Reality Check for American Tyrants


by Preston Jamescontrol_government_systems


America is now being transformed into an active war zone as part of the phony “war on terror”.

The USG and it’s top Policy-Makers are now transforming America (at least in their own minds) into a nationwide active war zone by labeling any American dissident a domestic terrorists and classifying over 50% of all Americans as either terrorists, domestic terrorists or potential domestic terrorists.

This ought to send a big chill down every normal person’s spine, even if you who work in the “Federal Family”. This of course is just another ploy to enhance the Industrial Defense complex’s bottom line by bringing war home to America, the first volley of which was fired on 9/11 by the USG and its partners in crime as a Gladio-style inside-job False-Flag attack.

So-called “Anti-terrorist” training is provided by those who are actually the world’s top terrorists and originators of world terror.

And all those who are in high positions of illegitimate power inside the USG and the Secret Shadow Government (SSG), you should realize that contrary to all your DHS and counter-terrorist training by the ADL and your all expenses-paid “koolaide-drinking” junkets to Israel for training from the world’s top terrorists (who are actually just pretending to be the top fighters of terrorists), you have been grossly misled and probably need a good dose of reality to wake you up.

Unless America gets some new non-criminal leadership with serious integrity that is drastically different and starts following the Rule of Law, the Constitution and Bill or Rights, a civil war is probably imminent.

[youtube 5wu8fjNr61Q]

DHS and TSA have been completely out of control and are a plague on the land, unconstitutional, criminal enterprises.

DHS and TSA are completely incompetent and tools of growing tyranny against the American people. They are bloated and wasteful beyond reason and have no other function except to harass “we the people” and attempt to train folks to be good little slaves.

[youtube pU5Oisj6r2E]

New American tyrants and their minions desire to place a boot in the face of American 24/7.

dhs-terrorist-300x145This is a heads up to you tyrannical top USG, SSG and DHS top Policy-Makers and minions that feel invulnerable and believe you can place a boot in the average American’s face 24/7 and get away with it forever. You are setting yourselves up for a big surprise and a very big fall. The whole world is now turning against you and this includes much of the American public and your own worker-bees too. Your organizations cannot keep anything secret anymore, nothing at all.

Federal Whistle-blowers are heroes, Intel chiefs are the real criminals who need to be prosecuted for multiple felonies and espionage against America the Republic.

Your intel chiefs continue to blame great American Whistle-Blower Heroes like Edward Snowden, Mark Novitsky, William Binney, Thomas Drake, Mark Klein, Joe Nacchio, and Chris Pyle that all deserve a major ticker tape parade in NYC and the Medal of Freedom. And yet these intel chiefs believe that they should skate free for their illegal warrant-less spying on normal Americans with no probable cause and their espionage against America, by the way, which are serious multiple felony RICO capital crimes.  They have also coerced numerous communication companies to help with illegal spying. When Joe Nacchio, Qwest Chief refused he was charged and framed with a bogus, phony charge as a message to scare other companies to cooperate with these illegal actions.

The more Intel locks down and attacks, harasses, or wrongly prosecutes whistle-blowers, the more blow-back will occur.

The more you try and lock-down all these massive intel leaks, the more blow-back you get and now you are being completely exposed as RICO criminals, part of a massive worldwide criminal syndicate involved with illegal narcotics trafficking, weapons trafficking and sex trafficking. The jig is up and your reign of tyranny is coming to an end one way or another.

Now is a good time for tyrants and their top minions to retire and walk away in peace before the STHF.

Why not take the easy way out resign, retire and leave the country. You have plenty of personal money you have gained over the years, no use going down with the shadow government ship of tyranny that has already hit the iceberg. And you can have a nice peaceful retirement. Yes, when you are a King it is very hard to give up your throne, but it would be the wise move on your part.
Listen up and pay attention. I am going to tell it to you straight with no frosting. Your underlings or paid whore-consultants would never dare to do so. There is a virtual volcano of serious dissent and rebellion cooking away close under the surface of your police state controls inside America, within the hearts and minds of average Americans who are fed up with your lies, abuse, theft of their taxes, your parasitical behavior and illegal wars as well as your police state antics and violence here inside America.

