11 examples of Illuminati numerology

Image from Simpsons Series 9, Episode 1 (aired 9/21/1997)
Image from Simpsons Series 9, Episode 1 (aired 9/21/1997)
Image from Simpsons Series 9, Episode 1 (aired 9/21/1997)

Today is New Year’s Day. Numerically, it’s 1/1.


So what, you say.

So it’s an auspicious day to talk about the Illuminati’s penchant for the number 11.

I was introduced to Illuminati numerology by Captain Eric May, the Army Intelligence Analyst turned mainstream op-ed writer. I helped convince Captain May to come out publicly for 9/11 truth in 2005, and published his “coming out article” at MUJCA.com. Needless to say, that ended his career writing op-eds for NBC News.

When Captain May first told me it was no accident the Illuminati picked September ELEVENTH for their big human sacrifice, I thought he was out of his mind. He pointed out: “There are 911 days between 9/11 (2001) and 3/11 (the Madrid bombings), a notable fact, made all the more notable by the fact that 9/11 and 3/11 are numerically connected in another way:  the first numeric digits.  9 is the square of 3, as 3 is the square root of 9.”

It sounded like the John Nash character in “A Beautiful Mind.” Captain May explained that the Illuminati had put out “A Beautiful Mind” in 2001 as a pre-emptive strike against people like him who might figure out their 9/11 codes.

Was Captain May crazy, a genius…or both, like John Nash?

When Captain May came down with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) not long after taking on the “Synagogue of Satan” I took it as an indication that he might be on to something.

Then I started looking seriously at the evidence that 9/11 was a human sacrifice, and that the perpetrators were linked to freemasonry – which apparently rules Washington DC in reality, not just in Dan Brown’s imagination. I spoke with William Ramsey, author of a book arguing that the 9/11 perps were disciples of Aleister Crowley. I spoke with ex-Illuminati whistleblower Michael Adair and anti-Illuminati info-activist Henry Makow. And I did several interviews with Christopher Bollyn, who argues that the Jewish-Zionist freemasons of B’nai B’rith are the biggest force in freemasonry…and the logical suspects in the 9/11 coup d’état, a shock-and-awe operation that consolidated power over both the US government and the world of freemasonry. (The spectacular demolitions of Jachim and Boaz were obviously a message to masons everywhere signifying a hostile takeover of The Craft.)

In the end, I had to admit that Captain May was right: The Synagogue of Satan that carried out 9/11 seems to have an affinity for the number 11.

So in honor of 1/1, here are 11 cases of Illuminati numerology.

1. The New World Order banksters introduced the Euro on 1/1 of 1999. Note that the digits “999” are not just “666” upside down, they also contain “99” which is a multiple of 11…and not just any multiple!  1/1/1999 does seem to bear an uncanny resemblance to 9/11, which a few years later became the biggest, most emotionally powerful numeric symbol in human history.

2. On 1/1/1999 the Euro was introduced in exactly 11 countries.

3. As mentioned earlier, the Twin Towers were obviously the Twin Pillars of Jachim and Boaz, the primordial symbols of freemasonry…which together formed a gigantic number 11.  This is probably the main source of Illuminati fascination with 11.

4. Since in the decimal system 10 represents transcendence (i.e. God), 11 one-ups transcendence. In other words, it fancies itself better than God. Hence the Satanic fascination with “going to 11.”

[youtube 4xgx4k83zzc]

5. The 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami – supposedly “the deadliest tsnunami ever” – occurred on 12/26.   1+2+2+6 = 11.  An apparent NWO website offers “11 Facts About the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami.” Was this really a natural event? Or can seabed nukes and/or HAARP-style technologies trigger earthquakes and tsunamis?

6. Though the 2004 tsunamFukushima_1-320x246i killed 350,000, another unnatural-looking tsunami will eventually kill millions. That, of course, would be the “Fukushima tsunami” of 3/11/11. This date not only has two big fat juicy elevens, it also bears an uncanny relationship with 9/11 and the subsequent 3/11 Madrid follow-up.  If you add up all the digits in 3/11/2011 you get “9”, and if you write the date in international style (11/3/2011) you get 11 3squared 11. Recall that in December 2010 the NWO banksters allegedly threatened to use an “earthquake weapon” on Japan if it didn’t hand them its Postal Bank, the biggest savings bank in the world. Was Fukushima the result of an undersea Israeli nuke plus stuxnet-style sabotage?

7. The phony “killing of Osama Bin Laden” occurred on 5/2/2011. Those digits add up to – what else – 11. And if you add them in order, you get: 5 + 2 +2 = nine; then you add the final two ones which form “11” and take you to eleven.

8. Which reminds us that the aforementioned Madrid bombings, the follow-up to 9/11, occurred on 3/11/2004…a date with a big juicy 11 in the middle, a date which falls exactly 911 days after 9/11.  If we add up the digits of 3/11/2004 we get – what else – 11. And if we write the date in the international style as 11/3/2004 we note that the numbers following the initial 11 add up to 9…sort of like the “Bin Laden killing” date in reverse. What’s more, the official death total (peddled by the Zionist media) was 191 – two ones and a nine, which added together make 11.

9. The World Trade Center took 11 years to construct; and not only did two of its built-for-demolition skyscrapers form a gigantic 11 (and rise to 110 stories), the third skyscraper had 47 stories (4 + 7 = 11).

10. Construction began on the Pentagon on 9/11/1941 – exactly sixty years to the day before the big human sacrifice. Note that “Pentagon” (pentagram) is the #2 satanic/freemasonic symbol after the Twin Towers, I mean the Twin Pillars, of Jachim and Boaz. No freemason beyond the .0001th degree could possibly hear about an attack on the Twin Pillars and the Pentagram without getting the message. Note that a plane/missile describing a slightly curving flight path into a pentagram looks like a 9, just as the Twin Pillars form an 11.

11. Finally, as all Veterans Today readers know, Veterans day is 11/11, commemorating the eleventh hour on the eleventh day on the eleventh month of 1918 when the New World Order in general, and the Zionist occupation of the Holy Land in particular, began to arise from the ashes of European civilization.


