Commentary Magazine attacks me for “Did Israel kill JFK?” article

Israeli whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu

Read Commentary Magazine’s attempt to smear me

Israeli whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu says the Mossad killed JFK.
Israeli whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu says the Mossad killed JFK.

Commentary Magazine is the flagship publication of America’s most rabid neocon-Zionist extremists. For some reason they aren’t happy about my recent Press TV article headlined “Israel called shots from Grassy Knoll?

Squealing like a proverbial stuck pig, Commentary writer Michael Rubin calls my article “noxious hate” but makes no effort to dispute its central contention: That Michael Collins Piper’s book Final Judgment makes a strong case that Israel was a key player in the JFK assassination.

If Rubin wants to be taken seriously, he should direct his readers to a convincing refutation of Piper’s thesis. Unfortunately for Rubin and the Zionist entity he serves, no such refutation exists. Rubin is left with only one way to respond to my article: With insults and insinuations of racism.

The Zionists always attempt to silence their critics with insults and threats, because they have no convincing arguments supporting their case. The entire set of Zionist positions, starting with the ludicrous notion that the genocidal entity occupying Palestine “has the right to exist,” cannot be defended with rational-empirical arguments. So they have become specialists in hate propaganda, character assassination, ad-hominems, arguments through misleading emotional appeals, and other diversionary tactics designed to obfuscate the fact that they are in the wrong.

Rubin’s article, with its failure to even try to refute Piper’s thesis, amounts to an admission that Piper is right: Substantial evidence implicates Israel in the assassination of President Kennedy.

My interview with Michael Collins Piper discussing the JFK assassination will be broadcast tomorrow, 8 to 9 a.m.  Pacific, at, then archived here.  You can also listen to French scholar Dr. Laurent Guyénot endorsing Piper’s thesis here.


  1. Nothing is wrong with open borders, indeed! So let’s open Israel’s borders for the millions of descendants of Palestinian refugees and millions of African asylum seekers. That will make Israel in a few years majority Arab-African, a true “multi-cultural” paradise that Jews everywhere in the Western world try to foist on us. For the rest, repeat the kosher mantra : Jews are ALLWAYS innocent, any assertion to the contrary is “anti-Semitic”. Facts are anti-Semitic, history is anti-Semitic and the whole of humanity is anti-Semitic! Only thing is this tactic isn’t working anymore.

  2. Big Zio is losing the PR war with each passing day. Look at how many people are now aware as compared to just 8 years ago. You would think the Zionists would resort to a different tactic to bolster their cause, no matter how sleazy. You know what a rat does when it’s cornered, don’t you? Lets stay alert.

  3. I’ve grown tired of the completely “race-supremecist” psychobabble of calling someone “anti-semite”.
    I’ve decided that the accusation is confession of being “ANTI-CHRIST-IANIC” aka luciferian-satanic,
    a “religion” that says its ok to lie cheat steal or murder those outside its beliefs cant be anything but.
    people who tell the truth about their criminality are persecuting them and should be arrested?!!
    how is that not a declaration of war?

  4. Didn’t Jack rubenstein ( Ruby ), when asked why he shot the Patsy, sd something along the lines of ” to show that Jews are tough.”? This nightclub owner/associate of Meyer Lansky…there’s heavy evidence the shooters were imports…Talmudia dominated US foreign policy before Judeo-Masonic forces ( the bad apples in the CIA ) killed Jack Kennedy…Besides Talmudia’s nukes another reason the Synagogue of Satan hated Jack was his patriotic desire to take fm the pvt central bank their monopoly on US currency creation….

  5. The Israeli nuclear weapons program is the common thread between the JFK assassination and 9/11. JFK was taken out because he wasn’t going to let the Zionist mad dogs build nukes. The WTC buildings were nuked on 9/11 and it appears highly likely that those nukes came from Israel.

    There is a lot of BS in both JFK and 9/11 research. Once you get past the Single Bullet Theory, thermite, DEWs and related controversies and BS there is one constant: Israeli nuclear domination of the Middle East. That is the common thread.

    The same power structure that toppled JFK also went on to kill RFK, invade Vietnam and was behind the 9/11 scam. A lot of effort has gone into the cover up. But the layers of the onion are starting to peel. Eventually even the dumbed down American public will start to figure it out. The empty insults of the Zionist shills only serve to confirm that we’re on the right track here.

    • Don’t forget that at the same time period, JFK was trying to get the AZC (American Zionist Counsel) to register as foreign agents. Now called IPAC (No A as IPAC has NOTHING to do with America or Americans). Which is perhaps why Israel today isn’t the 51st State within our alleged Union as you can only OWN two Senators then.

      Doc. Barrett I think your Spot On and I also think others like Mike Rivero would also agree with you. If there wasn’t so much to hide, then why are video’s that expose this and others all removed from the Web?

      But this is like reading the HAAVARA AGREEMENT. Where it clearly states, “The Zionist’s in FULL AGREEMENT with Hitler were moved from German held territories from 1933 – 1939 to PALESTINE. Which also fit’s the YOUNG PLAN where JP-Morgan financed WWII. Makes you wonder why in researching WWII History in Europe you can get a 5 year Jail sentence?

  6. The Jewish Zionist stooge Rubin promotes the phony war on terror and tells people Al-Qaeda did 911, nobody should take him seriously.

    • Brian, I always thought it was funny that Dan Rather’s original video that claimed the US was Attacked by Al Qaeda for the US support of Israel was even more funny that had that really been the case as propaganda went. Then why in 12 years hasn’t Al Qaeda who is at least 2,000 Miles closer to Israel ever attacked Israel?

      Israel = Al Qaeda
      Al Qaeda = Israel.
      Why we also saw in Israel how they were actually opening their Hospital’s to Al Qaeda proxy fighter in Syria. Patch the Patsy’s Up and get them back on the field to do Israel’s and Saudi’s bidding.

      U.S. Funding Al Qaeda – Taliban: MSM finally admits.
      Imagine the US & Contractors supplying $150,000,000 to firms with Al Qaeda ties then refusing to break them ties citing “Due Process?” As they know they are killing their own Troops.

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