“World Trade Center” Scam Exposed


by Kevin Barrett


The more we learn about the World Trade Center, the more it appears that the whole project – from its creation by New World Order chieftain David Rockefeller, to its explosive demolition on 9/11, to its current resurrection by insurance-fraud suspect Larry Silverstein – has been one gigantic scam.

On Sunday, investigative journalist Shawn Boburg published a story in the North Jersey Record detailing the mafia-style fraud that characterized the career of World Trade Center Director Guy Tozzoli. The fraud only increased when Tozzoli ostensibly retired in 1986 and sold the name “World Trade Center” to himself for ten dollars.

During his tenure as World Trade Center Director on behalf of the Port Authority – an unimaginably wealthy, non-transparent quasi-public entity sometimes referred to as “the 51st state” – Tozzoli looted with impunity. Shortly before retiring in 1986, he had the Port Authority sell the name “World Trade Center” for ten dollars to his own private corporation. Tozzoli’s company then made millions of dollars licensing the use of the name; and despite being officially retired, Tozzoli continued to swindle resources and money from the Port Authority, traveling around world on fantastic junkets funded without oversight by the taxpayers and commuters of New York and New Jersey.

Today, there are over 300 companies around the world that pay Tozzoli $10,000 per year to use the name “World Trade Center” for their buildings. Most of them are ordinary buildings that have no more connection with world trade than any other building.

If you have a tin-roof shack in a shanty-town somewhere, you can call it a “World Trade Center” – as long as you pay Tozzoli $10,000 a year for the privilege.

9/11 vastly increased the value of the meaningless “World Trade Center” brand. Suddenly the absurd, utterly empty term took on iconic emotional associations.

David and Nelson Rockefeller smirking at their "built to blow up" monstrosities

Rockefeller smirking at his “built to blow up” monstrosities

But it wasn’t Tozzoli who created the “World Trade Center” scam. Boburg reports:

“The idea for a World Trade Center came from David Rockefeller, the brother of New York Gov. Nelson Rockefeller. The governor asked the Port Authority, with its enormous borrowing power, to take on the project. The private sector wouldn’t touch it because it was expected to lose money. And it did, for years after it was built.”

In fact, the World Trade Center in general, and the Twin Towers in particular, lost spectacular and ever-larger sums of money throughout their lifetimes, just as everyone knew they would. By 2001, the Twin Towers were largely empty due to their antiquated communications infrastructure. They were loathed by New Yorkers as twin eyesores, and condemned for asbestos since the mid-1990s. The Port Authority had been seeking a way to demolish the Towers for years. Then in July 2001, Port Authority director Lewis Eisenberg sold the World Trade Center to a reputed organized crime figure (and confirmed close friend of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu) named Larry Silverstein for a little over $100 million.

Eisenberg and Silverstein are both Zionist extremists. In 2001, they were two of the biggest money-men for the Republican Party.

Why would Larry Silverstein buy the World Trade Center in July, 2001? Why would he want to own worthless buildings that were condemned for asbestos and losing enormous amounts of money?

The answer became obvious after 9/11, when Silverstein confessed on national television to having demolished Building 7 himself – yet later managed to walk out of a mobbed-up courtroom with 4.5 billion dollars in double-indemnity for the “two completely separate terrorist attacks” on the two Towers. Silverstein was even paid almost three-quarters of a billion dollars in compensation for the loss of Building 7 – the building that he himself admittedly “pulled” on 9/11.

Last week, the same mobbed-up court that has handled almost all 9/11 litigation, presided over by Israeli-American judge Alvin Hellerstein, cleared Silverstein of responsibility for the destruction of Building 7. The court ruled that Building 7 did not fall down due to “negligence.”

Of course it didn’t. It fell down in an obvious controlled demolition, as Silverstein himself admitted on the PBS program “America Rebuilds.” Yet nobody will breathe a word of truth in the mafia-run courtrooms of New York…or in the Zionist-dominated mainstream media of Occupied America.

The outrageous criminality surrounding the entire history of the World Trade Center raises the question: Was the whole World Trade Center concept one big scam? Were the Twin Towers built by David Rockefeller for the express purpose of one day being demolished in a spectacular fake “terrorist attack” ?  (Rockefeller set himself up on 9/11 with a perfect view of the Towers’ demolition.)

That seems to be the only useful purpose the Towers ever served. The whole “World Trade Center” never had much to do with world trade – it was (and is) just a bunch of ugly skyscrapers with ridiculously high vacancy rates. Everyone knew the project was a hopeless money-loser from the moment Rockefeller proposed it. The only thing that saved the brand was 9/11. If the Towers weren’t built as props for the murderous disaster movie filmed on 9/11, why WERE they built? Nobody builds billion-dollar skyscrapers expecting to lose enormous amounts of money unless there is a hidden agenda.