“…I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.” —Revelation 2:9 (2 + 9 = 11)




  1. Wake up and know who created Tabulas like the Smaragdina and others to talk about the world. Or stay on sleeping.

  2. Hi All,
    To see Babylonian numbers magic at work look no further than the news update today about the Target credit card hack. They (worshipers of Mammon/Illuminati) reported that 70 million new accounts had been affected making it “up to” 110 million people affected. By using the magic/prime numbers 7-11 they reinforce an attack on the US economy via consumer confidence and the #2 retailer takes a big hit. Who benefits? (Hint) Their logo is a stylized 6-pointed star.

    • Greetings zephyr05. Can you see the comments directly following the article when I post using the Facebook social plug-in? or do only people who are on Facebook with a social plug-in see them? It seems there are two sets of comments beneath the articles on VT. The top ones are attached to Facebook, and the others are embedded in the site.

      I wrote the following, which syncs exactly with the 70 million / 110 million i.e. 7/11 reference that you picked up on:

      Did you notice that Target was in the news again about another 70 million previously undisclosed customers credit card info was breached? Target is headquartered in Minneapolis. Today is 1/10/2014, or 7/11 backwards. Another 7/11 Minneapolis reference.

  3. Today marks the anniversary of the Tucson shooting, involving Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. 1/08/11 makes 9/11, the North American emergency call number. The digits also total 11, as does 9/11. The full date, 1/08/2011, totals 1/12, the emergency call number in Europe and 80 countries. Obama led a nationally-televised memorial service on January 12, 2011, which is 112 forwards and backwards 112/211, sort of a palindrome. 1/08/2011 also makes 11/11. 1/12/2011, the date of the memorial, makes 13/13, and if you drop the superfluous zero, 11/22/11, another palindrome of the date of the anniversary of the assassination of Kennedy. This shooting is also connected to the Phoenix and 4/20. It took place in front of the Safeway at Oracle Rd, in Casa Adobes. Oracle Rd was chosen as the setting to subliminally indicate that this is a prophecy or “oracle” of something much greater. In the same parking lot, just a couple hundred feet away, stands the Chinese Phoenix restaurant. The media made a point of highlighting Jared Lee Loughner’s marijuana use, including his rejection from the military on these grounds. One of the deadliest earthquakes of 2013, a 7.0M on April 20, with more than 200 dead and 12,000 injured, was in Sichuan province, China, 72 miles from Chengdu, the provincial capital. Chengdu is a sister city to Phoenix, Arizona. Foreknowledge of this HAARP attack was subliminally embedded in the Tom Cruise film, Jack Reacher, and also is hidden in Iron Man 3.

  4. , For those involved in 9/11, it might be of accomplishment significance the numerology- kabbalah based established date but, as it had to have a meaning for the “profane” ones,so it was set to recall the familiar EMERGENCY number to which most americans are used to and to pave the way for the “emergency” Patriotic Act and alike rules to make a suspect of anyone before he can prove he´s innocent.
    It´s amazing to see how much ignorance exists around MASONRY, the one and only US political party, and since early times the best jewish tool to control politics, economy, military, justice and even evangelical preachers, ministers and bishops. Behind the apparently innocent facade of “temples”, secrecy and obedience, is the place where some gentiles betray the most by the “thirty coins” of position and fame by servicing jewish devious talmudic designs. Fact proven, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion should be a must read for any scholar on jewish power and purposes and the important role Masonry plays in accomplishing the set goals. From the bottom and regularly seen B´nai Brith to the top and seldom known B´nai Zion, judaism core has a masonic structure, the gentile “crafts” just provide the lower ranks and troops to attain the jewish NWO. Your local lodge it´s the NSA working at neighborhood level, collecting data on sympathetic, reluctant or refractory people, very much alike the former NKVD of soviet times. All data it´s sent to central lodges and to Israel.

  5. It is not a coincidence that Hollywood came out with a film called “Frozen” about six weeks before they froze nearly the entire country. It premiered on 11/19 (9/11/1 backwards) at the El Capitan theater. 11/19/2013 totals 12/24 (Christmas Eve).

    Notice the setting is Christmas Eve in the latest Iron Man 3, when the terror and assassination attempt on the President takes place. About 25 minutes into the film, (notice all the Christmas lights, trees, decorations everywhere), there is a man who explodes, and then rises from the ashes (phoenix imagery). Notice this occurs right across from the El Capitan theater. Likewise for the fight scene between Charlize Theron (birthdate 07/08/1975 totals 12/25 backwards) and Will Smith in Hancock–right in front of the El Capitan theater.

    This storm which is blanketing most of the U.S. with extreme temperatures and is battering Wales and the U.K with storm surges/flooding is called “Winter Storm Hercules”. Not a coincidence either, as a film called “The Legend of Hercules” is coming out in three days. Kellan Lutz stars as Hercules, and he graduated High School in the Paradise Valley Unified School District, near Phoenix. John Mayer released an album called “Paradise Valley” a few months back. Be sure and take note whenever you see references to “Paradise,” “Nike,” “Victory,” “Victor,” “Victoria,” “Vicky,” etc.

    • Hi Cyprian,

      The prefix of EL in El Capitan is significant as in Elohim. This indicates the Annunaki. Yahweh or the Israeli’s God is Enlil. Adonai of the Bible is Enki. What we are all witnessing is a global Game of Thrones in which the continual vying for position in the Sinai is really about the ancient Heaven-Earth-“Bond or control station for their space port. Jerusalem sits on an electromagnetic hot spot or navel of the earth and what the Illuminati factions are fighting about is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius in which a descendent of Enki will assume rulership for 26,500 years. Some believe it is Marduk, but he fell out of favor with Enki. All of the elites carry the bloodline through inbreeding of these families and who will inherit the throne is at play. The European Nobility and most of our presidents are all related back to Constantine. The Israeli’s were just a useful subset of humanity who were well educated and enslaved. That is why they were chosen by Enlil. What kind of all powerful deity has to wander around in the desert for 40 years trying to find a homeland for his people?

    • Etymologically, “el” in words like Gabriel (Gabri-el) and Michael (Micha-el) does have reference to God, as does “el” in Elohim, but the definite article “el” in Spanish (el capitan, el nino, etc.) does not.

