More proof America has ‘gone rogue’


More proof America has ‘gone rogue’

The recent scandal involving CIA agent Levinson is further proof than America has “gone rogue,” writes <b>Duff</b>. Above, Levinson is seen in an undated photo.
The recent scandal involving CIA agent Levinson is further proof than America has “gone rogue,” writes Duff. Above, Levinson is seen in an undated photo.

By Gordon Duff and Press TV

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The recent Robert Levinson scandal, evidencing “rogue” CIA operations, is being quickly shoved under the rug.  Considering the CIA is an organization that openly runs “secret” prisons, assassination teams and a fleet of terror drones, that when they aren’t blowing up wedding parties in Yemen are running drugs out of Afghanistan, what can a “rogue” operation mean?

Is there actually something worse than the pattern of unilateral lawlessness that the CIA and other US agencies admit to on a daily basis?


Since 2004, the CIA has been largely privatized, under control of extremist political groups in the US and working against national interests.  It has made the United States feared, not as a competent enemy but rather as a nation under the control of criminal elements willing to use any and all capabilities, military, diplomatic or scientific, on behalf of bizarre apocalyptic theories or corporate greed.

Recent discoveries in the Caucuses that American medical and agricultural research facilities are, in fact, biological and chemical weapons facilities adds only one “tile” to a mosaic whose pattern is more than clear.

Let’s look at “Levinson.”

Real stories seldom get out and when they do, they are “spun” into an unrecognizable monstrosity and planted with conspiracy theories or unfounded allegations.  Such is the nature of the “new” mainstream media.

Were it ever told, the real story, the real threat to the United States and the real threat to nations that are subject to American clandestine operations has been the full and unlimited penetration of every command authority and agency.

When America attacks, no one can be sure if the order came from Washington, Tel Aviv, Zurich or Wall Street.


The coverup of the recent Levinson CIA scandal, in itself, may seem minor as has the firing of dozens of high ranking officers and the gutting of America’s nuclear command structure.

All have innocent stories published about them.  However, none of those stories are true.

The pattern, if reported, and it never will be, not just for reasons of national security but that it would reveal a dramatic increase in the ability of a faction, sometimes referred to as “Zionist” or “pro-Israel,” perhaps more accurately described as an affiliation of secret societies and criminal elements, to cripple America’s ability for self-rule.

America’s “right” aided by the AIPAC lobby and mainstream press has been tasked, no other term applies, with undermining any attempt to restore representative rule remotely accountable to the American people as “socialist” or anti-Semitic.”

The Robert Levinson story is such, the media stumbling over solid evidence that Israeli intelligence and operates terror operations from inside the CIA with impunity.  We all know it isn’t just the CIA.

Recent events have proven that the CIA, NSA and key military commands within the US have been taken over by “rogue groups,” some with proven ties to Israeli intelligence.  The most recent case, involving Robert Levinson, proves the CIA is incapable of policing itself.


A series of investigations into the NSA have been unable to evidence any real US control over that agency at all.   There is, in fact, no evidence of regular distribution of NSA “work product” to other US intelligence agencies.

Current estimates from intelligence insiders now assess that the NSA may well be an offshoot of Google’s program of gleaning personal information from unknowing internet users.

The NSA just goes further but nobody knows whom they do it for or why.  There is no mandate that allows funding for masses of collected data nor any evidence of any threat justifying that every word spoken on this planet is subjected to interpretive software algorithms that we now know have never existed.

The NSA is a total scam, their intercepts have never accounted to more than low-level “chickenfeed” and, more seriously, have been used to justify or rationalize anything.

The NSA exists only to disseminate disinformation to US agencies so enamored with the horrific costs and supposed draconian capabilities so as not to understand that the NSA is “smoke and mirrors.”


Every NSA intercept from Iraq and Afghanistan at key points in military operations there have now been proven to have been falsified or purposefully misinterpreted.

Masses of NSA intercepts outlining a network of underground bases in Afghanistan and weapons production facilities across Iraq were fabricated at the request of Bush political operatives, some from the Project for a New American Century, AIPAC and its offshoots, the Heritage Foundation and Rand Corporation.

Thousands of NSA intercepts from Iraq were proven to have been fabrications.

