US completely infiltrated by Israeli spies




Once again we revisit one of American media’s most banned topics. Why do they refuse to cover this huge ongoing scandal when it has tremedous national security implications? Might it be they are working with the Zios?


“News is what someone, somewhere is trying to suppress; the rest is just advertising.” – Press Magnate Alfred Harmsworth,  later Britain’s Lord Northcliffe

… by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor   … with  Press TV, Tehran

–  First published on Press TV on Decemeber 28, 2013  –


Israeli spies just make appointments now to pick up what they have requested from Congress, or even the White House
Israeli spies just make appointments now to pick up what they have requested from Congress, or even the White House

There is a total stand down on prosecuting Israeli espionage networks here. Such a situation could never have happened unless all of our counter-intelligence, judicial and political institutions had been compromised as primary key targets of such an assault.

So why am I bringing this up again during the year end holidays?

The simple answer is I am piggybacking the huge readership that Gordon Duff’s Christmas day viewpoints got, Mossad, Bush planned, executed 9/11,” and then Kevin Barrett’s earlier piece, “9/11 truth vs. Takfiri terror.”

Press TV also did a follow up on Gordon’s article with their Israel suppressing report on 9/11 role: Intelligence analyst,” which also got big readership, a triple whammy week indeed.  I have been around long enough to know that is strong evidence that readers are ‘getting it,’ as they are Facebooking these important articles around.

Our readers are accepting the empowerment they have through social media to leverage the work being done by the writers and Press TV in getting this critical material out to a wider audience. It encourages more people to come forward with further information so we can do deeper follow-up pieces on these long running and complicated geopolitical intrigues.

To those who might charge me with grandstanding with a provocative title, my proof is in the pudding… the stand down on prosecutions. That alone is slam dunk evidence of the depth of the penetration, when it is generally known that no one will prosecute Israeli espionage here, other than a token case every few years.

And I can share more as to how deep this goes, to the point where presidents (for various reasons) choose to support the stand down or realize they are caught in a spider web of political espionage themselves, where they do not have complete freedom of action.


When the tide turned red


The FBI can't do its job because of massive political obstruction of justice
The FBI can’t do its job because of massive political obstruction of justice

The independent intelligence community knew they were dealing with a coup when Bush (43) tried to duck even having a 9-11 investigation.

The lame excuse given at the time was that it would undermine national security by distracting critically needed resources to defend against the expected onslaught of new major terror acts.

We know now that not only were no terror attacks really forthcoming, but no infrastructure had been set up by the so-called terrorist volcanoes that were seething underneath their Afghanistan mountain command centers.

Not a single one was ever located by any NATO unit to the present day. We got hoaxed on that. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld’s bogus presentation on CNN, complete with cartoon schematics of the non-existent al-Qaeda command centers, is part of the legend of our debased American leadership at the time, which proved itself to be our greatest national security threat.

The public outrage over Bush’s attempt to avoid any review of how 9-11 really happened forced him to pull back to his plan B, an investigation with a catch, that no testimony would be taken under oath. The intel community again was not surprised at the outrageous caveat.

Our corporate media never attacked the 9-11 commission as a fraud. That showed there were playing their assigned role, an extension of the one they began on 9-11 with their bungling of reporting Building 7 collapsing while it was still standing in the back ground on live TV.

That stain on American media will never be washed off, not even with bleach. Other parts of our government went along out of fear of being targeted as a scapegoat. The ‘no testimony under oath’ gave them all a free pass to hide or give false testimony without fear of perjury charges.

Its effectiveness was confirmed when 9-11 commission members afterward publicly stated they knew witnesses had perjured themselves and withheld information they claimed they didn’t have – a slam dunk obstruction of justice felony.


The US intel community… the good, the bad, and the ugly


Loyal government people exist in all branches who know about the ongoing compromise, the who and the why
Loyal government people exist in all branches who know about the ongoing compromise, the who and the why

So the loyal intel community (versus those involved with the coup) began making a Who’s Who List of 9-11 aiders and abettors.

