Press TV – Israel’s ‘all-or-nothing’ stance on Iran will lead to war



Israel’s  ‘all-or-nothing’  stance  on  Iran  will  lead  to  war:  US  official

 … from  Press TV,  Tehran


JTA[ Editors Note: Sourcing a story for an anonymous source about anonymous participants which originated in the Jewish Telegraph Agency must be taken with a grain of salt.

But that said, the White house was the first to put out their veiled threat that killing the diplomatic effort would lead to war, with the reasoning that no other option would be available.

This kind of shocked me as it seemed to be playing right into the hands of the Zio’s and their Congressional espionage brigade with their plan to do just so with passing more sanctions legislation.

Even if it was a ploy to intimidate the Iranians to make concessions or face an American attack was off the scale irresponsible as that pour fuel on the fire of the hardliner Republican Guard folks in Iran whose position is that the US would never negotiate in food faith and always seek a military solution.

The alleged conference call intercept below is presented as a pep talk for the Obama policy supporters, but in a well crafted psyops game, this is exactly how it would be structured as diversion from it’s true purpose. But the ‘push back’ mention adds credibility as the Obama people would be wanting to hold the line against the AIPAC brigade.

Webster Tarpley had an incredible interview on Press TV yesterday where he went on an on about how AIPAC is in complete control of Congress. I watched the whole thing to wait for him to qualify his blanket statement with the acknowledgement that AIPAC suffered a devastating defeat on the Syrian attack…a hard thing for anyone in the news biz to forget.

While our ‘non-Jewish controlled media’ (yes, that is a joke) did play up the Congressional sanctions threat, missed by many is that they did not have the votes to pass anything, which is why that part of the story was left out.

American media was showing itself in the bag once again. Even the group that has signed the current sanctions letter in the Senate, it is just 14 of them, which with my math skills does not equate to control.

Also, left out of this silly ‘no option but war’ hype is zero mention of any qualification on proof that Iran has a bomb program. And of course the most censored position of all is that Iran has every legal right to  have a nuclear deterrent to Israel’s huge WMD program, as everyone in the region does.

Don’t take my word for it, my source is the Jerusalem Post and David Ben-Gurion. According to a recent Jerusalem Post article:

“History shows that some issues are so critical that even the president of the United States cannot force Israel’s hand…The sharpest example took place almost 50 years ago, when John F. Kennedy demanded that David Ben-Gurion end Israel’s nuclear deterrent program, deemed necessary to ensure Jewish survival in a very hostile world.”

Iran has every right to “ensure its Iranian survival in a very hostile world”, particularly when the beacon of democracy in the free world (ah…that is us if anyone can’t remember) can’t seem to let go of the term, ‘all options are on the table’.

What this translates into is the Neo-colonialist era that the Neo-Cons rolled out, that anyone desiring a deterrent to Western aggression would be deemed a threat themselves, and subject to pre-emptive attack. If this does not show the dark ugly side of colonialism, I don’t know what does… Jim W. Dean ]


–  First published November 22, 2013  –


Why would Iran as an NPT member, accept limitations?
Why would Iran as an NPT member, accept peaceful limitations?
A senior White House official has said that Israel’s “all-or-nothing” posture demanding a total halt to Iran’s nuclear energy program is a path to war.In a conference call with think tanks and advocacy groups sympathetic to the Obama administration’s strategy with Iran, the official said Israel’s stance would “close the door on diplomacy” and would “essentially lead to war.”

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency obtained a recording of the conference on condition that the participants remained anonymous.The official expressed frustration with Israel’s push back against the US proposal for a “first step” agreement with Tehran that would exchange some modest sanctions relief for some restrictions in Iran’s nuclear energy program.Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council – the US, France, Britain, Russia and China – plus Germany kicked off their latest round of talks on Wednesday.

The two sides are working to hammer out an interim deal to pave the ground for the final resolution to the West’s decade-old nuclear standoff with Iran.

The recognition of Iran’s entitlement to enrich uranium for peaceful purposes remains one of the major sticking points in the talks.

In recent weeks, senior Israeli officials including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have been hard at work trying to discredit negotiations with the Islamic Republic.

