Alien ETs, Hybrids and 9/11


by Preston James


ALIEN-FACE9/11 was undoubtedly a major transformational event in contemporary American and World history.

A strange spell was cast on Americans, and at first almost everyone believed the initial news reports, just like when JFK was Assassinated or when the Murrah Building was Bombed.

Young men and older men alike went in and signed up for military service to go and get those “Mideast Muslim Terrorists” whom the USG and their Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) had fingered.

The “Bad Guys” that did it pretended they were the “Good Guys” and blamed innocent Mideast Nations that had nothing to do with it, and attacked those falsely blamed Nations in order to start another perpetual war for massive war profits.

Powerful high tech psychotronics were deployed and a massive Psi-powered “Spell” was placed on the American people using the “blood shock” of the attacks to condition them to accept this blatantly false USG narrative (the Big Lie) delivered by their propaganda dispensers, the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM).

It was many days, weeks and months before some eventually began to understand the dirty, disgusting truth that 911 was an inside job, staged as a Gladio-style false-flag attack by a secret cabal within the highest echelons of the USG comprised of NeoCons, Israeli-American dual Citizen Traitors and infil-Traitors, some USAF Generals and top Pentagon Officials and the Mossad and its assets. (1)

9/11 was a call to action for many American men who volunteered to defend America and stop the so-called “Mideast Terror” which the USG and their Controlled Major mass media had fingered for the 9/11 attacks.

Those soldiers deployed to the Mideast to fight that caught on to the “Big Lie” of 911 and lost faith in the Mideast wars were threatened and in many cases silenced.  Take Pat Tillman, a famous professional football player that gave up his huge salary and football career to enlist to serve his country and to patriotically extract justice for Americans.  When he found out about the Big Lie, he was murdered at point blank range upon orders of the US Army high command. His murder was covered up for a substantial period of time, but the truth eventually leaked out. Those in charge could not let Pat Tillman go home and tell the truth of what he learned.

2All major air defenses were taken down on 9/11/01 by those in the high military command positions, which itself is “smoking gun” evidence of 9/11 being an “inside job”.

And even to this very day, twelve years later, less than half of the American citizenry know and believe that 911 was an inside job and NOT DONE by Mideast Muslims. But those that do know are now beginning to understand the scope of this false-flag attack and just how multifaceted it was. Air defense had to be compromised because the Pentagon, DC, and NYC are the most heavily defended areas in the world with numerous automatic ground to air automatically deployed missile defense systems which had to be deactivated by someone in command. Normal 6 minute F-16 interception scrambles had to be stopped.  There had already been over 100 during 2001 so far but none on 9-11-2001.

9/11 served as a major activation point for a Transformation of America that would have taken at least a generation otherwise.

9/11 served as the activation point for the Project for  a New American Century (PNAC), a plan to transform America into a world colonial war master in the Mideast for the City of London Central Banksters and Big Oil and its main cutout Israel, and was used to justify a whole new era or social epoch of American Aggression, aided by cooperative foreign leaders that wanted to share in the war spoils and continue their lucrative associations with the American Political and Defense complex.

9/11 also transformed America into a war zone at home with suspected alleged “domestic terrorists” supposedly hiding under every rock.

9/11 was also a great transformational event, quickly changing America into just another war zone with the passage of the Patriot Act and the creation of a New American Gestapo, Homeland Security, set up by NeoCon, dual Israeli-American citizen Traitors and infil-Traitors based on the neo-Bolshevik ideology of “Red Terror” which now looms over all decent American citizens as a plague waiting to be activated by almost any national tragedy or disaster, whether natural, engineered or another major false-flag like 911.

In this article it will be proposed that 911’s unmatched and extremely effective transformational power was based on the Ruling Cabal’s acquisition and use of alien high tech anti-matter explosives technology, alien high tech anti-gravity cloaking, alien high tech 3D holograph & sound generation and projection, alien mind-kontrol which included the use of ancient Babylonian alien black arts of Psi-power associated with a secret occult network in the background from which this Ruling Cabal that did 9/11 arose from in the first place as top Policy-Makers.

Alien ET presence on Planet earth can no longer be credibly denied by those who examine the publicly available evidence.

The reality of Alien ET visitation to earth can no longer be credibly denied by those who have spent a little time examining the basic available evidence such as that Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project has provided. Paul Hellyer, former Canadian Defense Minister was the first and only G8 top official to go public.  he stated that at least two aliens were in America working with the USG.

[youtube Qt1WVeyMqdo]

Slowly but surely as time has passed since 9/11, some astute researchers began to see that the whole USG narrative dispensed by the Controlled Major Mass Media was just another big lie like the classic lie, Oswald was a lone-nut assassin. At present up to 40% in some surveys believe that the USG is lying about 9/11 and is at a minimum covering it up. Some surveys have shown that up to 80% believe that the USG is lying about the JFK Assassination by still claiming Oswald did it alone and the Warren Commission Report is accurate.

The facts now show that 9/11 was an inside job and it is now obvious that ultra high tech means was used to institute the attacks and to institute the coverup so effectively.

However as some now realize the facts are clear, 9/11 was an inside job and extremely high tech means were used to do it. For example, how were most of the twin towers turned to dust? How were two aircraft seen and videoed flying into the twin towers at impossibly high speeds, with no landing lights and serious aberrations in the videos which made such flights impossible? How could such two planes have hit the towers when FAA records later recovered showed them still flying and in service after their alleged tower strikes?

The 9/11 attacks also served as a complete justification for these wars of aggression in Iraq, Afghanistan and now in 16 other African and Mideast countries, continued as low intensity warfare utilizing paid mercenaries and secret special operations warriors.

The problem with the State provided narrative is that it is a bald faced lie and easily provable to be such.

6corpsThe problem, and it is a very big problem, is that the narrative provided by the USG through its Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM), a state propaganda mechanism owned by six major international “Globalist” corporations, is a complete and bald faced lie. Any cursory examination of the true available evidence easily shows that to folks with an open mind.

Immediately following the 9/11 attacks at the Twin Towers in NYC and the Pentagon, the storyline was broadcast and parroted by all CMMM in unison that the attacks were based on 19 Mideast Muslims that hijacked 4 passenger aircraft with “box-cutters”, and were controlled by Osama bin Laden from a cave in Afghanistan using  his cell phone who was also able to prevent all NORAD interceptions which must be activated within 6 minutes to stop any non-responding hijacked aircraft.

Upon close inspection the State supplied storyline is patently absurd in every way.

Upon close inspection this storyline is so absurd that it would seem doubtful that anyone would ever accept it.  However, as was learned from Eduard Bernays and Goebbels, state propaganda can be extremely effective if dispensed by a Controlled major Mass Media in unison, with rote repetition, over and over again. As was learned in Bolshevik Russia and Maoist China, as well as other communist states like North Korea, rote repetition by the CMMM does work as a important mass mind-kontrol mechanism.

The Power and tyranny of the State is used to bludgeon truth out of “we the people”.

The power of the state was used a brute force to silence true witnesses, often by threats, sometimes by murder.  When that was not sufficient the rote repetition of the State provided narrative of lies using the CMMM in many cases is enough to drown out the truth provided by the alternative media on the Internet and by word of mouth of actual witnesses. However, the ability of the CMMM to do this is rapidly waning as more and more go to the alternative media on the worldwide Internet for their news.

