The Compartmentalisation of the Continents: The People’s Voice


by Cara St.LouisTPV


It has been my privilege to appear three times on David Icke’s new channel, The People’s Voice, via the fellow who first publicly championed by book, The Sun Thief, Jo Conrad.  Jo has a show on The People’s Voice called Free Spirits.

The idea of this channel is to bring video and information from people all over the planet and broadcast it out in the same way.  Get the continents talking to each other.

I have been impressed by the breadth of their interests and by their courage.  Whatever your take on David Icke is, the one thing I can’t ever see anyone wanting to argue is this statement: Remember Who You Are! How could that be a bad thing?

Here’s the problem, then.  As I began doing interviews in Europe, it was immediately clear to me that it isn’t just us in our little old USA being sandbagged by our own mainstream media. Each continent is being kept in its own little ball of cotton.

Europeans, by and large, have no idea what the situation is here in the US and we certainly have little idea what the real situation is there.  The same holds true for each continent.  Think about it.  What can you really say about life in South America or Australia? What’s truly going on in Singapore? Even if you think you know…trust me, the vast majority of us don’t.

The best personal examples that come to my mind are what I call The Things I Did Not Know About Germany. One, they are not a sovereign nation and only one country has signed a peace treaty with them since WWII…I think it’s Andorra…but I could be wrong.   Two, the merest hint of a question about the Holocaust comes with a jail sentence attached. Three, it is illegal to home school your children.

They will be removed and placed into foster care. Shall I go on?  Then, of course, thanks to Mr. Snowden, whoever he really is (and I hope he’s for real), we found out that the country the USA spies on more than any other by a long shot is Germany.

I remember when I heard that I thought, wow, that is actually going to pull most Americans up short. Huh? Germany?  At any rate, my point is we have no idea what’s going on in our own country much less in anyone’s else’s.  Frankly, most of the Europeans I have spoken to have been stunned to realize the true nature of the economic situation in the USA.

They are starting to wake up.  I even had a German woman, a fairly intelligent middle class teacher, turn to me and ask me at a dinner party point blank, “Do you think we’ll get our gold back?”  My honest answer was, no, I doubt we have it any more.  She stared at me in shocked silence, realization spreading across her face.

So this idea that people around the world would be talking to each other freely must have been a real problem.  TPV Channel has been up and running for about two weeks.  Much of the activism we see in our own carved-out niches is well-represented.

I noticed they are airing the first of Michael Murphy’s movies, the one I saw right after consuming every lecture by Mark McCandlish I could find, called What In the World Are They Spraying. It was supposed to be tonight, I believe.  I spoke at length with another host about a series of interviews on December 1.  I had promised to send her a photo of my house burning. That was the end of my being able to communicate via the TPV emails.  As of a few days ago, their channel became disrupted.

Here is what they just posted on their Facebook page:

It’s official: “We’re under heavy attack right now. We have 2 very good engineers looking at it.” in the meantime watch our content via or or Thank you for your support.

A channel like this would be the antidote to the 20th century imposed global compartmentalism, you see. Compartmentalisation is how they get away with everything.  The guy in one room doing one seemingly benign thing, has no idea that the guy in the next room doing his own seemingly benign thing is making, say, the other half of a Doomsday Machine.

This is an example, just for illustration, but very, very real in its point. When anyone asks, how could they do that? Too many people would have to know.  I laugh.  Literally.

This PVC, a 24/7 global people’s voice outlet? The end of that. Joy. Merry Christmas, even. Of course, they are under attack.  They will figure it out. They will be dogged and they will not surrender.  Don’t you either.

Addendum: thanks to feverish work by engineers, the TPV is broadcasting again as of this morning. No doubt this will be a continual battle. Support the end of global compartmentalisation…of compartmentalisation of ANY KIND and let’s reclaim all of our sovereignty.



  1. Cara St. Louis, I have much to digest, having read your posting — compartmentalization of continents **by means of communication, or lack thereof!**– and much of the commentary. I feel humbled by the force of your comments. I would like to share my favorite Zen story with you. The master had his students assembled before him. Without warning, the master whipped out from his robe both a cat, held by its back legs and its tail, and his sword. “Who can save this animal?” he asked his many students. One student — only one — hastened to retrieve his sandals and, placing them on his head, departed the temple where this test was delivered. The master released the cat, intact.