Most recently, when Israel was found to have planted transmitter/repeater units in Syria to generate false radio traffic taking credit for chemical weapons attacks, not only did the NSA fail to receive the traffic themselves, but later claimed ignorance of the whole affair, particularly when it came crashing down around Secretary of State Kerry when the deception operation was exposed as a false flag intended to bring about war between the US and Russia.

An investigation of all involved with deeply parallel the Nuremberg Tribunals.  These are the men and women, without whom, senseless and illegal wars would have been impossible.


Back in 2007, Robert Levinson, a retired FBI agent, checked out of his hotel on Kish Island, an Iranian “Free Trade” zone.

Since then, two photographs have appeared showing him as being held captive somewhere, no known group has taken credit.

Levinson wasn’t there on “business” as was stated but on a mission we are now told involved a “rogue group” within the CIA.

Levinson is not like other “contractors,” willing to take any job and never questioning its legality or morality.

In the case of operations against Iran, current changes in US policy have made one thing clear, there has been no potential US interest threatened by Iran since the end of the Cold War, over two decades ago.


What the Levinson incident has proven is that unauthorized or “off the reservation” operations are not investigated nor are those involved sanctioned nor prosecuted, quite the opposite.  Levinson had not only operated with without authorization but he had no proof that those he worked for were, in fact, affiliated with the CIA in any way.

Such a distinction no longer matters as it has become increasingly clear that the CIA is capable of sanctioning any act.  Thus, all acts, from 9/11 or the DC Sniper, the anthrax attacks, every school shooting, ever failed bombing, all carry “false flag” components, managed news, “crisis actors” or deceptive law enforcement investigations.

There is only one reason for “rogue groups” to exist and that is “false flag” operations.  There is no evidence that Levinson was planning terrorist operations but we have confirmed that his contact on Kish Island is a suspect in terror attacks inside Iran.

Thus far, the CIA has admitted that it has been paying the bills for unauthorized operations for years and, in fact, has paid $2.5 million to the family of Levinson as “hush money.”

We have also confirmed ties between the illegal group in the CIA acting as Levinson’s handlers and Israeli intelligence.

What the CIA has admitted in the Levinson case in particular is that foreign intelligence agencies have penetrated their organization, set up parallel command structures and run operations, possibly including abductions, assassinations, drone attacks, all outside command authority and, moreover, directly against US government policy.

If you were to ask why none of this is reported, the answer is simple:  “no one asked.”

In fact, any “rogue” operation is, from a legal standpoint, treason.  Paying hush money is obstruction of justice.

Everyone involved belongs in prison, except maybe Levinson himself, who, quite possibly, could be an innocent dupe but it is Levinson who is paying the price.





  1. The Moon You Say.
    The Chinese just landed the first rover in 30 erso years.
    But by now that is all ho hum (and Hubble and the Mars Rover.
    Around the turn of the 20th Century the Scientists were the Heroes.
    By 1940 we had college football (and now the NFL)
    Why do Science when you can watch people Play with Their Balls!
    Good On, China.
    Congrats, a real accomplishment.


    • Oh No Not Again!
      I may have been premature, you must admit it would be an accomplishment..
      and they are (some are real)
      Just think.. a complicated giz under adverse conditions and no way to hold its hand..
      Definitely a challenging design / create setup
      I hope they really did it (else they lied.. ouch!
      The Space Program has always been military, NASA is cover.
      It is about ICBM’s and satellite killers, not exploring for the good of mankind.
      Sad but all bent to purpose. And no one wants to be caught short
      or to be the one that let that Bad Guys take over.. (please, I know..
      But do not fret, even as Fukushima is defying anyone to figure out what to do,
      The nice fellows for whom money is no object are busy developing
      the latest in nuclear warfare technology
      (will they never learn.. rhetorical question..
      We are in Grave Danger.
      I am sick of that, and of those who approach it like that.
      Anyway, I too have been watching the developments..
      I wish the Chinese and the Russkies and all well..
      We need to quit getting taken in, every bodies plate is pretty full,
      and each of these parties has plenty without stealing..
      I Digress,
      It Is Christmas.
      My Best To all.
      Peace on Earth Good Will to Critters.
      What’s so Funny about Peace Love and Understanding? (Elvis Costello blees him and his)
      My Love to The Lot.


