Correction: Chemtrails, an “Exotic Weapon” is Not Geoengineering for Global Warming

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David Keith

Will Geoengineers like David Keith spray sulfuric acid high in the stratosphere to prevent chemtrails from melting the ice-caps?


 Addendum: 12/24/2013: added several paragraphs at the beginning for clarification

by Harold Saive

Regardless your opinion of geoengineer, David Keith, his concept of SRM (Solar Radiation Management) or SAG (Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering) involves far fewer resources and would be deployed much differently than what millions of observers have been calling “chemtrails” since the mid 1990’s.

As artificial clouds in the troposphere, chemtrails do more to warm the climate as an “exotic weapon” as defined in HR-2977.  Chemtrails are not to be confused with geoengineering as defined by the Royal Society to mitigate global warming with SRM or SAG in the stratosphere.

The term “Geoengineering” has been defined by the Royal Society as: “the deliberate large-scale manipulation of the planetary environment to counteract anthropogenic climate change.” – The Royal Society 2009

Chemtrails is defined in HR-2977 (PDF) as an “exotic weapon” – NOT a method to “counteract anthropogenic climate change”.

The conclusion that persistent contrails actually aggravate global warming/climate change is supported by UN/IPCC scientists:


“Contrails tend to warm the Earth’s surface, similar to thin high clouds”.

In stark contrast to what millions of observers witness as daily chemtrails spraying by hundreds of jet aircraft, David Keith’s comments on the Dec 9, 2013 Colbert Nation spoke to a limited geoengineering operation achievable by a few high performance jet aircraft delivering a total payload of only 20,000 tons of sulfurc acid (H2SO4) into the stratosphere. Keith’s proposal reveals that the scale of the covert chemtrails operation is orders of magnitude more intense in required resources, CO2 polluting aircraft, and payloads of pollution deployed into the atmosphere.

Chemtrails are not SAG or SRM

Keith suggests 20,000 tons of H2SO4 be released by jet aircraft into the stratosphere at 70,000 ft. By comparison, in excess of 200,000+ tons of chemtrails are routinely sprayed between 30 to 40,000 feet in the troposphere every day with the effect of warming the climate – an outcome that could be considered as either primary or “necessary” to the mission of weather modification. (Keith interview on Colbert Nation )

The media and government agencies admit that future emergency proposals for “geoengineering” the stratosphere to mitigate global warming are under consideration. Listen to Obama’s White House science advisor John Holdron.

A more critical look reveals chemtrails is an exotic weapons program with the effect of warming, not cooling, the climate. This conclusion is actually supported by UN/IPCC scientists:


“Contrails tend to warm the Earth’s surface, similar to thin high clouds”.

The future could see two opposing aerosol operations: (1) Covert chemtrails that warms the climate and (2) Sulphuric acid as geoengineering to offset warming due to chemtrails.

Through years of confusion in agreeing on the definition of chemtrails vs. geoengineering, activists have incorrectly equated chemtrails with what is planned for future emergency geoengneering as SRM or SAG.

There is no research to establish effective solar radiation management when ionizing salts and metals are injected into the troposphere below 40,000 feet. Furthermore, chemtrails examined by telescopic lens are revealed in a variety of different colors from silver to a dirty brown.

Note: Of special interest in this video is (1) no normal gap between the engine and visible contrail (2) In jet #5 in sequence note the accidental release of aerosols from a compartment in the belly of the aircraft. (3) Some emissions are dingy in color and appear in the exhaust along with normal water vapor emissions that are much “brighter” in hue.

[youtube U5yOKnVhRCM]

Therefore, it’s far more likely that the presence of aluminum in chemtrails is evidence of an exotic weapons program rather than an ingredient to cool the planet by reflecting sunlight back into space.

So the burning question remains:

Why do government agencies deny chemtrails while fully acknowledging the existence of future solar geoengineering programs?

Part of the answer goes back to the history of the National Weather Modification program organized by NASA in 1966.

Weather modification eventually came under the department of defense where top secret clearances of involved federal agencies became a virtual “gag order” on public disclosure due to the usual excuse of “national security”. Chemtrails and advanced electromagnetic sources are integrated to form a a global weather modification network hidden from public view . The ionospheric heater like the one at HAARP is only one example of a electromagnetic sources that integrate into a multi-layered weather modification network that has advanced to create weather and climate change on demand.

Keith’s suggests that 20,000 tons of sulfuric acid (H2SO4) would be required to geoengineer the stratosphere to protect against global warming.

