Naked Transhumanism – Part One




Preaching to the Choir    … by  Cara  St.Louis


[ Editors Note:  Dear Readers, I have been sitting on the bleachers on this issue, just catching bits and pieces of it as they flew by. It is complicated, and impossible to even begin to get a clear picture of it that way. By doing the layout editing for Cara’s piece here today I have taken a quantum leap in learning.

While looking for good images to add more power to her text the Morgellon’s fibers were new to me. I used the full width photos to increase the impact. People need to see these and read Cara’s article. You know what to do for that.

Of everything I found, the tracking fiber blew me away the most. That is why I used a cropped close up of the head in the feature image. The new terms I used, ‘Welcome to the New Internal World Order, and New World Fiber were instant spontaneous reactions to my first seeing the images. All of my unusual photo captions come that way, instantly or not at all.

If you are too busy to read this when you open it, do save the link as you have my personal guarantee it is worth every minute of your time… Jim W. Dean ]


The Charter that Israel ignores like all the others
The Charter that Israel ignores like all the others

Article 1 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU (2000) states that “Human dignity is inviolable. It must be respected and protected”.

In a highly information and communications technology-based world, this fundamental human right and basic ethical principle is facing an increasing threat.

The time during which I wrote The Sun Thief was obviously a breathless climb up a steep learning curve. Encountering chemtrails, geoengineering, aerosol weapons and such through research yielded so much data.

Each discovery felt like a landmine, each landmine blew up in some way…in my heart, in my head, in my hope for the future.

It was a scary unfolding and it wasn’t long before I, at least, was convinced that there was, yes, a certain percentage of the population who would both be able to take in the magnitude of this crime and absorb and be convinced by the data that had been so painstakingly collected. I appeared to be one of them. This was the slice of the population whose attention had been ‘got.’

They were already paying attention, they knew the science, they understood the science not because they were that much smarter than everyone else but because it was a way of looking at the world that interested them. Digging continued and continues to yield data like an unstoppable avalanche, like the falls at Niagara.

However, there is only a thin slice of the population that wants this information in this way. New information presented just to these people is, what we called in my house, ‘preaching to the choir.’ The choir was already convinced. We needed to get the other ninety percent on board and if not on board exactly, at least aware.

I try in every interview I give and in every article I write to talk about Everyman. Fictionalizing my story was one of the ways I hoped to reach the broadest possible audience. Humans learn through story. I think that’s one of the reasons I’ve had to fight the uphill battle against invisible forces meant to bury this story.

I lecture, attend activist’s congresses, and continue to write articles trying to find better, more compelling and more interesting ways to reveal what’s happening to us. Getting beyond the choir.

I want to talk to everyone I can on the other side and when people ask me what they can do, that is my answer. Help raise the consciousness. That’s all we need.

Who's been working on your brain?
Who’s been working on your brain?

Speaking to my publisher in Germany this morning confirmed for me that all of us who are trying to get beyond the choir are bringing the same things: transhumanism, Morgellon’s Syndrome, and all of the illnesses with which we find ourselves and our children saddled. Our children do not know that the way they feel is abnormal.

They do not understand that the drugs they take, the neurological issues they struggle with, the depression, the chronic fatigue syndrome, sleeplessness, the chronic pain…none of these are ‘to be expected.’

They are all environmental. Every one of these dis-eases and so many more. They are attacks, deliberate assaults on us. Lingering, non-specific respiratory illnesses? Now the third largest killer in the United States.

In fact, there are a handful of categories with life-threatening information within each, all of which is so important, that when I gave my last interview on the subject in Germany in mid-August, the task of boiling everything down to the most essential was overwhelming. Physiologically, it all falls under the heading of critical.

And, the fellow who translated The Sun Thief into German recently sat with a woman at a hospital in Berlin and talked to her about her Morgellon’s Syndrome. I have included a set of photographs of some of the typical presentations of Morgellon’s at the bottom of the page. They are graphic. God help me, this is the part I like writing about the least. However, we all have children. They deserve to have a life.

