Zionism – The Greatest Criminal Ruse of All Time



by Yukon Jack


The launching of Israel at the end of history, a state based on archaic Bible myths, is proving to be mankind’s greatest folly.  The Old Testament is now married to high tech weapons.  The human specie is threatened with extinction because now the Jews have a state to carry out out their lunatic agenda of world domination.  Jewish supremacists have prepared a final option to their madness, when the world finally comes to its senses and rejects the racist warmongering bloody state of Israel they will launch their nuclear option on their western hosts.

To a Jew, all war is holy war.

Zionism’s origin is in Bible myths, the myths that float Israel are not only false but bad myths that reward bloodlust, murder, mayhem.  Everything that Israel is doing is perfectly logical within their mythos, the Jewish holy texts instruct the faithful to kill without remorse.  When the Jews wage war they unroll the Torah on the battlefield. Everything Israel does is carefully crosschecked to their scrolls.  So how is it that Zionist state is not part of a religious belief system of Judaism?  Zionism is the cumulation of a long history of religious exclusionary ideas formed into a political movement.

The Root of Zionism is Judaism

The biggest myth surrounding Zionism, the quest for a homeland state of the Jews, is that it is somehow separate from Judaism.  Nothing could be further from the truth, Zionism is the logical outgrowth of the Judaic religion, it is the only logical political expression of Judaism.  Zionism is the only consistent expression of Jewish thinking, which is supremacist by its very nature.

The Jews believe they are the chosen ones, they believe God chose them over all others, they believe they have a contract(covenant) with God.  When you believe that then you also know you are better than all others, the outcome is racism and dominance of others.  The very idea of being a Jew separates you from the rest of humanity.  Separation theology can be militant.

Israeli kids being trained in automatic weapons, just in case God fails (again).
Israeli kids being trained in automatic weapons, just in case God fails (again).

There  is just one problem, the God of the Bible is a meme, it is myth, it doesn’t exist.  This fallacy of reasoning has gotten the Jews into big trouble in history like during the Roman occupation of Judea.  If you have a tribal nation that believes in its chosen status but is in bondage then a mental schism results.

If you believe you are better but are confronted with occupation then you have a big mental problem for a supremacist mind.  When reality doesn’t match the belief then soul searching commences.

For instance if a person believes to their inner core of this special god contract yet is under Roman occupation then the fervent belief morphs into a quest for messianic deliverance.  How can you be chosen yet experience lesser status under occupation?  How can God allow this?  Why is God punishing us?  The mind searches for an explanation.

Rarely is their an honest soul that questions the authenticity of the myth, for an honest rational objective person would immediately conclude the myth isn’t true.  But myth has power over a human being, myth causes the mind to fail and make incorrect observations about reality. The Jews are also obsessed with rituals, that creates another problem.

The problem with ritual sacrifice is that physical act reinforces in the mind the reality of the mythological illusion.  Rituals reinforce false ideas and make it unable for the group to deal with reality.  What if a Connecticut Yankee showed up at an Aztec court and told the high priests that sacrificing humans to the sun god was futile because the earth was rotating and the sun’s movement across the sky was an illusion?

How does a temple priest admit that everything he has done and is doing is a waste of lives?  Same for the high priests of Solomon’s Temple.  Rome did the right thing, they destroyed the temple and forbade its practices.  Rome stopped religious insanity with action.  But the tribe is still trying to recover from that loss, they want to rebuild and get the old time sacrifices going again.

This stress can created two main outcomes, the Zealot political revolt against Rome and an internal intellectual philosophical struggle as the learned ones try to rationalize religious documents to reality.  The greatest tragedy for the Jews was also the greatest liberation of the human mind when Rome destroyed Jerusalem in 70 A.D.

Picture 3 Romans Seige of Jerusalem in AD 70

Again and again Rabbis rationalize the failure of their ideas as a punishment by God, and that the tribal nation must be cleansed and purified to be accepted back under the Lord’s protection.  Jews are terrified of being separated from their imagined god.