Let’s use the hypothetical example of an aircraft capable of climbing to 70,000 feet in the stratosphere to release a 10 ton payload. With a one year timetable for completion, the initial seeding would require 2,000 sorties (trips) to deliver 20,000 tons of H2SO4 to the stratosphere within 12 months. This would require only six (6) aircraft deployments per day compared to the hundreds of similarly sized aircraft involved in deployment of chemtrails – the “exotic weapon” that UN/IPCC scientists agree is warming the climate.

The scale of Keith’s proposal to deploy 20,000 tons serves to demonstrate that the covert chemtrails operation is many times larger and uses hundreds of full-size jets capable of releasing 10 ton payloads at 37,000 feet in the troposphere every hour of every day since the mid, 1990’s.

This closer look at the metrics reveals chemtrails are neither SRM or SAG and challenges the definition of chemtrails as equivalent to geoengineering to allegedly cool the planet. Again, the case is further made when the UN/IPCC workgroup agrees with Cliff Carnicom’s conclusion that persistent contrails and resultant artificial cirrus clouds tend to warm the climate.

Finally, who would be so gullible as to presume Keith’s SAG plan to spray sulfuric acid would replace chemtrails – a covert operation that never pretended to be a benevolent program to mitigate global warming?

The future could see two opposing aerosol operations: (1) Covert chemtrails that warms the climate and (2) Sulphuric acid as SAG/SRM to offset warming due to chemtrails.


The IPCC and geoengineers, Ken Caldeira and David Keith could feel somewhat justified in denying chemtrails because they know it’s not competing as an operation intended to mitigate global warming. Basically, they are saying that Chemtrails – the covert exotic weapons program – is none of their business due to national security issues.

It makes little difference to geoengineers if the climate is warming due to CO2 or chemtrails – It will add to Keith’s business interests to offer SRM no matter the collective cause for warming.

We might suspect that the UN/IPCC was hoping to run out the clock in order to allow passag of hard-core climate change legislation by ignoring how chemtrails warm the climate as long as it helps to make the case for policy makers.

But in view of the skyrocketing public awareness of warming by chemtrails and destructive weather modification schemes, the IPCC is more and more regarded as a consensus of climate liars.

To complicate matters more, new research says reducing the amount of sunlight reaching the planet’s surface by geoengineering may not undo climate change after all. Two German researchers used a simple energy balance analysis to explain how the Earth’s water cycle responds differently to heating by sunlight than it does to warming due to a stronger atmospheric greenhouse effect. Further, they show that this difference implies that reflecting sunlight to reduce temperatures may have unwanted effects on the Earth’s rainfall patterns. The results are now published in Earth System Dynamics, an open access journal of the European Geosciences Union (EGU). (source)

Chemtrails are not Geoengineering as  SRM (Solar Radiation Management) or SAG (Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering)

  • Chemtrails is an “exotic weapon” as defined in HR-2977 and a widely used term to describe unusual persistent jet emissions.
  • To say that chemtrails is “geoengineering” to mitigate global warming is misleading since it implies that chemtrails is the same as SRM or SAG.
  • To substitute Geoengineering, SAG and SRM for chemtrails as an attempt to achieve political correctness results in promoting misleading public information.
  • Chemtrails was first published by the US Departmment of Defense as the title to a chemistry manual for future US Air Force Pilots.
  • Chemtrails, the manual, is available online in PDF format
  • Chemtrails is defined in the Oxford dictionary
  • Chemtrails is a term originated by the prime suspects in the DoD.
  • Chemtrails are far more than what geoengineering implies.
  • Chemtrails contain ionizing salts and other chemicals that alter the electric characteristics of the atmosphere in ways that do not act as SRM/SAG to reflect sunlight back into space.
  • Chemtrails are sprayed in the troposphere between 30 to 40,000 feet, not in the stratosphere above 60,000 feet, where the term SAG is appropriate.
  • Chemtrails is a geophysical weapon capable of interaction with an array of powerful electromagnetic sources.
  • Chemtrails is used by observers around the planet to best describe what is polluting and endangering their atmosphere every hour of every day.

Chemtrails Famly Deese


  1. Yes, chemtrails are a weapon but let us not obfuscate, please. They are being put out under the snappy term of geoenginweering to clean up their image and yes they are a weapon…a weapon in use agaiunst humanity in general globally. Biological/chemical warfare. This is TRANSHUMANISM in practice. The Colbert video is being removed from youtube…not a shock since it revealed Keith for the lunatic that he is. Here is a video of Keith from years ago wherein he ebings the LIe and espouses the use of aluminum.

  2. I am suffering the effects of chemtrails as I write this.

    The symptoms (in order of the soonest and most likely to appear) are itchy eyes. Itchy nasal passages. And equally, a combination of mild nausea and lethargy. What appears to be a hot throat.