The worldwide Internet is now your Nemesis and no matter how hard you try you cannot stop truth from “marching on”.

Thanks to the worldwide Internet you have now been completely exposed for doing the 9/11 Gladio style false-flag attacks, Murrah, and Assassinating JFK, MLK and RFK as well as your massive illegal narcotics trafficking and humans sex slavery and trafficking as well as bribing, buying, blackmailing almost all of our politicians, judges and officials. Your constant lies are losing traction every day as the alternative media available on the Internet gains wide spectrum attention. As you now should realize your Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) is losing popularity by the day and only exists for the most part because of absurd and dangerous big pharma ads, deceptive military enlistment ads and financial scam ads.

Your mind-kontrolled robotized police are generating massive anger and dissent among the masses who have just about had enough of their “out of control” violence and brutality and unprovoked and un-prosecuted, unpunished murders.

image002345Your police are mind-kontrolled with your constant-on pulsed beam shoulder held radios which set many off into violent parietal or temporal psycho-motor seizures when they become overstimulated in certain “stops” or incidents in which they spontaneously over-react with excessive force and even murder, often covered up by the thin blue line. But deep inside DHS and the alphabets and Intel as well as the police in many areas, there is serious dissent brewing.

What you do not realize is that brute force and fear will only work up to a certain point even with your own men, many of whom have become your hired thugs. Don’t expect high character and honest loyal service toward yourselves when the SHTF out of these poor excuses for human beings, many of whom have lost their way and their souls too.

Your DHS thugs and the US Military will defect and turn on you once the SHTF.

You think you can sick DHS, the National Guard and Northcom on “we the people” at will, with no real push-back and no coming accountability. You are dead wrong on this, just plain dead wrong. This kind of delusion is a big miscalculation. And if you think that bringing in NATO or foreign troops will solve this deficiency, you are dead wrong, it will just create more immediate and wide-spectrum blow-back. Face the facts, no matter what you do you will lose if you do not back off now and stop provoking a full-scale internal war inside America for real.

Every day you are stoking the very fires of the rebellion that will take you down to ruin by tyrannizing America and passing so many new completely illegal, unConstitutional freedom-robbing laws, and by your constant infringing of our individual State’s rights. You violate your oaths of office, the Rule of Law in numerous most serious ways and yet send young non-violent kids to jail for many years for smoking pot. What total hippocrasy when you are the biggest narcotic traffickers in the world and Afhanistan’s opium is your new Gold.

You are attempting to turn America into Gaza II and to make Americans Palestinians you can abuse and murder at will.

1195437989469106298liftarn_Police_brutality_svg_hiYou are convinced you can turn America into Gaza II, the world’s biggest open aired prison camp and makes us Americans into the New Palestinians. But you are dead wrong on that. You have no idea what you face if you persist in this attempt to treat Americans like Palestinians. Gaza has been disarmed, but here in America we are armed to the teeth with more guns and ammo being acquired daily by normal Americans that are buying the means to protect themselves against you, the runaway USG, just like the Second Amendment was written for. You are the “enemy within the gates”, the Traitors of America, it is not “we the people” as you continually declare. And your days of tyranny are numbered.

Your remaining days of tyranny are numbered.

Here’s why. All it takes is some major incident where your robotized forces go too far, several more bad swat raids at the wrong address with no warrant where you blow off another child’s hand with a stun grenade or burn another child with a flash-bang or murder another person “by mistake”, oops. Things can turn on a dime. About 30-40% of the folks in DHS have zero respect for you but will not speak up or throw themselves on a sword because they want their pay and benefits. However when “it” starts up because of more tyrannical acts you order that cross an imaginary but real line, many of these folks will turn on you and your NWO agenda in a New York minute. How many swat officers have already died needlessly for bad or warrant-less entries over nothing, I know of several. There are already far too many police who do not go home at night to their families thanks to the cesspools of crime in every major urban center you have engineered over the years and your agenda of generating chaos to create a new order, your order, not “We the people’s” order.