The attempted ‘war’ in Syria provided the administration with the opportunity to state publicly that spraying poisons on your own people, or any people, is absolutely abhorrent and forbidden. I will not stop reminding the public of that.

President Obama, Sept. 4: First of all, I didn’t set a red line; the world set a red line. The world set a red line when governments representing 98% of the world’s population said the use of chemical weapons are abhorrent and passed a treaty forbidding their use even when countries are engaged in war.

More permanent damage than you can imagine
More permanent damage than you can imagine

Before I go on, though, I want to state here and now that it is most certainly NOT the Chinese and the North Koreans and the Russians and all those other bogeymen we love to point to who are responsible for the heinous medical experiments raining down on us and the deliberate physiologically wrenching transformation we are undergoing.

It’s all of the above including the United States of America.

Do not kid yourself. These programs meant to use us as medical guinea pigs and insinuate chips and metals and biologicals and aerosol vaccines and viruses and sub-micron-sized fibers and pseudo-DNA into our very bodies? That’s them and US. Never forget that or we’re sunk. The other stuff is a distraction.

The entities conducting this slow-kill program are a hyper-malevolent blend of corporation and government/military which lacks a center…read: the buck just doesn’t stop because there is always someone further along in the circle to blame.

One of the reasons there is always someone further along to which we can point is that the sheer volume of biological/medical experiments being performed on us from the atmosphere is staggering.

The other thing I want to note for the record is as follows: NASA has issued a new ‘cloud chart’ for use in the schools with stunning photos of ‘new’ clouds (New? You mean like ‘new’ kinds of water, ‘new’ kinds of soil…huh? Or maybe they are just newly discovered like species of plants and bugs in the deepest amazon). See video below.

[youtube Sl16iCUs9HU]

These are, in fact, chemtrail-made Frankenclouds. Cotton Candy Death. Old movies are being re-edited with chemtrails added to the skies. There are Cloud Appreciation Societies (there really are, everywhere) in which members wax lyrical and poetic about these amazing new cloud formations.

One can still look up, if one is old enough and has not succumbed to the chemically-induced dementias ravaging the population, and see that something is very, very wrong in the heavens.


I have seen people post the following on Facebook: ‘If you think this is a cloud, you need a brain transplant.’ One will see this scribbled under some clearly ‘natural’ checkerboard cloud formation or loop-de-loop, complete back flip half-gaynor of a chemtrail. Someone could write Kilroy Was Here in the sky and NASA would photograph it, slap it on a piece of plastic and call it the ‘Newly Discovered Previously Elusive Kilroy Formation.’

Then the Cloud Appreciation folks would issue Ode to Kilroy or some such. Perhaps some of us would ooh and ahh. How I wish I was kidding. I’m not. So let’s talk about the severe impact on our biology instead.

The question is, how does all this happen? Because we absolutely must, we are discussing the ways our beautiful and already perfect human body reacts and breaks down and is transformed after being marinated, without relent and without our consent, in an atmosphere that has been turned into a dense, highly reactive electro-magnetic conductor.

The plasma we breathe is filled with ionized metallic salts such as aluminum nanoparticles and barium nanoparticles. Arsenic, cadmium, mercury, fluoride…the list is long up to and including human cells such as dessicated red blood cells. Often we see and smell sulfur dioxide, which kicks oxygen off our neuroreceptors and makes us more compliant.

The air we breathe should be what we term ‘neutral,’ which simply means that chemistry which is the most naturally conducive to health and life. It is no longer neutral air but rather, as I have indicated, a metallic and conductive plasma. How come?

Chemtrails come in all sizes and shapes
Chemtrails come in all sizes and shapes

One could insert ‘because of the CO2’ here and most folks, I think, would nod and smile.

However, the other stuff in the atmosphere, the other stuff being rained down on us for no CO2 reason, no global warming reason whatsoever…this gives the Lie to that now very pat answer. CO2 is not the problem.

CO2 was never, ever the issue. Thousands and thousands of scientists have tried very hard to protest about this to Mr. Gore and to the rest of the world. This is about, rather, transforming human beings into something different, something other than human. I, for one, am not okay with that.

