Secret Space War XII: Marduk Is Crowned in Africa


by Preston James


Anunnaki_imageNumerous top world leaders attended Nelson Mandela’s funeral in South Africa on December 4, 2013. Some reports estimate that 91 different world leaders and celebrities attended.

Certainly this became a major world event from anyone’s perspective.

Could there have been more, much more than meets they eye to this funeral of Nelson Mandela?

Was something going on in the background of this event event that was far more important than the funeral, perhaps a major turning point in world affairs?

Those that know about current Secret Space War matters understand that there is a deep secret hidden in the background of world political realities that has been kept from the masses, the presence and involvement of alien ETs and alien/human hybrids at the highest levels of the USG and a few other top world governments as advisers and controllers.

Unless the reality of Secret Space War phenomena is openly revealed and corroborated with hard evidence in public and admitted by all world governments, this knowledge cannot be yet be received or processed by the masses.

For those that are not aware of the basic realities of the current ongoing Secret Space War, reading this article is probably a waste of time.

Yes, as strange as it may seem, it appears that the Mandela Funeral was used as a cover-story to assemble the world’s top leaders for another purpose.

A very interesting rumor from a reputable source, is that the Mandela Funeral was used as a cover-story to assemble the world’s Top Leaders to pay homage to an ancient Nephilim alien ET leader called Marduk and who has allegedly returned after hundreds of years absence to be crowned as the new King of Africa, perhaps later to be elevated to “Ruler of The NWO” or the “New Caesar of the Ages”as the final Third Force Plan for the Globalist NWO is revealed  and actuated in full.

If true, the Mandela funeral has perhaps provided great cover to assemble the world’s top leaders to pay homage to Marduk as the new “Crowned King of Africa”. And as the Mandela Funeral became a major world event covered in detail on every major news network around the world, there were several strange anomalies during or surrounding the funeral that have became apparent and which can be interpreted in ways which support this rumor.

Strange anomalies surrounding the Mandela funeral have surfaced.

A very strange man performed sign language while the ceremonies went on.  It was later revealed that this man was alleged to be mentally ill and was signing nonsense gestures. It was alleged that he had been a suspect in an earlier murder. Concern was later then expressed wondering how this man could be allowed so close to top world officials when he was supposedly such an obvious security concern.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

But was this strange man using alien ET sign language for certain aliens present at the Funeral or watching on live video? And there are rumors, at least one reputable source involved which claim that Mandela actually died at the end of June and was either kept on a respirator like Ariel Scharon or kept on ice until his funeral and burial.

Did Nelson Mandala die on June 26, 2013 instead of the claimed December 5, 2013?

Reports have now emerged that Mandela actually died on June 26, 2013 and his body was kept on ice until the funeral. This itself could easily be used to support the rumor that his death was a cover-story to assemble the world’s Top Leaders in South Africa for another purpose, such as to acknowledge the formation of a new spiritual leader and King of Africa, Marduk, an ancient aline ET leader some believe is a fallen angel, demon or Jinn representing one of lucifer’s final action plans to convert the whole world to a pure luciferian worship system.

The main Services for the Mandela Funeral were held at the Johannesburg National Stadium and the graveside service was held days later in Mandela’s home village of Qunu in a very large specially built tent. There is no mention in news reports of the major G8 or G20 world leaders being present at the graveside service.

Final Graveside Services for Mandela were held in a large specially built tent.
Inside the large specially built tent.

Has the Mandela Funeral displayed some interesting associations between top American current and former leaders of both the Democrat and Republican parties and if so what does this imply?

It is now known that Bill and Hillary Clinton accompanied George W. Bush and President Obama on Air Force One to the Mandela Funeral.  Here are a couple of photos of them getting quite chummy in two different meetings. What is the official document that Bush showing Hillary that makes her laugh, with Eric Holder top US non-LE Official from the US Department of Just-Us standing up and looking at also.


Obama-Bush-Michelle-650x392This should not be a surprise for those who are astute students of recent history since all parties are by products and Cutouts for the Bush Political Cabal which assumed power with the assassination of JFK and attained full power with the assassination attempt and severe wounding of President Ronald Reagan, the last duly elected President of the United States.(1)

Is Marduk part of a luciferian End-Game Plan to to complete the Globalist NWO Plan with a strange, very big suprise for all NWO Kingpins and Cutouts involved?