    • Sublime comment. I am profoundly gratified to witness the depth to which people are responding and bringing their consciousness to this. Raise the Consciousness. This really is the solution since we as human beings are far more powerful than we are currently allowed to ‘know.’ Thank you.

    • Also, this is actually the 6th article I’ve brought to VT since beginning of October. Not sure why the others don’t show up.

  2. You are right in that by keeping the people ignorant of what gos on in other parts of the world and tailoring the propaganda they spew forth as news they herd the sheeple where they want them. I do not see how anyone can say the worldwide sharing of information or points of views can be bad. As far as David Icke, this is not about him. Agree with him or not, years before most people who now question the cover story of the PTB, David looked around, said this is bull s##t and started searching for answers. I personally do not think we will see most sheeple pull their heads out of that dark dank place until absolutely forced to by the economy going completely to hell, the PTB take the gloves off and use naked violence in seeking to get the sheeple under complete control. Most people are sheeple because they are breed to be sheeple and they do not want to be anything else. If you look through out history it is always a small percentage of the population that make things happen. As a side note, David is right, there are bloodlines who have ruled the earth for thousands of years. Some of them are good, some are evil. The ones in power now are evil. Sharing this information world wide is a precursor to any awakening of the sheeple.

  3. Ms. Cara St. Louis

    I wonder if attempting to control comments on your work is really prudent.

    In Gnosticism, the only real truth is that yesterday’s truth may well become today’s fallacy but without this fallacy we could never have arrived at tomorrow’s truth. It’s called expanding the consciousness.

    All here are seekers, no matter how demented we may seem. We all must find our own piece of the puzzle. To do so, we cannot lock ourselves into dogma or doctrine.

    Dogma or doctrine forces a single point onto the masses when every person must find their own path. When enough points of light are reached to plug the holes in the consciousness grid, perhaps we will see the “The Return of Christ” which actually started about 20 years ago, but we are slow to awaken because of chemtrails, fluoride, etc.

    Short of 3,000,000 people marching on DC, our mental abilities are our only resource to correct the deficiency into which we have allowed ourselves to fall.

    Out of the mouths of babes may come the inspiration for the defining work that saves us all.

    • I understand and honor your comment. As a gnostic myself, I feel that line of query deeply. Let me say this: it is the mission of our time, as beings who are on the verge of a mighty leap in all imaginable ways to be present to the true issues and tasks. They tend to be very simple. Plain even. I believe that it is truly helpful to present the main thrust on questions of sovereignty and free communication when possible. The comments I have pushed aside are those which seek to mire the principle under discussion in the hysteria and sitraction we have become accustomed to contending with. Since blocking that sort of thing ouyt in favor of open and free communication , in this case, between people around the world which has been uttwerly denied…well, that breakthrough is absolutely imperative. And I think this is the teaching rather than the letting the whole thing slide into a nquagmire of soiled media hype abouyt one individual. So, thank you, and I respect your question intensely as it a principle worth illuminating always.

  4. It is all as described in John Robisons 1798 publication “Proofs of a conspiracy against all the religions and governments of Europe, carried on in the secret meetings of Free Masons, Illuminati and Reading Societies” (i.e. reading societies = the mass media as it was in 1798). Archaic English but worth the effort to read it. Widely available on-line as a pdf.

  5. Can you help me with this? I have a small context problem understanding this (the statement):

    “Whatever your take on David Icke is, the one thing I can’t ever see anyone wanting to argue is this statement: Remember Who You Are! How could that be a bad thing?”

    So, is “Remember Who You Are!”

    — a motto of David Icke’s channel?
    — about diversity?
    — about being human?
    — about David Icke’s book with the same title?

    • I believe that Icke’s meaning re: “Remember Who You Are” is none of the above but is:
      –about being infinite consciousness

      I.E. a human being’s life in this plane of existence is akin to droplets in a waterfall. A unified river at the top falls over the edge and becomes individual droplets (birth) but reassembles into a unified river again at the bottom (death). “Remember Who You Are” is a call to realize how very powerful you/we are and that “we” are all one: infinite consciousness. And why are “we” putting up with this shite? Become the change you wish to see.

  6. Yes, thanks to those who have commented who understand this story deeply and, frankly, thanks to the trolls who tend to come out of the woodwork when we hit a sore spot as one young lady pointed out. Savvy bunch of readers! Great place to write.

