Confession, jury verdict prove CIA killed JFK


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As the 50th anniversary of the John F. Kennedy (JFK) assassination approaches, the American people and the American media are living in two different worlds.

The corporate media is still pushing the myth that JFK was killed by a communist lone nut named Lee Harvey Oswald. But most of the American people are not buying it. Since the early 1990s, a strong majority of Americans has believed that JFK was killed by a conspiracy, and that the CIA had a hand in it.

The American people are right.

Overwhelming evidence confirms that the JFK assassination, like the assassinations and overthrows of so many of the world’s best leaders, was a CIA operation. But the American media – including the foundation-funded pseudo-alternative media – is reluctant to report the evidence.

I encountered the media’s distaste for JFK truth when I was a journalism student at the University of Wisconsin in 1980. Shortly before the 17th anniversary of the assassination, I wrote an article assembling the evidence that the CIA killed JFK, and submitted it to several media outlets. The only one that responded was The Progressive, a leading American left-wing magazine, edited by the normally courageous Erwin Knoll. Erwin told me he liked my article, and that if it were on any other subject he would have published it. But he had vowed to never publish any JFK conspiracy article unless it answered more questions than it raised. My article, he said, raised more questions than it answered.

Erwin’s response made no sense. My article answered the question “who killed JFK” with three simple letters: C-I-A. I gently spelled that out for him. Erwin’s response was evasive. I realized that no amount of evidence would ever convince him that the CIA had killed JFK. Like so many other Americans, Erwin Knoll had a psychological block preventing him from facing the fact that the “democracy” he lived in was actually a thinly-disguised police state.

Shortly after submitting my JFK article to several media outlets, I was visited by a person who claimed to be a mind-controlled slave of the CIA. She said that the CIA had planted a chip in her brain, and regularly used her to select targets for CIA assassination. After investigating her background, I learned that she had disrupted other local activist movements by infiltrating them and later announcing that she was part of a CIA assassination effort against their leaders.

My favorite Journalism teacher, a certain Professor McNulty, explained, “They’re just f***ing with you.”

At least fifty people have been murdered to cover up the CIA’s assassination of JFK, as explained in the book Hit List by Richard Belzer and David Wayne. A few of them, including Dorothy Kilgallen and Mary Meyer, were journalists or writers who were poised to blow the case wide open. But in the US stealth police state, unlike overt police states, psychological rather than physical means are usually employed to silence serious opposition.

The CIA has covered up the JFK assassination by brainwashing the public into believing “we’ll never really know the truth.” To that end, it has spread vast amounts of disinformation, including ludicrous theories that JFK’s wife Jackie, or limousine driver William Greer, fired the fatal shots.

The CIA’s Operation Mockingbird program, which infiltrates the corporate media and uses it as a brainwashing tool, pushed the term “conspiracy theorist” into widespread circulation to discredit anyone who told the truth about the JFK assassination. The purpose was to frighten people into a psychological state of denial, in which they would say “we’ll never know who killed JFK,” rather than facing the simple and obvious fact that the CIA killed JFK.

The media mockingbirds endlessly repeat the mantra, “But surely, in a conspiracy as large and complex as you’re suggesting, someone would have talked!” They hope the public will not bother to learn that a great many whistleblowers HAVE talked – including some who paid with their lives.

Several people involved in the CIA’s assassination of JFK have confessed, including Chauncey Holt, David Sanchez Morales, and even Lyndon Johnson. But the star witness among the confessed JFK assassins is CIA officer E. Howard Hunt, who, on February 6th, 1985, was legally found by a jury to have participated in the CIA’s assassination of JFK.

Hunt resented having been “thrown to the wolves” by the CIA during the Watergate scandal; and he must have deeply resented the way the CIA murdered his wife, and implicitly threatened to keep murdering his other family members, if he refused to take the fall for Watergate. Additionally, Hunt did not appreciate being singled out as a JFK assassin in the public mind, when other CIA personnel had played even more active roles in the assassination than he did. So during the final years of his life, Hunt opened up to his son St. John and told him something approaching the full story of his participation in the CIA’s assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Hunt explained to his son that he first learned of the CIA assassination plot against Kennedy at the JM Wave CIA station in Miami, Florida. Several CIA personnel there, including William “Wild Bill” Harvey, asked Hunt to help them develop and perfect the logistics of the assassination operation. After at first expressing reluctance to kill his own Commander-in-Chief, Hunt finally acquiesced and applied his considerable skills as an assassination-orchestrator and overthrower-of-governments to the CIA plot against the President. On November 22nd, 1963, Hunt was in Dallas; his role included paying one of the gunmen.