If what I view as the best intel rumors are correct, it seems that Marduk will be pulling one of the greatest reversals of fortune and tricks in history. If these initial reports are accurate, what he does as he assumes full power in various stages will be completely against the expectations of top Policy-Makers (aka Kingpins and Cutouts), folks who have worked so hard to establish and actuate the NWO Globalist One-World System.  These Kingpins and Cutouts have advanced Globalist NWO strategies while betraying their own nation-states and laws, and spreading corruption like wildfire to attain their NWO Goals.

If this coming rumored betrayal by Marduk of those that have worked so hard to attain the NWO that will seat him eventually as the New Caesar of the Ages, in Jerusalem, the final goal where Marduk can initiate and execute a world-wide luciferian worship system, it will be one of the biggest reversals in history and will certainly never be expected or anticipated by any of the world’s top Policy-Makers, i.e. NWO Kingpins and Cutouts, many of which themselves are rumored to be alien/human hybrids themselves.

Purges of top insiders and closest confidants by tyrants who assume power have occurred quite often in history, but most top Policy-Makers feel far too “special” (aka narcissistic) to ever think this might happen to them (it will as in most similar situations they now find themselves in).

However, history has shown this kind of reversal when totalitarian tyrants assume power  as in Bolshevik Russia with the Red Terror and Stalinist Russia, both together which murdered approximately 66 million Russians and purged numerous most loyal top insiders, much to their great and short lived surprise. These communist purges are always a great surprise but can occur in any tyranny. Remember the “Night of the Long-knives” (aka “Operation Hummingbird) where Hitler ordered the mass murder of the Brown-shirts, many who were his most loyal insiders. Or Mao in China who murdered his closest advisers ruthlessly, or Pol Pot who did the same. These systems have all been linked to secret luciferian worship systems as have been the current batch of the world’s top Policy-Makers, the Kingpins and Cutouts that are assembling the NWO and working so hard to destroy the sovereignty of their own nation-states.

In a recent Veterans today article entitled, “Secret Space War III:  Marduk Lands in Africa?”, alien ET Kingpin Marduk was alleged to have landed in Africa and some top world leaders came to pay homage to him.  It was suggested that this was part of an overall alien ET Agenda to Terra-Form Africa, depopulate it and repopulate it with alien hybrids. It was also implied that world leaders were reporting to him and pay homage, suggesting that alien ETs have established superiority over those super-elites who occupy the controls of power in the world system, and that an Alien Agenda may be now in place. (2)

If true is this recent ascension of Marduk to the throne of Africa just part of an Alien ET Agenda that is now determining overall world events and progression towards a Globalist NWO super-fascist regime, characterized by an interlocked set of approximately 140 international corporations have assumed control over most governments of the world and are forming a new super-fascist regime run by alien ET Kingpins and their alien/human hybrid Cutouts?

Big Plans for Marduk start with his being crowned King of Africa.

Yes, if intel rumors are true, Marduk has now been crowned “King of Africa” and this will be a first step in taking complete control over Africa and then the whole world in incremental steps to create a worldwide luciferian worship system, and the first stage which is the asset and resource stripping of Africa. And as this asset and resource stripping occurs for select NWO corporations (must be part of the 140 network or approved/linked to them), various radical covert depopulation strategies will be invoked and some very high tech Terra-Forming technologies deployed to prepare Africa for a coming, pre-planned re-population by new aliens, and newly created ET/human hybrids, situated in newly constructed colonies.

Top Rock artist Bono has been identified as a NWO tool in the coming asset stripping of Africa. (3)

Bono at the Mandela Funeral helping out his NWO cronies.

The plan is to eventually depopulate the whole Earth of humans and substitute alien/human hybrids which are trans-humanized instead. And yet so far this plan is not known or understood by top policy-Makers who have actually been actively creating a NWO scenario where their own demise is an essential final stage.  If they knew the truth they would be horrified and would bail out on the NWO in a New York Minute. However, at this point even if they were informed they would be unable to accept such ideas because they have been extensively mind-kontrolled and many have demonic entities residing inside them where their souls used to be. And those that are hybrids no longer have any free will but are beasts of sadistic and savage instinct with no ability to love, with only some instinctive protection desire for their offspring left.

Is part of Marduk’s Plan the transformation and reconstitution of Israel and Jerusalem into a NWO religion-free state, so that he can rebuild the temple on the Temple Mount where he plans to be seated as the “New World Order Leader”, the “New Caesar of the Ages”?