    Only recently (the last two months) have I been sickened by the chemtrails, although they have been here, and my awareness of them, for years. The illness I suffer from them seems to last about three hours

    I was leaving a department store in Framingham, MA at 9:05 PM and witnessed fresh trails by moonlight.At 11:00 PM I was sitting at my computer and my eyes and nose started to itch. So, this poison takes two hours to fall to earth. I noticed this two hour time frame on two occasions. My home has drafty windows

    About three weeks ago, Boston was absolutely smothered in chemtrails two days in a row. When get them frequently, but those two days the spraying was extra heavy.

    I have only ever met one person off the internet who knew about them. I have mentioned chemtrails to dozens of people and only one knew about them.

    • I went to mail a letter about 11:00 PM about a year ago. The moon was one day away from full. The sky was clear. I looked up. There were four fresh chemtrails about an inch wide at arms length. The four trails were about 6“ apart at arms length. Two on each side of the moon and perfectly centered.

      I ran inside to get the disposable camera I bought a few weeks earlier, but hadn’t used yet. I opened the box. I must have been in a rush because I accidently purchased four rolls of film instead of a camera. The film box and camera box on the store rack were the very same size.

      That would have been the best chemtrail picture ever! An award winner! A year later and I’m still mad at myself for buying the wrong box.

  3. Looks like my info didn’t make it on from yesterday. Check out this site that goes into detail about what is in Chemtrails. They go waayyyy beyond heavy metals. The list of “stuff” that is in them is on the left side of the page. Keep breathing! I’m ready to go to Mopp Level IV


  4. The DoD, though? The thinnest layer of ice on the top of a deep, deep control program expressing itself through the chemical attack on humanity. Takes the merest deep breath to blow that away and see the grotesque beneath. We need to go there and we need to go there now.

    • Ms. St. Louis,
      Let us recall that the DoD is largely a collection of faceless corporations, which are subsidiaries of subsidiaries, under the umbrella of “gov’t.” with unaccountable funding, and blanket upon blanket of secrecy hiding their actions.
      What IS heartening, from a purely awareness point of view, is the fact that weather manipulation is no longer a “conspiracy theory” to be ridiculed out of existence, but a growing concern among many other concerns.
      Your work certainly expands the scope of what chemtrails are about, and adds to the awareness of what we, and the biosphere is being subject to.
      If all we can have is information, then let it be accurate information.

  5. Mr. Saive,
    You are the first writer I’m aware of to fully separate chemtrails from an anti-global warming program, and I commend you for that.
    My own personal observations reveal that high altitude spraying drastically warms and dries the atmosphere. Over a period of 20 years, this has ALWAYS been the case. I’ve had long discussions with people regarding theses facts, vs. what is being repetitiously advanced.
    Further, I would urge people to consider that the addition of various pathogens to aerosols would be a simple matter indeed, if they are a weapon, and not a global cooling program.

    • Frank,
      Are you referring to this DOD?
      It would seem if this Bio-Warfare IS/WAS being used as a aerial vaccine over Afghanistan to De-Spiritualize the “Radicals”, that what he said just after the 3:00 mark something in the context of, “Which we are all being exposed to.”

      While it has been well quoted that “Religion is the Opium of the People-Masses” that using the USA that USED to claim it was 86% Christian has dropped to the low 70’s and continues to drop.

      This would be a benefit for any “New World Order” as Religion’s keep people’s faith’s and directions/goals in Unity. Remove that and you have countless Billion’s that fall further into Sheepdom.
      While my friends and I comment on how “Swell” it was in the 1970’s compared to Now… It is clear that America as a People have lost their Morals.

      Instead of being concerned with political issues that “Will” effect them and their futures, they are too busy living in the NOW. Gay freedoms, Gay Boy-Scouts, Pill’s to Abort unwanted pregnancies from carefree life of Non-Marriage and PARTY TIME!!! All Civil Dissent is stopped as Our DEAR LEADER (sic) has million’s on Food Stamps (To HIDE the Soup Lines) in a Greater Depression that both He and the News lies about the number of Unemployed, those who stopped looking for job’s and the rising Crime rates that are caused from the a-fore mentioned problems.

      SSRI Uses UP?

    • In a related Comment/Story Frank,

      Florida boy says he was barred from speech contest due to critical comments on religion
      “A Florida fifth-grader said he was stripped of his blue ribbon and barred from taking part in a speech competition because his essay mentioned harm caused by religion.

      Zachary Golob-Drake said he won first place Wednesday in his class at Tampa’s Patel Partnership School for his speech, “In The Name of Religion.”