  6. Greetings Tyron, and all.

    You asked about other dates. The article we’ve been commenting on was posted on 1/1/2014, and Mr. Barrett treats the 1/1 as an 11. All year, 2014 will total 7, you have 7/11 backwards. Why is this significant? A building was blown up in Minneapolis on 1/1/2014, or 7/11 backwards. Do you recall the I-35W Mississippi River bridge collapse in Minneapolis, which killed 13, injuring 145? That was on 8/01/2007, or 7/11 backwards. I presume you heard about the Target credit card breach last month. The 2014 All-Star game is scheduled to be played at Target Field, in Minneapolis, on 7/15/14, which totals 7/11. Time fails to get into all the subliminal 7-Eleven references in films, such as the recent Man of Steel (2013), or Terminator: Salvation (2009), to mention another.

  7. Hi All,

    The number 11 is a Prime Number, or “Magic Number” in Babylonian/Annunaki science. Prime numbers are important because they are only divisible by themselves and represent repeated themes in the standing quantum wave that is our galaxy. Where the Illuminati are using this “magic” daily is in the newscasts where the number of victims is a multiple of 11. They say things like “up to 22 people” or “at least 33 victims” on a regular basis. The news crawlers and these broadcasts are attempting to get many people thinking the same thing at the same time to superimpose a human generated standing wave over what is “reality”. We as a global gestalt have the ability to affect reality as demonstrated by the Heisenberg principle and the experiments done by the Noetic society. The Noetic Society has many random number generators dispersed around the world and on 911 the global psychic shock affected probability. This is what they are attempting to do with “numbers magic” and why they use events like the upcoming Olympics and Superbowl to generate group mind alterations to reality. That is the physics of their “magic” and they are attempting to alter probability and shape the future. Incidently the Masons came from the Egyptian architects that were trained by Enki and Ningishzida his son, who were Annunaki. All the mystery schools have been infiltrated/ corrupted like the NSA by followers of Mammon/Moloch, who is either Enki’s wayward son, Marduk or followers of Enlil IMHO.

  8. London 7/7 was in 2005. 2+0+0+5 = 7. So London 7/7/7. This is connected to Tavistock Square and the double-decker bus explosion. The bus was a Dennis Trident 2, and the Trident II, is a submarine-launched ballistic missile, built by Lockheed Martin Space Systems in Sunnyvale, California. Sunnyvale means “valley of the sun.” Phoenix is the “valley of the sun”. Sunnyvale is the location of the computer system Protovision where Matthew Broderick (3/21/62 = 3/11) hacked into to play games with “Joshua” simulating nuclear war in film called Wargames from 1983. Notice the brochure for Protovision says: “You will have to wait until next Christmas…” I digress.

    Centrally located in Tavistock Square is a statue to Mahatma Gandhi, who started the Phoenix Settlement in South Africa (will have to delve into this some other time).

    A cherry tree was planted in the gardens in 1967 in memory of the victims of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima. I think you can see where I am going with this. London/Gandhi/India/Phoenix/Nuke.

    Hiroshima Memorial Plaque was dedicated on 06/08/1967, which makes 4/19/14.

    One of the trains bombed on 7/7/7 was 204 (420 backwards). Another was number 311.

    9/11/2001 + 3/11/2011 makes 4/19 (Patriots’ Day) backwards. Start counting the digits from right to left, backwards. 2011 makes 4, the rest total 19.

    • So what other American cities are phoenix cities (besides SF, Atlanta, Portland/ME, Phoenix/AZ)? Where can I find the list of the phoenix cities?

    • Greetings coffeelover!

      In Phoenixville, PA they hold an annual burning in effigy of a phoenix/firebird.

      Phoenix is a village in Cook County, Illinois, and the seal of the University of Chicago, bears a phoenix, its official mascot.

      Phineas the Phoenix is also the mascot of Swarthmore College, (11 miles southwest of Philadelphia)

      Phenix City, AL
      Phenix, VA
      Phoenix, Jackson County, Oregon
      Phoenix Saratoga Township, Holt County, NE
      Phoenix is an unincorporated community Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana.
      Phoenix is an unincorporated community located in Baltimore County, Maryland. (Nuke detonated at football game in Baltimore in the Ben Affleck movie Sum of All Fears)
      Phoenix is an unincorporated community in Keweenaw County, Michigan.
      Phoenix is a village in Oswego County, New York, about 15 mi north of Syracuse

      If anyone has more to add to this list, please do!

    • Absolutely fascinating – here is some more wood for the fire (pun intended):

      1. All of these dots seem to connect more that 3 dimensionally; ****http://carl-jung.net/synchronicity.html .

      2. Another Tavistock connection; ****http://educate-yourself.org/nwo/nwotavistockbestkeptsecret.shtml .

      3. Heliopolis also rings a bell; ****http://heliofant.com/ .

      WHO ARE YOU Mr. Crawford?

  9. ALL four of the 9/11 flight numbers were chosen, as combinations of 11 or 13.
    AA #11 is obvious. AA #77 is 11×7, also obvious.
    The UA flight numbers are only slightly less obvious, as examples of 13.
    UA #175; 1+7+5 = 13. UA #93; 93 flips to 39 (13×3).

    Also, The official numbers for crew, passengers, and hijackers add up to 9, 11, or 13.
    I’ve used the numbers from the wikipedia page for the Sept. 11 attacks.
    AA #11 had 11 crew. 76 passengers + 5 hijackers = 81 (9×9). Put together, this is 9/11.
    AA #77 had 6 crew + 5 hijackers = 11. +53 passengers = 64 (8×8 this time, a clever form of 88).
    UA #93 had 7 crew + 4 hijackers = 11. There were 33 passengers (11×3).
    UA 175 had 9 crew, 51 passengers, 5 hijackers. Only the 9 crew seems to be a meaningful number.

    • I should have added that the above is my analysis. I didn’t get it from anyone else. And it’s a small sample of the other weird numerology of that day. Dr. Barrett has already explained the significance of the Twin Towers as 11. I will add to that, that the number 7 is also a favored Masonic number. Is that one of the reasons WTC #7 was chosen to be destroyed too?