The creation of a New World Order is the barely-hidden agenda of the Rockefeller family and their associates. Nick Rockefeller told then-friend Aaron Russo before 9/11 about the “event” that was coming. Rockefeller told Russo that the upcoming 9/11 attack would be used to launch a New World Order dictatorship, and that the end-game would be a small elite ruling over a microchipped and completely controlled population. Then after 9/11, a horrified Russo revealed Rockefeller’s 9/11 criminality…and died of fast-acting cancer not long afterwards.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

Today, the Lower Manhattan neighborhood around the World Trade Center is a maze of militarized checkpoints and barricades – like an upscale version of the West Bank. Residents of the area are furious at the way their neighborhood has been turned into an Orwellian security zone.

If Rockefeller and the Zionist-linked New World Order kingpins have their way, the human sacrifice of 9/11 will lead to the whole planet becoming an NSA-monitored, killer-drone-enforced Orwellian security zone.

Was that the reason the Towers were built in the first place?

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17 Responses to "“World Trade Center” Scam Exposed"

  1. carsondyal  December 10, 2013 at 8:46 pm

    I’m certainly a fan of Kevin Barrett’s work, and know full well that 9/11 was an inside job, but as a New Yorker, I’m compelled to say that he’s overstating the eyesoreness of the Twin Towers. True, after they first went up, their disproportionate size was jarring, but gradually most New Yorkers became quite fond of them. They were glittering beacons in the night sky, two towers of Babel, perhaps, but iconic nevertheless. If you were walking south of Houston and weren’t sure which direction you were headed, you’d look for the Towers to get your bearings.

    I think it’s wrong to say that the towers were empty. I used to work as a telecommunications consultant and spent many a day riding the superfast elevators in WT1 and 2. Yes, they weren’t completely filled, but most floors were occupied, and the project made money, I’d wager. For sure, Windows on the World, on the 107th floor of WT1 made a lot of dough. I went there several times with friends and family to eat or have a drink and admire the view.

    All I’m saying is, one can still know that they were an asbestos boondoogle without pouring it on even thicker to state that New Yorkers thought they were ugly. Just look at films from the early 1970’s which use New York as a background. The Empire State Building, the once and future icon of NY, has been replaced by the Twin Towers. They were awesome looking and most New Yorkers that I knew appreciated them.

    • Kevin Barrett  December 11, 2013 at 6:42 am

      I may be over-generalizing from the New Yorkers I know, who are mostly hippie/artist types who always loathed the Towers. But I have seen reports including as I recall some in the mainstream media that there was a lot of anti-Tower sentiment right up till 9/11, which erased all such feelings from the collective memory. The “whole new world” that Zelikow plotted in his 1998 Foreign Affairs article blotted out people’s memories of the pre-9/11 world, when the Towers were fairly unpopular as well as slated for demolition if a means could be found. I do agree that they were iconic, and that the city as a whole had a love-hate relationship with them. Post-9/11, the hate side has been erased from collective memory and official discourse.

  2. wolf  December 10, 2013 at 6:54 am

    Why were the towers built? You’re right…they were built to be destroyed. And there is a reason that they were designed the way they were: two very tall, unremarkable ugly boxes standing side by side like a giant number eleven, as if they were two prongs of a huge tuning fork ready to produce a vibration…or even symbolic of the two strands of a DNA molecule.

    Since the dawn of civilization, the entrance of sacred and mysterious places have been guarded by two pillars. Whether in art or in architecture, twin pillars are archetypal symbols representing an important gateway or portal towards the unknown and symbolic of the duality of the material world…yin and yang, etc. In fact, the Twin Towers of the WTC were representational of the Masonic twin pillars known as Boaz and Jachin. The proportions were the same. There is more than meets the eye to their destruction in an esoteric sense.

  3. Preston James, Ph.D  December 9, 2013 at 11:37 pm

    This article is a grand-slam home-run, a real masterpiece. It’s like with so many major world events, when you shake things out down to the basics, it’s always the Central Bankster families involved. This article shows that 9/11 was essentially a long term operation spanning many years. More of this type of quality investigative journalism please.

  4. Gustavo  December 9, 2013 at 6:48 pm

    Take a look at this piece from Aaron Russo’s 1983 film Trading Places: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Kw60NgZMAU

    I think Mr. Russo knew a lot more than what he said, and for much longer. Or should we call it “just a coincidence”?
    The whole theme of the movie is about the disdain in wich elite members treat ordinary’s people lives and feelings, and how they conspire against us just for their pleasure.
    There are many other 9/11 references in the movie for the careful observer. Even the titile could be a clue.
    And we’re talking about a 1983 film, not “9 months before 9/11.

  5. sweetliberty  December 9, 2013 at 5:21 pm

    Ah yes, the murky Port Authority

  6. jglassel.  December 9, 2013 at 1:06 pm

    “Mankind came to be in three essential types, the spiritual, the psychic, and the material (Hylic)… Each of the three essential types is known by its fruit. And they were not known at first but only at the coming of the Savior (higher dimension space/time), who shone upon the saints and revealed what each was.” (Tripartite Tractate)

    Rockefeller, it would seem is Hylic, possessing a soul as all things do, dogs, cats, horses and rocks, but no spirit.