Your ammo and weapons are not secure, despite your illusions about that.

leadhomelandYou believe that your large ammo warehouses are adequately protected, but they will be sacked in short order when the SHTF, as well as your armories sacked by those supposed to be guarding them. What you don’t realize is that 5-15% of all munitions and arms are already being stolen out of your warehouses and armories by your own corrupt or compromised minions who supply renegade CIA factions, drug gangs and cartels. You should know better than expecting your thugs and soulless minions to handle your goods honestly or with integrity. Most have no integrity; otherwise they wouldn’t do your dirty work.

Numerous suppliers rip you off and under-ship while you overpay and you have no chance of ever catching them. This is an old supply game in any military but nobody wants to ever expose it or talk about it. The more you attempt to restrict guns and ammo, the bigger the black market grows from your own crooked minions who cannot resist the vast profits which become available. Don’t you realize that that a number of the large urban police departments have sold recovered guns to gangs for many years on the side? Really it’s simple economics of supply and demand when you deal with thugs and soulless minions like you employ. And what do you expect when you employ thugs and soulless sociopaths, honest service and loyalty? You can’t even give that to your own Republic, why should those who work for you do any better for you when you aren’t looking over their shoulder?

Look to what happened at the end of Vietnam or in East Germany to end the cold war for evidence what will happen in America when the SHTF.

When the SHTF, officers giving illegal orders will be likely fragged or nailed on sight. Armored cars will perhaps be sabotaged in ways you cannot even imagine. Weapons will likely be brought against your forces in ways you never thought possible. There are thousands of angry vets and special ops out there that will probably be after your organizations after you start “it” up. You have come down hard on federal whistle-blowers that are good honest American men and women unlike you who are Traitors and infil-Traitors, true enemies within the gates of America.

This hard lock-down has not stopped intel leaks, but in fact created a backlash and increased them. But you haven’t seen anything yet as far as leaks go, so much more is coming and soon there will be no more secrets at all. You tricked Teletech and Google and the rest into spying for you and now they have been exposed and are being harmed economically for it because all around the world their reputations are gone forever and folks are basically done with ‘em. You have no idea what you are facing when the volcano of dissent and anger at your tyranny erupts when the SHTF, started by your own tyrannical acts of oppression that cross a certain threshold. The complete meltdown that occurs will be your fault and there will be no one else to blame.

80-90 million armed and very, very angry Americans filled with bloodlust for revenge will become your instant enemies soon after the SHTF.

You will face 80-90 Million armed and angry Americans who will likely get you one way or another. Many are hunters and sportsmen with high powered rifles and can shoot farther and better than your men. The more civilians you murder, the more blow-back you will get and even your own minions, security and special ops will turn on you from within and will be the first to get you (check history, it’s always that way, remember what Caesar said: “et tu Brutus?”). When massive dissent occurs, internal coups and purges ALWAYS occur, albeit some covert or silent, but they always happen when a certain societal critical mass is reached, one way or another. And then there is hell to pay for those tyrants who caused it all.

Your best option overall is to take your vast riches, retire and leave America and live out your lives in peace elsewhere.

Now if you are smart and wise you will take your vast sums and just go away, retire, get out of America and go to your retirement spot in Paraguay, Europe or Malaysia or wherever to retire in peace. Soon there will be nothing here for you, and your tyranny and lawlessness will be brought to an abrupt end. Your massive underground bunkers are actually Mausoleums if you go there because you have foreign enemies which have likely “fixed them up in certain ways” without you knowing.

Remember what happened in East Berlin when the border guards had enough? They refused orders to murder anymore civilians trying to escape, took off their uniform shirts got rid of their guns and either walked away or joined in the celebration of knocking the concrete wall down and walking inside West Germany to see long lost relatives. This happened very suddenly with no warning when a critical mass was reached in the population. In numerous countries now, police and soldiers are refusing to battle with dissenters anymore, some joining in. Don’t believe it, then carefully check the recent world news.

A critical mass is perhaps fast approaching and soon after the SHTF, it will be reached.

We are getting very close to that critical mass inside America, inside the military, inside the police, and yes inside DHS too, contrary to what you think. Note to American Police and Sheriffs: You better figure out which side you are on an act accordingly, like peace officers serving the community and upholding the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Rule of Law rather than being mindless, Mind-kontrolled Thugs (i.e. Monkeys-on-a-DHS/ADL-pulled-string). You are on the front lines and if the American public hits a national boiling point, you could easily become their first targets. To persist in brutalizing the public is perhaps like painting a target on your uniform when the SHTF. When the SHTF, your best bet is to go YOYO (official DHS term for going on your own, “you are on your own”), go home and take care of your families.