  7. Ms. St. Louis,
    I’m glad that you brought up compartmentalization, because it exists as an external, a self imposed, and as an internal condition.
    The working theory of info “warriors” today seems to be to simply get the message out, and the chips will fall where they may. This presumes, in essence, that all compartmentalization is external and imposed, which is an error.
    Further, the following assumption is that when enough people are informed, conditions will change. Yet, this begs the question; What are “enough” people, and how exactly are they going to make an effective change?
    Inevitably, the hidden idea is that people will band together and provide an unstoppable unified front toward THE GOAL, which involves stopping certain activities, and getting back to “normal”. Yet, if the very society we live in is the breeding ground for aberrant activity, then exactly where is the “normal” going to find its ground?
    Then again, you have to assume that only certain activities are aberrant, yet what about the ideology that underlies such activity? What if you discovered that faith in the divine redeemer was the seed toward the darkening of humanity’s self understanding? How then can you know who you are, when your beliefs about yourself are in error?
    Error piled upon error, uncorrected. Assumption upon assumption, unsupported.
    Info “warriors” may be brave, dedicated, and resolute. Yet they are also incredibly challenged when it comes to actually doing something with the info.

    • Our only hope is that we (unknowingly) are building some sort of planetary consciousness grid.

      Each of us has a piece of this grid and when enough people (The Elect) have plugged enough holes in the grid the “Force of Christ” can be broadcast to humanity.

      To understand the lack of divinity in this process, consider this: Rome was not built in a day, neither was our galaxy. Rome is still under construction as we speak, so is the Milky Way.

      We (the galaxy) started as single point, 1D expanded to 2D expanded and encircled itself to become 3D. Higher dimensions, logically start at the Galactic Core and expand horizontally along the Galactic Plane and eventually vertically.

      One can conclude, therefore that the Archon were driven from expanding higher dimensional space and eventually befouled our little planet.

      As we (our solar system) are from the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy and merging (being brought into the fold) with the Milky Way our trajectory brings us in and out of the Galactic plane and higher dimensional space (The Christ) at predictable times. i.e. Krishna’s prediction of a mini golden age before returning to the Kali Yuga.

      The Archon know this, hence the chem trials, fluoride and all the other crap.

      Does God feel our pain? As we are immortal, does it matter?

    • JG,
      We are surrounded by a bewildering array of what passes for information. Some of it is pretty ok, some of it is total crap, and precious little is anything you can really count on. How does adding to this soup with even more info mean anything?
      The Anthropos was not danced into being and seeded into the Kenoma in order to be a passive sponge! Our origin is intimately entwined with activity. The curse of our species is that we were fashioned as a symbiotic species by Archontic imitation, yet the actual animator of our species came from the creator Goddess herself.
      We are faced with a very real and very pertinent question today, JG. What are we going to do about the uncorrected error of our species? Are we going to sit on our buttocks and absorb even more information, or are we going to act?
      Its all fine and dandy to write off one’s responsibility with the simple conveyance of even more information, and to resign oneself to a condition of mere observer in the universe, but the truth is that this perspective is directly related to the hysterical narcissism forced down our throats by the judeochristian-and islamic redeemer virus.
      Remember, archontic intrusion is the intrusion of our cousin species. The aliens are related to us, and this is why they know how to deploy the monkey wrench to destroy our efforts.

  8. Okay, VT readers. Let us be very, very clear. This article is not about David Icke. This article is about a channel peopled by many, many activists who are bringing their own global issueas and concerns to the rest of the world. This is about the sovereignty of the individual and the freedom amongst nations to communicate honestly and openly with each other and what happens when we try to do so. Cyber attacks forthwith. Now hear this: I did not write this article to find out what all and sundry think of David Icke. I wrote this article to talk about what I have discovered in the last year: that we are being KEPT FROM EACH OTHER IN EVERY WAY. And when we make attempts to communicate in alternative media on a worldwide level cyber attacks will ensue. This is news. Plain and simple. So, I, for one, am longing to hear what each of you have to say about the idea of sovereignty and free and open communication. It simply is a waste of your time and mine to get stuck deconstructing Icke himself. But then I guess they win again.

    • I think everyone who comments on VT knows whodunit and probably why they did it and why they continue to do it and how they get away with it.

      The answer we all seek, is what do we do about it? Certainly open communication is the key to understanding what we want the New New World order to look like.

      Tyrone wants WCF (White Christian Fascism) though in his latest posts, he is sounding awfully Gnostic.

      I want a world of individual liberty, free thought and unbridled creativity unhampered by the constraints of any government. Indeed, the sole purpose of government should be to assure the very creativity of the individual.