We are going to talk about Smart Dust and lithium trails, too, and what follows is a video which includes a recorded conversation with a NASA scientist, who talk about the lithium in the air from at least the summer of 2013.

They are dropping lithium on us, according to this NASA scientist, to understand how the wind blows. Lithium. On us. In our lungs, in our soil, in our water to try to find out how the wind blows at altitude. I encourage you to have a look. It is brief.

[youtube y-R0L6XQ_5A]

Were one interested in reading about nanoparticles in general, especially the potential toxicity, one might want to have a look at the following and let it launch you into your own research:

One does not breathe in a nanoparticle of anything without experiencing negative biological consequences.

However, it is not the reader who will run with the research ball I aim my conversations at generally. It is the reader who needs to get plain information without being buried under an avalanche because that is absolutely counter-productive. Unfortunately, even the simplest, most plain explanation of why so many of us spend all of our time sounding the alarm is, well, horrifying. There is no other way to put it.

First, though, the very basics, now that we know them and can talk about them sensibly. (I want to acknowledge the work of Dr. Sophia Smallstorm here for distilling that avalanche of information down to something very manageable and understandable).

Our fingerprints are being altered
Our fingerprints are being altered

In general, there are three major categories of material floating around in this air/plasma, all of which goes right into our very willing bodies.

The material is designed to do so. We ingest it all, one way or another. The categories are: metallic salts, filaments – generally submicron sized – and engineered biologicals.

These categories have been identified using soil, air and water samples collected across the planet.

Heavy metals. Metallic salts. Same thing. Aluminum nanoparticles are a very prevalent example of one of these metallic salts. Barium is, as well. The term ionizable metallic salt is very precise here and it means quite simply that this substance not only conducts electro-magnetic impulses but, in agglomeration, creates a plasma that conducts electro-magnetic energy.

Agglomeration, as you all probably know quite well, is simply the sticking together of smaller substances to make larger substances. These substances accumulate in the body, going in through the skin and into the lungs since they are much smaller than say asbestos, which is illegal because inhaling particles as such makes one very, very ill.

Many nanoparticles are accumulating in our bodies, agglomerating, and are much, much smaller than many substances which have been declared extremely hazardous, dangerous and illegal because they will kill us. Bio-accumulation of aluminum, for example, leads to something we all know as Alzheimer’s Disease.

I believe the first statistic I came across regarding aluminum nanoparticles was one collected from snow on Mt. Shasta. Levels were something like one hundred and twenty thousand times higher than ‘acceptable.’ I let the characters in The Sun Thief demonstrate, explain and live with the heavy metals.

There is ample information out there at your fingertips if you want more. I recommend searching the name Mark McCandlish, my technical advisor on the book, because he has recorded many, many interviews on the subject and makes it very, very understandable.

I also recommend lectures by Sophia Smallstorm and my own interviews from Bewusst TV, in English and German. The interview is below for the interested.

[youtube W1PgEJaRTLA]

Once again, bio-accumulation of such makes the human body a nice conductor of electro-magnetic impulses, as well, all the way down to the DNA.

Two things I hope you already already asking yourselves. One, since the geoengineering program is supposed to be about cooling the planet, or even protecting us from solar flares, why are we making the atmosphere conductive? Additionally, why are we making human beings conductive, as well?

If you want to take it one step further, add the absolute fact that we are living on a planet that has been utterly saturated in e-mag waves. Just have a look at the GWEN tower on every corner, for example, emitting electro-magnetic impulses ceaselessly at demonic levels.

The other thing I hope you want to know more about now is this idea of bio-accumulation. What is it? Nanoparticles, for example, do agglomerate…meaning that they stick together, as we know, to make something much bigger. Imagine mucous gathering in lungs when you are ill.

That is the agglomeration of a healing substance reaction to an infection. Some of what they are sending down we are, in effect, assimilating. (I think the Borg are at the door. Don’t answer it).

Actually, one way or the other, our bodies are ‘dealing with’ everything they are raining down on us and it is making us very, very ill. What we don’t assimilate, we excrete, which brings me to the nanofibers.