    • I was talking with a friend last night (somebody you can see and has a phone number..
      I Digress
      A friend of his is a nurse at an ‘assisted living’ ‘facility’.
      She has fibromyalgia and life is not fun (nor is that place from what I gather..
      It occurs to me..
      I NEVER want to be in a place like that (I was.. believe me..
      There are worse things than death..
      A Modest Proposal to you Hard Core..

      When you are satisfied you are on your way to the Great Beyond
      (you are dying and you know it) (but this time faster..
      You Have Nothing To Lose (except do not piss God off!
      Pick a list of people you would like to accompany (as in precede your demise)
      Arrange for them (in a discreet manner) an ‘appointment’.
      Just pondering..
      A thought for all the ‘Old Guys’ who never want to live like that anyway.
      Happy Merris.


    • Do This Before you are too infirm..
      I have seen it, maybe you did too.

      Vegetables (some of whom I am fond) who waited too late.
      If this appeals, be proactive, use what is left of you (I am doing Just That)
      And when the time comes already have a rough idea of who should succeed
      ( if only by femtoseconds


  2. reeves: agree-we have a lot of gullible, stupid people as evidenced by our elected officials, the amt of regulations thrown on us, and esp our tv stuff
    according to american zionist run tv, Hitler is the only evil guy in history
    the history channel has been called the hitler channel for years now
    but as long as people watch all their crappy propaganda shows, sitcoms…
    just like people pay the superhigh prices to watch overpaid baseball, football, tennis, and basketball players

    people support this BS bec it is pleasurable for them and must soothe their emptiness and must make them feel happy and important to root for something “bigger than life”
    meanwhile, the governors and other politicians know this and sneak in all kinds of dirtbag laws such as more and more gun restrictions, and our masses do little to nothing

    there were never any evil Jews in recorded history- accdg to TV

    • This place is a school I think. (the Planet, and this site too)
      Why do people allow others who were born onto two legs just like them tell them what to do?
      Do they not wish to sort it for themselves?
      Do they want to be non-controversial, or maybe Popular?
      These things are foreign to me but a am a very bad example.
      I am Not Normal. (thank the Lord!
      Meanwhile, Always Present a Moving Target!
      We have the Jews the Catholics the Masons the Royals and God Knows What (else)!
      Pays to keep them guessing?
      What A Long Strange Trip it Has Been (and not done yet!
      I take heart in the fact that the word is finally getting out.
      I just hope we have a Planet Left (when these turkeys finally catch on..
      Hope Springs Eternal.
      Best Regards.


    • “This place is a school I think.”

      One brutal curriculum, ain’t it just?

      An old friend of mine once referred to Planet Earth as a “Prison Planet for the Spiritually Insane”. He often referred offhand to mainstream churches as “Holding Tanks” in that context. Neighbors and guests at parties would wince and/or scuttle off, but none of that all-too-human Avoidance Behavior changed anything about Life On Earth even one little bit.

      So: Jimmy L, if you are reading this, let me tellya’: I for one do think you were and still are RIGHT. Navigate her surface and its populations in THAT way and things do just CLICK.

      Some do insist that one fine Day, an Eye will Twinkle and then Human Minds and Things will CHANGE… Gonna’ have to live long enuf to SEE that day; tag me skeptical if needs be, BUT. And that is all. 0{;-\o[

    • I grew up on the Space Program (worked for CDC at one point (Hi my Old Friends.
      Don’t mean to make too much, I worked for them on Third Party (I did SMD’s)
      Magnetic Peripherals Incorporated (does the name Seagate ring a bell?
      We have about 12 terabytes on line here(I have no idea what I will EVER do to fill that..
      You Just Can’t Buy a Small Disk (and Why Bother)

      I Digress.


      Anyway, I was told that you cold make your way and all for the best.
      My Experience tells me there is more to the story.
      I am not a whiner (and have in fact led a charmed life)
      You migght find it interesting, I am a Tenthe Grade Dropout (with a ‘long history of mental illness)
      I kept some stuff you probably never met running,
      and later designed stuff, and for the past 20 years
      I have been trying to put this damn fire out (before most of you knew there was a fire.
      In all Modesty (and I noticed a LOT of folks of ‘some accomplishment’ here
      Thanks for suffering me.