Of course, the acquisition of Jerusalem for Marduk’s final ascension has been predicted for centuries in secret occult writings and texts. And as many realize various world power groups have been obsessed with occupying Jerusalem for many centuries which have included the Knights Templar, some Islamics, and now the current illegal occupiers of Palestine, the Khazarian judaic converts who fly the hex star luciferian flag of the Rothschilds and ancient Babylonian Money-Magick, which many claim is completely luciferian.

Before Mandela died he made some remarkable comments suggesting that he believed that Palestine belonged to the Palestinians and that the Israelis were mere occupiers with no rights to the land at all and were running an apartheid system of abuse, oppression and depopulation of Palestine. These comments of course were not well received by Netanyahu whom refused to come to Mandela’s funeral, but in essence was also refusing to pay homage to Marduk and participate in his crowning. Could this mean that Netanyahu has prior knowledge that much of Israel will be flattened and those areas will include the Temple Mount at Jerusalem, proving and opportunity for Marduk to rebuild the temple and crown himself “King of the NWO”, the “New Caesar of the Ages”? Are rumors from top intel sources that Zionism and its Kingpins and Cutouts are now in the process of being destroyed, no longer necessary to the Third Force, and is now in its “death throes”?

Certainly the classic letter from the mid 1800’s by super-Mason Albert Pike laid out the luciferian plan of the ages which included creating two major world forces, Zionism and Islam, both of which would be used to battle it out and destroy each other, clearing the way for a world luciferian system.

Where is Marduk residing right now in Africa?

As some high level CIA insiders know, the CIA has always had a very active role in South Africa and worked out of a very strange triangular shaped office building. Some have claimed that South Africa was a CIA experiment in culturally based mind-kontrol which was used to mold and shape the masses into a pure NWO society.

It is also known that a few very top CIA Insiders have had personal relations with various alien ET groups with which the United States has negotiated and signed actual treaties with for transfer of ultra-high tech alien technology in exchange for humans and human genetic material, as well as joint underground research labs to clone and hybridize alien/human hybrids and to synthesize the human soul so that it can be created in the hybrids, which so far has not been possible.

Zumaland, the new “retirement Home” of South African President Jacob Zuma, just massively refurbished, complete with armed, high tech security and an underground bunker.

Could Marduk be living in a new underground control center recently built underneath the newly “refurbished and updated” retirement home of current South African President Jacob Zuma, in it’s secret, heavily fortified underground base?(5)  Reports have surfaced that this retirement home is not needed by President Zuma, has an underground bunker and has ultra-high levels of security in place for the first time and the improvements cost a minimum of 16 million USD. (4) This newly and expensively refurbished retirement home has been designated “Zumaville” by critics who see no need for a current sitting president of South Africa to have such an expensive high security home with underground bunker when he is doing little to protect impoverished and abused South African workers.


It appears that Nelson Mandela’s funeral was used as plausible cover-story to conceal a far more sinister reason for so many top world leaders to assemble in Africa long after Mandela’s actual death. If intel rumors are true this event is the landmark for a major shift in world policy in the years and months to come in each major nation-state of the world as Marduk incrementally assumes full world power and descends to his final throne in a new temple built in Jerusalem.  Before he can build his new throne in Jerusalem and be seated there he will dispense with and “reconstitute” the rogue apartheid state of Israel into something more in line with  Marduk’s apparent NWO goals of building a worldwide luciferian worship system.

This new worldwide system of luciferian worship will have no place for no place for radical, racist World Zionism run by Talmudic, Noahide, Khazarian Judaic converts who currently impersonate Hebrews (these are the “Synogogue of Satan” folks who are the world’s biggest anti-Semites because they persecute Palestinians, 80% of who are actually of Hebrew heritage according to a recent respected and peer reviewed genetics study from John Hopkins University).

If reports are accurate, Marduk represents the Third Force and is it’s representative for subduing Planet Earth and reconstituting into a pure luciferian world, characterized by himself as the NWO world dictator, the New Caesar of the Ages, seated in a luciferian NWO temple in Jerusalem on the Temple Mount, where he will attempt to fully enact the complete Third Force Agenda which actually has no room for current Kingpins and Cutouts at all. aka the folks running the various nation-states of the world now.

