Are They Trying to Kill US All?


Obama Disregards Court Order on Antibiotic Use in Livestock factory farm


By Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall


Nothing exemplifies more clearly the corporate takeover of democratic government than the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) approach to Food Inc’s routine use of antibiotics in animal feed. Thirty-six years after their 1977 finding that this practice jeopardizes human health, the FDA has given feed manufacturers three years to voluntarily remove antibiotic supplements from feed. What you won’t hear on the six o’clock news is that the the FDA move directly violates a March 2012 court ruling ordering them to ban the practice outright

Farm animals consume approximately 80% of antibiotics produced in the US. No one knows why routine consumption of antibiotics makes animals grow faster. Following this discovery in the 1950s, adding them to feed became standard practice on the gigantic factory farms that steadily replaced family farms. Producing animals that grow bigger and faster translates into higher profits. Especially in the overcrowded sheds and feedlots where fecal contamination creates the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria.

Killing Americans By Creating Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs

Pumping antibiotics indiscriminately into the environment turns out to be even more effective in breeding deadly antibiotic-resistant “superbugs,” which are subsequently transferred to people through their food. This was confirmed by an April 2013 FDA finding revealing that more than 80% of raw turkey, pork, beef and chicken contain antibiotic-resistant bacteria

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimate that 2 million Americans a year contract drug-resistant infections every year, resulting in approximately 23,000 deaths. Prior to the advent of antibiotics in the 1940s, people routinely died of pneumonia brought on by flu and the common cold. It’s frightening to even think of returning to that era.

The 1998 EU Ban

To curtail the spread of antibiotic resistant bacteria, the EU banned antibiotics in animal feed in 1998. In the US, meanwhile, the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) launched petitions in 1999 and 2005 demanding the FDA launch a similar ban.  On learning of the FDA’s intention to opt for a voluntary ban, they, along with Center for Science in the Public Interest, the Food Animal Concerns Trust, Public Citizen, and the Union of Concerned Scientists, filed suit in federal district court. In March 2012, the judge ruled that the voluntary program violated the FDA’s statutory duty (i.e. was illegal) and ordered them to enact a total ban like the EU.

From the ruling:

“[T]he statutory scheme requires the Agency to ensure the safety and effectiveness of all drugs sold in interstate commerce, and, if an approved drug is not shown to be safe or effective, the Agency must begin withdrawal proceedings. The Agency has forsaken these obligations in the name of a proposed voluntary program, Guidance # 209, and acted contrary to the statutory language.”


“[FDA] must evaluate the safety risks of the petitioned drugs and either make the finding that the drugs are not shown to be safe or provide a reasoned explanation as to why the Agency is refusing to make such a finding.”

Obama Appeals

So why, you might ask, is the Obama administration ignoring this obvious public health crisis, proceeding with a voluntary program and wasting taxpayer dollars on appealing the ruling? Obviously it has a lot to do with the Food, Inc lobby, which spent $71 million on campaign contributions and $95 million on lobbying in 2012. When our elected leaders place the wishes of their corporate benefactors over the welfare of their constituents, human life becomes very cheap.

I’m happy to report Representative Louise Slaughter (D-NY) is an exception. Slaughter, 84, has been in Congress since 1987. In March 2013, she introduced her Preservation of Antibiotics for Medical Treatment Act bill for the fourth time. The bill would ban non-therapeutic uses of medically important antibiotics in food animal production.

How the Public Can Help

My initial reaction to this total disregard for human life (are they trying to kill us all or what?)  is to go for the pitchforks. It’s clear from her interview with Food Safety News that Slaughter herself is pretty angry with the Obama administration.

However she proposes a more moderate approach, namely a public boycott of hormonally and antibiotic treatment animals.

“Food babe” Vani Hari, who also thinks the new FDA rule is a joke, recently appeared on CNN (which would lose their broadcast license for promoting insurrection) with recommendations on how consumers can avoid tainted meat.

  • Buy direct from farms. Hari provides links on her website to connect online with farmers markets and CSA buying clubs.
  • Stick with USDA certified organic foods that also meat the highest standard Animal Welfare Rating Standards (i.e. that aren’t produced by factory farms).
  • Cut back on meat and dairy by substituting other healthy high protein foods, such as nuts, peanuts, and dried beans.
  • Follow Mark Bittman’s advice in a recent New York Times oped, and lean on your local supermarket to stock and label antibiotic-free meat and dairy products.

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photo credit: Socially Responsible Agricultural Project via photopin cc

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  1. “are they trying to kill us all”
    Pretty Sure that was a rhetorical question
    I hope this fine day finds you and yours well, Happy New Year (too early to tell..
    Anyway as regards your question..
    Far as I can tell they have been trying to kill us all (for some time.
    Hope that helps.