This gave them a living bread crumb trail back to the real planners and perpetrators. When the dust settled this list was in the 175 to 185 range.

Then began a quiet, off-the-record series of discussions with some of the top national security and law enforcement people who were out of the Bush administration at the time, of course.

These were the results. All these top people agreed that the 9-11 investigation with no under-oath testimony was a breach of the oaths of office for everyone involved, on a scale America had never seen.

They all agreed that something ‘deserved’ to be done about it, but, when looking at the names on the list, not a single person could suggest anywhere to take the information to pursue prosecutions. They frankly said no one would ever initiate prosecutions, as most of those on the list were deemed ‘Protected Entities.’

We know that teams of Israelis were arrested in New York City on 9-11 and quickly released in various ways. One included fake FBI agents showing up to take custody of one group… afterward they all just disappeared.

There were two plane loads that left the country that day – one full of Arabs with the bin-Laden family – and I will let you guess who the other one was full of. Both passenger plane rosters remain classified.


Stopping the next big false flag terror attack


Bush (43) - "Not the Real Stuff " - Having his fantasy moment
Bush (43) – “Not the Real Stuff ” – Having his fantasy moment

At this point, the focus on taking the perpetrators down shifted to trying to stop another major false flag attack when the Bush (43), neo-con, and Israeli intel teams’ push to attack Iran began losing steam.

‘They’ knew we were watching (primarily military intelligence), as word had been put out at all levels of the community to report the slightest indication that something was in progress.

The bad guys were not going to catch us flat-footed like the first time, and there are many willing to take any risk to catch them red-handed on the next try.

Veterans Today editorial board member Gwenyth Todd broke up one such planned attack in Bahrain – an attack on US personnel – the usual terrorist bombing that would have killed our own people and then be blamed on Iran – which everybody knew Iran would never have done.

Iran already had a solid track record of not retaliating to provocations like their nuclear scientists being murdered because they knew that is exactly what the Western killers wanted them to do.

Gwenyth subsequently escaped an assassination attempt, the wonderful combination of quick wits and some fabulous luck. Navy personnel were involved in her attempted murder, and of course, no one has even been investigated much less charged.


Israeli espionage


Israel Intel helpers in the US government run into the thousands, more that there are FBI agents
Israel Intel helpers in the US government run into the thousands, more that there are FBI agents

The major cover for the active supporters of Israel is that Intel sharing (how they like to refer to Israeli espionage here) is acceptable when done by an ally to whom we have given security pledges. But I am going to destroy that smokescreen.

Less known even among active Israel’s supporters is that one of the ways the Zios fund their intelligence operations worldwide is through their huge Walmart-sized contract espionage service.

They steal everything they can, much of it with assistance of willing traitors and ideological dupes. What they don’t need themselves, they sell to the highest bidder.

Up until now, the bad guys are winning. Included among them are the major US defense companies that are transferring technology to potential adversaries, often through Israel. This is done so they can then be deemed bigger threats, which then requires more public spending on new weapons systems to protect us.

This is mega-treason on the corporate level, but these same people have the red carpet rolled out for them wherever they go, especially with Congress… no guilt, no shame, no prosecution.

What are we going to do? So, you past readers all know what I am going to say now, that America’s biggest national security threat has been, and still is, right here at home. And until we decide to fight and win that war, we will never have any national security regardless of how much we spend.

The deck is rigged against us by homegrown traitors. What we have currently is an endless money-making machine that the real evil people have no intention of giving up. We are in a fight of us versus them, and yet way too many of us prefer Santa Claus do our fighting.

And for those who refuse to fight back, the traitors and thieves have nothing but contempt for you. They feel you have earned and deserve the yoke. I would ask that you ponder this for your New Year’s resolution. I have already made mine. You probably know what it is.