Before folks get too bent out of shape concerning these predictions, it would be wise to examine history. History teaches that this Third Force takeover of the world was attempted several times in the past and failed.  It is the dream and plan of the ages among esoteric luciferian based groups. In one instance it was attempted at the “Tower of Babel” and failed and there are other attempts which also failed. There have been informed individuals that have claimed that the number one concern of the alien ETs which have formed treaties with the various largest and most powerful nation-states of the world, including the United States of America is a strong obsession with complete disarmament of the public and the confiscation of all guns in private ownership.

It is believed by those who have fully briefed that aliens with whom the USG has secret “exchange treaties” with that the USG and American intel as well as the Pentagon and some beyond black groups of Defense Contractors are deeply embedded with actual aliens and alien/human hybrids and their main fear is of firearms.  They are allegedly obsessively afraid of supersonic projectiles fired from ordinary firearms and would never dare walk the streets openly (also one of their key their obsessions) in America as long as the public is allowed to own firearms. Allegedly their number one firearm related fear is the ordinary .22 caliber firearm in any form and that is why the public is now finding so much difficulty buying .22 rounds at their local gun stores. This of course underscores the degree of power now being asserted over Congress, the USG and the Judiciary in America by alien ETs, hybrids as they assert their Alien Agenda.

Highly connected intel sources have claimed to close associates that in America, the current administration as well as other prior ones have had close consultants inside the White House and Pentagon who advise and provide consent to top USG officials and even Potus. Some believe this is more than advice and consent, perhaps all USG policy decisions are in fact determined by these alien ET advisers who really ruin the Administration, American Intel, the Pentagon and the whole USG by remote control through designated puppets.

And some claim that these alien advisers as well as one certain very top official(s) is actually an alien/human hybrid, in this case a normal human injected in later childhood with alien grey RNA/DNA and transformed into a hybrid entity that has internalized demons and their Psi-powers through luciferian chanting ritual and sexual magic rituals of Aleister Crowley and the Process Church. If true such an individual would be characterized their body morphing somewhat toward the shape of a large alien ET grey, with noticeably too long thinner arms, especially noticeable with a strange galloping gait. Some esoteric Egyptian historians have claimed that King Tut was such an alien ET human hybrid based on the merging of Nephilim grey “Beast Blood” with human female blood. He who has ears, let him hear, he who has eyes let him see.

The Third Force’s NWO plan for the world cannot succeed unless the human race is debauched, dirtied up, completely compromised first. And for this to happen the family, normal sex roles must first be destroyed by diversity training, Cloward-Piven type massive immigration without societal integration, use of political correctness and destruction of all major religions except luciferianism, aka satanism, super-freemasonry, the Church of the Process, Scientology, and other esoteric luciferian based secret societies and the like.







YouTube - Veterans Today -

YouTube - Veterans Today -


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  1. Dr. James, I have shared these articles with many people and am thankful you are bold enough to write and post them. However, I have a question. I see you give Dr. Greer, from the disclosure project, your thanks, calling him an American hero, etc. So, my question is, do you know how much interaction or input the Rothchild’s still have with the disclosure project? Most don’t seem to realize they actually started it years ago, before leaving, or stepping (in the) back. Once the Rothchild’s start or become part of something they seem to remain part of it, thus, how credible are these projects? Let me further state I do believe life exists elsewhere and could very well be here, or more accurately, maybe have been here since inception.

  2. Eric Jon Phelps, Author of “VATICAN ASSASSINS”

    “The BLACK POPE Adolfo Nicholas [The Jesuit General] is in complete control of the international intelligence community: that’s the CIA, [NSA], the FBI, the KGB, the Israeli Mossad, the German BND, the British SIS. The Jesuit General is in COMPLETE CONTROL of the entire intelligence apparatus – FBI, EVERY bureaucratic agency in this country, all of it; he is in COMPLETE CONTROL of it.”

    “So, whenever he wants to find something out about an individual, they put in the Social Security number, and everything from all of the intelligence apparatus kicks-in and he and his provincials can review everything about that man. Credit cards, you name it, everything that’s attached to Rome’s social security number.”

  3. When you look at those people sat around the table on Air Force One – and why does Susan Rice need so many dress changes ? – don’t you get the distinct feeling that these dudes are a bunch of amateurs? I certainly do………………

    • They all look like mindless alien clones to me, which is what those who run the fed govt ARE today.
      They say the “tall whites” love going to Las Vegas (to buy dresses for all those changes).