  2. It is always interesting to me to watch how concerned are about the evils others might do to them while ignoring that they are willingly digging their own graves with their knives, forks and spoon. If one wants to see the enemy, one is best off looking in the kitchen and at the snack counter. This is why I eat organic whole plant food and some wild caught fish and that’s about it. While my friends are busy fretting about their health and taking their meds, I run intervals, enjoy life and still rarely see a doc. At the same time, I spend less on food than most and have a fun diet with endless variety. Great for the planet and great for me. I am always trying to get others to live healthy too but, dang, the enemy within is the hardest one to fight. Please everyone, please remember that nothing is more important than a healthy whole plant diet with no or almost no meat and dairy products.

  3. I think President Obama knows that even limiting antibiotic use in factory farms is dangerous; probably to the level of epidemic proportions where e coli poisoning is concerned. Without strong acid baths, (bird wash), and antibiotics to treat the diseases that run rampant when 10s of thousands of animals are forced to share insanely tight living spaces, the situation would be catastrophic. The only recourse to eliminating factory farms is incorporating hundreds of thousands of small open area farms where diseases are more controllable, food is cheaper, and local farms thrive, as proven by life before the Zionists came up with the idea that stacking chickens in cages in unventilated warehouses is a good idea because it saves money. The President could do his homework and hire a committee, but hes too busy destroying the livelihood of Arabic nations to be concerned with the well being of his own citizens. Happy New Year. I think it will be a good year for revelations, epiphanies, and the beginning of the end to desensitization.

    • I’d suspect a lot of the “e-coli” outbreaks are relative to bad batches of aspartame, not that there is any such thing as a good batch at all either. aspartame was out the back door of a biochemical weapons lab experiment in the first place, e-coli bacteria being fed chemicals for its waste product (crap!) to be treated with more chemicals, trying to develop a toxin. someone accidentally discovered it tasted sweet and herr rumsfeld pushed 17+ years to get it approved as an artificial sweetener for everything, exactly why?

      the corporate monocrop forests get slammed with diseases the same way as the megacorp livestock facilities and the GMO corporate megacrops that are deliberately helped to destroy the small farmers and buy-steal their land at forclosure prices. I often wonder, does “special interests” really mean wealth and mental retardation? they sure seem enfatuated with trying to ensure we’re dumber than they are!

  4. The answer to your question is yes, they are trying to kill us. Some points. I keep a few chickens, used to get so many eggs that I gave them away to friends by the dozens. Now with GMO grais being about all you can get, I am down to between two to four eggs a day with about twenty chickens. This past summer about 2/3 of the eggs that the hens sat on did not hatch. Was raising a few rabbits. With GMO being about all you can get, The rabbits born last year did not grow as large as their parents, and fewer were born. this past year I had rabbits with tumors, unexplained deaths, and they stopped having babies. Also when you compost the poo of animals feed on GMOs with all the herbisides, put it in your garden, it kills most of your plants. This is not me alone, have friends having the same results. Remember, humans are just larger animals than chickens and rabbits, results take longer to show up in humans. But again, yes they are trying to kill us.

    • yes, and the cattle.. they feed em recombinant bovine growth hormones (RGBH) so they grow really big really fast, slaughtering them for food before they become old enough to develop tumors and cancers..
      the dairy cows too and we wonder why 8 year old girls are developing breasts, and breast cancers before age 30? very profitable for all the “cancer treatment centers” springing up everywhere, and the medical insurance corporate structures, who clearly have no desire to see this ever being stopped.

  5. It takes me many hours online researching recipes, ingredients and sources of healthy foods. And there is the usual hyped marketing to sift through. Few have the time or patience. Locally, ONE grocer has a growing organics produce section. The smaller ones were put out of business by the “recession” a long and carefully planned happening. I buy in bulk, lessening my exposure to roadway air and dangers and reducing my use of vehicle fuel, one of the major ripoff hoaxes perpetuated on the public. However that ripoff raises the cost and former convenience of routine to my door, parcel delivery.

  6. When I moved to the USA in the early nineties, an American boyfriend recommended to me to read: Diet for a New America. That book makes you sick to the stomach! I stopped eating meat right away. Never have been too much of a meat eater to start with, because of the compassion I have for the animals. Nowadays just a little, organic, maybe once a week or not at all.

    Good to see you publishing articles like this!


  7. I used to get around to visit different farms and many milk producers played by the rules but there were some who had big containers of antibiotics scattered here and there as well as hormones to stimulate milk production.
    We live in a chemical soup- in the air, ground, and water. Everyone should check just what goes on around them, not to be a hypochondriac but just to ensure that you are not drinking where say oral contraceptives, aluminum, etc, gets dumped in your water supply (runoff, etc).

  8. It is abundantly clear that our food and water supplies are being deliberately contaminated, reducing IQ and the birth rate seem to be common goals as does inducing chronic and very profitable illness. If we combine this with the stated goal of many of the so called elites ie to reduce the human population it should be a matter for the utmost concern. Slow motion genocide !

    A rancher might round up his cattle before sending them to slaughter.

    Glyphosate – “Roundup” from MonSatan

    A wild animal might be tamed in order to domesticate it.