The American pubic will never allow themselves to be completely disarmed and you can go the bank on this.

Remember the American public will never be disarmed no matter what the USG and DHS claims, and guns and ammo are literally flying off the shelves. You and your cronies are suffering from cognitive drift.  This is when you have been so used to having your own way through manipulation by your power and influence you lose touch with reality and forget that massive societal resets and corrections are always going to happen eventually.  Check history to verify this.

The more the USG/DHS/ADL/AIPAC/dual citizens and NeoCons try, the more folks will resist and push back. Ask yourself why so many guns and so much ammo is being sold, more each month? Go to local sporting goods and gun stores and ask why. You will quickly find out at least 50% of the new first time buyers are getting armed to protect themselves from your USG tyranny. Most of the rest are doing so to protect themselves and their families from possible mass urban breakdown they fear may be coming soon because of your financial asset stripping of America, and some for both reasons.

History can teach more than your self-deluded social engineers.

My suggestion is that you forget all the recommendations of your self-deluded social engineers and study history. Think very, very carefully before you persist with your incremental tyranny which will for sure start a civil war you cannot win, one which turns every normal citizen and gun owner against you and your minions, viewing you as their own personal enemies, and infil-Traitors within the gates of America.

Once you trigger a civil war in America what you actually end up with will be far beyond your ability to imagine ahead of time and once it starts it will spread at he speed of light from coast to coast.

Once you trigger a civil war, what you end up with will be unimaginable to you, it will be full scale war from all sides by everyone against you and your minions. If you thought Vietnam, Afghanistan or Iraq has been tough, you will find angry fed up Americans are worse than anything you can imagine or have ever seen, and are resourceful beyond what you can imagine once seriously provoked. Once “it’s on”, at first your jack-booted thugs will seem to do okay and will be able to mass-murder many Americans, but as the tide rises and the sleeping giant awakens you will be defeated on every front, often from within your own ranks from folks who will turn on you when you murder family members, friends and fellow community members. Yes, it wouldn’t be too long and your own most loyal men and thugs will turn on you and side with “we the people”. You will be eventually outnumbered, outgunned and all alone with no where to turn.

Think carefully before you start something that will get completely out of your control very quickly, something you have never been involved in an have no real idea of what it would be like.

So before you allow yourself to become embroiled in a total full spectrum battle you cannot win under any scenario, do the right thing, back off, resign, retire and leave America NOW and go have your retirement in peace. That is the best solution for all. Better to make your exit now in peace and allow Americans to rebuild their Republic to function by Rule of Law, the US Constitution and Bill of Rights with no more illegal, unprovoked, unConstitutional, undeclared foreign wars of aggression for war profits and no more foreign Israeli-American dual citizen infil-traitors, NeoCon Traitors and foreign espionage fronts such as Aipac, ADL and SPLC ever allowed again.

Face reality, massive populism is now emerging and cannot be stopped.

Here is a short video clip on the newly emerging populism which cannot be stopped.  Whatever is done to attempt to crush it or impede it will only enhance it. It is a force that emerged from the alternative news on the worldwide Internet, is now destroying the CMMM and fully exposing all the big lies that maintain all your illegitimate USG power, such as the 9/11 and Murrah inside jobs, the USG assassination of JFK, MLK and RFK and massive Central Bankster fraud, bail-outs and the new coming bail-ins.

Watch a true American Hero, a LE and Vet with spotless credentials tell it like it really is over the Safe Act in NY.  There are many thousands more Heroes like him in America that are now waking up to the tyranny imposed by a handful of top Policy-Makers who refuse to follow the Rule of Law, the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights and obey their oaths of office.

[youtube r-xu3erxj4U]




  1. Quote from above article:

    “America is now being transformed into an active war zone as part of the phony “war on terror”.”