In the final analysis, most citizens believed the official State narrative because it fulfilled their deep emotional need to see the USG and the CMMM as the good guys, the good parent figures who always want their best and could never do such an evil thing as murder 3,000 Americans in order to fight Israeli’s wars in the Mideast to protect the central Banksters big oil interests and other natural resources they were itching to get their hands on.

American Intel has been for the most part infil-Traited and hijacked and used as an instrument of suppression of dissent against the American People.

The problem in America is that most do not understand the degree of penetration of American intel into every major institution of society including and especially the Major Mass Media and the sad fact that the CMMM is a propaganda mouthpiece for the Ruling Cabal of a few top Policy-Makers.

According to former CIA Director William Colby, “The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media.”

Another former CIA Director, William Casey,  stated “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

Anyone who doubts that American intel fully captured the Major mass Media and transformed it into the Controlled major Mass media, its main propaganda dispenser can easily show this by studying now declassified “Operation Mockingbird” documents.

Almost every major Corporation has been hijacked by the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) through its agents, American intel.

Basically Americans just plain do not understand that almost every major corporation has been hijacked and taken over one way or another to serve as a agent of American Intel, which itself currently is serving as nothing but an enforcer for the Central Banksters and the worldwide network of approximately 140 key interlocked corporations that are deeply associated with it.

dhs-seal-250If any corporation refuses to “play ball” well then, they have major licensing problems, major tax problems or are shut down by government regulators. It is now known that through secret arrangements organizations like Infraguard have created a strong connection between the FBI, DHS and American Corporations and made them essentially an extension of the State as far as controlling their policies and practices. It has recently been discovered that the FBI and DHS not only have a “no fly list”, they have a main core “assassination List” of 8 million American patriots (and growing daily) they considers “Enemies of the State”, and a “No-Work List” as well as an “Harassment or Tension List”.

Here is how the “No-Work List” works.  If one has been put on the list the list due to behaviors that the FBI or DHS or some other USG agency has identified as defined by their “domestic terror activities description list” or for any arbitrary reason, the person’s employer receives a visit from an FBI agent or a DHS agent and is shown a “national security letter to read, but which cannot be kept. The employer is told something to the effect, “this employee is a suspected domestic terrorist”, or “has been associating with known terrorists”, or something like that, and “we believe it would be safer for your employees if he were not employed here any longer”.

The letter is taken back, the employer is informed that it is a 10,000 USD fine and up to ten years in a federal prison to disclose the contents of the letter or the visit.  A business card is left by the agent and the employer is told, we have a special department that will help you find a way to release this individual and make sure that any legal actions by she/he goes nowhere because we have arrangements with court clerks and can make sure such cases get to one of our judges. Numerous times such a visit is made to a potential employer to prevent a federal whistle-blower from being hired.  As many now realize this is the norm for most whistle-blowers that they cannot get jobs even when by far the best qualified applicant.


There is also believed to be an “Harassment or Tension List” where a targeted individual is watched and creatively stressed by manipulation of his/her environment and working conditions if employed. This is often  a strategy of creating daily tension in the target’s life, interrupting their normal successes and making everything “a bitch” to accomplish. Sometime depending on the assigned “threat status” an individual’s car, residence, job, friends, spouse, family and everything in their life is obstructed or tampered with. Retired USG workers or military from special access programs are occasionally used to do gang stalking for harassment purposes and sometimes in certain cases hand-held high tech psychotronic weapons are used to create headaches, memory loss, difficulty concentrating and various illnesses.

There is an immediate need for Congress to set up an Independent Counsel and continually running open hearings on the penetration of Israel foreign espionage groups such as DHS, Aipac, ADL, SPLC and the like.

Congressmen and women and Senators need to wake up from their Israeli mind-kontrolled stupor and take back America from Israeli espionage penetration. Yes, DHS is little more than a military outpost for the City of London Central Banksters police state agent,  Israel, which flies the luciferian hex star flag which symbolizes alien/human hybridization going all the way back to ancient Babylonia. And that is where the Central Banksters Babylonian Money-Magick comes from, you know the black arts of pernicious usury, fake money from nothing which creates debt slaves all over the world, especially in America and is a mechanism to steal all the people’s hard earned money.

What these Congressmen/women and Senators do not seem to understand is that by funding DHS and allowing it to expand, militarize and oppress America, they are probably signing their own future death warrants because the overall task of DHS is to eventually institute a new Red Terror and to function as a neo-Bolshevik Red Cheka.  Remember the folks who set up and run DHS are the same folks that planned and executed the 9/11 attacks so we can expect nothing good but evil, tyranny, terror and mass death  from DHS. It is time for there to be numerous grand juries set up to start prosecuting these hundreds of Israeli-American dual citizen spies for illegal espionage, sedition and treason.It is absolute absurd for Congress to allow such a criminal, unConstitutional organization such as DHS to form, build up and militarize.  This can only be explained by the massive deployment of advanced psychotonics and Psi-power spells using alien ET technology. Doubt that DHS has a secret agenda to murder 80% of Americans including all politicians and high military and top corporate officials, then you better study the Red Terror of Bolshevik Russia in 1917 and Stalin’s and Mao’s massive purges and terror/mass murder machines. Americans and American politicians need to WAKE UP and take America back from these neo-Bolsheviks behind DHS who did the 9/11 attacks before it is too late.

And all such organizations such as DHS, Aipac, ADL and SPLC should be immediately locked down, all involved registered as foreign agents inside America and fully investigated as agents of foreign espionage on Israeli’s behalf. All those who accepted money of any type (campaign contributions, etc.) and bribes from Aipac, must be either fully prosecuted as tools of foreign espionage against Americans and immediately recalled or impeached. And the ADL must be prevented from ever having anything to do with police departments and the military and never be allowed to do any anti-terror training.  Obviously they are the experts on world terror because they originate almost all of it one way or another with help from the CIA, Saudi Arabia, and the UK.

Orthodox Christian Pastor Brother Nathanael has proposed a hard-hitting “four point plan” to stop the espionage and illegal political influence of Aipac and the like cold.

[youtube Q8L07__pFqI&feature=player_embedded]

Now who are the REAL TERRORISTS?

Classically the FBI has had a special unit specializing in this delivery of “domestic harassment and torture” and there are several well known cases where they have used such a program against their own FBI whistle-blowers. Two FBI agents were far too high profile and handled things too effectively for this to be done to:  Philip Whitehurst MD, and Colleen Rowley, both great American heroes who refused to engage in any wrongdoing or to cover up FBI crimes. However, the FBI and CIA as well as Miltel have murdered hundreds including even women and children to create and maintain coverups for those less fortunate or skilled to protect themselves.  Obviously when possible, going public and being able to gain major public attention and visibility can help one to survive immensely.

