Host of Another Kind Found in Mankind


World News TomorrowWorld News Tomorrow–  We all know that the CIA were developing secret programs such as “Mind Control Ultra” and  “Distance Awareness” during the cold war, but what few knows about is the secret Asian DNA  program of Korea and China ongoing since 1957.

Now,  new Intelligence sources from Asia indicates that that the cold war threat might still be very real and alive. Apparently some DNA research programs leading to highbred humans with super capabilities were developed and hosted among ordinary populations to see if they could increase human capacity such as IQ and memory with supper computer powers.

Some of which might have IQ’s of up to 240 and beyond. Fuzzy or not, Real intelligence also indicates that their blood types are different than ordinary people. It seems that their blood types are rare in the west that only two such types were traced and recorded in European and American history.

We all know the four basic blood types, but few will know there is more, much more, of whom it is secretly not talked or researched about. In an article published by “The Daily Mail” on the 24 February 2012.. named ” New blood in town…” two new Blood types were mentioned and documents.

The International Blood Transfusion Society recognizes 28 additional blood types to the common A, B, AB and O. They have snappy names like Kidd, Diego, Duffy and Lutheran. Now Langereis and Junior can be added to the list.

Professor Ballif identified the two molecules as specialized transport proteins, named ABCB6 and ABCG2. Team leader: Professor Bryan Ballif, of the University of Vermont’s department of Biology Yoshihiko Tani, at the Japanese Red Cross Osaka Blood Center, and Toru Miyasaki, at the Japanese Red Cross Hokkaido Blood Center, were also involved in identifying the new blood types.

Interesting that we have not heard nor seen any further publication on this astonishing findings and discovery, After All, mankind needs to know –  is very real ?

iqThe master question remains. where does it all come from since blood types don’t fall out of thin air.  More importantly, until 1930 there were only 4 types known to mankind and presently there are 30 different types of blood, of which some is so rare, that only two people who has no family relatives ends up having it.

Most do not know that as RHO-Neg individuals are tracked throughout their whole lives by world-wide governmental agencies interested in understanding the genesis of this blood group, and for other more complex societal purposes. is the  “O” Rh- blood groups the pure blood line that was perhaps engineered  and if so by whom ?

Scary as it may be – In and under cover  interview with a senior member of the Counter Intelligence Agency, the special agent noted that these programs exist but refused to comment on it and said its best left buried. Bigger than me and you.

Is this an experiment conducted with old cold war technology with the intend to breed super humans?  Perhaps the DNA is about to catch up since recent publications indicates that there were also several new types of DNA in humans found.

Have we simply missed it or lost it! World News investigated further and found that the story has it that “Alien’ DNA and Human blood types are mixed and experimented with that lead to new blood types, Farfetched ?

Think again ! During 2010 a man who worked for the CIA admitted to his daughter  that the CIA were running a secret DNA program and that she was part of the program.

Guess what ?, She is one of the most rarest blood types, so much that technically she can’t exist. Secret weapon or by chance, these “extraterrestrial Blood” types are here and we can only wonder, are they of Alien origin or not ?

Exclusive for World New Tomorrow by Kevin Brenan , Crime reporter and investigator . IFJ member


New blood in town… Discovery of Langereis and Junior types is a breakthrough for transfusions, transplants and cancer research

ET Genetic Code May Be Found In Human DNA, According To Kazakhstan Scientists’ Biological SETI Theory


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  1. Look, some of you are just hatched and basically have No Idea!
    Back before cell phones and game consoles
    I was in the basement with my PDP 11/03 and my Very / Sperry minis (V78)
    Making light flash impressively.
    The TI 990 stuff was fun, I liked the concept,
    But They Screwed Up!
    Memory will NEVER be as fast as registers.
    Just to let you know I have been playing for a while.
    (and maybe you thought blowing up the planet was cute!
    What I am trying to convey.. We Have Come A Long Way Baby
    (now Use it! and do not let them use it to make your life miserable!
    Some of you are the ‘new stuff’ I am the Old Guard (not as old as some of these guys)


  2. And they accidentally constructed some buildings in the (oopsie) Wrong Place.. DIA
    Had to Bury Them (you know how it is!
    If Dulce did not get him in trouble, DIA did (Phil Schneider)
    I suspect things are getting Real Interesting (no surprise we hear little,
    On this stuff no news is good news.