Purification is a major aspect of Christian rituals to this day, Christians believe that they have to be free of sin to get entrance to heaven.  This is the reason for the obsession with sacrifice, the primitive belief that animals or humans must be sacrificed in order to maintain status or curry favor with the Lord.  Obsession with purity is a dysfunction that can be caused by a belief in separation from the divine because of sin.  So when things aren’t going your way, well it must be because of sin.

Pity the calf born with red fur.
Pity the calf born with red fur.

None of it is real, killing humans will not make the sun come up the next day.  Killing a hundred cows a day at the main temple and sending burnt offering and smells pleasing to the sky god will not change your perceived separation to the Lord.

What can I conclude as an outside rational observer?  That the learned Rabbis are taken in by their own bullshit, the entire Rabbinic class is dishonest to their very core.  Hardly surprising when you consider they are a tribe of thieves that stole other people sacred myths and made them their own and lied about their entire history.

Circumcision is a classic example, this Egyptian ritual adopted by the tribe of ISis RA ELohim, you know, that other guy’s gods.  Israel’s most sacred rituals and gods all stolen.  Identity theft on a grand scale.  Have you ever thought why we still mutilate a child’s penis?

How big of a problem is this?  These tribal supremacist have nuclear weapons and are using them on a regular basis. How big of a problem is a rogue nuclear state that has nuclear weapons installed on stolen German submarines?  Only crazy people would of come up with the Samson Option, you have to believe our myths and put up with our bloodlust or we’ll end it all.

But wait a minute, I thought these chosenites had a covenant with the almighty.  Looks like they are preparing for god to fail to hold up his side of the contract… again.  How do Christians react to this insanity?  Better purify yourself and get right with the Lord, we are in end times, see the Bible is true.  Just as crazy.  Western civilization might just be bat shit insane.

The Samson Option is a product of a religious cult.  Israel is consistent in its insanity, whether they are murdering Palestinians, building illegal nuclear weapons, pulling 911 or building a STUXNET computer virus and nuking Fukushima nuclear power plants, it’s actions are consistent with religious psychopathy.  Only crazy people would build a computer virus that turns the world’s nuclear reactors into bombs.  But crazy Israel is proud of her supreme radioactive accomplishments. 

Israel is like a bigger version of Heaven’s Gate cult, “If I don’t get my way I will castrate myself and everyone else with my A-bombs!”.  When you live within a lie, the subconscious directs your actions, the preparation of the Samson Option is Israel telling everyone that they know they are pathological liars.  The situation is laughably insane, not only are the myths of Israel fictions, Israel is ruled by imposters.  All of Israel’s prime ministers have Polish origins.

Netanyahu's father Benzion Mileikowsky
Netanyahu’s father Benzion Mileikowsky

Just take a look folks,  Netanyahu has Polish parents and he thinks he’s a ‘real’ Jew.  What a laugh, he’s a Khazar converso, a Jew wannabe thinking Palestine is his land and those are his people.  Somehow Polish blooded Netanyahu got confused along his path thinking that the Bible’s promises to the wandering tribe’s blood somehow applies to him.   And it’s all fiction, ethnocentric tribal fiction that our tribe was chosen, and Netanyahu isn’t even part of that tribe.

When Netanyahu gets done being the murderous scoundrel head of state that he is, he should be admitted to the looney bin and his brain donated to science.  Netanyahu is mob boss running a gangster state and that’s why he loves his job.  The fact that he’s Polish is of no consequence, he’s got the power.  Don’t confuse him with facts.

The god meme is a great delusion of the Jews and much of mankind, it is time for all to come to a greater conscious awareness about life.  There’s no god doing anything to us, there is power and power is made by the end of the gun, and it has nothing to do with god(s).

Either you have guns and power or you are a slave.  Americans fully understand this principle, some might think of America as a special nation under God, those manifest destiny memes still linger, but they see what is going on and they are clutching their firearms with white knuckles.

A great irony is that America is no longer free, being under Zionist occupation, this time it is the Jews that are the oppressors.  Jewish rule is proving to be just as vicious as the Roman state, they want the guns because American guns is what stands between them and total Zionist world supremacy.