    • London 7/7 was in 2005. 2+0+0+5 = 7. So London 7/7/7. This is connected to Tavistock Square and the double-decker bus explosion. The bus was a Dennis Trident 2, and the Trident II, is a submarine-launched ballistic missile, built by Lockheed Martin Space Systems in Sunnyvale, California. Sunnyvale means “valley of the sun.” Phoenix is the “valley of the sun”. Sunnyvale is the location of the computer system Protovision where Matthew Broderick (3/21/62 = 3/11) hacked into to play games with “Joshua” simulating nuclear war in film called Wargames from 1983. Notice the brochure for Protovision says: “You will have to wait until next Christmas…” I digress.

      Centrally located in Tavistock Square is a statue to Mahatma Gandhi, who started the Phoenix Settlement in South Africa (will have to delve into this some other time).

      A cherry tree was planted in the gardens in 1967 in memory of the victims of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima. I think you can see where I am going with this. London/Gandhi/India/Phoenix/Nuke.

      Hiroshima Memorial Plaque was dedicated on 06.08.1967, which makes 4/19/14.

      One of the trains bombed on 7/7/7 was 204 (420 backwards). Another was number 311.

      9/11/2001 + 3/11/2011 makes 4/19 (Patriots’ Day) backwards. Start counting the digits from right to left, backwards. 2011 makes 4, the rest total 19.

    • You wrote:
      UA #93 had 7 crew + 4 hijackers = 11. There were 33 passengers (11×3).
      UA 175 had 9 crew, 51 passengers, 5 hijackers. Only the 9 crew seems to be a meaningful number.

      I write:
      UA 93 7 crew + 4 hijackers = 11 / 33 passengers: 3 x 3 = 9. There is your 9/11
      UA 175: 9 crew / 51 passengers, 5 hijackers. 5+1+5 = 11. There is your 9/11


  10. From a comment:
    — 4/15/13 totals 4/19
    — 10/21/1986 makes 4/19/14

    I can not see how this is calculated. Can anyone explain it to me?

    • It is also Hitler’s birthday, though sometimes it is said to be April 20.

      It is also Waco and Oklahoma City

    • April 19 is Patriot’s Day, and April 20 is Hitler’s birthday. Some twisted groups of people celebrate both.

    • 4/15/13: take the 4, and then add 15+1+3 = 19. Sometimes (because it’s convenient), they join numbers together rather than adding them. For example 9/11/2001 makes 4/19 backwards because the 2+0+0+1 makes 3, added to the 1 to the left of that, making 4, leaving you with a 19, which is left alone and not totaled to make 10. I know it’s not precise, but it just goes to show how foolish and contrived their whole occult system is in the first place.

      Similarly, when I showed that the four flight numbers on 9/11 make a consecutive string of 11, 12 (93 = 9+3), (175 = 1+7+5) 13, and (77 = 7+7) 14, notice I did not add the two digits of flight 11 to make 2. Leaving flight 11 as 11, and not combining the digits to make 2, is not only convenient (for them), but it also leaves the 11 to represent the twin towers, i.e. the columns (pillars) of Hercules. Flight 11 was the first flight said to have struck the North Tower. Recall that the “phoenix,” Paul Walker, was said to have died in a fiery car crash on 11/30/2013, (i.e. 3/11 and 4/20/14 backwards) on Hercules street.

    • The ATF “Fast and Furious” gun-running program in the Obama administration began in Phoenix, AZ and Tucson.

      ATF gunwalking scandal

      Paul Walker is the star of “The Fast and the Furious” film series. His character in the films, Brian O’Connor, is from Tucson, Arizona. There are phoenix references planted throughout the film series.

      Paul Walker produced and acted in the demonic film Pawn Shop Chronicles, released 7/12/13 (totals 3/11 and 4/19 backwards). The opening scene of the film curiously focuses on a Santa statue outside the Pawn Shop. The film also ends focusing on the Santa. Subliminal phoenix references hidden throughout the entire film.

      Towards the beginning of this film, Paul Walker’s meth-addict character is sitting on the hood of his Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am, (on top of the decal of the phoenix, i.e. firebird) in the blazing sun, and high, he hallucinates, while the overhead camera shot from above shows the car hood with the phoenix/firebird bird catching fire with flames spontaneously combusting. Paul Walker’s character in this scene is wearing a Styx: Paradise Theater t-shirt. Paradise Valley is a wealthy suburb of Phoenix. Mike Tyson lives there. A handful of months ago the media reported that Mike Tyson said he is dying. More phoenix psychological programming.

      Phoenix is dubbed the “Valley of the Sun”. Heliopolis, is Greek for “city of the sun,” located near modern-day Cairo, Egypt.

    • Ra is the ancient sun god of the Egyptians, associated with the phoenix bird of Arabia.

      Atop the Capitol building in Phoenix, AZ is a weather vane statue of Nike, the goddess of Victory. Paradise, Nevada is where the Las Vegas strip is located. Just outside Caesar’s Palace is a replica of Winged Nike (Victory) of Samothrace, the famous 2nd century B.C. statue of the goddess of victory, which is housed in the Louvre, Paris. See the end of the film Da Vinci Code, with the glass pyramid.

      There was a Christmas Eve (Gregorian calendar) bombing in Mansoura, Egypt, and mansoura means “victorious” in Arabic. Always pay attention to the words “victory” and “paradise” or the name “Victoria” in media reports and in films, TV shows, etc. The media reports a civil war and thousands dying in the region of Sudan around (Western) Christmas, and the motto of Sudan is: “Victory is ours”.

      On 11/30/2013 which makes 4/20/14 (Easter) backwards, and 11/30 is also 3/11 backwards, Paul Walker allegedly dies in fiery car crash in a Porsche 911 Carrera GT, on Hercules street in Valencia, Santa Clarita. Valencia is where the nuclear bomb is detonated in season six of the popular TV series 24, starring Kiefer Sutherland. 9/11 was a Fire ritual, and 3/11 was a Water ritual. Combine the fire and water triangles of alchemy, and you get the hexagram of Zionism. The twin towers on 9/11 represent the twin columns or pillars of Hercules.