The FBI has always been a blackmail and terror group set up to serve as an enforcer for the Ruling Cabal and the Central Banksters. Naturally it has been quite easy for them to become deeply involved in the neo-Bolshevik oppression of American Patriots and dissidents who question 9/11 or any other covert USG high crimes and misdemeanors. Are all FBI agents functional criminals and enemies of “we the people”?  No, many are good folks who are kept in the dark and used in some compartmented tasks without understand overall FBI functions to destroy the American Republic and the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.  It is the top FBI leadership that are the abject criminals, traitors, murderers and enemies of American Freedom and Liberty. And unknown to most the FBI does a substantial amount of the real dirty work and illegal ops for the NSA. (2) Take the great American Hero Geral Sosbee who was an FBI agent who refused to go along and do illegal acts.  He has been terribly harassed using advanced psychotronics and everything normal folks cannot imagine. His case clearly shows that the FBI is truly a criminal RICO organization serving as the enforcer for the City of London Central Banksters. (3) And it is now known that the FBI runs its own Terrorist Screening Center which now has over 700,000 on its “Terror Watch list. (4) There are some foreigners on this list but almost all are American Citizens.  Once placed on the list, which can be done by numerous low level law enforcement, FBI agents or USG officials, one can never get off the list or get any appeal, just like DHS’s Main Core Assassination List of American patriots, and dissenters.  The number one classified “potential domestic terrorists” are Catholics, followed by Evangelicals, followed by Veterans, Constitutionalists, and Tax Protestors.  This of course is complete bullcrap but just shows how criminally insane these top Policy-Makers are and shows how they just confabulate psychotic lies to smear and use as a means to persecute innocent folks who pay their fat USG salaries.

The only real domestic terrorists are those who occupy the highest positions in DHS and the FBI, and these folks are dangerous, very dangerous to the freedoms and lives of all good Americans.

When either FBI agents or DHS agents (sometimes CIA or Miltel) are tasked to make visits to employers with National Security Letters to initiate a separation or harassment procedure, it has been learned that they give the approximate following narrative. The employer is told, Al Quae Da is expanding its membership and recruiting dissatisfied Americans and those that are vulnerable to being recruited into a domestic terror network without realizing it. (actually the only ones doing this are the CIA and FBI when they pick retarded or mentally ill folks to entrap and set up to be terror patsies!). They tell the employer that they are working closely with corporations to “nip this in the bud early” so that these terror groups cannot succeed.  In this way they are working hard to prevent more 9/11’s and need the employers help, everyone’s safety depends on it. It’s all a lie of course just like everything else related to the USG and CMMM narratives on 9/11 and Al Quae Da which is actually Al Cia Duh.

So you have a situation of complete total duplicity where the world’s biggest terrorists, the folks who specialize in blackmail, murder, harassment of the innocent or anyone who want the Constitution or Bill of Rights followed and Rule of Law, claiming they are preventing future terror and more 911’s when they have always been the whole problem right from the very start. This is of course the epitome of hippocrasy and pure, unmitigated evil beyond what normal folks can imagine and that’s why they have gotten away with it so far.

As many now realize when placed on the “No-Fly List” or one of these special watch lists, there is no appeal process available and mid-level supervisory agents have the power to do this with absolutely no oversight.  Now this is a true definition of abject tyranny. When Senator Ted Kennedy was placed on the “No-Fly List”, he tried numerous times to get his name taken off, but never succeeded nor could he ever get any explanation who put him on the list, if it was a mistake or why he was on the list.  And he was a powerful US Senator,  Go figure. Yes, this is pure tyranny by mid level asinine abusers using color of law to violate the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

And now a current situation is developing which is very interesting and is best summarized as “what is good for the goose is good for the gander”. There are Reports that DHS has actuated a 19 million dollar contract to hire special “security agents” to protect key industrial leaders and officials.

[youtube RUKpxcKhD3E]

These new DHS high security agents must have top secret security clearances.  What is not being told is that some of them will likely be deeply mind-kontrolled sleepers which can be activated to do just the opposite of what they roles are claimed, that is to take out these folks they are supposed to be protecting when they are “activated”. And this fits with DHS’s neo-Bolshevik agenda to set up a new Red Terror mechanism, a new Red Cheka to mass murder Americans and take out top political and industrial leaders. And the story doesn’t end here, many police departments have set up procedures for their officers to practice taking mock pills for biological warfare protection (typically packaged M & Ms used for trials). Officers have been instructed to practice taking them on an assigned schedule and have been sworn to secrecy along with special anti-domestic terror training. One individual told me most officers played along, but actually tossed them, because they didn’t trust what could be in them or the real ones, and expected the real ones to contain either poison or the actual biological weapon itself. So it is fair to say that a significant amount of distrust exists within many police departments towards DHS and their ADL anti-domestic terror trainers. And some officers deeply resent DHS and see it as abject tyranny infringing on their responsibilities and rights as peace officers and an attempt to make them mere federal or military clones and order takers of the DHS which they deeply resent.

Turning America into a new war zone is the apparent secret USG agenda.

It has become pretty obvious to the Ruling Cabal that the Internet has essentially sideswiped them, that they did not anticipate its ability to create a newly emerging world populism and a strong new populism inside America. In order to maintain their power they now know that it is necessary to continue to transform America by use of synthetic or staged terror, sometimes virtual terror such as at Sandy Hook. Obviously the transformation of America into a domestic war zone using staged, synthetic and virtual will open up huge new defense industry markets, perhaps allowing the continuance of huge profits for the Central Banksters as well as the defense related industries and security providers. And in the process, the mechanisms of complete suppression of any domestic protests or dissension, even though a basic Constitutional Right, can be used to prevent “we the people” from taking control over their nation back.

It is pretty clear that America the Republic has been hijacked by foreign Central Banksters and their cutouts who now have established a stranglehold over it by buying, bribing, compromising and coercing almost every single Senator and Congressperson.  Use of lucrative revolving door contracts, absurdly high speaking honorariums and many other secret perks are part of the means of “human compromise” and influence-peddling.

These staged illegal, unConstitutional, undeclared, unprovoked Perpetual Wars are destructive to the US Constitution, Bill of Rights, Rule of Law and basic American Freedom and Liberty.

“Of all the enemies to public liberty war is, perhaps, the most to be dreaded because it comprises and develops the germ of every other. War is the parent of armies; from these proceed debts and taxes. And armies, and debts, and taxes are the known instruments for bringing the many under the domination of the few. In war, too, the discretionary power of the Executive is extended. Its influence in dealing out offices, honors, and emoluments is multiplied; and all the means of seducing the minds, are added to those of subduing the force of the people. The same malignant aspect in republicanism may be traced in the inequality of fortunes, and the opportunities of fraud, growing out of a constant state of war . . . and in the degeneracy of manners and morals, engendered by both. No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare.”

– James Madison, April 20, 1795


The CMMM typically transforms good Americans into a deer in the headlights.

When the major network “talking heads” (who are hand selected for their appearance of credibility and believability) all parrot the same storyline, the average American becomes a deer in the headlights and fall for it.

9/11 is a perfect example.  Thousands of young American men and women immediately enlisted to go and fight who they believed were the Mideast Muslim Terrorists that did it.  A precedent had already been set with the set up with the very crafty entrapment of Saddam Husein in the first Iraq war where US Ambassador April Glaspie told him that the Kuwaiti Government was cross drilling into his main oil filed and that if he decided to do something about it, the USG would consider it an inter-arab conflict and stay out of it. Of course this was a very clever set up and Saddam fell into it hook line and sinker when America intel used a top public relations firm to spread masterful media lies like the one told by the young girl that Saddam’s soldiers ripped babies out of the incubators and threw them on the floor of the hospital to die.