They are going to lose this struggle, Americans have chosen to take a stand and fight, Americans are purchasing a record amount of guns and digging in with the prepping meme.  We are getting ready for the fight of the millennium, the greatest war of freedom in the history of man is just starting, and patriotic Americans are fighting on their home turf and will drive these Hyksos imposters off our soil just as the Pharaoh drove them out of Egypt.

War by Way of Deception Because Theft is Always By Deception

The practice of thieving is based on the path of least resistance, why work when you can take?   A thief must be clever and not be detected or identified later or the purpose of getting something for free is defeated.  What good is stealing a car if the police identify you later?  A thief’s real trade is the art of deception, stealing is the easy part.

The primary way Zionism gains wealth is by theft, and in order to pull off really large scale theft the perpetrator can feign victimhood.  One of the great hallmarks of Zionism is its ability to get billions of dollars by using a ruse like the Holocaust.  We are victims now pay up!

This ruse works only by its ability to control information, this is why Israel and the media have worked to get a monopoly on information.  What is motivating the tribe to control information is the level of theft they are attempting, by controlling information they can turn the world’s people into milk cows.  The Holocaust industry has failed because it has been exposed on the internet, the real holocaust was against the German people by Jewish banking syndicate.

Much of the Christian world can not see Israel’s barbaric acts because of media deception.  The Zionists can break every commandment in their book and the Christians will continue cheer leading their team even if it means their own demise.

How do you steal Palestine, get free airplanes and submarines and lots of free welfare?  By lies and deceptions.  How do you justify the theft in your mind?  Supremacist ideology.  “It was ok for us to steal Palestine because God promised us that land”.  ‘God chose us’ is the exclusionary meme of the Jews, and that ideology is what is driving the bus over the cliff.

How does Israel get the United States to fight its wars?  The 911 deception.  How did the tribe steal all of the world’s gold?  By the deception of central banking, substituting the gold with worthless paper script.

bullshitter gene rosen text

The Jews are master thieves that have perfected the art of deception and they are applying their art to false flags.  Take the case of Sandy Hook master bullshit artist Gene Rosen.  God damn this asshole, he is selling America down the river!  Are you going to let the criminal state take your guns based on his false testimony?  How many Americans will be killed because of what this man said?  People like Gene Rosen are traitors and don’t deserve another breath, do you concur?  Then take the shot.

Political Rule by Deception is the Jewish Way

Why has Zionism taken over most of the western states?  Because the state exists within a lie and bigger liars lied their way in.  The state operates under the color of deception, it claims authority when it has none.  No one has any authority over another so in order to get authority a lie must be told and sold and enforced.

And just who is enforcing this giant monolith of the Jewish legal system on the free and sovereign peoples?  Jewish judges and their minions.  Welcome to hell, welcome to a worldwide Jewish state of disorder, where Jewish crimes are celebrated victories and justice is tossed under the bus.

israel gate to hell

The root of judgement is jude, what people don’t know is that this legal system of theft, the huge parasitic court system that fines and jails everything around it is a Jewish creature.  Bible believers say God created man and established the government and law, and that we must obey authority because authority is of God.  Do you believe that or can you see it as a huge lie, a psyop on the mass mind?  What is your level of awareness concerning government and the legal system?  A slave believes the myth.

Every crime of the Jews is covered over by this network, not one real perpetrator of 911 has even been charged, the rule of law is now over because this judgment is not being applied to their crimes.  Jewish rule is complete lawlessness under the meme of legality.  When the Jews rule they can steal and murder anyone or anything because they define what is legal.  They have made a mockery of the justice system.

All of your interactions with the state are actually crimes of the state, false contracts as the state claims you as party.  The fact is a contract has to voluntary and by consent and the state has no signed contract under voluntary consent by the individual.  Have you ever consciously and voluntarily signed a contract with the state giving your consent to their theft and controls?  No?  Then why do you obey them?

What right does the state have to claim you need a license to drive on a public road?  It’s your road.  The judge does not own the road or have any claim to it, the judge is simply a minion of the Jew enforcing Jewish exclusionary law on you.  The Jew will keep putting restrictions on your behavior, pretty soon you won’t be able to fly or move or do anything.