  4. I heard one must use s 3rd generation night vision to see much strangeness in atmosphere. As far as “secret space war,” Morris K. Jessup’s book “The Case for The UFO” Varos ed., filled with notations by Carl Allen (Carlos Allende), written in 1956, is fascinating in light of a strong background on the myth of “the Philadelphia Experiment,” “Project Sign,” “Project Grudge,” then “Project Bluebook.” Al Chop and US. Gov. acknowledging the UFO phenomenon as real. Cyclotrons and particle accelerators, electro magnetic fields, invisibility, levitation, teleportation, dimensional time travel, electro magnetic mind control, terrifying consequences, unified feild theory, secret space war, Roswell 1947….Philadelphia Experiment 1943. Dr James I think it is so important how you always stress just how compromised our leaders are. Always paying favor or worried about making a problem go away. Their greed and degenerate lust is trully sickening.

    • Jack Heart coomented in secret space war 2 about Dr. Hans Kammler….a very powerful nazi engineer associated with the “Bell,” who disappeared after war, supposedly dying in woods from gunshot.

    • Clark McClelland, former NASA engineer, said on a recent youtube Project Camelot interview with Kerry Cassidy that Kammler did NOT die after WW2. He was transferred to the US, along with all the other NAZIs. [Rockefeller brought more than 2,000 NAZIS to the US and put most of them into the CIA, many others went to NASA.] McClelland said he was sent to the head office [I believe it was Kennedy Space Center, FL] and given an award by the head of the facility and the only other person in the room was KAMMLER. McClelland said it was “common knowledge” that the Nazis worked at NASA and they routinely had parties or get-togethers where German was the main language.

      Whistle Blower Radio With Kerry Cassidy guest Clark C. McClelland 2013 12 13

  5. Despite reading much of P.J’s work I’m not yet confident in going beyond a few points and a few basic questions. Preston recently mentioned the work of James McCanney in one of his previous articles. I took a shine to McCanney and listen to his weekly radio show. He got me hooked on comet ISON. Being an early riser it wasn’t a big deal to go out into the cold to look for the comet. In doing so I’ve discovered far more in the early morning skies than one might expect. One, SAT’s abound, it’s nothing to see 3-4 every hour or so. Also there are many many falling bodies and other various things dashing about.

    So one question I have is this: Recently I saw a SAT glowing bright as it made it’s orbit, only to have it go completely dark and then back to bright again……almost like a slow pulse….WTF is it? Never seen anything like it before….Evidently these things orbit in all directions….too many to count…WTF is up?


    • Looking up into a clear or fairly clear sky with infra-red or night vision can often provide substantial numbers of weird lights, some that blink on and off intermittently and dart too and fro. I have only seen movies of this but suspect they are alien anti-gravity craft, or back engineered USAF or US Navy anti-gravity craft, or a mixture of both that some can shift in and out of different dimensions. The confusing part is their illumination like a gas flame being on, and then going off after a while, as well as the objects rapid darting and turning actions not possible by satellites or conventional aircraft. And yes the numbers reported are staggering. Whatever this is, there are certainly a lot of them and they seem to violate normally accepted laws of gravity and physics. Why they are here or do not make themselves known can only be speculated about. The most interesting reason given by a few top experts is that they are infringing on humankind as much as permitted, but there are rules of play that permit their progress and intrusions only as much as permitted by humans and their leaders breaking the Golden Rule and doing evil in near majority numbers (by the free will consent of people dirtied up and compromised morally).

    • True, but sometimes truth is far stranger than fiction, and this is no coincidence. Major governments and intel agencies have murdered hundreds, and threatened and harassed thousands up until a few years ago to keep these secrets from the public. The USG has spent many millions in disinformation campaigns and coverups to keep this knowledge from the masses and their propaganda dispensers, the controlled major mass media (CMMM) have worked hard assisting them in this massive 60+ year coverup. This has all changed thanks to Steven Greer MD and his Disclosure Project and over 200 highly credible witnesses that have come forward and disclosed shocking but true events few of the public ever would have thought possible.

      Many folks just cannot fathom why almost every Congress critter has refused to serve the needs of their constituents and instead take care of themselves and their careers only, and why the top Policy-Makers are able to continually pass clearly illegal and unConstitutional laws like the Patriot Act and NDAA 2014. The involvement of aliens and alien/hybrids at the highest levels is a complete explanation and the best fit for explaining this.