Why did the CIA kill JFK? As Hunt explained, everyone in the CIA loathed President Kennedy, who had left over 1400 CIA mercenaries to be slaughtered or captured during the Bay of Pigs debacle, and who was pushing “treasonous” plans for peace with Cuba, Vietnam, and even the Soviet Union. Additionally, Kennedy was going all out to shut down Israel’s nuclear weapons program, trying to end the Federal Reserve’s private currency monopoly, and threatening oilmen’s profits by ending the depletion allowance. Though the American people loved JFK, America’s corrupt elite hated him.

Hunt’s confessions, including his handwritten and tape-recorded summaries of his involvement, are supported by a great many independent sources, including Brad Ayers, a CIA man stationed at the Miami JM Wave station prior to the assassination. In his book ‘The Zenith Secret’, Ayers describes the CIA plot against JFK, and names the same names as Hunt.

The confessions of E. Howard Hunt are just one of the dozens if not hundreds of “smoking guns” proving beyond all possible doubt that the CIA was at the center of the coup d’état against JFK. For more details about Hunt’s confessions, you can listen to my interviews with St. John Hunt, which are available on-line at No Lies Radio.

As long as the American people imagine that there is still some small shred of doubt about the JFK case, they will never rise up and overthrow the military-industrial-intelligence complex (including the mainstream media brainwashing apparatus) that has stolen their democracy.

So everyone, repeat after me, “CIA killed JFK.”

Let us finish the job that JFK started when he said, “I want to splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.”


  1. LBJ had no legal training–which was a pity, for a man who would play such a prominent role in the legal affairs of the nation–as Senate Majority Leader, Vice President and President. But even experienced attorneys often ignore the force, the power, of admissions by conduct–also known as “implied admissions.” LBJ assumed the powers and duties of the presidency, from the moment of JFK’s incapacity, after JFK was shot and fatally wounded in downtown Dallas, Texas. Virtually LBJ’s first act as President (or as Vice President, acting as President) was to take personal possession of JFK’s dead body, which the Secret Service, then under LBJ’s direct, personal control, did by force of arms. The autopsy on JFK’s body, and all the problems with that autopsy, and the tampering or destruction of the evidence yielded by said autopsy, were similarly personnel by Navy personnel–Johnson’s military subordinates–or others under Johnson’s direct or ultimate control. There is a whole body of law, relating to tampering with evidence by interested parties: what one does in response to such tampering or destruction, and what conclusions one draws from it. Power, in this case Johnson’s power, has NOT succeeded in warping truth; but it has certainly succeeded in warping justice. Johnson died without a trial. And like another more commonly, if mistakenly, blamed for JFK’s murder; Johnson’s guilt can no longer be legally established or declared.

  2. Prouty: The distinction lies between the brigade’s own B-26’s that Bundy had grounded, and U.S. Military Air Cover that the National Security Council Directive 5412 prohibits. This is why the public has been led to believe “Air Cover” meant that Kennedy should have sent fighters from the aircraft carriers (Navy fighters) and wiped out those jets; in other words, wiped out any opposition. But we didn’t need air cover. Those Cuban jets were supposed to be rubble by sunrise.

    Ratcliffe: We didn’t need air cover if the plan had been allowed to proceed as it had been approved by JFK on Sunday afternoon.

    Prouty: And the plan had said that if they didn’t destroy those planes, don’t land on the beach. You can’t stop a snowball once it’s going downhill. But the difference was the levels between the military tacticians and the political tacticians, which didn’t meet. This was a new Kennedy team. They didn’t have — even Maxwell Taylor had never met Kennedy. He wasn’t an advisor to him until afterwards. Kennedy kept Taylor in the White House to be his military advisor to guard against this again. He didn’t want it to happen again. This is very complicated.

    But you can see how, if we think about it realistically, it makes sense that it could have happened. It’s the unfortunate (I believe it is unfortunate, “the unfortunate call” — I don’t think it was malicious) — the unfortunate call that Bundy made, that the Taylor Report clearly states “Bundy made.”

  3. According to Fletcher Prouty’s book JFK didn’t get cold feet about the Bay of Pigs attack. He reluctantly ordered the attack but it was sabotaged (by McGeorge Bundy but probably by Dulles who was suspiciously absent that day) and it needed to be timely to prevent the slaughter of the people on the beach. In Prouty’s own words:

    But the record is perfectly clear that, at 9:30 that Sunday night, McGeorge Bundy reversed the President’s decision and called Cabell and said “no air strike tomorrow.” That doomed the whole affair, because the airplanes destroyed the mission.