Divide and Conquer is the age old game of the Hidden Occult Masters who control world central banking aka the “money-changers”.

Divide and conquer is the age old game of the Babylonian Money-Magick folks, you know, the City of London Banksters, the cutouts for the Old Black European Nobility (OBN) who desire to remain in the background while puling the strings and levers of governments, banking, intel and the military.

And of course it is now known that as is usual pre-war policy, Saddam Hussein was a sheep-dipped CIA assassin who was built up to be a tyrant and supplied with massive arms and munitions, as well as poison gas and biological warfare precursors in exchange for much of his massive oil profits.  And numerous European countries were part of this big Iraq arms buildup, in which Saddam was used as a counter-force against Iran. This of course is the age old City of London Financial District strategy of “divide and conquer”, to keep one enemies fighting among themselves and consuming wealth and lives, thus weakening their nations and peoples.

This strategy worked for many years as England built up its collection of colonies all over the world.  But as their colonial power failed, they implemented a very crafty plan to replace the colonial government structure with central Banking systems, covertly franchised from the Bank of England.  these systems were all based on ancient Babylonian Money-Magick, reputed to be a type of “Black Magic” that could create money nothing as well as provide interest for loaning such fiat currency while transforming the citizens of such nations into debt slaves from the pernicious usury which formed the basis of the system of Central Banking. And of course the secret insignia or symbol for these Babylonia Black-Magic Arts from which Money-Magick came from is the Hex-Star, or the merging of the upward facing triangle (Nephilim or Beast Blood) and the downward facing Triangle (Human Female Blood). This was never the “Star of David” as many have been led to believe.  It originated back in Babylonian times and emerged in Judaic circles after 700 AD. Some call it the luciferian flag and believe it symbolizes the “teaming power” of lucifer, the god of this world.

And as numerous experts now believe the new Mideast country of Israel was set up as the private army and intel headquarters of the Rothschild Central Banking Family, you know, AKA the Bauers that basically infiltrated and took over merry old England and now run the City of London Financial District and perhaps every Central bank in the world. Some have estimated the families holdings at 750 Trillion dollars. Rothschild translated means “child of the rock” and their original coat of arms was a Red Shield, the color which seems to be associated with the arising of Bolshevism, the “Reds” and communism, collectivism, the “red Guard”, etc. It is believed by numerous researchers who have studied this extreme wealthy, connected and powerful family that they are the nexus of evil in the world and have been involved in the financing of every major war as well as have reaped huge profits from such wars.

Some astute researchers who have followed all the trails believe that Babylonian Money-Magick and its pernicious usury and debt-slavery of the central Banksters has actually been provided by involvement with aliens and cross breeding between aliens and humans to create hybrids with super Psi-powers from the “Dark Side”, that is luciferian black arts which the Old Black Nobility (OBN) have been known for since ancient times. If true then, Psi-power is luciferian Black arts power provided by aliens to a certain select of humans who have been deeply involved with them for many generations. For those that doubt this some basic research on Aleister Crowley and how an alien ET Gray type appeared to him inside a pyramid in Egypt.  This same power was sought by certain top SS men in the basement of Wewelsberg Castle.  These was related to their occult organization “The Black Sun”. Some experts believe that it was the occult connection to these “alien ET spirit guides” which provided the advanced Nazi weapons technology, including anti-gravity craft and perhaps even time-warping.

Most can now agree that all wars are Banker’s Wars.

As the classic and highly respected movie by Michael Rivero “All Wars Are Bankers Wars” (5), a very important movie, has shown, Central Banking’s largest profits come from major wars one way or another and sometime short selling and related market manipulation are part of it. And as historians know, the Rothschild’s takeover of the English banking system was really based on some very crafty market manipulation related to advanced knowledge of Napoleon’s defeat.

The Rothschilds are deeply involved in the highest echelons of Freemasonry and thus linked to a worldwide occult system, with the core secrets hidden from the lower echelons.The secret of freemasonry, only available to the highest oath takers is that they worship what they call the “great architect of the Universe” whom they call lucifer. And yet some who have defected have claimed that lucifer is evil and the practices his followers promote in secret are evil too, although the organizations cover is that of a charitable community organization.

The Rothscild’s fly the luciferian flag and set up their own luciferian nation-state in Palestinian-owned land, and took such lands by systematic aggression and capture at the direction of the City of London Central Banksters, the Rothschild world zionists. These Central Banksters and their American Federal Reserve franchisees appear to have very craftily set up all major wars and staged them for massive profits and to further an agenda of “death and survival of the fittest”. As many know part of this worldwide occult network is the Russell Trust AKA the Skull and Bones fraternity of Yale University  which meets in the windowless “Tomb”. Their theme is purification of the human species through the ministering of mass death through war while gaining money and power at the same time. Instead they produce the putrification and corruption of Government and society and create immense evil and suffering in society marked by needless wars of acquisition and mass death and suffering of the innocent. they want death and suffering for everyone else but their group of the “chosen ones”.

Most members of the Ruling Cabal are members of secret occult death Cults with known luciferian beliefs which regard the average human as a useless eater, except for themselves (who are the “chosen ones”).

Most of the Ruling Cabal of top Policy-Makers are part of death cults that worship death and believe it must be ministered to mankind by war in order for the supper-elite chosen ones (them) to be able to maintain power, and be able to cull the herd and reduce population and weed out the undesirables. Their goal is to “hive” the people of the world to think in lockstep as they direct.

hiveIt has been reported that the 15 yearly new members of Skull and Bones also worship lucifer and are projected into the highest positions in government and industry after being “tapped” to become members.   The Russell Trust is also known to have become wealthy from Chinese opium sales during the period of the Boxer Rebellion and opium wars and afterwards. The Skull and Bones is a luciferian death cult and has some very well known members such as Prescott Bush, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush as well as John Kerry and Mac Wallace, LBJ’s personal hit man whose fingerprint was found on a box from the sixth floor School Book Depository in Dallas from the time of the JFK Assassination and was the personal hit man of LBJ who had him murder his own sister, Agriculture Inspector Henry Marshall, as well as many more including his participation in the assassination of JFK at LBJ’s request.

A detailed examination of the seemingly impossible occurrences of the 9/11 attacks suggest that advanced alien technology was obtained and used on that fateful day.

The unmatched and extremely effective transformational power of 911 can really only be adequately explained if one assumes that it was based on the following acquisitions and use of alien advanced technology. If one truly wants to explain all the strange occurrences related to the attacks of 9/11/01 and the successful coverup afterwards in the days that followed, one must look to the application and use of alien technology obtained through long term arrangements between these occult black arts family members who rose to become top Policy-Makers.

1. Ruling Cabal’s acquisition and use of alien mind-kontrol. Obviously the well known psyops technique of “Blood-shock” was used on9/11 which makes the public very suggestible to state provided narratives carried by the CMMM. This method was also used with the JFK Assassination by use of public execution in broad daylight with a concocted film later released to dramatize the head snap and recondition the public to keep denying the truth of a conspiracy. The blood-shock of 911 provided a means to set the storyline that the “19 evil Muslims with box-cutters” from Afghanistan did it under the guidance of Osama bin Laden who made the whole USAF/NORAD stand down by use of his cell phone from a cave in Afghanistan. It is also strongly suspected that beyond-black “alien Hiving” technology was deployed by use of advanced space station and ground antenna deployed psychotronics was used to create human hive mentality of obedience and belief in the state sponsored 911 narrative dispensed by their partners in crime the evil disgusting but whitewashed CMMM.