    Obama Administration issues Martial Law Directive (December 11, 2013):



    GLOBAL MELTDOWN – JESUITS – William Dean Garner
    Part 1 – ***
    Part 2 – ***

    • The Jesuits Are Using Celestiophysics To Rule The World – William Dean A. Garner – (older video from Aug 2012 – 55 min)

    • Category Archives: The Jesuit Revived Templarism


  3. Gentry,
    Interesting article you reference here. Do you happen to know whether this information came from a book about the jesuit’s. Also, while their fingers seem to be in about everything; it is not clear how much control they really have these days, or what their current agenda is. Do you have anymore information on this?

  4. The “Uber-Presidency” by Paul E. Vallely (Major General, US Army, ret.)

    “America has lost confidence and no longer trusts those in power…. It is true that not all…fit under that broad brush, but most of them are guilty of many egregious acts & we say it is time to hold a vote of no confidence, it’s time for a ‘recall. We are only surviving now, not thriving, & it is clear that the country is demanding new leadership; not the ones the media and the entrenched political machines force upon us.”

    “America is seeking proven leaders, those who are experienced, trustworthy, and loyal; people like our retired military officers. These are the only ones unsullied by political debt or tainted by monied obligations. At this crucial moment, these are the only people who can do the job.”

    “It is time to recall the reprobates and reclaim the power of the people. We need to start with the White House and all of Obama’s appointees, especially Eric Holder. Then on to Harry Reid & Nancy Pelosi – the architects who shoved ObamaCare down our throats. We cannot forget John Boehner & company who openly castigate the Tea Party caucus, which is only doing that which they campaigned upon. Power likes to stay in power; we need to remove that power. The party in power under Obama has synchronized itself to one party rule, no other voice is permitted.” (cont’d)

  5. Another excellent article by my favorite VT writer. As mentioned above, the riot police in Thailand, Germany & Italy laid down their riot gear & demonstrated with the people. Americans are completely “FED UP” with the tyranny, lawlessness, warmongering, corruption & out-of-control spending by dual-citizen Israelis running the Govt at the top levels of virtually EVERY fed agency, the courts, Pentagon, think-tanks, congress, intell agencies & the 65 illegal Zionist “policy” czars. Their Zionist Congressmen are writing gun-grabbing (Feinstein & Schumer), anti-constitutional, anti-American laws like the UNPatriot Act, NDAA 2014 with Jay Rockefeller’s anti-internet cybersecurity bill attached, and 30,000 drones (Levin).

    Americans are WAY PAST “fed up” and ready to oust the entire fed govt & congress. The elections are rigged. I, for one, would NOT be happy to see these JERKS go peacefully with their spoils. I want them stripped of their wealth and isolated in poverty. People learning about “THE EVENT” have requested it start NOW, to include the arrests of these beasts. A simple poll revealed 88% want it triggered NOW. A larger poll is being conducted online, where 10,000 so far have said YES! to triggering “The Event”.

  6. This may seem a change of subject, but, it seems to me that an element that has not been mentioned is the incident at Fukushima nuclear energy plant which occurred in 2011. I encourage everyone to take a good detailed look at that and how it is going to effect the entire line of land masses bordering the Pacific ocean. I encourage you as well to look at the wonderful compilation of every nuclear explosion that has taken place on our planet from 1945 to 1998 – It is a startling horror. Now I would encourage you to look at the number of nuclear plants here in the US and the dates they were built.

    Oh, sure, you can include in this search the number of nuclear weapons now in the US military closets and as you do that, take a look at the number of ‘suspected’ uses of depleated uranium weapons which have been used in various combat situations since our involvement in the middle east.

    Once that is done, go back to the militarization of our national police. It is important to note that hardly a word has been spoken about the nuclear contamination our nation is experiencing as I write this. This is going to have an enormous effect on the population as a whole. All of this will have a major impact on the SHTF MOTIF. Thus I am wondering if it is possible to use this Fukushima contamination as a key to the DEMAND DOOR. The poison of nuclear radiation is not selective. It will kill rich & poor alike. If we demand more true information, a ripple will spread once the truth is known.