    • There is a reason why the Opening Ceremonies of the London 2012 games were scheduled for 27/7/2012, because that was the 16th anniversary of the Centennial Olympic Park bombing, during the 1996 Atlanta summer games, and Atlanta is a phoenix city. They say Eric Rudolph was the perpetrator. “Rudolph” the red-nosed reindeer…

      The seal of Atlanta contains a phoenix, with the motto “Resurgens,” which is Latin for “rising again.” There is the “Atlanta From the Ashes” monument in Woodruff Park, the Atlanta Phoenix women’s football team, as well as Phoenix Park next to where the Atlanta Braves play baseball. The crowd at Atlanta Falcons football games chants “rise up” at the start of every game. Atlanta resides on the 33rd parallel, as does Phoenix, AZ.

      During the Civil War, Union General Sherman ordered his troops to burn Atlanta to the ground. There is a monument in New York City’s Central Park, an equestrian statue of Sherman, led by the goddess of Victory, Nike.

      The Sochi Olympic Torch is the Russian firebird (phoenix). The stadium they are building to host the Olympic Ceremonies is patterned after the famous Fabergé egg. The Fabergé eggs were notable gifts from the Russian Tsars on Pascha (Easter).

      The Sochi games Opening Ceremonies are scheduled to begin on 7 February 2014, i.e. 7/2/14, which makes 4/19 (4/12+7) backwards, and are scheduled to conclude on 23 Feb 2014. 23/2/2014, which makes 4/19 backwards. (4/10+2+2+3+2)

    • The “Perfect Storm” Halloween Nor’Easter of 10/31/91 totals 4/20. On 12/26/2010, the sixth anniversary of the Indian Ocean Boxing Day tsunami, another Nor’Easter blizzard hit the East Coast. 12/26/2010 totals 3/11, the date of the Japanese Tōhoku tsunami ten weeks later. Tōhoku means “Northeast” in Japanese. Nor’Easter/Northeast. Note that the word Nor’Easter contains the word “Easter” in it. Easter falls on April 20 in 2014. This latest Nor’Easter hit the New England area on 01/03/2014, which when you add the 1 and 3, makes 4/20/14.

    • Yes, and 10/21/1986 also makes 12/25. Natalee Holloway is said to have the same birthdate as Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Natalee (Natalie) means “born on Christmas”. Remember the media reports that Beth Holloway, Natalee’s mother, was said to be dating Jon Ramsey, the father of JonBenét Ramsey? Interesting connection, since JonBenét, from Atlanta (phoenix city) was said to be ritually sacrificed on Christmas in Boulder, CO.

  11. I’ve always wondered why they call “prime numbers” prime. Is it short for primal? Maybe primeval? (prime-evil?) These primitive primates do have a thing about “primeval” numbers and their squares, like 9. No offense to monkeys intended.

  12. Some supplementary reading –

    I stumbled upon the late Rik Clay while doing my own research a couple of years ago. The section at the middle of the page about the “symbology of the number 11” corroborates Dr. Barrets article:


    Some people believe that Rik managed to foil an Illuminati attack at the 2012 London Olympics by going public with his information before the plan could be effected.

    Also, “Grace Powers” has some related insights regarding Freemasonry and the Illuminati:


    I find it interesting that these “Illuminati” are apparently bound by rules – might be advantageous to find out what they are.

    • The Nazi was invented after the Sozi (Sozi for Social Democrat and Sozis for Social Democrats), and it was easy inventing the harsh sounding Nazi, just by imitating the word Sozi.

      In the south of Germany there is also the Bazi, meaning scoundrel, and Spezi, meaning buddy.

  13. So, now that you’ve figured this out, can we figure what is coming next? As far as numerology goes, the illuminati is a big fat “0” to me. They remain hidden, cowering in the darkest corner of their closets, and refuse to show their faces in daylight. How can we defend ourselves against such cowardice behavior? I would comment but am to challenged after reading all these comments. Great article by author and comments by others. Keeping the NSA busy that’s for sure. Read it and weep NSA!!

  14. Tyron it is not just programming “THEY” are doing it is a SOFT WARE PROGRAMMING they are running. A soft ware program run through our CONSCIOUSNESS and through the transcription codes of HUMAN DNA to control this holographic illusion we experience. “THEY” can accomplish nothing unless we are unaware of what they are doing. Why was the number 9-11 seen over and over again before it actually happened because they were running a software program [ based on the number 9-11 ] through our consciousness and d.n.a to choose a desired outcome within the multi verse, an outcome that benefits “them” over humanity and the geometry found in Washington D.C. is the D.N.A based quantum “computer” for calculating the desired end result. There is a lot of higher dimensional physics within scripture. To my understanding Christ is the ultimate physics teacher!

  15. L.O.L: These go to eleven! I know one thing that does not go to eleven! George Bush’s I.Q. THAT……… only goes to nine!

  16. #4 on the list… In the Decimal system, 10 represents transcendence, and 11 goes beyond transcendence. Very good point. But the Babylonian’s Duodecimal (base-12) system measures much of our lives. Converting from that system to decimal, 12 is perfection, and 13 is beyond perfection. This is likely the original basis for the obsession with 13, although there are also other reasons why they like 13.

    Time has 12 hours on the clock. Length: 1 foot = 12 inches. Angles: a circle has 360 degrees. Eggs and other food items are sold by the dozen, or by the gross (144, or 12 squared).

    “Historically, units of time in many civilizations are duodecimal. There are twelve signs of the zodiac, twelve months in a year, and the Babylonians had twelve hours in a day (although at some point this was changed to 24). Traditional Chinese calendars, clocks, and compasses are based on the twelve Earthly Branches. There are 12 inches in an imperial foot, 12 ounces in a troy pound, 12 old British pence in a shilling, 24 (12×2) hours in a day, and many other items counted by the dozen, gross (144, square of 12) or great gross (1728, cube of 12). The Romans used a fraction system based on 12, including the uncia which became both the English words ounce and inch.”

    • Don’t you know that the French Revolution wanted to change that? The day should become 10 hours.