2. Ruling Cabal’s acquisition and use of alien high tech anti-matter explosives technology.  There is sufficient evidence to show that various types of advanced explosive devices were used in the twin towers and in WTC7. There was an initial underground blast seconds before the first plan hit (conventional), numerous explosions when the alleged plan strikes occurred (conventional and high tech), and ultra-high tech anti-matter devices were used inside the elevator shafts one every ten floors detonated one per second from the top down, turning the building to dust and leaving radioactive tracers behind. There could have been a small conventional neutron device planted in the basement as an upward facing shaped charge which left some radioactive tracers. It appears that WTC has conventional high explosives pre-planted in the building which were detonated at 5:20 PM to demo the building.

3. Ruling Cabal’s acquisition and use of alien high tech anti-gravity cloaking. Beyond-Black secret anti-gravity cloaking technology has been available for at least 30 years by certain DOD USAF contractors.  This could have been used to hide the use of any cruise missile or smaller plan which struck the Twin Towers. It is not know however at this time for certain whether any plane, missile or flying object hit the twin towers or not or if it was a staged holographic from a space platform and a close-by control aircraft.

4. Ruling Cabal’s acquisition and use of alien high tech 3D holograph & sound generation and projection. It is known that beyond-black holographic technology exists which can project 3D moving images and sound which will fool many. Close study of the videos shown far too many aberrations for them to be realistic portrayals of any aircraft strikes. It is known that alien high technology does exist which could have been used.

5. Ruling Cabal’s acquisition and use of the ancient Babylonian alien black arts of Psi-power associated with a secret occult network in the background from which this Ruling Cabal that did 911 arose from in the first place as top Policy-Makers. Based on anecdotal evidence and personal testimonies it is now known that top Policy-Makers must sell their souls to lucifer to obtain their own personal spirit guide which many believe is an evil alien parasite that grants use of Psi-powers to their host.  This transaction cannot occur unless they have freely given up their souls first, i.e. been “soul-snatched” by recurrent violation of the Golden Rule, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Psi-power is the ages old, ancient Babylonian Black arts, aka “Black-Magic” which is the root of Babylonian Money-Magick which drives Central banking’s use of fiat debt-based currency, and pernicious usury which produces debt slavery all over the world. Declassified documents have shown that the US Military has spent many millions doing research on Psi-power, attempting to walk through walls and contact alien greys through complex black arts rituals.  The USG says these programs were discontinued.  Don’t believe it, a little basic research will show that they are spending more than ever and doing joint research with aliens in underground bases (DUMBS).

It’s a pretty good bet that massive Psi-power was used to “cast a spell” on Americans in order to be able to pull off the 9/11 operations so successfully. To do this weird rituals and numbers must be used, such as murdering JFK in masonic Dealey Plaza at the 33rd degree triple underpass. For those who do not believe that the US Army top command went luciferian and Psi for at least a while (an probably still are, especially with the remote viewing programs) do some research on the “Temple of Set”, Wewelsburg Castle, and the Black Sun.  You will be simply amazed because it all came here to America under Operation paperclip. It’s all a “can of worms” but you will quickly get an idea of what has been going on.

Some believe that there are alien/human hybrids that have risen to the top Policy-Maker positions in society using the powers provided by the black arts and selling their souls to lucifer to obtain a spirit guide and special powers to obtain success, wealth, status and power.

Of course the usual question arises quite often when discussing this subject, “if the aliens that assisted the 9/11 attacks are so high tech and so advanced and so evil, why don’t they just take over the whole world at once and get rid of all humans?”  The answer that some insiders have provided as an explanation is that there are Rules of Play to the Universe set by a God Almighty. If alien ETs are going to take over Planet Earth they must do so according to rules of human free-will and human consent, and must allow the truth to be told. They cannot go where too many people refuse to do evil or break the Golden Rule according to this narrative. Humans must be dirtied up and corrupted first, making them easier to control and that is the job of Hollywoodism and the cultural evil it conditions.

It is not a well established fact that various groups withing the USG, American Military, Intel, NASA, and private DOD contractors have established treaties with alien ETs. It is also known that super-elite deviants members of the Ruling Cabal who are Kingpins in a worldwide occult network have been involved with an evil group of aliens since at least ancient Babylonia and perhaps even earlier.  Because these matters are so compartmented inside the USG, American Military, Intel, NASA, and private DOD contractors, the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. All the evidence points to an evil Ruling Cabal working with an evil group of alien ETs planned, initiated and covered up the 9/11 attacks as a part of an aggressive alien agenda.

Below is the quite long, very detailed personal testimony by  Don Phillips, a highly respected engineer with impeccable credentials (and a very good man too) which provides background on alien to human technology transfer. It starts out slow but is packed with some amazing information released for the first time ever. Because these matters are so compartmented I do not believe he was ever informed of the dark side of the alien ET phenomena, that is, the groups that some regard as Nephilim or fallen angels, demons or Jinns. Not included in this video, there is however credible testimony available from highly regarded sources that at least one alien ET group is evil and is an enemy of mankind and has an agenda to take over planet earth, terra-form it and repopulate it with their new alien ET/human hybrid transhuman species one step at a time starting in the continent of Africa.

For those that have the time and the interest, I have included the following video for those who want to go a step further in learning about technology transfer from aliens to humans. Consider this, you can expect many more mind-blowing information releases like this coming soon. Many experts believe that we will soon see an end to all secrecy thanks to the worldwide Internet and the newly emerging populism associated with it.

[youtube rBO8z9pHAuA&feature=player_detailpage]


Some insiders know and have stated that there is an Alien Agenda which is controlling the actions of the top Policy-Makers who are known to be associated with a worldwide secret occult network. This Alien Agenda is purported to be involved in Terra-Forming the Earth in successive steps, starting with the Continent of Africa where the first alien-hybrid are scheduled to inhabit at some future point according to well founded rumors of a secret treaty with Aliens and top world officials.

The alien agenda has been to raise up families of “the chosen ones” who may be alien hybrids themselves, who will create a worldwide NWO tyranny which can provide the complete control and tyranny necessary to deploy worldwide Terra-Forming which includes aircraft spraying of chem-trails and the use of GMO food and other high tech methods for the controlled depopulation of planet earth, in order to provide space for the new alien hybrid race. If this is true, then the Alien Agenda has achieved a great deal of gains from the 9/11 inside-job false-flag attacks and may continue to use staged or virtual terror like at Sandy Hook where there were no dead kids at all and crisis actors were used to stage a phony mass/live-shooter event as a covert attack on the Second Amendment.


(1) Israel Did 911, All the Proof in the World,


(3) Geral Sosbee, FBI Whistleblower,


(5) Michael Rivero, , All Wars are Bankers Wars,

For those that want more information about this one can refer back to the Secret Space War series published on Veterans Today under .  A big thank you to the Editors of Veterans Today for allowing the truth to be told.