Morgellons fibers
Morgellon’s fibers

Some of these unidentifiable fibers raining down on us are big enough to see with the naked eye and some are submicron level again. They do not exist in the natural world. We know about them largely, I believe, thanks to the poor souls with Morgellon’s Syndrome and the identifier of this biological effect on humanity, Dr. Clifford Carnicom in New Mexico, who risked life and limb to bring it to humanity’s attention.

Morgellon’s Syndrome is identifiable when the fibers leave the body through the skin. That is when we see the them, when the body is rejecting these fibers. The scarier part of this, after some thought, is that we all have them.

The worse news is, If we cannot see them on ourselves it is because our body is not rejecting them. They are, according to Sophia Smallstorm and Clifford Carnicom, tubules with hollow insides. When they are cultured they produce colonies of filaments.

Some of the fibers are tracking mechanisms. Forget the argument about microchipping. It’s already here. Some of the tracking mechanisms are smaller than the eye of a small needle and some, I am convinced, are nanoparticle-sized.

This comes under the heading of Smart Dust. We are all breathing Smart Dust. All of us. The nanofibers we are discussing here are self-unpacking and self-replicating once they are inside your body.

All of this, may I remind you, is being brought to us under the umbrella of saving us from ‘global warming’ and ‘solar flares.’ An army of pilots is dropping this stuff on us by the ton in the name of saving us from solar flares.

Tracking fiber - Welcome to the New Internal World Order
Tracking fiber – Welcome to the New Internal World Order

What has any of this hijacking of our bodies got to do with global warming? We are starting to understand that we need to stop listening to that nonsense and realize what is being done to us.

Because we are being made into entities that resonate with signals sent at us, because we are being invaded by these nano-particles in smart dust, it is impossible to ignore the fact that we are being made into changed and controllable entities.

This is truly the definition of Transhumanism, not building a ‘better’ or ‘healthier’ human. Our bodies are already perfect. Our bodies’ natural state is health. We have been convinced that we are broken when we are not.

Engineered Biologicals. Category Three. Dessicated (dried) red blood cells. This is in the air we breathe now. Perhaps this is some old home remedy of which I have been blissfully unaware? These have been identified absolutely as human red blood cells but have been engineered in some way to be preserved.

The materials showing up in the unidentifiable fibers looks like bacteria, is as indestructible as the forms of cellular life that withstand extremes of pressure and temperature, and are self-replicating like the complex cellular life that make up animals and human beings.

Just understanding how we have been modified to resonate to outside frequencies should be enough to set the world’s understanding on fire. Just hearing about the dessicated red blood cells should be enough to make us put the global warming/solar flare line in the rubbish bin where it belongs.

Welcome to the 'New World Fiber'.
Welcome to the ‘New World Fiber’.

They…and that means US as well as THEM… are building controllable, directable humans. They are building entities they can invade, make ill, torture, even kill remotely. Slaves? This is going on all over the world. This is the Pandora’s Box I opened three years ago when a van ran over my mother as she walked to church on a Sunday morning.

It all goes back to the hybrid corporate-military machine and their handlers, for there are levels above them, rest assured. For me, it all goes back to the moment when thousands of blackbirds plummeted dead to the earth for no reason we can see with our eyes. This is geoengineering, folks, make no mistake. This is Geoengineering.

When I started writing these articles for Veteran’s Today, I wrote that I would never tell you a story that was an exercise in hand-wringing. I will not do that today. The earth is mighty. The earth can do much to heal herself if we allow her to do so unmolested. That’s Job One.

Right on the heels of that, the cessation of all aerosol spraying, should come bioremediation. Let us save our children, our families, our neighbors. This is tough material, I understand that. Raise consciousness with us. Gather the facts and give them to the people you know who respond to data then let them run with it.

Present others with the story of Christina, the daughter of the woman who was run over and her compatriot Tim Verzet, the fire bomber pilot who took on the madness in The Sun Thief. Christina’s story is absolutely true for it is my story.

However you can do it best, inform yourself right now and start spreading the word. That, I promise you, is what They are most afraid of for there are billions of us and a handful of them. However, time is of the essence. Do it now whatever it is.