    • Preston, I was fortunate to meet Dr. Steven Greer in the 90’s at a UFO conference sponsored by Dr. Leo Sprinkle at the University of Wyoming. Needless to say, here have been many courageous pioneers, including yourself, who care deeply about helping the masses release their hypnosis/mind control, wake up to expansive realities, & discover what’s going on for millennium. Thank you for your part in this grand awakening that is unstoppable!

    • What will be the future of humanity, as we now know it, if we are forced to assimilate with an alien life force that might be not only from another galaxy but also another dimension and have journeyed here to generate planetary “anchor babies” ? Artificial super intelligence may be our only hope in gaining an edge over beings capable of surpassing all of our current technology yet who is to say that alien viruses would not only infect data processing but wipe out the human race with a deadly strain of space herpes.

  6. Don McCoy, Facebook commenter, I don’t use Facebook, but your comments suggest blatant ignorance and mainstream media gullibility. Obviously you haven’t spent any time looking at the any of the key, basic evidence, almost all of which comes from retired military, govt, DOD officials, and DOD contractors with impeccable credentials, all completely vetted with top secrecy and higher clearances, or you are a Troll wasting time. Rather than keep degrading yourself I have a suggestion for you. Why not just avoid wasting your time reading articles beyond your ability to apprehend or one’s you don’t like or have an interest in. Suit yourself, but your comments never have anything to contribute and you keep degrading yourself by posting ad hominem attacks and pure ignorance.

  7. A possibility to consider is what we call the land of Palestine is indeed the inheritance of Israel because that land is originally Canaan… the son of Ham of the OT story. According to the symbols provided to Masons, the blood (genes) of Canaan interbred with the line of David (King of Israel) via his marriage to Bathsheba and carried on (secretly) through Solomon (the proverbial Widow’s Son; Bathsheba was a Hittite Widow), meaning that the offspring of Solomon/David held blood right via both bloodline inheritances.
    Also consider that the Tower of Babel (built to enter Heaven through a backdoor) is represented by pyramids around the globe, these structures were ‘temples/lodges of initiation’, the same of which descends to us today via the Freemasonic Lodges and brotherhood groups today. Tom Paine wrote some stuff on this, but I’d have to search to find the reference. These Canaanite family folks are not to be trusted with your lunch money unless you are part of the cabal (they only trust among brothers and that might not even be fully true). They know each other by their signs, the most visible is the handshake, but a lot more than that… handshake is merely an introduction. The rabbit hole goes deeper than most folks realize and a lot of the secrets lie in plain sight (pun meaningful). Nice article PJ… real food for thought.

  8. Thank you for this, Dr. James

    How eerily similar I find your last paragraph;

    “The Third Force’s NWO plan for the world cannot succeed unless the human race is debauched, dirtied up, completely compromised first. And for this to happen the family, normal sex roles must first be destroyed by diversity training, Cloward-Piven type massive immigration without societal integration, use of political correctness and destruction of all major religions except luciferianism, aka satanism, super-freemasonry, the Church of the Process, Scientology, and other esoteric luciferian based secret societies and the like”

    … to much that is being said in the paragraph below.


    • “We must understand the Jesuits are not Catholics at heart far from it, they are the masters of witchcraft which originated with Nimrod the worshiper of Saturn. The same Jesuit Order worshipers of Saturn, whereas the Vatican is more aligned to Jupiter the son of Saturn. The Jesuits command the mystery schools as many insiders will inform you about, and who have been taught by them within the Illuminated system of the Order of the Bavarian Illuminati. Making sure we understand that the Los Alumbrados were the original Illuminati before the Order of the Rosy Cross and before the Jesuit created Order of the Bavarian Illuminati in 1776. Today the Rosicrucian and the Jesuits are one, as you can imagine, with the agenda. Their ultimate goal is the perfection of man through the Hermetic degrees and alchemy. They desire the destruction of time, separate climates, gender, race and class. They believe they can join the heavens with Earth and the masculine with the feminine. Its all their occult worship of the Moon and Venus hermaphrodite Gods. In order to partly destroy the differing climate, the addition of a second Sun is needed. This will be accomplished in the near future with NASA’s Project Lucifer using a probe funny enough named after Jesuit trained Giovanni Cassini.”


    • Such a nice choice of tunes, Dr. James! They seem to speak of devotion.

