with right now are going to suddenly wake up and join in the defense of this country. That’s not going to happen they are twenty-first century helots and those that will fight might as well get used to that idea. There are still more than enough of us. Americans were once a people who were marked by their willingness to fight before the gauntlet even hit the ground. Almost half a century has past and we are still talking, perhaps we have become cowards, then that’s just to bad because wherever there is freedom there is somebody who needs slaves.

  2. Lee Harvey Oswald: Career CIA Operative and so much more.
    Good article Dr.
    I’m quite surprised people are still confused about the whole JFK thing. 50 years, and still not a clue.
    Look at Oswald’s crazy eyes. Every time you see his photo, you feel like you know him. Right?
    You do.
    Download these two photos and you will know.
    The key to the mystery is LBJ. Find out who he really was. The investigations were royally screwed up.
    Hint – GHWB lived with LBJ for a period in TX.
    No one will do it for you.

  3. It is clear beyond any doubt LBJ/J.Edgar Hoover FBI director/rogue military/rogue CIA/Dallas police chief after the shooting/local filthy rich oil men/local well known power brokers were in on it. The black-bordered advertisement from the Dallas Morning News (DMN,) accusing the president of being wanted for treason. Know who owned the DMN, who owned the Texas Book Depository. How they were connected and dedicated to LBJ, how LBJ was deeply connected to Hoover.
    President threatened to dismantle CIA after Nixon’s Bay if Pigs. How GHW Bush was connected to Bay of Pigs. Ask who was well know mainstream journalist Dorothy Kilgallen and why was she silenced for what she knew. Ask, ask ask ?????????’s, and read read read any and all the books you can to see the government LIES LIES LIES .
    Part of the story makes Oswald the shooter, the only shooter and nothing but the shooter. OSWALD was connected to the CIA and to GHW Bush, did not shoot the police officer, and was the patsy in the entire affair. Listen to his statement when journalist asked him if he shot the president. This is not a man, on the spur of the moment with an immediate reaction. His voice unwavering, not nervous, not unsure. This is a man immediately responding with a truthful statement, unaware of the magnitude of the situation.
    We all owe it to our dead president to know the truth, admit that truth, so we can heal our nation and flush the fecal waste from Washington D.C.

  4. Some old man told me all this 13 yrs ago….I immediately believed it bc it had the ring of truth to it-unlike the official version bs…

  5. Both of you it may be another reason. “fifth grade educational level” Ever heard that phrase? It was a legal requirement at my hospital for informed consent explanations. It is what lawyers estimate the lowest common denominator for comprehension. So for me the details of the Duluth Zapruder video meeting are compelling, although I couldnt undetstand all of those end sproket pieces etc. But each person needs their own way to learn. So as an aside, even if JVentura is the real thing, I worry Sterns is a NWO plant.

  6. “It is tragic, that the two most viewed shows on the assassination (Stone and Ventura) rely on the Zapruder film as authentic evidence…”

    I consider it highly unlikely that Jesse Ventura is ignorant of the evidence that the Zapruder film was fooled with. Perhaps that is sufficient reason to label him as “controlled opposition,” or at least a “limited hangout.”

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