 Editing: Jim W. Dean


htttp:// The Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology – Morgellons images homepage for Dr. Clifford Carnicom



  1. I go out on a short, solid limb to predict that Ms.Cara St. Louis’ latest article on VT — compartmentalization through controlled communication — will bring many more than myself to read more carefully THIS, her earlier submission.

    Transhumanism — call it as it is — is a creature of communication, or a variety of communication, perhaps filtered, distorted, glorified….Wonder why you know nothing, really, about people living elsewhere? Wonder why the remarkable obsession with electronic gizmos you fix your eyes on? Your ears on?

    Thank you Ms. St. Louis!

  2. There was a recent article on a team of British scientists claiming to have discovered evidence of alien life because a balloon detected bacteria in the stratosphere, and there was no other explanation for the bacteria’s presence at that altitude. Could it have been measuring bacteria introduced by chemtrails instead?

    • I’d be willing to bet on that. Good thinking. This is shaking off the smokescreen when we start to realize this kind of thing. Do you happen to have the link anymore? I’d love to see that and thank you.

  3. Timely article, exquisitely written that delivers the best summary of impendiing Transhumanism to date. If this doesn’t sound the alarm for most, nothing will. Highest commendations for this.

  4. IMPORTANT: One cannot apply sane logic to these sorts of actions. Do not try to figure out what they are doing and why based on your own sets of morals and ethics and logic. Remember that when the first atomic bombs were about to be detonated the scientists involved knew full well that there was every chance our atmosphere would be ruined. THEY DID IT ANYWAY. Then followed 18,000 nuclear bomb detonations. We are dealing with true psychosis here.

  5. It’s a simple equation really. Billions of us. A handful of them. Spread the word first. Frankly, my life changed absolutely when my mother was run down…she with her high security clearance and years working for Naval Weapons and Naval Research…my steering went out, I was pushed into oncoming traffic and they burned my house down the day the book was finished. So, I have given my all and so has my family to spread the word. If we capture the Imagination of a people, we’ve got ’em!! They know that above all else which is why psych manipulation is job one for them. Hence I took my book to Europe, where the paths were still clear. It may seem indolent intellectualizing without all the facts, I guess. But getting anyone in the US to listen to any of this requires brealking them out from under the spell which has been cast. So, help me out here. Spread the word, every last horrific difficult bit of it. Thanks. There are 4 previous articles here on VT. The first one summarizes why I got started on this…

    • Ms. St. Louis,
      Believe me when I tell you, ich verstehe die sprache.
      I have also suffered, my family has suffered, my friends have suffered, and the very living ecosystem has suffered depredation and disaster thanks to the pathological, murderous element that inhabits the halls of power today.
      Please note that I respect your efforts here, and I have been addressing transhumanism, chemtrails, agenda 21, gmo’s, fracking, corporatism, religion, and a host of other interrelated issues to the present.
      The nuts and bolts, Ms. St. Louis; We must have an action plan for people to get started that has significance to their daily lives. It is too much to demand more of a people buried under a murderous zionist regime than this, but IMHO, this where we must start.

  6. I started to photograph suspicious clouds. The question is, who is responsible or behind the action.
    They should be affected as well by chemtrail or do they know the protecting formula?

    • there was just one the other day on Astronomy Picture of the Day.
      In all my years of serious (no pun intended) cloud gazing,
      have never seen one like this, but we’ve been seeing them lately:


    • Raytheon, BAE, Mitre Corp., DARPA…maybe these would be places to start looking. Also, have a look at ther Methane Emergency Scientists Group….bringing you more of the same as they effectively destroy the ozone to stop what may or may not be happening thanks to what they absolutely did to begin with.

  7. Thanks for continuing to put this out for those who haven’t seen anything but a tv and MSM the past few years. It is bigger than people realize.

    Alternative science has some answers and action people can do, but as big as this is, I recommend starting at home. Orgone energy busters, water filtration, viktor schauberger , green houses for food, filtrated hvac systems, No open windows, supplements iodine, vitD3, essential fatty acids . . . etc.

    Hard to just respond with conversation one something this big is going down.