    AsparTAME / NeoTAME

    Excitotoxins, GMO, Fluoride, Heavy metals, Vaccines, Depleted Uranium, Benzine

    • Great observation. The names they give to these poisons are inyerface for anyone with eyes to see.
      We are all ‘Roundup-Ready’ now.

  9. A friend of mine went to see a Doctor due to gallbladder Cancer he must have been thinking aloud when he said” Hmm this is the 9th person that has been sent to me in the past 3 months with gallbladder Cancer” We live in a Town with a Population of 35K This should say it all~

    • I live in Scotland in a wee town of about 30000 which is 19 miles from an decommissioned nuclear plant. I’m 44 and have bowel cancer. my town has a self contained unit in Edinburgh cancer hospital just for Dumfries they get so many cases. Coincidence? ?

  10. Dr. B.,
    The war against the people by the coporate-zionist-government is the best kept secret in modern times. One of the reasons for this is the absolute refusal by most of those targeted, to realize that they are targeted.
    It really is so much easier to accept the propaganda. One need never question, or for that matter develop any original thought.
    The scope of this war is as wide as the reach of the corporate-zionist-government. Food certainly is an important part of the campaign. We should keep things within a historical perspective, as well. Millions of dollars were harvested through the shipping of rancid meat to the Union troops during the civil war. Any casualties caused by such “food” were deemed far less important than the profits of well situated crooks.
    We had a repeat of this during the Spanish-American war, where corporate “food” producers literally had the floors of their slaughter houses swept into the cans of “food” they shipped to the troops. This caused “Teddy” Roosevelt to implement food safety legislation. The list goes on, and on, and on.
    The corporate-zionist-government, the c-z-g, has always viewed basic decency as optional. Ohbummer is just continuing the tradition.
    Hopefully people are starting to realize a couple things.
    Pretty speeches by sell out spineless politicians, their media circus, and their prostitutes, don’t deserve any of your time, and…
    Second, that their mere existence means they are a target, no matter how much they fall in line, and often enough, because of it.

  11. Laziness and apathy, desire for cheap food. Too many corporate farms concerned with market share. Too many Americans want a life of total entertainment and if it tastes good and can be cooked quick and easy, they eat it and are happy. It does seem like they want our life span shortened. The closer they get to their precious “singularity,” the more artificial they want everything to be.

  12. Good article. The answer is yes. They want many of us out of their way. There are too many of us anyway, and we are only necessary for their wars, and dirty work. Other than that, we have no Constitution anymore. We have no rights, no purpose. We are the common folk who do nothing but consume products…We are as unimportant as flatulence. Oblunder is not oiur friend, nor is he out for what is best for America or its citizens. We merely pay his salary, provide his benefits, and let him live in our White House. We are nothing to them so killing a few of us will mean nothing to him or his cabinet. Anyone who thinks he cares is living in la-la land. Good article though, thanks!

  13. Your title just about says it all Dr. If not kill then at least incapacitate and they are clearly succeeding. The vast majority of Americans are fat and stupid, to fat and stupid to do anything about it even if they should ever take an inclination too.

  14. An excellent article, and I agree with the recommendations at the end.

    I grew up on a mixed farm, and we raised our own livestock, no antibiotics, hormones, or other weird things. Not only is the meat healthier, it tastes much better. It is simply impossible to buy pork at the supermarkets, that comes anywhere close to the fabulous taste of the pork from our farm. Other meats are disappointing too, but the pork is where there is a massive difference, IMHO. So try a CSA today, for better-tasting food.

  15. Correction….we do NOT have “elected” leaders….we have SELECTED puppets.

    We live in an Orwellian false paradigm reality bounded by faux science, fake history, filtered news and financed by a fiat currency. Most “unintended consequences” are in fact known and FULLY intended. It is time to end the rule of the feudalist bankers, aka the Demonic Warlords. Demand a Modern Magna Carta and solitary confinement for the robber baron elites.

    • What a fantastic comment fauxscienceslayer. So, so true. And, Dr. Bramhall, I hope this person answered your question (hopefully rhetorical). They ARE trying to kill us and it’s about time we were honest with ourselves about this.
      Fortunately, knowledge counteracts the poison. It is possible to educate yourself, avoid the tainted meats and veggies and also the antibiotics, which we shouldn’t need or consume anyway. There are literally dozens of natural plants and minerals that are far better antibiotics than what western pharmaceuticals come up with.
      Great editorial Dr. Bramhall.

    • yup, it’s been known for centuries, large quantities of garlic eaten regularly is a great antiviral. just saw it again last week at the LiveStrong site (Lance Armstrong is trying to help people I think). also mentioned was red cedar oil, goldenseal, teatree oil, and other healthier alternatives to antibiotics.

    • agreed, their agenda is genocide too. instead of mounting an international effort to help Japan contain the (deliberate!) Fukushima disaster, bungholio-bama came out with “I GOT HIM!” and “LETS BOMB LIBYA!” to distract the majority of people away from the facts about his fake birth certificate, for starters.
      their hegellian dialect tactics, very criminal!

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