    • I do not have a dime to show for it for what it is worth.
      Thanks Dad (he built houses, and financed them.
      I was never in it for the money, and I damn lucky to not be starving under a Bridge.
      A life spent in service (and I am OK with that)


    • One more thing springs to mid (happens alot)
      They always claim God Put Them Up To It!
      The I AM is quite real and she will talk to you if you will listen.
      These guys are in for a Very Rude Awakening when the actually Meet Her!


  3. I have to agree with you beveragebob. I’ve been to Uruguay. It’s lovely, great beach and a short boat trip to Buenos Aires where the entertainment is phenomenal. As you probably know the Argentines published a report that the bogus bombing of a Jewish headquarters there was indeed carried out from inside the building and not a terrorist act from outside like the Jews claimed. Mujica is a good man and if I were only 10 years younger, I wouldn’t even think twice about leaving this country.

  4. Here is a great Duff article from PressTV, unclear if will be coming to this site. Its great to have exposure on 912 but I hope the redacted pages arent about boxcutters and Saudi pilots. A comment below alluded to it so I looked.

  5. The magnitude really is breathtaking when you think of every piece of electronic signal being observed by super computers. The question of a sentient controlling, “85” or “”Belgium Beast” world controlling computer and satellite network needs to be asked. Progress is driven by rogue divisions perhaps, and I don’t think there is any going back…

  6. “Only two things in life that make it worth living, guitars tuned good and firm feeling women.” Willy, Waylon and the Boys.

    One thing I know for sure, God does not feel your pain, directly at least. It seems we are the pain receptacles that reflect that emotion back onto the Entirety, a cuddly blob of quantum neutrality.

    The Entirety knew it messed up when it created matter. As a correction, higher dimensions and higher consciousness are headed our way and, in some distant reality, we will see it, the Golden Age, the land without kings.

    As the human soul exists simultaneously across infinite dimensions in infinite timelines, sooner or later we will get it right. We will have the happy ending, perhaps not even being aware of the pain generated by an infinite number of failed realities.

    The good news is, we don’t die. The bad news is, we don’t die.

    Even a suicide merely wakes up in another reality at a past point in a different timeline only to relive the experiences that brought him to that decision again and again.

    And no matter how many times we kill ourselves, we cannot end our existence.

    We have no control of it. It is perpetual, never ending.

    Which begs the question, How many times are we gonna go through this shit before we get it right?

    When will we develop the collective balls to break the cycle of an incredibly piss poor feed back loop?

    • You Know,
      Tuning a Piano is even less fun than tuning a fish (Joe Walsh)
      The synths we have now can be bent to purpose easily!
      *isn’t modern technology Wonderful
      (It Is and I regret the fate of the Japanese that made my XS8 (what a fine axe)
      Thanks Yamaha
      (made musical instruments before motorcycles FYI)


    • Music teaches cadence structure and discipline
      (and not a pissing contest)
      Learn to Play Something (or Sing god dammit)
      You’ll see.
      Teach your kids too (and cats if any.
      This is Really Serious (unlike all the flash bang bullshit!
      This is a way Forward.. give a try Please.


    • It occurs to me upon reflection..
      These Were Signalling Devices (before we had RF)
      The horns the drums the whistles and such
      SO.. even Music got weoponized!
      (we really need to sort this while we still have a playhouse.


    • While waxing re music
      I find myself singing stuff I never.. (never heard it before but I hit Every Note.
      There exists a comic repository, It took me a lifetime (58 years so far) for this to manifest.
      It Is Real.. Maybe you get access in half the time.
      Anyway, It Is Real And So Are You
      (sometimes we just need someone to tell us we did good
      You Did Good
      My Love to the pesky lot of you.


    • Please forgive me for deviating from the part about we are all going to die.
      I am aware of that,
      I am more interested in what we might do in the meantime.
      There is More to Life (and mind the Self Fulfilling Prophesy
      You are what you spend your time on.