    • Dare I mention some religious loonies who think that when the rapture comes, only 144,000 of their number will be saved? The 144 is a dead giveaway that these people are stuck back in ancient Babylon, when 12 was perfect and 12 squared was superperfect. They should at least change the number of saved to 12 cubed.

  17. Flight 11 crashed into one of the twin towers.

    From Wikipedia: The 11 July 2006 Mumbai train bombings were a series of seven bomb blasts that took place over a period of 11 minutes on the Suburban Railway in Mumbai, the capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra and the nation’s financial capital.


    • The blast took place on 7/11 with 7 bomb blasts over 11 minutes. I don’t think the Amish did it, perhaps satanic Mossad members and their pals in RAW.

    • Jewish people associated with the Simpsons highly likely knew the Mossad had the task of doing 911 but they might also have been told or hypothesized satanic Jewish Freemasons gave approval; notice in the image from the Simpsons shown in this article, the notorious triangle made by a piece of Lisa’s hair and it’s situated over the letter O symbolic of the all seeing eye, yes indeed another freemason symbolic pyramid with an all seeing eye.

    • Look at the New Years page of Google to see that they more and more like to go into the open to show their supposed power.

      A nice background pyramid and a rotating globe as a capstone symbol.

      Personally, I’m not impressed anymore about all this bullshit. And I’m not willing to focus my thoughts on future events, I’m focussed more and more on the facts as they come out at increasing rates. Beeing focussed on these event, which didn’t happen yet, seems to be a kind of magical distraction.

      People need education, knowledge and the will to change things to the better, not beeing afraid of things to come. This makes them feel overwhelmed by the “supposed power” of those evil forces, not a good beginning.

      I’m also strongly convinced that the real purpose of those many internet sites, mainly involved only in deciffering numerological magic events, is to distract it’s readers from getting involved. For me, it’s simply a side effect of the completely deranged way of thinking, those circles adhere to.

    • Another great article, really hardcore, by Chris Spivey:


      Here is one for you numerologists to work out.

      On the seventh day of the week (arguably), on the seventh day of the seventh month, Andy Murray is the first British male in seventy seven years to win Wimbledon.

      In doing so he broke Novak Djokovic’s serve in the seventh game of every set.

      The last British female to win Wimbledon was Virginia Wade who swept to victory in 1977.

      Course, the 7th of July is also the anniversary of the London 7/7 bombings although that fact went largely unmentioned.

      On that day The first bomb exploded on a 6-car London Underground C69 and C77 Stock Circle line sub-surface train, number 204, travelling eastbound between Liverpool Street and Aldgate.

      The bus bombing in Russell Square brought the total of bombs detonated that day to seven.


  18. I must say that I normally find what Kevin Barrett writes to be informative and helpful. In this case, I am afraid Mr. Barrett has had a nasty bump on the head. What’s next? Astrology? Reptilians?

    • That’s what I originally thought about Captain May’s excursions into numerology. But if you read this article carefully, “do the math,” follow my links, and research such things as the Twin Pillars and the Pentagram in freemasonry, you’ll realize that while a few of the eleven examples I cite might be written off as coincidence, there really does appear to be a meaningful pattern – and the best explanation is that the perps are speaking to each other in code and “marking their territory” like taggers do with their graffiti. Maybe one reason they do it is that it makes those of us who notice it, and speak about it, look as crazy as John Nash’s character in A Beautiful Mind.

    • LOL, that is quite the theory you have there. You might well be right. It could be a conspiracy to make you look loco! LOL

    • Theory take a look at our capital (ours not yours in תֵּל־אָבִיב although Rense tells me you have plenty of masonic monuments all over Israel. yea he ratted you) If you need any guidance check my pieces especially part 6 I’m sure its your rabbis favorite. One day VT will let me finish the job on you people because as you and I know there will never be any peace!

    • The punchline is that if you try to dismiss this material as “just coincidence,” you look even crazier! So maybe it’s a conspiracy to make the conspiracy theorists look crazy, and the anti-conspiracy theorists look even crazier.

    • Hmmm, I wonder if those claiming Al Gore’s election was stolen are also loco, or, if the Watergate scandal hadn’t been proven, all those talking about a Watergate scandal, too. Another example: there are people today who still believe that the French Bastille was stormed, calling those loco who show the opposite.

  19. The Popes Palace [Pope from Latin papa, literally “father”, Matthew 23:9] is built on Vatican Hill, an old grave yard called a necropolis.
    ‘Vatican Hill’ in english gematria = 666 as does ‘New York’, the home of the Jewish owned United Nations. [Jeremiah 51:42-44] [ a = 6; b = 12; c = 18 and so on]
    Vatican Hill in Jewish gematria =911 , in simple gematria =111
    Revelation 13:18, “Here is wisdom. The one having reason let him count the number of the brutish man for belonging to man the number is. And the number of himself is 666.” [ literal Greek ]
    It is not by Christs authority that those who claim to be descended from Shem, call themselves Jews and universal Popes and assume the right to have dominon over all other peoples and nations.
    Mark 10:42-45 — It is Nimrods usurped authority!

  20. “9/11 perps were disciples of Aleister Crowley”
    Yea they were Dr. Barrett but I guess now nobody but us ghosts in the machine will ever know how or why.

  21. Indeed, the Judaeo-masons and the Illuminati order all that they do according to kabbalistic numerology. Key dates (besides 9/11, 3/11, and 12/26) to focus on are especially 4/19, 4/20, 12/25, 10/12, 1/12, and 3/22 (shorthand for 3/11/11). Alchemy and astrology also play important roles in their orchestrated rituals.

    9/11 was a fire ritual, and the 3/11 tsunami attack upon Japan was a water ritual.

    The four flights on 9/11 were carefully and deliberately chosen to send a subliminal message about future attacks.

    American Airlines Flight 11 – Logan intl. Boston to LAX said to have struck the North Tower (1 WTC)
    United Airlines Flight 175 – Logan Intl. Boston to LAX said to have struck the South Tower (2 WTC)
    American Airlines Flight 77 – Washington Dulles Intl. to LAX said to have crashed into the Pentagon
    United Airlines Flight 93 – Newark Intl. to San Francisco, said to have gone down near Shanksville, Pennsylvania

    6:00 a.m. Mohammed Atta travels Colgan Air from Portland International Jetport in Portland, Maine (phoenix city) to Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts, along with Abdulaziz al-Omari. There are many phoenix connections to 9/11, to explore: the Phoenix memo, the Phoenix Project, Hani Hanjour living in Phoenix while receiving flight training, but no time at present to delve deeply.