    Those who are sprit endowed, the Elect have forethought as we exist (at a quantum level) across multiple timelines and realities. And though we can often see a future, it is not this future because this future does not yet exist. But we can learn intuitively from our past and future mistakes.

    Others are psychic, being partially spiritually endowed.

    What is astounding is the manner in which the Hylic, lacking our forethought, have planned our future. The twenty dollar bill when folded properly displays pictures from 911? As I recall, it was designed in 1933?

    How could these bleeps do the things they do and have planned them out centuries ago? Figure this out and we can figure out how to beat them.

    The answers are in our collective consciousness.

  7. stephanaugust  December 9, 2013 at 11:02 am

    Thanks for the story.

    Thinking about the WTC also skylines of big cities come to mind, but while they are interesting in a Star Wars movie, in real life they are b*** ugly.

  8. Chandler  December 9, 2013 at 10:14 am

    This entire scenario was planned, strategically organized, and clumsily carried out by buffoons. As in JFK limo, getting the evidence out of sight to avoid being unraveled by a competent independent investigation was imperative and also pre-planned. I suppose millions of dollars in America assets went somewhere, in part to the country receiving the blown up metal or other destinations that went to the bottom of the ocean.
    It is why the 2000 election had to be stolen since they needed a Bush in the white house for the tomfoolery to work. Nothing one person can do about much of anything until someone gets in a position of power and is determined to salvage a small segment of America.

    • Chandler  December 9, 2013 at 4:53 pm

      I do not care for Republican or Democrat. They both are outdated and useless to the resolve in need today. I have no particular interest on any one person, or one party, as much as I have for my country the U.S. I realize mental illness is not confined to one party. It knows no bias or political preference. The sickos in both. The salvaging of this nation should, must, and will come from the sane people with no political platform, but for the benefit of returning the United States of America to at least a decent humanitarian nation and give it back some dignity and pride. The pedophiles can have each other, and mount and hump all they want to each other. All are sick minded and degrading to this nation and its people.

    • Chandler  December 9, 2013 at 5:01 pm

      Some people are rewarded for their perverted performances. Taking advantage of children brings rewards from like minded sickos. It has been known for years a devious family has tarnished the white house twice as their rhetoric differed from their actions. Selling out every American citizen has become business as usual over the past 25 years if not longer.
      I remember the name, and he did what his job title indicated, he coordinated the youth to his best benefit, and knew he was untouchable if the situation ever became revealed. Why don’t this “youth” come forward to state their abuse like many have done against the priests? It is lucrative, so why not come forward and tell their stories?

  9. Brian  December 9, 2013 at 8:58 am

    Well, even though Jewish extremists did 911 I still support the idea synagogues should not be closed down in New York City and I don’t support the constant harassment via the FBI of weak minded people who attend synagogues. Sigh.

  10. LightSaber  December 9, 2013 at 8:54 am

    Very interesting article, well written as usually.
    Among some recent finds I’ve come across recently are “What Really Hit the Pentagon on 9/11?” on the “From the Trenches” site and the interview with Len Bracken by Voice Of Russia.
    That’s very curious indeed (FTT): “According to two civilian defense contractor employees working at commercial corporate facilities at Fort Collins’ Loveland Municipal Airport, in the months before the
    September 11th attacks, US Air Force defense contractors broughtin A3 Skywarrior aircraft under cover of darkness to be completely retrofitted and modified at this small civilian airport in Colorado, the two witnesses say that separate military contractor teams, working independently, at different times and retrofitted A3 Skywarriors with updated missiles, missile control systems; Raytheon’s Global Hawk, the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with remote control systems, engines, transponders and radar navigation systems.
    Coincidentally, five key Raytheon executives died on 9/11: 1) Stanley Hall, Director of
    Electronic Warfare Program Management (American #77); 2) Peter Gay, VP of Electronic Systems, on Special Assignment, at the El Segundo, California Division Office, where the Global Hawk UAV Remote Control System is made (American #11);
    3) Kenneth Waldie, Senior Quality Control Engineer for Electronic Systems (American
    #11); 4) David Kovalsin, Senior Mechanical Engineer for Electronic Systems (American
    #11); and 5) Herbert Homer, Corporate Executive, “

  11. russhallberg  December 9, 2013 at 6:21 am

    Insurance companies launder money through claim accounts. That is the missing link between Silverstein and the insurance payouts. http://la.indymedia.org/news/2008/12/223005.php

    • stephanaugust  December 9, 2013 at 6:43 pm

      Had to think some hours about this. This would explain why, from the Titanic on to modern false flags, there will never be insurence companies claiming fraud. They are an instance of the fiat money ponzi scheme and they would not allow whistleblowers to expose them.

  12. truth hurts  December 9, 2013 at 6:04 am

    that looks like nyc mayor, john lindsay, with rockefeller in that picture.

    • Chandler  December 9, 2013 at 8:41 am

      it is. That is Big John himself.

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