      ( I am acutely aware we have a fire to put out.
      I try to also think about creative stuff (Sanity Maintenance)


    • What the heck, it is Christmas (after all)
      I will share a bit.
      All the flash bang shit is really impressive (well, sorta
      And I love a good firecracker (as long as we keep our parts!
      But at end of day.. Hearts and Minds.
      Which brings us to Art and Music (Especially Music!
      Who Forbids Us to Tell the Truth Laughingly..
      Music gives comfort to the soul (and conveys critical information)


    • You need to be aware..
      A Popular Song reaches Far More People than some stupid website!
      Music is Very Powerful.
      Use It.


  7. Given the rather seamless integration of Israeli intelligence with the NSA/CIA (and one safely assumes this extends into actual on the ground operations), Levinson. who name sounds Jewish, was more likely to be directly reporting to the Mossad.

  8. A recent article in covered the plight of more than 250,000 Americans who had their inventions stolen, their lives ruined, by the NSA. It seems that their stolen inventions are either sold to corporate crooks, or gifted to jewish corporations.
    Needless to say, this kind of insane thuggery has pretty much destroyed innovation in America.
    I’ve heard that American companies cannot compete with international interests any longer, because no one wants to touch this NSA gangster consortium, or fall victim to it.
    Yet we still hear over and over how we have a special relationship with Israel. Boy, don’t we!

    • Ever notice that stuff is kind of ‘stuck in neutral’ since just after WWII.
      (I came later and so this is an observation from one not yet on Planet at the time.
      I foolishly set about to populate the planet with more widgets
      Only to find, if they beat a path to your door, pitchforks and Torches are Not Far Behind!
      Always use OPM I(Other Peoples Money)
      A note from one who cares.


    • J.,
      I do not share your opinion that things are stuck in neutral at all. If anything, the momentum is taking the entire human species, and the living planet, into an ever deepening Hell.
      What is particularly noteworthy during all this, is that people assume knowledge of this situation will provide the impetus to change it, but then, one wonders a simple question; If indeed everything is just a cruel joke, then why would anyone assume that figuring out the joke will change it?

    • I was referring to the state of the art of technology (not the decent into Hell)
      Point Well Taken (I Hate It when That Happens!
      Best Regards.


  9. Before WWI a German sociologist wrote a book titled Political Parties. In this book he presented his finding, namely that there is an iron rule of oligarchy. In essence all organizations have leaders and in the end they form the power group; and as Lord Acton put it eloquently, “Power corrupts . . . ” To this I would add that the weaker the man the more worldly power he will seek by any means. Thus the ruling class is a class of very weak men who have only their worldly power and wealth and nothing else. Inwardly they are the hollow men that Eliot wrote of. And America is so large and there is so much corruption in every institution. It can not be saved by writing articles though they have a real value. It will save itself by going through hell. The purification of a long deep depression, probably much death and destruction, the loss of national pride, the facing of all the war crimes and other crimes against peace and humanity, the genocides, and all those things the nation has repressed will have to come forth and be lived out and repented of in some fashion. This will take many years, many generations. America will be a very hellish place to be. I suggest we not kid ourselves about this. For years I have had a hope that this could be averted but every chance that comes along is passed by because the history is way too virulent. America is like a man with a terminal illness who is hurrying to his death; he has no time now for philosophical reflection. Nor prayer.

    • “Ruling class” are not “weak” but intelligent and wicked. They are lacking empathy – psychopaths. Probably the best book ever about ruling psychopathy is Lobaczewski’s “Political Ponerology” – hard stuff even Vatican tried to stop being published.


      “The following questions thus suggest themselves: what happens if the network of understandings among psychopaths achieves power in leadership positions with international exposure? This can happen, especially during the later phases of the phenomenon. Goaded by their character, such people thirst for just that even though it would conflict with their own life interest… They do not understand that a catastrophe {will} ensue. Germs are not aware that they will be burned alive or buried deep in the ground along with the human body whose death they are causing.”

    • It seems we are descending upon this as might a herd of Turtles.
      I did not get up thinking anyone would try anything so Terminally Stupid!
      Chalk it up to Rude Awakenings (charlie brown)
      And All This Time I Thought we were fighting the good fight,
      keeping the madding herd at bay (okay, I did not drink deeply of the Koolaid,
      But I Never Imagined What I Have Observed.