    [Only one link it comments. Thanks…the editors]

  8. Thank you EVERYONE for getting involved in this conversation. Everything is read and appreciated. I have an author’s page on FB for anyone interested. Otherwise, I’ll see you all right here…and we will together yank all of this up into the light.

  9. I have yet to hear a really good explanation of how the politicians and the rich who fund these experiments escape the damage to their own health? Why would they poison a world they have to live in? It’s bad enough that the planet is polluted by what we already know about and accept as a consequence of convenience. As bad as that sounds. Society has become accustomed to the pollution from the known sources because we have not been presented with cleaner and affordable solutions. Even those people who have worked hard to be off the grid and live self sufficiently are subjected to this. No one escapes it not even the perpetrators.

    • IMPORTANT: One cannoit apply sane logic to these sorts of actions. Do not try to figure out what they are doing and why baed on your own sets of morals and ethics and logic. Remember that when the first atomic bombs were about to be detonated the scientists involved knew full well that there waqs every chance our aqtmosphere would be ruined. THEY DID IT ANYWAY. Then followed 18,000 nuclear bomb detonations. We are dealing with true psychosis here.

  10. To stop this we need a simple, fast, and effective detoxification method which can be understood by ordinary citizens.

    Drinking the juice of 20 limes in one day will do that (and it’s pretty cheap and easy access).

    There is an insider who talked about acids being the way to overcome this. I have personal experience removing obvious symptoms. So what is required Cara:

    1. try to get morgellions sufferers to try the simple detox diet
    2. try to get gangstalking victims experiencing things such as music playing in their head (via microwave) synched up to their dreams (requires smartdust) to try the diet
    (both these groups experiences will indicate the effectiveness of the treatment)
    3. find an explanation of what lowering the pH of the body does to this nano tech and an effective way to summarise it

    If “normal” people in the population start feeling better then the detox technique will spread by word of mouth, and with it knowledge of nanofibres/smartdust. People often ask “how are you” and the people who have done the diet would say “great, now that I’ve removed the junk nano tech”.

    I hope this helps. I find convincing people of stuff is nearly impossible, but have found “positive emotions” trump negative ones (a quote from the movie inception). So “feeling better through detox” is easier to sell than “oh noes we’re all turning into cyborgs”

    • By the way I should add that you only have to do it one day and the next day you will be feeling better and if you are suffering from things like rigid legs and clumsy walking gate (nano fibres forming weaves in the legs), music playing in your head synched up with dreams, they are gone the next day (the music still plays, but it is no longer synched up to your dreams).

      But you’ll have to repeat it a few months later when you start noticing rigid legs again and things like that.

  11. Why are there no live action movies showing toxic morgellonic nano particles at work turning my skin into a piece of carpet?

    • I mean that no scientist seems to be able to film morgellonic symptoms, except TV-scientists:


      And even TV-scientist should be able to use the periodic table of the elements.

    • Stephan – Are you’re doubting the veracity of Morgellons or inept scientists?

      I began working with the Carnicom Institute back in April, choosing to work with Clifford because he seemed to be as impartial and methodical a person as I’ve ever encountered. It was only after that I discovered a group of chaps on the Internet that claim Carnicom is the most disreputable researcher in all of history. So, it seems I had chosen well.

      My early knowledge of Morgellons was enough to motivate me to action, but the possibilities weren’t the most vile crimes I’d encountered. Filament emerging through the skin, mental impairment, the feeling of bugs under the skin, the chronic sores.

      Then I learned that Morgellons, as most know it to be is not even 10% of the story. For some reason, everywhere I turn there’s a cookie-cutter understanding of the condition that almost totally avoids the much more frightening reality. When a prominent researcher thought to inform me of the reality, even over the phone I felt dizzy.

      Ouhp, I’m running long. Continued in next comment…

    • …continued from last comment.

      I literally asked if I was being tested, or pranked because everything I was hearing was a first and extremely frightening. They described encountering someone with Morgellons and how their life is spent mostly in the bathroom, where each day blood must be cleaned from the walls. Legions over a foot long…openings into the body that can’t be allowed to heal because the objects inside MUST be allowed to emerge.