    Now, people have said: “OK. Bundy was Kennedy’s Assistant, right in the White House. Why didn’t Kennedy straighten this out?” That’s a good question. But let’s go one step further. That is true; but within weeks Bobby Kennedy, Maxwell Taylor, Admiral Burke and Allen Dulles were writing this in a letter to the President to tell the President this was their finding. Why would they have to tell him, in an official letter, that this was the reason it failed, if he had been the man that called McGeorge Bundy?

    You see, Bobby Kennedy could have told them right there in the meeting: “OK, I know Jack called him. Let’s drop it right now. We’ll say that it was Jack Kennedy’s problem.” They knew that McGeorge Bundy had made a serious mistake… And General Cabell never did tell Kennedy that the call had been made. Kennedy woke up in the morning thinking there had been more than adequate air cover by the brigade’s own B-26’s.

  4. In June of ’63, while Kennedy was in Ireland visiting relation on what would be the last time he would see the country and his people, back home plans were being made and confirmed when and where to get at him. It would’ve been too difficult since they watched him closely over there. Even though some of the same Secret Service agents were with him.
    Johnson did very little. All he had to do was get JFK to Texas which made getting him to Dallas easy.
    When any open minded person takes a look at the mountain of evidence about this slaughter, they will easily see the conspiracy, BUT, they must look at ALL the evidence, every tidbit, every little detail as most “conspiracy theorists have for decades.
    How narrow minded people can be so happy and satisfied remaining narrow minded is quite disheartneing and disappointing. Public school teachers, professors, administrators, lawyers, news media journalists, senators, governors, regular citizens who are the backbone of this country, ALL have been so gullible, swallowing the government line. The CIA had a huge part in this killing of a wonderful president, and these people refuse to look at ALL the facts!. Deathbed confessions are admissible in a court of law, aren’t they? Listen to Hunt in his gravel-grunting voice, then listen to Oswald tell us he is a “patsy.” Thank you, thank you. Conspiracy theorists be proud, we know the truth. JFK deserves us. The rest can live and die believing the government lies. We don’t, and won’t.

  5. As many insiders know the hit was done by OP40, of Room 40 at Langely which was started by Richard Nixon when he Vice-Pres under Eisenhower. This was referred to by Haldeman and other insiders as the “Bay of Pigs thing”. Op40 was made up of DOD, CIA, Cuban counter-Revolutionary special operators/assassins who were seasoned cold warriors with highly developed assassination skills, folks who did their murders outside of the continental USA before the JFK Assassination. OP40 was a tool of the JCS and the secret warrior of the folks really running the DOD, the Central Banksters of the City of London, in fact the unit was inspired by Stephenson, the man called Intrepid because Britain had its own Room 40. The plumbers caught during the Watergate break-in were from OP40 and included one E. Howard Hunt, McCord, and Sturgiss (aka Frank Fiorini) who fired the killing through the forehead shot at JFK from where the overpass meets the grassy knoll. The assassination was done only after LBJ signed a secret National Security finding for the DOD that JFK was an immediate national security risk. J. Edgar Hoover had provided all the intel and support for this to LBJ and the JCS.

    • OP 40? Where did all this come from Mr. James? This is why I read VT. Is there a book on OP 40, or some other literature so I can find out more about this? I know a lot, but not anything about OP 40. Each day I learn a little more. So many potential causes, and people. I want more about this. I will check back.

  6. The Executive, Legislative and, now too, the Judicial branches of government have been co-opted by the Neo-Bolshevik Jews. The same ones, (under the guise of “dual Citizens), who, by using their power over the Bidens/McCains etc. have gotten themselves “appointed” to agencies from the AMA, ADA, APA to every “alphabet FED agency ever spawned from a bad dream. And like a bad dream, we need to wipe it from our minds. Read chapter 18 of Solzhenitsyn’s 200 years together and you can see first hand how they are going to do to us what they did to Russia et al.

    “We have exterminated the property owners in Russia. We are going to do the same thing in Europe and America.”
    (The Jew, December 1925, Zinobit)

  7. What was another likely motivating factor and the ultimate ‘get out of jail card’ was the Hoover recorded, JFK & RFK involvement with the mob, in the murder of Marilyn Monroe who was a political liability. This is the likely reason that RFK quickly acquiesced to the ‘lone gunman’ myth just days after the hit. RFK had to live with the blackmail evidence and the Truth until he could be wacked as well. Live by the sword, die by the sword, which does cut both ways. Powerful enemies needed a powerful cover story if the plot was exposed.

  8. Please don’t forget the collusion of the FBI, the police, the Government of Texas, the media, the secret service, the Israelis, the NSA, the cabinet members and legislators linked, and the DOD, and branches there of. . . as mentioned above, and the ex-presidents involved. . . at least four.

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