    • Repent, William?

      Did Rome repent? Did the Ottoman empire repent? The Spanish? The Brits? No. They just went under and left a wasteland for others to fill.

    • Splitter: present the evidence for the lowlife thing you said abt the Vatican
      please present your evidence
      if you show evidence then I will retract the feeling I have that you are FOS
      If any religious organization does wrong, it should be exposed, but I get the feeling that you are one of these gutless creatures that attacks the little fish and would not have the balls to attack the big fish like certain Jew organizations and Muslim organizations

      In the USMC in 60s it was easy to tell who the bs artists were

    • What a heck FOS means?

      Proof? Try to find that book in bookstores…

      Quote (Laura Knight Jadscyik:

      “Professor Lobaczewski writes and tells us first of all, that the first copy of the manuscript went into the fire, something like five minutes before the arrival of the secret police. The second copy of this material was sent via a courier to the Vatican where it disappeared and has never been seen or heard from since and we have the third copy. And what he says in here… Ponerology by the way is his technical term for evil. The science of evil, or the study of evil. And he makes no bones about the fact that evil is very real force in our reality.”


    • I tend to agree with you. Most Americans could care less the evil crimes committed by the federal Corporate UNITED STATRS as long as they have a roof over their heads, some wheels, a cold six-pack and something warm to have sex with. They are not even real picky about what they have sex with as long as it is warm. Only pain and suffering can wake many of the sheeple up. The good men avoid government positions because they realize in the corrupt government of today, with the blind, selfish uncaring populence, it would be a losing battle to try to do good. On top of that you would have to rub shoulders with some of the lowest scum living today. Example, Song-bird McCain, show me to the playgroud Lindsey, Steal ever ones weapons but mine, I am special Pelosi.

    • Oh yeah john:

      “He who learns must suffer
      And even in our sleep pain that cannot forget
      Falls drop by drop upon the heart,
      And in our own despair, against our will,
      Comes wisdom to us by the awful grace of God.
      Agamemnon, Aeschylus”

    • I will see your Political Systems (I will in fact look, Thanks..
      And raise you a Ponerolgy (look i up
      Some guy wrote a book about that ‘political ponerology’
      I am not without the capacity to emit footnotes
      I just like it when people do their own homework.
      The most disgusting part of all (OK, your call..
      This was written some time ago, the guy made a science of psychopaths
      (lack of Empathy..(write that one down and put it on your fridge)
      No Wonder it Does Not Make Any Sense!!
      These creeps do not look at life like we do!
      Fratricidal Creeps.


    • You ever see the ‘soulless eyes’?
      I have, not often (and never twice..
      Showed up on my porch on Halloween during an incident with the Police.
      Most people would stand away, not this dickhead..
      Barged Right In!
      I really have no idea.
      The incident was resolved… another day at the office.
      Soulless Eyes. Be Aware
      (look in the mirror (they NEVER DO! (except for the all the time)
      So you are OK, just have you noticed.


    • One more (it’s Christmas)
      You may have noticed that sometimes it seems like Full Moon (they come out of the woodwork!
      But the Moon it Not Full.
      If you have any insight I humbly await,
      The ER guys and such have made mention..
      If you are out some night and they are all crazy… BELIEVE IT!
      and ask yourself ”was this trip really necessary’
      Days like that we run home (and count our parts) I know how to do business,
      Also when to Run Like Hell!
      (in an orderly manner)


  10. Excellent and timely article. American intel, like the USG has been infiltrated and is now a big roundtable of gangsters who have been able to bu and influence-peddle their way in. It’s a very strange situation when you have divergent parties occupying and using agencies of the USG for seemingly conflicting purposes, as some groups are even known enemies of each other. But the system has become so corrupt and up for sale that money and power can bring one a position there. The root cause id the City of London Banksters and their main agents of influence the NeoCons, the dual Israeli-American citizens and the zios who have all the money the want and have bought and sold Congress and almost every single USG official through aipac, adl, and the like as well as lucrative revolving door positions in major int’l corporations. The USG has been infiltrated and is now occupied by agents of the City of London Banksters, the zios as is basically their outpost.