When the shooting starts, remember that and show no mercy, have no discussion, take no prisoners, just have forthright will and eliminate the problem.  Want freedom?  Then quit being pussies and eliminate the slave masters.  Let the righteous anger flow onto to them and free humanity forever from Jewish control and thinking.  Send them all back to hell.

The Achilles Heel of the American Empire

As the result of the endless deceptions of the state it was taken over from within by greater deceivers. The Zionists invented the War on Terror which is a deception, it is a War of Terror on you the citizen.   America is being destroyed by Zionist deception, Israel is Zion’s headquarters and yet many Americans still love Israel.

The Zionist ideology is to use the authority of the state to thieve and kill.  The modern criminal banking syndicate has led to the permanent warfare state and skullduggery never scene before in world history.  As it’s criminal schemes and shady practices are exposed, the world will react and not trust the motives of the empire, its promises, its currency, and bonds.

The soft underbelly of the empire is its own currency debasement, by continually devaluing the dollar the world will surely not bear its bonds and flee the currency and demand its gold holdings repatriated.    This process is well underway, the revolt of other states against the empire’s monetary profligateness.

The state claims it is defending the homeland America while it bombs Israeli enemies.  This has resulted in a complete catastrophe for the US military and it’s morale, it has led to trillions of unpayable debt, it has resulted in America losing all political credibility with its allies, it accelerated the run from the petro dollar and a probable catastrophic end of the over extended military empire.

Only Israel benefited from 911, America was one of the biggest losers and has suffered huge losses from Jewish treachery yet how many of the military officers are still loyal to Zion?  The situation is beyond comprehension, the American people are under the devil’s spell.

bb my work is doneAll of this happened because of a faulty belief.  The thinking patterns of Judaism applied politically is entrance into the devil’s labyrinth.  Zionism makes the earth the playground of the devil.  The world is now in the clutches of Jewish supremacists and their demented ideas.  Beelzebub schizophrenia is being unleashed on the world, the world is being taken down in the rabbit hole of endless Sandy Hooks, what’s real in these false flags?  Can’t tell, can you?  Welcome to the inner Rabbinic mind.

The state never had authority to operate outside of its charter, the state never had the legal right to lie to start wars, the state never had the right to do anything is does on a regular basis like killing people with drones. What Zionism has done is exposed the state for what it really is, a parasitic killing machine that uses force in relationships.

The American state is a vicious killer now taken over by even more methodical and remorseless Zionist killers and the end of this string of bad energy will be very bad indeed.  Some say America is going to face a tsunami of internal violence that will make the Bolshevik Revolution seem like a scout outing.  I think one hundred million dead Americans is a reasonable guess for what is upcoming, the Bolshevik Jews are getting ready for another purge.

Remember that memetic phrase of the Neocon’s,  The New American Century?  The new century has nothing to do with anything decent or traditional America.  Those that have fallen for the ruse have now awoken to this ruse because now the state is going to attack America.  The Zionist controlled state is now going to kill Americans in a very big way, what do ‘ya know, you were the enemy all along.

The Zionist DHS purge machine is buying billions of rounds of hollow point ammunition.  The purpose of this round is to make hamburger of the American people who resist state supremacy.  Those who resist total Jewish supremacy, anyone who resists total Jewish criminality and moral debauchery, anyone that doesn’t agree with the Holocaust myth and  Israel and her criminal ways.

Crazy Jewish policies are now taking over the dead Republic.  How many of the Obama’s czars are Jewish?  Nearly all of them and so to claim the problem is with offshore banks, or globalists is a ruse, providing the enemy with camouflage and cover.

The state can only grow and grow as a parasite within the body politic until it decides to kill the host or return to limited government.  Since the Zionist handlers have no interest in limiting their power because of their supremacist mentality they now must make moves to take all power and completely end what little freedom that remains.