[youtube Njx9YrhA7Jo]



  1. This planet is a very wanted item in the universe, and we are indeed experiencing a tremendous STARWAR between negative and positive aliens, which triggers down into all governments of the world and all financial institutions.The greys want to make us all into easy controllable zombies, while the enlightened ones, the hierarchies of angels, archangels, Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, CHRISTED ONES work on a freqency level of love, expansion, growth.Seems like the enlightened ones have planted themselves right next to the dark ones right now.EVIL IS IGNORANCE, said the Buddha.The vibration of evil (ignorance) is much weaker than the vibration of love.And it is n o t a matter of race either. Good and evil come in all races and beliefsystems.We are coming to the end of the dynasty of global ignorance.Though everything still seems pretty discouraging, all we need to do, is create an energyfield around us that vibrates of a higher freqencylevel.This will automatically attract different reactions and circumstances for all of us.Even if the agenda of the negative aliens is to make this beautiful planet into a PRISONPLANET, they won’t prevail.

  2. Where do I begin? There are many things in the article that are accurate. Members of the financial cabal and petro-dollar club HAVE been responsible for bringing Nazis and their secret technology acquired from the VIMANAs that they unearthed in the middle east. Members of this same club BELIEVE quite wrongly that they are the descendants of ETs who created them. The situation was much more complex than that. The elite chooses to believe this story because it suits their own agenda which is to own the earth and dispose of all the annoying “poor people” that they have stolen from. Amusingly, these same untested, never-sweated-from-honest-work trust fund babies also think that they can run the world with robots. Hilarious. They can’t even cook eggs, but they think that they can run the world without those that actually built it. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT, YOU DUMMIES.

    Despite what this article would have people believe, not everybody can be trained by psychotronics. Not everybody will succumb to the agenda. Some people are genetically predisposed NOT to respond. THERE IS SOMETHING ELSE…THAT EVERYBODY NEEDS TO KNOW…Each and every one of us can actually use our own psi abilities to push back. We just have to do simple meditation exercises and PRAY. Praying interrupts the messages. It stops the entrainment. TRY IT.

    HERE’S THE REAL TRUTH. The Tibetans knew about the ancestors that the Nazis met, but the tibetans were never controlled….

    • You may be correct, however, folks like David Icke believe that the Ruling Cable (top Policy-Makers) are alien human hybrid reptilian types going back many generations. Some use folklore, fables, ancient texts and the old testament to support this that reptilian blood was injected into some human bloodlines. When I first heard David Icke I thought he was off his rocker. Now many years later after learning more, I think he is on to something. An examination of these folks DNA from a cheek swab, blood test or skin or saliva sample might be quite revealing of whether this hypothesis is true or not. Certainly the folks he refers to are very cold- hearted and have no souls at all based on how they operate and conduct murder, mass murder, etc. A key piece of evidence is Aleister Crowley’s own statement that an inter-dimensional creature appeared inside a pyramid with him and his drawing of this creature looked exactly like an alien grey. Aleister Crowley was known to be part of MI6, was an avowed luciferian and satan-worshipper and did many quite evil things which caused folks to call him the most evil man that ever lived, or the beast. He provides good evidence of the connection between alien ETs, the temple of set, the Black Sun, the Church of the Process, and a worldwide occult network with its Ruling Cabal of top policy-Makers. Once policies are set at the top of the pyramid of govt control by a key person or two, all agencies of govt automatically follow such policies down to the street level and lawmakers obediently make supportive laws or look the other way.

  3. Don’t know if I’ve ever seen that photo of the blds before (b/c I’ve seen another one w/ similar ‘critical paranoia’ visage of evil), but it looks like a goat / Baphomet in the smoke to the left.

  4. Thanks for posting this, homunculus. Vallee was a favourite of mine when reading, researching the UFO phenomenon twenty years ago. Friedman was interesting too and who can forget Whitley?

  5. The old saying, you can’t get there from here, really applies to this article. When I am trying to nudge regular American people who get their news from FOX and CNN to read VT and understand 911, and from there the proper review of history, this title and content will smoke their “crazy meter” into the red zone immediately.

    I know what archons are, I know Hoagland’s work and Project Camelot, but I can’t see the value of adding aliens into the clear-as-a-bell 911 revelation involving smoke and mirrors, media, military, and mossad/cia.

    • Good point. The public reality which has been established on decades of huge USG dispensed lies by their controlled major mass media (CMMM) has created an obvious firewall to understanding or processing truth for many even when great evidence is presented (many are so threatened by any other narratives but those USG ones from the CMMM, they close their minds to any input at all).

      My articles are not written for the general public, but for the spook community and well informed military and vets whom although some may be overly and narrowly compartmented (not having access to this info) but understand it is possible and not too surprising and have a desire/interest to know what is really going on. It is a truly sad state in American society when reality has been created on massive lies and truth is viewed by most as “conspiracy theories”, wing-nut stuff or crazy thinking. However thanks to the worldwide internet and its alternative news, the younger folks are dumping the CMMM and going to the truthful news sites on the Internet.

  6. I have read this three times. My pea size brain neeeds timeq to dwigest all this. Quite a brilliant article with tons of info. Comments equally informative. I dqont know much about presence of aliens or reptilians but I do know this is interesting reading Mr. James. Thank you. Lots to think about.

  7. You just hit a homerun Dr Preston James. So many things are now making sense now. You tied up things nicely in this piece. I wonder if perhaps that massive pnac paper was like a contract that wasn’t fulfilled. The Vatican banking, paperclip, non corporeal beings, the idea of a black sun god that fulford mentioned. Its all related. To usurp “mankind” they have to get us to do it to ourselves. If we provide consent for them to treat us the way they view us, like cattle, then we will get what we deserve as “useless eaters”.

  8. Good information Preston; keep it coming. So, DHS has around 8 million American Patriots on a kill list. That would be a formidable force, even as a disorganized militia; if they all decided to resist. I think if martial law is declared, and there are numerous ways for the criminal cabal to contrive an excuse to do that; and many reason’s why they would want to; then those targeted 8 million patriots would have nothing to lose. It would sure be nice to know if you are on that list, before they knock your door down at 2 in the morning to execute you. The NRA has about 6 million members; do you suppose that DHS has their member list? I would guess that they do. In the end; the criminal globalist cabal probably does not care if they resist or not; after all, divide and conquer is part of their game plan, and the DHS goons (or foreign troops) assigned to execute the 8 million, will be targeted for elimination eventually as well, since they can’t be trusted either.
    Seems like this plan has been carried out before; in Russio, in Germany, and in China. This globalist (alien run) cabal does not seem to have much imagination; still, the same old plan seem’s to keep working – go figure. It is time for America, and the human race to wake up and quit playing ths fool’s game.

  9. Conflating the exposure of 9/11 (a war-enabling, media-assisted fraud) with the promotion of space aliens piloting UFOs should not be a surprising trend here at VT, thanks to the efforts of Mr. Duff, Dr. James, and other like-minded writers. However, I wish to cast a suspicious eye at this ongoing attempt to blend the “pure water” of 9/11 truth with the “snake oil” of much of what passes today as “UFOlogy”.