      Unable to do so, all government should self destruct and fall on their collective swords.

      The Gnostic texts speak of a land without kings. That is my kind of place!

    • Many, many people (‘sovereign’ individuals) were responsible for inventing things like “planes, trains and automobiles” which today are the groundwork for sustaining and making possible the lives of 2 billion+ people in the 21st century. And now your book deals with a really strange development where some shadowy people negate this trend. For us, the ‘mischief in the skies’ is understood as yet another sign of the existence of tyranny… I can inform you that the 21st century will be the Century of Tyrannicide.

    • Maybe this could have been avoided if the Title had contained the five words “by the means of news” so that everyone would see that the point is this:

      — The Compartmentalisation of the Continents by the Means of News

      Version 2:

      — The Fragmentation, Isolation and Compartmentalisation of the Continents by the Means of News

  9. “Remember who you are? How can that be a bad thing?” Well I suppose it may make a difference if we had known who Gacy, Dahmer, Manson, Bundy, and all the other sickos were before they tortured and killed other innocent people. I supposed them knowing themselves may not have been a bad thing because they were absolutely insane, but they did some pretty bad things during their wasted life on this earth. Keeping Manson alive is our fault. No one would’ve minded putting a bullet between his eyes and donating all the money it has taken to care for his wasted ass to charity and feed, clothe and house abandoned children.
    David Icke is no god, so why cling to what he utters and avoid the Bible? What is so intriguing about David Icke? What has he done to entice anyone of you to follow him and his teachings? What if anything has Icke ever said that has astounded you to the point of following his advice?

  10. The shape shifting reptilians was always a bit much for me, but once you come to the realization smart people like David Susskind theorize that we exist in 2 dimensions in a black hole and are projected onto a 3D universe?

    Quite frankly, anything is possible in a quantum reality.

    The very nature of matter, 99.99% of an atom is empty space. The illusion of solid material is nothing more than the force exerted to hold protons, nuclei and electrons in place.

    Manipulate that force and you could change yourself into anything.

    My apologies, Mr. Icke, you may well be correct.

  11. ” Each continent is being kept in its own little ball of cotton. ”

    I say that all the time. News are taylored to each country. (It would be so easy to just translate English news into other languages but that does not happen.) Changing this means hard work which could be achieved by bloggers not only reposting articles but instead translating articles. Why don’t they get that?

    • Yes. My husband works very hard at no cost after working hours to translate important pieces from one language to another and it really matters, these understandings. Thanks.

  12. David Ike was an unexpected reference point, which (for some) uncontrollably triggers , unforgettable image of a shape shifting Reptilian, especially the Queen of England, Tony Blair and George Bush (I). Considering ‘where we are’ in the geopolitical, pyscho-degenerative, earth poisoning scheme of thing, we might consider this allusion (to Ike) as suggestive of something more than mere metaphor. Are Reptillians the secretive inner elite running the whole compartmentized, frequency shrouded shebang? Perhaps, before we can answer the question ‘who are we?’, we need to know ‘who are they’? Metaphor or something else?

    • Distractions. Nice try. The topic is personal sovereignty and free global communication. What say you to the point of the article?

    • So you’re talking about freedom of speech, but at the same time you want to determine what should and should not be said in the comments area?
      A funny thing is the human being, always contraditory.

      You know….it would be really bad if readers were obligated to comment only on the topic the author wants them to. A LOT of valuable information from commenters would be lost.
      Just think about it.

  13. It doesn’t surprise me at all Ms. St. Louis, that Germany is the most spied country by the USA.
    Germany had all that advanced high tech weaponry before and during WWII. After Operation Paperclip they continued with their black programs to the chagrin of TPB who got a nasty surprise, when in 1947 the Haunebru crashed in Rosswell, 1947. I am reading upon this (among a lot of other stuff). It start to make a lot of sense that that was indeed what crashed there.


    • Regina, with all due respect, you should read my first article and perhaps the last one. My mother was a civilian working for the Navy, amongst all the OPERATION PAPERCLIP scientists that we smuggled out and used fully and still use fully for our own nefarious purposes. Three years ago, she was run over and killed in a crosswalkj on her way to church. Believe me, that level of understandin g is just what they want you to think. The deception is deep. Very deep. But thanks for reading and commenting.

    • Try reading The Sun Thief as part of your research, by Cara St.Louis. Also, since the bottom line point of the article in personal sovereignty and free speech among nations, what are your thoughts along those lines?