  1. The pick with the war rabbis reading their ceremonial book of death on the battle field reminded me of the holy hand grenade scene in “The Holy Grail”.
    A little fact checking from the bar stool might not be out of hand here. The British gave Israel to the U.S. as a means of ridding themselves of a plague, and a garuntee for a nice profit in the oil fields at the same time. Everyone is played here, especially the illegal Russian immigrant Jews who trashed Germany. If the UN were an honest organization Palestine would be free of any non-arab intrustion and the imigrants would in NY. But the UN is a game piece in and of itself as another guarantee that all nations should bow to the order, or be destroyed. Thankfully the walls of Jericho are getting weaker trying to contain all of the lies.

  2. This article seems to mix not only the biblical historical references, but also provides deceptive information regarding the background of Mileikowsky/Netanyahu family.
    NONE of them had and/or has Polish blood in them!

    Mileikowsky is NOT a Polish surname.
    Nathan or Benzion is not a Polish name either.
    These people are jews with jewish blood in their veins!!

    Just because Benzion was born in Warsaw doesn’t turn his blood into Polish blood.
    Benzion father was a Lithuanin jew.

    Polish surnames end with -ski NOT -sky.
    Obviosly Mileikowsky’s family resettled in the Russian Empire occupied Poland, when she partitioned between Russia, Austria and Prussia.

    I would suggest that Yukon Jack does his homework first before publishing misleading information that leads the general public to think wrongly of the ethnic Poles, who are sick and tired of their jewish-communist rulers as much as most of the American public is of AIPAC.
    They may call themselves as Polish jews, but they will NEVER be Poles!

  3. Christians do not have to be ‘free’ of sin to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Christ took our sin as redemption on the cross. We simply have to know Him and acknowledge Him. And we don’t even have to wait to enter the Kingdom of God. Luke 17:20-22,”the Kingdom of God is not observable, do not look for it here or there. It is within you.” That Christ loved you and I, and gave up His life for all humanity is a fact. I do have the Greek NT and love it.

    • That’s a different way to look at it. There are 41,000 different Christian organizations in America alone, and they all spin a slightly different way, but I’m pretty sure most of them think that you can’t get to heaven without Jesus.

      I do not believe that there is any judgment after death, I think that is one of the worst and most evil ideas that has ever been put into men’s minds, for that meme has caused some of the greatest tragedies in history.

      I challenge the idea that anything or anyone can “take your sins”, you are defined by your thoughts, words, and actions.

    • When you die there will be a Divine Judgement and you will go to Heaven or Hell….Purgatory ( referenced in the book of Maccabbees ) is only temporary…

    • Yukon, I would say the evidence is there that those who fear no judgement are the perps of the greatest genocides in history. For me, the question John Paul II addressed time and time again, is one of sovereignty of the human person (humanism) through redemption of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, over the false sovereignties of State and Corporations above humanity is the question we must each ask ourselves. To be fully human is to move from who we are to who we ought to be, and Christ gives us the way. By giving of ourselves without condition.

    • The myth of final judgment came into Christianity from Egypt, via Judaism, via Macedonia, via Athens. The Jews picked it up when they came into contact with Hellenistic culture under Alexander. Athenian tourists had traveled to Egypt (the pyramids were as ancient to them as they are to us) and brought back the appealing legends about life after life that so obsessed Pharonic Egypt.

  4. Thanks Jack.

    I think You are right. But I think I’d consider myself a Christian because I belive in what Jesus Christ said in the New Testament, rather than I’d been able to explain Heaven. Those things are way out of my understanding and imagination as well.

    On the other hand, why to start try to explain the God, how about simply human spirit. Many saying, that human spirit starts from nothing and ended in dying, that’s the law of physics. The reality of physics are though the laws of conservation, conservation of mass, energy, momentum, electric charge and further on conservation of nucleus, in which in nuclear reactions a photon’s been emitted. A being with certain energy but zero rest mass. These can not be explained otherways but adopting Einstein’s theories, that mass and energy are actually the same thing.

    So it has to be careful, while setting the terms of human spirit, so that eternal existence won’t work, it may violate the laws of physics.

    • I am glad you mentioned explaining heaven. For such a place to be of such prime importance, that according to Christianity that such a place one will dwell for eternity is not described. Doesn’t that seem odd?