They did what they did - right out in the open, and were virtually unopposed
They did what they did – right out in the open, and were virtually unopposed



  1. Jim,

    I’d keep up the drumbeat over the catastrophic implication of Stanley Fischer, effectively and so brazenly turning over total control of every element of the US gov to Israel insofar as the ability of the Fed to flood counterfeit dollars in any direction it wants is equivalent to usurpation of the legislative function and taxation, not just without representation, but indirectly by Israel itself.

  2. They are only fake jews. They prey on the genuine Hebrew speaking Jews originally from the Holy Land, then blame the persecution of real Jews on those who oppose the Illuminists. Zionism is the worst enemy of Jewry, and is aligned more with Nazism than Judaism.. Accuracy in this matter is crucial to negate Zionist cries of “anti semitism” and allow us to join with genuine Jews to overcome this conspiracy. The original “Semites” are the Palestinians.

  3. It’s not “Jews” but Jewish satanic, occult elite (“Elders of Zion”) and their collaborators. Jewish masses are mostly unaware although blindly enjoy privileged world status to their own demise. Those masses must be awakened and turned into allies. Innocent Jews are often victims of the global cabal, their massacres (Holocaust, Palestine in the 1940., Bulgaria 2012, …) perpetrated by “Mossad and Co.” are used as excuses for furthering NWO’s totalitarian agenda.

  4. Clearly Israel won control of the USA, but will they be able to take over China? Excellent commentary by Gordon Duff and Jim Dean. aka NightFlyer

    • Keep in mind that Communist China was founded by Chairman Mao, who was an Illuminati agent.Note also the trangular symbol of the Illuminati representing the Triads. Wherever there is torture, brainwashing and atrocities, you will find them already installed.

  5. Mr. Dean,

    ——Not only it’s an excellent article, as usual, but we also feel your frustration with the ill-informed Americans, and you know that most of us feel the same way too.

    —–The source of the problem—Americans who act like they live in a 3rd world country:

    —–We blame the MSM that is controlled by the Zionist Termites & Israel Firsters for Americans being ill-informed how the Zionist Termites & Israel Firsters systematically destroying USA. —–However, even if they are informed by the alternative media outlets, they will still prefer to watch “American-Idol” the “New Jersey House Wives” etc., with their kids and families, getting dumb & dumber, rather than coming up with ideas how to combat USA enemies, at work, play and anywhere they could find them.

    —–USA Congress where most of the Zionist Termites & Israel Firsters do their evil deeds, we have to have #1 Term Limit and #2 Get rid of all the Zionist Termites & Israel Firsters.

    —– Create one website where all Americans go to, hopefully to get informed and select the right candidate, and who will also take an oat to protect USA, before he/she elected.

    These and similar ideas will help us fight USA enemies.


    A backlash against Jewish control is coming, but the Jews will move their loot out of the country. Israel banks have now taken over the role that the Swiss banks once filled, but only for Jews.

    So if you start to see bankers going to jail prepare for a mega-slump.

    • Which is the main puirpose of Talmudia in the first place; it’s a crime syndicate hide-out masquerading as a country….no wonder they murder, assassinate and steal land so easily..

  7. Everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE in the FEDERAL government is compromised to one degree or the other. Being a little crooked or compromised is like being a little bit pregnant, problem just keeps getting larger until it pops its head out. If you are allowed to vote for them, they are bought off or subject to blackmail, They have the video of them doing despicable acts to children and animals ect., they are gay and have not come out, they had a very good time with their young guide in Israhell, Film on the evening news if they do not vote as instructed. As much as I wish someone in power in the FED would get on that white stead and save the day, it simply is not going to happen. As Tyron already said, when the dollar tanks, the banks steal all your money, your stocks are worthless, the FED has stolen your 401K. SS, Military retirement, VA benefits, are done away with, cut back or hyperinflation makes them meaningless. When the gas to drive your car to work takes more dollars than you make that day. When there is no food in the stores and you do not have enough money to buy it if it were, THEN AMERICANS will understand what they have to do.