    Now that we have been morally and intellectually outraged, once again, by the disgusting avalanche of CIA/Mossad-influenced “JFK documentaries” that absolutely overwhelmed the “non-fiction” cable-TV channels this past November, let’s take a wider look at the possibly interlocking agenda items ALSO spewed forth by the producers and purveyors of all this Discovery Channel/History Channel/Military Channel/National Geographic Channel, etc. SLIME:

    It behooves us to consider that the very same “nonfiction” cable-TV channels that keep laying it on thick with “Oswald-the-lone-nut” AND “Osama-toppled-the-towers” pseudo-documentaries, month after month and year after year, are ALSO the channels that keep bombarding viewers with “Ancient Aliens,” “UFOs” and “Masonic Symbolism/Ancient Egypt” propaganda — for hundreds of hours each year.

    Esotericists Picknett and Prince nailed this booga-booga intel-agency scam shortly before 9/11 occurred, when they published their covert-op expose’ book titled “The Stargate Conspiracy”. Outraged as they were to discover that today’s spooks have been “co-opting” the ancient gods of Egypt all over the place in the post-Roswell era, the authors warned of still more bizarre deceptions, drenched in occult symbolism (as 9/11 was soon to be) still to come — from the bowels of Langley, Tavistock, etc.


    • (continuing…)

      Could the covert-ops boys’ next CGI-powered false flag be a simulated saucer, heading straight for the White House?

      Remember Ronnie Ray-gun’s “slip of the tongue” about fighting a literal “Star Wars” someday against invading ETs. And long before that curious pontification, General Macarthur was quoted to similar, suspicious effect.

      Kinda reminds me of that alleged “Three World Wars” prophecy attributed to a certain, 19th Century general whose Washington D.C. statue gets picketed regularly by the LaRouchies. (But the Potomac pigeons do a better of job of defiling it with their droppings, IMHO.)

  10. preston pick up your telephone and phone people outside of america and ask what time they heard about 9-11 and dont forget the time difference .

    i saw it on tv in the u.k at 11.20 am which is 6.20 am in ny go on i double dare anybody to call me a liar on this and i have spoken to many who saw it even earlier

  11. There are now anecdotal reports emerging from reliable sources that numerous abductions have been stopped when folks have invoked the name and person of Jesus Christ. Most do not want to hear this and will scoff at it. Yes, this is not socially acceptable idea with the public at large or in the controlled major mass media, like the History channel programs and the like, but apparently these abductors abhor the name Jesus and cannot continue their abductions when invoked. Not a popular idea but one which folks who are concerned about being harassed or visited by alien ETs should be aware of that some claim can and has provided protection.

  12. One has to be brain dead not to know that 9/11 was a joint operation by the USA gov and Israel.

    As for aliens, evidence that they have been here for thousands of years is easy to obtain and inspect. For example. Bing or Google:

    NOAH’S ARK – Verification of Alien Contact

    and if you want to know where they are from, Bing or Google:



    Bing seems to work better.

    • Looks like you didn’t read the article very carefully. And Obviously you didn’t check out the reference of (1). Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. What I have included in this article is mine and comes from numerous very good sources who have a long track record of being credible.

  13. I’ve noticed from the pictures, Aliens are generally downright ugly and- apparently- emotionally inexpressive. On a more serious note, and making the assumption of alien existence axiomatic, an alien intervention into this biosphere and human culture is definitely worrisome. We are technically and perhaps intellectually inferior and so the outcome of an alien intervention is, in a probabilistic sense, pr-ordained. Like the towers of 9-11, we are toast! Considering the Chemtrails, which are now every present in our skies, has the terraforming of ‘our earth’ to suit our alien friends, already begun? We might wish the myths and legends regarding our collective ascension are true. Now would be a good time. Either this, or our “friends” in the so-called “break away civilization” that Richard Dolan and others speak of so much, have a change of heart and come to our rescue.

  14. I saw that too and thought the same thing… was waiting to see if Mr. James’ name would reappear.
    My favourite columnist, as a matter of fact.

    And once again, thank you for this, Mr. James.

  15. I’m an ex-pat who left the USSA in August 1969 at age 26 to seek a calmer, less oppressive way of life in Canada. I was born and raised in Chicago, into a middle class family, and had a stable, prosperous landscape gardening business which I turned over to my employees when I departed.
    My oldest daughter bought a fixer-upper house in California and asked me in Dec 1999 to help her w/it, as I’m a carpenter-contractor as well. When 9-11 began I was in her house w/the TV on, as I like to hear news. However I was in another room when she called on the phone and very excitedly said “Dad, dad, turn on the news!”
    I missed the first plane, but saw the second approach and then fly into the building. I admit I missed a LOT of work that day, as I followed the whole mess as much as possible. When the buildings came down in a perfectly controlled demolition, the jig was up: clearly an inside job. As I said, I was raised in Chicago, and people there become politically savvy at an early age.
    That’s why I knew the Obamination was a fraud from the get-go: there are NO dark horse candidates out of Chicago. They are all bought, sealed, and delivered by the real powers, so when I saw the towers go down I knew the same powers were at work. In college I studied a LOT of history, learned disciplined research, and how to write an analytical paper. Google Joseph E Fasciani or ‘The Ghost of George Carver is Haunting Bush 43’ to get some idea of what I write:

  16. Don’t worry about this particular article. It is not dangerous enough for the U.S. military to attach some nasty spell on it.

    By the way, whenever you are “targeted,” training your third eye on me will probably alleviate the problem. Just do not abuse this trick into engaging in meditative contact with evil people; they may retaliate in the physical realm.


  17. Dr. James, you and Stew Webb have done interviews together. Don’t you think it is time for you to bring out John Lear and what he knows about all this on VT? The moon bases/cities. Civilizations on Mars. The 40 planets in our solar system. The high energy space weapons used on 9/11, less the Judy Woods crowd. (She only gets it half right. So Woods et al are probably disinfo.) Wanta was the one that revealed the space fleets to Gordon Duff in the first place. So Wanta probably knows more about this stuff than anybody at VT, including Duff.

    • John Lear has flight credentials that are as impressive as it can get and many consider him America’s most experienced, most rated pilot. Prof. Jim Fetzer for one has interviewed John Lear. John Lear also has a great deal of inside information, some he is willing to discuss. His interviews are available on and the net in various places. He has some of his own specific opinions about alien ETs and the origin of man. I have my own. Judy Woods doesn’t have a clue of what was used to demo the twin towers, these items were small, were planted along the elevator shafts every ten floors and were detonated in sequence from the top down. The best info available is that they were comprised of positron based anti-matter weapons which break the bonds of atomic structures without the usual nuclear processes used in the current tactical nukes.

    • Dr. James, thanks for your prompt response. That is what I love about VT. Try to get a response like that from Alex Jones, and you have to subscribe to “Ask Alex,” then he responds that Lee Wanta is alive as the Easter Bunny. VT is unique in that respect.

      I did not know that Fetzer interviewed Lear. I will have to look that up. I’m sure they have disparaging opinions on 9/11. Nukes vs. space weapons. I just wonder, between the two who has more access. It is not what you think you know, but WHO you know.

      I listened to the interview with Webb and Lear more recently. I’m sure Webb comes down more closely to yours on ET/EBE/IDE/MDE theory. Why I found it interesting him more collaborating with Lear.

      I don’t care much how the towers were brought down. Whether nukes or energy weapons. Just that the perpetrators are brought to justice. Why I am so fascinated with Wanta.