  7. According to the ego’s of the elite this has already happened. They perceive their control of all banking and governments and armies make it a mute point. They control the nukes and the bio-weapons. It is why we see such a desperate attempt to get robots ready for combat, they don’t have enough ‘volunteers’. Keep printing and distributing the truth. The media and television they do control are programming little minds that their future is decided, but a rational human being would question the psychosis of control.

    The mistake people make is to allow themselves or others to be isolated and controlled by others agendas. . . Not fighting with controlled opposition, but going right after the Zionist figureheads and bankers would be the right strategy. Going after the leadership within the machine.

    • “The Joint Ministerial Committee of the Boards of Governors of the Bank and the Fund on the Transfer of Real Resources to Developing Countries has allocated 170,500 metric tonnes of gold in the Collateral Account that is on deposit in the Bank of Hawaii as collateral for the issuance of United States Dollars by the Treasury Department. Uncut US Dollars issued by the Treasury Department are ready for immediate release. These Dollars were printed in connection with the Green Hilton Agreement that was signed by President John F. Kennedy on November 14, 1963.”


    • Sweet Liberty,
      Don’t discount the alien part of this. Studying the alien agenda has been a hobby of mine for years; and I absolutely believe they are here, and always have been. They treat us like we would treat a herd of cattle (or sheep); to be fleeced, and slaughtered; we are that much of a dumb animal to them.
      Think about it; if all this gold is available; where is it? Nobody seems to be able to put their hands on it; though they continually talk about it. When Germany requested a measly 300 tons from the Federal Reserve; not only would they not let the germans see it; but, they said it would take 7 years to get it back. If the controllers have all this gold; why not just give it to them and tell them it is worthless anyway (like they keep telling us). Why won’t the government let anybody look inside Ft. Knox, or audit the 8000 tons that is supposed to be there. Most likely, because it is not there. Why is Goldman Sax trying to make a deal with Venezuela to get their gold back? My take on all of this; is that their is a very tight supply of gold, and our so-called controllers do not want us to know about it. So, where has all this gold gone? I think that most likely it has been shipped off-planet, and the SSG does not want us to know this, or figure out that gold is not only a valuable commodity on earth; but also throughout the galaxy. Yes gold is a planetary asset; and Earth is being stripped of it’s assets by aliens using our controller’s as fools.

    • last_cowboy…

      I will keep in mind what you’ve said here if you keep in mind my reply above . Go back and read it again; I shall go back and read yours again too.


    • As to the world having four times as much gold as we’ve been told it has, I suspect that the damned Rothschilds have three and a half times as much gold as we were told the world has, and the rest of us suckers have pocket change…

  8. [snip] “Why would the United States want to refuse delivery of 170,500 metric tonnes of gold on deposit in the Bank of Hawaii allocated under the Global Collateral Account? The cartel identified in * (which owns the Federal Reserve and controls our country and its media) is also trying to frustrate the people’s right to a Constitutional Convention.


  9. Preston,
    Excellent argument; I hope the SSG controllers, and their high-level minions read and take your message to heart; it is always better to avoid an armed conflict. It is a fact though that tyrant’s throughout history, never seem to go quietly into the night. They are filled with hubris, and not rational people. Also, the ones who have been soul-swapped are not even human. While fighting a non-human alien force may seem futile, it is not! As human’s, we have a divine right to be here, and have countervailing non-physical forces on our side in this fight. While believing this may be an act of faiith; I have met my guardian angel, and know on a personal level it is true, as do many others. So keep the faith, and keep hammering your message home. A word war is always better than a hot war.

  10. Thanks Preston,

    well said. But who the hell was it, that introduced rabbinic hierarchy into Christianity centuries ago? Don’t know, but I do know that our Leader who’s not from this World has been replaced by priests, who were supposed to be the servants of the community of Church. But as You suggested, it may, and will be we the people without banker paid leaders. To which bankers asking, who the hell they are and where did they came from. If I were them, I’d rather ask behind what do I hide from now on.

    As Jonas Alexis have many times mentioned, the past century was Jewish century. It was supposed to be our century, the Gentile century. Telegraph road, that is industrial revolution bringing lamplight to the poorest of the poor. Surely bankers and feudalist Masters didn’t like that, agitating ones like Henry Fords and their workers against each other, although they were on the same side from beginning. Agitating 2 World Wars, Christians against Christians.