      I’ve seen many photos. One severe sufferer has made a heroic effort to acquire the skills to photograph what’s emerging. Make no mistake about this, these are pseudo-biological creatures. Some are emerging as adults, while others are being born through the skin. Flounders, flys, moths, dragons, shellfish, most discernible as known creatures but always mutated is disgusting ways.

      I spoke to one sufferer who claimed that leaving the house for any reason requires a 4 to 6 hour preparation. They have to dress their gaping wounds with feminine napkins because it’s cheaper than the medical equivalent.

      My main point is that, the current knowledge-base for Morgellons is about to take a turn that will frighten the hell out of many people.

      What this…it’s cued up…

    • Reread the article. The only people with external symptoms are those rejecting the fibers through their skins. I have personally removed a 1mm blue fiber from a lesion on another’s forearm with tweezers. That person looked like they had been peppered with birdshot, with many little red lesions on the forearm. The fiber was stiff but flexible, like a thread from a Brillo pad. There have been live action Morgellons movies on the Web for over a decade.

  12. Excellent job Ms. St. Louis. Your not going to awaken the general populace. They don’t need nor do they deserve awakening. You will find your own people and they will find you. When we are all done getting acquainted we will decide who will rule this planet for the next 12000 thousand years.

    • All too true, people who want to be slaves will curse you for trying to free them. BTW, am working my way through the GREATEST STORY NEVER TOLD. Some I already knew, much that I did not. So much to learn, so little time left to do so.

  13. I don’t know about all this. As a physician I find it hard to believe they figured out how to make aerosol nano particles do anything but cause scar tissue, asthma, or blood clot should they enter the blood stream. They would elicit a massive foreign body reaction. Really, are there any other scientists out there?

    • Yes, as a physician you shopuld be able to wend your way through the mountains and mountains and mountains of data that back this story up one hundred ways til Sunday and be convinced by the data. Thanks for reading. There are lots of other scientists out there. Some of them happen to be drowning us in toxins from the sky. Some are asking questions on solid ground.

    • If you look with open mind, you will find that the history they taught us was BS, The religion they taught us was BS. The science they taught us was BS, increasingly you hear, (not well publicized) of a law of science that has had to be changed. there are all kind of things that real that we have been taught can not be. The catholic church put people to death for saying the world was round and that the sun did not revolve around the earth. Because everyone knew the world was flat and the sun revolved around the earth. You have been indoctrinated with a false set of rules and reality. You have to get outside the box they built around you.

  14. ‘the Pandora’s Box I opened three years ago when a van ran over my mother as she walked to church on a Sunday morning’

    That one caught my eye, isn’t life strange, the most interesting journeys happen when you were doing something completely different.
    Sounds like Science to me.
    You are hearing no snickers from me re Divine Intervention
    Maybe You ARE Divine Intervention (ever think of that,, this’ll drive em nuts!
    You sussed a lot of stuff and explained it to us.
    Happy Thanksgiving.
    These jerks set about to alter stuff they neither respect nor understand.
    Pray to the God of your choice (these guys are Nuts!


  15. Cara St Louis, I appreciate your effort here, but barring some form of ‘divine intervention’ in the way of perhaps a species wide epiphany, which is very unlikely, the human race is certainly doomed. It is simply that our spiritual development has been far out stripped by our mastery of the material universe, meager as it may be in a relative sense The political organization of man reflects this material mastery and shows our lack of spiritual development. Everywhere there is dictatorship or emergent dictatorship, which, of course, means we have become mere things without any intrinsic value to ‘our’ governing institutions. Hence the dedicated and well exposed efforts to kill us off. So great is the divide between those in control of science and the emergent technologies and the great mass of poorly educated and barely aware, only a true miracle can save humankind. Is a miracle possible? I look out my window see the familiar crisscross patterns blotting out the sun and wonder. But is ‘transhumanism’ is to be our future, than death is become deliverance!

  16. Well, that’s completely do you remove these toxins from your body, and prevent more from coming in?

    • The answer basically lies in proper nutrition:

    • In addition to nutrition, I highly recommend EDTA chelation for removal of heavy metals from your body, no matter the source. My spouse and I have both had it done, one with the IV method, and the other with oral method. Both methods work extremely well, very fast, and work miracles.