  3. I think Phil was murdered in Portland. The dulce base ,as well as a whole web of them, was established after the muroc expedition. A group was tasked with finding a suitable location for the military’s nuclear testing grounds.what they found was very weird. Anthony sanchez spoke of this in his book “UFO Highway”.

  4. Some of these ‘discoveries’ are not really discoveries at all. You need to factor in the number of marxists in the ‘academia’ and ‘science’ machine who for years have been distorting data and findings for political reasons. Some people here on this site may remember the hyping of the much vaunted human ‘Genome Project’ before it had been calculated and the amount of publicity about how the information was going to be used by anyone who wanted to access it. The computer system used to calculate it crunched on for years and eventually worked out the answer – an answer which horrified the beautiful people – and left the project immediately censored and no longer even discussed.

    Far from finding that we are ‘all the same’ (in line with marxist dogma) it discovered the opposite. These findings troubled many leftist ‘scientists’ who in typical communist mindset had no compunction whatsoever about hiding results and lying about the information. (A harbinger of ‘Global Warming Scam’ dogma and misinformation). The zio-bolshevik philosophy has no problem at all in even ‘scientists’ bending the truth for political expediency.

    It turns out that, for example, the ancient Neanderthal peoples (who only lived in Europe) were not wiped out at all – but ASSIMILATED into the European populations of Cro-Magnons. This (dangerously for the marxists) means that Europeans are a hybrid of two species and by definition a separate kind of human – physically, emotionally, psychologically and scientifically. Oh dear!

    • This also accounts for the incompatibility and failure of human organs for ‘inter racial’ organ transplants.

      A big stink occurred in the UK a few years ago when a man died and in his will insisted that his organs could be harvested but only be used in another white person! There was the expected outcry of rage from the great and the good trying to cash in on politically correct brownie points – however the whole row became worse when a surgeon innocently reassured them by saying: “Don’t worry we don’t normally carry out inter racial organ transplants anyway because they don’t work”. Indeed some animal parts worked better than, say, African and Asian transplants it seems. This was why there were advertising campaigns aimed at all the racial groups for them to donate organs.

      They then quickly killed the story of course. The marxists spent decades trying to hide the truth and work out how to spin the information that Europeans were even a hybrid species that had learned to co-operate in tight teams and survive three ice ages by extensive planning and preparation for the long winters and the bad times.

      Ultimately of course it does not matter that we are different to each other. So what – it would be boring if we were all the same! What does matter is the use of lying by certain lobbies and self interested groups to hide the truth, force us down unwanted paths – and twist even our very nature for their own benefit.

    • Please go look at Prion folding and copper and like that
      (go search, you probably already know about these theories
      A sheep farmer from somewhere in the island nethers (UK
      Figured out that ‘mad cow’ (sheep.. scrapie) anyway
      Was a result of nutritional deficiency,
      resulting in Copper substituting for the one atom that was supposed to be there.
      (if memory serves)
      There is a site claiming home office support re Blood Types:
      These may seem disjoint, and maybe are.
      The Prion folding / blood type thing is one set.
      The ‘attempts by the other humans to corrupt their fellows’ part is another.
      Might be connected.


  5. Interesting. A Dr David jacobs conducted a 30 study on the abduction issue. The results were disturbing to say the least. He used hypnosis on a large sample group who claimed that they were abducted. The group were from all walks of life and all described similar events over the thirty year period. His study concluded that there seems to be an effort to “hybredize” humans and the abductours. The book is called “The Threat”. Funny thing is that there’s an x files episode along those lines in an episode called “One Son”. Bizarre to say the least.

  6. probably warren buffet and Kim Jong bought the technology and applied to their super son. unfortunately they just turned to fat slobs.

    also, you have to decrease iq if you are looking for super or supper human. intelligent people are hard to control and they would rather write poetry than develop next age nukes.

    another psyop article. don’t worry alien is here to save/attack you. think about it… if aliens are here then they can take you to their world… they must have super advanced technology etc etc… another “god” in the making.

    best technology is life. I wonder what else we are looking for.!

  7. When World Weekly News morphed into World News Tomorrow, they killed off Batboy.

    I want Batboy back!


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