      The boy said the world’s religions all taught to peacefully coexist with others, but he said that practitioners have found ways to bend the rules – sometimes even to justify taking a life.”

      So while the view of Religion from a young boy matches my view that I have had for decades, If you remove that (Religion) then again, you can mold people to do anything to anyone without moral objection.
      Just a thought. (Peace)

  6. We note the criminal arrogance and psychopathy of people like David Keith, who pretend the poisoning of the Earth’s atmosphere is no one’s business but their own. “Geo-engineering, like that outlined by Keith, may or may not be identical to Chem-trails, the spraying of highly toxic (to life) nono-particle sized metals at high elevations, and it may be done with different objectives in mind, but it is being done covertly without the knowledge and approval of an informed citizenry. No one has the moral right, no government, no institution to alter the composition and purity of the air we breathe without our full consent– consent based on our full knowledge of true objectives and understanding of consequence to health and planetary well being. We are right to consider these programs as criminal, insane and a threat to our very existence! Everyone should be alarmed! A scientific dictatorship no more!

  7. One really must think why the spraying. Is it like some B sci fi disater movie and the DOD and a couple of thier scientists are trying to save us from something only a tiny group is aware of?

    This program must be very expensive and surely wouldn’t continue if it was not providing the desired/promised results. There just has to be some type of massive return on this massive investment.

  8. Good article especially on the heels of the interview of Keith by Colbert. That was actually a stroke of the greatest good fortune for, I believe, the arguments Keith used were as specious as it is possible to be and, frankly, he was revealed to be a lunatic. Good work then. My writing, which you may or may not be aware of here at VT, covers the same topic. However, the meat of my work is that the Lie is given to the solar radiation and/or CO2 theories purely by virtue of the irrefutable evidence of a staggering number of medical experiments via bio agents and unidentifiable nano-fibers raining down on us…avalanching us…24/7 and 365 and that for 6 decades. Clifford Carnicom’s work will go a long way toward saving us.

  9. If you recall Stitchin’s translation of Ancient Sumerian clay tablets.

    The Annunaki needed gold for their atmosphere to be sprayed in some manner?

    And we know Roosevelt’s ruse that got Americans to surrender their gold, which was railed into Fort Knox, never to be seen or accounted for since 1952.

    You can’t eat gold, so what real value does it have?

    We are, and have been entering a more energetic area of space, perhaps a higher dimension, perhaps the Christ consciousness grid.

    I speculate that the gold is being chem trailed to prevent the return of the “Son of Man” and forestall the return of the mini golden age as predicted by Krishna.

    That’s not to say these other metals and chemicals would not work, too.

  10. It is notable that those tasked with the our nations defences do nothing to prevent this ongoing crimminal attrocity despite their own families being victims.Self defeating idiocy. One must assume by their inaction and the apparent complicity of the RAF that the senior ranks are equally as guilty as those that give the orders.

    Whatever the purpose of chemtails clearly this activity is harmful and a tort under common law thus it is the duty of law enforcement to investigate and prevent this program. So far they have failed in their duty. We the people are entiltled to redress and damages. In the UK we also have the poisons act. As can be seen from the sample results below and the heavy metals detected the program is poisonous.

    Rainwater test results from the UK .. random sample from many results posted at Chemtrails Project UK

    Location: Frampton Mansell, UK
    Date: March 4, 2012
    pH: 7.14
    Aluminium: 6.3 µg/L
    Barium: 8.5 µg/L
    Strontium: 14.3 mg/L
    Titanium: Not tested
    Manganese: 2.0 µg/L
    Iron: <2.5 µg/L
    Copper: 20.7 µg/L
    Zinc: 4.3 µg/L
    Arsenic: Not tested
    Sulphate: 1.025 mg/L

    I also recall seeing footage of a crashed alleged "chemtrail plane" with an Omega symbol on the tail. Alpha to Omega beginning to END !

  11. They are using chemtrails in Africa to implement the depopulation agenda of the Freemasons who have apparently agreed to do this in order to provide land for some space aliens to settled down on our planet.
    Let me say this to all those involved with this agenda: if investigations prove that the Aldebarans truly planned to settle 1 billion plus of their people here, they may well have signed the death warrant for their race (depending on how severe a judgement is arrived at). So they needn’t have bothered to find a new home from whatever ‘dying’ planet they inhabit because that may be a non-issue. LOL! Boy oh boy oh boy! I love this job! I’m really enjoying it right now.

  12. I just wish we had a means of shooting down the planes. I believe self defense could be argued.
    Isn’t there anyone out there working on this?

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