    • “The NYPD has a branch in Tel Aviv..” what the hell is wrong w/this country? oops, sorry, we already know.

  8. Thank you Jim for continuing to place well timed work into the public consciousness. It is a multi-directional fight and those trying to steal the power are well aware of their crimes and purposes.

    The inability of the average person to act is challenged with the lack of knowledge of what we can do and our willingness to be seduced by MSM and the status quo of what is happening all around us.

    Not being on the inside of how the government has operated, we remain uneducated to our own detriment. Articles like this provide the impudence for educating oneself and sharing what we learn with others. The thousands of people supporting the inner-workings of the government put the average citizen at a distinct disadvantage if they are all corrupted by the ‘myth’.

    My eyes were opened much more widely when I was referred (indirectly) to The late Col. L. Fletcher Prouty’s work the Secret Team. It seems voting or calling your congressman isn’t going to do much for us.

    After reading this history and paying attention to the current mercenary for hire techniques of the current powers that be . . . . being an observer of history . . . . Going after the criminals when no law exists seems a necessary lesson for the here and now.

  9. I think this column was even more concise and to-the-point than Dave Barry’s annual Year in Review, although Dave is a little more funny. The zionist Hell we’ve all been thrown into is definitely NOT funny.

    Watching these lowlife squirm on their way to Hell WILL be funny, however. Thanks for the Good Fight, Jim Dean and VT. Wishing you a Happy New Year seems pretty trite, so I’ll wish you all a Successful New Year in humanity’s fight for justice.

  10. Greetings..
    You Sir are a Delight (all both of you er whatever.
    Thank You.
    Happy (Very Young) Year.
    My Regards to the Lot.


  11. Well written, very informative as usual. Unfortunately I see the signs of the coming another world war – because of the news about Ariel Sharon. See “Translation of the Pulsa DeNura Malediction on Ariel Sharon”, ” Kabbalistic Pulsa d’Nura curse on Ariel Sharon 2005″ and “Ariel Sharon Near Death As Rabbi Kaduri Prophecy Unfolds!”.

    Me thinks this case’s similar to that of OBL – his “killing” was a prelude to a regional war, a.k.a. “Arab Spring” still taking place in Syria. Sharon made a surprising u-turn in 2005 – destroying thousands of zio-nazi settlements inPalestine, that’s why “Mossad & Co” neutralized him -he had to be stop before going any further, but kept him alive to use his death when the time is right.

    • With Sharon out of the picture the war against Lebanon could be launched and other wars as we are seeing now. But “the services” needed a cover for their operation “Sharon down” to sell it to gullible masses, (cognitively impaired, i.e. religious) and to deflect any suspicion – hence the fairy tale about the “curse” by the rabbis (same mind-trick used when PM Itzhack was assassinated – DeepBlackLies).
      At the same time they came up with the idea for another cover using the comatose Sharon – to cover for coming world war. Creating false “prophecy” of rabbi Kaduri – coming of Christ after Sharon’s death – gives them carte blanche to start hostilities with advanced / exotic technologies when they – the services -are ready to announce the death of the PM. thus they can “paralyze”, stupify, “mentally freeze” millions of people expecting the Second Coming, render reaction-less, dumb,speechless in their awe automatons.

    • Since EVEN the most prominent Jewish rabbi named in his deathbed “prophecy” the Messiah as “Jesus Christ” – IT MUST BE TRUE!!! How cannot you believe ?! Finally, long-awaited admission !!!
      Just as OBL was “killed” to whitewash public perception of Al Qaeda and start “Arab Spring” terror – Ariel Sharon will “die” soon (“have been kept on ice” so far) and then the war will ensue in all its “holy” glory as “prophesised” – do not dare to seek any masters of puppets behind the scenes! But millions devote christians insted of actively fighting evil will be motionlessly observe “divine events” (nuclear, EMP, geo-engineering, etc.) that will be a huge advantage for the cabal at the start of WW3.