      A friend sent this song to me last year knowing I would enjoy it’s story. The song speaks of the depth of the human conditions’ capability for steadfastness, loving devotion – (to me at least). Some may find it’s not quite their cup of tea, but some may like it. Hope you don’t mind if I share… ‘k?

  9. There’s too much at stake for the so-called “Galactic Federation” to allow an evil entity to assume world control now. The momentum is moving against these entities as noted by the many positive recent world changes: no Syrian war, Katie Couric against GMO on mainstream American TV, Mexico rules against GMOs, Britain breaks with the USA on Syria, lawsuits allowed against S. Arabia for 9/11, Congressmen cite Bush complicity in 9/11 evidenced in redacted documents, Hungary breaks with the IMF, etc.

  10. WE THE PEOPLE have conscious choice & never, ever have to give our personal sovereignty or power away to any entity, cabal, corrupt government leaders, ETs, etc. There is a great deal of drama going on in the outer world where truth seems stranger than fiction. Let it be revealed so the light of day shows us we need not be victims of any kind of darkness. This does require us to WAKE UP, take back our (spiritual) power, give up victim consciousness, & never be in awe of TPTB who are being revealed for who they really are. WE THE PEOPLE are the 99% & collectively we can turn the tide. The power of awakened consciousness’ cannot be measured by scientists, but it can move mountains! We are also not one dimensional beings locked in a 3D matrix. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, sometimes wild & crazy. We do have a say in how humanity evolves & we can make sure we’ll never again be confused, intimidated, harmed or kept down by any force of evil that cloaks itself as it has for millennium. The time is NOW to say, “NO MORE” obstructing or deceiving WE THE PEOPLE…

  11. Excellent comment from a well informed very astute individual. As far as the possibility that the Third Force being run by AI or a Quantum computer of some advanced kind is beyond my informattion but certainly a possibility. As far as the CERN Hadron Collider, I do not know much about this except that so far the fears about it have not amounted to much and they have discovered the Higgs-Boson particle which was very, very difficult because it decays so fast. As far as the Philadelphia Experiment and Al Bielek, I just do not have any information about it from any of my usual sources. It may be true, I just do not know.

    • Its just that huge science projects like cern collider, with a 12 billion dollar price can exist.Sure some of the scientific discoveries will be published. But how many will become classified? How many will have military applications? Its been a long time since the atom was split and there very well could be above top secret physics, and chemistry, passed down and expanded upon in the deepest underground research facilities. Genetic engineering and transhumaist biomechanics as well. If rogue R&D labs are 50 to 100 years advanced, than how much exponential is that to what we see? Stew Webb has spoken of Bielek. If work is being done with aliens then the luciferians must think they will use it as an opportunity to become god like. Anything they have said publicly about this is essentially in regards to evolution by technology. Its always technology and science they treasure most. And their ears are always tempted by something telling them they can become like God.

    • The mystery of the sign language interpreter apparently having a psychotic episode could be explained by him being a victim of electronic harassment. His description of a feeling that came over him as he stood next to Obama made me wonder if someone somewhere was testing a microwave/magnetic device designed to upset the brains function. The Secret Service allowed this man to stand next to the most powerful man in the world. This was not an accident. We may have just witnessed a proof of concept attack using EMF to induce psychosis on demand. The fact that the man has a history of mental illness is useful to deflect further investigation and provided impeccable plausible denial.
      That he was where he was is not an accident- the only question for me is..was his breakdown a natural response to incredible stress or something else. In a TV interview he spoke of ”holding on to his mental faculty in sheer something came over him..He was clearly aware of some change to his mental state…indicating to me…that perhaps some external stimulus was being applied…by who and for what reason is more speculative. The man standing next to him may be the ultimate reason. This story has much more to it..just like that day in Dallas many years ago

    • He’s the ANC leadership’s standard interpreter, and all his “interpretations” have been off the mark by a wide margin. See the Zuma “kill the Boer” White Genocide video’s on Youtube, where he interprets with signs that look like someone playing charades without any facial expression. Weird, for sure!

  12. Get right with Jesus folks, for Lucifer knows his time is up and he wants to take his dreaded humans down with him when Jesus returns and throws his ass into the Abyss. He has been rejected by God for his rebellion and his extreme jealousy that God made us in his imagine and has tried to convince God we would never follow his laws, so he used these weak world leaders to convince them with money and power over the masses. He has even convince them to build under ground bunkers to protect them from the wrath coming from God knowing full well, they in actuality are building their tombs when the Polar Shift shakes the whole world.