Under the influence of the Israel lobby, a bipartisan group of 14 US senators issued a statement on Thursday saying they would move ahead with a new sanctions bill against Tehran over the coming weeks.

At a White House meeting on Tuesday, US President Barack Obama urged American senators to ignore the aggressive lobbying campaign by Israel and hold off on new sanctions against Tehran.

A recent poll shows a majority of Americans support a diplomatic agreement between Iran and the six world powers over the country’s nuclear energy program.

The survey conducted by ABC News/Washington Post found out that 64 percent of respondents back a deal that will ease sanctions in exchange for Iran restricting its nuclear program.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean



  1. First off Thanks Jim for above… Next the “All or nothing” concept does not fit with negotiations as leaves nothing to negotiate. Obama’s ”no deal will lead to war” was a suprise ….. now we are getting the ”full” story where that came from …. Jim you are so damn right about the neo-colonialism – ”if you dont submit to our rule we kill you”. However today is the day the FMs are meeting up again in Geneve ”to make a deal or reck a deal?” Looking at the political capital Obama has invested into these talks… and what else he can roll out if he can make a deal with Iran… the probability is Kerry has orders from Obama to make a deal. Which means handle France …. I am sure US has enough leverage to do so, The question is only does Obama want the deal with Iran and so start a ”new deal” for the USA.

  2. Nukes cannot be lunched if Puppet Masters didn’t approve it, All rockets (ICBM&comp) are on “one button” (some say) and kept for ultimate purpose: cover up of celestial bombardment (comet cluster) which strikes every 3600 years – which is a kind of overdue…),,,So “Elite” who will survive in DUMBs (a BIG ?) could boast they’ve done it – to keep lower castes in fear… Anyway this cometary bombardment could be the reason why Power is shifting Far East: there are some geological findings that there is a layer of meteorite spherules all over North America, North Atlantic seabed and West Europe…

  3. these so called leaders sure have me terrified for the consequences of their decisions and actions,
    according to their own “new laws” they oughtta be renditioned, enhanced interrogated, whatever.
    the little nazi welfare-warfare “state” should be disarmed and dismantled for their nonstop crimes,
    along with the majority of the District of Criminals for the same kinds of (T)reasons.

  4. absolutely, they oughtta be hauled off to be permanent residents of psychiatric facilities,
    for being a clear and blatant danger to themselves and others, at the very least.

  5. From the article,

    But that said, the White house was the first to put out their veiled threat that killing the diplomatic effort would lead to war, with the reasoning that no other option would be available.

    Brian: Was the White House statement written in Tel Aviv? Is Netanyahu behind the scenes with his control of the White House setting the stage for Iran to get a proposition for its nuclear program it can’t meet, thus setting the stage for war?

  6. “All or nothing” seems to be the Jewish way. Always seek vengeance, never back down, an eye for an eye, Masada, the Jewish invention called “the bomb”, the Samson Option, the Book of Esther, on and on.

    Is it emblazoned in their non-human DNA to always attack, like a crocodile? Is it just the result of racism and supremacism taken to it’s logical conclusion? Both? One of life’s big mysteries……

    I just got a reply from one Senator (one of the 14) who still insists that Iran is the problem. Wrote him back with my “RV Analogy” to our Iran policy:

    Kerry’s “deal” with Iran is like requiring your neighbor to agree not to park his RV on your lawn, when he doesn’t have an RV in the first place. Then, when he refuses to sign your little “agreement”, you accuse him of secretly trying to get an RV without your permission so he can park it on your lawn while you’re not looking.

    Then, when word gets out around the “hood” about what a self-serving hypocrite you are, having RV’s parked all over town, you start screaming “anti-RV” to anyone who speaks the truth about your arrogant double standards.

    Then you start spraying anti-RV graffiti on your own RV’s and say, “Look what those dirty anti-RV-ites did! I’m SOOOO poisecuted”…..!

    Haven’t heard back………

  7. The moment of truth is nearing. Either way, it looks like WWIII is approaching fastly. I am sincerely hoping that the United States stays the hell out of any conflict in the Middle East incited by Israel/Saudi Arabia/France, etc. If Obama doesn’t play ball with AIPAC/ADL does he suffer the same fate as JFK?

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