    • They (the services and their masters) need this war desperately to stop coming Geneva 2 conference, stop Iran-West agreement, continue occupation of Palestine (Eretz Israel wet dream), stop dethroning of the USD and the pound sterling. Because if they do not stop those things – the NWO will be finally held responsible for 9/11, 7/7, 3/11, Iraq, Afghanistan.
      I wonder f the recent drop in the oil prices is a harbinger too, and may be there are some special vibes in recent Alex Jones broadcasts…

    • Are they preparing another false flag “Big Event” in SoCal? What’s up with those recent weird orders for millions of dozes of KI and special defenses against nuclear attack?
      Astrology (1/4/2013=1+4+2+1+3=11?) may be the key and Jewish celebration days…

  12. Maybe, but I challenge you to read this first:


    Then read Dr. James latest on High Speed Rail (HSR) here at VT.

    You can give your sentiments personally to Ms. Barnewall and Amb. Wanta yourself.

    Defeatist attitudes are not what this nation, and the free world at large needs at this particular moment. Are you with us, or are you with someone else?

    Do you have children? Do you have grandchildren? Do you have great-grandchildren. Do you at least have nephews and nieces of this present generation? Are you going to tell them, to their faces:

    “This country is finished and NOTHING will change that.”

    How would you like to be in their shoes, someone telling you that?

  13. This a good article with many thinking points but very few talking points because,like most others on VT,it doesn’t give names and that is what we need to be able to carry the battle beyond the rear eschelon.When speaking to others about such subjects I at least get it thrown back that there is no substantive proof beyond a generalized set of statements.

    I suggest that all VT contributors use the same format that Jonas demonstrates in his hard hitting,in your face journalism backed up with excellent source material.Sometimes it takes me hours to read one of his articles and referring back to his source list.That allows the subject at hand to grow.

    • Lawrence, Jonas is citing pre-published material as he does very intense research peices. We Gordon and I are often doing is reporting ‘our work’ and publishing it here, but due to the nature of the work the silve platter delivery if often not part of the process. But you also missed the main point.

      Most of the biggies are already in the public domain and despised. Who they are is not the issue as those who hate them now will be neither surprised nor hate them any more. The issue is that there is no feasible legal recourse at this point, so one has to be constructed or these scumbags will be coming at us indefinietly. Those that have the goods on them will not go public unless what they have can finish them off, where they will then have some protection.

    • Mr. Dean

      IF an article basically amounts to hearsay or opinion then YES, you CAN make this stuff up. Lawrencedickerson makes a valid point that facts are powerful weapons in the battle for hearts and minds. For example, you wrote:

      “We know that teams of Israelis were arrested in New York City on 9-11 and quickly released in various ways. One included fake FBI agents showing up to take custody of one group… afterward they all just disappeared.”

      I assume that this particular information comes from pre-published sources, as I have personally read about the “dancing Israelis” incident and the vans elsewhere. The fake FBI agents on the other hand is new information for me, and I am still trying to reconcile that in my head with what you wrote in your comment about “no feasible legal recourse at this point” (as far as I know, impersonating an FBI agent is a felony – this is an interesting story in itself).

      The point I am trying to make here is that you would increase the value of VT articles to us readers exponentially if you included cross-references WHERE POSSIBLE. VT has to stick to the high road if you’re going to win against the main stream media.

  14. As those in the Alt-Media continue to urge you to buy Gold and Silver…. It would be better to buy “ROPE”. As Rope will become short in supply when these (####### Idiot’s) swing on the trees of the White House for their treason against “WE THE PEOPLE” and our Constitution and Bill of Right’s that formed this country.