    • 07:59 a.m. Flight 11 81 passengers and 11 crew members Logan International Airport in Boston
      08:14 a.m. Flight 175 56 passengers and 9 crew members Logan International Airport in Boston

      Notice the number of passengers said to have been aboard both flights that struck the twin towers, flights 11 and 175, totals 9/11.

      Note the flights: 11, 93 (=12), 175 (=13) and 77 (=14). 11, 12, 13, 14.

      Order in which flights departed: 11, 13, 14, 12 = 3/11 forwards or backwards

      Makes no difference the order:

      11, 12, 13, 14 = 4/19 Patriots’ Day
      11 12 14 13 = 4/19
      14 13 12 11 = 4/19
      13 14 11 12 = 4/19

    • The 3/11/2004 (or 11/03/2004) Madrid train bombings make 4/20/14 backwards. Spain is the “land of rabbits”. Rabbits and bunnies are associated with Easter. Easter/Pascha fall on 4/20 in 2014. This is the date the Illuminati has chosen several decades ago for their planned worldwide flood attacks. See the upcoming apocalyptic film called Noah, with Russell Crowe, scheduled for release in April for the latest example out of hundreds one could cite.

      The Illuminati/Masons deliberately chose 911 as the national emergency call number back in 1968, knowing full well their intention to carry out attacks decades later on September 11, 2001.

      As with the case of 911, the European 112 emergency number, adopted by approximately 80 different countries worldwide, was ritualistically unveiled in 1991 to provide further subliminal cues to future attacks.

      On 112, i.e. January 12, 2010, Haiti suffered a devastating H.A.A.R.P earthquake attack at the hands of this sinister international cabal, with estimates of casualties ranging anywhere from between 150,000 to upwards of 300,000. The 112 attack in Haiti is tied into 10/12, the traditional Columbus Day, and 01/12/10 also makes 3/11 backwards, connecting the attack to the tsunami water-ritual attack on Japan a year later. 01/12/2010 also totals 4/20/10, connecting the attack on Haiti to the attack 88 days later on the BP Deepwater Horizon oil-rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico.

    • This attack in the Macondo prospect is also connected to One Thousand Years of Solitude, Christopher Columbus, and the dove.

      The date that Columbus was said to discover the Americas, on 10/12/1492 totals 9/11. ‘Columba’ is Latin for dove. The Columbine flower, the state flower of Colorado, is the dove flower. Dylan Klebold was said to have been born on September 11. The shooting at Columbine High School was said to have started at 11:19 or 9/11/1 backwards. Drop a few letters from South Park’s Jewish-character Kyle Brofolovski and you get “Klebol”. Dylan Klebold was Jewish with a reddish “Jew-fro” just like the Jewish-character Kyle on South Park. Kyle’s friend (and nemesis) on the show, Cartman, acts like an anti-Jewish white supremacist Nazi, and this parallels Eric Harris, who was said to fancy Hitler. Chris Morris, a member of the Trenchcoat Mafia, was wearing a South Park t-shirt when arrested on the day of the attacks April 20. (Hitler’s 110th birthday: there’s your eleven). South Park co-creator Matt Stone is from Littleton, Colorado, where the shootings took place. This is all obviously very orchestrated by the FBI and other agencies.

      The association between 420 and marijuana did not arise spontaneously or by happenstance, as the speculative legends about its origin would suggest, but rather was a deliberately implemented psychological operation put forth by Jewish-Masonry and the Illuminati.

    • If we total the 1+1+2 for the European emergency number we get 4. If we add 9 and 11 together from the North American emergency number 911, we get 20. So the combination of the emergency call numbers 112 and 911 gives us 4/20, the day the Illuminati has chosen decades ago for their diabolical plot to flood much of the world on Pascha/Easter.

      01/07/2014 is Christmas 12/25/13 according to the Julian calendar, and 01/07/2014 makes 4/20. The shortened form of the date, 1/7/14, makes 1/12, the date of Haiti and the emergency number 112.

      9/11/2001 calculates as both 3/11 and 4/19 backwards. Why is 4/19 important? It is the traditional Patriots’s Day, the “Shot heard ’round the world,” the commencement of the American Revolution: 4/19/1775. The Illuminati, in keeping with this theme, on 9/11 fired a shot heard ’round the world, announcing their intentions to wage a new American Revolution.

      9/11/2001 makes 4/19 (Patriots’ Day) backwards, and six weeks after 9/11, the PATRIOT ACT was rolled out. President Bush signed a law designating every September 11 since 2002 as Patriot’s Day.

    • The first bloodshed of the civil war also took place during the Baltimore Riot, on Patriots’ Day, 4/19/1861.

      The ATF/FBI deliberately burned the David Koresh Waco, TX compound after a 51-day siege on April 19, 1993: Patriots’ Day. Two years later, to the day, was the Oklahoma City bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah federal building. One has to pay careful attention to calculating not only the dates on which news event occur, but also the birthdays of the people whom the Illuminati has chosen to fulfill their roles.

      On April 19, 1985, The ATF (300 federal agents) conducted a siege/raid against the Covenant, The Sword, and the Arm of the Lord (CSA). Richard Snell, prominent member accused of plotting to blow up the federal building in Oklahoma, was executed on April, 19, 1995, the date of the Oklahoma City bombing. McVeigh was executed three months prior to 9/11, on 6/11/01, which makes 9/11/01 upside down.

      Timothy McVeigh’s birthday is 4/5/68, which totals 4/19, the day of the attack. Lest you think this is just a coincidence, Alfred P. Murrah’s birth date is 10/27/04: 3/11 forwards, and 4/19 backwards.

      The Virginia Tech shooting was on April 16, 2007, which was the third Monday in April, or Patriots’ Day (observed). The date, 4/16/2007 totals, 4/16, which, when you flip the 6, becomes 4/19.