    But how about if we gentiles owned something and begin to agitate Jew against Jew, say something 1000 years from now on? How many pages are there on Talmud and how many bloody answers were on one page without one single question, who are You? We know You better than You do yourselves.

  11. In the early 1970’s, I wrote a paper for my friends perusal, listing out steps to be taken if Nixon suspended the Constitution. My plan was to shut off power and water to Los Angeles in the August heat (blow power to pumps at Wheeler Ridge and Iron Mountain, and sever the Owens Valley and Colorado River pipes), and take out the grid by blowing up switching facilities. Those were the days when you could buy the chemicals for C-4 at a hobbyist store, and cook it in the kitchen (had lot’s of fun blowing things up in the Mojave). SDS Marxist leaflets would be left at the bombing sites as misdirection. The goal was to isolate Los Alamitos naval station, where a bunker in the adjacent weapons storage facility contained tactical nuclear weapons (per a dog-handler there).

    My point is that today, as then, those fighting tyranny must have the weaponry of the tyrant. Does anyone seriously think the globalists are going to let Americans running around with AR’s upset their apple cart? These beasts will use nuclear and biological weapons on the American people. The force that used nuclear weapons in Iraq knows no restraint. Without loyalist military, willing and capable of putting a tactical nuke into the Rothschild estate outside Paris, or the Knesset adjunct on the Potomac, we will loose the good fight.

    • True Patriots won’t start it, but they won’t run from it either and will fight to restore their Republic when the USG attacks them in mass through DHS, Northcom, or paid ADL trained police goons or some serous public abuse acts to trigger a mass reactions against the USG (also a real possibility). If the USG starts deploying heavy duty weaponry, there will be immediate rebellion in the ranks and even the high military command. Arsenals will be sacked by these folks on the inside and top positions too, and things at the top will crumble very fast. It is much better for these USG tyrants, criminal psychopaths and foreign infiltrators to take their stache and leave America now to retire in peace and let American restore the Republic peacefully with a whole new set of single term limited politicians and absolutely no paid lobbying, pacs or anymore bribery, or revolving door scams.

  12. Excellent article. So accurate. Loyalty will only go so far. Betrayal will be our friend. Let them come into many American homes and see what is in store for them. They will not see their families again, rest assured. Many of us may not survive and none of this will be pretty, but they will be turned back due to not believing in their cause.
    The American people may have tolerated too much up until now, but once one wife or child lays victim to any of these urchins, all of America will rise, and regardless of their numbers, we have them out numbered.
    We are the American people, who have been crippled by their own elected officials. We have our rights that are inalienable. I am sure by now they thought our gun rights and guns would’ve been stripped, and the takeover would’ve been easy. Let them not forget we are the American people, who have been very permissive, very tolerant, very flexible. This president has played right into our hands, and now becomes our best weapon. His deceptions, his lies, his betrayal of us has conveyed too much, and has awakened the sleeping giant.
    You are right Mr. James, angry fed up Americans are their worst nightmare. We will take care of business when the business presents itself. When they become objective instead of hidden where they’ve always chosen to remain, it will be then we can be that nightmare. Thank you President Oblunder…you have tipped their hand, and now, we all await. Thank you Mr. James. Write on!!!

    • It’s important for folks to know about the “Solzenitzen solution”. After being thrown in a gulag, inmates sat around and discussed that if they had fought back even without guns and killed some who came to take them each night, too many on the communist kidnap teams would not have gone home to their families and such would have stopped. If the unfortunate happens and the USG is so criminally psychotic and demented (they may be) that they attack the American people in mass like unarmed Palestinians, then they will find out what 80-90 Million angry, desperate armed Americans can do and what it is like when their own supposedly most loyal turn on them and sell them out in a NY Minute. It’s important to note, America will never be Gaza II, Americans will never be Palestinians and Americans will never be disarmed. Any serious attempt to disarm America will create serious imminent push-back far beyond what anyone at DHS could ever imagine under any circumstances.

    • @ Chandler

      “The American people may have tolerated too much up until now, but once one wife or child lays victim to any of these urchins, all of America will rise, and regardless of their numbers, we have them out numbered.”