      I’ve never wanted to go to heaven because that means I would have to spend eternity with Christians, and I can’t stand most of them here on earth.

    • You don’t desire to see the Creator who created everything incl you? The Beatific vision…the Romans did the right thing destroying the Temple of the Talmudicists…the zios are scum…the Protocols are a pretty accurate blue-print depicting the last 100 yrs…9-11 was done chiefly by Mossad ( it’s agents/assets/allies in country )..but to extrapolate fm that a justification to try and bury Christianity is very wrong..Unfortunately zio-“christians” looking back at history probably perceive Gen Titus as a bad guy and Caephas as the one to cheer…..ridiculous.

    • Jack has some valid points. As far as the Creator? “No man shall see the face of God and live.” Though they allegedly through witnesses have seen the Christ who Christ explained Him.

      One other factual note. When Job was inflicted with massive boils, why did he pray that his body be concealed in Sheol. Or why was Sampson allowed to commit Suicide? Still better then that, Why were those allegedly brought back to life given life again on Earth only to die again?

      When the Scriptures said, “This means everlasting life their taking in knowledge of the one God sent forth” and that Life was the provision of FAITH in that one. That recorded Scriptures also note of mans living 900+ years but then was limited to 70 or 80 for might. The Original purpose was life everlasting on Earth. As the Heavens belong to God.

      Fear Sell’s seats in many of the 41,000 congregations in this world/country. Jesus taught in simplicity and that was easy to grasp then as many were baptized by the thousands. Today there are loops and jumps in each religion as each believes that it is ONLY THEY who have the alleged TRUTH. That “Truth” comes in the form of Koolaid, Patriotism where Killing for Country trumps “Thou Shalt NOT Kill.” But don’t worry, You’ll get a Non-Denominational Clergy to help you kiss your cross and then instruct you on how to pull the Trigger for your Country. (Slave for 2 Masters?)

      Religion is only mentioned TWICE in the Scriptures, asking What was Gods way of Life?

    • What a tortured soul you must have. Whether or not you believe won’t make one ounce of difference if what you believe is wrong.

  5. When are you people going to accept that the Old Testament, and probably the New Testament, are not records of historical fact, but are a collection of myths, conjecture, wishing, rationalizing, and upward of a thousand outright lies? To even think about basing modern geo-political decisions (creation of Israel) such as depriving a people (Palestinians) who have lived in the same place for thousands of years their property and homes is the height of cruelty and criminal behavior.

    To legitimize the theft of Palestine from the rightful owners of the land for the purpose of turning it over to a horde of nomadic people, who had not lived on it in any significant numbers for millenia, is nothing short of satanic behavior. The Palestinian people are the rightful owners of the land the criminal enterprise called Israel is now occupying, and a decent world would see to it that they are returned to their homes, though the homes are now razed, the ancient farmlands destroyed by Israeli tanks and bull dozers, and all the crops gone with the wind. In their place are concrete blockhouses now inhabited by illegal squatters who continue to expand their domain every day against all international law. Why are certain countries (USA, England, France) supporting these travesties? The answer to that is quite simple, they have been infected with the Zionist virus that infiltrates and infects societies for the purpose of gutting them of their populations and wealth for the benefit of Israel.

    • Good reply Lasher.

      Tyron is just as Jewish as a Rabbi because he believes the text to be factual and the way it should be. He can not see the Bible is a book written by man, specifically written to enslave men. So he says he is against the Jew but believes and upholds the Jewish books. He probably thinks he the real Jew, because once his ego latches on to this god meme he wants to be the chosen one.

      If he got in charge he would be just as tyrannical as the supremacist Jew, he isn’t against the system, he just wants to be the one in charge of it.

    • Yeah. Bishop Williamson http://www.youtube.com/user/469fitter is just as “Jewish as a rabbi” too? Seems to me that you would be a contrarian raging constantly against any existing “system”…but know this: Where Christ doesn’t reign..Satan takes the throne and THAT is the story of the modern world.