    We see the next plot going on above us in Canada where “TRUTH” is no longer ones means of Defense in a Court of Law as the TRUTH is now considered a HATE CRIME!.

    • Precisely, 2-years ago, I was stupid enough to follow Keiser (Silver Liberation Army), Jones (whore schill) and Celente (gold 2000), buying Silver at $45+ an oz. and we are now at the low $20s. Rah Rah, Gold based currency b.s. that they were spewing, what crap.

  15. For the past five thousands years, the Jewish parasite also known as the destroyers, through their subversion and their extreme hate for non-Jewish, destroyed many great civilizations: Babylon. Egypt, Greece, Rome, Persia, Al-Andalus, and Great Britain. Jews have played a pivotal role in the Inquisition, the reformation, the American revolution, the civil war, Communism, French revolution, and the 1929 crash. Jews have caused many many wars to wreck havoc on their host country. America will see her demise as it happened over and over throughout history. These parasite needs to be forced to stay away from Finance, Academia, politics, courts and the Media. I, for one, believe in total extermination because give these scums time and they will enslave our offspring.

    • This is why the Israeli’s made sure in Iraq that the historical museum’s were looted or destroyed. Why Israel is upturning areas in Palestine and why their Saudi’ Puppet’s are also destroying all evidence as to the actual history of the Jew’s.

      Why Revisionist’s in History like David Irving and others who have found the absurd lies of WWII and that war was also a war of propaganda against the world. The more Truth that comes out the more desperate they become. We today are now being PRIMED for the Children of the Holocaust Survivor’s so that future generations will pay through their nose for something that never happened.

    • It’s not the etnicity, it’s ideology of “chosen people” created by Egyptian/Babylonian/Judean priests hundreds of years BC. They stole monotheistic, positive religion of Judah/Isreal and turned it into the worship of the bloodthirsty demon YHVH, promising the duped masses privileged status. The ideology poisoned the wells of Christianity (adding Old Testament), islam (morphed it into wahhabism) survived throughout centuries supporting ruthless, secretive elites. Used by Khazars, Rothshildes, Rockefellers, metastasized into zionism, bolshevism, influenced nazism, mormonism. It;s always about “special people, higher souls” regardless of ethnic background…

  16. Mr. Dean, I am most grateful to you & VT for providing timely, critical information to this reader as well as many others whose quest for truth often in the past has ended in a “blind ally” of disinformation charading as fact. Empowerment is the “gift your writers keep on giving” us so that we finally know what we’ve strongly suspected all along. As Mr. Duff so eloquently reminds us, we’ve been consistently lied to for so very long. But the tide IS turning, & we will not be hushed or bullied or intimated any longer…There is tremendous power in the groundswell of person to person information sharing in the grassroots of America as well as in our world-wide community of friends. Thanks to VT for supporting us!!!

  17. I think there is a reason it is called “The State of Israel,” and Russia appears to be in the crosshairs more than ever, with their support of arms to Syria and Iran. Radical islamists and a Georgian biological weapons lab, “Israel has a right to exist and will defend herself,” we may always have to worry about a “Preemptive,” mass destruction biological attack from Neo cons/Israelis. The fact that the Russia has heavily infiltrated our military and alphabet agencies with moles, is perhaps what keeps them safe from such a major false flag?

  18. Some of the Jewish Zionists who control the mainstream media in the United States should be prosecuted for treason and for aiding an enemy combatant, our wonderful friend Israel. If we had loyal Americans operating the mainstream media Israel would not have carried out the evil 911 event.

    Many of the goyim in the mainstream media should also be prosecuted fro treason and aiding an enemy combatant, our wonderful friend Israel. Their silence on the evil deeds of Israel including 911 and the Underwear Bomber makes them traitors to their own country and to humanity; they happily keep quite about Israel for fame and huge salaries.

    • Brian, correction….
      ALL of the Jewish Zionists who control the mainstream media…

      Other then that… Spot on!

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