  11. So much for what the omnipotent one GHW Bush told us in a speech he gave at the 1988 Republican National Convention. “Government is part of the nation of communities–not the whole, just a part.” He added, “A government that remembers that the people are its master is a good and needed thing.”
    Evidently this government has forgotten this, and no longer listens to its people. It has become the people’s master-quite the opposite of the original intent of the founding fathers. It becomes no longer a needed thing.
    He sought the presidency to build a better America. Then he called for a new world order where the rule of law, not the rule of the jungle brought together nations in peace. So now, President Oblunder’s America goes rogue?
    “For we are a nation of community; of thousands and tends of thousands of ethnic, religious, social, business, labor, union, neighborhood, regional and other organizations, all of them varied, voluntary and unique.” Bush said. So today, America goes rogue. So much for the new world order, huh? Chaos, violence, lack of leadership, deceit, betrayal, lack of common sense, no logic behind decisions, and cover-up after cover-up even when human beings are killed as the case on Benghazi, and the administration looks out at us directly into our faces and lies to its master. Thanj you Mr. Duff. As always, good stuff.

  12. The question who controls the controllers is a good one. Maybe their mother-in-laws! The ruling class is so deeply immersed in power and wealth that its members must wear a shirt of fire:

    … Love is the unfamiliar Name
    Behind the hands that wove
    The intolerable shirt of flame
    Which human power cannot remove.
    –T. S. Eliot

    I nominate the spirit of history as the master of the ruling classes. The constant summation of all past time focuses its most violent attention on these persons as it is their punishment to carry out history’s most terrible tasks. Upon their consciences lie the weight of all those dead and dying and suffering permanent damage . . . dead children, widowed wives, broken cities and nations.

  13. Every single time I see anything related to Iran and the CIA, rogue, or otherwise. I can’t help but think back to Davis is Pakistan. He kills two ( supposed ) Pak Op’s in broad daylight claiming a mix up over a traffic incident where these two pulled weapons and he was forced to defend himself…..He’s arrested, jailed and then by International standards, very quickly released to U.S reps. Were they really Mossad, MI6, or heaven forbid, the DVD?

    I mean this screams of a relationship that is far over and above what is public knowledge. Makes no difference that Obama is a member of the family….none…. Upon release Davis looked as if he’d been housed in a four star hotel… For a novice like myself this is all very difficult to weed through.

    Oh and Duff’s piece over at Press TV is classic…..generating many many views/reads and some very good comments.

    I have to agree……Someone or something has the Rats turning on one another. This leads me to question everything as being just another chess move, if it’s even real in the first place. But I do think someone somewhere is sitting on go in regard to something going down in that little patch of dirt. But in the real world, what is it that has them so jumpy these days?

    Anyway great analysis by Mr Duff..


  14. From Anthony Sutton’s “Wall Street and the Rise of Bolshevism”, Chap. X:
    So far our story has revolved around a single major financial house — Guaranty Trust Company,
    the largest trust company in the United States and controlled by the J.P. Morgan firm. Guaranty
    Trust used Olof Aschberg, the Bolshevik banker, as its intermediary in Russia before and after
    the revolution. Guaranty was a backer of Ludwig Martens and his Soviet Bureau, the first
    Soviet representatives in the United States. And in mid-1920 Guaranty was the Soviet fiscal
    agent in the U.S.; the first shipments of Soviet gold to the United States also traced back to
    Guaranty Trust.
    There is a startling reverse side to this pro-Bolshevik activity — Guaranty Trust was a founder
    of United Americans, a virulent anti-Soviet organization which noisily threatened Red invasion
    by 1922, claimed that $20 million of Soviet funds were on the way to fund Red revolution, and
    forecast panic in the streets and mass starvation in New York City. This duplicity raises, of
    course, serious questions about the intentions of Guaranty Trust and its directors. Dealing with
    the Soviets, even backing them, can be explained by apolitical greed or simply profit motive.
    On the other hand, spreading propaganda designed to create fear and panic while at the same
    time encouraging the conditions that give rise to the fear and panic is a considerably more
    serious problem. It suggests utter moral depravity…

    • Nothing new from our masters. What is new is the incessant ELF ( electric low frequency) assault from our masters. I am in a central valley California city, and the assault here is almost constant. Unfortunately I can hear it. I don’t know what these people lack that most of them apparently don’t, but I can promise all of you that you are not immune to the intended effects: mental confusion, lethargy, ill health, etc. Most people have the psychic self conception of a dirt clod, but that clod IS penetrable electronically. Last week I experienced bleeding from my sinuses, when the volume was “off the hook”. The past few days have seen a stomach “bug” that my intuition tells me was airborne with their chemtrails. War weapons tested on the innocent goys.
      Please, BUST them on Bach.