    • Wow! Now you claim your own omniscience. You would make a good recruit for the “Pre-Crime” division in the NWO. Scholars have stated that the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Old Testament, for all intent and purpose are the same. Since you do not believe in God then what are the chances that you would believe anyone or anything that contradicts you view of reality? The Dead Sea Scrolls also make reference to the coming Messiah. Many speculate that, that is the reason why the Hebrew scholars tasked with interpreting the Dead Sea Scrolls would not release their interpretations of the Scrolls for more than 47 years and it was only because of a legal action that they released the translations when they did.

    • Our own patriot hero Thomas Paine summed it up best in his great work, The Age of Reason, “Whenever we read the obscene stories, the voluptuous debaucheries, the cruel and torturous executions, the unrelenting vindictiveness, with which more than half the Bible is filled, it would be more consistent that we called it the word of a demon, than the word of God. It is a history of wickedness, that has served to corrupt and brutalize mankind; and, for my part, I sincerely detest it, as I detest everything that is cruel.”

  6. Yukon Jack,

    Real Christians understand that confessing (acknowledging) one’s sins is enough to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Hence “let he, who is without sin, cast the first stone”.

    Real Christians understand that the New Testament is the path to follow, and the behaviours of the Old Testament are there to demonstrate how not to behave.

    Real Christians understand that the “Ten Commandments” are, to be sure, taken from the Laws of Ma’at. Life everlasting is a spiritual life, not a physical life – not unlike re-incarnation.

    Evil exists, and has a multitude of faces. Zionism is but one of the faces. Talmudism is another. Thank you for making that link.

  7. This is a home run into the parking lot. Yes, zionism is, at most, a political movement designed to further the goals of Judaism as elucidated in the Torah / Old Testament. Talking about the differences is a waste of time, a distraction and obfuscation. They are as inseparable as oil and oil.

    Furthermore, many “Christians” have adopted this “chosen” mindset, in whole or in part, largely due to the writings of Paul (apparently) who clearly says that Jews who adopt Christ (becoming Christians) are NOW the “chosen ones” at the top of the food chain and are therefore entitled to prey (not pray) on the “lower” species, the Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, etc.

    Great piece, YJ. Happy Sabbath to you.

  8. Not that all Jews are Hylic (material, possessing soul but no spirit) but I wonder if the Ancient Romans and Hitler were on to something?

    “Mankind came to be in three essential types, the spiritual, the psychic, and the material… Each of the three essential types is known by its fruit. And they were not known at first but only at the coming of the Savior, who shone upon the saints and revealed what each was.” (Tripartite Tractate)


    The coming of the Savior is a misnomer, like sunrise or sunset. In reality, we enter and exit a higher dimension at predictable times. Hence, we return to Christ, a force of nature that removes our blindness for a time until we descend, once more into evil.

    The “Chosen People” of Gnostic Texts are the Elect, the “Spirit Endowed” which likely includes yourself, Yukon, Tyron, me and about 98% of the people on this planet.

    But 2% of the humans on this planet are mere animals.
    The Hylic race of humans are also called animals.

    The Hylic race worship the Archons, and hence, animals: “For this reason the children of Adam worship animals.” (Gospel of Philip)

    The Hylic race are bestial: “Having left knowledge behind, she (the soul) fell into bestiality. For a senseless person exists in bestiality, not knowing what is proper to say and what it is proper not to say.” (Authoritative Teaching)

    • So how do mere animals take control of the world?

      (Hylic are not likely to be led to this website, so I refer to VT readers as ‘we.’)

      With a spirit, we have forethought.They don’t. We are many, they are few. Why are we at such a disadvantage?

      How are they able to perpetuate a conspiracy of this magnitude over centuries?

      Unless the bastards are immortal, like elves that can only die if killed?

      So, if a second Jewish Holocaust ensues, let’s make sure we get the right guys this time, not the Jewish peasants but the heads of the Zionist snake.

  9. jew is not a race it is a religion made up of 13 tribes notice that # is seen everywhere jesus+12 deciples =13
    turn the mcdonalds sign sideways=13 bakers dozen note that # is also considered bad luck and most hotels exclude the number in their floors any time u see the # 13 there is usualy something verry wrong with that organization not to mention the fact it is most likely run by a person with lust and greed in their hearts a.k.a.
    a jew

  10. You forgot to clarify something.

    Take this sentence:

    “The Jews believe they are the chosen ones, they believe God chose them over all others,”

    Now replace one word:

    “The Zionists believe they are the chosen ones, they believe God chose them over all others,”

    See it?