    • Likewise, the Boston Marathon attack was orchestrated decades in advance, to occur on Patriots’ Day (observed) 4/15/13, which totals 4/19, but more importantly 3/11 backwards. The subliminal message sent by the Illuminati with the Boston Marathon attack was: Run for your lives! A mega-tsunami is coming across the Atlantic to the Eastern seaboard, including Boston. That is why it was orchestrated in advance to stage the death of the elder brother Tamerlan four days later, on April 19, 2013. Tamerlan’s birth date is listed as 10/21/1986, which makes 4/19/14, the eve of Easter, or 12/25 Christmas, on which the Illuminati plans to detonate nuclear devices in phoenix cities in a campaign of worldwide terror.

      The younger Tsarnaev brother was said to have been found hiding in a boat in Watertown. The underlying message being you better take refuge in a boat, for next Patriots’ Day 4/19/14, Boston will be a “Watertown.”

      This is why they selected this staged attack to take place on the 101st anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, (there’s your 10+1 = 11 reference). The Titanic sank on 4/15/1912, which totals 4/19.

    • The recent typhoon Yolanda to strike the Philippines on November 8, or 8/11 according to the European dating convention, also calculates as 3/11 and 4/19 backwards.

      The reason the Illuminati has employed both 4/19 and 4/20 in their orchestrations, is because tsunamis can take several hours to cross thousands of miles of oceans, and also the difference in time zones. They have plans to deluge Sydney and San Francisco both, and when it is 4/20 in Sydney, it is still 4/19 in San Francisco.

      By the way, I noticed the snapshot of the Simpsons 9/11 episode at the head of your article. The very first time the Simpsons aired on TV (a short) was on April 19, 1987. The producers of the show subliminally hid their foreknowledge of the 4/20 Columbine School attacks back in 1990 in the fifth full-episode ever aired, season one, in a show called Bart the General, which aired on February 4. 02/04 makes 4/20 backwards.

      I have only scratched the surface. Feel free to contact me for thousands of more examples.

  22. Simply stunning Dr. Barrett, as always! The late, great Bill Cooper has an excellent articulation about luciferianism/satanism/worship of the sun/free masonry/osiris etc in one of his programs in the Waco disaster aftermath. Basically, that these satanic factions of Judaism, Catholicism etc are united in their satanism/free-masonry and that is what drives the new world order.

  23. Excellent, Dr. Barrett! Please carry on the work of Captain May! I hope you are working on a followup article: 13 Examples of Illuminati Numerology. One brand of Masons loves 11, and another brand loves 13. I call them Team 11 and Team 13. Both teams play with the numbers. Multiples are common: 11, 22, 33, etc. 13, 26, 39, etc. Numbers can be flipped side to side or upside down. So 13 and 31 are the same thing to them. 39 can become 93, or flipped to become 63. Tragic events are often staged in places where latitude or longitude are multiples of 11 or 13, and I think that’s partly because there are local lodges of helpers in those areas to begin with.

    9/11 involved the use of both 11 and 13 all over the place, in the timing of events, the numbers of the aircraft, etc. To me, it means that BOTH Team 11 and Team 13 were involved in the planning.

    A hallmark of mass-casualty events like school or mall shootings, air, rail and bus crashes, is that while the event is STILL GOING ON, news headlines will blare out the number of dead and injured, which will be arrangements of 11 or 13, sometimes both. How can the media possibly know how many casualties there are or will be, while it’s ongoing? It’s because the event is pre-programmed, and the media have already been given the numbers. The INITIAL numbers are usually the dead giveaway.

    Examples: The Katyn Forest air crash a few years ago that decapitated the Polish government – initial headline said 88 killed. Also check out school shootings!

  24. The victory of Judeo-Masonry certainly seems complete..we’ll see…Also, 3-11-11 was the date that the JWO seemingly decided to stamp-out Japan…it seems Japan was itching to finally end WW II and regain some measure of independence..over their defense, foreign policy..be a real country again…A mild HAARP induced earthquake, combined w/undersea nukes, combined w/the stuxnet virus ( which spoofs the control room into thinking everything’s ok )..with the iceing on the cake being the mini-nukes disguised as huge “cameras” supplied by Israeli “security” co. Magma BSP….the cover-up continues.

    • Charlotte, you’re spot on with your comment.

      France had three strange accidents in nuclear reactors just after Fukushima and german Angela Merkel suddenly changed her political position 180 degrees in two days. Could it be that all this had to do with the fact that the french as well as the mayority of the german reactors were “guarded” by BSB and – of course governments knew then – they might have gotten a bit afraid of the brutality and cold blooded precision of the perpetraitors. This 180 degree changhe in politics within 2 days alone should give any watchful political oberserver enough arguments, that those perpetraitors are not afraid to plan more devestating nuclear terror threads, if it suits their political – and as we know, inhuman – aims.

    • Detlef, nice to see you are still here. I had not seen your comments in a while. Good points about France and Germany after Fukushima..

  25. ..note the large $ symbol in the image from the Simpsons episode….. $ generated from 9/11…in Netanyahu’s own words being “good for israel”, the beneficiary’s of 9/11 and its subsequent ongoing manufactured “wars on terror”

    • Mitt Romney, who worked out Mossad-hive Bain Capital, was supposed to have a press conference that day in Battery Park ( he was Chairman of the Olympic games in Salt Lake City )….apparently his buddies in Mossad told him, ” unless you like breathing in radioactive asbestos Battery Park may not be the place you want to be next Tuesday morning..” He called it off the week before…I have an aunt who thinks this drug-money laundering, asset-stripping vulture capitalist, lackey of the Synagogue of satan would have been our saviour…she can’t believe “the people didn’t vote for him..”

  26. I’m impressed. Just when I think VT can’t surprise me more. Most will think this silly but many students of the subject are nodding over this one. Thanks Dr. Barrett. The typical American getting all their information from FOX news would be blown away how much numerology influences their lives (check the #’s on FOX).

    • “The typical American getting all their information from FOX news would be blown away how much numerology influences their lives..” Just leave it as “the typical American” or even “the typical person in the world”. Makes no difference what MSM news they get.

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