  13. “…President Ronald Reagan, the last duly elected President of the United States.”

    Are you really saying that Bumble-Brain Dukakis actually won the 1988 election, and that the GHW Bush victory was the result of election fraud?

    Given that Dukakis carried only ten states plus DC, that would have been a massively-conducted election fraud.

  14. “with noticeably long thinner arms, especially noticeable with a strange galloping gait.”

    Is this our own beloved POTUS?

    Now, that you mention it, OBAMA looks kinda like King Tut’s daddy, Achnuten?

    I wonder how that would affect his status as an American citizen?

  15. Our existence is like a very poor video game, except that it is played and replayed across infinite timelines, dimensions and realities leaving us with some semblance of forethought, things that happened in another, probably failed timeline are, on occasion, made available to us in this reality.

    So, why does someone or something create a quantum computer simulation running parallel programs in infinite dimensions, realities and timelines?

    To find the answer to the Cosmic Riddle? WTF am I doing here, why do I exist, to what purpose was I created and whom do I serve?

    For us humans, as we alone are able to solve the riddle, is our existence in a computer simulation better than no existence at all?

    A quick study of the Gnostic Texts reveal the purpose of creation was a way for the Entirety to reflect upon itself, i.e. the Cosmic Riddle.

    Man was created to solve the riddle as we are greater than any god, as we are both mortal and immortal.

    And with an unlikely tweak, the highly improbable discovery at Nag Hammadi redirects this timeline toward a happier ending than all those prior failed realities.

    So now, our quantum computer simulation generates evil in the form of a “rogue” quantum computing scenario within our normal quantum computing scenario while providing a counter force, the Christ, for if we become transhuman with no place for the eternal soul, simulation failed!

    Many intelligent people believe that our brain is the projector of the illusion we seem to experience.

    • which begs the question, why the f….k do we need Marduk?

      If we solve the riddle, game over. If our souls, more correctly, our spirits are trapped in a simulation worse than the one in which we currently reside, are we better off solving the riddle, ensuring our own demise?

      Seriously, what kid would keep on playing a video game he has already mastered? When the Entirety finds the answer, is there any need to run the simulation any longer?

      It does not take a great leap of imagination to comprehend that in the beginning was a huge data dump of all knowledge stored in an energy field that became sentient, self aware, The Entirety.

      E=MC Squared brings us the universe, duh?

      Now, the very act of becoming sentient may change the balance of neutrality to love as some (Mr. Roland for instance) refer to the unified field.

      In this love, the Entirety may have come to give a shit about us, but is unable to directly modify the simulation.

      The Entirety may no longer wish for us to solve the Cosmic Riddle knowing it will lead to our demise.

      So, we enter the great conflagration. The great quagmire of cosmic history, stuck in an eternal feedback loop until corrective measures can be established.

      For now, we must hope the corrective force of the Christ gets here before Marduk takes control and turns us all into ET.

      But, if we fail once more, we will leap to another as of yet unfailed reality, to do it all again. Perhaps this time with the serendipitous find of a better Nag Hammadi.

  16. Dr Preston,
    Chilling or joyful article? I suppose its a matter of perspective. The peasants revolt may have been guided by knights templars and or freemasons. The US revolution for idependence was without question driven by freemasons. The establishment of Israel, the cold war, and JFK assassination all have hints of freemason guidance as well. Any populist political swelling may be a guided trigger to global insurrection, pre emptive mass destruction, and world war. The temple mount would need destroyed. A perfect Red Heifer may already have been genetically engineered, just waiting to go. Do you think Marduk and the third force could be a sentient super computer and global satellite network??? Also what are your thoughts on cern hadron collider??? Al Belak??? Philadelphia experiment??? Keep up the great work Dr. Preston.

    • I don’t think Marduk is a sentient advanced AI computer, but he could be assisted by one. The best evidence to date is that he is an ancient fallen angel, a Nephilim which came to earth hundreds of years ago, left because of an unexpected judgement and is now back to finish the NWO plan which was previously blocked and failed. as far as Al Bielek and the Philadephia Experiment go, I just do not know much about this and have no current opinion. They could be real, I just do not know. As far as the CERN Hadron Collider, they have found the Higgs-Boson particle, the basic glue that they suspected for many years but had great difficulty finding because it decays into sub-particles so rapidly. So far all the fears of CERN have proven false.

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