      Did you catch this story?

      NYPD broke down door without warrant, beat up family, stomped pet bird to death


      You imply that there will be a future tipping point. How much worse does it have to get before “we” rise up?

      It ain’t gonna happen.

      “We” don’t outnumber them. The people who outnumber them are watching their HDTVs, and they don’t give a shit!

  13. Fifteen soldiers have been jailed after a court martial for staging a “sit-in” in protest at being “led by muppets”.

    The men from the 1st Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment sat on the floor when ordered to stand to attention.

    The protest by 16 soldiers was sparked by grievances with their captain and colour sergeant. It took place in February while on exercise in Kenya.

    Fifteen were sentenced to detention, one of whom was dismissed from the Army. A 16th was also dismissed.

    All the soldiers pleaded guilty to disobeying a lawful command – an offence that carries a maximum sentence of 10 years’ imprisonment.

    • Equipment worth £1.5 million has gone missing from a base belonging to Britain’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) this year, local media reports say.

      Stolen MoD equipment enough for small coup, says MP

    • Yes and lets not forget the missing nukes as well. I am so ready we here in Canada are not happy watching as this PM gave our Country to China and oil and it will be Canadians who will be sued if they aren’t getting what they expect Our PM is a Stalin fan he never hid that fact eithe4r and one last point there is 3 billion missing Hmm..We to feel we would rather die then be allowed to be slaves nor will I ever sit by and watch my 3 sons become anyone’s slave Id kill the first persion who tried.

  14. “often from within your own ranks from folks who will turn on you when you murder their family and fellow community members”

    This has already started. There is video on you tube where Italian Riot police removed there helmets and marched with protestors.

    No, doubt these brave young Italian men will suffer repercussions,

    When that happens here, we must march in solidarity with and support those in DHS and other agencies that get canned for not firing on us.

    • Yes, there is a worldwide populism that is emerging due to the alternative media and the Internet. Truth spreads like wildfire, mis-information stumbles and gets exposed. Even if the USG tries to stop the Internet, that alone would cause a revolution at all levels. The more they push against Liberty and Freedom, the more “we the people” will push-back. It’s an iron clad law of social physics.

  15. Dr James,
    Your writing is valuable and appreciated. I do not feel we have yet seen tyranny. We are still in the process of a revolutionary conquest. They always fill the void after creating chaos. The third force and fellow travelers are organizers. Use civil liberties to destroy civil liberty. POTUS czars, ACLU, ADL, JDL, AIPAC, Hollywood, SEIU, the list is so long but the organized goals are all similar. Tyranny always comes in by violence, followed by dictatorship and slavery. I hope this posts…..

    • Not hiding from any fact. Only that mass killing has not yet began. I think it quite plausible that a populist global insurrection or world war could be used along with food shortages and famine to completly establish the world socialist tyranny over a smaller population of slaves, so desired by the luciferian international zionists.

    • Yes, that is perhaps their master plan, however, their power is eroding by the day and they are being sold out from higher powers. Why, because these puppets are Cutouts for the OBN who are done with them now and are in the process of displacing them for a new system, completely new.

  16. ..the window of clemency closing by the minute…”Then whoever hears the sound of the trumpet, and takes not warning; if the sword come, and take him away, his blood shall be on his own head”…Ez 33:4

  17. I’d like to see it stop before our bank accounts are emptied with bail ins etc. and even more gold is taken from Asia etc. we need our assets here, not in Swiss accounts or wherever they have put it all. Currency devaluation can’t be avoided I know. Don’t you agree that in reality America won’t wake up until their personal safety or money’s gone? So sad that typical Americans are so short sighted and self absorbed they won’t do anything seriously off script until it hits home on the bottom line of their bank statement? I’m so tired of the Americans refusing to face facts and rake in their 20-40 K retirements, taking Viagra at age 80, that the rest of us will NEVER have. So greedy, even the average guy on the street. Programmed yes, but it certainly was swallowed voluntarily as a sweet poison willingly consumed. The young don’t understand, they are naive but our seniors and middle agers are in a way robbing us blind along side the bankers. Americans as enablers. I think they know better even if they won’t admit it.

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