    • I am left to wonder whether the ones who spoke of a battle of “Good and Evil” were right.
      Things have been so trivialized, and Lord Knows some of the trivia is Just That.
      We are at a pivot, a Grow or Die Moment.
      That is my read, for your kind consideration.


  15. Suffer me a moment please:

    Have You ANY IDEA how long this thing they would destroy took to occur?
    Now, mere longevity is no merit,.. I Mean to Bring To Your Kind Attention:

    This thing took (literally() ‘forever’

    and in a fit of pissing contest these turkeys might just destroy us (and all that Loves!

    Got Yer Attention Yet?

    I Sincerely Hope So.

    Take a step back, do you have anything (kids cats or maybe a houseplant.
    It is Get Busy Time my friends I never met.


  16. At least you are reporting about it.

    In Germany a real spy story popped up about real estate developer Maik Uwe Hinkel, who worked for the KGB, Stasi, BfV, BND, and sold first class property close to the East Side Gallery (a.k.a. Berlin Wall) to an Israeli company, and the only question asked is who will finance the preservation of the East Side Gallery?

  17. America shouldn’t be singled-out as having gone rogue. The Israelis have infiltrated every agency within America. Any rogue actions by the CIA, NSA, or any other alphabet soup agency is ordered from Tel Aviv for the benefit of the Jewish state. Why would the Israelis not have the US to be the front man, the false store front? Let the Americans take the blame, but never their beloved Israel.

  18. I read today that some congress critter has offered to go Iran and free Levinson.

    I propose that VT go to Iran and bring Levinson back, subject to complete debriefing by Duff and Company.

    I suspect that would be a series worth the read.

    • The picture of him with the busy hair and long beard.
      I don’t think that in Iran, the god forsaken prison Evin, they give people a prison jumpsuit.
      May be if he is in an Israeli prison they can bargain over a trade with the traitor Pollard?
      But just like our government let POWs rot in jails after the Vietnam war was over they don’t care about one other person. Just like our war hero John McCain who did not care about the ones left behind. Why could they tell stories about him. I believe the fellow soldiers who were with him in the Hanoi Hilton have passed away.
      And what does our president Obama know about living under war conditions, he keeps on living his
      cozy living with lavous vacations on the tax payers. The community organizer for the poor has forgotten that part of the population of the USA.

  19. Gordon,

    How do we wage war on an Enormous Web of Government Bureaucracy? And it’s Siamese twin Interlocking Corporate Directorates? Before a rogue pulls the Pacov from the Marvelous Gap and drops it?

    • This thing has a timeline.
      We might be dead already and just not know yet (Fukushima!
      While we posit on the relative merits (as befits)
      THEY are DESTROYING ALL CREATION (not just Humans!
      Not a call for rash action ..


  20. Happy Merrie.
    I take no issue with the ‘basic premise’ i.e. that the US Government is a group of
    Organized Criminals Operating Under Color of Law.
    I merely wish to point out that whatever their (our?) failings
    America is a big place full of lots of people (but that’s not important now))
    On your TV you have wall to wall bs, and ‘all Hitler All the Time’ (except for ‘life without people’
    and who could forget ‘Lockdown’! (a caricature, and I digress.
    If everybody was as stupid as now appears the case, these bastards would not have had to lie
    to everyone for years (decades)
    The ‘bad guys’ cannot stand the Light of Day.
    Put a Hot Light On Please!
    People are not stupid, just too easily led.
    Damn I am sick of this crap. (not you guys, the display at large..
    This one is For the Prize (never been done before)
    Think For Yourself.


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