      ACAM is the organization that certifies health care professionals here in the U.S. ACAM has a handy Physician Finder, too. Link for their detoxification page:

    • JS, The EDTA is effective but somewhat aggressive for most people’s systems. When it is acute and severe, it is one way to go. But for the general public gentler detox of the liver and kidneys they can do themselves is a better choice for most folks. No sense using a bomb when a tincture can do the same in a gradual way. Removing heavy metals aggressively will result in a toxic reaction in the body.

      There are many doctors and alternative practitioners on the web one can get info from.

      I’ve used up my link quota. We can beat the physical debilitation with smart application of plant and food sources . . turmeric would be one. The overlap from pharmaceuticals will interfere with the natural response.

  17. Ms. St. Louis,
    The answer is to raise consciousness? REALLY?
    So, it makes a difference if a conscious person drinks in nano particles, vs. an ignorant knuckle dragger? Give me a break.
    Part of the problem with this kind of talk is that it proposing a useless, disempowering, and suicidal agenda. Y’know, the peace and love thing doesn’t work with monsters, Ms. St. Louis.
    For my part, I am devastatingly aware that the artificial intelligence/transhumanism secret agenda is begun in perishability, and because it has begun there, it will also end there. Currently, the movers and shakers work with their cannon fodder proxies, whom they sacrifice to continue their sick agenda. How long do you think they will be able to continue the charade, Ms. St. Louis?
    If the idiot head of Google wants to be a cyborg, and the so-called singularity is the goal of the deranged maniacs, why doesn’t anyone ask just what these perverts are afraid of? Then, why don’t we give it to them?

    • “Ms. St. Louis,…The answer is to raise consciousness? REALLY?’

      Mike, Her obvious context here is that the vast majority of people know nothing about this at all…hence my admission in the lead in. We can’t all be up on everything. This was a cheap shot comment…and beneath your long history of excellent observations and commentary. This is what anger and frustration does, makes people lash out at who is accessible when the real bad guys so often are not. Think before you write…please.

    • Sir,
      In my defense, let me ask a simple question; At what point is information just more noise?
      With all due respect, the construction of any strategy to deal with current circumstances must by definition include action. The amassing of information DOES have its useful component, sir, but realistically, my observation has been that information collection is too often an excuse for indolence.
      I did not intend to deliver a personal cheap shot to Ms. St. Louis, period. I DID intend to express a certain lack of patience with the passive approach.
      Ultimately, I agree that the real bad guys are the culprit.
      Happy Thanksgiving, Mr. Dean.

    • It’s a simple equation really. Billions of us. A handful of them. Spread the word first. Frankly, my life changed absolutely when my mother was run down…she with her high security clearance working for Naval Weapons…my steering went out, I was pushed into oncoming traffgic and they burned my house down the day the book was finished. So, I have given my all and so has my family to spread the word. If we capture the Imagination of a people, we’ve got ’em!! BThye know that above all else which is why psych manipulation is job one for them. Hendce I took my book to WEurope, where the paths were still clear. It may seem inbdolent without all the facts, I guess. But getting anyone in the US to listen to any of this requires brealking them out from under the spell which has been cast. So, help me out here. Spread the word, every last horrific difficult bit of it. Thanks.

  18. @ LC

    Signing a petition is as ineffectual as voting.

    The FDA don’t care ’bout no stinkin’ petitions. They’ll just add the names of the signatories to a “discontented citizens/potential terrorists” government database.

    With the FDA, the fix is in. The fix is always in.

    It’s called fascism.

  19. Anyone who works for, owns stock in or promotes Monsaten needs to be hung. Anyone in the FDA approving this GMO crap needs to be hung. Anyone manufacturing, distributing or working in anyway in or for the chimtrail industry needs to be hung. If you want to save your kids and grandkids lives and future, it is time to pull your head out of that dark, dank place and realize these people are your enemies. That includes the sold out whores who violate their oaths of office and either vote actively to support this BS, or stand by and do nothing while it gos merrily on.

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