    • I am all for personal sovereignty and free speech among nations, that goes for me without saying.

      Not quite sure about Icke’s motivations. I was warned about him and others being cointelpro.
      Also saw something recently about him setting up his new studio and all the Monarch symbolism in it that really made me uncomfortable. Sure, he lectures about the right stuff, readily available through other sources. He reminds me of these cashing-in American TV evangelists, laughing all the way to their zombie banks. Maybe I am too harsh on him. Don’t know but I moved away from him after seeing a few presentations by him on the Internet.


    • If I may interject something here?
      Icke is on record as claiming that the mystery schools morphed into the illuminati, who are the “control group” for the world economy and political climate. I don’t know if he has altered or updated his viewpoint, but this perspective ignores the reality that the mystery schools split between the telestai and the illuminati thousands of years ago, and casts all mystical and spiritual learning under the blanket of suspicion and distrust.
      Further, it lends to the illuminati an undeserved reputation as masters of mystical forces.
      Regina, you could help your understanding by referencing The Gospel of the Egyptians, in the Nag Hammadi Codices. Here you will find the root syllable, the cosmological orientation, and the thirst that describes the true student. Icke is wrong.

    • Thank you very much Mike: I shall do that.
      ( Just got the Secret book of John and NIHI I already have in my possession)


  14. As I have said before I have little faith in the people Ms St Louis. The internet as we know it has existed for at least a good 15 years and the majority of the people are still relying on the likes of Sean Hannity and Candy Crowley to give them their whys. If anything what I have gotten from the existence of the internet and the realization of Buckminister Fullers dream (no it wasn’t Al Gore) of an instantaneous world wide communication system is that the caste systems of old were indeed correct. Most people are helots and that’s just the way they like it. This mercantile oligarchy has abused its position of power to the tune of perpetual war, poverty and the constant threat of famine. First they failed at social engineering so they figured they would try their hand at environmental engineering. You don’t like what you see in the sky and neither do I. The burden now falls upon those who would be the Spartans to rise up and seize that power they so crave. Who knows they just might find out why the world still so fears Germany.

    • Are you a seed bull, peach orchard bull ,or neutered and ready to be led to slaughter ? hopefully alpha Women will express their strength and intelligence in an extremely will full manner and bring some balance about . From Marija Gimbutas ; ‘The question of morality was of profound concern, but the deep perception of the periodicity of nature based on the cycles of the moon and and the female body led to the creation of a strong belief in the immediate regeneration of life at the crisis of death ,There was no simple death ,only death and regeneration . And this was the key to the hymn of life reflected in this Art .” [ Language Of The Goddess ] Vita Brevis ,Ars Longa

    • Sorry to break the news to you but Marija Gumbatas theory’s are at best colored with the careful avoidance of the J word; kurgan civilization? really? Civilization is an oxymoron anyway when applied to the vile spawn of Abraham. the black sea was formed when the Mediterranean burst its borders but who dug the canal? Golbeki tepi now begs that question. Also her precious “bird gods” from the Vinca civilizations are obviously the earliest depictions of greys we have. And if you think your the alpha woman for the job send me a picture if I like it we will see who breaks who.

    • The world fears Deutschland because the world’s sub-conscious has been continually carpet bombed, for at least, the last 100 years since the Federal Reserve Bank of 1913, with #antiDeutsch #hollywoodism. Not only are people intellectually programmed to hate Deutschland but they have been behaviourally modified, like pavlovian dogs, to hate Deutsch Folk on an emotional & even a physical level. Since most people in America & Europe are from “Ur-Deutsch-Stock”, including England (Anglo-Saxon), France (Franks), Spain (VisiGoths), they have become self hating “Deutsch”. This creates an unconscious socio pathological guilt that only intensifies the irrational hatred for the “Germ-Man”.

    • Not me my friend, I lived in Germany for a few years at beautiful surroundings and had a blast with the Germans. Well the older generation in NL didn’t like it one bit, especially when I told them that in Germany everything is better…..(in German of course).


    • Hans,
      Rest assured that everyone is not a victim of this crusade of hate, and do not yourself fall victim to this poison. Keep in mind who is orchestrating the hatred. Those who so willingly fall into the paradigm of hate are those who willingly serve their jewish masters slavishly.

    • I agree and it needs our full support. It is the breaking through of all the barriers placed upon us mkostly for the duration of the 20th century. It is the return of Free Speech. Set the truth free…it will fight for itself.

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