      I’m not so know concerned about the ‘how’ as more the ‘why.’ “Why,” points us more to motive. From the standpoint of history, motive helps us prevent future atrocities.

      I’m dreaming, someday a panel. A panel maybe composed of you, Lear, say Duff, and Dr. Michael Heiser. Heiser is the skeptic. He allows for ET/whatever. Even in a Christian context. He just has this thing for ‘textual criticism,’ which I admire. He has done panels with Hoagland et al in the past at Roswell. With a guy, recently deceased, probably smarter than Newton and even Tesla. His twin brother, still alive, probably waiting to display same acumen.

    • Preston, a correction if you please.

      You refer to anti matter technology and state that Dr Judy Wood “has no clue”. But the fact is she has stated as much. She has stated that whatever caused those Towers to turn into dust was both material specific (ie unburnt papers) and this technology would cause the material to disassociate and the molecules to repel rather than attract. This would certainly seem to fit the definition of anti-matter. And her other observations are also consistent with Prof Fetzer’s argument for directed micro-nukes. (although she disavows this conclusion)

      It’s frustrating to me that there is such a huge bone of contention between the various camps as to what weapon(s) were used, rather than focusing on areas where there is common ground. Namely, that the 911 event was anything but a collapse, and that some exotic technologies were used.

  18. I, and someone close, are both Type O Rh Negative. When a child, I had the ability to control dice, particularly what someone else would throw. Typically, playing Monopoly, I would visualize the throw necessary for another player to land on my property, and quite often that is what they threw. Needless to say, I soon was banned from dice games. Alas, this talent did not extend to adulthood. My last foray at Craps barely left me beer money and cab fare to the airport. The other party aforementioned had the talent of controlling street lights. She could literally walk down the street, and each light would sequentially dim as she passed. Thanks, I believe, to Prozac, that talent is gone.

    I ascribe to the theory that one of the reasons for the free dispensing of psychotropic drugs is to suppress Psi talent in the general population. Can’t have the elite’s private jets falling out of the sky.

  19. Dear Preston James,
    the humanoid specie photograph at the top right side and below your name “by Preston James” of your article, this photo looks realistic without any detail information of this photo; and the other humanoid specie beside the ex-Canadian diplomat, well the two humanoids are different speicies from looking at the eyes structure. Both species have no hair on their bodies, is the reason they do not look attractive.

  20. Mr. Preston, I must partially disagree with this quote:” Rothschild translated means “child of the rock” and their original coat of arms was a Red Shield”. The direct translation from German is “red shield”. “Rot” is the German word for “red” and “schild” translates to “shield”. From the traditional custom of hanging a plaque outside of one’s business, you probably would have seen a red shield hanging in front of Mayer Amschel Bauer’s banking office.

    • Goodpoint, a Red Shield was hung over the Bauer’s door. However it is believed by some that the center of their occult practices is their belief they are “Children of the Rock”, whatever that means. And some say that the Rockefeller’s name was based on this and changed from something else too to signify rock fellas, or “Children of the rock”.

    • I also hope to find an explanation for Rothschild’s name because in a yiddish book (not sure if by Salcia Landmann) I found an explanation for Bronfman’s name, which means liquorman because bronf is yiddish for liquor.

  21. Mr. James, I am new to VT, & I very much appreciate how well you present the 9/11 information. The Truth sometimes seems “stranger than fiction”, but those of us who sincerely want to know the Truth are fortunate to read your very informative articles! What I find so pressing in my own questioning search concerns intelligent & effective SOLUTIONS to what you so clearly expose. Knowledge is power, & solutions demand a consensus of conscious, wise citizens as well as timely & intelligent action. I do believe there are more “awakened” patriotic Americans than are publicly known. How to rally their deep concerns into effective & uncompromising results takes a whole lot of courage, fearlessness & truth-telling…as you so well exemplify…

  22. Thanks for exposing more of the malevolence that torments our country and others. These criminal degenerates have abused power at every level to change the history and the map at astonishing speed. It is common knowledge that the vile Bolshevik Lenin was transported from Switzerland to Russia in a sealed train so as to ignite revolution and bloodshed.

    But take a closer look at the train’s route in chapter 6 of “The Sealed Train.” He and his parasitic friends went from Berne to the North Sea, then travelled across by ferry to Sweden, then by train up along the coast around Sweden’s freezing northernmost regions, then down into Russia. That was no small accomplishment in 1917. Think of all the train scheduling logistics, travel supplies, accommodations, spies and co-conspirators along the way, etc., that had to be planned and accomplished by evading discovery in the midst of a Continental war.

    Only treason at the highest levels could pull this off while entire armies were fighting and whole populations on the move in the same space, all of them oblivious to the planned treachery killing them off in the interest of the NWO. They are still at it but the absolute secrecy is gone. Thanks for keeping the roaches on the run.

  23. If the quantum computing you have past mentioned,(or a better Snowden, or super hacker) is able to reveal all things hidden, and reveal the truth behind these obvious cover stories, world populist anger could potentially lead to total system breakdown, and world wide anarchy leaving a huge void to fill. The government seems to be resembling a communism organization modified with oligarchy tendencies via corporations and state. There does not seem to be a Lenin, or Stalin, but rather a continual struggle to jockey for that head post. There seems to be a brainwashing indoctrination agenda to slowly regenerate the minds of the masses into the new order of thought and system worship. Firearm ownership seems to be the key to preventing a mass murder cleansing and gulag rehabilitation work camps. Lets not forget that.

    • Yes, personal freedom depends on personal ownership of firearms which is the main prevention for a complete takeover by tyrants. That is why they want to get the guns so badly and will never succeed. All they will do is anger the public and precipitate their own demise from within their own ranks and from society at large.

  24. Yes, I am aware of Robert Duncan’s excellent books. However I do not think it explains to me what was the use of obvious deep black Psi-power which is believed by some insiders to originate with aliens. It is my own personal view that a close study of the evidence of 911 shows some very high tech methods used creating fake aircraft images and sounds,and use of ultra-high tech anti-matter positron explosives as well as other types of explosives and incendiaries such as thermite(and/or thermate). In time perhaps the true facts will all come out and we will then find out. In the meantime all one can do is use the best sources available and accept the statements of those insiders they respect who do know but are not free to disclose everything they know.

  25. Couldn’t aliens have done better greenscreen interviews?

    Sorry but 911 seems pretty low tech. Definately an occult connection to 911, just look at tarrot cards and how many of those symbols come up with 911, eg. the hermit (osama), the two towers (the two towers), the tower (their collapse), the hanging man (the bodies/dummies dropped from the buildings), the devil (see hat picture of the explosion with the devil face in the smoke). The mind control stuff is also legitimate, see The Matrix deciphered by Dr. Robert Duncan.

    • Yes, I am aware of Robert Duncan’s excellent books. However I do not think it explains to me what was the use of obvious deep black Psi-power which is believed by some insiders to originate with aliens. It is my own personal view that a close study of the evidence of 911 shows some very high tech methods used creating fake aircraft images and sounds,and use of ultra-high tech anti-matter positron explosives as well as other types of explosives and incendiaries such as thermite(and/or thermate). In time perhaps the true facts will all come out and we will then find out. In the meantime all one can do is use the best sources available and accept the statements of those insiders they respect who do know but are not free to disclose everything they know.

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