    • I am pretty sure all practicing Jews believe in their chosen status, it is not just a Zionist thing. After all it is a central teaching. I am pretty sure that if you are taught that meme early on that it will stick with you the rest of your life even if you are atheistic.

      The truth is the meme of being chosen is particularly powerful, even if you have a Jewish friend and you being gentile, your friend will always think of himself as superior, but may not voice it.

    • Jack, please share with the rest of us just what it was in your childhood that caused you to develop such a rabid hatred of Christianity. I too see much of what you attribute to Christianity. Problem is, what you attribute to Christianity isn’t Christianity. A demon can call himself or herself anything it wants to. It isn’t bound by ethics, morality or any other virtue. So, what makes you think everyone that call themself a Christian is in fact a Christian. God gave you the ability to reason, so why not use that gift when accusing Christians of various evil deeds. Evil and Christianity are not compatible. Christian Zionism is an oxymoron.

  11. Our Federal Reserve Bank narcotic sales, human trafficing etc etc etc. But I still dont see how Israel and “Zionism” can be held up as the main culprit. As to your statement on 911 beneficiaries being only Israel: google Prager and gold laundering and securities fraud. Re read the comments on your interesting article about the buildings being prewired. Maybe I dont understand what you mean by zionism, ?semantics. Nevertheless, can anything be done to fix or lessen the problem besides blaming Jewish people? I perhaps naively keep trying to find a loophole or answer. I see as hope the effort put out by tptb to censor information, suggesting it could be a weakness for them. But then again it could just be an attempt to put clothes on a monster that cant be killed, only embarrased. Reguardless if caused by Zionists or not, a major US currency devaluation will be unpleasant and the collapse (or uncomfortable rescue) of our banks is another blow coming soon. The only bright spot is how much more expensive it will be for them to wage wars.

    • Pink Rabbit
      These cultists have this religious tenet whereby they MUST tell us what bad stuff they do/will/do/have done to us. It seems to some kind of get-out-of-bad-karma card they play time and time again. And if we victims/suckers/whatever do not protest/complain/object, our silence is interpreted to mean that we consent to be raped/murdered/harmed. We see this time and time again. For instance, that failed nuking of Charleston Harbour was shown in a very old made-for-tv-movie called “Special Bulletin”.

      They have told us what happened during 9/11. You can’t get more in-your-face than calling the World Trade Center site “Ground Zero” (which means a place where a nuclear explosion has happened). Yet no-one has raised any objection to this. It’s no wonder they regard us as utterly stupid and laugh at us behind our backs from time immemorial, for we are fools and idiots and still we let them get away with their crimes against humanity. When oh when will people wake up and hang these psychopaths from the nearest tree….

  12. Israel was launched as the private military and intel force of the Rothschilds and was not based on the Old Testament, but on luciferianism and the lie that Khazarian and Askenazi Judaic converts are supposedly of ancient Hebrew Blood when they are not (only the Palestinians carry a heavy concentration of ancient Hebrew genetics). It was set up to run interference for the oil cartel and to stimulate the battle predicted by Albert Pike to pit zionism against Islam and destroy both in the process, opening the way for mass luciferianism. Israel flies the hex flag,which is the luciferian flag of the merger of nephilim blood and earth woman’s blood (King David never used it and Judaics didn’t start using it until at least 700 AD). Israel is not built on the Old Testament (Torah) but on the Talmud and Noahide Law which has been officially accepted by Congress as the law of the land in America, as legislation slipped by. The Talmud has different versions, the worst kept secret and is inhuman and used to justify oppression and murder of goyim. It is based on luciferian and he is the god they worship. As Typical with most nations, only the top occult masters and top Policy-Makers know these facts and keep this evil truth from the masses whom they use for their own sinister purposes to attain their sinister goals and as cannon fodder.

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